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GFT 23 24


Keywords: MF, MFF, Mult, violent, slow Part: 7 of 8 Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: Grim Fairy Tales

Chapter 23: Calypso's Campground Sensing a means of escape, Simon and
Arabella climbed into the back of the cab as it roared away from the curb.
Squeezing into the narrow seat, they were immediately assaulted by the
overwhelming odor of incense and the cacophonous noise coming from the
stereo. Simon leaned up to the hole in the Plexiglas that separated the
passengers from the driver.

"Downtown bus station" he shouted. Looking at Arabella, he said, "We'll
get something to eat and then catch something moving back home."

The heavy, cloying sandalwood smell nauseated them as the driver slewed
through the streets. The cab turned on to Harbor Drive and accelerated
along the wide, straight road. Simon looked back and saw police vehicles
converging on the arena.

"Looks like some folks are getting a little rowdy," he said, trying to
start a conversation in the tense atmosphere of the back seat.

penelope didn't respond, however. She pulled her hand-held computer out
of her purse and leaned against Simon, her breast pressed against his arm
and her thigh against his. Arabella noted how the black woman's skirt had
ridden up, exposing her garters and the tops of her stockings.

"A little old fashioned, aren't they?" Arabella had to yell across the
back seat to be heard over the wailing music.

"Excuse me?" penelope said, trying to feign innocence. She met
Arabella's gaze but smoothed her skirt back down to her knees without
further comment.

The noise from the speakers sounded like a group of cats in heat, with a
chainsaw as backup. When Simon asked the driver to turn down the noise,
the man had just smiled through his bushy mustache and turned the music up
louder, occasionally singing along. penelope ignored the distractions.
Arabella watched penelope through the corners of her eyes.

penelope turned back to Simon and shouted in his ear. "OK, look. Bobby
Tyler was getting political cover from some place. Someone with real pull
down in the Valley. Do you know who that could have been?"

Even though he was sitting next to the reporter, Simon had a hard time
making himself heard. "Look I told you. My job was handling DPREs. I
don't know anything about Tyler other than he was against establishing the
refugee camps. He wanted to be in charge and didn't want the Federal
government involved."

penelope moved to the next item on her list. "And what about links with
the Shoremen? Some of my sources have hinted about links between Bobby
Tyler and the rebels."

Arabella's eyes snapped open. Quickly, she tried to hide her shock by
pretending to yawn, but she was sure that penelope had noticed. Arabella
casually leaned against Simon, hoping to hear more.

penelope searched through her notes, looking for the key piece of
information that would entice her two guests to tell her what they knew.
She felt that Simon was the key to uncovering Bobby Tyler's links to the
criminals and rebels that were taking advantage of the country's chaotic
situation. The fact that his girlfriend seemed interested in the rebels
was an unexpected bonus.

Trying to relax her audience, penelope changed the subject and started
talking about the upcoming holiday. With all of the distractions inside
the cab, Simon hadn't noticed where they were being taken. They had gone
past the downtown area, crossed the bridge, and were on the wrong side of
the river before he realized that they were going the out of the city
rather than toward the downtown area. Looking out the window he saw that
they were headed north toward Richmond.

"Where the hell are we going?" Simon yelled through the plastic barrier
at the driver.

penelope smiled back and calmly smoothed her clothes. "We need to find
a nice quiet place for the weekend. We'll let the cops forget about us and
maybe get to know each other a little better."

The driver took an exit ramp at full speed. Simon grunted as Arabella
and penelope slid across the seat.

Simon leaned up the glass and pounded on the Plexiglas barrier. "No.
We want to go to downtown."

The taxi lurched to a stop in a wooded rest area. It was dusk and the
streetlights were coming on, illuminating the long, thin parking area. A
small brick building sat in an overgrown patch of grass on one side of the
parking lot. Its sign said, "Visitor Information." Underneath some wag had
added "Abandon hope all ye who enter."

Simon looked around and saw that they were the only ones in sight. The
driver smiled, looked back, and held up one hand.

"Twenty dolla."

"No. Downtown."

"Twenty dolla."

