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GFT 12 14


Keywords: MF, MFF, Mult, violent, slow Part: 4 of 8 Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: Grim Fairy Tales

Chapter 12: Beach Barbeque

The next morning, Simon dove into work. Laying aside the user
documentation, he looked into the Palladium's operating system manuals and
began studying how he could disable it for General Manlius. He quickly
rejected any idea of trying to figure out the complex application and
decided to focus his energy on the operating system, one of the many
mutated strains of the old POSIX system.

Delving into old administrator manuals, security analyses, and hackers'
guides Simon devoted his time to the arcane specialty of "distributed
multiprocessor parallel operating systems." Wading through the dry and
boring guides, Simon spotted a common thread running through the system
design. Although each remote site was capable of engaging targets on its
own, they all relied on the central processor to identify their targets by
asking a second site for confirmation. His goal was to have one of the
tributary sites request a confirmation from the central processor on a
target that didn't exist. By continually re-requesting this non-existent
target he hoped to cause the system to "hang" - waiting and not doing
anything productive such as processing sensor information or engaging

During the calm evenings, he relaxed in the Q, talking with Alex and
Patty. With nothing to do but study, Simon was eager to see Arabella again
but Patty reassured him that what they were enjoying wouldn't last much
longer. Her boat had been on patrol for the last few days, chasing
smugglers north of Tangier. As they chatted, Patty told Simon that she
felt that the Shoremen couldn't possibly hold out much longer.

"They are getting desperate," she said, "much more so than I've ever
seen before."

"So why does that get you down?" Simon had thought that she would be
happy to see the end of the rebellion.

"'Cause it means that things are going to get nastier before they get
better." She looked up into his eyes. "And it means that people will go
back to their other lives."

Simon hesitated in asking what she meant by the last remark. Trying to
make her feel better, Simon offered to take her out to dinner. Rather than
dressing up and going to the Officer's Club, Simon suggested that they go
down to the beach and have a cookout by themselves.

Sheltered between two sand dunes, they shared a blanket, relaxing before
starting the grill. Patty lay on her stomach, soaking up the heat from the
white sand. Simon knelt beside her and rubbed oil on Patty's back. Simon
untied her bikini top and massaged her back. Working slowly, he spread a
thin coat of tanning oil across her skin. When he reached the bottom of
her back, he brushed the top of her ass with his fingertips. Deciding to
continue, he untied her bikini bottom and massaged the globes of her ass.

"Now I'm going to burn," she murmured.

Working on the boats had given her a deep 'farmer's tan' on her arms and
face. Even though she sunbathed as often as possible to even out her tan,
the skin of her ass was pale as porcelain.

"I'll have to make sure you get plenty of lotion down there." Simon slid
his finger through the cleft of her ass and she spread her legs in

Rubbing his greasy hands all over her ass, Simon teased her anus and
pussy with the oil and his fingertips. He could see that her pussy lips
were starting to puff up and glisten with juice but he continued only
enough to make her purr before sliding his hands away to massage her legs.

Once he'd finished with her feet, Simon told Patty to roll over and
started massaging her shoulders. He pushed the top of her bikini away and
slid his pals across her sensitive breasts. Proceeding to use his fingers,
he teased her nipples until they were red and swollen. Although she
enjoyed the attention to her tits, Patty became impatient, wanting more
than to be teased, and held his head to her breast.

"I'll let you tongue this for a second," she said through clenched

She sharply drew in a breath as Simon used his tongue to roll her nipple
along the edge of his teeth. "Then you're going to have to fuck me."

Simon smiled to around a mouthful of tit but released her pale pink
nipple. He looked her in the eye as he skimmed his hand across her firm
abs toward her crotch. Sliding his hand underneath her bikini bottom, he
traced slow circles around the top of her slit, playing in the patch of
dark blonde curls. He had meant to draw out the foreplay with a lengthy
session of cunnilingus, but Patty had other ideas.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him toward her. Simon
aimed his cock at her wet slit, pausing for a second when he touched her
soft pussy lips.

"Don't stop." She released him and pulled her legs back to her tits.
Her pussy gaped open in front of his cock. "Fuck me."

It wasn't an invitation that Simon needed to hear twice. He pushed
forward and entered her. He teased her by slowly penetrating her love
tunnel, filling her in unhurried, tantalizing strokes before withdrawing in
the same languid pace.

He leaned forward and whispered into her ear. "I'm going to fuck you
slow and deep."

While he had planned to tease her before making her cum, Patty had other
ideas. Clasping her legs behind his back, she pulled him into her.

"Stop talking and fuck," she ordered.

