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GFT 7 9 video business He had set


Keywords: MF, MFF, Mult, violent, slow Part: 2 of 8 Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: Grim Fairy Tales

Chapter 7: The Troubles Continue By September of 2024, the government
was faced with numerous riots and rebellions across the country. Attempts
to repair the food and power distribution were hampered by devastating
terrorist actions, the most notable being the release of nerve gas in New
York City's Penn Station at rush hour. While the Federal Government
struggled to cope, it also had to deal with the movement of refugees as an
election year issue.

Simon and Arabella continued their work with the refugees throughout the
summer but their work seemed to be without end. Despite the smothering
police state, small terrorist groups seemed to sprout from nowhere,
striking at the cities' precarious infrastructures. The destruction of
Washington D.C.'s water treatment facilities led to an outbreak of cholera
in the capitol city, killing the President before it ran its course.

Vice President Patterson assumed control and quickly moved to address
all of the areas that he said had contributed to the "fall of civilization
as we knew it." Within hours of his swearing in, President Patterson issued
Executive Order 9B, which reinforced martial law by allowing summary
executions. Using overwhelming military force, the government moved into
the cities and cracked down on the rampant lawlessness. The brutality of
the government forces led to revolts in Chicago, Hartford, and Toledo but
these were suppressed by air strikes and heavy artillery bombardments.

In the aftermath of the Chicago Revolt, the President signed the Bracken
Covenants. This broad series of legislation was aimed at "social
restoration" and addressed topics ranging from the nationalization of the
telecommunications industry to the institution of "reeducation" facilities.
By far the most publicly unpopular of these measures was a forced
resettlement program.

Federally sponsored settlements, called Potter Towns after the Secretary
of Housing, were created in rural areas to house those people who the
authorities had deemed as not having a reason to stay in the cities.
Stockbrokers and corporate lawyers used to five figure salaries and country
club luncheons found themselves rubbing shoulders with convenience store
clerks and farmers in rural backwoods towns like Indiantown Gap,
Pennsylvania and Elk Ford, Tennessee. Needless to say, many states' had to
call out their National Guard to make sure that the relocated persons
stayed relocated and did not attempt to return to their city homes.

Many communities resisted becoming hosts to these towns. One of the
most embarrassing incidents for the government occurred on the Eastern
Shore of Maryland and Virginia. Before the Troubles, the Eastern Shore was
a quiet, rural place where everyone knew their neighbors and the local
church was the center of community life. In previous times it had been
home to farmers and watermen, people whose families had lived in the same
towns for generations. These folk, called the Shoremen by their more urban
cousins, were a tightly knit, church going folk. Few tourists stopped as
they traveled through the Eastern Shore and life on the peninsula was
largely unchanged for decades. When the Shoremen discovered that the
government had planned to build a Potter Town community on the Shore, they
organized and reacted quickly to stop the resettlement.

Arming themselves from local armories and state police barracks, the
Shoremen took control of their territory. Obstacles were placed on the
highway leading from the peninsula north to Delaware and on the bridge that
connected the Eastern Shore with Norfolk to the south. The three counties
that made up the Eastern Shore seceded from the rest of the state,
declaring that they would rejoin the Commonwealth only after the government
removed martial law. That a mere 5,000 farmers and fishermen could rebel
on their very doorstep gravely embarrassed the Federal Government. The
Virginia State Legislature decried the division of their fair state but
little more was done beyond posting guards on the bridges to watch the
Shoremen. The newspapers were not allowed to print the story of the
rebellion or the reason the government couldn't quell it. A state of siege
existed for almost three years.

The siege may have continued indefinitely except that Fate chose to add
a new player to the scene. Robert "Bobby" Tyler, a young politician from
the Valley, became interested in reconciling the Shoremen and, by
consequence, advancing his reputation in preparation for the next election.
He proposed and got himself appointed head of the "Eastern Shore
Commission," a group formed by the Governor to solve the "Eastern Shore
Problem." This group was empowered to use force if necessary but Bobby had
placated the public by pursuing diplomatic means.

Chapter 8: Paying the Piper Daylight broke on a Thursday morning.
Arabella wiggled her rump, pressing against Simon's morning hard-on.

"Well good morning to you too." She luxuriated in the feel of his cock
nestled in the crack of her ass.

Simon buried his face in the nape of her neck, enjoying the smell of her
hair and the warmth of her skin. His hand moved from her stomach to cup
her firm breast.