Simon, his patience gone, had balled up his fists and pressed his nose
against the barrier. Shouting, he repeated his command to be taken to the
downtown only to have the driver repeat "Twenty dolla" without losing his
idiotic grin. Things might have gotten ugly but Arabella laid her hand on
Simon's arm and said, "Let's just get out. We'll find another cab."

Simon wearily agreed and climbed out of the cab, throwing the driver a

"No tip! You cheap bastad" the driver shouted and roared off in a cloud
of blue smoke.

"OK," Simon swallowed his frustration and tried to smile, "now what do
we do?"

Simon looked up to see that penelope and Arabella had walked toward the
building and were heading for a gravel road that led into the dense wood
line. He jogged to catch up with them as they walked through thick pines
along the overgrown road. A sagging barbed wire fence marked the edge of
the rest area but the trio stepped over it and continued into the woods,
losing sight of the dim streetlights as they walked. Ahead of them, Simon
could hear boats on the river, their wakes lapping against the riverbank in
soft waves.

The road turned and paralleled the river. Surrounded by pine trees, a
small clapboard house emerged out of the darkness. penelope climbed the
steps without hesitation and knocked on the door. A dark haired young woman answered the door and immediately greeted penelope with a tight hug.
There were exclamations of how long it had been since they had seen each

"This is my special friend Calypso," penelope said with a grin.

Calypso reached behind her neck to gather her long curly black hair, a
broad smile full of white teeth shining under her bright black eyes. The
movement stretched her peasant blouse tight across her tan bosom. Simon
stared as he saw her dark circular nipples clearly defined beneath the
translucent white cotton.

Seeing her boyfriend gaping like a schoolboy, Arabella bumped Simon
aside as she stepped forward to offer her hand to Calypso.

"I'm Arabella Hood and this lump is my boyfriend Simon Woodsman."

Simon shuffled his feet and said hello; careful to keep his eyes fixed
on Calypso's face.

"Calypso, sweetie," penelope interrupted the introductions, "we need a
place to hang out for the weekend. Someplace quiet."

Calypso gave penelope an exaggerated wink. Quickly closing the door
behind her, she took both Arabella and penelope by the hand and led them
from the porch. Calypso swung their arms like schoolgirls as she guided
them around the side of the house.

"No baggage, no problem." Calypso shot a dazzling smile Simon's way.
"Follow me folks, I've had a few vacancies recently and I think I have the
perfect spot for you."

Pointing to a golf cart that had seen better days, Calypso hopped into
the driver's seat.

"Climb aboard," she said as she released the brake and jammed her foot
forcefully on the accelerator.

Simon, sitting in the back, held on for dear life as Calypso shot
through the road's ruts and bumps rather than attempt to weave her way
around them. While she drove she updated penelope on mutual friends and

"...And the Wilson horde left yesterday. Seven kids, grandpa, and all
the cousins crammed into that mini-van. Said that they were tired of
living in a tent. As if there's anything better in D.C. these days."

Simon didn't hear Penelope's response but he sat up at Calypso's strange
response. "We're just laying low and hoping that the blind pigs have other
things to occupy their time."

Simon leaned over the seat and asked, "What do you mean 'blind pigs'?"

"PG. Public Guard," penelope explained.

Calypso looked at Simon as if he were a moron. "You know, PG. pig without an eye."

With an exasperated shake of her head, Calypso turned and continued her
conversation with Penelope. Simon decided to concentrate on staying in the
cart. He could see the twinkling of camp lanterns through the trees and
saw the shadows of people as they walked in front of the lights. Without
warning, Calypso turned off the rutted main track into a campsite.

"Here you go. Home sweet home," she said as she yanked on the hand

penelope jumped out of the cart and stood in front of a faded green
canvas tent. "We can spend the weekend here," penelope told Arabella as
Simon gingerly dismounted the back of the golf cart.

penelope threw back the tent flaps and led them all into dark, stifling
interior. "We'll have to air it out of course," she said gaily.

