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GIFT C3 split two will


WARNING: This story includes sexually explicit material.

Please note any unfamiliar spellings and phrases may be due to the fact
I am English, not American.

I would like to thank the proof-readers for all their help

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appreciated. Please send to

This work is copyrighted by the author. You may download and keep one
copy for your personal use as long as my by-line and e-mail address and
this paragraph remain on the copy. Any posting or reposting on a website,
other than the archive or Dejanews, or to a newsgroup requires my
permission first (but I'll probably say yes). This story should not, under
any circumstances be used to make a profit by anyone other than the author


The Gift, Chapter Three

By the time Dan's hair was sorted and they had all had breakfast the day
was half gone. While they were washing up and tidying the kitchen, Dan and
Sue used the opportunity to discuss their future.

'There's no way we're going to get this sorted out today so we are going
to have to make some plans,' Dan observed. 'I'm supposed to be playing
football in an hour or so and it's too late to cancel now. They wouldn't
have a chance to find anyone else. Do you think there's any way you could
manage to play?'

'I know the basic rules so I could try,' Sue answered. 'If we tell them
the same story that you're not feeling well, they should understand if I
don't play as well as you do.'

'That's not a bad idea,' Dan admitted grudgingly. 'The same excuse will
get you out of work tomorrow as well. What about you? Do you have any
plans for tonight?'

'Nothing solid. You can just stay here. Amy won't mind. You don't
really need to ask even because I have a standing invitation,' Sue told
him. 'That way you won't have to try and bluff your way past my family.
It's tomorrow morning that's the problem. I've got a very important
meeting that I can't reschedule. It's the final presentation of the
project I've been working on for the last four months. If you ask her, Amy
will pick up my navy suit so you'll have something to wear. I'll do my
best to brief you but there's no way I can't turn up so you'll have to go.'

'Well if you give me all the information you can I'll do my best. What
about after that?' Dan asked.

'If it goes well, there's a good chance my boss will let you have the
rest of the day off, if you ask him nicely. Just tell him you've got
family problems,' Sue directed.

'Right. The only thing I can't cancel tomorrow is collecting my car
from the garage. I'm sure Mark will do it, if I ask him, so you needn't
worry about that.'

'No, I'll pick it up,' Sue insisted. 'It will be no bother and we might
need transport to track down whoever was responsible for this body swap.
Now where shall we meet up?'

'My place will probably be best. Here are the keys and I'll take the
spare. I should hopefully be there by lunchtime, if all goes well.'

'Right, well that seems to be all the plans we can make for now. I'll
get my notes for the presentation so you can take a look and I'll go brush
up on my football knowledge.'

About an hour later, Dan answered a knock on the door and welcomed Mark
in. Sue was still in the bedroom, changing into a football strip, while
Amy packed a towel into a sports bag. Sue managed to stop Amy planting a
kiss on her lips by diverting the kiss to a cheek. Still feeling annoyed
with Dan, she succumbed to the prompting of her inner demon.

'Have a nice time tonight, just you two girls. Are you going to wax
your legs and paint your nails, all those girlie things?' Sue suggested.

'I'd not thought of it but that's a good idea. I've got plenty of wax.
I'll have to see what Sue thinks.'

'I'm sure she'll love it if you suggest it. After all it's what you
planned to do last week but you cancelled to go out with me,' Sue reminded

'How sweet of you to remember. Have fun and I hope you win tonight.
Don't overdo it if you're not feeling too well though,' Amy said.

'Don't worry, I'll be sensible. I expect you'll have left by the time I
get back, so have a good night at work.'

'Thanks darling. Love you.'

'I love you too.' Sue forced herself to respond.

Mark was deeply engrossed in an animated discussion of the league form
of his team but Sue managed to drag him away. He willingly took a detour
by the warehouse. Sue banged on all the doors and walked around the
building but it seemed deserted. In the end, she peered through some of
the windows but there seemed to be no sign of occupancy. Dispirited, she
made her way back to the waiting car. Resting next to the fence she
spotted an estate agent's board. She made a note of the name and number in
the vague hope that there might be a possibility of finding some
information from the agent.