Simon complied, pinning her arms to the blanket and spreading her thighs
with his torso. His long penis was soon shiny with her honey as her
excitement increased. Her pale blonde hair flew in a cloud around her head
as she thrashed back and forth, ordering him to fuck her harder and harder.
Simon placed her feet against his chest and pinned her wrists to the
blanket with his. Her twat was wide open to his thrusts and he slammed his
hips into hers. Placing his weight on her legs, he fucked her like a
jackhammer. The wet slapping sound of their bodies colliding came faster
and faster.

A low, guttural cry came from Patty's throat. Her eyes were screwed
shut, as if she were in pain, but Simon didn't slow his pace. He felt his
balls swell, ready to shoot their load into her well-fucked twat. He
glanced down quickly and saw his cock, covered in her pussy juice, riding
in and out of her beautiful cunt. Suddenly, he couldn't hold back any
longer and he grounded himself against Patty's hips.

"Yessss. That's it baby," she crooned. "Fill me with your cum."

Simon felt her pussy muscles flexing, working to milk his cum from his
cock as he shot jets of sperm inside her. His shoulders shaking from the
tension, he carefully moved to let her assume a more comfortable position.
Lying on the blanket, they held each other and watched the sun drop.


Chapter 13: The Invasion of Cape Charles

Only a few days after Simon shared his blanket with Patty, Fate
intervened. Early one summer morning, soldiers and marines of JTF Phalanx
loaded into their landing craft and prepared for another "show of force"
operation. These exercises were meant to show the rebels that the
government still remembered them, but were usually little more than a media
event. The operations were regular events, with the landing craft sailing
back and forth along the coast, well in sight of the rebels, before coming
back to Norfolk. This time, however, Major General Manlius had planned a

While the assault force paraded up and down the Chesapeake Bay, he
launched a probing raid at the small port of Cape Charles. This raid was
meant to be a small assault test the Shoremen's ability to respond to an
amphibious assault. The raiding party skimmed across the sand bars,
avoiding the regular shipping channel, in fast hovercraft. Once ashore,
the Marines moved quickly in Light Assault Vehicles (LAVs) through the town
itself. The raid caught the rebels completely by surprise. The rebel
spies had assured the Shoremen command that this operation was nothing more
than a demonstration for the media. The result was that the shore defenses
were unprepared for an actual landing.

The landing force cut through the town. The JTF staff couldn't believe
the success that they were having as the raiding party's reports told of
crumbling resistance. Before the LAVs had reached the highway that ran the
length of the peninsula, Major General Manlius had decided to expand the
scope of the raid into a full-fledged invasion.

Using the troops that had been embarked for the diversion force, the JTF
moved to secure the southern tip of the Eastern Shore. The rebels, finding
themselves under attack from the land and the sea, retreated northward.
Although hard pressed, the rebels reorganized quickly and fought back in
small guerrilla-style groups to slow the government advance.

Back at the JTF Headquarters, the general had finally informed the
Commission that an invasion was underway. While the military briefer used
maps and gun-camera footage to excite the global media, Bobby was handed a
single page pres statement for him to read.

Glaring at Madeline, Bobby snarled, "Just as soon as I get hold of your
General, we're going to have a discussion of just who's in charge here."

Madeline, her loyalties torn between her commander and her lover, tried
to mutter explanations but was cut off sharply when Stuart appeared,
telling Bobby that he was on stage next. Bobby's briefing was short and
vague, just as Manlius had planned it, and the seething politician was left
with only a few minutes of camera time. The General laughed as he watched
the press briefing from his wardroom aboard the JTF's command ship.

"Keep the little bastard on a short lead," he told the XO, referring to
Bobby in his usual way. "I don't want any information leaking out to the

Pressing their advantage in training and armored vehicles, the Marines
pushed north along Route 13. Forty eight hours after the landing, the
raiding force had reached the town of Exmore, some thirty miles north of
Cape Charles, before the Shoremen were able to bring the government's
advance to a halt. The attacking force had stayed along the highway,
bypassing large concentrations of rebel forces as they advanced. Once the
rebels reorganized, they began striking back with stinging raids from
hidden groups along the JTF's supply routes and rear areas.

The nature of the shoreline, especially the maze of shifting sand bars,
meant that amphibious assaults were very vulnerable to Shoremen armor and
artillery responses. The government's paranoia about sustaining casualties
made smaller attacks too risky and the presence of the Palladium system
nullified the government's air superiority. On the ground, the fighting
had been stiff but Major General Manlius had coordinated an attack from
Delaware to menace the Shoremen from the north to draw their attention away
from the invasion force. The tactic had worked and the government forces
soon had solid control of the southern tip of the Eastern Shore.