Calypso stood just outside the tent, her hands on her hips. "Here's the
deal, campers. You're more than welcome for the weekend, seeing as you're
friends of Penelope. Donations are accepted, of course. But if you want
to stay longer, I'll have to ask you to sign up for some chores. I've got
a no work, no eat rule around here and I can't bend the rules for anyone."

penelope emerged from where she had been checking out the tent's cots
and joined her friend. "We'll all pitch in. Won't we." She looked at
Simon and Arabella as if their agreement was taken for granted.

The hot, humid air inside the tent was dense and still. As they
rearranged the cots and tied up the tent flaps, Simon passed the time
chatting with Penelope. Arabella fiddled with the tent's lantern and tried
to stay close enough to hear the conversation. She learned that Penelope's
investigation had led to the conclusion that Bobby Tyler had made huge sums
of money by playing the government against the rebels. The only losers had
been the refugees, who Bobby had used as pawns in his game to maneuver
himself into higher political office.

Despite Simon's casual chatting, penelope still felt that he was holding
back. Remembering the scene in the locker room, penelope decided that
since the direct approach wasn't moving fast enough she would try another
way to get him to talk. She teased him with a peep show, flashing glimpses
of brown skin from under her short skirt, and accidentally bumping into him
as she moved around the cramped space inside the tent. Remembering
Penelope's not-so-subtle familiarity in the taxi, Arabella started to look
peeved. Simon sensed the growing tension between the two women and looked
for a quiet corner to disappear into. Penelope, seeing that Arabella was
the obstacle to getting the information she wanted, shifted her focus to
the redhead.

"We need to change into some work clothes," penelope took charge of the
situation. "I stay her often and there's a cache of jeans and T-shirts in
that foot locker." Turning to Arabella, Penelope's voice was saccharine
sweet, "Why don't you try on some of my clothes?"

While Arabella looked in the footlocker for some clothes that fit,
Penelope shooed Simon out of the tent and closed the tent flaps. With some
good-natured joking, Simon went into the clearing and decided to make a
quick call to his office. Returning to the center of the tent, penelope found Arabella bent over trying to find some clothes in the small locker.
Penelope silently unbuttoned her blouse and unsnapped her bra, allowing her
large breasts to sway freely. penelope gently stroked Arabella's back,
causing shivers to run up and down the young woman's spine.

"I see you've gotten some sun," penelope said in a soft voice. Her
fingers paused at Arabella's belt line and played across the strip of pale
skin that marked the redhead's tan line.

Uncertain of Penelope's intentions, Arabella stood up but she found
herself trapped between the footlocker and the half naked reporter. A
smoky look in her eyes, penelope closed the gap between them, her bare
breasts rubbing against Arabella's lacy bra. penelope held Arabella's face
lightly between her hands and leaned toward the redhead, her lips parted
for a kiss. Arabella, still unsure of Penelope's sudden shift from
investigative reporter to lesbian seductress, pulled free and stepped back
from the other woman, bumping her calves against the footlocker.

penelope showed no signs of slowing her advances, however. She hooked
her thumbs under Arabella's bra straps and slid them from the smaller
woman's shoulders.

The black reporter whispered softly, "Like china," as she exposed
Arabella's firm round breasts.

penelope leaned down and seized one of Arabella's coral nipples between
her lips rolling her tongue around the rubbery button. Subconsciously
enjoying the feeling of the woman's soft lips on her nipples, Arabella
hesitantly reached out and stroked Penelope's breasts, weighing them in her
cupped hands.

penelope took this as a signal to proceed and, with a quick wet kiss on
Arabella's neck, sank to her knees and left a trail of kisses across
Arabella's firm, flat stomach to the top of her panties.

Arabella's confused mind spun in frantic circles. "I. . . I don't
know. . . I don't think I want to."

penelope responded with a soft chuckle. "Baby, your mouth might be
saying no but your pussy's sure got other plans." She took a deep breath.
"I can smell your poontang."

penelope pressed her face against Arabella's musky crotch.

"I want to taste you. You want me to, don't you?"

penelope firmly pulled Arabella's panties away from the redhead's
resisting grasp and over her hips. "Yes, I think you want my mouth on your
little white poontang."

Arabella knew that she should scream; call for Simon; anything to stop
Penelope but her voice failed her. The black woman's mouth kissed and
sucked her tender labia, lighting a fire inside her loins.