He whispered in her ear, "Hurray, hurray it's the eighth of May.
National Outdoor Intercourse Day."

His poor poetry was rewarded with a giggle. "It's too cold to go
outside." She craned back her neck and kissed him. "We can stay here where
it's warm instead."

They made love spoon fashion, both lying on their side. Simon thrust
from behind Arabella in a slow, deep way as he enjoyed the silken feel of
her tight pussy around his organ. His thrusts became more insistent as his
balls tightened in anticipation of orgasm. His hands grasped her hips,
holding her steady as he churned her syrupy cunt. Neither of them said a
word but the sounds of their gasps and heavy breathing filled the dimly lit
bedroom. Finally Simon stiffened and released his seed into her, burying
his cock as deep as he could. He felt her body clench his cock in return,
milking cum from his cock.

Afterwards, they lay in the afterglow of the early morning sex, both
surprised at themselves. The rest of the morning seemed to pass in a happy
haze and Simon was already looking forward to coming home and restarting
their passionate coupling after work.

Simon entered his office, greeting everyone on his way through the maze
of cubicles when his assistant, Felicia Thompson, burst out from behind her
desk like a quail from a bush.

"Simon! Simon. There are two strange men in your office waiting for

"Strange as in 'weird looking' or what?"

"Strange as in 'dangerous looking' is what. They just showed up about a
half hour ago and asked to see you."

"So what makes them dangerous?"

"Expensive suits and cheap shoes. Bulges under their left arms.
Mirrored sunglasses with earphones. It all adds up to the Feds."

Simon tried to calm her down as they walked toward his office but a
sense of foreboding had started to grow inside him.

"Look, I've got a plan." Felicia stepped in front of him and stopped his
progress to the office door. As usual, she was dressed in her usual tight
blouse and short skirt. She smoothed her skirt with her hands, emphasizing
her flat stomach and braless tits. "I can distract them and you leave like
you've never been here. Call me with your cell phone in an hour and we'll
pretend that you've got a trip to go on. You know some kind of
short-notice emergency."

Taking one look at her erect nipple poking through the thin blouse,
Simon had an idea what Felicia meant when she said "distract them" but he
let it pass. Simon had met Felicia in a refugee hostel run by the late
Reverend James Lot and she had a habit of seeing bad guys at every turn.

Standing in his office were two men, anonymous in their gray suits and
dark sunglasses.

"Can I help you gentlemen?" Simon knew that they weren't selling life
insurance. Looking at them, he tried to weigh the chances he could get his
pistol from his desk drawer.

"Major Simon M. Woodsman." The first suit spoke in a flat Midwestern
monotone. Simon could see a hand mike on the one standing behind him.
Whoever they were, they were definitely Government goons. And they
probably weren't alone.

Smoothly, Simon closed the door. "I'm sorry you must have the wrong
address." The first suit sat in a chair and crossed his legs.

"You can talk to us now Major. Or we'll be back when your girlfriend
gets home. The choice is yours."

Simon hesitated and the man lit a cigarette. His partner, the one Simon
mentally tagged as "the second suit", positioned himself in the corner of
the office, his back to the wall. The second suit unbuttoned his jacket,
exposing a small machine pistol in a sling holster.

The first goon stayed in the chair next to Simon's desk and tapped his
fingers on the desktop. A slight smile played at the edges of his mouth.
Simon looked toward the desk. His pistol was in the top drawer. One look
at the second goon, standing balanced on the balls of his feet, told Simon
that trying to get his pistol would be a mistake.

"Major Woodsman, earlier this year you found and made use of a piece of
government property for personal gain." Simon cleared his throat to object
but the man raised his hand to stop him. "You contacted one of our agents,
Juliet Two-Three, who gave you assistance. Since you have worked in the
government's interests, we've left you alone."

Simon sat down behind his desk. "But now . . ." He cleared his throat

"That's right." The man in the suit smiled and managed to look even more
menacing and evil. "Now it's time for payback."

The man seemed to enjoy the look of discomfort on Simon's face. "Now
don't be like that, Major. We're giving you the chance to rejoin the team.
No questions asked. You come with us and your back in the game, just in
time to help the team score the winning touchdown."

Simon put on his best poker face. "At least they were not here to kill
me," he thought. He knew that he wouldn't be getting the patriotic speech
if they were a wet works squad sent to dispose of him.

