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GINNY tv and was hooked correctly


Ginny Comes to Town (A story of Walnut Grove)
by Kelly Adams (
Virginia Yamamoto--Ginny to her friends--was new in Walnut Grove.
She had only lived here a week, and her new job had kept her so busy
that she hadn't had much of a chance to look around. But the lab
shut down early on Fridays, so now she finally had a chance to
stroll through the streets of her new home, take in the view, and do
a little window shopping.

Until recently Ginny was a resident of Seattle, but the end of a
rather stormy relationship had given her the impetus to move
somewhere else. She had expected that she'd relocate down to
California somewhere, but when a job opportunity became available in
the Midwest, she decided it was too good to pass up.

Ginny figured she'd get an apartment somewhere in the suburb where
her new job was located, but the recruiter from HR who was making
arrangements for her told Ginny that she had arranged a place for
her in an adorable town not too far away, and that Ginny would just
*love* it there. As it was turning out, the recruiter appeared to be
right. Walnut Grove seemed to have a wonderful shopping district,
well-kept parks, excellent restaurants, and the people were
friendly. On top of all that, the apartment she was in was much
better than the cookie-cutter unit she was expecting: she had one
half of a well-kept old home that had been remodelled into two
apartments, with much more space at a reasonable rent than she could
ever have expected on the west coast.

Ginny had already looked in a couple of clothing stores, a used
record store, and a rather sizable independent book store (which,
surprisingly, had a large section devoted to women's studies).
Checking her watch, she saw that it was already 4:30, and decided to
head on home. She had a date this weekend with a large stack of
unopened cardboard moving boxes, and wanted to get a head start this

On her way back to the parking lot, Ginny passed a lingerie store:
Intimate Whispers. The sign in the window trumpeted 'New Location!'
and appeared to have opened up just the past weekend. Ginny wasn't
in desperate need of any new lingerie at the moment, but she figured
that since she and the store were both new in town, she should stop
in for a quick look.


"It's so great that you were able to open up a new location,"
Gretchen said to Gloria, the owner of the Intimate Whispers chain of
fine lingerie stores (all two of them now!) "Plus, it's so much more
convenient for us downtown here--much better than going out to the

"Well," Gloria said to the attractive blonde who was leaning
nonchalantly against the sales counter, "with so many of my
customers living around here, it seemed a natural place to expand."

Gloria was wearing an attractive yellow dress & jacket, the colors
of which contrasted favorably with her dark skin. Gretchen hoped
that, with the store's new location, she'd get to see much more of
Gloria now.

As they chatted, an antique bell attached to the entrance rang,
announcing the arrival of a new customer. A young, attractive
Japanese woman came in and started looking about somewhat

"Ah, a new customer," Gloria remarked. "Excuse me, Gretchen dear."

"Go ahead," Gretchen responded.

"Marcy," Gloria said to her assistant who was busy rearranging bras
on one of the racks, "would you be a dear and ring up Gretchen's

"Sure thing, boss," Marcy replied, going over to the counter as
Gloria crossed the store to offer her assistance to the new shopper.
"How's it going, Gretchen?"

"Pretty good," Gretchen replied. She liked Marcy--the girl was
bright and bubbly, and tended to wear skirts that were just a shade
too small. Although Marcy was young, Gretchen thought that Gloria
had made an excellent choice in promoting her to be the assistant
manager of the new store.

"Ooo, this is nice," Marcy remarked, picking up Gretchen's lingerie,
a lacy babydoll and matching panty. "A special occasion?"

"Kind of. Kelly's out of town for the weekend, and I want to wear
something special for her when she gets back."

"Well, she'll certainly appreciate you in this!"

As Marcy rang up Gretchen's purchase, Gretchen turned from the
counter to look at the front of the store where Gloria was talking
to the other customer. Gretchen was always impressed by Gloria's
salesmanship: she didn't go for the hard sell, intending instead on
making her customers feel welcome and comfortable. "Better to lay
the groundwork for a relationship than to push for the quick sale,"
Gloria had explained to her once.

Gretchen tried not to stare, but she couldn't get over how pretty
the new customer was. The she saw that the woman was looking at her
too. Their eyes met, then the other girl looked away, seeming
slightly embarrassed. They had only made a brief connection, but
Gretchen now knew how she'd be occupying herself during the weekend.

"Cash or credit?" Marcy asked, regaining Gretchen's attention.

"Oh, sorry. Here," Gretchen responded, digging her Visa out of her
purse and handing it across the counter to Marcy.

While they waited for the approval to come through, Gretchen looked
back to the front of the store to see that the Japanese girl was on
her way out. She quickly signed the credit slip, took the bag
containing her goods from Marcy, and headed out of the store, hoping
she wouldn't be too late.

On her way out, she gave a questioning look to Gloria, a look that
Gloria knew quite well. "She asked if there was a place to get ice
cream nearby," Gloria told Gretchen, "so I pointed her towards the
parlour down the street."

"Thanks!" Gretchen said as she exited the store. "You're a doll!"


'Whew!' Ginny thought as she left Intimate Whispers. She had
suddenly been overcome with a feeling of intense warmth, despite the
perfectly functioning air conditioning within the store. It
strangely seemed cooler out in the summer heat. Not that there was
anything wrong with the store per se; it seemed to be a perfectly
good lingerie store, and the proprietor, Gloria, was very nice. But
she had been starting to feel hot, so she asked Gloria where she
could get something cold like ice cream, the made a hasty exit.

It was, she decided, the blonde.

Almost upon entering, Ginny had been distracted by the gorgeous
woman at the sale counter in the back of the store. Throughout her
brief conversation with Gloria, Ginny couldn't help but look over at
the blonde woman, mostly just getting a view of her backside and
wonderfully shaped ass in a pair of tight denim shorts. That was
fine. But then when the woman turned around and looked right at
Ginny, well, Ginny felt the temperature rise rapidly, and just had
to get out of there.

Why? She didn't know. It wasn't as though Ginny was terribly shy. It
was the new town, she thought. She was new here, and didn't want to
be immediately pegged as an asian lesbian slut before she had a
chance to meet people and make friends.

Having convinced herself of her rationale during her brief walk down
the sidewalk, Ginny found herself in front of Scoops, the ice cream
parlour that Gloria had recommended. Sure, she was supposed to be
headed home, but a small chocolate fudge ripple come wouldn't hurt anything, and would help cool of her insides as well.

Ginny was served by a cute young brunette with her hair back in a
ponytail, and decided to sit at one of the tables inside to eat her
ice cream rather than brave the outdoor heat. She was quite shocked
when, after just a couple of licks, the blonde woman entered the

If the blonde noticed Ginny sitting there, she made no sign that it
was so. She approached the counter, placed her order, and carried on
a seemingly familial conversation with the ponytailed girl. After
paying for her come, the blonde looked around the tables, and saw
Ginny. She smiled, and then walked right over to where Ginny was

"Hi there," the woman said to Ginny. Ginny did her best not to
freeze up, and even managed a polite smile. "Didn't I see you over
at Gloria's?"

"Gloria's?" Ginny responded. "I don't... oh, the lingerie store.
Yes, I suppose so--I was just in there."

"I thought that was you. Are you new in town?"

"Yes I am," Ginny answered. "Just moved here last weekend."

"Excellent. My name's Gretchen; just consider me part of the
welcoming committee. I think you'll like it here!"

"I think I do already," Ginny said, feeling more at ease. In her
mind she had built up the blonde to be a sultry sex goddess, but
Gretchen was turning out to just be a friendly, albiet incredibly
beautiful, resident. "My name's Virginia, but most people call me

"Nice to meet you, Ginny. Have you been able to get out much since
you've been here?"

"Not really. Most days it's been work during the day and
unpacking--or rather putting off unpacking--in the evenings. This
afternoon was really the first chance I've had to take a breather
and look around."

"What have you got planned for this evening?"

"More unpacking, I suppose. I'd really like to get things finished
off this weekend."

"Well forget that. You need a break," Gretchen insisted. "And it
looks like you need a friend who isn't made of cardboard. I'll tell
you what: meet me at the Java Joint--that's the coffee house across
the street and down a block--tonight at about seven. We'll talk,
hang out, and I'll give you the inside scoop on what makes this town
tick. Deal?"

Ginny considered. It seemed harmless enough, and she could certainly
use a friend in this new town. "Sure. Deal."

"Great--I'll see you then!" Gretchen finished off the last bite of
her small cone and turned to leave the store. "Bye!"


Ginny spent an hour trying to decide what to wear. She couldn't
decide if Gretchen had been hitting on her or was just being
friendly to the new girl in town. Not that Ginny would mind if
Gretchen was hitting on her; the thought of the blonde's head buried
down between her thighs was enough to make her nipples harden. It
had been too long since Ginny had had sex with anything more
interesting than a piece of vibrating plastic!

She finally settled on her tight black denim jeans and a pale yellow
halter top tee. She turned to her side and checked herself out in
the full-length mirror. The jeans showed off her tight ass pretty
well, and her braless b-cup tits were nicely visible beneath the
thin yellow top. It was sexy enough to seduce, yet not over-the-top
screaming 'Fuck Me!' If Gretchen was interested in sex, this outfit
should help to indicate that Ginny was plenty willing.

Ginny arrived at the Java Joint a few minutes early, so she ordered
an iced cappucino and then found a seat on a sofa not too far back
with a good view of the entrance.

As she sipped her drink and kept one eye on the door, Ginny engaged
in a bit of people watching of the other customers. The place wasn't
too full--there were maybe twenty people total, mostly in their 20s
and 30s and about two-thirds women.

Finally, a couple of minutes after seven, Gretchen arrived. She saw
Ginny sitting on the sofa, gave a cute little wave and smile, then
went to the counter to order a drink. Ginny watched as Gretchen
placed her order and flirted with the cute barrista. Gretchen was
still wearing her tight denim shorts, but had changed her top to a
baby blue blouse with the buttons done only in the middle, leaving a
good deal of skin showing above her breasts and around her belly.

A tall glass of lemonade in hand, Gretchen came over to where Ginny
was seated. "Hey girl, you made it."

"Yeah, thanks for inviting me," Ginny responded. "I don't know
hardly anybody in town, so it's nice to meet someone like you."

"Well, we'll just have to do something about that--introduce you to
a few people," Gretchen said as she sat down on the sofa next to
Ginny. "But not tonight; I'm going to keep you all to myself!"

