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GEE06 split face kissed him



Part 6

It wasn't long until Wayne had Bill in a deep technical conversation
and Pete said that he and I would be back shortly. Bill just nodded and
Wayne winked at me fully aware of what was about to happen. Pete,
after only a few steps down the path and around this huge boulder,
pulled me into the deep brush only about 10 yards from my husband.

He just smiled at me and pulled out his hard cock. I could still
hear Wayne and my husband talking about this camera lens. I looked
over and through the brush and could see them sitting nearby, just
below us. I smiled naughtily and bent over grabbing a small tree for
support. I had never felt so excited. I spread my legs wide and looked
back at Pete. I felt him pull my bikini bottom out of the way and then the
head of his hard cock pressing slowly between the lips of my already
wet, swollen pussy. I sighed deeply and shivered and then shifted
as he pushed it all the way deep inside me.. The total excitement and
freedom I felt as Pete slowly fucked his huge hard cock in and out of my
dripping cunt... while I could see and hear my husband and Wayne
talking nearby can't be described. We both came quickly and he held
me for a few seconds as his hard cock subsided inside my cunt.

As I say, it didn't take either of us long to get off in those
circumstances, Pete kissed me, fondling my bare body and said, "Too
bad Bill didn't watch us." That idea really sent a sharp thrill through me
and I knew I wanted that to happen too. But how? Shortly we walked
back to join Bill and Wayne and I was sorry it was over so soon, But
then Pete said to Wayne, "You really ought to go with Gee to a spot we
just found. Great opportunity for a shot you won't soon forget. I need to
talk to Bill about a technical problem I am having. I think you will enjoy
what Gee has to show you."

I wasn't expecting that but smiled invitingly as Wayne stood and
followed me back into the brush. His cock felt soooo good in me too. I
had to bite my lip to keep quiet. I felt so naughty all that day. I
managed to suck both guys off later in the day too. What was really
strange was how sexy Bill became. He played with my tits and ass as
the guys watched. He talked openly about what a great fuck I was. How
hot I had become lately.... At one point he suggested I strip and let the
three of them take nude shots of me. I was eager to comply and all
three of them had hard cocks showing through their pants immediately.

At one point I whispered to Bill, "Baby all this is making me so horny
I am dying to get screwed. Can we go home soon?"

He smiled at me and whispered, "I bet Wayne and Pete would

both love to fuck you too." I laughed and said, "If you don't take care of
me soon I might let them."

We were home shortly and Bill was the third guy to fuck me that
day....Just that idea thrilled me. As we lay there afterwards I said to
him, "You really exposed me to Pete and Wayne today. I wonder what
ideas they are getting about me....... maybe that I am a easy lay.... do
you suppose they wonder if they could fuck me while you are gone...?"

"I would think that would be flattering if they wanted you that way."

"Oh it would but I don't want to tease them when I can't follow
through... it would be mean. I feel sorry for both of them not having

Bill let it drop at that when I was hoping he would take this
conversation a lot further. I was hoping he would suggest I might keep
Wayne and Pete happy too. But that was just a fantasy of mine.

Life was better and better after that, The next time Bill left for a
week Pete and Wayne showed up at my place 30 minutes after Bill's
plane took off. They fucked me every way possible. Later we called
Rita and she joined us. The guys left for work when they had to but
returned immediately and I lost count of the number of times I got fucked
by the three of them. The thing that surprised me most was how much I
loved it and how I never seemed to want to stop.

Bill returned and left again and I had a cock in me almost all the
time I was awake. One night when the guys had to stay on the base,
Rita introduced me to a couple of friends of hers.

"Yeah.... I have wondered what it would be like if you screwed
another guy... like Pete or Wayne...."

"You're kidding Bill.... what are you talking about? You don't mean
you would ever go along with that do you?"

"I don't know... the idea is sort of exciting to me in a strange sort
of way. I mean I'm gone a lot... I was talking to Wayne... seems he and
his wife are open that way... they both fuck others when they are apart
and they tell each other all about it. Even when they are together they
swap with other couples."

"Would you...... Bill would you be interested in doing that? You
wouldn't mind if I fucked Wayne or some other guys?"

"Honey don't get upset with me over this just relax and at least think
about it. I think it might be fun for both of us. Wayne asked me if you
and I would be interested in that with he and Jean his wife when she
gets here next month."

