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GIFT C2 girls just throw themselves you


WARNING: This story includes sexually explicit material.

Please note any unfamiliar spellings and phrases may be due to the fact
I am English, not American.

I would like to thank the proof-readers for all their help

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appreciated. Please send to

This work is copyrighted by the author. You may download and keep one
copy for your personal use as long as my by-line and e-mail address and
this paragraph remain on the copy. Any posting or reposting on a website,
other than the archive or Dejanews, or to a newsgroup requires my
permission first (but I'll probably say yes). This story should not, under
any circumstances be used to make a profit by anyone other than the author


Chapter Two

Dan paced impatiently across the room. Sue never failed to annoy him
but somehow they had to work together to sort out what had happened to
them. It wasn't going to be easy trying to behave like each other. His
main concern was that Amy didn't get hurt. She was the best thing that had
ever happened to him and he didn't know how he would cope if he lost her.
It was going to be difficult to restrain himself from touching her as he
normally did but she would find it very strange if her best friend suddenly
became physically affectionate.

He caught sight of his reflection in the mirror and stopped. He removed
the robe and had another good look at the body he currently inhabited. It
definitely was a pleasant view. It occurred to him that he had a unique
opportunity to discover how a woman responded sexually. He could
experiment to find out what stimulated this body and what felt unpleasant,
then use his new-found knowledge to increase Amy's pleasure. There was
even the added bonus that it would annoy Sue when she found out what he had

He lay back on the bed and began exploring. He was surprised to
discover how insensitive the breasts were. Although the nipples were hard,
they seemed to be responding to the cool air rather than any sense of
arousal. He cupped them in his hands to warm them and found that more
pleasurable than rubbing the nipples. He drifted his hands around the base
of the breasts and found that he enjoyed the sensation. He began gently
stroking his fingertips over the entire surface of the breasts, leaving the
nipples alone for the time being. It was a bizarre experience to be
looking down at breasts on his own body. He had never seen any from this
angle before. He soon developed a crick in his neck, so he tipped his head
back and closed his eyes, concentrating on his sense of touch. He
occasionally let a finger graze across the nipples and this time he felt
even the slightest touch. It felt as if the skin was shrinking, bringing
the nerve endings closer to the surface. Paradoxically he felt as if he
wanted a firmer almost rougher touch. He began squeezing and massaging
them in earnest. His insides seemed to be melting into a pool of warm
liquid and every fibre of his body seemed to connected by taut threads to
his nipples. He was beginning to gasp for breath, his whole body involved
in the sensations being generated by his hands.

Suddenly he heard the front door open and close, then Amy's voice
calling out that she was back. He listened carefully to discover where she
was going, in case she decided to enter the bedroom. There was a muffled
response from the bathroom and then he heard Amy go into the kitchen. He
returned his attention to his body and discovered to his disbelief that he
no longer had any sense of arousal. He tried stroking the breasts again
but they were unresponsive. Irritated he moved his hands down between his
thighs. It took him a few moments to find a comfortable position. He
seemed reasonably wet but he decided to concentrate his efforts on the
clitoris at first. He tried a number of different techniques but none felt
the slightest bit pleasant. Growing frustrated he pushed a finger inside
and winced as a piece of rough skin grazed across the sensitive skin of the
opening. He tried another finger but this time the nail caused another
wince. He withdrew his hands and carefully examined each finger until he
found one that seemed to be the smoothest. He carefully inserted it and
cautiously wriggled it around. It felt very strange to be pushing a finger
actually inside his body. He soon found that he only had sensation at the
opening of the vagina and that further in he could feel nothing at all. He
realised that although he found it interesting, it wasn't doing anything
for him in the arousal department. As he was racking his brains to decide
what to try next, he heard the bedroom door open. Guiltily he snatched his
hand away, afraid it might be Amy. He lifted his head and was relived to
see his own familiar features.

It had taken severe self-restraint for Sue not to slam the bathroom door
as well as the bedroom. As usual, Dan had managed to provoke her into
losing her temper and descending to his immature level. She had just stood
under the shower for several minutes, letting the water flowing down flush
away her anger. Once she had calmed down she found that she was crying.
Trying to ignore the tears in the hope that they would stop, she started
washing her hair. Still salt tears fell from her eyes to mingle with the
shampoo suds. Terrifying thoughts chased through her head. What if they
couldn't find the person responsible for this body swap? What if they
found them and they said there was no way to reverse the process? She
didn't want to spend the rest of her life as a man!

