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GEE01 hurt him love him and



Opening Up

by Drifter

Chapter 1

We had been married for about a year when we arrived in Hawaii.
My name is Gee , my nickname really, I am 22 years old and Bill, my
husband is 25. Bill is a Lieutenant in the Navy and he had been
transferred to Hickam AFB to a Navy MATS Squadron. He is a co-pilot
on one of the large transports. I had, of course, accompanied him to
Hawaii and we had just gotten settled into our small two bedroom
apartment near the base.

While we weren't in our bed screwing our heads off we played tourist
a lot seeing the island, taking lots of pictures on our irregular little tours.
We had to do it between Bill's flights. Bill would be gone on a flight for
a week usually, then he would have a full week off to play. The best
parts of that were our reunions in our big bed when he got back. The
first two days we were in bed most of the time, then we made it to other
hobbies. I think you get the idea we both are really into sex. I had
been a virgin when we got married. But once I had a taste of sex I had
a lot of catching up to do. Bill was a wonderful teacher.

The island was beautiful. Bill was really into photography and was
taking a lot of pictures of everything, usually with me in the middle of it.
And usually he insisted I wear only my brief bikini. I have a nice body
and enjoy showing it off although I would never admit that. I always
argued with Bill when he asked me to wear just my bikini when we got
ready to drive around Oahu taking pictures. Secretly I loved the looks I
got from the men. I knew it made Bill proud and turned him on.

Then one day we were planning on going to the other side of the
island to shoot some pictures. As we drove off from our apartment Bill
said, "You don't mind if a couple of my buddies from the base go
with us do ya hon?"

What could I say so I just shrugged. Bill swung by the base to pick
them up. As we went through the gate the marine guard really looked
me over in my skimpy bikini. In fact it started to turn me on the way he
was looking at my breasts, I'm proud of them, they are big and firm and I
loved the way he stared at them. Bill didn't seem to notice and he
passed us through. We picked up Pete and Wayne and headed back
to the gate. Pete and Wayne were both cute, Pete about 22 like me and
Wayne a little older, about 30. When they saw me dressed like I was,
their eyes got big as they looked me over.

Back out the gate and the cute guard again. I was feeling pretty
sexy the way the guys were looking me over and I felt the bottom of
my bikini getting a little damp. As I said, I had been inexperienced
when Bill and I got married. Our sex had been very good I thought,
even if a little conservative from some of the sexy books I read. Straight
intercourse three or four times a week plus a little oral. I loved it and
felt very satisfied even if I was always ready for more. I knew tonight
Bill was going to be busy.

As we chatted I learned that Pete was also into scuba diving. I had
always wanted to try that. As we drove between picture shoots, we
talked about scuba. We would stop and take pictures, now all three
guys were posing me in their pictures sexily. This one shot, Pete was
setting me up for, was taking longer than expected. Bill and Wayne had
already gone back to the car and Pete asked me if I would be insulted if
he said what beautiful breasts I had. I was flattered and told him so.
He mentioned how he would love to do body shots of me with the ocean
as background. He said he had really been into nude photography
before he got into the navy. The idea of posing nude for someone
excited me and I just smiled.

Then to my surprise he asked me if I would drop my bikini top for
one quick picture. I don't know what came over me but I looked around
and saw we were shielded from the world. It was almost as if someone
else was in charge of my hands as they came up and undid the hook
between my large breasts and my top was hanging down beside me in
my hand, my firm tits bared for Pete to photograph.

He groaned, "God Gee , they are beautiful."

"Thank you Pete, I can't believe I did this. What ever you do don't
tell Bill."

And he took a quick series of shots. Then he looked at my hard
nipples and said, "Damn you are beautiful Gee . Do they feel as good
in a guy's mouth as they look like they would?"

I was surprised by that and put my top back on and walked toward
the car but I was smiling. When Pete caught up to me I stopped and
said, "I don't know Pete, but Bill seems to like to suck on them... and I
love it when he does, maybe you could ask him."

