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GINNY2 5 movies with you PTA


(file contains chapters 2-5)

Chapter 2



(Ff, FFf, MFf, adult/youth friendship & romance)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Standard Disclaimer & Legal Stuff:
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and acts which may or may not have taken place at some point in time….the
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without written consent of the originating author.


After that, Ginny and I would call each other at least once, usually
twice or more, a day. Mostly, it was just small talk, usual
mother/daughter or bestfriend/bestfriend talk. I still don't understand
how or why, but that's what Ginny had become, my best friend, and I hers.
Maybe it was simply mutual needs and wants. I don't know, and I still
don't care.

We saw each other about every third or fourth day, when her Dad wasn't
there, which wasn't very much, a pattern which would continue for a long
time. Two weeks later when my period started, she delighted in that much
to my surprise maybe and joy. She dove into my menstrual pool from the
ten-meter board for all she was worth, sucking and licking my clit and
cuntal lips, savoring my juices, sharing them with me with child-like
delight as she kissed me after eating me, frigging my pussy so well,
fisting me like a much more experience womyn-lover, squealing with
happiness when her smallish wrist would disappear deep inside me. That
night I also had her use my trusty ol' ten-inch
fake-symbol-of-masculine-repression-and-dominance but which I enjoyed using
anyway on myself, i.e. my trusty old three "C"-cell battery-powered
vibrator that a lover long gone had given me, which Ginny was fascinated by
as she pumped me with it. I promised to get her a smaller one sometime.

About six months later, during one of our usual twice or three
times-weekly lovemaking sessions, she suddenly got serious on me, telling
me " Dad told me to tell you that he wants you to come over
for dinner with us next time he's home, which will be tomorrow night...he
said tell you, if you don't say yes, that I can never see you
again...that...that...if you don't come over to meet him and eat supper
with us, you can't be my mommy any more..." she then just breaking down and
boo-hooing a sad and deep crying jag. "Don't worry, Baby, I'll
go...everything will be fine, I promise", lying through my proverbial

I was greeted at the door by a six-three mountain of man, rough-looking
but clean-shaven and smelling of clean and pleasant aftershave. "Hi, I'm
Richard, Melanie's, Ginny's, father..." he spake with polite tone, handing
me for some reason a single white rose...oh, I remembered...a white rose
symbolizing "friendship", i.e., a peace offering. "Hi, I'm Carol, Ginny's
new friend..." I replied, handing him a bottle of decent Bordeaux "...I
didn't know what we were having for dinner, so I brought a nice bottle of
red, that usually goes with most that okay?..." "We're
having meatloaf and boiled potatoes and vegetables, so sure, Carol, thank
you, that is fine".

I had only been in Ginny's house ever-so briefly a couple of times
before, just quick scoot-in's and scoot-outs, she being concerned about her
nice but nosey neighbors, whom her Dad had watch over her and be there to
help when he was gone on the road, which was usually twenty or twenty-five
days of a typical month. For a smallish, older home, Richard had furnished
it nice. Quality, but not overly expensive new furniture, along with a
smattering of antiques.

He being in the kitchen helping Gin' finish putting dinner together, I
studied the books in their bookcase. A new set of World Book
encyclopedias. Some books on car repair, including a Chilton manual for a
71' Camaro, one which happened to be sitting in their driveway, obviously
Richard's. Some books on sewing and crocheting and an entire shelf of
cookbooks, including one on Jewish cooking and one on Thai. Some old and
new fiction and some biographies, including one of John Kennedy, and in the
mix, to my somewhat surprise, several books of poetry, including "The Bell
Jar" by Sylvia Plath, which was nearly a bible to my college womyn's
studies-and-lesbian orgy-and- initiation group. Some old college textbook
versions of some classics, including the "Odyssey" and such. "Dinner's
ready, M-a-a..." she catching herself "I mean Carol...dinner's ready".

Trying to compliment Richard, I heavily complimented the meatloaf, which
was delicious. "Melanie made it...she's a great cook, isn't she?" "Yes, she
is". "I put on on ten pounds in two days when I home, don't I, Baby,
because of her great know she's been cooking for herself ever
since she was six, when her mom died..." "I know..." I replied as I looked
down at the table cloth, out of a sense of respect for her departed Mother.

Richard told me about his work, the fact that even though he was a high
school dropout he made more money than a lot of white-collar professionals,
an unintentional light slap at me I think but not impolite mention, and
that he had been in every US State and Canadian Province in North America.
I talked about my work, and as a reply almost, casually mentioned that at
age 24, I was already making in the low 30's plus benefits, let alone for
someone my age, though I had to work a lot of hours off-the-clock being on
salary instead of wages. His eyes focused and bulged. Then he switched
the subject to ancient history, of which he had a lot of self-taught
knowledge, and I very little. Then the subject switched to Ginny, she
sitting there quietly like a polite little girl letting the adults talk, as
the meal wound down, I cleaning my plate of the delicious meatloaf and
potatoes and creamed corn and string beans and home-made biscuits, a meal
that reminded me so much of the home-cooking I grew up eating "down East".
"Let's go into the living room and talk...Ginny, clean up the table and
wash the dishes, please" he spoke as a parent. "Let me help, please..." I
asked. "NO, thank you, Carol...Ginny can do it, and we have a Kenmore
dishwasher that does all the work anyway...all she has to do is scrap them
cleam and put them in...let's go to the living room...can I get you
something to drink, a beer perhaps?" "That would be nice, thank you".

Sipping on the ice-cold old Milwaukee skunkyshitbeer reminded me of my
college days again, the lesbian keggers our womyn's group used to hold off
campus which could only be described as every straight guy's ultimate
college coed fantasy scene. Feeling a bit nervous for some reason, I
quickly airshot the first down before Richard could even get comfortable in
his chair, so he got up and brought us in a the rest of the six-pack, I
shooting another down quickly before he could speak, and then trying to
calm down and sip more than guzzle the next one. "Damn...." he quietly
exclaimed "...for an accoutant, you sure can put 'em away..." he attempted
a compliment. "I drink only very little now, but I used to drink a lot of
beer when I was at UNC..." "I believe you, Carol, I believe you..."
friendly laughter in his undertones, he pausing, taking a breath, taking a
big swig from his own can of old Can't-Walk-Straight.

"I'll get right to the point, Carol..." "Please do, Richard". "I know
what you are and who you are, and have known that you've been banging my
little girl since last March or early April...I won't cuss you too bad,
other than to say you really must be one sick piece of crap to seduce a
ten-year-old, but..." pregnant pause "...even if you are sick sonofabitch,
you've made my little girl very happy, and as long as you aint' into
animals or whips or really, really sick shit..." "I'm not, Richard, let me
assure you of that...and Ginny is the only womyn under eighteen I've ever
been with, I swear on my faith as a Christian, may I go to Hell if I'm

"...yeah, right, okay, what the fuck've brought my little
Melanie back to life, back to me, for the first time since her mom died,
and sicko pervert that you are, I'm forever in your debt...that said, these
will be the ground rules from now on, or I call the police right now, a
detective on Raleigh City force is a friend of mine, I'll call him at home
right now, if you don't agree, unner-stand, Carol?" "Yes, Richard, I

"I want my Baby to have a childhood, so you are to encourage her to have
her own friends her own age and do things other little girls do, and if you
stay her friend for long, to date boys when that time comes, 'cause she
ain't no frigging bull-dyke, unndderstand?...." ", I know she calls
you Mommy, and that's okay with me, but you always remind her that her real
mommy will always love her..." "Sure, Richard". "Shut up and listen until
I'm through,, while you can start coming over here as much as
you want, you can't spend the night here, ever, and I don't want her
spending more than two full nights a week with you at your place,
understand?...I want you to be a real mommy to her, not just a sick
asslicking bitch after her cunny, so as long as you and she are friends and
whatever the hell else, you are to act like a real mommy to her, take her
clothes shopping, take her to the movies with you, go to PTA meetings that
I can almost never attend with her because I'm almost never here, but...but
you will not ever let her see you kiss or worse any of your bull-dyke
friends, ever, anywhere or I'll call the cops if hear that you've done public, she can tell people that you're her mommy and you can say
that she's your daughter, and you can hold hands like mommy and daughter,
but none of this lips-kissing-shit in public like you did with the time you
dropped her off at school...understand?...and if she decides to not be your
friend any more, that's it, you never call her again or try to see her
again, or I swear I'll come beat you half to death with a tire

I understood, but didn't like his tone, not one tiny little bit. I felt
like lashing out at him for his accusatory and nasty tone, felt like asking
him if he didn't want to see his daughter and her lover do a lesbian love
scene right in his living rooom, but...but, actually, everything he asked
or demanded from me, was reasonable, very reasonable. He didn't want to
raise the ire or eyebrows of his neighbors, he didn't want his precious
little girl to get taken away from him because of a scandal, and he
sincerely did want me to be there for her a new, substitute Mommy, because
that's what she needed. And he wanted her to grow up happy, healthy, and
normal, which meant straight to him which I understood and didn't mind, to
make her own decisions about her own life and sexuality when and where
appropriate. Swigging down the last third of my beer, I got up from my
chair to go pee, asking him where the powder room was, he pointing down the
hall past the open doorway between kitchen/dining room and living room,
stopped to kiss him squarely on the lips just to freak him out and take
back some control of the moment, with a "yes, Richard, I understand
completely, and accept your terms and conditions're a
great father, you remind me a lot of my own Dad in a lot of ways, you know
that?" I imparted as I scooted to do my toilet, my first kiss of a grown
man being somewhat more pleasant than I thought it might have been,
definitely taking the high ground back from Richard in our

Coming back into the living room, Ginny was standing beside her Dad, and
practically leapt into my arms and lap as I sat down. "I'm so
glad...Carol...that you can be my mommy now, and for always and
always....Daddy says everything's fine now..." "Yes, Baby, everything's
fine..." I cooed back at her, as Richard left for a moment, coming back
with both a nice 35mm camera and a Super 8mm movie camera. Gin' and I
posed for him in front of the bookcase as mothers and daughters are wont to
do, putting our arms around each other, smiling at him as he took still and
moving pictures of us, giving each other big hugs, Richard smiling at
seeing his daughter so happy, I smiling because I was so happy to have
things out in the open. And to his word, he kept his word forever. I kept
my end of the non-bargain he presented then for the years that followed,
changing the ground rules only slightly when a situation called for it, and
he never made a single wave. In fact, as we spent more time together as a
family...yes, a family, even going on some picnics and short trips to the
beach and mountains together, I came to respect and even admire the
dedication that Richard showed to Ginny, and admire him more and more as a

That night of understanding and conciliation also jogged some cobwebs
and ground-in drudge from my mind somehow. I realized that while I had
been doing my job at work okay, I really hadn't been putting the emphasis
on it I should have been, which is why my semi-annual evaluation had given
me only a "satisfactory" rating instead of my usual "superior" or at least
"excellent" one at least, and any recommendation for a raise was held off
until my next evaluation. Considering that I was going to be a so-called
career woman" and never hetero marry and have kids, my career was my kid so
to speak, and I needed to quit being in such a perpetual fog about Ginny
like a love-sick school girl and get my focus back at work. Don't get me
wrong, the fault wasn't Gin's, it was mine, I was the adult in the

I also realized, yeah, stupid me, like I didn't know this, right, that I
hadn't actually "dated" anyone since I had met Gin'. While I had gone to
the bars a few times, it was mainly to stay in contact with old friends and
ex-lovers who were friends, not to seek out any new lovers. Whether she
realized it or not, Ginny had me wrapped around her little finger for the
past six months, and that wasn't good, it wasn't good for me, and it wasn't
good for her, since while I hoped she and I would stay platonic friends at
least if she ever grew tired of me as a lover, I knew in my heart she was
basically straight and that she'd eventually marry a guy and in the
meantime would probably never actually live with me as a committed
lifepartner. She and I talked several times about this latter fact, I
feeling almost guilty for wanting to date again, but Ginny, being the
emotional adult equal to me, convinced me that she truly understood why I
needed to date other womyn and saw me more as her mommy who she had special
fun with and no, she wouldn't be jealous at all if I dated other girls or
women. I told her I'd have many more lovers in my life if I was lucky, but
I'd only have one daughter. I could feel her smile through the phone when
I said that.

