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Fun With The Kids Chpt 6



by The MadHatter

Chapter 6 - Becky's First Time

Bright and early the next morning, Becky burst into her parents'
bedroom. Neil looked up, still half asleep.

"What are you doing up so early?" he asked.

"I wanna have sex with Billy!"

Billy walked into the bedroom.

"Morning," he said.

"Good morning," Barbara replied, opening her eyes and yawning. "You
ready to take your sister's cherry?"

Billy smiled.

"I sure am!"

"Come on!" Becky said. "Get out of bed!"

"Okay, okay," Neil laughed. "But how about if you two join us instead?"

Becky eagerly jumped into the middle of her parents' bed. Billy
casually walked up and sat down on the edge of the bed, next to his mother.
He smiled at her, reaching out to cup one of her breasts.

"So how are we going to do this?" Neil asked his wife.

Barbara thought about it for a minute.

"Well, first of all, I think everyone needs to get naked."

Neil and Barbara were already naked - having slept that way - so they
sat and watched as their children eagerly removed their pajamas. Becky
stood up on her parents' bed, pulling her nightgown over her head and
tossing it onto the floor. Her white cotton panties soon followed. Billy,
meanwhile, had gotten up off the bed, and quickly removed his pajamas. His
young cock was already stiff in anticipation of what was to come.

"Now what?" Becky asked, dropping onto the bed.

"Well, why don't you make yourself comfortable?" Barbara said. "Neil,
let's get out of the bed and give them room."

Neil and Barbara slid from under the covers, sitting on the edge of the

"Okay, Billy," Barbara told her son, "she's all yours."

"What should I do?" Billy asked uncertainly as he crawled onto the bed.

He looked down at his little sister, lying there naked before him. Her
sexy little body had him really turned on, but he was afraid of hurting

"Why don't you start by kissing her?" Barbara said with a laugh.

"Yeah, Billy," Becky said. "Gimme a kiss!"

Becky held out her arms. Billy lay down between her legs, resting his
weight on his arms. Becky wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling
herself up towards him. Their lips met in a kiss. They were hesitant at
first, but soon they were kissing passionately. Billy pushed his tongue
against Becky's mouth. Her lips parted, and his tongue slid into her
mouth. When their tongues met, it was like an electric shock went through
both of them. They broke apart, both breathing heavily. They stared into
each other's eyes.

"Wow, Becky, that was great!" Billy said.

Becky smiled.

"So what else do you want your brother to do?" Neil asked.

"I want him to kiss me all over!" Becky replied excitedly.

"I'd love to!" Billy said, as excited as his sister.

Becky removed her arms from around Billy's neck, lying back. She smiled
up at her brother. Billy smiled back, then bent down, kissing his sister's
cheek. He moved down to her neck, while his hands roamed over her body,
caressing her smooth skin. Becky closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of her
brother's hands and lips on her body. She could feel herself getting all
tingly. It felt strange, but she really liked it. Billy continued kissing
his way down her body, until he reached her nipples. He licked them
lightly with his tongue. Becky moaned. She couldn't believe how good it

Billy kissed his way down to Becky's stomach, then down one leg and up
the other. When he reached her crotch, he stopped. He spread Becky's legs
slightly wider, staring at the lovely smooth pussy before him. It was so
different from Sarah's, or his mother's. There was no hair to hide
anything. Her pussy was completely open to him. He leaned down and kissed
it lightly. Becky moaned again, and her breathing came in short gasps.
Then Billy ran his tongue along her pussy lips, till he reached her tiny
clit. Becky's hips jerked as Billy's tongue caressed her clit. Billy
pushed his tongue into the tight confines of her virgin pussy, feeling her
vaginal muscles squeezing his tongue. He loved the sweet, fresh taste of
her cunt.

Neil and Barbara, meanwhile, were thoroughly enjoying the show their
children were putting on. Neil slowly stroked his cock, while Barbara slid
two fingers in and out of her pussy. Becky was bucking her hips off the
bed as Billy ate her pussy. She moaned and shouted until a climax wracked
her young body, causing her to scream out in ecstasy. Then she collapsed
back onto the bed, gasping for breath. Billy looked up at her, a huge grin
on his face.