The second suit pulled a thin envelope from his breast pocket and tossed
it on to the desk. The first man continued, "We've got an overnight bag
with all the things that you'll need for your trip. You've got 20 minutes
to tie up any loose ends you might have. We're taking you to the plane."

"Fellas, I hate to break it to you but I've been staying home trying to
get over a nasty respiratory infection." He emphasized this point with
another dry wracking cough. "And today was my first day back at work. I'm
not sure that I'll be ready to travel for another few weeks." Cough, cough.
"But I'll check with my doc. . ."

"Bullshit." Suit number One's smile disappeared. "You're leaving here
in 20 minutes. It's your choice whether you walk out or get carried out.
We've got orders to deliver you in one piece but if you want to get
stubborn. . . Well, let's just say that you'd be surprised what you can
live through in one piece."

Suit number Two looked all too willing to exercise the second option.
With a sinking feeling in his stomach, Simon knew that there was no way to
talk them out of it. Especially not when he saw the Department of Defense
seal on the paper inside the envelope.

"MAJOR Simon M. WOODSMAN is hereby directed to report to HQ Joint
Forces Command, Fort Monroe, Virginia to be attached to Joint Task Force
Phalanx for the duration of Operation Olympic Thunder."

What ever Operation Olympic Thunder was, Simon knew that the suits would
take pleasure in dragging him to the airport. He stopped long enough to
send a quick email to Arabella before rejoining the agents in the foyer.
Staring at the keyboard, he struggled with how to tell her that he was
leaving without having to admit that the person she knew as Simon Woodsman
hadn't existed only a few months before. He started typing several times,
only to erase the message and start all over again. Finally he decided to
keep the message short and explain everything when he returned home. He
just hoped he'd be home soon.

Chapter 9: The Seduction Arabella returned home from work and soon
wondered where Simon was. Checking her handheld computer for messages, she
read Simon's terse email.

<<Some old business acquaintances have appeared and I have to go with
them for a job. I'll call when I can. Hope to be home soon. Love, Simon.

Arabella hung her head and felt as if she were about to scream.
Abandoned for work once again. As regional director, Simon often had to
tour the area and would spend a night on a business trip at least once a
week. But usually, he let her know where he was and when he would be back.
Now Arabella was angry at being left alone, as Simon had done numerous
times in the past few months, with only an abrupt email to let he know that
he wouldn't be home for dinner. The sound of Granny's voice telling her
that Simon relied on her too much rang in her ears.

Determined to prove that she still had a life without Simon, she called
Granny and they decided to go on a "Girl's Night Out." granny suggested
that they go back to the rave club, an old haunt of Arabella's that she
hadn't been to since moving in with Simon. Looking through the closet in
the quiet house she shared with Simon only strengthened her resolve to go
out, get drunk, and have a good time. Arabella pulled a short, tight
velvet dress out and held it in front of her.

"He doesn't know what he's missing," she said to her reflection in the

granny picked her up and they drove to the old warehouse that had been
converted into their favorite club. The loud techno music, the smoky bar,
and packed dance floor seemed drabber than she had remembered but,
following Granny's lead, Arabella was soon back into the swing of the place
talking and dancing.

She was hanging out with some of Granny's new friends in one of the
club's lounges while granny Safi danced. The moonshine they were drinking
helped Arabella get into the partying mood and she was starting to feel a
bit buzzed when Granny, hanging on the arm of a stocky man with a crew cut,
came into the room.

granny dragged the man over to the couch and threw herself down beside
her young friend. "Red, I just gotta introduce you to Paris. " granny was
already showing the signs of partying, but Arabella knew that granny Safi
would last for hours. "Paris, meet my 'granddaughter' Red."

Arabella stuck out her hand, admiring Paris' muscular physique. Her
hand almost disappeared into his huge grip. "Hi I'm Arabella."

"And I'm Paris Mawbry. Saffron told me that she had a granddaughter but
I was expecting a little girl in pigtails. I had no idea I would be
meeting a beautiful woman."

granny leered up at him, the drugs she had taken made her pupils as wide
as little black basketballs. "Why don't we move this little gathering
someplace more private. I'd like for us to get to know each other a little

Paris shot a questioning look at Arabella. There could be no mistaking
Granny's blunt invitation. Especially not when she laid her hand on Paris'
zipper and slowly rubbed her palm along the length of his cock. When he
saw Arabella's hesitant smile, he put his arms around both women and
steered them for the door.