Ginny liked where this was going--Gretchen seemed to be coming on to
her in a big way! She tried hard not to blush.

"So, Virginia, what brings you to our sleepy little town?" Gretchen

"Work," Ginny explained. "I just started down at Dunhill
Pharmaceuticals, in the research lab. We're working on a possible
treatment for breast cancer."

"Hey, that's really great!"

"Well, we're a long way off from anything useful right now, but
we're really hoping that we'll make a breakthrough. I feels good to
be working towards something that will make a difference."

"I hear you there. Unfortunately, in the accounting world, we don't
get to do much of that," Gretchen said.

The two girls continued to talk, exchanging anecdotes, a little
family history, etc. As the time passed, the coffee house continued
to fill up, becoming more crowded and quite lively.

"Looks like this is a pretty popular place," Ginny remarked.

"Yeah. There's not much of a bar scene around here," Gretchen
explained. "So on a Friday night this is one of the places people go
to hang out."

"That's good information to know!"

"But I'm not in the mood for a crowd tonight. If you want, we can go
back to my place--my roommate is out of town for the weekend, so
we'll have plenty of privacy there," Gretchen offered. A sparkle in
her eye intimated to Ginny just what Gretchen meant by wanting

"Sure, sounds good," Ginny replied. She couldn't believe her luck:
Gretchen was not only gorgeous, but smart and nice and was
definitely coming on to her!


Ginny got in her car and followed Gretchen in her black SUV back to
Gretchen's place, a moderately sized town house-style condo.

"Nice place," Ginny complemented as the two of them went inside.

"Thanks. We moved in a few months ago, and already it feels like
home," Gretchen told her. Once through the entryway, they were in a
living room, with a kitchen and dining area off to the left and a
stairway to the right.

Gretchen tossed her purse on the table and walked into the kitchen.
"Can I get you something to drink?" she asked.

"No thanks. I'm still a little wired from the caffeine," Ginny told

"Good," Gretchen said, not explaining any further.

Ginny look at the photographs on the bookshelf, particularly one
featuring Gretchen and a pretty brunette. "Who's this in the photo?
Your roommate?"

"Yes," Gretchen answered, stepping back into the living room. "My
girlfriend, actually. Kelly."

"Oh," Ginny replied, feeling foolish.

"What's wrong?" Gretchen asked her.

"Well... God I'm so embarrassed. I thought maybe you had been coming
on to me tonight."

"Well, maybe I was," Gretchen said with a grin.

"But your girlfriend..."

"Won't mind. Really. In fact, she'll be a bit jealous that she's not
here too." Gretchen stepped up close to Ginny and wrapped her arms
around her waist. "I'm not looking for anything serious, Ginny. I
just saw a cute girl who was new in town and might want a friend to
hang out with," she explained. "And if she wants to do a little
fooling around, well, that's a plus!"

Gretchen playfully pushed a strand of hair up out of Ginny's face.
"So, what do you say?"

Ginny tilted her head up slightly and kissed Gretchen's soft lips.
"Does that answer your question?"

"It's just the answer I was hoping for!" Gretchen returned the kiss,
slipping her tongue inside of Ginny's mouth.

After a couple of minutes of making out next to the bookcase the two
women relocated to the couch. Gretchen began to rub Ginny's breasts through her tee while they kissed, eventually pushing the shirt up
to get at them directly.

"Mmmmm, you have such cute little tits," Gretchen said as she rubbed
Ginny's chest.

"You don't think they're too small?" Ginny asked self-consciously.

"Heck no! They're a wonderfully delicious size!" Gretchen bent her
head down and began to lick one of Ginny's hard nipples.

"Oooo, god that's nice!" Ginny said, enjoying Gretchen's tongue
dancing across her tits.

Gretchen moved one of her hands down between Ginny's thighs and
began to rub Ginny's crotch through her jeans. Ginny could feel her
heat grow as Gretchen pressed her fingers hard into the denim.

"We've got to get these pants off of you," Gretchen said.

"Gladly," Ginny agreed, her voice full of lust.

Gretchen stood up from the couch and undid Ginny's jeans. Ginny
lifted her hips up from the couch and wiggled her hips while
Gretchen slid the pants off of her legs. "Red panties," Gretchen
observed. "Very cute."


"But they have to go too!" Gretchen pulled Ginny panties off and
tossed them aside, then spread Ginny's legs apart and sat between

"I love your pussy," Gretchen said, lightly running a single finger
in Ginny's sparse, well-trimmed pubic hair and across her pussy lips. She then slid her finger up into Ginny's slit. "Nice and wet,
I see. And very warm..."

Ginny moaned with delight as Gretchen slowly pumped her index finger
up inside of her. Then Gretchen puller her finger out and licked off
Ginny's juices. "Mmmm, very nice--very sweet," she said, smacking
her lips.

Gretchen leaned her head down and began to apply her tongue to
Ginny's pussy. She used her fingers to spread Ginny's labia open and
reached her tongue in as far as she could, flicking and licking
Ginny's hot hole. Ginny started to grind her hips and pressed her
crotch into Gretchen's face. Gretchen continued to lick forcefully
as Ginny's lust rose, until Ginny came with a loud, high pitched
squeal of delight.

"Oh god, that was fantastic!" Ginny told Gretchen.

"Thanks," Gretchen replied.

"No, thank you," Ginny responded. "Now it's my turn to return the

"Go for it, baby," Gretchen said. She ran her hands seductively over
her torso and down her hips. "I'm all yours!"

Ginny stood up from the couch and faced Gretchen. "Oh dear,
everything looks so good, I just don't know where to begin!" She
placed her hands on Gretchen's chest and began to rub her breasts.
"Maybe with these nice big gorgeous tits of yours..."

"Mmmm, that would be nice..."

"Or even better," Ginny said, moving her hands down to start to
unfasten Gretchen's shorts, "I bet your pussy is getting awful wet!"
Ginny slid down Gretchen's zipper, then put her hand down the front
of Gretchen's bikini-cut panties. "Oooooo, you're nice and bare down
here--and very wet!"

"What can I say--sucking on the pussy of a hot cute girl gets me all
worked up!"

"I'll say!" Ginny slid her middle finger up inside of Gretchen's
pussy. "How's that?"

"Oohh, very nice..."

She inserted her index finger along side it. "And that?"

"Even better..."

Ginny began to fuck Gretchen with her fingers, moving them in and
out slowly but steadily. "Oh yessss," Gretchen moaned. "Fuck me with
your little hand..."

Ginny sensed that Gretchen wanted her to go faster with harder with
her fingers, but she resisted. She didn't want to get Gretchen off
too fast! After a couple of minutes she pulled her hand back out of
Gretchen's panties and licked Gretchen's juices off of her fingers.
"Why'd you stop?" Gretchen asked.

"'Cause I really want to have a go at these nice boobs of yours,"
Ginny responded as she began to undo the few buttons that held
Gretchen's blouse together. "I haven't been able to stop thinking
about them all evening!"

Gretchen was wearing a very shear white bra underneath her blouse,
through which her erect nipples were clearly visible. Ginny began to
suck Gretchen's tits through the thin fabric.

"Oooh, that's nice baby," Gretchen said as Ginny licked her. "But
here, this will be even better." Gretchen reached behind her back
and unhooked her bra.

"Oh yeah," Ginny remarked, massaging Gretchen's bare tits with her
hands. She gave Gretchen's left nipple a soft, playful bite, sending
a jolt of pleasure through the blonde's body.

"Oh fuck that's good!" Gretchen cried out.

"I bet you're getting even wetter now," Ginny said, lowering a hand
back down to Gretchen's crotch.

"Oh yes, you're getting me very wet and horny!"

Ginny began to finger-fuck Gretchen again, while at the same time
sucking on her nipples. She didn't hold back at all now, moving her
fingers rapidly in and out of Gretchen's hot wet hole.

"Oh yes!" Gretchen cried out. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh yes, Ooh! Ooh!
Ooh!" She began to feel light-headed. She reached out her arms for
something to grab hold of to keep her balance, but instead fell back
onto the couch.

"Whoops!" Gretchen said, giggling.

Ginny laughed too, and joined her back down on the couch. She
snuggled up close and gave the blonde a deep, wet kiss.

"Mmmm, you're a good kisser," Gretchen told Ginny.


"And very good with your hands, too. I bet you make all your
girlfriends very happy."

"Well, I certainly try."

"What do you say we take this upstairs to the bedroom?" Gretchen

"Okay. But first I've got to use the bathroom--that espresso is
starting to press on my bladder," Ginny confessed.

"Sure. It's right over there by where we came in," Gretchen told
her, pointing back towards the entrance. "So you go pee, and I'll
meet you upstairs when you're done!"


When Ginny finished in the bathroom, she bounded naked up the
staircase to the top floor, her bare feet only touching every other
step. She was having a really great time with Gretchen, and was sure
that there was plenty more fun to be had.

The bedroom wasn't huge, but it was plenty big enough--certainly no
smaller than the one in her own new apartment. It was dominated by a
queen-sized bed, with a beautiful and completely naked Gretchen
sitting on the edge. "Hey cutie," Gretchen greeted Ginny, her hand
softly gliding over the silk sheets.

Ginny quickly crossed the short distance over to the bed. "Hey
yourself, gorgeous!" She wrapped her arms around Gretchen's
shoulders and gave the beautiful blonde a deep kiss with lots of

Gretchen reached her hands down to Ginny's ass and gave her cheeks a
little squeeze. "Hop on up," she told Ginny. As Gretchen pushed up
on her butt, Ginny gave a little leap and landed up on Gretchen's
lap. She resituated her legs so that they were wrapped around behind
Gretchen. The two girls kissed some more as they pressed their
breasts together.

"You're tongue is really great in my mouth," Ginny said, "but I'd
rather have it someplace else right now..."

"And where would that be?" Gretchen asked teasingly.

"Guess," Ginny said as she pressed on Gretchen's shoulders, pushing
her gently down onto the bed.

"Mmmmm, bring that pretty little pussy up here," Gretchen beckoned.

Ginny scooted herself up over Gretchen's chest, bringing her crotch
up to Gretchen's awaiting lips. Gretchen immediately snaked her
tongue up into Ginny's pussy.