Following the invasion of Cape Charles JTF Phalanx moved efficiently to
consolidate their gains. Discipline among the Federal troops had been good
and there were few cases of looting. Officers had held "drum head" courts
to divide the spoils of each captured town according to the ancient rules
of war. As was the custom, the officers chose body servants from the
captives and received a share of the food and other supplies. Each squad
of soldiers received the same, often flipping a coin or pitching bayonets
at a target to settle disputes in the division of the spoils.

With the invasion force's initial surge waning, Simon sat in Norfolk
wondering if the good news from the invasion force meant that he could go
home soon. His new problem was trying to figure out what he would go home
to. Before he could think too much on the subject of returning to
Staunton, Simon was ordered to report to the JTF Headquarters in Cape

Simon crossed the Chesapeake Bay on a small Navy ferry sandwiched in
amongst the spare parts and rations. The best part of the short, choppy
journey was seeing Patty working on the docks when he arrived. He quickly
arranged to have dinner with her at Alex's bungalow that evening.

Simon brought Patty and, as they relaxed after a superb dinner, the
three officers discussed the rebellion. Alex told Simon that his small
flotilla of attack boats had been on the move for almost two straight
weeks, ever since the Marines came ashore at Cape Charles. Simon asked
about Alex about his morale, looking pointedly at the leggy brunette named
Brittany that Alex had chosen as part of his share of the spoils. Patty
tried hard not to stare as Alex's hooch maid, Brittany moved around the
small living room. She was a tall, well built farm gal that they'd
captured soon after the Marines had pushed their way out of Cape Charles'
harbor area.

Brittany served after dinner drinks. She wore a nice, thin summer
dress. As she bent over to offer a tray of hors d'oeuvres and drinks, Alex
ran his hand underneath her short skirt and caressed her full, tight ass.
As they sat enjoying after dinner drinks, Alex told Patty that he had been
immediately taken with Brittany's demure countenance.

"So demure countenance comes in 36D these days?" the wise cracking
ensign asked slyly.

For all her teasing, Patty knew that Brittany was not only a knock out,
she was also smart and seemed to care for Alex far more than the temporary
"bed warmer" arrangement that most hooch maids had toward their bosses.

The dinner had been great but the drinks made them silly. Pulling
Brittany onto his lap, Alex stroked Brittany's pussy through her panties.
Simon murmured something about being inspired and French kissed Patty as
she sat beside him on the couch.

When Simon broke his embrace with Patty, he saw that Alex had stripped
Brittany, leaving her wearing only her stockings and garters. Alex was on
his knees, his face buried in the valley between the brunette's luscious
tits. Brittany's head lolled around on her shoulders, enjoying Alex's
caresses. Her large pink areoles were topped with dark pink, swollen
nipples, which she offered to her lover's mouth. Her hand slipped between
her legs and teased the dark curls that rested at their juncture.

"I guess I need to keep pace with you," Alex murmured as he let one of
Brittany's wet nipples pop from him mouth.

Alex stood and let Brittany fish his turgid cock from his pants. Patty
leaned over the arm of the couch and watched Brittany gobble Alex's stout
cock. The talented farm girl quickly got Alex hard, exuberantly slurping
and swallowing his pole with whorish abandon.

Simon sat behind Patty and fingered her clit, whispering into her ear.
"See how she likes to suck cock. I bet she doesn't suck it as good as you
do." Simon dipped his finger into her pussy's trench. "You're even getting
wet watching her."

Finally recognizing that they had an interested audience, Alex told
Brittany that they were forgetting their guests and directed her towards
Patty's twat. Simon helped Patty lie back on the couch. With Brittany's
help, Simon spread Patty's legs to allow Brittany to suck her clit while he
suckled at Patty's breast. Once the others had settled on to the couch,
Alex knelt on the floor behind the brunette, and tasted the dew from
Brittany's thick, puffy cunt lips.

Simon watched as Brittany's mouth took its effect on Patty. A flush
crept up Patty's pale neck and her breathing became quick and shallow.
Simon held Patty tightly when she began to convulse as her orgasm rolled
through her. Brittany cried out at the same time, Alex having made sure
that his tongue had brought her off as well.

Once both women had cum, Alex helped Brittany sit on the couch. Still
kneeling on the floor, he spread Brittany's knees and entered her. Simon
drew Patty on to all fours and entered her from behind. Patty, pushed
forward by Simon's thrusts, played with Brittany's large breasts. Excited
by the sight of Patty making out with Brittany, Simon arched his back and
sprayed his cum into Patty, pushing her hard against Brittany's body.