Three years later, my dating did lead to the one clear violation of my
understand with Richard, Ginny's father, that could have really ended up
with everything gone for me, yes, it could have lead to me losing Ginny and
Richard having me arrested.

A new gyrl showed one night at Fern's when I stopped in off work after a
particularly hard day at work, Fern's the local lesbian and bi-womyn's and
M/F-couples-looking-for-same bar and veggie restaurant, and started
drinking straight shots of tequila. She looked like and was dressed like a
Cosmo covergirl, a stunningly beautiful woman of perhaps 23 or 24, around
my age but a little younger. It being early yet on a weekday, none of the
usual gang of fellow pussyhounds was around, so I took my time and stalked
her like a lioness after another lioness.

Her name was Marie, and yes, she was an ex-New York and Paris runway
model and had even done a couple of magazine covers a couple of years back,
I knew I had seen that dollface somewhere before, and had made enough money
in a seven year career to where she could retire for the rest of her life
is she wanted to, though she planned to take selected, higher-paying jobs
as long as her looks held out. I handed her my business card, told her I'd
love to be her accountant, my firm would, and she said she already had an
accountant but she'd think about. I asked her why she was here in Fern's,
and she replied she was a Raleigh native originally, and had come back home
to help take care of her mother, who had become very ill. We started
talking about family and started trading shots, and that night, wound up in
my bed.

I admit it, within a week, I was head-over-heels in love with Marie, and
I think, she, me. While I still called Gin', I only saw Ginny a handful of
times over the next six or seven weeks that Marie and I were so hot and
heavy. Call me a blatant sexist if you will, some of the catty ones in the
gyrl's peanut gallery whom we all knew each other because we all went to
the same bars and most of us had slept with most of the rest of us did, but
I think they were just jealous my Marie, my perfect 5'6" 120 lb.s with
perfect wavy brunette hair and perfect breasts and perfect teeth and legs
and nails actual real-life fashion model package of gyrlfriend. During a
particularly hot session towards the eight-week anniversary of our
relationship, when I was spanking Marie over my knee with a ping-pong
paddle at her request, Marie asked me to start telling her my fantasies.
No lover had ever asked me to that before, at least not during loveplay. I
really didn't have many fantasies, I had my fantasy girl naked in lap
having her cheeks reddened by the paddle before I was going to kiss them
and make them better, so I made up some nonsense to please her about doing
a ten-gyrl daisychain, which wasn't a fantasy, I had actually done a couple
of them and larger ones before.

That's when, between sucking gulps of air between paddle pops, she told
me of her fantasy of finding and seducing a really young girl, thirteen or
even younger. I hadn't told her about Ginny yet, I was waiting for the
right moment. But I was totally in love with Marie. We were planning on
me moving into her new house in nearby Cary, where her parents knew she was
a lesbian and lived in one wing of the house and she the other. So, being
weak, I spilled my guts to her about Ginny. I told her the whole story,
beginning to present. She threw me back on the bed and ate me with a
furiosity that only increased as I told her tales of Ginny and myself, of
Gin's and my lovemaking sessions over the past three years.

What happened next was inevitable. It was so predictable, it wasn't
funny. Out of being a true fool in love, I talked Ginny into joining us.
Marie had her fantasy fulfilled, many times over. Oh, God, how I loved
that woman. I loved my Ginny, but how I loved Marie. I honestly thought
she was "the one", the one I'd spend the rest of my life with and grow old and grey together. Then, what a blind man could see was going to happen,
happened. The third or fourth time we three were together, Marie asked
Ginny and me if she could have some time alone with Ginny. I didn't see a
problem with it, I wasn't jealous. I left them alone, went to do some
shopping and see a movie, to give them three or four hours alone. When I
came back, Marie asked me if she could see Ginny alone sometime, take her
to her place, that she had asked Ginny and Ginny didn't mind. I said
absolutely, 100% positively, "NO". Huge fight. HUGE fucking fight.
Screaming. Throwing things. I wasn't jealous at all, don't get me wrong,
I just didn't want Richard to find out, and make Ginny and I split up and
maybe have me arrested for multiple statutory rapes of Ginny. Leaving, the
bitch Marie even keyed my fucking car, in typical lesbian "fuck you,
whore!!!" leaving-for-good fashion. I had forgotten I had told her Ginny's
last name, so she somehow found Ginny's home phone number, and began
calling her, which scared Ginny, she telling Marie to leave her alone.

But loose lips can be handy. Marie had been moving bits of her assets
over my firm to take care of, and I knew from seeing things that she had
set up offshore tax shelters which were blatantly illegal and she could
probably end up losing those assets and maybe even going to jail for. I
had to end up threatening to turn her in, several times, before she got the
message and left Ginny and me alone, but not before my tires were
mysteriously slashed, my gas tank mysteriously sugared, and my windshield
mysteriously bricked one night. Bitch. I needed a new car, anyway. Next
week, I had a used but good condition two seater Fiat ragtop in my
driveway. Time for a better car, anyway. Thank my Lord Jesus Christ it
ended as quick as it did, that Marie got the point of jail and financial
ruin as quick as she did, or I know Richard would have found out if things
went on much longer. Never again, I vowed, would I tell anyone about Ginny
under any circumstances, not at least until she turned 18 and no one would
care, if Ginny and I were still together then, which I prayed to my God
every night would happen, that we'd be mother and daughter forever.

When Gin' was fourteen, she started hanging out with, not really dating,
a boy who was in a kid's garage band. He lived just a few houses down from
her, they knew each other from growing up as neighbors, and liked each
other as friends. Bobby got her to try out for the lead singer's position
in the band, but Ginny, never having sung in the choir at her own church or
at Temple Baptist which she now attended most Sunday's with me as my
"charge", and sweet thing she is, didn't have much talent for, wasn't good
at. So, Bobby showed her some chords on his guitar, and it turned out she
quickly became a better player than he was. The other boys in this garage
band didn't like having Ginny as a member, except for the fact she was that
good. When I'd sit sometimes as I'd drop by to spend some time with her,
being her Mom, and not just her lover, they'd let me sit in and play the
tambourine or maracas or something. Bobby would always loan her guitar
when they played, but she really needed her own. I wrote sealed letter to
Richard and had Ginny give it to him next time he came home for a couple of
days, about her 15th birthday was coming up, and a few days later, he
called me from somewhere on the road, telling me that "sure, it's okay, and
that's a very nice gesture on your part, I have no problem with it, thank
you for being a good mom to my little girl", and offered to help chip in, I
telling him it wasn't necessary, that I really wanted to this.

I made Ginny a cake for her 15th birthday, though I knew she could bake
a better one herself, but I was her Mom. Picking her up from Broughton
High School, she knew she was getting a birthday present from me, but
seemed a little, well, a lot disappointed when all I handed her was a card
as she squeezed into my Fiat convertible. A card with a simple pink bow
hand-tied around it. She kissed me on the cheek with a cheerful "thanks,
Mom, I love you..." but with a look of quiet "oh, well" on her face.

Inside the Hallmark card was another, smaller, plain piece of
ivory-colored handmade paper bought from The Paper Plant on Hargett St.,
with the words I had scribbled "Happy Birthday, Ginny, My Baby...this card
good for one shopping trip to Harry's Guitar Shop... budget
$1,000...enjoy!....Love, Mom". She literally squealed with delight and
kissed me full on the lips in front of the minions of her classmates who
were boarding school buses and climbing into their parent's cars to go
home. I didn't care. No one knew. We were just mother and Daughter, and
don't mothers and daughters kiss each other on the lips sometimes, even in

She picked out a Fender Strat-o-Caster, I think that's what she called
it, a used but decent case for it, plus a Carver or Carvin amp, and some
cables and picks and music books and such. It came to over $1,200, two
hundred plus over her budget, but I didn't care. I had the money, and she
was my little girl. The amp wouldn't fit in the excuse for a trunk of my
Fiat, so I called a cab, gave him a ten, told him where Gin's house was,
and to follow us home, stuffing the amp in his trunk, she not wanting lose
possession of her new used guitar, not even from two feet in what passed
for a backseat in my Fiat, case nudging my neck to one side as we drove
home. Home. Good God, how I often wished Richard would just let me move
in and be a pretend girlfriend to him and step-mom to Gin', but in the
couple of times I had gently broached the subject with him, he had been
adamantly against it, unless I would totally agree never to see any other
womyn, which he and I both knew I never could or would, as much as I was in
love and loved my Ginny.

Fifteen minutes later, she had the works plugged in, and was cranking
renditions of "Stairway To Heaven" and "Badge" and "Funk 49". "I wished
there was a future in rock and roll for women..." I thought to myself
"...Ginny would have a future in it, if only reality were so". I brought
her cake out to her, which I had in a cooler in the suitcase of a trunk of
the Fiat, lit her candles, she stopping only long enough to blow them out,
not wanting to quit playing even long enough to eat a bite from the Duncan
Hines cake mix-cake I had somehow baked without disaster. She didn't want
to touch her take-out pizza, either, when it was brought, she just wanted
to keep playing. She finally did eat some cake and pizza when one of the
old strings broke, and she had to put on a new set of strings she had just
bought with the other stuff so they'd all match.