"Oh yeah, lick me baby!" Ginny said as she felt Gretchen's tongue
dance around the inside of her pussy. She leaned forward and grabbed
ahold of the headboard for balance, then began to slowly and
slightly gyrate her hips. "Oh fuck, Gretchen--your tongue feels so
good in my pussy!"

"You think that feels good, how about this?" Gretchen wet her finger
briefly in her mouth then stuck it up hard into Ginny, at the same
time attacking Ginny's clit with her tongue.

"Oooohhhh YESSSSS!" Ginny cried out in pleasure as she arched her

"How was that?" Gretchen asked as she crawled out from under Ginny's

"Fabulous," Ginny said as she caught her breath.

Ginny tried to move, but Gretchen held her in place. "Uh uh, I'm not
through with you yet, honey," Gretchen told her. She knelt behind
Ginny and began to lightly stroke her slit. "You have such a pretty
pussy," she said, sliding two fingers up inside of her.

"Oooh yeah, give it to me," Ginny moaned. Keeping her fingers inside
of Ginny, Gretchen moved up alongside Ginny and began to kiss her.
She probed Ginny's mouth with her tongue while she continued to fuck
Ginny's pussy with her fingers until Ginny came again.

Exhausted, Ginny slumped down on the bed and rolled over. Gretchen
layed down next to her and gently stroked Ginny's body with her
hands as Ginny drifted off to sleep.


Ginny slept soundly through the night, not waking up until the next
morning. She was alone in Gretchen's bed, and could see sunlight
peeking in from behind the blinds. From downstairs she could smell
the wonderful odor of breakfast being cooked. Apparently Gretchen
was making breakfast for her--she thought it was sweet.

Then, about a minute later, the smell changed from breakfast cooking
to breakfast burning, and Ginny heard the
'deetdeetdeetdeetdeetdeetdeet' of a smoke alarm. "Shit!" she heard
Gretchen exclaim.

Ginny jumped up out of the bed and ran downstairs. Gretchen had
opened up the large glass door that led out to the patio and was
trying to fan the smoke out. "Is everything okay?" Ginny asked,

Gretchen coughed. "Yeah, sure, it's fine. Nothing wrong here."

"But all of the smoke..."

"Oh, that. Well, I was trying to fix us breakfast, but, um, I ran
into a little problem." Gretchen was wearing a short pink robe, and
her long blonde hair was still damp from a shower. Even though she
looked a bit pissed-off, Ginny still thought that she was gorgeous.

Despite the fact that the smoke had mostly evacuated, the smoke
alarm continued to chime. "Oh, shut up!" Gretchen yelled at the
alarm, futilely. When staring and yelling didn't work, Gretchen
pulled a chair over from the table, climbed up on it, and attempted
to disconnect the alarm. After about a minute, she managed to twist
it the right way, pulled it down, and disconnected the wires. Yet
still, the alarm continued it's loud chirping. "What do I have to do
to shut you up?!" she yelled at the device in her hands, but it
answered her with nothing but 'deetdeetdeetdeetdeetdeet'.
Frustrated, Gretchen took the device to the opened glass door and
threw it down onto the concrete patio. The chirping finally stopped,
as the alarm broke into several pieces.

"Oops," Gretchen said.

"I don't think that's how you're supposed to turn those off,"
commented Ginny.

"I don't think so either," Gretchen agreed. "But at least it's shut
up now. We'll have to stop and get another one today."

"We?" Ginny asked. She had figured that this was just a one night

"Yeah, after I help you with unpacking this afternoon, I figure
we'll need to hit the stores and get some stuff."

"You're going to help me with unpacking?"

"Well yeah. You didn't think I was a fuck-em and leave-em kind of
gal, did you? We're friends now, whether you like it or not!"

"Oh, I think I rather like it," Ginny said with a smile. She moved
up close to Gretchen and gave her a wet kiss.

"And besides," Gretchen confessed, "if I help you with your
unpacking, that'll leave us more time to have some fun this

"Mmmm, even better!"

"Good. Well, it looks like we're going to have to go out for
breakfast," Gretchen said with a disparaging glare at the kitchen.
"Luckily I know a great brunch place not too far from here."

"Sounds good."

"But first, as much as I enjoy your being naked, you should probably
go clean up and get dressed before we go."

"Oh shit, I don't have a change of clothes here," Ginny remarked.

"Not too worry," Gretchen told her. "Your jeans are there on the
back of the couch. You can grab a shirt out of one of the closets up
in our bedroom, and you should be able to find clean underwear that
fits in the left-hand bottom drawer.

"Bathroom with a shower is upstairs off the bedroom," Gretchen
continued, "and you'll find a washcloth and clean towels in the
linen closet at the top of the stairs."

"Okay," Ginny said.

"Good." Gretchen gave Ginny a playful slap on her bare behind. "Now
get going!"

Ginny grabbed her jeans and scampered naked back up the stairs. She
found the items in the linen closet and went into the bathroom. She
started up the shower, noticing that the shower curtain was a simple
clear vinyl. The water got hot almost immediately and Ginny got in.

She soaped up her long black hair with an apple-blossom shampoo.
Ginny was proud of her hair, even though it was long and could be a
bitch to take care of sometimes. She was suddenly overcome with the
memory of how Karla, her ex-, would wash her hair for her sometimes,
and how incredibly erotic it was.

Ginny sighed as she leaned her head back into the stream of water to
rinse her hair out. She had moved out here to forget about Karla.
Yes, there were some good memories mixed in with the bad, but it was
best not to dwell on either.

Ginny finished her shower, got out and began to towel off. She
opened the bathroom door up to let out the steam, and could hear
Gretchen's voice from downstairs, apparently talking on the

"...oh, I met a new girl last night! ... Yeah, she just arrived a
week ago... Virginia--Ginny. She's a cute Japanese girl, petite, a
great little tight ass, so I *know* you'd like her! ... Oh, you do
too! Don't deny it! ... So anyway, when will you be getting back?

Not wanting to listen in further on the conversation, Ginny closed
the bathroom door back and turned on a hairdryer. She figured that
Gretchen had been talking with her girlfriend, and wondered what it
would be like to be in a relationship and be able to be that open
about other people.

After her hair was dry, Ginny went into the bedroom. In the bottom
dresser drawer she found what appeared to be a small stockpile of
panties in varying sizes and colors, which she found to be a bit
odd. She found a lavender bikini and pulled it on, then went looking
in the closet for a shirt. She found a pink Powerpuff girls half-tee, which she thought would be a bit small on Gretchen, but
fit her almost perfect. She pulled her jeans on and went back

Gretchen had changed also, out of her robe and into white sailor
shorts and a lime green square neck tank top. "Who was that you were
talking to on the phone?" Ginny asked.

"That was Kelly," Gretchen told her.

"Your girlfriend."


"How is she?"

"Bored to tears! She's at some kind of computer and Internet
conference, and says that she'd much rather have been here with us
last night!"

"You were telling her about me...?"

"Well yeah. We never fool around behind the other's back. You'll
have to meet her sometime--I think you'll like her, and I'm pretty
sure she'll like you too."

"If she's half as much fun in bed as you are, I'm pretty sure that I

"So, you ready to roll?" Gretchen asked, changing the subject.

"Sure. Just let me find my sandals and grab my purse."

"Do you mind driving?" Gretchen asked. "I don't see any sense in us
dragging two separate cars around town all day."

"Makes sense to me," Ginny agreed. "But you'll have to tell me where
we're going."

"What, you don't want to drive around town randomly until we come to
the restaurant?" Gretchen kidded.

Ginny poked Gretchen playfully. "Come on, gorgeous, let's go!"


By 10:30 in the morning Maggie Sommers was halfway through her shift
at The Nook, the brunch spot she had been waitressing at all summer.
Although the pay wasn't great, the people she worked with were nice
and since The Nook only served breakfast and lunch that kept her
evenings free to go out and have fun.

Not that there was a lot of fun these days. Since she broke up with
Matt a month ago her evenings had been disappointingly fun-free. Not
that she was sorry for having dumped him--Matt took her for granted
and had been progressively treating her worse over the five months
that they were together.

Maggie had been spending some of the time with Hilary, her best
friend. But now that Hilary had found a new girlfriend, she
understandably didn't want to spend all her time with Maggie. Which
was fine--but this was her last free summer before starting college and Maggie wanted to be having a bit more fun.

Still, Hilary seemed very happy these days, so Maggie was happy for
her. Maggie had been a bit surprised two summers ago when Hilary
informed her that she was a lesbian. She worried that her best
friend was going to come on to her, but when she realized that that
wasn't going to be an issue, everything was cool. They continued to
be best friends, talking and sharing and hanging out, it's just that
now with Hilary their girl talk centered on girls as well as boys.
And, through all that talk, Maggie had found herself becoming more
and more interested in the possibility of hooking up with another
girl. Not with Hilary--that would be, well, weird--but after several
bad relationships with boys she thought that maybe, just maybe, she
wouldn't mind giving girls a try.

Having just finished with her fifteen minute break, Maggie was in
the bathroom. She washed her hands, then ran her fingers through her
short curly auburn hair to fluff it up a bit. The shirt she was
wearing, a turquoise polo shirt with The Nook's logo, wasn't exactly
flattering, but it was part of the job.

Maggie grabbed her order pad and exited the bathroom, heading back
to work. She almost flipped when she saw who had just been seated in
her section. Gretchen had been in The Nook often enough, usually
with her girlfriend, Kelly, that Maggie knew her by name. Now if
ever Maggie was going to try being with a woman, Gretchen would
definitely be the one: she was blonde, absolutely beautiful, nice,
and a great tipper! Maggie couldn't believe that, after a morning of
musing to herself about possibly trying women, that Gretchen was now
seated in her section. Plus, while normally Gretchen was with Kelly,
this morning she was with someone else. Was it fate?

Maggie tried to push the thoughts our of her mind; she still had to
concentrate on her job, not fantasize about sex. She approached the
table, set to take the orders of Gretchen and the pretty Japanese
woman who was seated with her.

"Hi Maggie!" Gretchen greeted her as she looked up from her menu.

Maggie tried hard not to stare at Gretchen's blue eyes. "Hi
Gretchen," she replied. "Where's Kelly?"

"She's away for the weekend--some boring computer conference,"
Gretchen explained. "This is my friend Ginny--she just moved to
town a week ago."

"It's nice to meet you," Maggie said.

"Same here," Ginny said.

"What can I get you ladies this morning?"