Alex, himself at the brink of orgasm, pulled out of Brittany's pussy and
stood. He lifted one of his legs on to the arm of the couch, rapidly
stroking his thick, swollen member. Brittany hungrily opened her mouth and
took his cock into her hands. Anxious for his payload, she quickly jerked
him off. Within seconds he came with a roar, spraying cum over Brittany's
face and tits. Patty and Simon watched as Brittany eagerly lapped up his
thick cream, even lifting her own breasts and scooping the seed into her

Spent, they all collapsed on the couch. Alex fondled Brittany's tits,
his deflated cock nestled in the crack of her ass. Brittany idly played
with Simon's cock while he caressed Patty's breast.

Alex was the first to lever himself off the couch. "I think some bubbly
would help revive us for round two." He reached for the ice bucket.

A knock on the door of the bungalow interrupted them. A camouflaged
soldier stood on the porch, fanning himself with his hat in the humid air.
Alex quickly pulled his pants on and answered the door.

"Orders from the head shed."

"I would hope it's a day off but I don't believe in hope," said Alex.

=)0(Chapter 14: Inspecting the Sacrifice

Taking advantage of the lull in the fighting, MG Manlius had called a
Commander's Conference to review the JTF's progress and plan the next
attack. He was immensely pleased that his troops had been able to break
out of the landing area at Cape Charles so quickly and with so few

Addressing the audience of commanders and senior staff officers, the
general let them all know that they had victory within their reach.

"The only reason that we're not going home right now is those gahddamn
Wyverns." The general shifted his cigar from one side of his mouth to the

The general had planned on using his LAVs to overrun and out gun the
farmers, as he contemptuously thought of the rebels. How they had gotten
the Wyvern Medium Anti-Tank Missile was something that he would let that
obnoxious politician Tyler chew on.

Manlius liked playing the general and the Commanders' Conference was
full of medal pinning and speech making, a fitting end to a successful
invasion. After the ceremonies, his subordinate commanders had briefed him
on their readiness to renew the attack and, more importantly, provided
details on the type and amounts of material that their units had captured.
He smiled when he saw the numbers. The troops would need the food that
they were capturing. He cursed the politicians that had given him this
mission without adequate resources. Because his forces were forced to take
rebel supplies, there would be a lot of hungry families next winter.

Disturbed by that thought Manlius quickly shifted to the next item of
business, his share of the spoils. His eyes skimmed the long list of
staple goods and luxury items, anxiously looking for the one thing that
he'd insisted on.

The intercom chimed softly. "The item you requested is ready, sir," the
tinny voice said.

"Good. Bring her in Gleason." Manlius was looking for a pleasant

Two men and a slender young woman entered the room. 'She couldn't be
more than twenty,' Manlius thought to himself.

The girl stood, her wrists bound by plastic ties behind her, dwarfed
between the guard and Gleason, his aide. Her face was downcast and her
shoulders slumped forward in silent defeat. Even though she was slightly
built, Manlius could see the promising bulges in her bulky clothing, hints
that she had big tits and a nice firm ass.

He licked his lips. "What's your name?"

Manlius tried to keep his voice quiet and soothing. She raised her head
and looked at him. He was pleased to see that she was pretty - clean tan
skin under her long brown hair.


"Do you understand why you're here?"


"Why do you think that you've been brought here?"

"I'm your slave."

The slightest spark of resentment flared in her eyes, but she quickly
hid it. Manlius hid his smile as he stood; he liked a little spirit in his
women. It made breaking them that much more pleasurable. He walked around
his field desk and stood in front of her.

"No. You're a vital part of my personal staff." He looked at her bonds.
"Cut her loose Gleason. I think that we need to show Christine some

Sergeant Gleason, the General's personal aide, cut the reinforced
plastic ties without comment and then resumed his position next to the
door, silent as a statue.

Manlius told her to strip. When she hesitated, he told her that if she
didn't follow his orders, he would have Gleason strip her. Resigning
herself to the humiliation, Christine stripped off her dress, neatly
folding her clothes on a chair.

Once she was naked Manlius walked around her, inspecting her as if she
was a new recruit. He made one circuit and then, looking her straight in
the eyes, softly lifted her chin. His fingertips traced her jaw line
before drifting down her throat toward her breasts. Cupping one of her
high set, firm tits, he weighed it in the palm of his hand and then lightly
rolled her nipple under his thumb. Smiling cruelly, he watched a flush
creep up her neck.

