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GEE02 sucked him off When could



Diving and Posing

Chapter 2

I was wet... I couldn't resist touching myself through my short dress.
As I slowly rubbed my little clit, Pete continued on the phone,

"Last night when I got back to my room, I thought about making love
to you. I knew you were probably making love with Bill and I imagined it
was me instead. I had to get myself off I got so hot thinking about
making love to you."

"Pete.. don't... you shouldn't... besides you are getting me excited...."

"Did you make love to Bill last night?"

I knew I should hang the phone up but instead I slid my hand under
my skirt and inside my panties as I slowly rubbed my rigid clitty. I also
knew it wasn't going to take much for me to get over.... I replied to
Pete softly,


"What did you do Gee .... please tell me..... I'm so horny "

"He stripped me... and he ate.... my.... pussy... til I came ...then I
sucked him off.... When he could a little later he made love to me...... I
came several times. Bill is really good..... and I can't believe I just told
you that... what am I doing?"

"You are making me hot and very hard. "

I continued to stroke myself and then I heard my voice say, "Are
you playing with it?"

"Yes... I have it out and am running my hand up and down on it. I'm
pretty close to cumming Gee ."

"Oh damn.... Me too Pete, .....I'm playing with my clit now as we
talk.... Yesss... I'm cumming now....oh...fuck me....."

When I could talk some later, I said, "Pete this has to stop.... but...
did you....?"

"God yes, I just came a bucket. It is going to take me an hour to
clean up the cum all over the place."

Giggling I said "Listen Pete, this has to stop. We are just friends."

"I agree Gee..., but we can still dive can't we? No harm in that.."

"I would like that Pete."

"Will you pose nude for me?"

"I don't think so Pete, but maybe I could pose in my bikini, I have
one that shows even more than the one you saw. It just barely covers
the interesting parts. And if you ask real nice I might give you a quick

"Hmmm I want to see you in that."

"OK I will wear it when we go diving. Bill loves it on me but I have
hesitated to wear it in public."

"Wear it, the fish won't mind and I sure as hell won't mind."

"Pete you are truly terribly."

"I'll pick you up at 10 in the morning for your first lesson."

After I hung up the phone I crawled in bed and thought over the day.
What was I thinking about. Tomorrow it would be just diving. But as I
slept I dreamed about Pete making love with me while Bill watched.

I was ready and waiting when Pete picked me up. I had my string
bikini on and it covered the minimum. Only my nipples were covered,
the large full mound of my firm breasts were bare all around. Pete had
already seen them completely bare so... The bottom was a string
between the cheeks of my cute ass (I know it) and a small patch over
my pussy. I had to trim my hair down there quite a bit.... and I had on a
swim cover. I jumped into his jeep and saw the scuba tanks in the back.

He reached over and hugged me and I felt his hand pass across one
of my almost bare breasts. I was surprised but pleased. Then we were
off. The wind blew my cover open and I noticed Pete sneaking looks as
he drove. I also noticed his swim suit bulging. It didn't shock or disturb
me near as much as it had before. And I didn't try to cover up...

He drove to a small, pretty isolated cove. He told me the water was
shallow and was a good place to learn... almost anything, and he winked
at me. I felt that stirring again and tried to fuss at myself for enjoying
Pete's attention but I just smiled...

He pulled the gear out and for the next hour he explained how it all
worked, then he said, "OK, let's get a tank on you and adjust
everything. He showed me how the straps went around my body and
between my legs. He gently pulled them in place. As he did his hand
brushed across my nipples several times and they were as hard as
nails. His hand went between my legs and brushed across my ass, my
pussy and even my clit. I couldn't help it I jumped and let out a gasp.
He smiled at me and said, "Hmmm sensitive aren't we?"

I started to say something but then I noticed his cock was hard and
clearly outlined through his trunks. He was big, bigger than Bill who was
big. I looked up at him and realized I wanted him. I wanted him so bad.
I mentally apologized to Bill who was thousands of miles away for
wanting to fuck Pete.

Pete broke my reverie then and we walked toward the water. In
waist deep water he taught me how to breath. As we ducked under the
water, I tried it and it seemed to work fine. When I straightened up I
noticed Pete staring at my chest. I glanced down and saw the strap had
slipped and my bikini top had slipped with it. Now my breasts were
completely bare and my nipples were in clear view. Pete was enjoying
it. I looked at him and said, "Damn Pete, it looks like you were meant
to look at my bare titties."

"Is that all I get to see Gee ?"

"Shhh Pete.....behave baby."

"I see your nipples are so hard..."

"It's just the ...."

"No it's not Gee , you are as excited as I am."