He laughed and looking at my tits again he said, "I don't think so
Gee , I guess I will just have to dream."

When we got back to the car, Wayne was sitting in my seat in
front so I got in the back with Pete. We owned a little convertible then
and the top was always down. We were off to the next spot Bill had
planned. Pete had to change film. He opened his camera pulled out the
old roll and dropped in a new one. He kissed the roll just taken out and
then put one end of the plastic canister in his mouth and sucked gently
on it as he looked down at my tits again. I laughed getting his point. My
nipples were hard and stood out clearly. Now as I thought of his lips on
my nipples they got even bigger. I mentally fussed at myself, I was a
happily married woman.

At the next spot Wayne and Bill went ahead of us as we walked
slower. Then Pete said, "You have a fantastic body Gee , I would love
to photograph you in the nude sometime."

"Bill would never go along with that."

"Would he have to know?"

I just stopped and looked at Pete. Nude photography and what else
Pete, I thought. I glanced down at Pete's cock in his tight levi's and it
was starting to get hard. I turned and walked to catch up with Wayne
and my husband.

Then I changed my mind and slowed down waiting for Pete to catch
up. He was just being natural. I was parading around in next to nothing
showing off my body and of course it was going to turn the guys on.
Wayne just seemed to have more control than Pete. I smiled to my self
as I felt flattered by Pete's attention.

Pete caught up with me and said, "You're not mad are you Gee , I
couldn't help myself."

"No Pete I'm not mad... it sounds like fun. I have always been a
show off, but now I'm married. But I will think about what you said."

We walked side by side down this narrow path and our hips and
thighs brushed with each step. I was getting damned turned on. When
we got to the edge of the ocean, there was a small cave. The guys were inside the cave shooting out. They posed me in various positions
as the three of them shot. Then Wayne and Bill headed for the car.
Pete said he wanted a couple more shots of me.

When they were out of range Pete said, "Gee, please, give me
another topless shot. I want you to look sexy... think about something
really hot..."

Without hesitation, I again looked around to be sure it was clear and
I dropped my top. I was looking at Pete's cock and saw it grow instantly
hard. I leaned forward to let by boobs sort of hang and I looked at Pete
and thought about sucking Bill's cock. One of my very favorite things in
the world. I can actually cum from just sucking his cock.

Pete came back to reality and took a number of shots. I dressed
again quickly and laughed saying, "I feel wicked and sexy doing that."

Pete smiled and ran his hand over his obviously hard cock and
replied, "It has absolutely no effect on me."

We both laughed and I walked past him to go to the car. When I
was beside him he stopped me and slid his hand around my waist
resting on my bare ass just over my low riding bikini bottom. He looked
into my eyes and said, "Gee.... "

I reached up and patted his cheek gently and said, "I know Pete...
we are both getting worked up. We have to stop this..."

And I walked off ahead of him. Twisting my ass exaggeratedly for
him. In the car I crawled in the back again, this time with Wayne. As
we rode along I could feel Wayne's eyes on my breasts. We were done
for the day Bill said, the light was gone. We drove back toward the base
and then Wayne said, "Hey, I don't mean to impose but why don't Pete
and I treat you guys to dinner."

Everyone was all for it and I told them I had to change. Bill swung
by the house and said, "Just grab a mumu honey."

For those of you who don't know, that is a long loose kind of a dress
in Hawaii that is very comfortable. I ran in and grabbed the one Bill had
just bought me. I dropped my bikini top and bottom and slipped it over
my head. A quick comb and I was out the door.

As we drove I looked over at Bill and nudged him with my foot. Then
I raised the skirt of the mumu up my leg until he could see I had on no
panties, then I dropped it again. Bill smiled and I noticed his cock grow
a bit. I wanted him so bad. I was eager for time to come to get rid of
these guys and go to our bed.