The football game was a disaster. She still wasn't quite used to the
different balance of the male body and found it even harder to control when
she ran. Added to which, she had never played football so had no ball
skills. Fortunately, everyone accepted her explanation of not feeling very
well. She was relieved when they all adjourned to the changing rooms but
soon found herself presented with another problem. All around her, men were stripping their clothes off. Everywhere she looked she could see
naked males, most of them with nicely muscled bodies. Inevitably, she was
turned on, her body reacted instinctively and she found herself with an
obvious erection. Hoping that maybe a traditional cold shower would help,
she dived into the showers. Her mouth went dry and she tried not to stare
at all the naked flesh on display. Mark was busy soaping himself and she
couldn't help but admire his body. He caught sight of her and to her
embarrassment immediately noticed her erection.

'And just what are you thinking about?' Mark asked, laughing.

Sue stood under a jet of water and tried to act naturally. 'Amy, of

'You're a lucky man, Dan. Your lass is hot,' someone called across the

'Yep, I've had a couple of hard-ons myself thinking about her,' another

'That friend of hers ain't bad either,' someone else chimed in.

'Which one?' Sue couldn't help asking.

'Which one? Sue of course,' Mark answered. 'Oh I forgot, you two hate
each other. Even so you must have noticed that figure. What I wouldn't
give to get naked with her.' Sue quickly turned a giggle into a coughing
fit. Mark was naked with her but she didn't think this was quite what he
meant. 'I've had some great times fantasising about those two.'

'Do you have them fucking each other, or in a threesome?' someone

'Both, I enjoy it either way.' Thinking she had heard more than enough
about the men's strange perversions to last a lifetime, Sue fled from the
showers. At least their disgusting ideas had dampened the enthusiasm of
her penis and it had shrunk back to normal size.

She coped quite well with the after match drinks. The rest of the team
attributed her quietness either to her illness or to embarrassment over her
performance. For the most part she was bored as they rehashed every kick
of the ball. She started paying attention again when the conversation
returned to the topic of herself.

'Sue was very friendly to me tonight. I think I may have a chance
there,' Mark commented.

'Do you really like her?' Sue couldn't resist asking.

'Come on, you know I'm crazy about her. She's so smart and sexy. I
know you think she's too clever by half but I like a woman who can think
for herself.'

'How's that line go, Dan?' the goalkeeper asked. 'You'd rather shag a
cactus then Sue.' Everyone, apart from Mark, fell around laughing. Sue
gritted her teeth together as hard as she could and thought of various ways
to revenge herself on Dan.

'She's just a bit defensive, that's all,' Mark defended her. 'I'm sure
if I could get past that tough front she puts up, I'd find that she's
really sweet underneath.'

'Well I'm sure if you got past her clothes, you'd find that she's got a
sweet body underneath but that's about it, if you ask me,' the goalkeeper

'Why don't you ask her out, if you like her that much?' Sue asked Mark.

'If she gave me a fraction of encouragement, I would. But she just
looks at me as if I had crawled out from under a stone, then ignores me.
It would help if you stopped fighting with her all the time. She
associates me with you and so she won't even give me the time of day.'

Sue felt slightly ashamed of herself. She hadn't realised she appeared
so hostile. She had never really paid much attention to Mark before but he
seemed nice enough and she now knew there was nothing wrong with his body.
It had been a while since she had been involved with anyone and she
resolved next time she saw him to be a bit friendlier. Looking for an
excuse to get away from the increasingly lewd conversation, she stood up.

'I'm off to the toilets,' she said. 'Anyone want to come with me.' They
all stopped talking and stared at her.

'Do you want us to hold your hand as well?' one of them asked.