"Yes damn it I am but that's all.... stop it Pete. I am married."

"I know Gee , but you are still human...."

"I know... take me home please."

We pulled the gear off, my nipples still in clear view. I put on the
cover when we got back to the jeep and we rode home in silence.
When we got to my place Pete walked me up to the door. I stood there
not sure what to say. Then Pete said, "Don't be angry please Gee .. I
find you so damn attractive. I can't help myself. I want you."

I smiled at him and replied, "I know Pete. I'm not angry unless it's
at myself. I find you attractive too.... I have never cheated on Bill... hell
we have only been married a year Pete. I'm embarrassed that I find you
so attractive too. If I weren't married I have a pretty good idea where
the two of us would be right now."

Pete leaned over and kissed my lips lightly. I let him. I enjoyed the
feel of his lips brushing lightly against mine. Then he pulled back and
looked at me. It was a look filled with desire, just like I felt. He caught
my cover and pulled it open. He stared down at my tits and licked his
lips. I shivered... I wanted him to touch me. He didn't disappoint me.
His hand covered one of my full tits and he gently squeezed it. He slid
his hand inside the tiny triangle covering my nipple. He caught it
between his thumb and forefinger and lightly pinched it and rolled it. I
could help it as I gasped with pleasure.

His lips found mine again and our tongues sought each other out
eagerly I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed into him.
Then I felt his hand slide down inside my bikini bottom until his finger
crossed over my clit. I jumped and also felt his finger enter my very wet
cunt. I said with my lips still against his, "No... Pete No..."

I pulled away and gasped for breath. I was hotter than I ever
remembered and for some reason I remembered a line from a book
about forbidden fruit being the sweetest. I was so confused. I was so
ready to have Pete take me anyway he wanted. I wanted his cock in
me. But I loved Bill... I looked at Pete and said,

"Go, now Pete.... I'm not angry with you... just go before I do
something I will regret."

He leaned over and kissed my cheek and whispered goodnight.
I let myself in the apartment and headed for the shower. I masturbated
until I had cum three times in the shower. But when I got out I still
wanted Pete's big cock. But I knew I couldn't. Or at least I shouldn't...

I slipped into a light robe and forced myself to fix a bite of supper. I
ate and was finishing my glass of wine when the phone rang. I
expected it to be Pete but it was Wayne. We chatted for awhile and
then he asked, "How are you doing all alone Gee ?"

"OK I guess but I sure miss Bill."

"I understand, I miss my wife, Jean, so bad it hurts. She is in Texas
with her parents. It will be another couple of months before she can join
me here."

"Oh Wayne I'm so sorry. I was feeling sorry for myself with Bill gone
just a week. How do the two of you manage?"

"We miss each other a lot, we have to find substitutes for each

That sounded strange. Did Wayne mean what I thought. "What do
you mean substitutes Wayne?"

"I guess I shouldn't have mentioned that. It's just that Jean and I are
both incredibly sexual people. We agreed that when we were separated
like this that either of us could find what we needed with another until we
were together again."

"Wayne, do you mean sex? You allow your wife to have sex with
other men?"

"It isn't so bad Gee . We both need it and love it. Better to do it
openly than get all angry when either of us gets caught doing what is so

"Wow..... who do you....?"

"I have a couple of close friends in Honolulu. I prefer married women that love their husbands but need more... That way there is no
problem with getting too emotional."

"God Wayne...."

"Gee, I told Bill I would check on you while he was gone. Are you

"No Wayne...I'm not. Some things have happened that bother me a
lot and you sound like the expert. I need to talk, can you come over


Wayne sat down and accepted the glass of wine. Gee hadn't even
thought about how she was dressed. She was nude under the robe.
The robe was floor length but thin and it hugged her darling curves
everywhere. Wayne had definitely noticed.

"Wayne, Pete and I went SCUBA diving today.... I wore a string
bikini that revealed just about everything. I know I shouldn't have but I
wanted to show off... and I wanted Pete to want me. That is terrible but
there it is. When we got home he came on to me exactly the way I
wanted him to. I stopped him before much happened. I didn't want to
stop him but I did. Now I'm confused."

"Why did you stop him hon?"

"Cause I'm married..."

"I don't think so Gee .... try again."

"Cause I was afraid Bill would find out and divorce me."

"That sounds more real Gee . That's why Jean and I want it the way
we have it. We both enjoy others frequently. She tells me all about her
adventures in great detail and I do the same. I get almost as turned on
when she tells me about being with another man as when I'm with
another woman."

"You tell each other?"
end gee part 2
Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?

The End... for now...


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