Gretchen ordered first. "I think I'll start off with the fruit
plate, and then... hmmm... oh, what the heck--I'll be naughty and
have the eggs benedict."

Maggie tried not to blush at the thought of Gretchen being naughty!
"And you, Ginny?"

"I think I'll be naughty as well, and have the chocolate chip
pancakes," Ginny ordered. Maggie noticed that Ginny stressed the
word 'naughty' and glanced at Gretchen when she said it. "Oh, and a
cup of peach yoghurt too."

Aware that the ordering had somehow managed to take on a sexually
charged undertone, Maggie quickly wrapped up the order. "Okay, good,
I'll be right back with your fruit and yoghurt," she said, then
quickly walked away back to the kitchen.

Maggie stopped for a second to catch her breath. She couldn't
believe how worked-up she was getting. She had never felt this way
around any woman before, but for some reason this morning Gretchen
was having quite an effect on her. Pheromones or something, Maggie
decided, combined with her thinking earlier about trying women for a
change. It didn't mean anything.

Maggie grabbed a cup of yoghurt and one of the pre-made fruit plates
from the fridge and carried them back out to the dining area.
Gretchen and Ginny were talking about something, but they stopped
when Maggie approached.

"One peach yoghurt, and one fruit plate," Maggie said, setting the
food down in front of the women.

"Thanks, sweetie," Gretchen said, smiling. She picked up a large
strawberry off of her plate and brought it to her mouth. Seductively
she licked her tongue around its circumfrence, then placed it
between her pursed lips. She bit into the strawberry, emitting a
soft, almost sensual "Mmmmmm" as a tiny bit of red juice squirted
out of the corner of her mouth and dribbled down her chin. "God, but
I love a nice, ripe juicy fruit," Gretchen commented.

Maggie was aware that she was staring, but couldn't help herself.
She was entranced by the blonde beauty's seductive ease. After a
second, she snapped herself out of her Gretchen-induced stupor and
got back to business. "Can I get you ladies anything else?" she
finally managed to ask.

"Not now dear, thanks," Gretchen replied.

"Okay, your food should be ready in just a few minutes," Maggie told
them, then headed back to the bathroom to splash some cold water on
her face.


"You are just terrible!" Ginny scolded Gretchen when Maggie was
safely out of earshot.

"What?" Gretchen asked with faux innocence.

"Teasing that poor girl like that. There ought to be a law!"

"Thankfully there isn't. Besides, Maggie's straight--I've seen her
around town a couple of times with a boyfriend," Gretchen said.

"Well that may be," Ginny said. "But the way that girl was looking
at you this morning, if she's not into girls, she's sure thinking
about it."

"Yeah, I guess her reactions did seem a little different than usual
this morning," agreed Gretchen.

"Different? Honey, she is very into you!"

"Oh please," Gretchen said dismissively. "Besides, I think she's a
bit too young for me."

"Hey, as long as she's eighteen, that would be old enough for me,"
Ginny remarked.

"Hmmmm, maybe you're right," Gretchen said as she cut off a piece of
cantaloupe and brought it to her mouth.

"Of course, if you keep eating fruit like that, I just might have to
ravage you right here in the restaurant," Ginny told her.

"What? Oh, sorry," Gretchen apologized. "Guess I'm just
unconsciously horny this morning."

"That's nice, honey, but try to keep a lid on it until later, okay?"

"Okay, I'll try to contain my raging hormones," Gretchen said with a

A few minutes later, when Maggie brought their breakfast out to
them, Gretchen deliberately placed her hand on Maggie's. "Thanks
dear," she said, looking right into Maggie's hazel eyes.

Maggie didn't pull her hand back right away, but instead flashed a
brief, cute smile. "Sure, you're welcome," she said, then turned
away to pay attention to one of her other tables.

"See?" Ginny said.

"Guess you were right," Gretchen admitted.

"Well, you're mine for the rest of the weekend," Ginny said. "So
don't get any rash ideas!"

"Oh, don't worry," Gretchen told her. "I probably won't pursue
things anyway. Still, I haven't broken a girl's lesbian cherry in
quite some time..."

When they finished, they left a fairly sizable tip, and Gretchen
wrote her phone number on the bottom of the check. If Maggie really
was interested, the ball was now in her court.


After they got to Ginny's apartment, Ginny went upstairs to change
out of her black jeans ("Too hot for doing housework in!" she said)
while Gretchen had a brief look around. The house was fairly
old--Gretchen knew very little about architecture but guessed it was
built in the 1920s--but had been well maintained. It was two
stories, divided in half so that each apartment had an upstairs and
a downstairs. There were hardwood floors throughout, and a staircase
that creaked in a quaint sort of way.

Though there were boxes everywhere, Gretchen could still make out
some of the intended decor. The living area had an old couch; a
not-so-old Lay-Z-Boy; a small table upon which sat a 17" tv, a VCR
and a cd/dual-cassette boom box with detachable speakers (ca. 1991);
a couple of floor lamps; and two large empty bookcases with boxes of
unpacked books stacked in front of them. There was a small entryway
on the far side of the room (they had come in the back, through the
kitchen); Gretchen opened the door to air out the place and get a
breeze moving. The front yard was small, and quickly emptied into a
neighborhood street, where she watched three kids ride by on their

Turning back towards the interior of the apartment, Gretchen saw
that Ginny had turned the corner area formed by the staircase and
the kitchen wall into a makeshift dining area, dominated by an oval
wooden table--she couldn't decide it was an antique or merely old.
The kitchen, which they had passed through earlier, had relatively
modern appliances, hiding somewhere behind the stacks of boxes.

Ginny came back down the stairs, having changed into a practical
pair of grey fleece shorts. "This is a nice place," Gretchen told

"Yeah," Ginny agreed. "It has character!"

They opened up the windows, placing a box fan in one of them to get
the air circulating. "There's no central air in a place this old,"
Ginny explained. "I have a window unit up in the bedroom, but
there's no way to cool the entire place other than with fans."

"That's okay," Gretchen said. "If it gets too hot this afternoon, we
can always just strip down to our underwear!"

"I like the way you think!"

Ginny had Gretchen unpack the books and place them in the bookcases
while she worked on getting the kitchen in order. Gretchen enjoyed
going through the books, as she always believed that you could tell
a lot about a person by the books they kept on their shelves. In
addition to the expected old college chemistry textbooks, Ginny also
had: A full set of "Dykes to Watch Out For" collections, complete
runs of "Sandman" and "Strangers in Paradise" graphic novels,
well-thumbed paperbacks of "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings",
various novels from Rising Tide Press, several paperback mysteries,
all four Harry Potter novels, several collections of Molly Ivins'
columns, and ten leather bound 'Classics for young Readers' books,
each inscribed with a Merry Christmas message form her parents, one
for each year from 1981 to 1990.

When she finished with the books, Gretchen moved on to unpacking
Ginny's compact discs. They were mostly classical, with a good
number of violin concertos and string quartets.

Finished with her task, Gretchen went into the kitchen to see how
Ginny was doing. "Done already?" Ginny asked her.

"Yeah," Gretchen confirmed. "I didn't put them in much of any order,
as I figured you'd just rearrange them anyway."

"Sure, that's fine," Ginny told her. "I was just thinking it was
time for a break. Would you like some lemonade?"

"Sounds great."

Ginny opened up the fridge, which Gretchen could see was mostly
bare, and took out a half-gallon carton. "It's not fresh," Ginny
apologized, "but it is real lemonade."

"As long as it's cold and wet, that's good enough for me!"

Ginny grabbed a couple of plastic tumblers (Jurrasic Park promos
from Burger King) out of one of the boxes and poured them each a
glass. Ginny hopped up and sat on a bare space on the counter, while
Gretchen leaned back against the stove.

"Do you mind if I ask you a question?" Ginny asked.

"Sure," Gretchen said. "What is it?"

"Well, it's been bugging me since this morning--what's the deal with
that drawer of panties up in your bedroom?"

Gretchen smiled. "Well, you never know when you're going to meet a
hot girl and invite her back for a night of passionate sex, so we've
found that it always helps to be prepared," she explained.

Ginny laughed. "No, really."

"Really," Gretchen told her.

"You do this sort of thing a lot then?"

"I wouldn't say a lot, but we do have friends over to stay the night
from time to time," Gretchen explained.

"Well, the next time I'll be sure to bring a change of
clothes--assuming there is a next time."

"I certainly hope there is," Gretchen told her.

They heard a knock at the front door. "Oh shit, I forgot--the cable
guy was supposed to come today!" Ginny said.

Gretchen swallowed the last gulp of her drink. "You stay there--I'll
get the door," she told Ginny, who was trapped behind several boxes
she would have to climb over.

Going through the living room to the front door, Gretchen was
surprised to see that the cable guy was actually a cable gal: about
5'6", seemingly in her mid-20s, with dishwater blonde hair tied back
in a ponytail, wearing a red tee shirt, baggy blue jeans, and a
formidable tool belt, and carrying a plastic toolbox. "Is this 6142
Cedar Lane?" she asked.

"Yeah, I think so," Gretchen said, opening the screen door.

"But I take it you're not Virginia Yamamoto?"

"Nope, I'm just a friend. Ginny's tied up in the kitchen at the
moment, but you can come on in."

"Thanks," the cable gal said, wiping her feet on the welcome mat.
"Do you know where she wants the lines installed?"

"Hang on, I'll ask her," Gretchen said, and headed back into the

"You'd better come on out," Gretchen told Ginny. "She has some

"She?" Ginny said, hopping down from the counter.

"Yeah, and pretty cute too," Gretchen told her. "You're lucky--all
we got when we moved into our place was a guy with a buttcrack who
smelled like liverwurst!"

Ginny climbed over the boxes and made her way tot he living room.
"Hi, I'm Ginny," she said, extended her hand.

"I'm Sandra, from the cable company," the cable gal told her. "Is
this your only set?" she asked, indicating the tv on the low table.

"Yup, that's it," Ginny said.

Sandra walked around the table and bent over, looking at the wall
behind it (and giving Gretchen and Ginny a good look at her ass in
the process!) "There's an outlet right here," Sandra told them, "so
this shouldn't take too long at all."

"Great," Ginny said.

Sandra spent about five minutes going back and forth between the
living room and the outside until the picture came up properly on
the tv and was hooked in correctly to the VCR. She then produced a
clipboard with some papers for Ginny to sign. "Well, that should be
it," Sandra said.