"Did you like that, Becky?" he asked.

"Oh, I loved it!!" Becky replied excitedly. "That was great!"

"Why don't you return the favor, Becky?" Neil suggested.


Billy lay down on his back. His young cock throbbed. He couldn't wait
to feel his young sister's lips on his prick. Becky lay on top of Billy,
rubbing her pussy against his cock. She smiled down at him, then kissed
him on the lips. After a long French kiss, Becky followed her brother's
example, kissing her way down his body. She kissed his chest, she licked
at his nipples with the tip of her tongue. Billy was surprised at how it
excited him. His cock practically ached, it was so hard. Becky kissed her
way down Billy's stomach to his cock. But unlike Billy, she didn't bother
going down his legs. She had reached what she was after. She ran her
hands along Billy's rock-hard cock. It wasn't nearly as big as her
father's, but she liked it just as much. Billy groaned as Becky stroked
his cock with her little hands.

"Do you like that, Billy?" Becky asked.

"Yeah, sis, that feels great!"

"Do you want me to suck it?"

"Oh God, yes! Please, Becky, suck my cock!"

Becky lightly kissed the head of Billy's prick, making Billy moan. Then
she kissed her way down his shaft to his balls. When she reached his
balls, she decided she wanted to see what they felt like in her mouth, so
she sucked his scrotum into her mouth, sucking on his balls one at a time.
From the moans and groans coming from Billy, he obviously enjoyed it.
Becky let Billy's balls slip from her mouth, and kissed her way back up his
cock, using her tongue this time as well as her lips. When she reached his
head, she slipped it into her mouth. Slowly, her lips slid down his shaft.
Becky liked Billy's smaller cock, because it was so much easier to get into
her mouth than her dad's.

Billy's breathing was coming in ragged gasps now. He couldn't believe
the amazing blowjob his little eight-year-old sister was giving him. At
this rate, he wouldn't last long before he shot off his load. Becky
continued to suck his cock, sliding her mouth up and down his shaft with
slow, relaxed rhythm. One of her hands, meanwhile, was rubbing her moist
pussy. Becky loved the way her big brother was responding to her. It felt
good to know that she was giving her brother such pleasure.

"Oh God, Becky, that feels so good! You keep that up, and I'm gonna

Becky briefly removed her lips from Billy's cock.

"Go ahead, Billy," she told him. "I want you to cum in my mouth!"

Becky returned to sucking her brother's cock. Billy couldn't believed
he'd just heard what he had. She actually wanted him to cum in her mouth?!
Of course, at that point, Billy didn't have much choice in the matter. As
good as her mouth felt around his cock, there was no way he could have
pulled out if he'd wanted to. And he definitely didn't want to.

"Oh, Becky, yeah, I'm . . . I'm gonna cum . . . oh, yeah, YEAH!! SUCK

Becky slid Billy's cock out of her mouth until just the head rested on
her tongue. Billy's hips jerked as his first load of cum burst out of his
cock and into Becky's mouth. Becky let it collect on her tongue, along
with his second and third shots. When his cum was just dribbling from his
cock, she finally swallowed it all, a big huge grin on her face.

"Your cum tastes really good, Billy," Becky said, sliding up his body
until her face was next to his.

"God, that was fantastic, Becky," Billy said, still gasping for breath.
"You give great blowjobs!"

"Thanks. You did a really good job licking my pussy, too. So, are you
ready to take my cherry?"

Billy laughed. Their parents laughed as well.

"Give me a second to recover, okay?"

Becky cuddled up next to her older brother, casually fondling his limp
cock. Soon the two siblings were kissing and caressing each other. In no
time at all, Billy was stiff once more.

"Will you fuck me now, big brother?" Becky asked.

"You bet!!"

"Okay, Billy," Barbara said, "you're going to have to be careful.
Becky's a lot tighter than me or Sarah. And you're going to have to break
her cherry, too."