Arabella felt her stomach clench. Three months ago, she'd have followed
Granny and helped fuck this guy's eyebrows off without a second thought.
But now her first thought was of Simon.

Arabella snapped out of her reverie when granny took her hand. "He's
not here," granny said acidly as if reading Arabella's thoughts, "and he's
on business."

That's right, Arabella thought. Draining the rest of her drink, she
followed granny out the door. As the trio walked around the corner,
Arabella allowed herself a good look at Paris' broad, muscular build. She
figured that he had been a football player. When she asked him, he had
said "Rugby. It's the only man's sport."

She admitted to never having seen a rugby game and tried to make small
talk by asking him where he had played. Paris abruptly changed the topic
by leaning forward and kissing her, his hand rising to cup her breast. His
strong arms trapped her body against his, almost crushing the air from her
lungs. While they kissed, granny slid her hands between them and undid his
belt from behind. She pushed his trousers down around his knees and fished
around in his boxers for his cock.

Paris disengaged himself from Arabella's lips and took Granny's wrist,
stopping her impromptu hand job. "Slow down there little lady. There's
plenty of time."

A drunken smile plastered on her face, granny pushed him down on the
couch. Paris tripped over his pants but managed to land on the couch with
a thump.

granny dramatically licked her lips and said, "Patience, Hell. I'm
gonna get me some cock."

granny fell to her knees and pulled off his pants and boxers. Arabella
sat next to Paris on the couch and resumed their kiss, unbuttoning his
shirt. She ran her hands through Paris' curly chest hair, thinking
absently how different it felt from Simon's smooth chest.

"Christ, Red. I love how long and thick this thing is." granny took his
cock in her hand and laid it on his belly, giggling as she lightly nibbled
along the base of his stalk. "Help me get this thing hard, sweetie. I
can't wait to feel it inside me."

Pushing her hesitation aside, Arabella crawled on to the couch and
settled beside Paris. She reached out and gently traced the vein
underneath his cock shaft with her fingers, luxuriating in the silk over
steel feel of his turgid member. He looked at her expectantly but didn't
say a word. Seeing that granny had progressed lower and was sucking on his
smooth shaven balls, Arabella lowered her head to his lap and sucked the
tip of his cock between her lips like a lollipop. Her tongue swirled
around the plum shaped head, teasing the sensitive edges with her teeth.
Looking down between his legs, Arabella saw granny sucking his balls into
her mouth one at a time like gumdrops. Arabella gripped the base of his
cock tightly and held it so that she could take his meat into her mouth.

Seeing that Paris' cock had stiffened, granny left Arabella between
Paris' legs and stripped. Climbing back on to the couch, granny positioned
herself behind Arabella and pulled the redhead's panties aside to expose
her pussy.

"Watch me eat her pussy," granny told Paris.

She extended her tongue and started to lick her Arabella's pussy. Paris
watched Arabella squirm and shudder as Granny's mouth worked its magic
around the younger girl's pink, swollen pussy lips. The sensations from
her snatch spurred Arabella on and she pushed her hips back to make more
contact with Granny's probing tongue. Arabella sucked harder on Paris'
cock, taking him deeper and deeper into her throat as she bobbed up and
down on his long thick pole.

"Stop," he said as he held Arabella's head still. "Stop or I'll cum."

Arabella removed his slick, shiny cock from her mouth and held it
tightly by the base. "That's OK with me," she grinned.

granny spoke up from behind Arabella's ass. "But it's not OK with me."
She playfully swatted Arabella's tight pale butt cheek. "I told you that I
want that cock inside me."

granny moved around the couch and climbed over Paris' legs. He reached
up and cupped her small breast, pinching the erect nipple. Granny's breath
hissed between her teeth from the sudden sharp pain.

"Easy cowboy. It's not going to get any bigger by you pulling on it."
She guided his lips to her injured nipple. "Now kiss it and make it

While Paris was attending to Granny's nipple, Arabella guided his hard
cock into her friend's wet cunt. Pressing down on Granny's hips, Arabella
inserted him in between Granny's slick labia. Paris let go of Granny's
swollen nipple and groaned. Granny, feeling Paris' cock splitting her
pussy lips, sank her hips down slowly, taking his length in one slow smooth

Paris placed his hands on Granny's hips. He fucked her slow and deep,
bottoming out against her pubis at the end of each stroke. granny accentuated the sensation of being swallowed by her cunt as she ground her
clit against him before reversing her course.