"Would you like something to drink?" Ginny offered. "We were just
having lemonade when you arrived."

"I'd love to, but I'm behind enough today as it is," Sandra
explained. "But thanks." She gathered up her tools and went back out
to her truck to head off to her next call.

"Damn, she was something," Ginny finally said.

"I know," Gretchen agreed. "There's just something about a girl with

"You know, one of these days I just might have to accidentally pull
the cable out, and be too stupid to know how to reattach it!"

"Just be sure to be stripped down to your bra and panties the next
time she comes to the door," Gretchen suggested.

"And hope that I don't get that liverwurst guy!" The two women


After Sandra left, Gretchen went upstairs to use the bathroom. It
was larger than she had expected, with old-style porcelain
furnishings. She was really impressed by the bathtub: it was one of
those kind that sits up on cast-iron feet, not molded into the wall
like a modern tub; an oval curtain rod was situated on a pole, so
that the curtain could be pulled completely around the tub when
showering. Most importantly, the tub was very large--Gretchen
figured it could fit two people rather comfortably, which gave her
ideas for what she and Ginny might do in the evening.

When she had finished, Gretchen went back downstairs to rejoin Ginny
in the kitchen. With the two of them working, they managed to make
quick work of emptying the rest of the boxes.

Gretchen was concerned with the lack of food in Ginny's refrigerator
and cupboards, and made mention of this to Ginny. "I just haven't
found the time yet to get to a grocery store," Ginny explained.

"Well, we have some fantastic markets here in town," Gretchen told
her. "Maybe tomorrow afternoon I can take you to one and we can get
your cupboards full."

"That would be great, thanks!" Ginny said. "You're being so great to
me, really making me feel at home."

"It's my pleasure," Gretchen told her.

"No really, I mean it. Here I was worried about being alone in a new
town with no family or friends around, but you've been so sweet. I
don't know how I'll ever thank you."

"Oh, I can think of a few ways," Gretchen said with a smile. She
took Ginny's hand and pulled her close for a kiss. Ginny opened her
mouth eagerly and Gretchen slid her tongue in, kissing her deeply.

Gretchen helped Ginny hop up on the counter, so that now Ginny was a
bit taller than Gretchen. Gretchen stepped up between Ginny's legs,
reached her hand behind Ginny's neck and bent her head up slightly
for another kiss. With her free hand, Gretchen slid up under Ginny's
shirt and began to rub her left tit, gently squeezing Ginny's

Ginny broke off the kiss and leaned back a bit on the counter,
reaching her arms down to hold on to the edge. "Ooooh, that's so
nice," she said softly.

Gretchen pushed Ginny's shirt up over the top of her small breasts and began to suck on her nipples. They were getting pretty hard, and
she could tell by Ginny's soft moans that Ginny was enjoying the

"Hey, I know how to really cool you off," Gretchen said, turning
away from Ginny and towards the fridge.

"How's that?" Ginny asked.

Gretchen opened the freezer and found that Ginny had indeed made up
some ice cubes. She took a cube out of the bin and carried it back
over to Ginny.

"Oooo!" Ginny exclaimed as Gretchen touched the cold cube to Ginny's
sensitive nipple. Gretchen moved the ice cube back and forth between
Ginny's tits as it slowly melted. She used her mouth as well,
sucking on one nipple while circling the other with the ice cube.

When the ice cube was down to about a quarter of its original size,
Gretchen popped it into her mouth, then gave Ginny another kiss. The
two girls passed the ice cube back and forth with their tongues as
it quickly melted into a sliver and then away to nothingness.

"I thought I was supposed to be thanking you," Ginny remarked as she
pulled her shirt back down over her tits.

"I can't help it," Gretchen explained. "You're so sweet and I like
making you feel good."

Ginny got down from the counter and gave Gretchen a quick, sweet
kiss. "If you keep this up, I'm going to end up owing you a lot of
thanks," she said.

"That's what I'm counting on!"

The two girls got back to work, breaking down the empty boxes and
taking them down to the basement for storage. When they came back
up, Gretchen remarked about the state of Ginny's bare walls.

"I have some pictures," Ginny explained, "but nothing to hang them
up with. I didn't realize until I started unpacking that I don't
even have a hammer!"

"Well then, when we can stop at that hardware store and get a hammer
and picture hangers," Gretchen offered. "And I can pick up a new
smoke alarm too."

"That sounds like a good plan," Ginny agreed.

"Hey, what time is it?" Gretchen asked.

Ginny looked at the clock on the stove. "Oh geez, it's already three
o'clock! Where does the time go?"

"We shouldn't wait too long then--the store closes at five on
Saturdays," Gretchen told her.

"Alright, let's go then!"


Ginny parked her car in the lot behind Moll's Hardware, which was
situated just on the outskirts of the downtown area. She and
Gretchen walked around to the front entrance. Just as they were
entering, a stunningly beautiful woman exited: tall, at least 5'10",
thin but large breasted, with a thick mass of long dark curly hair,
dressed simply but very effectively in tight faded blue jeans and a
white tee shirt. Ginny and Gretchen turned their heads in unison to
watch as the woman walked by.

"Who was that?" Gretchen asked the young woman behind the counter as
they entered the store.

"Her name's Faye," the woman responded. "She's new to the area; just
started working down at the library."

"At the library, huh? I can't believe that Charity would keep such a
gorgeous woman secret from us, that slut!" Gretchen said with mock
indignation and a laugh.

The woman laughed as well. "Hey, speaking of new, who's your friend
here?" she asked Gretchen.

Ginny had only been paying half attention to the conversation. As
gorgeous as the woman leaving the store had been, she found herself
even more captivated by the girl behind the counter: about the same
height as Gretchen, she had slightly wavy brown hair that stopped
just short of touching her shoulders, blue eyes, a cute little nose,
and just about the prettiest smile Ginny could remember seeing. She
was dressed in a way that served to somewhat deempasize her
femininity, long baggy denim overalls over a simple white shirt, but
Ginny thought that it only added to her attractiveness.

"This is my new friend Ginny," she heard Gretchen say as her mind
snapped back to attention. "I've been showing her around town and
helping her unpack."

"That's very helpful of you," the woman said.

"Ginny, this is Jackie," Gretchen said, continuing the
introductions. "Her parents own the store here."

"It's nice to meet you, Ginny," Jackie said as she extended her

"Thanks. This seems like a very nice town,' Ginny replied, hoping
that she wasn't staring too much.

"Oh, it is," Jackie agreed. "If you've been hanging out with
Gretchen, I'm sure you know how friendly we all can be!"

Ginny tried hard not to blush, but wasn't sure she was successful.

"So, what can I help you ladies with this afternoon?" Jackie asked.

"Well, to start with, Ginny here needs some basic tools," Gretchen
told her.

"My ex- seems to have gotten all of them when we broke up," Ginny

"Tools huh? I don't know... Let me see if we have any of those,"
Jackie teased. "Okay, follow me," she said, stepping out from behind
the counter and leading the way down one of the aisles. The store
was small, but seemed to be well-stocked, the shelves and aisles
full but not overflowing or messy. A faint odor of paint and sawdust
filled the air, reminding Ginny of her dad's workshop back home.

They stopped at an area with several pre-made tool kits. "I'd
recommend this one," Jackie said, picking up one of the packages and
handing it to Ginny. "I like to refer to it as the Single Woman's
All-Purpose Tool Kit. It's a little pricier than some of the others,
but the quality is better, and I think it's worth it."

Ginny looked to Gretchen for assurance. "I'd listen to her,"
Gretchen said. "Jackie never kids about tools."

"Okay, I'll take it," Ginny said. "Oh, we need some picture hangers

"Not a problem," Jackie told her. "Those are in the next aisle
over." They retrieved a couple of different packages of hanger and a
package of small nails. "Anything else?"

"Um, I need a smo... ..." Gretchen mumbled, looking down at the

"A what?" Jackie asked.

"A smoke alarm," Gretchen told her, embarrassed.

"Another one?"


"That's the third one this year," Jackie said, astonished.

"I know."

"You were trying to cook again, weren't you?" Jackie accused.

"Yes, I was."

"You know that Kelly's banished you from the kitchen."

"I know. But she's out of town, and I just wanted to fix Ginny here
a nice breakfast," Gretchen explained.

"But instead, you got something burning and set off the alarm, and
couldn't shut it off."

"Exactly. Maybe you can sell me one this time with an off switch?"

"They all have off switches," Jackie told her. "Maybe you should try
reading the manual before you smash it next time!"

"I don't suppose I could talk you into coming over and installing it
for me, before Kelly gets home tomorrow and finds out?" Gretchen
asked, going into full cute-pout mode. "Please?"

"I don't know..."

"Pretty please?" Gretchen pleaded. "I'll owe you a huge favor!"

"A huge favor huh?" Jackie said, mulling it over. "Well, okay. I
have tomorrow off, so how about I stop by in the late morning?
Around eleven thirty?"

"That would be great. Thanks!" Gretchen said, giving Jackie a quick
peck on her cheek.

Jackie grabbed a smoke alarm and then rang up their purchases. "I'll
see you tomorrow, Gretchen," she said as they were leaving. "And it
was nice to meet you, Ginny. I hope we'll see each other again

"I hope so too," Ginny told her, still infatuated. She was sure that
she'd need to come back by sometime and have Jackie help her pick
out some more tools!

After dropping their purchases off in Ginny's car, Ginny and
Gretchen walked up the street a block or so to a deli to grab a
quick meal, then went back to the car to head home.

"Would you mind dropping me off at my place?" Gretchen asked. "I
have a couple of things I need to take care of."

"Sure," Ginny said. "But you'll be coming back later, I hope?"

"Oh yes, wouldn't miss it!" Gretchen told her. "Just give me half an
hour or so, and I'll be right over."

"That won't give me much time to get cleaned up," Ginny said.

"Oh, don't worry," Gretchen told her. "We can take care of that
after I arrive..."


Back at her apartment, Ginny realized that for the first time in
about twenty-four hours she was alone. Not that she wasn't used to
being alone; ever since she and Karla broke up, alone had been her
usual state, and it had pretty much been by choice. But now, after
spending the last day with Gretchen, she was realizing just how much
she had missed being with someone else, having another person to
share her life with. What sucked was that after this weekend was
over, Gretchen would be back with her girlfriend, but Ginny would be
back to being alone.