"What should I do?" Billy asked.

"Okay, Becky, lie on your back and spread your legs."

"Okay, Mom."

Becky did as she was asked, lying back in the middle of the bed, her
spread legs revealing her smooth, pink pussy lips.

"Okay, Billy, now get between your sister's legs and put your cock at
the lips of her pussy. Don't push it in too far, though; you'll want to go
slow, to give her pussy time to adjust to your cock."

Billy got between his sister's legs. Taking his cock in hand, he guided
it to her pussy, rubbing the head along her lips. He slowly pushed forward
with his hips until his head sank into her pussy, then removed his hand.
He couldn't believe how tight her pussy was! It gripped the head of his
prick like a vice. Slowly he pushed a little bit more of his cock into
Becky's pussy, feeling it slowly stretch around his prick.

"How does that feel, Becky?" he asked, looking down at his sister.

"Oh, it's so big! I can feel it stretching me," she replied.

"Does it hurt?"

"Not really. You can push it in more."

Billy pushed his cock further in, enjoying the wet warmth of Becky's
pussy. He got it about halfway in when it wouldn't go any further. He
could feel the head of his cock resting against her cherry.

"I can't push in any further," Billy said.

"That's because you've reached her hymen," Neil said. "You'll need to
push hard to break through that."

"But won't that hurt Becky?" he asked.

"Yes, a little," Barbara said, "but it's something every girl has to go
through. And it'll only hurt for a little bit."

"Okay. Are you ready?" Billy asked his sister.

"Uh-huh. Go ahead, Billy."

Billy slowly slid back out, till just his head rested in Becky's pussy,
then he pushed it back in, this time harder than before. Becky cried out
as he partially tore her cherry. He stopped, letting her recover a little,
then pushed even harder, forcing his way through her maidenhood, and
burying his cock in her pussy. Then he simply left it there, letting Becky
get used to the feel of it.

"That didn't hurt too much, did it?" he asked.

"Well, yeah, kinda," she said, wiping a tear from her eyes. "But it
doesn't feel too bad, now."

"Just give her a minute before you start fucking her, Billy," Neil told
his son.

Billy looked down at his sister, a tear sliding down her cheek. She had
never looked more beautiful. All the fights and sibling rivalry were
forgotten. All he could think of was how much he loved the little girl beneath him. He leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. Then he slid his
lips over hers. The two children kissed, intimately, passionately.

"It feels better now, Billy," Becky said. "You can go ahead and fuck me

"Okay, Sis."

Billy started slowly sliding his cock in and out of Becky's tight,
gripping pussy. He couldn't believe how tight she was! Becky started to
moan as Billy moved his in and out of her cunt. Her cunt juices started to
flow, and soon Billy was sliding easily in and out of her cunt. Becky
wrapped her arms and legs tightly around her brother as he slid his cock in
and out of her. Her hips rocked against his as he slammed into her faster
and faster.

"Oh God, yes, Billy, it feels so good!" Becky shouted. "Fuck me, big
brother, fuck me! Oh yeah, yeah, oh, oh, ooohhhhh . . ."

"Your pussy feels so good, Becky," Billy moaned in reply. "God, it's so
tight and hot. I love you, Becky. I love fucking you. Oh wow, this feels
so good!!"

Neil and Barbara were both totally engrossed in the two young lovers
before them. Both watched intently as Billy's smooth white ass moved up
and down as he pumped in and out of his sister. Neil was rapidly stroking
his cock in time to his son's thrusts. Barbara's fingers slid in and out
of her pussy in the same rhythm. Neither could believe they were watching
their two pre-teen children having sex. Even harder for them to believe
was how much it turned them both on. Neither said a word, watching
silently as their children fucked. Both were breathing heavily, nearing
climax as rapidly as their children.