Bill left the next day for a weeks flight. I was lonely the moment he
walked out the door. I still had my thin nightgown on and I went back to
our bed. As I lay there I remembered the sex we had enjoyed the night
before and my fingers strayed up under my nighty onto my wet pussy. I
fingered it slowly and then my rigid little nub, I was getting so close to
cumming when the phone rang.

I swore and rolled over to pick up the phone. It was Pete. I rolled
back over on my back and spread my legs as my fingers entered my hot
pussy again. I stroked myself slowly as Pete asked, "Well are we
going to take more pictures today?"

My voice was very deep and husky as I said, "Bill left this morning
for the Philippine hop. He will be gone for a week."

Pete instantly replied, "Oh I'm sorry to hear that, I was looking
forward to more pictures, especially like yesterday. I don't suppose you
would invite me over to take some indoor shots of you...."

I was so close to cumming I just said, "I will have to talk to you later

I hung up and for the next ten minutes I came repeatedly as I
imagined not Bill, but rather Pete in bed with me. In the shower I was
ashamed of myself for even thinking about it. Bill wasn't gone a full day
and I was getting off while thinking about another man. I dressed and
forced myself to get busy as I cleaned the apartment.

I had a light lunch and worked out. I showered again and as I dried
myself the phone rang. It was Pete again. He apologized for upsetting
me. I almost giggled into the phone. He thought I was mad at him
when I hung up, I really just wanted to play with my clit til I came. He
would really be shocked if he knew what I had been thinking when I
came. Or maybe not.

We talked for some time. I didn't want him to think I was angry with
him. We talked about his photography ambitions, he wanted to be a
professional photography, preferably for playboy or penthouse
magazines. I joked about him just wanting to look at naked women. He
laughed and admitted it was true. Then he said, "But none of them
have lovelier breasts than you Gee ."

I was taken by that and I felt my panties dampen all over again. He
must have thought I was angry when I didn't respond and he said,
"I did it again, I'm sorry Gee . It's just that I was so blown away at how

"It's OK Pete.... I appreciate the compliment honestly. I just don't
know how to deal with this. Bill is my husband. I would never want to
do anything to hurt him. I love him and plan on spending the rest of my
life with him. I enjoy you a lot Pete. I love the way you looked at my
breasts when I uncovered them. I still can't believe I did that. Not once
but twice."

"And I loved it. I know you love Bill. I don't want to hurt that Gee . I
just think you have the perfect body to photograph nude. Forgive me for
pushing that."

"You mean I don't excite you, that I would be just a model?"

"No I can't say that... you saw how I got plenty excited yesterday.
You are one very desirable woman Gee and I'm not dead."

"Tell me about SCUBA." I changed the subject as I got scared. We
talked another hour about SCUBA and some of the dives he had been
on. I repeated that I wanted to learn. He said he was a certified
instructor and if I was serious he would love to teach me. I immediately

I told him to call me in a couple of days and maybe we could start
the SCUBA class. After I had hung the phone up I sat there and
thought about Pete. I had great trouble getting my mind off of the way
his levi's had bulged....

It was starting to get dark when the phone rang. It was Wayne, he
mentioned he had seen Bill at the base. He wanted to know if I needed
anything. That if I did to not hesitate to call him. When I hung up I
wondered what Wayne had in mind. He was good looking but quiet.

The phone rang almost instantly and it was Pete again. He started
off by saying would I be interested in diving nude. That way he could
teach me to dive and get his nude pictures at the same time. We
laughed and I told him he was a real leach. He agreed and then said
something that shook me, "Gee... I would love to make love to you.
If you ever want to try someone other than Bill, let me know."

I was turned on instantly and stuttered as I said, "Pete... I thank you
for the offer but....."

"I know... you love Bill..."

"I do...."

"Gee I wasn't suggesting you leave Bill, just share what you have
with me too."

"Pete you are terrible."

"No, actually my last girl friend said I was quite good."

"Pete... behave..."

"Gee haven't you ever thought about doing it with someone other
than Bill?"

"Well of course...."

end gee 1


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