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GEE03 camera bag When asked what



First One Then The Other

Chapter 3

"Yeah, Last night she told me about being with this guy she works
with. They tried it all in a local motel, oral, vaginal, anal... you name it
they did it. I came twice as she told me about it. She also said they
were getting together again tonight. My darling wife is probably getting
fucked as we speak."

"Damn Wayne, that makes me so hot....what a turn on...she is a
lucky woman... so what are you saying, that I should talk Bill into that?"

"I'm not telling you to do anything. I am just saying that there are
lots of ways to be happy. Maybe you should just fuck Pete and never
tell Bill.. On the other hand Bill sure likes it when we look you over."

"Oh shit...I am so confused not to mention so horny Wayne, with Bill
gone, and Pete's hands and now your story. But tell me... if you have
this open arrangement with your wife, and prefer married women... why
haven't you tried anything with me? Don't I appeal to you?"

"Oh yeah... You appeal to me Gee .... I would love to get into your
panties but... I don't want any woman who isn't clear about what she
wants. There are too many married women who are happy with their
husbands but just want more sex."

"Really? Lots of US huh?"

"Yeah..... and when you make up your mind sweetheart, I would love
to fuck you."

Then the phone rang. It was Pete again, as Wayne listened I
assured him I wasn't angry... but that I had a lot of thinking to do....
before anything else happened.....

After I put the phone down I kissed Wayne goodnight. A deep
tongue dancing body hugging kiss. And damn could he kiss. Now I
wanted both of them. And Wayne knew it as I pressed my damp pussy against his hard cock through his jeans. His hands ran over my ass and
he squeezed it thru the thin material. I moaned and he said softly, "Call
me when you are ready to get fucked Gee,"


I didn't see either of them again before Bill got home. I didn't trust
myself. I could hardly wait until Bill and I could get to the bed.
Afterwards he smiled and asked, "Wow... what happened to you kitten.
I've never seen you so horny.... what ever it was I like it. You can
welcome me home like that anytime."

I smiled to my self as I thought about nearly fucking two of his
friends.... if Bill knew that, would he still approve? I wondered.

The day after he got back Bill suggested the four of us go on
another photo shoot. It was soon a done deal after Bill called Pete and
Wayne and we snuggled down to sleep. Except I couldn't get my mind
off of Pete and Wayne. Should I, which one, both? As I thought about
it I got incredibly horny again and my hand found my husband's limp
cock. Soon he was between my long trim legs, spread wide as he
entered me again.

The next morning Bill asked me to wear my string bikini, that he had
some ideas he wanted to shoot. I didn't argue but put it on and then
stood in front of him and said, "You know honey, Pete and Wayne will
see everything I have in this."

"Yeah I guess so, God you are a sexy creature. I am so proud of
you darling. Do you mind if I show you off?"

I laughed and hugged him and said, "If it pleases you darling it
pleases me."

I slipped on my beach cover, leaving it gaping open in front
displaying my body nicely and we headed for the base to pick up
the guys. We drove directly to a secluded beach we frequently went to
to surf and picnic. The cameras were clicking and I was posing
in one sexy pose after another. I was getting excited the way all three
of the men were leering at me and the way Wayne smiled at me,
knowing what was going on inside my head. Then I heard Bill swear. I
turned to see him looking in his camera bag. When I asked what was
wrong he said he had left his telephoto lens at home. In minutes he
was on his way to get it and I was left with Pete and Wayne on the
deserted strip of beach for at least two hours.

I kissed my husband goodbye and turned and walked back to the
beach and the guys. Two guys who had hit on me. Two guys I was
seriously thinking about fucking behind my husbands back. Pete walked
out to meet me and asked me to walk up to the point with me for a
special shot. I knew what the special shot he had in mind was and
without hesitation, I agreed. Pete turned to Wayne and said that we
would be gone for a little while. If he didn't want to go it was OK.

Wayne smiled at me and winked understanding and said he would
take a nap while we were gone. As we walked up the beach Pete
smiled at me and said, "Gee, you look fabulous.... as I look as you I
remember how good your breasts felt in my hands, how tight your sweet
cunt was on my finger...."

"Pete...stop baby... you are embarrassing me... and exciting me.
You are a hard man to say no to. No one but Bill had ever done that to
me before."

"Gee you know how much I want you... and from the way you kissed
me back I know you want it too."

He looked back down the beach and couldn't see Wayne. He
slipped his arm around me and as we walked he stroked my side and
then my bare ass. When I didn't object he slide his hand up onto the
side of my full breast. We stopped walking and I just looked at him and
sighed. His hand slipped inside my top onto my bare tit and squeezed.
I moaned and said, "Pete I do want it. I never thought I would say
this but I am dying to do it with someone other than Bill for the first time
since we got married."

