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GEE04 sucked hard reached down


So Near By - So Fun

Chapter 4

Just after lunch Wayne called. "Well I just watched his plane take
off Gee."


"Have you changed your mind?"

"No...would you like to come over now?"

"Ten minutes?"


I wore only the baby doll pjs with no panties. I looked in the mirror
and like what I saw and knew Wayne would too. The phone rang and
all I could think was I hoped Wayne wasn't delayed. It was Pete, he
knew Bill's plane was gone too. The question hung heavy unasked. I
said, "Could you come over tonight Pete, about 9:00? And Pete,
plan on spending the night?"

I heard Wayne's car in our drive as I hung up the phone, no turning
back now.... hell I didn't want to.

I met Wayne at the door. I was shivering with fear and excitement.
I was wet and ready. I was so horny. I could hardly wait to feel a new
cock deep inside me....his cock inside me... anywhere he wanted to put
it. I felt like such a slut... and loved the feeling.

Wayne stepped inside and I quickly closed the door. I caught his
hand and led him to our bedroom. I remember saying, "Hurry....

Then we were both nude. He pushed me down on the bed and I felt
his tongue enter my eager pussy ....I came... God did I cum. He
continued to eat me expertly and I came several more times. I
remembered involuntarily hunching my pussy into his face and
encouraging him as his tongue explored. Then when I came again he
slid up and kissed me. I loved the taste of my pussy on his lips and
tongue as I sucked it hard. I reached down and guided his hard cock
into me. He pressed and it was all the way inside, inside my cunt.
Fucking me. I had done it. I had a cock other than Bill's deep inside
me. He must never know.... I felt our rhythm come together as Wayne
thrust deep into me each time. I shifted so I could hunch up to meet him
to take it as deep as I could. He was the same size as Bill I decided. I
kept thinking, "I'm fucking someone other than Bill. A new cock is in my
cunt... it is so gooooood." Somehow the idea of it being someone other
than Bill fucking me thrilled me terribly.

It started to build and build. I was humping faster to keep up with
him. He withdrew until just the head of his hard cock was in me and
then thrust hard until I felt it hit the back of my vagina, my cunt. It will
never be a vagina again, now it's a cunt... I'm a cunt and I am so happy.

I heard a scream and realized it was me, as I came again, harder,
shuddering, so thorough, so good. Was Wayne better than Bill or was it
just the excitement of a new cock, I didn't care. I loved my husband and
I also loved Wayne's cock deep in my pussy as I came and came....

Wayne had flooded me with his cum just as I came. He pulled his
limp cock out of me and kissed me deeply. I loved the way he kissed,
not all that different than Bill but enough different to be exciting. To
remind me I was with a man other than my husband, and he had just
fucked me. He had just cum in my cunt. The thought caused my pussy to tingle and I wanted more. Wayne was playing with one of my breasts and it excited me more and more. Was there no end to this wanting.
I wanted to fuck, to cum again and I told him.

He smiled and kissed my lips, my nipples, and then I felt his tongue
in my cum filled cunt. Bill had never done that. The 'dirtiness' of it
thrilled me and I spread my legs as wide as I could get them to give him
access. Access to everything I had. As he tongued my clit and my
labia I thrilled and felt it building again. I groaned and pulled his mouth
tight against my clit, my pussy, my cunt as I came even harder than

Again he was kissing my lips. I sucked his tongue into my mouth,
it tasted of me and I said, "I love the taste of my cunt on your mouth."

"I love it too Gee. Damn you are good, I love the taste of your
cunt and I do love to fuck it. So hot and wet and tight."

I looked at him and said softly, "Last night Bill fucked my ass for
the first time. I loved it Wayne, would you like to do that to me too?"

He was hard again instantly at the thought and he rolled me over on
my hands and knees like Bill had. He was tender and soon had me
ready and thrust deeply into my ass, my new treasure of pleasure.

Later in the shower I went down on him and completed the agenda I
had set for myself as I eagerly swallowed his cum. I knew he could
have me now any time he wanted me. I kissed him and told him that.
He smiled at me as he fondled my tits in the shower and said, "What
are you going to do about Pete?"

I let that float around in my head for a moment then I looked up at
Wayne as I caught his half hard cock my hands and said, "I want him
too Wayne, is that a problem for us?"

"No love, that is no problem. I certainly plan on seeing my other
friends regularly. No Pete is no problem. Maybe Pete would be up for a
threesome sometime... have you thought about that possibility?

"Yes.... a lot" and I told him about the video Bill had brought home.

We were going to have some lunch but as we were drying each
other I started playing with his cock and I was delighted as it
grew hard again. I sat on the counter edge and pulled him
between my legs and into my cunt again. As he fucked me I said,
"Wayne, it feels so good.... I want you to fuck me every chance we get."