Ginny was snapped out of her funk when she heard Gretchen's SUV pull
up into the driveway and around behind the house. She ran out onto
the back porch to meet her, greeting the sexy blonde with a hug and
kiss. "What's in the bag?" she asked, indicating the handled paper
sack in Gretchen's left hand.

"Just a few things to spice up the evening," Gretchen told her, not
explaining further.

"I'm soooo horny!" Ginny exclaimed.

"I can tell. Let's go inside and see if we can do something about

They made it as far as inside the screen door. Ginny, feeling very
randy, sandwiched Gretchen between herself and the counter and began
to rub and squeeze Gretchen's breasts through her green top.

"You really like my tits, don't you?" Gretchen remarked.

"They're so nice and big and wonderful," Ginny explained. She could
feel Gretchen's nipples getting hard, even through the shirt and
bra. "And very sensitive!"

"Mmmm. It's your touch that gets me all excited." She arched her
back a bit, pressing her tits out further into Ginny's hands.

Ginny reached up underneath Gretchen's shirt to rub her breasts through the sheer bra. With just an ultra-thin layer of fabric
covering them, Ginny could feel Gretchen's excited nipples
pronounced even more.

"Baby," Gretchen said after a couple more minutes of Ginny's
attentions, "as much fun as this is, I'd really like to go get
cleaned up." She reached down to the floor and picked her bag back
up. "Care to join me?"

"Oh yeah!"

Gretchen and Ginny walked through the kitchen and around the corner
to the staircase. "Alright then. Give me just five minutes, then
come up to the bathroom to join me."

Five minutes? Ginny didn't think she could wait five seconds, she
wanted to fuck Gretchen so bad. But she agreed, knowing that
Gretchen must have something amazingly erotic planned. Reluctantly,
she watched Gretchen's tight shorts-covered ass rise up the stairs
and disappear into the bathroom.

Ginny paced as she waited, becoming hornier with each passing
minute. If anticipation was part of Gretchen's game, it was
certainly working!

Finally, she heard Gretchen's seductive voice call down to her.
"Okay, sweetie, come on up!"

Ginny bounded up the stairs two at a time, but slowed down to get
her composure before entering the bathroom. The lights were out, the
room illuminated instead by several creamy white candles on the
counter and floor. The bathtub was about two-thirds full, topped
with foamy bubbles that smelled of honeysuckle.

Like a naked blonde goddess, Gretchen stood before her completely
disrobed. Ginny paused for a second to take in the full visage of
Gretchen's body. Every line, every curve was perfect; a body that
was pure sexuality.

"Wow," Ginny finally said. "This is fantastic!"

"I thought you'd like it!" Gretchen replied, obviously pleased with
Ginny's reaction.

"And you... you're beautiful!"

"Thank you," Gretchen said, appreciating the compliment. "And you,
my adorable little friend, are overdressed."

Ginny quickly got out of her clothes. "Goodness, but you're so cute
when you're naked," Gretchen told her. "It's a shame that you ever
have to wear clothes at all!"

Gretchen extended her arm and took Ginny's hand. She stepped into
the tub and settled down into the suds and warm water. Ginny
followed, sitting down between Gretchen's spread legs, her back
pressing into Gretchen's ample bosom.

They began their bath by washing Ginny's hair. Gretchen pressed down
softly on Ginny's shoulders submerging her head underwater. When she
came back up, Gretchen grabbed a bottle of herbal shampoo and
squeezed a dollop out onto Ginny's head. Slowly and methodically,
Gretchen rubbed the shampoo into Ginny's hair and scalp, building up
the suds until Ginny's hair was infused with foam. Then Ginny leaned
forward and stuck her head under the faucet; Gretchen turned the
water on and rinsed the shampoo out of Ginny's clean hair.

Ginny once again leaned back into Gretchen, who grabbed a plastic
brush and began to come through Ginny's wet hair. "I just love your
hair," Gretchen told her as she brushed. "It's so long and thick;
very luxurious."

"Thank you," Ginny responded.

When she finished straightening Ginny's hair out, Gretchen pulled it
together into a long, thick straight rope, then placed it over
Ginny's shoulder. With Ginny's bare neck now exposed, Gretchen began
to gently kiss and caress Ginny's shoulders and the back of her

Ginny felt so safe and secure, enveloped in Gretchen's arms and
surrounded by the warm water. She felt her eyes start to tear up,
and let out a soft whimper.

"What's wrong, honey?" Gretchen asked with concern.

"Oh, it's nothing," Ginny said. "Really. This is all so great.
You're so great. But when the weekend ends, you'll be gone, and I'll
be all alone again."

"That's why you're crying? You're afraid of being alone?"

"I didn't think I'd miss having a girlfriend," Ginny explained. "At
least for a while. But after spending time with you this weekend, I
realize how much I miss having someone to share my life with."

"That's what you're worried about? Not finding a girlfriend?"

"Yeah. It was great running into you, but you're already taken. And
what are the chances that I'll meet another lesbian in a town this
size, let alone someone I'll get along with?"

Gretchen laughed. "Honey, I don't think that will be much of a

"Why do you say that?"

"I know that Walnut Grove seems like typical small town Americana,
but I swear we have more bi- and lesbian women here per capita than
anyplace outside of San Francisco."

"Really?" Ginny said, beginning to feel encouraged.

"Yup. I don't know why--maybe it's something in the water, or
perhaps fate just conspires to bring us all together. But whatever
the case, believe me when I say you'll have no trouble at all
meeting women!"

"But do you think anyone will like me?" Ginny asked, her
insecurities starting to creep back.

"Of course they will! What's not to like? You're cute and smart and
fun to be around. Plus, once they get a taste of your yummy little
pussy, how will they be able to stay away?"

Gretchen slid her hand down between Ginny's thighs and inserted her
middle finger up into Ginny's tight slit. She didn't slide it
in-and-out, opting instead to just wiggle her finger back and forth
within Ginny's pussy. Ginny felt a pleasant, warm feeling build up
inside of her; nothing approaching orgasm, just a nice bit of erotic
stimulation. She tilted her head back and to the right, meeting
Gretchen's lips for a deep kiss.

Gretchen pulled her finger out of Ginny and the two of them began to
soap each other up. Their activities began to get very playful, and
a couple of times they managed to accidentally splash some of the
water over the edge and onto the floor.

When they finally finished with their bath, they stood up out of the
tub and Ginny pulled the plug. They toweled each other off, gently
padding each other's bodies with the soft towels.

"Shall we move this into the bedroom?" Ginny asked as she stood
naked in Gretchen's arms, her hands wandering gently over Gretchen's

"Lead the way," Gretchen said, stopping to blow out the candles as
they exited and went the short distance down the hall to the


There was still a bit of light coming in the window to the bedroom,
but Ginny flipped the light switch as they entered so that they
could see better. Ginny's bedroom didn't have an actual bed, but
rather a double size futon laying on the floor. There was a dresser
and a closet for clothes, and an oval woven rug covering the wood
floor in the area between the futon and the dresser. Several
unpacked boxes were stacked in various places around the room, which
had a slight look of dishevelment. A window-unit air conditioner
hummed, but not too loud.

"Sorry for the mess," Ginny apologized. "I've been living out of
boxes for the past week."

"That's okay," Gretchen told her. "I don't think I'll be paying too
much attention to the room."

"Hey, do you want to see something really cool?" Ginny asked.


"Hang on, I'll have to look for it..."

Gretchen sat down on the futon and watched Ginny start to dig
through a couple of the boxes. She enjoyed the view as Ginny's bare
ass wiggled in the air as she bent over to rummage through the

After a couple minutes of hunting, Ginny finally found the item for
which she had been looking. "Here it is!" she said enthusiastically,
bringing it over with her to the futon.

"What is it?" Gretchen asked. It was pink, plastic, about six inches
long and an inch in diameter--perfect dimensions for a sex toy,
except that it was capped with a plastic Hello Kitty.

"Check it out..." Ginny said, twisting it along the seam that was
about a third of the way up form the end. The device began to

"Holy shit!" Gretchen exclaimed. "Is that really..."

"Yup, a genuine Hello Kitty vibrator!" Ginny confirmed.

"Where did you get it?"

"My friend Mika brought it back as a gift when she visited Japan a
year or so back. Apparently they have Hello Kitty *everything* over

"We have to try it out," Gretchen said, amused and excited.

"Guests first," Ginny told her, playfully pushing Gretchen back onto
the futon.

Gretchen lifted her knees up and spread her thighs apart, giving
Ginny full access to her freshly clean pussy. Ginny sat by
Gretchen's side, leaning over Gretchen's pelvis to get access to her
waiting crotch.

Gretchen shuddered slightly as Ginny started rubbing the vibrator
along her slit. "Oooohhhh," she moaned. She shuddered again when the
toy came in contact with her sensitive clit. "Yessssssss. Oh, that's
good baby. Keep it up," she encouraged.

Ginny leaned over further, lifting her ass up from the sitting
position. Her pussy now accessible, Gretchen slid her index finger
up into Ginny's slit. She slowly moved her finger in and out of
Ginny's pussy as Ginny's use of the vibrator caused a steady
increase of Gretchen's aroused state.

"Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" Gretchen was so close now--she wanted to come, and
badly. Ginny teased her a bit longer, then pressed the vibrator hard
into Gretchen's clit. "Oooh!!!! Yes!!!! Oooh!!!! Oooh!!!! Oooh!!!!"
Gretchen could feel her whole body tingle as the pleasure exploded
within her.

Gretchen's orgasm began to subside, but Ginny apparently wasn't
finished with her. Ginny inserted just a bit of the tip of the
vibrator into Gretchen's pussy--about an inch or so--then leaned her
head down to lick and suck on Gretchen's clit with her tongue.
Gretchen came again, longer and harder than the first time.

Ginny twisted off the vibrator and set it aside, preferring to
continue her work with her mouth and fingers alone. Gretchen coaxed
the girl into moving over on top of her, straddling Gretchen for a
good sixty-nine. Gretchen eagerly slid her tongue up into Ginny's
dripping wet pussy, enjoying the taste of her sweet juices.

Gretchen was determined to bring Ginny off with only her tongue, and
managed to do so without too much effort--Ginny was obviously primed
for a good orgasm and freely threw herself into it. She pressed her
crotch firmly into Gretchen's face as she came.