Five hours passed. I watched tv with no volume, happy that my Ginny was
happy, listening to her repertoire, hearing "Stairway" from the screeching
amp for the twenty-third time. I had my flannel nightie on, having brought
that and a change of work clothes for tomorrow. I nudged her to come to
bed. I was bored, and horny. She was my Baby. I wanted her. I always
wanted her. Crawling under the covers of her/our bed as my Baby-made music
twanged on in the living room, I feel asleep, bored, a little lonely maybe
even, but happy that my Gin' was happy. A couple of hours later, the lack
of noise made me wake up. Ginny scooted beside me, and kissed me firm on
the lips as I pretended sleep. I didn't rouse or even breath deeper. She
knew I was faking. Her fingers found my cunt, her face between the opening
in my still-clad nightie, we usually sleeping nude when together, sucking and biting on a nipple. That brought a smile to me. We kissed and
smooched as she brought to an unhurried orgasm with her hand. "Thanks,
Mom..." she whispered to me through a deep kiss " really don't know
how much I love you". "Yes..." my voice slipped back "...yes, I do...I
know you love me as much as I love you, Ginny, my daughter".

A three or four months later, she called me at from school, and asked me
not to pick her up for our "date", our planned night together that night at
my place, but to come to her house for dinner and spend the night. "But
your father, you know how he feels about that". "I told him, and he said it
was okay, for tonight, this time, over at seven, okay?"

I smelled steak and vegetables when I walked in her house, she calling
to me from the kitchen. Close. It was Chateuu Briand in the oven, one of
my favorites. She ran to kiss me, and I hugged her close and kissed her
back hard. My God, how I love her. My hands playfully grabbed her butt,
but she equally playfully pushed them away, with a "now, Mom, dinner, food,
first!" and happy smile.

We fed each other bites of the beef tenderloin as we often did, as
lovers are supposed to do. Finishing the last of the salad and filet
mignon and ending the perfect meal with her special Key Lime pie, she
gently took my hands, and lead me to the living room, sitting me down in
her Dad's easychair, going over the formerly more or less vacant corner of
the living room she had claimed as her music area. Fishing something from
a pile of papers, she walked back over to me and handed me a piece of
hand-written sheet music, giving me a daughterly, not lover-ly, kiss.
"Happy early birthday, or whatever, Mom...I love...I LOVE YOU".

Going back ten feet away from me to sit on a short stool and take her
guitar in hand, she started playing the song she had written for me, "Love
Unspoken, Heart Unseen".

...Sometimes love can be hard ...because life usually is ...Sometimes
life darkens our hearts ...but love always brightens the gloom away
...Sometimes distance tears lovers apart ...but love always brings them
back together

...You are the moonlight guiding my ship ...back home, always back home
to you

...You are my mother Moon, healing me ...from the ravages of father Sun
...You are my mother Moon, bringing my heart ...always home to you

Tears filled my eyes with joy. Love for my Ginny filled my heart with
happiness even more. Bawling like an infant, Ginny rushed to me, asking me
what was wrong, if I thought the song stunk that bad. "Oh, no, Baby, I just
had never heard anything that beautiful..." tears of choking filling my
words as I clutched the songsheet she had written for me in my hand "...oh,
Ginny, my Ginny...I LOVE YOU, so much...I love you..." "I love you, too,
Mom..." she cooed back as she held me close "...let's go to bed".

The next few months, our relationship was closer than it had ever been,
or was to be again. I would have given anything, anything, for us to live
together as wife-and-wife, but she still was too young, and the promise of
Richard's threat always hung over the boundaries of our relationship. I
encouraged her to start dating, and finally she did go out on some dates,
but I could tell her heart wasn't in them.

As her sixteenth birthday approach, Richard and I worked together to
work out the financing of a car for her. We were ready to almost buy a
used Buick four-door for her, when a Toyota dealership had a blow-out sale
one weekend when Richard just happened to home, so between the two of us we
were able to get her a new Celica two-door hardtop instead of something

On her birthday, Richard had arranged to be home for that day, off the
road, and we took her ostensibly out to eat at Sam's Steakhouse from school
for her birthday, but she knew better. On the way there, as I sat in the
backseat of Richard's new used Mustang, they in the front, I mentioned
about needing to get my dry cleaning first from over near Crabtree. When
we pulled into Anderson Toyota, she saw a new car with big ribbon tied
around it in the parking lot, and knew it was hers, jumping up and down.
Her Dad made it very clear that, if she wanted it, she was old enough to
where she'd have to get a part-time job to pay for her own insurance and
gas and repairs and such. When we got out of the car to look at it, she
made us stand next to each other, so she could give us both a family-hug
together. "Thanks, Mom...Thanks, Dad.." she said over and over again. "Take
off school Friday..." Richard said " you can go get your license, and
Mom, I mean Carol, will call my insurance company Monday and have you put
on my insurance so you can start driving it Tuesday..." "Thanks, Dad...and
THANKS, Mom" she cried again, as she hugged and kissed me again and again.

Dinner at Sam's was happy, but muted. It was her sixteenth birthday,
and she and I couldn't be together that night, because her Dad was home.
They droppe me off at my place later, and I dove under the covers of my
lonely bed, no Ginny anywhere near me to hold and be close to, and cried
myself to sleep.


When Gin' decided to lose her virginity at age sixteen to her highschool
sweetheart, I got her "Our Bodies, Ourselves", and made an appointment for
her with my gynecologist for her first pelvic which she needed anyway and
to get some birth control pills. I told Dr. Brown that she was my niece,
the daughter of my sister (which I never had) who died years ago and whom I
was acting as guardian for, my/our usual cover story. He never questioned
it, as never did any teacher or anyone else ever in authority when she or I
would tell them usually that I was her step-mom, the difference in our ages
being obviously closer to ten than to twenty or more. Dr. Brown didn't
mind me being in the exam room with her as he probed and poked her in his
AMA-approved ritual. I got him to save me the plastic speculum he used on
her, of which later I showed her how to exam her own cervix like our old college womyn's group used to do with that and a hand-mirror.

The night she lost her virginity, a few months or so later, she drove
her new Celica over to my place. With the freedom of her new car that her
Dad and I bought for her sixteenth birthday, came a new sense of
independence and womynhood-liness that I hadn't expected. She had moved
more and more of her stuff into my place, and finally, we were almost
living together as committed lovers, though she always went home when her
Dad came back on his days off.

The night she lost her virginity, she came home with a total grin on her
face that you couldn't have wiped off with a sledgehammer. She kissed me
deeply as we made out like two schoolgirls on the couch, as she told me
about how she let her boyfriend of some months finally "seduce" her. On
and on and on about his cock inside her, even though my fingers and tongue
had been in the same place hundreds if not thousand of times since she was
ten. On and on about how he had eaten her to get her wet before
penetrating, though I had the same except better literally thousands of
times to her. On and on about how he got back hard immediately after
coming inside her, so she had given him a blowjob to completion. Yuck. I
thought that's what I was tasting inside her mouth. His come, stale.
Yuck. On and on and on. I knew right then that, zero doubt, that despite
all our years together, she was straight.

Oh, sure, she enjoyed being a lover to me, the sex between us was if
anything more incredible than ever in the past, and she really loved me for
being her "Mom", but alas, I'm enough of a lesbian and a realist to
recognize when another woman is straight, and in my heart of hearts, I
always knew that my Ginny was straight.

Fucking her boyfriend Joseph earlier, losing her hetero virginity to
him, really had her both horny and wound up tighter than a drum. I was
hurt by her continued gushing over him, though it wasn't unexpected. I
tried my best not to show my jealousy and pain. She sensed it a little,
but was too horny and wanted to jump these old bones of mine to care. Call
me human. Call me a jerk. As much as I loved her, call me a cab if you
will. I just wanted her to leave and go back to her place, but she wanted
to fuck, and fuck badly. I told her I had a new game I us to try.
Removing some sash ropes from my living room window drapery treatment, I
tied her up, arms behind her back, as she kneeled naked on our bed.

Finding the old beach paddleball set I had bought when she and her
father and I had gone to the beach for a weekend trip together as a family,
I took one of the paddles out as a playtoy. Her ass wantonly exposed and
helpless to me, I began an unmercifully beating of her asscheeks, hard,
taking out my frustrations and hurts upon her ass and exposed pussy. She
cried for me to stop as she thrashed around tied up on the bed, but I just
continually cooed back to her how much I truly loved her, because I did,
enough to be really hurt by her fucking a guy and actually enjoying it.

I did stop, eventually, only to hardfuck both her pussy and ass with our
"friend", a strap-on dildo we both used on each other at times for variety,
my assfuck of her being her first. If Joseph could take her hetero cunt virginity, then by God, I'd make sure I took her last one. Thing was, as
rough as I was with her, she thought, I think, it was done from passion and
lust, not anger. We fucked through most of the night. I let her tie me up
and paddle me just to keep things "even", something she found out that she
really didn't like to do or enjoyed, that being our first time playing
tie-up games together. Our furious and intense love-and-anger-making went
on until five a.m. the next morning. She ended up being late for school
and I for work.

She didn't call me and I didn't call her for a week. We both knew why,
though, actually, we didn't know why. We did, but we didn't want to say
why. When she called, she asked if she could come over and pick some of
her stuff up, which had grown to be quite an accumulation, more than half
of her clothes and such hanging in my closets. I thought she was going to
break up with me, having discovered her "straightness", but thankfully,
that wasn't the case. She ended up spending the night, but our lovemaking
was easy, quiet, happy, placid, and whole bunch of other adjectives that
translate into more or less "boring".

Well, that's not entirely fair to say it like that. We had spent six
years being lovers, and while I had taught her everything in the beginning,
she was becoming more and more her own person, as is such as life. I was
genuinely happy she was becoming more her own womyn. She was still "my"
Ginny, my daughter, my little girl. But she was growing up. Our
lovemaking was becoming increasingly more oral-oriented, with less intense
hand-frigging, less "toys", and much to my sadness, less and less intense
kissing and making out, something I'd almost rather do than anything else
with a woman I love. Our kisses were still lips-to-lips, but fewer and
fewer tongue-wrestling-matches took place.

Her times with me went from two and three or more times and nights per
week together, down to just a couple or even one per week, as she began
dating more and more boyfriends. Sigh.

By the time her high school graduation rolled around, we had settled
into a routine of a phone call every day, if just to say "hi", I was still
her mom in her eyes and heart after all, but our nights together had become
our weekly night together, usually a Tuesday or Wednesday night, so as not
to interfere with her busy weekends with her boyfriends. Almost out of
self-defence and out of growing loneliness for sure, I threw myself back
into the fern-and-smoked-glass local lesbian and gay bar scene, which now
consisted over ten bars where fellow travelers could be found, though truth
be known, while there were some new faces from time to time, it was still
the same bunch of raggedly old haggardly cunts.

For her graduation present, Richard, her Dad, and I all went on a trip
up and down the East Coast, Richard and I having arranged our vacation
schedules to allow us to do this for her. Ginny for some reason had always
wanted to see Maine, so with no schedule set, we just started driving north
from Raleigh to Maine in a rented Lincoln, a busman's holiday for Richard
if there ever was one, but he didn't mind. We stopped off and played
tourist what we could time allowing, in D.C. and Philly and New York City
and such, stopping for a day or two here and there as the mood suited us.
It was a nice trip. At night, we'd all sleep in different hotel rooms,
though it cost more to do it that way, but I didn't push it with Richard.
Ginny really wanted her privacy, too. We didn't sleep together, make love,
even for a five-minute quickie, that whole two weeks, not that I missed it
that much. I just missed her, my Ginny, that much.