'Or we could pretend we're girls and brush each other's hair if you
want,' another chimed in. Flushed with embarrassment, Sue fled to the
toilets. She almost walked into the female toilets but remembered in time.
When she entered the men's toilets she found herself confronted with a row
of urinals. Daunted, she surreptitiously tried to see how the other men were using them. Receiving a suspicious glare from the other occupants,
she gave up and dived thankfully into the cubicle instead.

She managed to get through the rest of the evening without drawing anymore undesired attention. Everything was in darkness when she returned
and she could hear Dan snoring ostentatiously from the bedroom. Ignoring
him, she set her alarm and settled down to sleep on the sofa.

Dan lay in the dark and resentfully listened to the sounds of Sue
settling down for the night. At first, he had been looking forward to
spend a pleasant afternoon alone with his girlfriend. He had found it
increasingly difficult to restrain himself from physically demonstrating
his affection, which had made him tense and slightly irritable. The sight
of Amy parading around in her underwear, even with her face smeared with
green goo, was still arousing. The touch of her fingers as she smeared the
goo onto his face had been undeniably erotic, and he wanted nothing more
than to roll her on to her back and make love to her there and then on the
carpet. He had meekly allowed Amy to apply wax to his armpits, legs and
bikini line and had followed her directions to daub it on her legs. He had
found it hard to obey her instructions when she told him to rip the strips
off. Even though he was sure she was over-reacting, he did not like to see
Amy in pain, much less cause it. He wanted to cuddle and kiss her until
the pain went away.

Despite the howls she gave each time he pulled a strip off, she seemed
to recover quickly enough from her ordeal. Then she had started ripping
the strips off Dan's body. He had never felt such agony. He could feel
each and every hair being ripped out of its follicle. He bit hard on his
hand and tried not to cry out. He kept telling himself that a woman's body
must have a lower pain threshold but he still couldn't understand why
anyone would voluntarily put themselves through such agony. He had more or
less come to terms with the level of pain generated by waxing his legs when
Amy moved on to his bikini line and armpits. He could not control the
anguished cry that emerged from his throat.

Fortunately, his torture was soon over and the last strip had been
yanked off. Incredibly, Amy was laughing at their experience as if it was
a normal everyday occurrence to inflict such pain. The only positive
aspect Dan could find to the experience was that he was no longer aroused.

Their conversation hadn't particularly cheered Dan up either. He had
brought up the subject of himself, curious to find out what Amy would say
about him. Instead of launching into a lengthy paean about his many
virtues, Amy had groaned and rolled her eyes.

'I'm not starting this, Sue. I want to have a fun evening, not listen
to you point out every little fault Dan has.'

'I wasn't going to say anything nasty,' Dan replied, wondering exactly
what Sue usually said.

'Well, that would be a first. I wish you two would just try to get on a
bit better. It would make my life so much easier if my two favourite
people would just like each other a little bit,' Amy pointed out.

'I'm sorry. I'll try to be nicer,' Dan replied. 'I know it's mainly my
fault. After all he is your boyfriend and I'm just a friend.' To Dan's
horror, Amy didn't agree with him as he had been expecting. Instead, she
threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly.

'I've told you again and again: whatever happens I will always be there
for you. The only thing that can split us two up will be death.' Dan
couldn't believe what he was hearing.

'Not even Dan?' he queried.

'I promised you and I always keep my promises. If you need me, I'll be
there,' Amy said, smiling reassuringly at him. Dan forced himself to smile
back even though inside he seethed with fury. Like any other man, he did
not like to hear that he occupied second place in his girlfriend's

Now he lay trying to get to sleep and he was sure he could still feel
his abused skin stinging. On top of which, he couldn't sprawl on his
stomach as he usually did because he now had a pair of breasts obstructing
him. However he tried to lie they seemed to be in the way. Sue hadn't
even had the courtesy to let him know if his football team had won. He
dreaded to think what kind of performance she had given and could only hope
that she had not been too rude to his friends.

Copyright Vickie Morgan, March 1999 E-mail


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