"Oh, Becky, I . . . I'm gonna cum. Oh, yeah, gonna cum soon," Billy

"Uh, uh, uhhhh . . . me, me too, Billy," Becky moaned. "Cum in me,
Billy. Shoot your . . . your cum in me. Make me cum, Billy. Make me
cuuuummmm!! OH, OH YES!!! OH, FUCK ME, BILLY, FUCK ME!! I'M

"Yeah, yeah, me too, Becky. OH GOD, OH BECKY, OHHH,

Billy could feel his balls tighten as his cum burst from his cock,
coating the insides of Becky's pussy. spurt after spurt shot out. Billy
didn't think he'd ever cum so much in his life. He collapsed onto Becky,
then rolled onto his side, pulling Becky tightly against him. Becky,
meantime, was writhing and twisting in his arms, her arms and legs gripping
his body tightly. She continued to gasp and moan as she lay there, the
waves of orgasm slowly fading from her body. The two children lay there
for a few moments, catching their breath. They continued to hug each other
tightly. When they had recovered slightly, they looked up at their
parents. Barbara was sliding three fingers rapidly in and out of her cunt,
while rubbing her clit with the other hand. It didn't take her long to
reach her climax. She shouted out as her orgasm washed over her, almost
falling to the floor as her knees weakened. Neil was getting close as
well, slamming his fist up and down on his cock. Becky smiled when she saw

"Ooooh Daddy, come over here. I want you to shoot your cum all over

"Yeah, Dad," Billy said, releasing his hold on his sister. "I want to
see you shoot your cum! I've never seen that before."

"O-okay kids, here it comes!" Neil grunted.

Neil took two steps forward, standing right next to the bed, still
feverishly jerking his cock. Becky unlocked her arms and legs from around
her brother, and the two kids slid to the edge of the bed, their arms
around each other, their faces a short distance from their father's crotch.
Suddenly Neil's body stiffened, and he grasped his cock tightly at the
base. A long stream of white, sticky jism shot from his prick, splashing
across Becky's chest. The second spurt was higher, soaking Becky's face.
The third spurt landed on Billy, getting on his face and in his hair.
Billy opened his mouth wide, catching the final spurt on his tongue. Neil
collapsed onto the bed beside his children, completely drained.

Barbara walked around to the other side of the bed. Kneeling down
between her husband's legs, she slipped her husband's limp prick into her
mouth, cleaning off the cum. Becky and Billy watched for a few moments,
then turned to each other. Their father's cum was splattered all over
their bodies. Billy took his sister in his arms, kissing her. Becky
pushed her tongue into her brother's mouth, tasting her father's cum. She
worked her tongue all around Billy's mouth, licking up Neil's cum. Then
Billy pushed his tongue into his sister's mouth. Their tongues
intertwined, pushing in and out of each other's mouths, until the finally
broke apart, gasping for breath. Billy kissed Becky's neck, then worked
his way down her chest, licking up his father's cum. He reached her belly
when his mother stopped him.

"Hey, son, let your mother in there."

"Okay, Mom," Billy said with a smile.

Billy lay down next to his father. The two watched as Barbara pulled
Becky to the end of the bed, burying her face in her daughter's wet, stick
twat. She eagerly slurped up the cum and blood that oozed from her little
girl's slit. Becky moaned as her mother sucked on her pussy. Barbara slid
a finger into her daughter's pussy, working it in and out as she sucked on
her clit. Becky's moans grew louder and her breathing grew heavy as her
mother brought her to climax. Soon Becky was shouting out in ecstasy, her
body shaking as she climaxed. Barbara smiled up at her daughter, her face
covered in Becky's love juices.

"God," Neil sighed. "I haven't cum that hard in years! That was

"So what did you think of your first fuck, honey," Barbara asked her

"It was great! So can I fuck Daddy now?"

"My, my, aren't we just the eager beaver?" Barbara said, laughing.
"What do you think, dear? Ready to fuck your darling daughter?"

It was Neil's turn to laugh.

"Give me a few minutes, honey, and I'll see what I can do."

With that, the four family members climbed onto the bed, kissing and
caressing and snuggling with each other. Barbara and Neil lay on the edges
of the bed, with Billy and Becky in between them. The four of them had
never felt closer.


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