Arabella kept her hand on Granny's ass, tickling Paris' balls when they
came into reach of her fingertips. She placed herself next to Paris' ear
and whispered obscene suggestions, telling him how she wanted him to fuck
Granny. Paris groaned again as Arabella told him how Granny's cunt would
milk his cock, squeezing his seed out of his balls.

He showed his excitement by trying to speed up his pace. Arabella
crawled between his knees and licked his balls, allowing her tongue to
stray across Granny's anus when he plunged his cock all the way inside
Granny's pussy. The soft, wet tickling drove Paris wild. Using his
strength, he pulled granny on to his cock and slammed against Granny's
hips, his strokes becoming more and more urgent. Arabella could not
maintain contact with his cock, so she sat back on her heels and massaged
his balls and fingered Granny's ass.

Seeing that Paris' eyes were screwed shut as he neared orgasm, Arabella
cupped his balls and massaged the sensitive spot underneath them. She
could feel his scrotum churn, as his body got ready to shoot his seed
inside Granny. Arabella smiled wickedly and let her finger stray across
his anus, playfully massaging Granny's copious love oil into his tight ass.
Paris' eyes popped open and he looked as if he were going to say something
when Arabella slipped her finger into his tight bunghole.

Paris came with a roar. He clamped Granny's hips against his and
Arabella watched his balls swell and churn as they pumped his cream into
Granny. Both he and granny lay on the couch, to exhausted to move.

"Well after that performance," she said, "I'll let you two recuperate
before I get mine."

granny smiled weakly over her shoulder. "I promise I'll leave you some,
sweetheart. Just let me clean him up and we'll have him ready for you in
no time."

Arabella had been forced to settle for an extended pussy licking and a
long slow fuck instead of the wild sex that she'd been in the mood for, but
Granny cheerfully told her that they were going to spend the next day with
Paris, and Arabella could go first. Late the next afternoon, granny took
Arabella to Paris' hotel, one of the best in the town. The bellhop showed
them to Paris' suite and let them in to the sitting room. While granny moved straight for the small bar, Arabella looked around the richly
decorated room. Their arrival had interrupted a meeting and Arabella got a
quick look through the door to the second bedroom as Paris came out to
greet her. She thought that she had recognized Doc Finster and was about
to ask Paris about it, but Paris distracted her by telling her about the
hot tub on the terrace. He showed the two ladies out to the large terrace
and introduced them to Hank.

Hank, a tall thin black man, escorted the ladies to the small canopy
where Paris had ordered champagne and finger food. Arabella asked what the
occasion was and Paris looked at Hank meaningfully before answering.

"A major business deal just came together," he said.

Arabella waited for him to say more but Paris only smiled and addressed
himself to removing the foil from the champagne bottle. Popping the cork,
Paris poured the wine and handed Arabella a glass. He smiled at her and
added that they had to celebrate because, while the news was good, it meant
that he and Hank would be leaving in a few days.

Arabella sipped the wine and tried to find a subtle way to ask Paris
more about himself, but couldn't manage to bring up the subject of Paris'
background without sounding nosey. Granny, meanwhile, was having no
problems expressing herself. Posing next to the hot tub, she made sure
that she had Paris and Hank's attention while she did a strip tease. Both
men rewarded her with hoots and catcalls, spurring her on to more and more
outrageous poses.

Sitting on the edge of the hot tub, granny spread her legs and began
fingering herself. "Somebody better get in here and help me out. I didn't
come all the way up here to play with myself." She spread her labia with
her fingers and pointed to her erect clit. "See how ready I am?"

Grinning from ear to ear, Hank put his glass down and dropped his jeans.
Arabella's glass froze in mid-air. Hank had the biggest, thickest cock
she'd ever seen. Although it was only half hard, it looked as long and
thick as a salami. Hank reveled in the stares he got from the women as he
slowly strutted toward the hot tub.

Standing on the edge of the tub, he pointed his hips toward Granny. Her
eyes were glued to his dick as it throbbed in time with his pulse, slowly
growing as she watched.

