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GEE05 movie home and started



Part 5
Later Wayne called, said how much he enjoyed what we had done
and asked if I was still OK with it all? I assured him I was surprisingly
guilt free and eager for more. He surprised me then as he asked how it
had gone with Pete. I smiled to myself and then laughed sexily into the
phone and told him fine. I told him I had spent the night comparing his,
Bill"s and Pete's cocks. You are all fantastic, each have your own style
and I loved having sex with all of you. I look forward to the next time
eagerly with each of you. Then as I had previously told Pete, I
mentioned to Wayne that Bill would be home the next morning.

It was just getting dark when I heard a knock on my door. It was
Rita from the apartment next door. She was married to a submariner.
He was gone for months at a time and was gone at the present. We got
together often to talk. I had always gotten a kick out of her. She
seemed to be such a flirt.

I gave her a glass of wine and as we sat sipping she said, "OK
fess up honey, who are those cute guys I've been seeing come and

"You must mean Wayne and Pete, a couple of friends of Bills. Bill
asked them to make sure I was alright when he was gone."

"Hmm, well if you get tired of them send them next door."

Rita was a darling woman, a little older than me, beautiful, spanish,
and nicely built. She looked hot. I had often wondered how she
survived with Vince gone for so long. I knew how I had now worked it
out and wondered if she had solved that little problem the same way... I
smiled at her and said, "And what would you want them for Rita, you
naughty lady?"

She laughed and replied, "Probably the same thing you want them
for baby. I do miss my Vince when he is gone so long..... I especially
miss certain parts of him."

I laughed and said, "His tongue and his cock right?" I couldn't
believe I had just said that... so quickly I had changed.

Rita smiled and said, "You seem to miss Bill the same. Maybe
those two cute guys help you out with that too. They could sure help
me out anytime."

"Rita the guys are just friends..."

"Yeah right, I saw the one come in yesterday morning and I heard
you moan and scream all day. Then the other one comes last night and
I hear you all night. God girl how many times did you get it yesterday?"

I had forgotten how thin the walls were, She had me. I smiled and
said softly, "I lost count, 15 or 20....."

"You are so selfish... why didn't you call me and invite me over."

"Are you serious Rita? If you are, I know both of them would love to
be with you too. I won't be selfish."

"Gee I am totally serious. I couldn't survive the long months of
absence from Vince without some help from my friends."

We laughed and talked about sex, in general and in specific. When
she left I called Wayne and told him about Rita and suggested I
introduce them soon. He was interested. He had seen her a couple of
times and knew how hot and cute she looked. Then I called Pete with
the same story. Pete wanted to know if it was too late for tonight. I told
him to come on, if Rita wasn't interested I might be.

I called Rita and she was eager for him. I was sort of jealous and
told her so. She smiled and said for me to call the other one. So I did.
Later we could hear Rita and Pete and I'm sure they could hear Wayne
and I.

Wayne left early the next morning and I fell asleep. Pete left
sometime since his car was gone when I got up. I showered and
dressed and was ready for Bill to get home an hour early, having
changed the cum soaked sheets again. I was running out of sheets. I
threw them in the washing machine as Rita walked in. She hugged me
close and thanked me for a wonderful evening. We sat over coffee and
compared notes about men in general and Wayne and Pete specifically.
She told me she wanted Wayne too.

Then she surprised me by asking if I would like to party sometime,
with her? I smiled at her not sure what she meant. She could tell I was
wondering. She looked into my eyes and I started getting excited, not
really sure why. Just the way Rita was looking at me, the way the men had looked at me in my string bikini. Was Rita bisexual? I had read
about women together and had always been curious...

She moved over on the couch beside me and placed her hand on
my bare thigh just below the hem of my brief skirt. She lightly rubbed
my inner thigh and I let my legs relax and open as I looked at her. I
hoped I knew where this was leading. She smiled and asked, "Honey,
we are both damned sexual, obviously. Last night with the guys was
great, but tell me, have you ever made love with another woman?"

"N. No....Rita, I have heard about that.. I admit I have been

She leaned forward and I knew she was going to kiss me. I opened
my lips and met hers. Our tongues were very busy. I loved it. I loved
the idea of sex with another woman. I felt her hand move higher on my
leg as we kissed and I opened them wider to give her free access. She
stroked my pussy through my panties and broke the kiss. She made
little circles on my clit and I gasped.

"Gee honey, I thought you would like this. I'm glad you are open to
it. I have wanted to eat your little cunt for months. You always seemed
such a straight laced lady till lately."

"Hmm I was Rita, but now I want to be open to lots of new things.
Bill won't be home for another 45 minutes. Why don't you teach me...."

Rita left only a few minutes before Bill arrived. Both of us had
a satisfied smile on our faces. I had loved eating Rita almost as much
as having her eat me. We had showered but I decided not to dress but
be completely ready for my husband when he got home. I was nervous,
wondering if Bill would be able to tell somehow that I had let other men fuck me...that I had enjoyed sex with three other people while he had
been gone.