We drove around Maine for three or four days, mainly seeing the
coastline, making Ginny happy, drove over to Montreal and back in a couple
of days, then dropped the rental Lincoln off in Portland and flew back home
from there, the first airline flight for Ginny and Richard, though Richard
had more miles on his butt from his trucking job than most airliner

Ginny, Chapter 3, by PlanetDweller

Ginny Chapter 3 by PlanetDweller (Ff, menstrual sex, MFf, adult/youth

She didn't want to try to go State or another college, hadn't been
preparing for it at all as her father and I both knew, and wouldn't hear of
even trying. She just wanted to get a job and get her own place and as she
would say "live life". Richard and I both told her to hold on to her youth
and carefree days as long as she could, that life would envelope her fast
enough without her seeking it out.

Out of being nagged to death, and my little Ginny can be quite stubborn
and a nagger when she wants to be, growing up adult will do that to you,
she persuaded her father to put in a good word for her at his work, the
Winn-Dixie warehouse up on S. Wilmington Street near where they lived, and
she was hired into a trainee spot in the shipping department, checking the
shipments of grocerys and dry goods as they came off of the literal miles
of train cars each day.

She started nagging me and Richard for a small loan to go ahead and get
her own place. Her Dad wouldn't do it, encouraging her to live at home and
save some money since she had free run of their place anyway three or more
weeks out of the month, but she was adamant. Using that desire as
leverage, I told I'd loan her the money, but only if she agreed to start
taking night classes at Wake Tech and begin working her way towards an
Associate's degree in business or accounting or similar. She could have
saved up enough money by staying home just another three or four months,
but she wanted out right then, so she took the loan, after showing me she
had enrolled in three night classes for next quarter that were part of the
AA in business curriculum. I was her mom after all, you expected me not to
act like one?

She then moved into a vacant rental house just four houses down from her
dad's, a nice small one but one showing it's age somewhat, and immediately
took in two other girls her age as roommates, the small cottage having two
other small bedrooms besides the one decently large one, which she kept for
herself. Richard and I gave her some older furniture and curtains and
dishes and pots and pans and old silverware and throwrugs and towels and
sheets and table lamps and such from our respective places to help fill her
new-to-her vacant first place of her own, and took turns co-signing for her
to help her get her lights and phone and cable turned on.

In the meanwhile, I had been made a V.P. over at M&P, the last step
before becoming a full partner, becoming a full partner requiring a $40,000
cash buy-in upfront, which I knew I could get them to advance me if needed
because of the change in attitudes and lattitudes about women in the
workplace, that, and my client list was now almost a full one-fourth of
total billings. Of course, truth be known just to you and me, being single
and having no kids not counting my Ginny and having basically no vices, no
expensive ones at least, I had almost $40,000 in CD's saved up and stashed
back, plus another $10,000 or so in a loaded Lipper growth fund. Living
cheap and eating cheap and driving cheap lets you do that, that's what I
tell all my clients, because I live it. It's called thrift.

My love life, my love life outside of Ginny, was looking up. An old ex-lover had arranged a blind date with a friend of a friend of hers who
was moving here to work at a firm out in RTP, a lovely and smart attorney a
little older than me named Janice, and if it wasn't love at first, it was
love not much later after.

I immediately told her the whole story, the whole truth about Ginny's
and my relationship, and while shocked at first, it didn't freak her out. I
told her that as long as Ginny wanted me in her life, I was going to be
there for her, and she said, and I think meant it when she said it, that
she understood and accepted it. She made it very clear that whatever Ginny
and I did as lovers, she considered Ginny to be my daughter, and not her

And, at least, she didn't even think about let alone ask wanting Ginny
to join us sometime, thank the Lord. Ginny was a grown woman of eighteen
now with her own place and wasn't a target for pedophiles like me, like I
had accidentally become that one time many years ago. I could tell that
like me, Janice was an experienced and oft-loved lover, and our lovemaking
reflected that, she also having come out of the radical
feminist-excuse-to-seduce-womyn college movement when she was in law
school. Her experiences in college lead her not just into and out of
radical feminism, which she like I now considered to be a farce created by
womyn-hating men, but also into and out swinging with M/F couples, which
she did a lot before getting tired of sorting through the phonies to find
the nice ones. We talked a lot about her swinging experiences, and she was
equally fascinated by my "find, feed, and fuck 'em" straight as well as gay womyn deflowering campaign and stage I went through when I was younger and
saw doing so a political more than sexual statement, and all the
womyn-oriented group sex I had back then.

One day at work, Ginny called me, something she seldom did any more, and
I asked if everything was all right. She replied "sure, Mom, I just had a
phone call, great news!, and I wanted to share it with you immediately".
She had told me last week during our usual Wednesday night "date" that she
had auditioned for a job with The Band Of Oz, a local Carolina Beach
Music-style and 60's white soul cover band, but felt they hadn't taken her
seriously, stopping her after just three songs. But Dave Peterson, the
lead singer and more or less leader of the group, had just called her and
told her she had the job, of second rhythm guitar player, and now could
claim to be the only girl ever hired as a musician for the band. "My first
gig with them is tonight at Red's...I know you got a membership
there...will you come, Mom?" "Like I'd miss it for the world?" I happily
sighed back. I couldn't have been prouder of my Baby up on the stage that
night cranking out undertracks to "Up On The Boardwalk" and "I Love Beach
Music" and "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" than if she would have been my own
flesh-and-blood. I got hit on by three different guys that night, they
pestering me when I just wanted to drink beer and listen to my Ginny play
her little heart out at her first paying gig in peace, blowing them off by
telling that I was a lesbian and wasn't interested, a standard blow-off
line for a lot of women in bars but this time one which happened to be the
truth. The next morning, I called a lawyer who I had recruited for our
firm as a client, wanting a favor from him.

"Bill, I'd like to adopt my daughter" I began the conversation. He
didn't hear me quite right. "Well, Carol, you're a single woman, there's
very few adoptable infants out there, there's a prejudice against
non-two-parent households wanting to adopt...we might could find you a
special needs or older child, but it'd still be a next-to-impossibility for
you..." "Bill...friend...shut up for a second, and listen...I said I wanted
to adopt my daughter, not someone else's...", then dead silence for a
moment. "Carol, if she's already your daughter, why would you want to adopt
her?...that makes no sense..." "Because she's not my child by birth or
marriage...I simply have been acting as her 'guardian at litem' since she
was ten, with the consent of her father...her mother died when she was five
or six, and she and I became friends when she was ten, and she's been
calling me mom ever since, I've been acting as her mom ever since, almost
nine years now..." "There's nothing kinky going on here, is there, Carol?"
"Oh, for Pete's sake, Bill, you used to go to my church when you first came
to town remember her, don't you...little girl, long hair in
ponytails, she was known in church as my sister's kid..." " mean
Ginny?" "Uh-hu". "What does her father say about this, and what does she
say about this...and how old is she, you say she's nineteen?" "Eighteen,
almost nineteen". "Since she's eighteen, she's legally emancipated now
anyway, the only way we could make it fly it to have all of you petition a
judge together in a motion for adoption, you'd all have to go to court and
state why you wanted it done". "I really want this to happen...could you
fax me over some case law on it, and if I can arrange things on my end,
will you push it for me?" "Sure, but it'll cost you $5,000 plus office fees
and court costs, and will take at least six months to schedule in". "Done".

I left a message with Ginny to have Richard call me. He called me back
a couple of days later, saying he was off the road for a couple of days. I
told him I wanted to talk to him, but not over the phone. A few hours
later, he greeted me, old Milwaukee in hand, in a dirty undershirt and torn
shorts and sneakers, three days growth of beardstubble showing and smelling
of needing a shower. I drank a beer with him as we watched the local news.
Then I dropped my request on him about adopting Ginny. He got quiet, very
very quiet. I thought he might be getting to explode in anger, but he just
took a last swig out his beer, then said " of
question". "Can I have another beer?" "Sure...Mommy..." he laughed as he
went to fetch us fresh ones. He was being cruel without really meaning to,
I think " know you're damned attractive for an older dyke with no
tits and too short legs, you know that, don't you, Carol?" "And you're not
so bad yourself for slightly overweight, balding, yellow-teethed,
undereducated and over-opinionated walking dick supportive attachment,
either, Richard." "You want me, dontcha?" "No, not right at this
moment...maybe after we finish splitting the case, maybe we'll see then,
when you start looking like you have a real pussy instead of just the
absence of external genitalia." We both laughed at that one.

Gin's 19th birthday came and went. She said she really didn't want
anything special this year from either her Dad or me. She was lying. I
gave her a new color TV, and her Dad gave her a better set of speakers for
her stereo, she being a musician now that actually got paid for working
part-time at it and accumulating musical things and tapes and records and
such. I got her to go with me to my stylist. I knew she hadn't been to a
beauty shop since leaving home, and her hair was now to her waist, which I
knew she didn't like it that long. We went out to eat after getting it
trimmed to a more manageable shoulder-length, and ended up having pleasant
unscheduled, non-Wednesday night lovemaking session together. All she
wanted to talk about afterwards, after sharing our comfortable lesbianism
with each other, was her boyfriends, was men. I told I wasn't interested
in having a sex change operation to become one, as much as I loved her.
She punched me playfully in the ribs, then went to sleep in my arms.

A few weeks later, the phone range at 4 a.m. on a Tuesday night. "Mrs.
Black?..." "Uh...uh, Miss Black...who wants to know, please?" "Deputy
Bernado, Wake County Sherrif's Department..." " something wrong, why
are you calling me this late?" "Miss Black, we have your step-daughter,
Ginny Moore, in custody, and we need you to come down to the Wake County
Courthouse and see the magistrate and bail her out if you can".
"Uhhhh...what's she done?" "She was caught driving around midnight leaving
Kelly's Bar on Wake Forest Road at a checkpoint with a .15 blood-alcohol one way, be thankful, Miss Black, because in less than a week,
the drinking age is going back up to 21, and if it was then and not now,
she'd have been charged with a misdemeanor...right now, all it is is a
DWI..." "Uh, thanks, officer...I'll be right down."