The sensation of Penelope's tongue plowing through her pussy's furrow
made Arabella dizzy and she staggered over to fall on to a cot with
Penelope's mouth still attached to her pussy. Lying back, Arabella's knees
splayed obscenely and her stomach churned as Penelope's mouth worked its
magic on her twat. Although Arabella tried to stifle her moans, the sounds
of her soft cries soon filled the tent.

Outside of the tent, Simon was surprised that despite being in the
middle of nowhere, he had found a signal and was quickly connected to
Felicia. They chatted for a while, catching up on office gossip and the
state of affairs in Staunton. He had just asked her to check on his house
when the batteries died. Putting the useless phone back into its belt
pouch, Simon realized that he hadn't heard anything from Arabella or
Penelope since he'd come outside.

Curious, Simon stepped up to the tent's door and heard the faint sound
of Arabella moans. He cautiously opened the tent flap. Illuminated by the
lantern's soft light, he saw his lover laying on one of the cots with
Penelope's head between her legs. Both women were half dressed and Simon's
cock swelled as he appreciated the drastic contrast between Arabella's pale
lithe body and Penelope's dark, Rubenesque form.

Simon stood behind Penelope's rounded hips and admired Arabella as she
writhed on the cot, lost in the sensations emanating from her wet and
sloppy cunt. He reached forward and unzipped Penelope's skirt, helping it
slide onto the tent's floor. Without removing her tongue from the
redhead's slit, penelope wiggled her ass in invitation.

"Look who's come to join us," she said as she added her fingers to
Arabella's snatch.

Arabella squirmed and grasped her own tits, pinching her nipples and
thrashing around as penelope tickled the sensitive inner lining of her love

Smiling, Simon could tell from her erratic breathing and tiny cries that
his girlfriend was nearing her climax. His eyes never left Arabella's face
as he unbuckled his pants and freed his turgid prick from his briefs,
stroking its thick shaft. Arabella's eyes half-opened and she saw Simon's
cock pointing at Penelope's gently rounded hips.

"Fuck her. Fuck her while she eats my. . . Unhhh. . . pussy."
Arabella's breath came in gasps as penelope stabbing fingers brought her
closer and closer to cumming.

Without bothering to remove Penelope's panties, Simon pulled the damp
silk crotch aside to reveal her furry black bush. He rubbed the tip of his
cock along the reporter's soggy slit, parting the wiry black hair and
lubricating his bulbous cock head before placing it against her pussy's

Suddenly Arabella gasped spasmodically. Her slender body arched,
straining to press her throbbing clit against the source of its pleasure as
her pussy spurted against Penelope's chin. She clamped her thighs against
the black woman's head as her pleasure consumed her.

penelope was the next to cry out as Simon inserted his rampant cock
halfway into her wet cunt. As Arabella recovered from her orgasm, Simon
worked his cock into Penelope's chocolate colored pussy.

"Jesus. He's so big," penelope moaned and rested her head against
Arabella's belly, feeling the ebb tide of Arabella's climax.

Arabella gently lifted Penelope's face to hers as she slid from the cot
to the floor. With penelope on all fours, Arabella crawled underneath the
larger woman's pendulous breasts and settled directly underneath her
swollen labia.

"Just wait until he really starts giving it to you." Arabella smiled and
tweaked Penelope's nipples. "Now fuck her good, Simon. I want to watch
you make her cum."

Arabella reached around Penelope's legs and caressed Simon's flanks,
pulling him forward and driving his rampant cock deeper into the other
woman. Failing to find the right angle to grasp her lover, Arabella craned
her neck and kissed his balls, nuzzling against the root of his manhood.
Her tongue bathed his cock's shaft and tasted Penelope's sweet juices.

At Arabella's urging, Simon drove his cock in and out of Penelope,
diving deeper and deeper inside her with each thrust. Arabella laid her
head back on the floor and watched Simon's pale cock impale Penelope's dark
cunt just inches from her face.

"Fuck her. Fuck. Her. Fuck. Her." Arabella chanted.