When Ginny finished her orgasm, Gretchen rolled her over off of her,
then turned around and straddled her abdomen. She began to lightly
trace her index finger over Ginny's breasts.

"How did you get to be so good with your tongue?" Ginny asked.

"Practice!" Gretchen said with a smile. "Lots and lots of practice!"

Ginny giggled. "If you ever want someone to help you practice some
more, let me know!"

Gretchen continued to slowly explore Ginny's naked upper body with
her hands. Stretched out on her back, Ginny's small breasts had
flattened out to barely visible mounds, but her nipples were hard
and erect. Gretchen took each nipple between her thumbs and index
fingers and gave them little squeezes.

"Ooooh, yessss," Ginny moaned.

"You like that?" Gretchen asked, more or less rhetorically.

"Yesssss," Ginny answered anyway.

Gretchen squeezed a little harder, eliciting a slightly louder moan.
"And that?"

"Oh yesssss. Harder," Ginny urged.

Gretchen applied even more pressure. "Oh yes! Harder!" Ginny cried
out. Gretchen squeezed Ginny's nipples harder than she normally
would for fear of hurting her partner, but Ginny was really getting
off on it. "Oh Yes! Yes! Yes!" Ginny cried out.

After a few seconds, Gretchen stopped squeezing and leaned down,
pressing her chest into Ginny's and covering Ginny's open mouth with
her own. Ginny kissed her back hard, their tongues entwining as
their mouths smashed together.

Gretchen found her hips sliding down, so that her crotch was next to
Ginny's. They interlaced their legs and began to grind their pussies
together. Gretchen got up from her position leaning over Ginny and
instead leaned back, getting into a scissors position with Ginny.
She pressed her pussy hard, getting the maximum pressure on her
engorged clit as she and Ginny humped. They continued grinding
together until they both came, nearly simultaneously.

Exhausted, Gretchen collapsed on the futon. She felt Ginny cuddle up
next to her, but soon drifted off into a peaceful sleep.


When Ginny woke up in the morning is was after 10am, and she was
alone. Without even putting a robe on, Ginny went down the stairs.
Gretchen was nowhere to be found, but there was a note on the dining
room table:

Morning sweetie! Went for doughnuts & coffee Be back soon!

xoxoxo G

Ginny smiled to herself. She had been worried that for some reason
Gretchen had run out in the middle of the night. She felt
embarrassed at even having that thought, especially when Gretchen
was just being considerate.

When she heard Gretchen's SUV pull up around back, Ginny went out on
the porch to meet her. Gretchen stepped out of her vehicle, looking
pretty in pink and white checkered capri pants and a white scoopneck
peasant top. She had a drink-carrying tray with two coffee's in one
hand and a bag of doughnuts in the other, and used her butt to close
the door.

"Good morning, my little exhibitionist!" Gretchen said as she
approached the porch.

Ginny realized that she was completely naked standing on her porch,
but she didn't care--it was a beautiful morning and the gentle
breeze felt soothing as it passed over her bare skin. She gave
Gretchen a quick kiss as she walked by and then opened the screen
door for her.

"You really didn't have to go out and get doughnuts this morning,"
Ginny told her as the two of them walked through the kitchen to the
dining table.

Gretchen set the drinks and doughnut bag down on the table. "What,
you'd rather I tried cooking again?"

Ginny laughed. "Well no, but you're my guest now, so you should have
let me get breakfast."

"I didn't want to wake you; you looked so peaceful," Gretchen

"Thanks, you're sweet," Ginny said, then kissed Gretchen on the

"I didn't know how you like your coffee, so I brought a bunch of
little cups of cream and packets of sugar," Gretchen said.

"I like my coffee like I like my women: sweet and creamy!" Ginny
told her. She took the lid off of her cup and began to add in the

"You would have been kicked out of my family," Gretchen said. "My
mother made sure that if anyone was going to drink the stuff, they'd
drink it black like God intended."

"What kind of doughnuts did you get?" Ginny asked, opening the bag
to peer in.

"I just got an assortment; hopefully you'll find something you

Ginny picked out what she figured was some kind of cream-filled
pastry. As she bit into it, a large glob of filling squirted out the
other end and landed right between her breasts. "Oops!" she said
with a giggle.

Ginny reached down to wipe up the spot, but Gretchen stopped her.
"Here, let me get that." Gretchen swooped up the glob with her index
finger and started to bring it up to her mouth, but then veered her
finger back to Ginny's chest and deposited the cream on each of
Ginny's nipples.

"Hey..." Ginny started, but then realized what Gretchen was up to as
the blonde leaned her head down and began to lick the cream off of
her nipples.

"Now if you do that again," Gretchen said as she straightened back
up and licked her lips, "I'll know that you did it on purpose!"

"You don't need any excuse to lick my tits, you know!" Ginny told

After the two women finished their coffee and doughnuts, Gretchen
looked over at the clock. "Oh shit, is it that late already?"

"What's wrong?"

"I told Jackie that I'd meet her at my place at 11:30 so that she
could install the new smoke alarm."

"Oh yeah, I'd forgotten."

"Quick, go put some clothes on so we can get going," Gretchen told

"You want me to come with you?"

"Yeah, then after we're done there we can stop off at the market and
get you some decent food."

"Okay, I won't be more than a couple of minutes," Ginny said, then
turned and ran back up the stairs to her room to change.


They arrived at Gretchen's place at about 11:35, and Jackie was
already there waiting for them in her pick-up out front. Her pick-up
wasn't one of those yuppie-mobiles that some people drive for
show--this was a large, rugged Dodge that had obviously seen quite a
bit of use. A fading logo for "Moll's Hardware" could be seen on the

"Sorry we're late!" Gretchen said as she and Ginny got out of the

"That's okay," Jackie told her. "I just got here a couple of minutes

Jackie had been obscured by her truck, but when they all approached
the door, Ginny's jaw nearly dropped when she saw what Jackie was
wearing: extremely short and tight denim shorts and a green and
yellow baseball jersey that had been cut off at the midriff.It was a
far cry from the overalls that Jackie had been wearing yesterday!
The back of the jersey had 'Moll's Hardware' written across it,
while the front was emblazoned with the number '69'.

"Nice, um, shirt," Ginny managed to say when Jackie caught her
staring. "Where'd you get it?"

"Oh, it's my uniform from the softball team our hardware store
sponsored last summer. Kelly--Gretchen's girlfriend--was on the team

"Were you any good?" Ginny asked.

"Oh, we were okay," Jackie said modestly.

"They were more than okay," Gretchen explained. "They won the
regional championship!"

"That's great! How did you do this year?" Ginny asked.

"We didn't field a team this year," Jackie told her. "Not enough
people. Melissa and Nikki moved out west, Amy couldn't swing it with
her new job, and Michelle went and got herself pregnant."

"Gretchen didn't play?"

"No; you'd think that a former high school cheerleader would
understand the importance of team spirit."

"Hey, I cheered the loudest at all the games," Gretchen said.

"You were a cheerleader?" Ginny asked.

"Is that so hard to believe?" Gretchen responded.

"Kind of. I mean, you certainly look the part--blonde and gorgeous
and all--but you don't act like it."

"Not all cheerleaders are airheads," Gretchen told her.

"Just 90 percent of them!" Jackie kidded, earning a playful slug in
the arm from Gretchen.

By that point they had made it inside and headed for the kitchen.

"Do you play, by any chance?" Jackie asked Ginny as she set her tool
box on the dining table.

"Play what?" Ginny asked, having been momentarily distracted by
Jackie's nice ass and shapely legs.

"Softball, silly. If I can get a couple more girls interested, we
can field a team again next summer."

"Oh gee, I don't know... I haven't really ever been much for

"Heck, you don't really need to be much good," Jackie told her. "At
this point we'd just need a couple of warm bodies to fill up the

"Well, I can attest that she has a warm body," Gretchen chimed in.
"And a rather nice one at that!"

Ginny felt herself immediately blush.

"You don't need to decide right now," Jackie told Ginny. "But think
about it, okay?"

"Sure, it might be fun," Ginny said.

"Well now," Jackie said, turning to the business at hand. "Let's see
what trouble we've gotten into here." She looked up at the ceiling
where a collection of wires and the remnants of the smoke alarm's
bracket stared down at them. "Quite a mess!"

"Sorry," Gretchen said. "Will it take much to put the new one in?"

"Shouldn't be too bad," Jackie told her. "I just have to remove the
broken bracket, strip down the frayed wires, reattach them to the
plug, and then put in the new alarm. Ten minutes, tops."

"Oh good!" Gretchen said, relieved.

"But I do need you to go downstairs to the fuse box and throw the
switch that says 'dining room.'"


"After the last time this happened I made sure that they had their
fuse box labeled properly," Jackie explained to Ginny. As if
Jackie's outfit wasn't exciting enough, Ginny found herself getting
very turned on by Jackie's knowledge and confidence in the realm of
home repair and maintenance!

"While you're down there," Jackie said to Gretchen as the blonde headed for the basement, "bring up your short step ladder as well."

"Couldn't you just stand on a chair?" Gretchen asked, but Jackie
shot her a 'you *must* be kidding' look. "Okay, okay... sorry. I'll
bring up the step ladder."

"Thanks doll," Jackie told her with a smile.

After Gretchen had disappeared down the stairs, Jackie turned her
attention back to Ginny. "I really like your skirt," she told her.

"Oh, thanks," Ginny responded. She hadn't thought that it was
anything special, just a knee-length pale green stretch cotton skirt
with a flower print she found in a box as she had been quickly
getting dressed. Luckily she had even managed to find a sleeveless
raspberry top that matched the color of the flowers.

"I mean, lord knows *I* could never get away with wearing something
like that, but on you it looks really cute!"

"It's certainly a bit, um, different from your outfit."

Jackie laughed. "That it is. I know it's a bit risque, but when I
work at the store I always dress in bulky clothes that mask my
feminine side," she explained. "So on days when I don't have to work
I often like to wear something that shows off my figure."

"Well I won't complain," Ginny told her. "You look pretty damn hot!"


Ginny felt a moment pass between herself and Jackie. She wasn't sure
what it was, but it seemed to be more than just simple lusty

Jackie started to say something, but then Gretchen came back up the
stairs carrying a short ladder.

"Here you go," Gretchen said, handing Jackie the ladder.

"Thanks. Did you shut off the circuit breaker?" Jackie asked her.