She looked scared in the holding cell surrounded by real criminals,
frightened to death, shaking. The magistrate wouldn't take a check, so I
had to go across the street to a 24-hour bondsman who would and spend $50
non-refundable to get the $500 release bond. She expected me to go into
full Mom-mode as the jailer let her out, but I didn't. "Thanks for bailing
me out, Mom". "You're welcome, daughter". "You won't tell Dad, will you?"
"Not unless he finds out from someone else and asks me about it, no, I
won't're a grown woman now and have to learn to face the
consequences of your own actions...and you will pay me back in full the $50
for the bond to get you out..." "I will Mom, I will, I'll pay you when I
get paid this week, promise". "...and don't worry, I'm not going to try
punish you myself, the astronomical hike in your insurance rates will be
punishment enough, if they don't make you to assigned risk anyway, being
caught drunk at age nineteen..." "Oh, shit, that's right..." she said, then
puked in her lap and on her seat and floorboards. "...and you can also
clean that up, when we get home..." "...can I sleep with you tonight, Mom?"
"Sure...but not before cleaning this mess up, I've got to drive it to work
in the morning...where's your car?..." "In the service impound..." "I'll
try to get out for you tomorrow, but you'll owe me for that, too".

At home, she slept gently in my arms, nursing on my left nipple like a
baby, her finger gently diddling my clit, her breath stinking of beer and
puke. God, how I wanted still to adopt her. We showered together after
the alarm, washing the puke off her pants in the machine so she could wear
them to work again and save a trip back to her place. In the shower, she
dropped to her knees and gently anally probed and massaged me as she licked
my clit from the front. How perfect a daughter and lover she was. I had
to make her stop or we'd have never left the shower let alone make it to
work. The towing and impound fee later that day came to almost two hundred
dollars. Lesson learned.

I met Janice at lunch at her employer's cafeteria in "the Park". Since
all Fortune 500 companies in RTP were so scattered out among the thousands
of acres and since almost no restaurants were nearby, all of RTP's resident
giants had lunch cafeterias built-in as part of their buildings.

"I just closed on my house last Friday..." she commented, our last date
together being the night before "...and I just can't wait to get out of
that dumpy apartment I'm in, not unlike yours..." dead silence, then I
smiled at her, silent still "...oh, I'm sorry, Dear, but you know, you make
more money than I do, and you still live, well..." "I live thriftly,
Janice...thriftily..." "I'm sorry,'s just that I know you can
afford to buy your own house...and guess what...and this is my
luck...actually, it can become your luck...I paid almost $135,000 for my
house in Brentwood last week, and this morning, I saw a "For Sale By Owner"
go up on one just five houses down from me, for just $85,'s
smaller, and has a smaller yard, but I think it's a's the
number of the owner, give them a call, it's at 1019 Browning Place...I'd
just love to have you as my neighbor, Carol..." she sweetly and sincerely

Three months later, I was the proud owner of my first house. Real
estate like that in North Raleigh was escalating at rates higher than 25%,
when I was only getting 14% on my CD's. So a lot of those suckers were
cashed in, and I paid more than half down meaning a mortgage of only $375 a
month, and still had close to $10,000 in liquidity, not counting my 2%
annual fee loaded Lipper growth fund.

Ginny was excited for me when I told her the news as we spent our last
night together in my true dump of my apartment, if it had been my home for
so many years. The neighborhood decaying, crack was just starting to show
its ugly head from the poorer neighborhoods around me, more break-ins and
mugging were taking place than ever before, it was time to leave, time to
move on with my life. She said she wanted to break our, our new home, her
word not mine, in properly. For a moment, I thought my hope of hopes, my
prayer of prayers was being answered. Was she actually proposing we live
together as wife-and-wife? God gave me a quick answer through her. Nope.
She just wanted to cook for me and have a night of wild, abandoned sex with
me. Sounded like a plan to me.

The poached salmon with shallots she had preliminarily prepared at home
and brought to work to bring to my house and finish cooking was delicious.
Even her roommates, whom I had briefly talked with the few times I had
dropped in at her place, told me they had all gained several pounds each,
the result of her love of cooking. And the French Silk pie. We laughed
and giggled like school girls, with an intimacy and comfort level neither
of us had felt for some time for some reason or reasons, as we daubed the
chocolate filling on each other's faces and licked each other clean.

God also had a sense of humor, and of fairness, that night. For the
first time ever in our nine years together, we both had started our periods
at the same time, the day before. We body-painted each other with our
womynly essences in the shower, before licking the patterns off with
exaggerated and erotic tongue actions. Our relationship had begun all
those years ago with menstrual sex, and we always enjoyed and played
through when either of us was dripping, but until then, we had never
synched, and knew the night was special.

Kid like, we played "mad bomber". I lay in the bed and she stood up
over me, her legs astride my head, drops of her fluid leaking down on me,
trying to hit the "target", my open mouth. Then I did her similarly, we
laughing with delight all the while. She won that competition, ten hits to
seven. We intertwined our legs together and humped our cunts and clits
close, as we liked to do. The fact that I could feel her menstrual fluid
and she mine leak all over us made us that much hotter. She began kissing
me deeply, hard, passionately, more so than she had done in months or
longer. My Ginny was back. I fucked her pussy with our trusty strap-on,
then bare-backed her asshole with it, using her blood as lubrication, then
she mine. My Ginny was mine, my Ginny was indeed back.

Our weekly nights together increased back to two or three per week,
which was almost too many for me right then, since I was also heavily
dating Janice who now lived just five yards down, we alternating whose
place we ended up sleeping together at after dates, but Janice understood
and didn't raise a stink. Just as soon as Ginny's new passion for me rose,
it also fell, fell back to our usual once-a-weeker Wednesday night
together. "I've got another serious boyfriend, Mom, that's all". Sigh.
But what can a mother say?

Another few months later, Ginny showed up at my place, as I was mowing
grass and doing yardwork on a Saturday morning. She was wearing a white
wedding dress. She was also wearing a cheap chip of an engagement ring and
was wearing an excuse of a man wearing a cheap ill-fitting ratty suit,
something which looked like she had found at a homeless shelter and brought
home to feed some of her great homecooking to out of pity. "Mom...this is
Ray...he's...don't be mad at me, Mom...he's my husband...and Mom, I'm
pregnant." I kissed and hugged her, and tried to air-kiss him, he smelling
like the grease pit of a bad garage, but he planted me one right on the
lips anyway. "Good to meet you, Mrs. Black, I'll make your daughter very
happy...I know I'll have to, or she Ginny you'll turn me into the IRS,
hahahahaha." Sigh. Just in my mid-30's, and already a grandmother. Sigh.

The marriage last an entire month. I didn't think it would have lasted
that long. She came home from work early one day, and caught her excuse
for an unhusband in bed with a crack whore, fucking and smoking crack. She
ran him out into the street only half-kiddingly chasing him with a butcher
knife, and he never came back to even get his clothes or pay for the
long-distance bills he ran up, for some unknown reason. She asked me to
take her to the Raleigh Women's Clinic the following Monday. One baby
gone, but one baby, my Baby, was still with me. At least she hadn't kicked
her roommates out of her house as the creep has asked to do, so they could
have their "honeymoon privacy", so she wasn't stuck that way.

After Ray and the abortion, she didn't see me for an entire two months
or longer, and quit calling me every day for a while, only calling every
third or fourth day or so. She even talked about quitting her gig with The
Band Of Oz, but thankfully I persuaded her not to, knowing how much her
music meant to her. I called Bill about her filing for divorce from the
creep, and he said he'd take care of things and send me the bill later,
just have her call him. He asked about "the adoption", and I told him her
father had vetoed it, end of that story.

I finally showed up unannounced at her place, and wanted to took her out
for a drinking binge, get it out of her system. I told her let's go out
"hunting". "But, like women, and I like guys!" "So, let's go out
and pick up some guys" I replied. "You're not serious". "Yes...yes, I
am...I'm not saying I'll fuck 'em, I just want to help you find them, at
least one of gotta get out of this funk, girl, gyrlfriend,
Ginny, my daughter..." She hugged me and we laughed together, the first
time she had laughed in weeks.

"Tell you what, Baby...let's go the Longbranch, have some guys buy us
some drinks, you and I'll dance with some, you pick out the most handsome
guy in the place, at least the one you want to fuck, and we'll approach him
as a team, swell his head together, both tell him that he's one of the most
handsome men we'd ever seen, and that we are mother and daughter, and we
both want him...that we'll do a mother/daughter lesbian show for him, and,
but, he can fuck only you afterwards, after you and I do our show together
for him..."

For the longest time, she wrapped her arms around my neck and looked
deeply at me with lost eyes. "You'd really...really, do that for me, Mom?"
"Of course I will, Baby, or I wouldn't have suggested want us to
go find a stud to fuck, or what?" " really don't know how much I
love you.." "Yes, I love me as much as I love you."

The Longbranch was packed for an early weeknight. Ooops. Dilbert
McClinton was playing the mainstage, that was why, forgot. Ginny had worn
her favorite tight black dancing dress with a sideslit almost to her butt,
and I had stopped by the house to change into a more refined but still sexy
white cocktail dress that showed my open cleavage to be a little more than
nature actually put there. Within minutes, we had our target picked out,
but played it cool, both shot him glances and hair flips, but bided our
time until he decided to work his way over to us, which we knew he
eventually would. guys were buying us drinks right and left. Gin' was now
technically underage with the recent law change to 21 and all, but had
anticipated that, getting a realistic-looking fake Maryland driver's
license from some source that red of Red's Beach Club where she and her
band played knew.

Mr. Studmiester, a TDH (tall, dark, handsome specimen of a man if I say
so myself) finally worked his way over to us after a couple of hours, about
the time we both were feeling quite pleasantly tanked, thank you. "Hi, I'm
Rodney..." "Hello, Rodney" I slurred. "Hello, much of a 'rod' do
you actually have, and can it stay 'rodded' for longer than ten minutes?"
Ginny plasteringly asked. "I've got ten inches of rod that can last as long
as you want it to...but before we begin to test it here at the bar, would
either of you ladies care to dance?" "What about dancing with both of us?"
"Ladies' choice, as always".

Gin' and I just laid it out on the dance floor. I'm not much of a
dancer, except for slow, cheek-to-cheek dancing with other womyn at quieter
gay clubs, but I was doing this for Ginny, my daughter, so I let it all
hang out. We danced three songs together as a terpsechorian triad, then
found a quiet booth towards the door of the adjacent country lounge. There
wasn't any point being shy, or holding back.

"Rodney...I'm Carol...and this is my daughter, Ginny..." "How do you
do..." he respectfully acted, shaking our hands from across the booth,
after twenty minutes of body-grinding each other out on the dance floor.
Gin' and I just looked at him like he was our next meal and we hadn't eaten
in a month, because he was and she hadn't.

"Rodney...Rod?'s the deal..." I taking control of the moment
"...and you weren't kidding about having a decent tool that can last long,
were you?..." "No, Carol, Ginny, I wasn't, I promise..." "'s the
deal, lies from us, and no lies from you, either, deal?" "Deal"

"Any diseases or jealous girl or boyfriends out in the club we should
know about?" he laughing friendly. "No, no diseases, and no one's with me
tonight." "We're clean, too, so good". My God, I was starting for some
reason to sound like Joan Rivers on the Tonight Show.