Arabella plunged her fingers in and out of her own syrupy cunt, smelling
the musky heat from Penelope's pussy. Arabella stuck her tongue out and
tickled Penelope's clit again, sending the other woman shivering in
pleasure. Lost in ecstasy, penelope braced herself against the cot and
groaned incoherently, her breathing erratic.

"That's right baby," Arabella cooed to Simon, "make her cum. Make her

Arabella returned to the dark pussy lips that hung above her and blew
her hot breath on Penelope's clit one last time. That was all it took to
send penelope over the edge. The reporter's body collapsed on to Arabella.

Simon's cock was pulled from Penelope's wet snatch as she pitched
forward, leaving his swollen sword without its scabbard. His cock throbbed
in midair, still shiny from Penelope's juicy cunt.

"I'm not done yet," Simon said as he cupped the black woman's dripping

He dipped his fingers inside penelope and smeared her viscous love oil
around her puckered brown rosette. Penelope, realizing what Simon had in
mind, moaned softly and tried to close her legs but Arabella, still trapped
underneath the black woman, held them firmly open.

Simon rubbed the head of his cock against Penelope's dark brown asshole
in a circular motion. sucking his breath in, he pushed against her ass
until the head popped in. penelope moaned and he stopped, waiting for her
to adjust to the size of his cock before he pushed forward.

"That's right Penelope, I'm going to fuck your tight black ass." Simon
slowly pushed his cock deeper into her rectum. "I'm going to make you
scream. I'm going to make you cum again. And then I'm going to cum inside
your ass."

"Unnnhhh," penelope tried to make her mouth work as the feeling of Simon
fed his cock into her back door. His thick pole stretched her ass and
filled her senses with a deep, dark need. A secret desire that she hadn't
felt in a long time.

To Simon's surprise, penelope pushed back against him, taking more of
his cock inside her tight rear orifice.

"I want to feel you inside me," she said as she looked over her

Simon pushed another inch of his rod inside her tight ass. "I knew that
you'd like it." He backed out slightly and then slowly slid more cock
inside her. "Knew that you liked to get nasty."

"Quit teasing me. Fuck my ass with your big white cock." Simon gripped
Penelope's ass, using the leverage from her hips to drive his cock in and
out of her back passage. "Oh. Oh yeah, baby. It feels so good. Fill my
ass with your hot spunk."

His hands kneaded her fleshy ass cheeks and he reveled in the raw sexual
energy of the moment as she pushed back to meet his strokes. Her ass
clamped down on his cock, squeezing it tighter than any pussy ever had. He
felt his sperm rising in his balls as penelope flexed her rectal muscles,
gripping his pole along its entire length.

"That's it," Arabella crooned, "My baby wants to cum. Yesssss."
Reaching between his legs, she felt his balls tighten. His pace increased,
his strokes getting shorter. "Now, Simon, now. Spray your hot cum inside

Simon felt his cock explode and throw hot jets of jism deep into
Penelope's clenching passage.

"Yesss," hissed Arabella from her vantage point beneath Penelope's

Arabella reached above her face and held Penelope's labia open, exposing
the dark pink inner lips of the black woman's pussy. Using her other arm
to hold penelope still, Arabella attacked the reporter's wet cunt with her
lips and tongue as Simon continued to pump his cream into Penelope's ass.

"Oh, baby," penelope moaned. "This gal must like this brown sugar.
She's gonna make me cum again if she keeps licking my snatch like that."

Penelope's hips shook as she humped Arabella's face. Simon, his still
swollen cock fresh from Penelope's ass, sat back on his haunches and
watched as his cum dribbled from her ass. Without warning, penelope shivered and her legs clamped together, trapping Arabella's face between
her thighs.

penelope felt her heart thundering inside her ribs and she flopped
bonelessly to the floor beside the other woman.

Between ragged gasps, penelope complained, "Damn. She nearly bit my
clit off."

Simon laughed. "I'm sure we can make it up to you.

They were still lying on the floor, the tent smelling of sweat and sex,
when Calypso announced herself from the entrance.