"You sure are one hot piece of ass, Saffron." Hank lifted his cock as if
weighing it. "But you're going to have to crawl over here and suck me
before I let you feel this in your tight, white cunt."

granny stopped massaging her clit and quickly waded across the pool to
stand in front of his swollen member. Without saying a word, granny took
the bulbous head of his enormous cock inside mouth. Arabella watched
Granny slurp down Hank's big black cock, taking more and more of it into
her mouth with each stroke. Hank groaned as granny swallowed his pole,
taking him into her throat until her nose rested in his dense, curly pubic

Paris stood silently beside Arabella, his cock straining against his
pants. Engrossed with the scene in the hot tub, Arabella stood like a
statue and let Paris slide his hands under her skirt and push her panties down. He put her hand on his crotch, silently urging her to stroke his
cock, as he used his hand to spread her legs and play with her slit.

Satisfied that she had gotten his cock slick with her spit, granny pulled Hank sown on to the edge of the pool and straddled his hips.
Reaching behind her, she guided the fat purple tip of his cock toward the
wet opening of her love tunnel. Holding him so that he couldn't thrust
inside her too quickly, granny slowly sank his thick pole into her juicy
cunt. Her eyes were shut tightly as she slowly worked his cock into her
and she babbled incoherently about how good it felt to have her pussy stretched.

Paris had inserted a finger into Arabella's pussy and quickly added a
second finger inside her as her pussy became slick with her oily love
juices. Still watching Hank's huge dark pole disappear inside Granny's
pale ass, Arabella undid Paris belt. His cock sprang into her hand, its
tip leaking clear fluid in its readiness to find a pussy to bury itself in.
Bending from the waist so that he wouldn't have to remove his fingers from
her snatch, Arabella quickly sucked his cock into her mouth.

Violently, Paris thrust his hard cock into her mouth, holding her back
the back of the head so that she couldn't pull away. He fucked her face
with short, stabbing strokes and Arabella felt tears flood her eyes as she
struggled to suppress her gag reflex. She felt his balls begin to churn
and she tried to take him deeper into her throat, but Paris suddenly pulled
her head away from his cock.

"Oh no, sweetie," he said in a low coarse whisper. "I'm not going to
cum in your hot little mouth. Get down on all fours, baby. I'm going to
stuff your tight cunt with my prick."

granny had turned herself around on Hank's lap, facing away from him as
she squatted down on his still hard rod. Arabella saw her friend's pussy stretched by the black man's tool and moved into the pool, bringing Paris
with her by the hand. granny slowed her pace as she saw Arabella bend to
kiss her clit.

"Suck his balls, Red." granny held Arabella's head in her hands as Paris
slid his cock into the redhead's snatch.

Paris' rough thrusting prevented Arabella from doing more that licking
Hank's shaft but that was enough to send the black man over the edge.
Granny screamed as she felt the hot spurts of Hank's seed fill her womb.
Paris, worked up from the incredible sex show that was transpiring right in
front of him, slammed his cock all the way inside Arabella's cunt, using
his grasp on her hips to force himself deep into her pussy.

Arabella felt her head swim as Paris pounded himself against her ass.
Looking over her shoulder at him, she saw his face grow purple with the
intensity of his thrusting.

"C'mon, baby. Fuck me. Blow your load in me."

Arabella pushed back against his thrusts, her body anxious for release.
She felt his thighs splash water on to her belly as he pistoned himself in
and out of her. She knew he was close and spurred him on, urging him to
fill her with his cum. Moments later, Paris rewarded her efforts with a
groan and several short thrusts, his balls emptying their load into her
wet, tight tunnel.

Arabella collapsed against Hank's thighs, smearing her face in the
combined goo that leaked from Granny's pussy. granny carefully lifted her
legs and rolled off Hank, giggling as his cock slid out of her snatch with
a soft pop. Dabbing at her pussy with a towel, granny returned to her wine
glass. She sat gingerly on one of the chairs, careful to put a towel
underneath her.

"Now that was satisfying," she said as she toasted Hank with her glass.
"I don't suppose you got a tongue to go along with that pecker, do you?"

Arabella climbed out of the pool without looking back at Paris. Once
the intoxication of her orgasm had passed, she felt dirty and went into the
hotel room to clean the spooge off of her face and body. She returned from
the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her body, to find Hank licking
Granny's pussy while she gave Paris a hand job.

"Well I see that the three of you got along fine without me," Arabella
tried not to sound annoyed, but was a bit peeved that they had started
without her.

granny pushed Hank's face away from her crotch and swung her legs back
to the floor. "Honey, you take care of Paris. I've got to take this
action someplace more comfortable. Between the concrete burns on my knees
and this chair tearing up my ass, it's hard to enjoy myself."

granny took Hank by the hand and led him toward the suite's second
bedroom. Arabella, finding herself alone with Paris, jumped on the chance
to find out more about him. Knowing that if she turned her back on him, he
would take it as an invitation to bend her over and fuck her from behind,
Arabella quickly moved to the food table, keeping it between her and the
still naked man.