"Here's the deal, Rod, let me finish, and then simply say yes, or no,
okay?...I'm a lesbian, always have been always will be, never been with a
man, never want to be with daughter, Ginny, on the other hand is
straight...we've fooled around a few times, and she's okay doing that, but
she really likes men, not women, except for it so far?" "Got the
picture, Carol, got it". "Gin's not been laid in over three months, and is
climbing the walls for some decent cock...this is the deal...we all take a
cab to my'll take cab back here to get your car're
driving, right?" "Uh-hu..." he coughed out, the possible fantasy coming
true slowly working its way in his mind. "We'll blindfold you going out so
can't see your way back to my place...don't worry, we're not going to rob
or set you up, this is us another drink, Rod, we're thirsty..."
"Waiter!..." he practically yelled to a waiter passing nearby "'re
both drinking Seven and Seven's right?...two more 7&7's, pronto!!!"

" I was going to say, if Ginny wants to see you again, she'll give
you her phone number, but after tonight, you'll never see me again,
correct?..." he bobbing his head up and down in growing hope but still
partial disbelief

"...anyway, Ginny and I will do a long, slow lesbian scene together for
your enjoyment and entertainment, then you and she will fuck like she
wants...I'll be there to watch, but I won't touch you, and you won't
attempt to touch me at anytime...and she and I may or may not do another
scene together after you and she are through...and if she wants to continue
with you, you'll go home with her to her place...agreed?

I thought he was going to swallow his tongue as he gulped too hard
before somehow getting out an "...agreed!!!". Before blindfolding him with
Ginny's larger (than mine) bra, we gave both him and the cabdriver staring
at us through the rearview mirror a show, making out like bandits a
fraction of an inch from his face in front of him but not letting him join
us in the kiss.

He was even more handsome naked than he was clothed. Obviously worked
out, but not too much. Firm, hardbody, flat stomach, but not a weight nut.
I don't know about a ten-incher, not having seen a real cock in real-life
that up close and personal before, but Gin' later told me the next day
afterwards that it was an honest seven or eight.

We began slowly, doing a double-strip tease of each other.
" two really are mother and daughter?" he asked with
growing hard and shedding disbelief. "We certainly are...want to call her
Dad and my ex-husband and ask him?...we can do that if you want, if it'll
put you more at ease..."

Every Penthouse letter he had ever read I could see was flooding his
mind. I could see he was mentally writing his own as we did our strip for
him dancing to some song on the radio as he sat in my dressing chair in my
master bedroom, but discarding the idea as too preposterous even for
Penthouse. Hey, I can't help it if I like to read Penthouse for the
articles and never notice the beautiful nude womyn in them, I swear!

", that's not necessary..." he eeked.

"...just relax, Rod, and we'll all have fun, with your rod, hehehehe"
schoolgirl laughter teasing at him.

He pulled the chair around to get a closer and better view. I playfully
pushed Gin' sideways on to the bed, and kneeled at the edge of it to slowly
eat her out, making sure he could see every delicious lick of her cuntal
lips and clit. "What would you like to see us do, Rod?....we'll do anything
you ask, just ask, hehehehe". "Uhhhhhh...ddduhhhhh" was all he could say.
If I'd have asked him what two plus two, I'm sure "uhhhhhh" or "ddduhhhh"
would have been his answer.

"An 'uhhhh', hu?...that translates to a sixty-nine I think...c'mon, Rod,
finish stripping, join us on the bed, be closer, just no touching until I
say so, okay?" Ginny and I smooched and kissed each other deeply for a long
while as he watched us from inches away.

"When can I fuck him, Mom?..." she softly whispered to me "....he's hard
already, he's playing with himself for gosh sake's...I want his cock, Mom,
you promised" "Yes, I did my daughter...let's sixty-nine a little for him,
give me my come for tonight, then you can have him as long as you
want...I'll stay here and watch, if you'd like..." "Yes, Mom, I'd like

We sixty-nined just long enough for Gin' to bring me off. I frigged her
as I licked away atop her. I motioned for Rod to joining me dining at "the
Y". He was in a total trance. He joined me at Ginny's cunt, licking away,
and raised up for a second, tried to kiss me, but I gently scolded him
"no", reminding him he was for her only, not me. My sweet sometimes bitch
of a daughter pushed me off as soon as she felt me come, urging him to her.
I quickly rolled over to the nightstand, retrieving from the drawer and
tossing him a couple of condoms, since I was unsure if Ginny had been
taking her pills after Ray had left, or not.

I sat in my dressing chair and watched the two of them together. It was
like watching a boring old standard porn movie made for a straight
audience, which I had seen just a couple of in the past. He just stayed on
top of her mainly, fucking his big dick attached to his little brain away
inside her.

Ginny was grinning ear-to-ear with him atop her. Sigh. She was
straight, I reminded myself. He hadn't lied about being long-lasting.
After an hour, she asked him is she could get on top.

I joined them. Gin' and I kissed, me just to the side of them as she
rode him, and played with each other's breasts, giving him the show of his
life. A look came over his face like I've never seen a human being exhibit
before or since. I wasn't sure if he was going to have an epileptic fit,
or have a heart attack and die on us. Like that was the last thing Gin' or
I needed, a dead cock on our hands, literally. I reached and rubbed her
pussy from the front as he fucked her. My hand was touching his hard
member of course as I joined his cock with my hand inside her, frigging her
and rubbing her cunt as she arched her head back and asked me to
concentrate on rubbing her clit.

Then, Ginny's Rod literally and figuratively started trembling and
shaking, both on the bed and inside her, I feeling his member pulse inside
her as I rubbed her clit and lips. Rod got all stiff, literally and
figuratively, as he stared up at the ceiling and began making a strange
"zzzzzhhhhh...sssshhhhzzzzz...sszzuuuuhhhhh..." series of sounds, while
popping his cork inside my Ginny.

"Awwww....awwww, shit, I mean shucks, Mom, look what you made him go
ahead and do...and I wanted more cock, Mooohhhoommm!!" she playfully but
half-seriously fussed at me.

"I wasn't the only one doing something to him, young lady..." I crossed
playfully, playing the scene for all it was worth " fact, I was
concentrating on you totally, not him, it's your fault, not mine." We
kissed again for a long minute, giving him the full show. "It's late for
this old gal, daughter...why don't you take him home to your place and
continue me tomorrow?...I'll call you two a cab, just be sure
you blindfold with your bra again before he walks out the door, and you
never tell him where I live".

She hopped off him, and he was still hard, despite his condom being full
of come. She dove on it, pulling it off, licking and sucking him as
erotically as she could, little spurts of his come squirting on her face.
God, that was an erotic site. I leaned over to her, and licked the come
droplets off her face. He made some more unrecognizable noises as I did.
We kissed. She kissed and sucked his cock, and what the hell, I joined
her. His cock between our mouths, kissing each other with his cock in the
middle of a womyn-mouth sandwich, actually felt pleasing to me, especially
with my Ginny kissing me through and around it. No, God, don't tell me now
that I'm straight, I don't want to be straight, I love womyn too much.

We both kissed each other as he fucked our mouths, he standing up on the
bed, we kneeling on either side of his cock, playing with each other's
boobs again, giving him the full show. Dammit, I actually like Rod, liked
the thought of maybe actually being with a man that way, as much or more
than any time in my life, he seemed like such a nice and honest guy and was
a real studpants and I wouldn't have minded being fucked by him right then.
But, it had been my idea to find a stud for Ginny to get her out of her
funk about Ray, and I wasn't about to poach on the territory I had found
for her.

We turned to face him more, sucking more deeper on his cock, trying our
best to give him a better view and show. He splattered our faces with his
another come, and hit the bed in a heap. Still looking at us, again we
licked his come off each other's faces, gently frigging each other as we
did. More language sounds from an ancient tongue only men apparently can
understand frogcraoked from his closed mouth as he watched us.

"Time for you kids to go home...go on, get dressed, I'll call you a cab
and pay the driver myself in advance...Gin', call me tomorrow, let me know
how things work out?"

"I will, Mom, thanks...and thanks for tonight, it was better than my
dreams could have hoped for...thanks..." she finished as she slipped her
hot little number of a dress back on, as Rod staggered to find and put his
clothes back on, acting like he was coming to from surgery more than having
had every man's dream of mother-and-daughter three-way sex with him.

"I love you, Mom..." she cooed to me as the cab pulled up in my
driveway, I going out to pay and tip the driver heavy, telling him not to
tell the bra-blindfolded man where I lived under any circumstances, he
smiling and saying thanks for the nice tip, as Gin' and I kissed through a
rolled-down backdoor window and my Baby speed of into the night, a happier

Ginny, Chapter 4, by PlanetDweller

Ginny Chapter 4 by PlanetDweller (FF, Ff, romance, older/younger)

"Mom, you were a tart last night, you know that?..." Ginny playfully
picked at me as we talked on the phone " really enjoyed giving Rod
some head, didn't you, tell the truth..." I couldn't help but just giggle,
not saying a word. "...Moooaaamm, you wanted his cock didn't you?...tell
the truth...are you becoming straight on me?" We both just burst out
laughing. "No, Baby...well, yes...if he had wanted to fuck me, especially
after sharing his cock with my lovely Ginny, I would have let him, I admit
it...but last night was for you, and I didn't want to intrude on your fun,
Dear..." "Thanks, Mom, you're a know how much I love you?"
"Hopefully half as much as I love you, daughter."

Guess what happened next. After Rod rodding Gin's brains out until the
next morning non-stop until they both had to quit to get ready for work,
that was it for her. She proposed to him right then, but he poo-pooed it
as a joke, that or hormones. But she did move in with him, at his much
nicer apartment if a further commute away over off Lake Boone Trail, that
following weekend. I called the landlord and smoothed things out with him.
No problem, her lease was month-to-month anyway, and he knew he could put
it off on one of her roommates. Her Dad being home for the weekend from a
ten-day out-and-back, he and I helped her pack and rented a U-Hail short
van to move her stuff over. She left her refrigerator and a lot of the old and used furniture Richard and I had given her at her old house. "No
insult meant, Mom, Dad, but Richard's got much nicer stuff".

He did indeed. A local boy, who went to State and graduated in three
years with a degree in engineering, he had been working as an
engineer-in-training for the past two years for a local firm and was making
damn near what I was after fifteen plus years with M&P. Tall, dark,
handsome, a true gentleman, no crack or crackwhore habits. I can't say I
didn't envy my daughter a little, as lesbian as I still felt. And, I also
had my Janice in my life. But for once, my Gin' had gotten lucky.

Taking the U-Haul back over the U-Haul place on Downtown Blvd., Richard
only half-playfully told me he hadn't been laid in several weeks, and with
all the new disease cropping up, had quit messing with "pavement
princesses" for good, and asked me point-blank if I wanted to go to bed
with him. "But you would go to bed with Rod, in a New York minute, if he
asked, wouldn't you?", his feelings hurt at the rejection, but what did he
expect from me? He knew I was a lesbian, after ten years of knowing me. I
just smiled a guilty-thought-pleasure smile.