"Knock, knock," she said as she lifted the canvas flap. The worn out
trio blinked owlishly. "Well, you three are getting in the swing of
things. It's dinnertime. Run yourselves through the shower and let's eat."
She turned and walked back to the waiting golf cart. "We're having a party

-=)0(= Simon quietly untangled himself from Arabella's sleeping form
just before daybreak on the third of July. Cursing himself for getting
talked into an early work detail, he splashed cold water in his face and
walked down the hill to contribute to the camp's Independence Day picnic.
Despite the civil unrest that surrounded it the camp had plenty of food and
Calypso had planned a big party to celebrate the biggest American summer

Simon pitched in with a group of other campground residents as they
cheerfully set up picnic tables and barbeque grills along the riverside
beach. The work was hot and even though the group had begun setting up
tables early in the day, the thermometer reached the mid 90's with a sticky
95% humidity reading by mid-afternoon. The work chief called a halt to the
work, thanking everyone with a cold beer.

Simon took his beer and ambled toward the riverbank and some peace and
quiet. His dream of a quiet return to Staunton and domestic tranquility
had vanished when he and Arabella had been forced to run from an assassin
after he'd met with Penelope. Now they were on the run.

To make matters worse, penelope had made herself the center of attention
the night before by regaling the campground residents with stories of the
number of important officials that she'd crossed or had threatened her.
Anyone looking for her would know where she was by lunchtime. And when
they found her, Simon felt sure that the mysterious gunman from the arena
wouldn't be far behind.

Simon took a deep pull from his beer can and found a shady spot on the
riverbank. Lying back, he watched the fishermen's small rowboats float in
the broad calm river. He had finished his beer and was ready to return to
the campsite when Arabella plopped down under the tree beside him and
handed him another beer.

They sat together silently for a moment, contemplating the deep, still
waters of the river. Taking a deep breath, as if deciding to jump off a
high ledge, Arabella turned to Simon and opened her mouth to speak. Simon
looked in to her eyes and, without another thought, stopped her with a

They embraced on the grass, kissing as they pressed their bodies against
each other. When they parted, Arabella climbed up to sit on her knees.
She had a coquettish smile on her face as she pulled off her T-shirt,
revealing her pert, bra-less tits.

Simon pulled himself up onto one elbow. "You know someone could look
over here and get the wrong idea about you," he observed, only

"Get the idea that I'm a shameless slut?" Her grin made the corners of
her eyes crinkle. "Maybe I am a slut." Arabella threw her shoulders back
and thrust her pert breasts toward him. "But I'm your slut. And now I'm
going to show you what sluts do."

She reached forward, unbuttoned his jeans, and pulled out his cock.
Playing along with her game, Simon lifted his hips and let her pull his
pants off.

Arabella gripped his cock by the base and felt the blood filling it,
making it straighten and throb under her hand. "I see you like your little

"I'd never call you a slut," he protested.

"But I want to be your slut." She lay on top of his legs and gave his
cock a quick lick. Staring up from his crotch, she attacked his stalk as
if it were an ice cream cone, leaving it shiny and wet. Smiling up at him,
Arabella cupped her pert breasts and sandwiched his dick between them.
Simon held her hair so that he could watch Arabella tit-fuck him. His cock
grew thick and hard from her attention and his body responded with small
thrusts into her mouth until he felt the back of her throat.

She pulled her head away from his organ and sat back on her heels. "Do
you want to cum in my mouth or in my pussy?" she asked with a sly smile.

"Pussy," Simon said, his eyes locked with hers.

She pulled down her shorts and climbed on to his lap, guiding his cock
inside her without any further foreplay. She was so wet she impaled
herself on his engorged prick in three smooth strokes. Once he was
completely inside her she arched her back and swept her hair behind her
head, reveling in the feeling of his manhood as it filled her.

"You're beautiful when you do that." Simon reached up and cupped her
tits. He squeezed her coral pink nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

She ground her hips against his. "Glad you like it."

Arabella set a slow, measured pace. Balancing on his chest, she rocked
forward until his cock was at the gate of her love tunnel before reversing
course and riding back down its ridged length. Her pussy fit around his
tick tool like a velvet glove and she relished the feeling of him filling
her. At the bottom of each stroke, she would moan as his cock nestled
against her cervix, his fat round cock head tight against the door of her
womb. She bit her lip in concentration and focused on the sensation of his
ridged cock sliding in and out of her.