He covered my lips and we deep tongue each other for several
seconds. We were both huffing and puffing when we broke. Pete
caught my hand and pulled me toward a small cave nearby. It provided
little privacy but enough. I thought to myself, you are going to get
fucked girl...He kissed me again and his hands were on my ass, my tits and then inside the bottoms of my bikini. His fingers entered me again
and I groaned aloud I spread my legs to give him room to play with me.
It felt so good I moaned, "Oh shit Pete, I'm so fucking hot... that feels
so good."

Then I felt him pulling me down onto the sand. He lay beside me
and his fingers never left my over heated cunt. Never stopped slipping
in and out, rubbing my sensitive clit as I hunched my pussy into his
hands. As we kissed I knew I was going to let him fuck me. And
Wayne too.... If Bill wanted to show my body off I would go a step
farther. I felt Pete catch my hand and lay it on his bare cock. He had
pulled it free as we kissed. I wrapped my fingers around it and loved the
feel of it's hardness. He was nice and big and I wanted it in me so bad.
I felt him push me on my back and then watched him kneel between my
legs holding his hard cock in his hand pointing at me. I spread my legs
wide for him without a thought of my husband. As his cock touched the
outer lips of my pussy I sighed from the feel of it and in anticipation.
One push and I would be an unfaithful wife. I was so ready. Then we
heard someone whistling as they walked toward us.

Pete swore and got up struggling to get his hard cock back in his
pants. I got up and straightened my bikini. Pete got his camera out
quickly and started taking shots of me against the palm trees.

Wayne walked around the trees shielding us and he smiled and
winked at me as I stood against this tree sexily. I heard Pete say
something about having to get his other camera from the bag and he
turned and left. I smiled as I got a good view of his still hard cock
crammed into his jeans. I would have to make that up to him later.

Wayne smiled and asked, "Well did you make up your mind?"

"Yes I did, if you had been minute later you would have witnessed
my first extramarital fuck. I was on my back, Pete was between my legs
with his cock against my pussy ready to enter me when we heard you
coming. I have decided that I'm going to let him fuck me Wayne."

"Sorry I messed it up Kitten, I assumed that was what you were up
to but I saw Bill driving down and thought I best warn you."

"Thank you Wayne... I owe you. I love Bill, really, but I just seem to
want more..."

"You know I understand Gee , if I can help you...."

I looked at him and wanted him. I asked, "Can you see Bill and
Pete down the beach?"

"Yeah, there still down by the car."

"Come over here."

I watched as Wayne walked over beside me. I slid my arms around
his neck and kissed him hard. His hands were on my tits, my ass. I
broke the kiss and said huskily, "I want your fingers in me."

I met his lips again and felt his hand slip inside my bikini bottom and
enter my wet hot cunt with ease. I gasped and came, hunching his
hand as he probed into me. I pulled away in a moment and looked up
at him, "You must think I'm a real slut."

"No.... I think you are one hot fucking lady who needs more than one
cock to keep her happy."

"Will you come over when Bill leaves next time?"

"I would love too. And what about Pete?"

"Would you object if I fucked him too?"

"Of course not, maybe we can all get together sometime."

"I don't think I could do that Wayne...." But my thoughts said,
"Could I?".


As soon as Wayne's cock returned to normal they walked down
the beach to join Pete and Bill and I asked,

"Does Jean do it with two guys?"

"Yes... she loves it...."

"I think I'm going to like Jean. Will you tell her about us?"

"Yes.. no names... I told her last night I was going to fuck you."

Nothing else was said. A few more pictures were taken. Pete
seemed grumpy, funny how that works... poor Pete.

For the rest of Bill's home stay we didn't see or hear from the guys.
Although I thought about them a lot, and screwed Bill a lot. He
commented several times how I was getting hotter and how much he
loved it. The night before he left he produced a XXX video and
suggested we watch it. I loved it. I watched open mouthed as this
darling sexy girl screwed her husband, then a friend, then two friends at
the same time, in her pussy and her ass. Then the husband walks in on
them and makes it three cocks in her at the same time. When it was
over I was starving for Bill's cock. As we climbed in bed I asked,
"Would you like to screw me in the ass like that?"

"Yes I would, I love your cute ass and have often thought about
fucking it. "

"Why haven't you...that girl looked like she loved it... I would like to
try that honey."

Bill took my remaining cherry. He was loving and gentle. Took it so
slow I had almost no pain but tons of pleasure and I understood how the
girl in the tape felt. As Bill fucked me in the ass dog style I wanted Pete
and Wayne to be in me too, like in the video....

The next morning, I kissed Bill goodbye and held him close as I
knew when he returned I would have welcomed Pete and Wayne into
our bed, into my pussy, separately and maybe even both at the same
time.... I told Bill how much I loved him and would miss him and it was
true. He would never know.....
end part 3
Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?
The End... for now...


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