Next thing we knew, Ginny's 20th birthday was coming up. We, Richard
and myself, thought she'd ask for another new car, her old Celica had seen
its better days, especially with her longer daily commute, but she didn't.
She asked if we'd pay for a nice, romantic weekend for her and Rod for her
birthday. We both felt hurt, but our Baby was growing up. Next day, I
called our corporate travel agent, and had them book a weekend getaway for
them at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville in the mountains, the most romantic
spot I knew of personally, having taken and been taken there by a couple of
old girlfriends in the past.

The following Wednesday night, my Ginny coming over to spend her usual
one night with me, she told me that over the weekend, she had told Rod the
whole truth, that we weren't actually mother and daughter by birth or
marriage, just two close friends, but more than that, I was her mom in
every way possible, and more, since we had an on-going relationship
together, which she told Rod was going to continue. He was cool with that.
And, even cooler, he never once asked for another threesome with us. A
true gentleman.

Turn around, turn around, turn around and your Baby's no longer ten, but
is turning twenty-one. As true age-of-majority big 2-1 approached closer,
her Dad and I just knew we had to get her another car. Rod had offered to
buy her a better one, but she had refused on principle. As much as she was
in love with him, they weren't married, and she wanted to maintain her
independence. Richard had needed a new car himself, so he cut a deal with
a dealer, buying one for him and an identical one for Gin', two Chevy
Corsica four-door models, loaded. The dealer knocked two thousand plus off
the sticker of each for buying both at once, and Richard also haggled him
to giving them a three year warranty at no cost. What the hell. My third
Fiat was wearing out, and I was getting more and more settled, being a
career woman and a home owner now. The dealer also happened to sell
Volvos, so I got the price I wanted first on a new Volvo station wagon,
then turned it over to Richard to finish haggling for me. He was happy to
do it. My car with the deal knocked four thousand plus off my quoted
price, and I got an extended three year warranty at zero cost, too. I did
owe Richard one, but not the way he wanted to be paid. We didn't give
Ginny her car outright, as we did last time. Her Dad chipped in two
thousand cash, and I four for a big down payment, which left her with
monthly payment of less than a-hundred-thirty a month. She was grown woman
now, not a girl at home. The down payment and us co-signing the bank loan
would help her establish her own credit better, which helped her more than
if we had just bought and given it to her. She did plunk down another five
hundred of her own money for the best factory stereo system she could order
for it.

I just loved my new Volvo. I just loved my Janice. I was falling in
love with her, not hard, nice and easy. I took her to Grove Park Inn in my
new Volvo instead of her old Porsche for a nice romantic Christmas holiday.
I had spent Thanksgiving with my parents, who were definitely getting older and more feeble; I feared for how much longer they'd be around. I thought
about taking Janice, but she was flying home to be with her own over
Thanksgiving, too. Christmas in the Blue Ride Mountains with our
spectacular view from our fourth-floor window, snow billowing all around
outside, was perfect. We drank hot room-service cocoa and stood outside
chilly on the balcony in our robes, smooching, kissing, only the mountains
being able to see us. Still, my Ginny was on my mind. I secretly wished
she was there with then, the three of us. But I knew Janice wouldn't go
for it, not even the fantasy of it. We were now a couple, a monogamous
one, totally, except for my Wednesday night sleep-and-sex-overs with Gin',
which she never said one word about. We gave each other backrubs and
facials and eyebrow tweezings and made soft but very real love all weekend
long, the way only two old tubes of lipstick lesbians who've been around
more than one cosmetic case or two, can.

The next year came and went without me noticing. Ginny was happy with
Rod, Janice and I were happy with each other. Rod and Gin' now came over
to eat with me and sometimes her father as a family dinner at my place
usually once or twice a month, though Ginny insisted as always on doing all
the cooking. I couldn't help but notice after a year plus of living with
Gin' and her cooking, his washboard stomach was no longer washboard-flat,
but had actually a little pooch to it. "Her cooking will do that to you,
Mother Black..." he once told me when I mentioned how much weight he had
seemingly gained. "Yes, I know, I know, I've been eating the past twelve years now..." he laughing at my comic
pause. I confess to still thinking about what he'd be like in bed, after
coming so close that first night with he and Ginny. But I never mentioned
it to Gin', and from what she told me, he never even jokingly hinted at the
possibility, not even a little. So, I let sleeping cocks lie.

Janice and I had become so much of a couple, that we finally decided to
tie the knot. No, not the marriage knot, the living-in-sin knot. Even
after two years, her place was barely furnished. Over the years at my
cheap apartment and now my house, I had selectively picked up a whole house
of very acceptable antiques for every room and almost every piece of
non-heavy-use furniture. She actually complained about having too much
space, too many blank walls and areas. "Okay, you don't have to ask..." I
told her as she lay half-dozing in my arms after another not incredible but
simply edible night of lovemaking " can move in here, even though you
really do have the nicer house..." "I can?...really?...really?...thanks,
Carol, you're a Dear...and that way, I can rent my house out, and pay the
mortgage with the rent, and build my equity at no cost to me!!!..." she
squealed with lawyer-ly greedily delight "...oh...I can pay half the
mortgage here, if you'd like, Lover..." "That's not necessary, Sweetie
Puss..." I pleasantly shot back "...I've got things covered..." "...well,
at least let me pay for the utilities and repairs and half the property
taxes at the end of the year..." I grinned like a chesire cat. "Sure,
Lover, that'd be nice of argument here...", she scooting back down
between my legs for more clit-and-tongue exercises.

When, in the fog of my low-spent passion, I hadn't even thought about my
routine Wednesday nights with Gin'. Shit. Would Janice mind if Ginny came
over here each week? Would Rod mind if I went over there. The thought of
getting a hotel room each week was definitely for the birds. Rod and
Janice both knew everything and totally accepted things for the way they
were. Some quick phone calls back and forth, and things settled. Rod and
Ginny's place had an extra guest bedroom they used for storage of junk
only, that, and Rod's weight bench. Plenty of room for a small bed in
there, for Ginny and me and the odd overnight guest if they ever had
someone else who needed to stay with them. I already had two of the three
extra bedrooms besides Janice's and mine full of suites of furniture.
Ginny and I would simply take turns, alternating each week between them.
Problem solved.

The river of time floated us further down its stream. Everything was
fine with all with that arrangement, and neither Jan nor Rod every
attempted to join in or interfere with our nights together. But life is
rarely so kind, for such a long time.

Ginny called me around six one evening, some months later. Rod was
gone. His stuff was gone. No note, no nothing. Just gone. "And, I'm
pregnant again, Mom...I told him last night, I just found out after I
talked to you last night before I opened the mail and had my doctor's test
report in it...I told him we didn't have to marry, not anytime soon because
of the baby, anyway...we could just live and love together without being
married as long as he wanted...and Mom, he seemed so genuinely happy...we
made the craziest love last night, he absolutely ravaged me all night long,
telling me the whole time how much he loved me, and we'd get married soon...and now...and now, this bullshit...oh, Mom, what am I going to
do?..." she jagged out through the walls of tears "...I know one thing, and
one thing only, abortion this time, I'm going to raise this baby,
if I have to raise it myself..." "We'll...we'll raise it ourselves, both of
us, I promise!" I told her as Janice stuck her head in the bedroom to
friendly eavesdrop. "Promise, Mom?" "Promise, Baby....I'm coming right
over, okay?" "'K....thanks Mom...I love you, you know that?" "Not as much
as you mother loves her Baby".

The next day, she filed a missing persons report, and the police found
him by the following day, relaying the message to her that he didn't want
to talk to her. She asked where he was, and they said he hadn't committed
a crime, simply left her, he was an adult and could do that. She told them
that she was pregnant with his child, and they told her all they could
suggest was to file for child support after the baby was born. Unlucky for
him, I had his Social Security number and a whole bunch of other info on
him, having done his and Gin's taxes for them last year, gratis. Nine
months later, a perfect little girl was born, Carol Mae, named for guess
who and her "real" mother who had died when she was only five, five years
before our fateful encounter that day at the second-floor lady's room at
Belk's, where we both still liked to shop, but never had the nerve to "do
it" in the same stall where long ago whence we first met, tempting as the
thought was.

The wheels of life turn, they do indeed turn. Sometimes eccentricly,
always synchronicitly. A week after Mae was born and Gin' was just coming
home that day with her from the hospital, I came home to find Janice
packing. The woman I had hoped to spend the rest of my life with, was
leaving me. Shit, shit, shit. Life gives, and life takes away. Life
gives me a granddaughter, and takes my wife away. "I'm not leaving you,
Carol..." she spake as she folded her clothes from our closet and stuff
them into an Allied Moving Van Lines cardboard moving box " company's
laying off a bunch of people, what with this mini-recession we're in and
all, and they gave me a choice, either be layed off, or move to corporate
HQ in San Bernadino...I know you love me, my wife, but you don't want to
move to San Bernadino with me, do you?"

I thought long and hard and silently as I paced back and forth in our
bedroom for five minutes or more, as she continued to pack. I was simply
so head-over-heels in love with my wife, that I knew that even though we
hadn't talked about, a public commitment ceremony was in the offing soon,
after I quit going to Temple Baptist and came out to my colleagues at M&P
first. As much as it would have broken my heart and Gin's too, I would
have even left Raleigh and Gin' to be with my Janice, and yes, lost my
seniority partnership track at M&P, I was in love with her that much. If
she had just asked one day before I could have held my perfect little
granddaughter in my arms, I would have said, yes, yes, YES DAMMIT, I'll
pick up stakes and move to California with you. But as much as I loved my
Ginny, I loved my little granddaughter even more now. The bond was in
place, and would never be broken by God or man or womyn.

"Yes...yes, dammit, you know I want to...I love you so very, very much,
dammit it all..." "I know..." she sighed. "But you also know I can't now,
and you know why..." "I know...." she replied, as silence hit the room hard
for a while, as I began to help her pack, slipping "Old George", as we
called my trusty old strap-on into the next box with her toiletries and
such, both our scents still fresh on it from its last use a couple of
nights ago. "Something to remember me by..." I cooed. She smiled, but was
still silent as her pads and dental floss and heated curlers and tampons
and...shit...I started crying...I boo-hooed like a fucking baby, worse than
Mae could have cried. Janice pulled me close and hugged me tight, kissing
my forehead like a sister offering support and love, not like a wife, not
like a long-term committed lover.

"You know I'll always love you, Carol...if this hadn't happened like
this, I would have proposed to you, you know that, don't you?" "Only if I
hadn't proposed to you first..." I coughed from my still-flowing tears. She
smiled, and lightly kissed me on the lips. "I'm leaving tomorrow on a
two-thirty afternoon flight...the movers will call you sometime the next
couple of days to arrange to pick my boxes of stuff and my furniture
up...okay?..." I nodding my head as I stared at her bare feet, not wanting
to look her in the eye "...and I'll leave you a check for three months'
utilities and stuff, okay?"