Simon put his hands on her hips and pushed her down on his cock.
Letting him guide the pace, Arabella grasped her tits and pinched her
nipples. She felt the first tugs of her orgasm as it swirled up from her
pussy. Simon was close as well and drove deeper and harder into his lover,
determined to inject his seed deep inside her womb.

Her body stiffened and her knees clamped against his ribs as she was
sucked into the vortex of her orgasm. Simon could feel her pussy pulsate
and throb, squeezing the shaft of his cock as he shot huge spurts of seed
into her. She hung limp as a rag doll in his hands until he gently lowered
her to his chest, the aftershocks of her climax reverberating through her

Simon ran his hand along her spine, feeling the smoothness of his
lover's skin. His hand cupped one of her ass cheeks and he held her still
against him. He could feel her heartbeat as she lay on his chest. Simon
lay in the warm humid air beside the river and knew that, no matter what;
everything was going to work out.

-=)0(= The next day was the big holiday. Residents of the campground
gathered at the picnic ground and celebrated by barbequing, playing games,
and generally socializing without worrying about the consequences. About
mid-afternoon, Calypso announced the nearing of the start of the Grand
Prix, a race heralded by the government as the first race of a new age.
Despite the propaganda surrounding the sporting event, most of the people
had embraced the race as a chance to forget about war and the chaos that
their lives had been for the last few years.

As the sun climbed, people drifted away from the river's stagnant
humidity toward the camp's dining hall to watch the tv coverage of the
race. Simon took Arabella by the hand and led her to the river. They
borrowed a small canoe and paddled over to a little, island in the river.
Although it was only a fifty feet or so from shore, the sandy island gave
them the sense of being alone with each other, something they hadn't had
for quite a few months.

Simon spread out his shirt and they lay down on the soft ground, the
smell of pine needles and river water in the air. Arabella shimmied out of
her shorts and rolled on to her side, clad only in her bikini.

"So what's a girl got to do to get some cock around here?" She lightly
bit his ear. Then she traced his jawbone with her tongue, ending up at his
chin with a kiss. She giggled. "I know that there's a big hard dick close

"Oh really," Simon said, enjoying the game. "And how would you know

Arabella's hands roamed over his body, lightly caressing him as if
searching for something. "I've just got a sixth sense about these things,"
she said. She put one of her hands up the leg of Simon's baggy swim
trunks. "Now what have we here?"

Arabella pulled his thick cock out of the leg of the shorts and traced
the vein on its underside with a fingernail. She looked at him, enjoying
his reaction, as she continued to tease his dick with her fingers and lips.
Simon, his swelling cock trapped in the crotch of his trunks, lifted his
hips and slipped his swimsuit off.

"Why there it is!" Arabella exclaimed theatrically. "I just knew
there'd be a dick for me around here."

Bending forward, she held his cock erect and opened her mouth. She made
sure that Simon could see her every move as she slowly swallowed the entire
length of his cock. He groaned as his growing pole touched the back of her
throat. She backed off, looked in his eyes once more, and then sank her
head toward his lap, taking his cock into her throat.

Simon could see her cheeks hollow with the suction she was applying to
his member. She slowly worked his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking
her face with his dick. He felt his balls swell and churn. His hips
trembled as he felt his climax build.

Arabella felt his approaching orgasm as well and tightly gripped his
cock at the base, trapping his cum in his balls.

"Oh no you don't, mister. The only place your going to cum is in my

Still gripping his pole, she pulled at the ties on her bikini bottom.
"Now hold this," she said to him as she released his cock.

Arabella arranged herself in front of him on all fours, her ass stuck
lewdly in the air. She reached between her own legs and spread her labia,
exposing the lighter pink inner lips of her twat.

"This time you drive," she said over her shoulder.

Simon placed the large head of his cock against the soft opening of her
pussy and eased his dick inside her. She pushed back against his thrust,
groaning with delight.

"Fuck me. C'mon, fuck me."