"What did you tell him?"

"I told him we might but I would have to talk to you first."

"You just want to fuck his hot wife." I said laughing...

"Well that's part of it... Wayne showed me some pictures of her with
two other guys and it was so hot. It also gets me hot thinking about you
taking on other guys. When I am on long trips sometimes I think about
you with several other men and it really turns me on."

"Do you really want me to fuck Wayne... or Pete ....or others?"

"Maybe....I think I might..... would you like that?"

"The idea is hot know how much I love to fuck lately... I
guess it would be fun. You really would go along with me fucking other

"I understand lots of couples do that....Yeah... I would if you want to."

"Oh I want to alright.... I'm wet just thinking about it."

"Why don't you call Wayne and ask him to lunch tomorrow, no
make that brunch... about 10 in the morning... and we will see what
might happen....."

Bill's cock was standing up rigid. The idea was as exciting to him
as it was to me. When Wayne answered I asked him to come over and
join Bill and me for breakfast at 10. Knowing Bill couldn't hear, Wayne
asked if he could eat me for breakfast. I laughed and said I thought that
was very possible.

Before I hung the phone up I felt Bill's hard cock slipping into me
from behind. I just moaned and welcomed my loving husband's hard
cock into my very wet pussy knowing soon it would have lots of
company regularly... and with my husbands approval...

The next morning as I fixed our coffee I thought about Wayne
coming over for brunch in a hour. Brunch and me.. while my husband
watched. I felt a tingle in my pussy and thrilled at the idea. Then Bill
came in and hugged me running his hands over my nude body. I smiled
at him as he caressed me and said, "Bill honey, are you sure you want
to do this ... you really are OK with Wayne doing me?"

Bill laughed and said, "When I was in Singapore the last time I
went to this party. It got pretty wild and I watched as some guy fucked
our host's wife as he watched them along with the rest of us. I
wondered how I would feel if it had been you and it made me hard as
hell. I stood there wishing it was you getting fucked by some strange

"And did you fuck his wife too?"

"Yeah... that was when I decided it was only fair that you get
fucked by other guys too....."

I smiled at Bill and said, "I'm glad you did it... glad you fucked her,
whoever she is..."

I slipped into the same thin robe I wore with Wayne before. I
looked hot. Wayne came in and took the coffee I offered him. Bill
pulled me down on the couch beside him and Wayne sat across from
us. Then Bill slid his arm around my shoulder and down inside my thin
robe onto my bare tit. As he did he pushed the robe open so Wayne
had a full view. I winked at Wayne and Bill said, "Wayne I told Gee
about you and Jean swinging and I think she is pretty interested."

Then he pulled my robe completely open and spread my legs
wide with his hand as he said, "Look at her Wayne... looks good enough
to eat huh?"

Wayne smiled as he looked at my pussy he had enjoyed several
times already and said, "I would love to eat her pussy Bill." Then Bill
said to me, "Honey... tell Wayne to eat you.."

I hunched my pussy toward Wayne and said, "Hmmm Wayne
please eat me... then fuck me hard.... while my husband watches us."

The clothes flew and Wayne buried his face in my pussy as I
screamed with pleasure. Before long Bill rearranged us and I felt his
cock in my mouth and Wayne behind me fucking my hot eager cunt.

Later as we rested Wayne smiled at Bill and said, "Too bad Pete
isn't here too. Imagine the pictures we could take ....."

Bill looked at me and said, "Honey call Pete... I know he is dying
to fuck you too."

It wasn't long until Bill arranged us so I was sitting on Pete's cock
deep in my pussy while Wayne was fucking my ass and I was sucking Bill's hard cock. I thought I was going to die from pleasure.

We stopped for a communal shower and lunch and as we all had
a sandwich then I whispered in Bill's ear, "Honey... I appreciate you
letting me fuck Wayne and Pete... How would you like to fuck our
neighbor Rita? She has said she was into this open sex. Should I
invite her over too.

The next day after everyone had left Bill smiled at me over
breakfast and asked how I had enjoyed our first orgy. I grinned so big I
was afraid I was going to split my face.... I kissed him as I slid my arms
around his neck and pressed my nude body against his. and said, "I
adored it baby. I can hardly wait til our next party." I could feel his cock
growing between us and I asked, "Tell me about this party in

end gee 6


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