"Yes," Gretchen said with a hint of annoyance in her voice. Jackie
used a circuit tester anyway to double check that the wires weren't
live before she cut into them.

Ten minutes later Jackie had finished putting in the new smoke
alarm. She sent Gretchen back downstairs to turn the circuit back
on, then pressed the little test button to elicit a high-pitched

"There you go," Jackie told Gretchen when the blonde came back
upstairs. She had already put her tools back in her toolbox.

"Thank you soooo much!" Gretchen enthused. "Kelly would've killed me
if she got home from her trip and saw a bunch of frayed wires
dangling from the ceiling!"

"You do realize that you owe me," Jackie told Gretchen. "Big time."

"Oh yes," Gretchen agreed. "Whatever you want."

"Hmmm, I'll have to think on it," Jackie said with a slight trace of
a wicked grin. "But don't worry, I'll call in this favor before too

Jackie then turned to Ginny. "It was good to see you again, Ginny.
Let me know if you need any help getting your new place fixed up."

"It seems to be in pretty good shape," Ginny told her. "But I'll let
you know if anything comes up."

"And you," Jackie said, wagging her finger at Gretchen. "No. More.

"Yes ma'am," Gretchen said sheepishly.

"Bye girls," Jackie said, heading out the door. "Have a great rest
of the day!"


"Oh, I am *so* going to set the two of you up!" Gretchen told Ginny
as they drove to the market.

"What do you mean?" Ginny asked.

"You and Jackie! The two of you would make such a cute couple?"

"Really?" Ginny asked. She was definitely interested in Jackie, but
for some strange reason didn't want to appear to obvious to

"Oh yes. And I saw the two of you looking at each other earlier.
Don't try to deny it!"

"She isn't seeing anybody?"

"Nope, and she hasn't had a steady girlfriend for a while; I think
that the two of you would be good for each other."

"I... I guess that despite what I said last night, I just don't know
if I'm really ready for a serious girlfriend quite yet."

"It doesn't have to start serious," Gretchen told her. "Just go out
for coffee or something--get to know her. If the two of you click
like I think you will, then that's great."

"Okay, I'll think about it," Ginny told her.

"That's all I ask. But think about it seriously; I think that you
two would be good for each other."

Gretchen pulled her vehicle into the parking lot of Duane's Grocery.
"This is such a cool market," Gretchen told Ginny. "It's got a
personal touch to it, not like those megagrocers they have out in
the suburbs. Plus, we get to scope out the produce girls!"

"What do you mean?" Ginny inquired.

"Sue--she's the manager--always hires the cutest teen girls to work
in the produce section," Gretchen explained. "Sometimes Kelly and I
spend so much time looking in produce that we forget to do the rest
of our shopping!"

Ginny and Gretchen entered the market and grabbed a shopping cart.
The market wasn't crowded but there were quite a few people doing
their shopping, many in their 'Sunday best' obviously stopping in on
their way home from church. There weren't the wide aisles and high
ceilings that one associates with modern grocery store chains--in
fact, in seemed a little cramped. But it was clean and quite

The produce section was right near the entrance, so they stopped
there first. "Wow, look at those melons," Gretchen remarked to
Ginny. Ginny looked to see a blonde girl, fifteen or sixteen, busy
stacking cantaloupes on one of the produce islands. Even with an
apron on, Ginny could see that the girl had rather large breasts.
Ginny groaned at Gretchen's obvious pun.

"What?" Gretchen said with mock surprise. "Just look at how firm and
ripe they are. We should get a couple."

Gretchen walked over to where the produce girl was working, and
Ginny followed. "Excuse me, miss?" Gretchen said to the girl.

"Can I help you?" The girl was very pretty, with warm brown eyes and
a welcoming smile. Her name tag identified her as 'Ashley'.

"My friend and I would like a couple of melons, but I've never been
good at picking out good ones," Gretchen told Ashley. "I was
wondering if you could help us?"

"These here that we got in yesterday are especially good," Ashley
told them. "Very sweet, and they'll melt in your mouth. It would be
very hard to pick out a bad one." She grabbed two of the cantaloupes
off the stack and held them out in front of her chest.

Gretchen reached out and grabbed Ashley's melons, giving each of
them a little squeeze. "They're nice and firm, too," Gretchen
remarked. Ginny had to work very hard to repress a giggle. "Thanks!"

"Sure," Ashley said as Gretchen pulled the melons away.

Gretchen handed one of the melons to Ginny and they carried them
back over to their cart. "You are *so* bad," Ginny said to Gretchen
once they were out of Ashley's earshot.

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist," Gretchen confessed. "Teasing
young ladies is one of the small pleasures that makes life worth

They continued their shopping, picking out additional fruits and
vegetables, then moved on to other parts of the store. As Ginny's
cupboards were mostly bare, they had to pick out a lot of staples in
addition to the items that would regularly constitute a shopping
trip. By the time they reached the check-out, Ginny's cart was
nearly overflowing.

Given the old-fashioned atmosphere of the rest of the store, Ginny
was surprised to see a very modern computerized check-out system
being used. "That's a fairly recent addition," Gretchen told her.
"Up until a year-and-a-half ago they were still using old-fashioned
manual cash registers. It was quaint, but not terribly efficient.
Sue finally convinced old Duane that they had to upgrade to a modern
system, if for no other reason than to speed up the lines. Plus,
with the added advantage of things like inventory control, she was
able to show Duane that they could save enough money to compete with
the 'big boys.'"

"You sure seem to know a lot about it," Ginny remarked.

Gretchen laughed. "Sue's a nice woman, but she loves to talk about
her job. Half the people in town could recite by heart her battles
with Duane over modernization!"

The total didn't end up being nearly as bad as Ginny feared. She was
quite glad that Gretchen had steered her towards a wonderful grocer
not too far from where she lived. With all that Gretchen had done
for her this weekend, she was resolved to make sure that she thanked
Gretchen properly before she left.


By the time the girls finished putting away the groceries, Ginny's
cupboards and fridge were fairly full.

"Thanks for helping," Ginny told Gretchen.

"It was my pleasure," Gretchen said.

"And for everything this weekend. Really."

"That all was also my pleasure!"

"I mean it," Ginny said. "You've really made me feel welcome here in
Walnut Grove."

"Hey, I got to spend all weekend with a pretty girl, so it's not
like it was a chore or anything. But I'm glad that I could help make
you feel like a part of our little town."

"Do you want to stick around for dinner?" Ginny asked. "Now that
I've got all this food, I should put it to good use!"

Gretchen looked at the clock above the sink. "Oh, I'd love to, but
I'm afraid that I have to get going."

"Why?" Ginny asked, disappointed.

"Kelly will be getting back soon from her trip, and I've got a bit
of cleaning to do before she gets home," Gretchen explained.

"Oh. Well, we'll see each other again though, right?"

"I should certainly hope so! We're friends now, and friends are
always there for each other."

"Good, I'm glad that we're friends."

"Me too. Speaking of which, do you have a pice of paper and a pen?"

"Sure," Ginny said, rummaging through one of the kitchen drawers.
She found a pen and handed it to Gretchen along with a note pad she
kept by the telephone. "What for?"

Gretchen wrote down a phone number and handed it to Ginny. "That's
Jackie's phone number. I want you to give her a call. Promise me."

"Alright already, I'll give her a call!"

"Good. Now, how about a good-bye kiss before I leave?"

"I wasn't going to let you leave here without one," Ginny told her.

The two women moved close to each other and pressed their lips
together softly. Ginny opened her mouth to let Gretchen's tongue in.
Gretchen slowly moved her tongue around inside Ginny's mouth, then
Ginny slip her tongue past Gretchen's to slowly explore Gretchen's
own mouth.

As they continued to kiss, Ginny moved her hand down to Gretchen's
crotch. She began to rub Gretchen's pussy through the blonde's
pants, and Gretchen moaned with approval. Gretchen squeezed her
thighs tightly together around Ginny's hand.

Ginny rubbed Gretchen's crotch for a bit, then decided to get even
closer. She pulled her hand out, then slid it down the front of
Gretchen's pants. She put her hand between Gretchen's panties and
pussy and began to finger Gretchen's clit.

Gretchen moved her right hand up under Ginny's shirt and began to
rub Ginny's left breast. Ginny slipped her middle finger into
Gretchen's wet slit; Gretchen moaned softly and squeezed Ginny's

Ginny darted her tongue around in Gretchen's mouth in rhythm with
her finger in Gretchen's pussy. Gretchen continued to squeeze
Ginny's nipple, so hard that it might have hurt if it didn't feel so

Gretchen began to moan louder, and Ginny could sense that her friend
was ready to come. She pressed her thumb down hard onto Gretchen's
clit. Gretchen broke their kiss, leaned her head back and opened her
mouth wide. At first no sound escaped, then a barely audible
high-pitched scream that quickly descended in pitch to a throaty cry
of passion.

Ginny pulled her hand out from Gretchen's pants, dripping with
Gretchen's sweet juices. She delicately licked her finger clean,
enjoying the smell and taste of Gretchen's excitement.

"That was some kiss!" Gretchen told Ginny with an appreciative

"I wanted to leave you with something to remember me by," Ginny

"No worry about that. And those fingers of yours--wow! Those fingers
are going to make Jackie very happy."

Ginny blushed. "If I call her..."

"Oh you will..."

An awkward moment of silence passed before Gretchen spoke up again.
"I really do have to get going. Thanks again for letting me hang out
with you this weekend. I had fun."

"Me too," Ginny replied. "More than I could have hoped for."

"You should drop by the Java Joint after work on Wednesday,"
Gretchen told her. "A bunch of us always get together to hang
out--you know, just talk and gossip and stuff. Everyone would love
to meet you, especially Kelly."

"Okay sure, sounds like fun."

"Great! Okay, bye!" Gretchen gave Ginny a quick peck on the cheek,
then went out to her vehicle and climbed in. Ginny watched with a
bit of sorrow as Gretchen drove away. It had been a magical weekend,
one she wouldn't soon forget.

Ginny decided she was really going to like living in Walnut Grove!



"Hello, Jackie? ... Hi, this is Ginny; you know, Gretchen's friend.
... Right ... Yes ... Hey, I was wondering, are you doing anything
Friday night? I thought that maybe you might want to get dinner or
something, hang out for a bit? ... Really? You would? ... Great! ...
Yeah, I'll be looking forward to it too! ... Okay, bye!"
The End


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