We had our lunch and I asked him if he had ever been in a
threesome with another man and a woman. He told me he and his wife did that frequently. Once they had decided to open up when apart, they
had decided to open up when together also.

It made me hot as hell and I led Wayne back to bed. Sometime
during the hot haze of the afternoon I told him Pete would be coming
over that night at 9:00. Wayne laughed and replied, "Good, if you are
going to do something do it thoroughly I always say. Sounds like you
are really opening up. I will try to think up some new games for you."

Wayne kissed me goodbye and left about 7. I showered and slipped
into a silk blouse and mini skirt. I looked in the mirror and I looked hot.
I had never felt more satisfied and horny at the same time. I wondered
what kind of Pandora's box I had opened.

Pete was 15 minutes early. I was glad. He had a small overnight
bag in his hand and he stepped in the door, set it on the cabinet and
pulled me to him. I flowed against his body and he was already hard. I
moaned as I felt it against me and we kissed. Deep, hot, tongues
searching. hands wandering every where. I was slowly hunching my
eager pussy against his hard cock. Then he picked me up and carried
me into the bedroom I had previously shared only with my husband... no
more. Pete would be number 3. I had changed the sheets, purged the
bed and myself of every trace of Wayne, except in my mind, and I was
ready for Pete. He stripped me and as I lay on the bed nude, waiting for
him, he dropped his clothes.

As he crawled toward me from the foot of the bed I automatically
spread my legs for him. His huge hard cock hung down beneath him. I
only knew I wanted to feel it deep within me. When I could reach it I
caught it in my hands as he kissed my lips again. I eased him between
my outer lips and when he hit my cunt opening, I pushed my hips up
taking half of his length. He pulled back and so did I and then we both
thrust into each other and I gasped as his cock stretched me as it sunk
to the hilt. I felt his balls against my ass. Now another new cock was in
me. I was being fucked the second time that day by another new man,
another new cock. It felt sooo good. I loved the feel, he was different
than Bill or Wayne. I wondered as I thrilled to his thrusts, was each man unique...? What would the next one feel like? I realized what I had just
admitted to my self and I came and shivered and shuddered and
came again as Pete continued to fuck me..... hard and fast. There
would be many others.....

Later as I leaned down and sucked his limp cock, cleaning up our
mixed juices off of it he rubbed his hand over my cum filled pussy and
said, "Damn you were good."

"Were? Does that mean you are through... have you had enough so
soon?" , I said laughing

His cock was hard again and he pushed my mouth back down on it
and laughed saying, "Not until you push me out of here. I hope this
won't be a one time thing?"

I raised my head off of his cock and realized a string of his pre-cum
ran from my mouth to the head of his cock. I licked it up and said,
"Pete, you can have me anytime the opportunity allows."

"Would that include when we are all out together? I would love
to fuck you with Bill and Wayne near by."

I shivered and the idea thrilled me. I opened my eyes and looked at
Pete and said softly, "Yesssss... I would love that!."

I returned my attention to his cock and then felt him shift into a 69.
We repeated it all several times that night. The next morning we
showered, Pete dressed and as we hugged saying our goodbyes I said
to him, "Pete, you may have opened Pandora's box. I loved you
fucking me. I loved the feel of your cock in me but I also loved the idea
of just fucking someone other than Bill. I may find others I want too. I
just didn't want you to think..."

"That I would be the only one... I don't expect that. You are too hot
a lady to not experiment a good deal. I would enjoy hearing about it
when you do it. I like a good story Gee."

And he kissed me, patted my bare ass and left. I hoped none of my
neighbors were watching.... but they were...


I got dressed, with panties, bra and normal clothes. I had to do some
shopping. I hit the grocery store and all the normal things. I took one of
Bill's dress uniforms to the cleaner. The only thing that really felt
different now was, I looked at the men I saw differently, wondering what
they would be like to fuck. I filled the car with gas and it was late
afternoon when I got back. The answer machine was blinking. Wayne
had called, asked how I was... had I seen Pete (I knew what he was
asking and appreciated his care in the message he left.) The next
message was from Pete. He thanked me for the help I had been to his
problem. I smiled. The next message was from the traffic control at
the base. Bill's flight would return in the morning. My mind flashed to
how convenient that traffic always let me know when Bill would be
coming home.

Pete called and I picked up the phone. He told me how much he
had enjoyed everything and I agreed. He wanted to come over but I
told him I was too tired after the way he had worn me out. I could tell he
was pleased at that, if disappointed he couldn't come over. I couldn't
resist saying, "My sweet hard Peter, I will make lots of time for you. I
want you to fuck me silly every chance we have."

"Gee have you decided on someone else to fuck yet?"

"Yesss... I have decided who you have to share me with, besides Bill..."

end part 4


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