Seeing that Arabella had something on her mind Paris decided to be
subtle, stalking her like a hunter after game. They made small talk for a
few minutes and Arabella felt that she was getting somewhere when he told
her that he was from the Eastern Shore. Careful to stay out of the reach
of his powerful arms, Arabella led him back into the hotel suite. The
talked some more, but were interrupted by the hoarse cries from the other
room as granny goaded Hank to "fuck her until she exploded."

Stifling a smirk, Arabella asked Paris exactly what his business was.
Paris smiled and walked over to a case, almost a small trunk, which sat on
the desk. Arabella noticed that the trunk had several cables coming out of
the back of it but caught her breath when he lifted the lid. There, on a
small LCD screen, she watched granny beg and whimper as Hank worked his big
black cock into her asshole.

"She's got a lot of energy," Paris quipped.

He was about to make another comment about Granny's adventurous nature
when Arabella asked him about the equipment in the case. Paris told her
that he was in the video business. He had set a few cameras into Hank's
room as a demonstration for the business customers that visited him the
other day. Setting Arabella in front of the small screen, he proudly
showed her the cameras' features. He pressed a series of buttons and then
used a stylus and a digital pad to move and refocus the cameras. He showed
off a bit, zooming in on Granny's ass and then switching to Hank's face as
he came. Seeing that his subjects were done, Paris told Arabella that the
case held an entire video studio. He could shoot video and have it edited
and on disk in a matter of hours.

Sensing her interest, Paris asked Arabella if she would like to make a
movie, something for him to remember her by when he went home. She tried
to stall for time to decide and asked him when he would leave. He closed
the distance between them while telling her that he and Hank had to leave
the next evening. Their business had concluded sooner than they had
planned and it was important that they return.

He reached for her. This time, Arabella didn't resist as his hands slid
down her waist to her hips. A quick tug had the towel on the floor before
she could think to try and stop him. He pulled her against him, trapping
his cock between their bodies. His tongue penetrated her mouth as his
hands pawed her ass, stifling any protest that she might have made.
Seizing the initiative, Paris pushed Arabella down on the couch and roughly
pushed her legs apart before he started licking and sucking her twat.

Arabella pulled at his shoulders and tried to stop him. In the cold
sober light of day, she wanted romance and foreplay. Paris just wanted to
fuck and he speared her pussy with his thick finger. Arabella wanted him
to stop so that she could tell him that she was too confused to make a
decision between him and Simon, but Paris didn't give her a chance and
continued his assault by roughly sucking her clit between his lips.
Trapped by the strength of his upper body, Arabella felt her pussy heat up
and start to respond to his mauling, despite the turmoil her mind was in.

Once he felt her pussy start to issue its lubricating fluid, Paris
quickly stood and stroked his cock. Roughly slapping Arabella's legs
apart, he returned to his place on the couch. His cock slapped her thigh
as he raised her leg to give him access to her wet slit. He thrust his
cock into her but the angle was awkward, preventing the penetration that he
wanted, so he rolled her over and lifted her hips to meet his, entering her
from behind in a single, savage stroke. Using his grasp on her hips to
pull her on to his plunging cock, Paris fucked her hard and fast. He
grunted with the effort as his belly slammed against her firm ass with each

Soon they were both breathing as if they were running a race. Sweat ran
down Paris' forehead, plastering his hair down and dripping off his chin to
splat on to Arabella's back. Picking up his pace, Paris fucked her with
short, stabbing thrusts. His balls slapped wetly against her hairless
labia at the bottom of each stroke. Arabella whimpered as his violent
penetration started to hurt her. Eager to cum Arabella slipped her hand
between her legs and firmly pushed on her clit, rubbing small hard circles
around her love button. The extra stimulus sent her over the edge. She
cried out as she came, her legs squeezing together.

Her orgasm triggered his. His body stiffened as he felt her pussy ripple and quiver around his cock and he felt his cum shoot from his dick
like hot molten lava. He pitched forward on top of her and they collapsed
into a sweaty pile on the arm of the couch. Arabella reached behind her to
stroke his cheek but Paris avoided her hand, got off the couch, and went
into the bathroom without a word. Arabella was left alone, his cum dribbling out of her pussy.


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