Just as her self-pity was threatening to overwhelm her, she heard Amy
re-entering the flat. She called out to let Amy know she was in the
shower, then became aware of what she was doing. She had been so absorbed
by her dismal thoughts that she had been paying no attention to what she
was doing. She had automatically shaved under her arms and started on a
leg before the razor had become so clogged with hairs she had cut herself.
Now she had a normal hairy male leg with a swathe of hair shaved from it.
She debated whether to finish shaving it or to leave it as it was. Either
way would look ridiculous but in the end she decided to leave it. She
quickly finished scrubbing the rest of her new body. As instructed she
carefully pulled back the foreskin and cleaned around the head. It felt
strange yet pleasant and the penis twitched in response to her soapy hands.
Resisting the temptation to experiment further, she finished washing and
got out of the shower. Shaving her face was a bizarre experience and
wielding a sharp blade near her newly acquired Adam's Apple was slightly
nerve racking. When she managed to complete the task without cutting
herself, she felt absurdly pleased. She finished drying herself, rinsed
out the bath, and headed back to the bedroom to get dressed.

When she opened the door the first thing she saw was Dan playing with
her body. Despite the fact she had made her feelings more than clear, he
was sprawled on the bed with a finger in her vagina. At least he had the
grace to look slightly guilty. So angry she was speechless, she just
glared at him as he collected a towel and robe and headed off to the

Dan stood under the jets of water and let the warm flow thoroughly wet
his body. He couldn't help remembering a week or so ago when he and Amy
had shared a shower. He began working soap over his body, remembering how
he and Amy had ended up making love. As he ran his soapy hands over his
breasts, he discovered that his nipples were hard and sensitive to his
touch. He cupped them in his hands and brushed his thumbs across the
nipples, as he knew Amy liked him to do to her. Shivers of arousal spread
through his body and he could feel a tightening knot in the pit of his
stomach. When he drifted a hand between his legs, he found that he was wet
with more than water. Leaning against the wall, he stroked his body gently
and slowly as the tension built deep inside him. All his muscles were
tense and for an unbearable moment he could feel how close to the edge he
was. Then an orgasm exploded deep in the centre of his body and sent shock
waves through every nerve ending. Stunned by the intensity of the
sensations, he slid to the floor of the bath and took a moment to recover.

When the tremors had died out of his muscles, he stood up and quickly
completed his shower. He found Sue's masses of hair exasperating as he
tried to work shampoo through it but at last he was finished. Exiting the
bathroom, he could hear the sound of Amy and Sue talking in the kitchen so
he knew he had the bedroom to himself. He had just dried the last remnant
of moisture with the towel, and was searching for some underwear, when Sue
came in.

'Amy lets me keep a drawer of my stuff here. It's the bottom one at the
end,' Sue directed. Dan opened it and selected a bra and knickers as he
tried to contain his annoyance at the evidence of Sue's presence in Amy's
flat. Amy had only recently given him a drawer to keep his clothes in and
he couldn't help wondering how much longer Sue had had her own space. He
pulled the knickers on easily enough but he struggled to hook the bra
together behind his back.

'Most people hook it up in front, then swivel it round to the back,' Sue
observed, smirking at his contortions.

'Oh, right. Thanks,' Dan said, finding that it was indeed much easier
that way. 'I've had a lot of experience taking bras off but I've never
needed to put one on before.'

'Yeah, right. You're such a hunk girls just throw themselves at you, I
suppose,' Sue drawled sarcastically. 'Here, do you want me to sort out
your hair for you.' She picked up a brush and approached him. She took
hold of a tangled hank of hair and gave a cry of horror. 'You haven't put
any conditioner on it! You'll never get a brush through it now.'

'I'll manage somehow,' Dan snapped, taking the brush away from her. 'I
don't need your help so you can just get lost.' Sue sighed loudly but
obediently left. After attempting to sort his hair out Dan almost
regretted getting rid of Sue. When he got the hairbrush stuck for the
third time he gave up and pulled some jeans and a jumper on. To his
relief, when Amy saw how tangled his hair was she offered to give him a
hand sorting it out. He sat in a chair smirking at Sue while he enjoyed
the feel of his girlfriend's hands gently untangling his hair.

Copyright Vickie Morgan, March 1999 E-mail


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