"Yes, I think you'll do fine" he told her. "Now for the final test. "
Manlius stepped back to his desk and sat in the chair. "But I must remind
you that if you disobey in the slightest or show the least hesitation, I'll
be forced to use harsher methods."

He returned to his chair, a predatory look on his face. "Now. I want
you to suck Sergeant Gleason's cock."

Manlius allowed himself a moment to enjoy the shocked look on her face.
It was obvious that she had readied herself to be humiliated by the
general, but she was unprepared to be the center of a sex show in his
office. Christine looked quickly at the small thin man by the door. She
saw the look on Gleason's face and was scared. She sank to her knees and
silently waited while he dropped his pants to his ankles.

Manlius watched her suck his aide's cock, commenting on her style and
enthusiasm. Once Gleason's cock was rigid, the general told Christine to
lie down on his desk. At the General's nod, Gleason started fucking her.

The aide was like an automaton, thrusting in and out of the petite girl's body with regular, unemotional strokes. He still hadn't uttered a
word but his hips moved like a metronome's pendulum, never losing their
steady rhythm.

Once Christine started moaning, the general moved forward in his chair
to get a better view of Gleason's cock as it rode in and out of the girl's

"Give it to her harder, Gleason." The general's eyes glinted with

Gleason picked up his pace and rammed his cock into the writhing girl.
His face was a mask of indifference. A strangled grunt was the only sign
that he'd cum. Quickly he pulled out of Christine and stepped aside for
the general.

While Gleason had been pounding his prick into Christine, Manlius had
unlimbered his cock and been stroking it as he watched the show over the
sergeant's shoulder. Once the aide moved away, the general stepped up to
the desk and plunged his dick into her gooey pussy.

Manlius bent her legs back at a painful angle and made a great show of
fucking Christine, laughing as her tits bounced and shook with his thrusts.
The general sneered as he poked his cock into her sodden snatch. "You
like this don't you?"

"Noo. Noo," she moaned, but she couldn't suppress the twinges of her
orgasm building inside her.

"Yesss. I think she likes this," Manlius said to his aide.

A few more strokes and the general cried out. His ass cheeks clenched
as his seed spewed into her already full womb. Manlius staggered back from
between the girl's legs, a thin string of cum dangling from his already
softening member.

Although both men had cum, Christine had still not found release. She
begged him to keep fucking her so that she could cum but Manlius just went
back to his chair and told Gleason to finish her off. The sergeant knelt
in front of the table and licked her sopping wet pussy until she came.

Smiling broadly as he noted the humiliated look on the girl's face, the
general wiped his slimy cock on her face and tits.

"I think you'll fit into our team without any problems," Manlius said as
he tucked his cock back in his pants.

Later that afternoon, Manlius found his Ops Meeting interrupted by a
protest group of locals. While the guards had detained the "concerned
citizens," Christine's father, a local minister, had complained to the
press pool about the barbarity of taking slaves. When he was finally
admitted to the conference room, the preacher launched into lengthy
quotations of Scripture about the evils of the Egyptians toward the
children of Israel. It all made for a fine show and the media pool pushed
and shoved for the best camera angles, those that caught both the fiery
preacher and the scowling general.

Quite aware that he was being embarrassed in front of both the media and
his subordinates, the general lost his composure. Rather than listen and
handle the situation diplomatically, Manlius called the preacher a filthy
rebel and told him exactly what he planned to do with Christine. The
cameras whirred softly, their sensitive microphones catching every word.

The minister and his followers were quickly hustled from the building
but held an impromptu press conference outside the compound's gates.
Promising to free his daughter from the evils of the "oppressive Federal
invaders," Christine's father swore that he would not suffer in silence.
Pulling a cell phone from his pocket with a flourish, he called his State
Senator, who then called Bobby.

"We are not without our friends," the preacher announced to the

Bobby allowed himself a moment to gloat after he hung up his phone.
Fate had just delivered his enemy into his hands and he relished the
thought of putting the general back in his place. It was time to pay
Manlius back for making him look the fool during the invasion. Swiveling
in his chair, he used the videophone to contact the general. revenge would
be sweeter if he could see Manlius' reaction.

"Listen general." Bobby tried to keep a smirk off his face but failed.
"They're going to play a video clip of you talking about fucking this gal
in the ass." Bobby chuckled as Manlius squirmed in his chair. "I mean. .
." he shook his head in mock exasperation, "the media's going to make you
look like some kind of pervert."

Manlius, keen to end this embarrassing interview, quickly promised to
release the girl, although he made a halfhearted attempt to complain about
political interference in his operations. Bobby, his victory complete,
gave the general a smug grin and hung up, cutting off the general in


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