When Bill saw me he scooped me up and went directly to our bed.
It was easy to know what my horny husband had on his mind. Me too
and he didn't seem to notice anything different as he plowed into my wet
pussy. An hour later, as we lay in each other's arms recovering, Bill
said, "Honey... I love how you have gotten so sexy lately. Seems like
you have changed, like you really want it a lot more. I feel like a lucky

"I do love it more Bill. Seems like I woke up recently and since then
I can't get enough of you and this."

And I wrapped my fingers around his half hard cock. He smiled at
me and kissed me gently and I said, "Honey, I realize I had been
pretty tight ass about sex and stuff. Then you brought that adult
movie home and it started me thinking about all the possibilities.
Watching that guy fuck the girl in the ass made me want to try it with

"Hmmm Gee, I loved when we did that. I'm ready for an encore."

"Me too honey... any time you want it. Bill I guess I'm trying to say
I'm sorry for being so straight laced before. Now if there is anything you
want, just tell me. I feel I have a lot to make up to you..."

"Wow... I'm not completely sure what that means but I like the
sound of it. Better watch out baby... I have some strange fantasies."

"Whatever you want, where ever you want it, just let me know. As
an example I know you like to show off my body to other men. I have
always fought you on that but no more. I will wear whatever you want
me to. If you want to show off my tits, my ass or even my pussy, they
are yours to show." Bill has a huge smile on his face. I wondered
when he would suggest something. I knew it wouldn't be long....

Bill kissed me and his fingers entered my wet cunt. As he played
with me I squirmed as he said, "Honey... as I said, I have some pretty
strange fantasies Are you sure you are ready to do anything I want us
to do?"

I was hunching into his busy hand as I said, "Oh shit baby... if it is sex I
will do anything you want."Then he pulled his fingers out of my wet cunt slid them farther down to my ass hole. I smiled as I knew what was
coming. When his finger entered my ass I relaxed the muscle the way
Wayne had taught me and he quickly had two fingers sliding in and out
of my ass. I moaned and got on my hands and knees and told him to
hurry and fuck my ass..

We didn't even leave the apartment for the next two days but just
fucked. I seemed to be insatiable and Bill loved it.. Rita called once to
see if I was OK and I told her I was great, making my husband happy.
She laughed and asked if I wanted her to come over and help. I
laughed and told her not this time, a lot of preparation had to be done
before that was possible, but I liked the idea. She laughed sexily and
said She would be ready any time...

Pete called while Bill was asleep between our playing. Pete wanted
to know when we were going on a photo shoot. Then he said, "I can't
wait to fuck you again Gee, I want to fuck you with Bill near by.
Just thinking about it makes me hard as hell Gee."

"I love the idea Pete... just don't get us caught.

Wayne called the next day. Said he was next door at Rita's enjoying
the afternoon. How was I doing? Any problems with Bill? I assured
him that all was fine and promised to get even better. The next day Bill
seemed to catch up on pure sex and started talking about another photo


The four of us were off early the next morning Bill asked me to wear
the string bikini again. I felt more naked in it than when I was naked.
I loved the way all three guys looked at me and touched me secretely as
they posed me and took pictures of me and Hawaii. I kept thinking...
here I was with three different men I was fucking and that I planned on
fucking a lot more. It was so exciting I almost got off just at the thought.
At one point Bill walked up behind. me and said softly so only I could
hear, "What if I wanted to play with your big tits while the guys took
pictures of it?" I replied softly, "If that is what you want honey...."

He kissed my neck, reaching around cupping my full tits in his
hands and joking to Wayne, "Here is a shot for you Guys."

Both guys looked, smiled and took pictures as Bill played with my big
tits he soon had them out so everything was exposed as he played. I
just relaxed and leaned back into Bill letting my hand stroke his hard
cock behind me and whispered, "You are so naughty Bill... you are
making me hot, you know that don't you?"

"Yeah I know. You said I could do anything I wanted babe."

"I know and I meant it. I didn't say stop, I said you were getting me
hot. I have to admit I love the way the guys are loooking at my bare

Later as we moved to another area, Pete and I were lagging behind
the other two and Pete patted my ass and said he had missed me. I
told him I missed him too. Then he asked, "Did you fuck Wayne?"

I looked at him and smiled and said softly, "Yes...."

"Does Wayne know I fucked you too?"

"Yes... in fact he suggested a threesome next time Bill is gone.
Would you like that?"

"Oh shit yes.. that sounds great.... or a foursome with Rita.... or

"I like the idea of both Pete...."

We had been standing there and Pete caught my hand and led me
off the path into the thick palm jungle. He kissed me hard for awhile and
then said he was dying to fuck me. I looked at him and told him I was
ready for it anytime.... but Bill wasn't very close.... He kissed me and
played with my tits for a moment then broke and said, "How close do
you want him to be Gee?"

"As close as you can get without us getting caught. I want to be
able to see Bill, and hear him, while you fuck me."

"OK we will do it. It may take a while..."

I adjusted my top to cover my hard nipples again and we walked
back to join Bill and Wayne. In a moment I pulled Wayne aside and told
him what Pete and I were going to do. He smiled and nodded and said
he would help anyway he could .... I kissed him hard and stroked his
hard cock through his jeans. Then I looked a him and asked, "How
about you after Pete?" He just smiled and nodded...

end part 5


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