Holding Arabella by the hips, he pulled her back on to his cock. The
slickness of her pussy allowed him to enter her in only three strokes and
he sighed as his balls touched her smooth, swollen pussy lips. He looked
down and enjoyed the site of the thick shaft of his cock as it impaled her
pale twat. He ran his hands over her firm, rounded ass cheeks and was
rewarded by a groan as his thumb lightly caressed her tiny wrinkled

Arabella impatiently rocked back and forth, sending his cock deep inside
her. "I said that I wanted to be fucked," she said peevishly, like a small
child demanding a pony ride.

"Well then I want to give the lady what she asked for."

Simon gripped her hips as tight as he could without pinching her and
slowed her impatient movements. Taking control, he used his strength to
pull her on to his cock with a hard, slamming rhythm. His belly slapped
against her ass as his cock reamed her like a pile driver.

"Uh. Uh. Uh," Arabella grunted in time with his strokes. "This. Is.
So. Good."

Simon felt her hand cup her pussy, her fingertips tickling his balls.
Closing his eyes, he focused on the sensation of his rock hard shaft
sliding through her velvet passage. He felt her juices well up from her
depths to coat his cock and balls. The wet noise his balls made as they
smacked her pussy lips increased his excitement.

Simon felt his body tense and the pressure build up in his loins.
Slamming his cock its full length into Arabella's willing cunt, Simon
shouted and released his hot load of cum. His back arched, keeping his
cock firmly planted in her pussy. He felt as if his dick was pouring thick slurry into her womb and for a moment he was dizzy.

The feeling of Simon's cum gushing inside her sent her pussy into
spasms. Her body shook as her orgasm swept through her. Her strength
sapped, she collapsed on to the ground with only Simon's grasp holding her
hips to his. Slowly, he lowered her hips to the ground, his cock exiting
her with a soft, wet pop.

Simon rested on his haunches, his breath coming in deep, measured slugs.
His cock lay on his thigh, thick and still covered in their cream.

Chapter 24: Commitment After returning from the river island, Simon led
Arabella to the showers near the tent that they shared. Under a steady
stream of warm water, they tenderly bathed and caressed each other.

As Simon ran the washcloth over her back he held her close and whispered
in her ear, "Are you happy?"

She was taken aback slightly and, thinking that he was inviting more
sex, she pressed her butt against his soapy groin. "Sure. I'm always
happy to feel your dick in the crack of my ass. I'm just a little tired,
that's all."

Holding her hips steady, he pressed his point. "No, I mean happy
overall. Content. With the way things are with us. With the way things
were. Before."

Simon moved his hands to her shoulders, holding her so that she couldn't
turn around and see his face. He shivered slightly despite the shower of
warm water. Simon took a deep breath and started.

"I don't know any other way to do this, so I'll just come out and say
it. I want you to come back home with me, but I'm not sure that I can live
the way we've been these last few months. I can live with swinging. Hell,
I'm just as guilty as anyone when it comes to enjoying the parties we've
had. But I need something more concrete. Some sort of commitment."

He felt Arabella's slender frame shudder but he drove ahead.

"I've got to know that I'll have someone that's thinking of me, someone
that gives a rat's ass if I come home in one piece. I want you to be that
person. I'm not trying to monopolize you or chain you down. I just want
the last few days to go on forever. Just you and me. Nobody else to worry

He slid his arms from her shoulders and hugged her to his chest.
"Knowing that you're mine, no matter where you are, is enough for me.
Arabella, I'm trying to tell you that I love you and I want you to spend
the rest of your life with me."

Having had his say, Simon let his arms drop. The hot water was running
out and the bursts of cool water gave them both a chill. Arabella slapped
at the handle and turned the shower off without speaking or moving away
from Simon's embrace. The heat in the shower room seemed to disappear
immediately, leaving them cool and clammy. Arabella, still facing the
wall, reached up and wrung the water from her hair.

"What about me?" A shuddering sob wracked her body. "You want somebody
to keep the home fires burning," her voice had a bitter edge to it. "What
do I get? To sit in Staunton worried sick that you've moved on. Or are
laying dead in a ditch somewhere. Where does your commitment leave me?"

She turned to face him, tears welling in her eyes. "I love you. But
that's all I can give you right now."


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