"Don't worry about it, just leave, dammit, just leave..." I mumbled
through my tears as I pushed her away. I made the couch up like a bed with
sheets and blankets from the linen closet, and dove under them, pulling
them over my head. But I couldn't sleep. The sounds of my life with my
precious Janice being packed away like so many old photographs, the sound
of packing tape being applied and magic markers marking just stepped o my
heart and made it as flat as it had ever been.

A couple of hours later, her stuff packed and her furniture tagged for
the movers, she crawled under the covers on the couch with me, and just
held me close, her naked body next to mine, her chest, those perfect
titties of hers pressing against my back, her sweet breath on my neck and
in my right ear whispering to me how much she still truly loved me, and
wasn't leaving because she didn't, but because she had to. Next morning, I
eased out and quietly left before she could awake. The movers called to
arrange pick up her stuff and take it to their local warehouse before
shipping it out to her later. She was trying to spare the emotional agony
of living with her stuff until she found a place to stay out there, sweet,
sweet Janice. I told them where to find the spare key outside. When I got
home, it was all gone. Janice was gone, her stuff was gone, my life, my
future was gone. All she left was a check for six hundred bucks, which I
promptly tore up into little pieces and threw into the trash, and a short
note: "Carol, I'll always love know that, MY WIFE!!! (emphasis
hers)'s my new office me soon...I love you!". I
subjected the note to the same treatment as I had the check.

Then the wheels of life turned again. Synchronicity. The same
synchronicity that originally lead Ginny that first time into my arms and
into my bed when she was just ten and I was twenty-three, that same
synchronicity rang my life's bell again.

I answered the phone, still mad and hurt, starting to sob loudly again.
I have always loved being a woman so much, except when the damn crying-jag
hormones and emotions kick in. Shit. I tried to compose myself before
saying "hello?". Of course, I was hoping it was Janice, calling to tell me
it was all a bad mistake, and she'd be home tonight. But it wasn't, and
she didn't. It was Ginny.

"Mom...Mom, are you okay? "No, Hon', I'm not okay...Janice left
me...she's gone...her company yesterday gave her a choice between being
fired or immediately relocating to California, and she pack her things last
night and the movers came and got them this afternoon...Gin'...Gin', she's wife's left me...first, your soon-to-be-husband leaves you when
he finds out you're pregnant, the second man to leave you in a lurch like
that...then...then, my wife leaves least you have that perfect
granddaughter of yours now... "Named after my Mom, remember?..."
I just burst out in uncontrolled tears again for another couple of minutes.
"Of course, I remember, Silly Melanie Anne (I hadn't called her Melanie,
her real name, in years, and had never called her by her middle name, which
she hated, ever)...I remember...that's why I couldn't leave and go with my
wife...because I love you and Carol Mae just too much, just too damn

"Mom, I'm coming over right now..." "But Baby, you're just home from the
hospital...let me come over there..." "No, Mom, me and Carol Mae are coming
over there right now...the lease was in Rod's name only, and I've already
told the landlord I couldn't afford the rent, and would be out by the end
of the month, that he could sue Rod for breach of the lease if he wanted
to, if he could find him...can't I move in with you, Mom, especially now
that Janice's gone?...I really need a place to stay, me and Carol Mae
do..." "...of course you can, Baby, you know you don't even have to
ask...but what about your work?" "...remember, Mom?...I told you....I've
got three weeks vacation time I have to use or lose anyway, so I'm using it
as a short maternity leave...and I've already got things arranged where I
can work part-time until I want to come back full-time, it's cool with my
boss...but Mom, my finances will be tight, you know I won't be able to help
out much with the bills..."

"...Ginny, you're my daughter for gosh' sakes, stop talking like that,
you know money's not a problem for me, or us...'still remember how to get
here don't ya'?..." I yacked back, my tears drying up now. "...yeah, I
think I can still find my way there, if you're still living where you did
two weeks ago when I came over big as a house and you still made such
sweet, sweet love to me until I went to sleep, before Carol Mae was born
the following week...yeah, I can find you, Mom, I can always find my Mom,
or she me.

I literally dropped to my knees in a prayer of thanks to God. What I
had been praying for, for such a long, long time, had finally come to pass.
I told God, that whatever He wanted from me, He could have, my life, my
soul, anything. I swear to my God right now that when I prayed that
silently to Him as I kneeled in total reverence and thanks be to Him for
fulfilling my prayers, I heard Him speak to me. No, not a silent voice in
my mind, an actual voice in the room, that someone else could have heard,
had someone else been in the living room with me.

Again, swearing on Him Who Is Most Holy, in a voice that sounded just
like David Brinkley crossed with B.B. King, and again I swear these are
the exact words as best I can remember them, He said unto me: "Just keep on
doin' what ya' been doing, Carol' been doing a great job doing
what I sent you there to Earth for, you know that, doncha'?...just keep on
truckin' down the same road you' been truckin' on for so long, you' doing a
good job keeping the rig between the lines...oh, a couple of quick last
things...drop the hypocritical act at church and with other people, be who
you are, not who you think others want you to be just 'cause you want to be
liked and admired...and, oh, call an electrician and have him check your
house wiring, it's not in My plan for you and your daughter and yaw
gran'child to die in no' housefire...keep the faith, Carol!"

That was it. I knew I had totally lost it, what with Janice leaving me
and all. Fetching the yellow pages from under the phone on my antique
telephone table, I started looking for listings of "psychiatrists". I had
to be schizophrenic, hearing voices and all, if it was temporary from the
maximum dose of stress of the past twenty-four hours. Then another wham:
"and Carol, DON'T call a psychiatrist, you're fine, you're better than
fine, it really was and is Me who is talking to you...just take good care
of that daughter Ginny and that grandbaby Mae of yours, and do justice
where and when justice needs to be done, and follow My
commandments...that's Ginny and your new grandchild pulling up in the
driveway now...bye, and keep in touch by prayin'!"

Ginny was holding Mae in her arms, diaper bag and supplies at her feet,
as I opened the front door, at God's command. She was white as a sheet,
probably whiter than I looked like. "Mom, you won't believe what I just
heard on the radio..." "Try me, Gin', just try me..." I whispered in her
ear as I hugged them both.

"...I was listening to 'QDR, when from nowhere, this interference takes
over the radio, and it sounds sounded side of a
conversation, where God was talking to you, because He mentioned you, me,
and Mae, all by name...Mom, was God here in this house, talking to you?"
"Well, His voice was here if He wasn't, I heard but didn't see Him...yeah,
it was God other possible explanation, your father's not smart
enough to pull something like this off, I don't think..."

Ginny laughed aloud, then caught herself, with a "Mom, I need a
drink..." "Yeah, I need one, too...come in, darn you, get my grandbaby, as
our Lord calls her, out of this night air before she catches
okay?" "Yeah, a double, neat."

I knew that night, as Gin' and I lay in each other's arms and just held
each other, Mae in her playpen used as a makeshift crib, that things would
be fine from then on, that they would unfold as they should, as He intended
them to. I felt completely absolved for my long-held guilt of seducing
Ginny when she was only ten. I didn't feel like a closet pedophile any
longer. I hadn't ever had a sexual thought or desire about any other womyn
under 18, before or since, anyway. I knew that Richard wouldn't have a
problem with it, with Ginny and me now. She was grown and long on her own
and no longer a child. And God would have a talk with Richard, I was sure,
if he did have a problem with it. And I knew just what to do about Rod.
Sue the immature little SOB for child support, even though we didn't need
the money, just for the principle of it. He could support his daughter, my
grandchild, even if he was too chickenshit to want to be a father in her
life. And I called a 24-hour emergency electrical service number I found
in the yellow pages as my Ginny and Mae snoozed, making an appointment for
them to meet me at home at lunch time the next day, just to check things
out. Within fifteen minutes, they found what God was trying to warn me
about. My older home was built when Brentwood was outside the Raleigh city
limits. The wiring was made from aluminum, and the guys who put it in had
used the wrong kind of connectors for another kind of wire.

"You're lucky, lady, to have call us when you did...this house was wired
before Wake County started inspecting houses outside the city
could have had a major house fire at any time, any day as long as you've
lived here...we need to start replacing it, now, today...I'll give you an
estimate in a couple of hours..."

"Just give me a fair price, and don't screw me on the labor, but start
on it, now, today!" I screeched unintentionally at him. "Okay, Mrs. Black,
no problem, I'll pull men off other jobs this afternoon, and we'll have it
done in three days or less..." "Just do daughter and my new
grandbaby just moved in to be with me last's gotta be done now
to protect them..." "Yes, Mrs. Black, I understand". My homeowner's
insurance even ended paying for it all. Nice God!

Ginny, Chapter 5, by PlanetDweller

Ginny Chapter 5 by PlanetDweller (FF, MF, menstrual sex, after-birth
sex, MF, oral, romance, LTR)

That night Ginny just dozed in my arms she was really my baby, while Mae
snoozed in her playpen. At four-thirty a.m., Mae started fussing. She had
a dirty diaper, and she was hungry. Gin' nursed her as I lay beside them
both. My perfect lover, my perfect wife, and my grandchild, now finally a
part of my life, forever. As Mae suckled, I did too. Ginny pulled me
closer to her swollen breast, urging me softly to give her some relief. I
drank her breastmilk like it was ambrosia. I filled my soul with the
essence of my daughter. A virtual gallery of epiphanies filled my mind. A
thousand things to do tomorrow, and in the near future. But just one thing
to do now.

Ginny smiled as she half-dozed. Her mother - her wife on one breast,
her infant daughter on the other. If only Caravaggio could have painted
our family portrait right then.

Back in the hospital last week, visiting Ginny the day after Mae was
born, I wandered in as a nurse was getting ready to change her pad. Gin's
locheal fluid was dark, almost black, deeply reddish on her pad as it lay
between her legs on the bed. I told the nurse that I was her mother, and
would do that for her. The nurse said "sure, no problem" like that request
happened all the time, and left us alone in the room. Gin' was still very
groggy, but raised her eyes open enough to say "hi" and kiss me fully on
the lips. Her hips spread wide just a second ago for a pad change, my left
hand found her clit and began rubbing. My fingers eased their way down,
but her lips were still way too sore from being abrased by Mae's birth just
hours earlier. Globs and flows of locheal afterbirth stained the Chux pad
underneath her butt. Our kiss became deeper and more passionate as my
clitrub of her continued. The same nurse from earlier popped her head back
in, thinking I had probably had enough to do the pad change, and saw us in
a lover's elicit embrace, backing out the room, staring as long as she
could. Neither of us cared that we had been seen. I brought her to a
little come, then did my duty, changing her hospital pad which was as thick as squashed roll of paper towels, hooking it to the old-style sanitary

Now my daughter was in my arms, letting me nurse her. Needing to go to
the bathroom, she creaked out of bed, and gave me my precious Mae. Mae
looked at me and smiled. I melted. I eased Mae tighter in my arms, and
she reached for my own naked breast. I didn't deny her. She suckled for a
moment, then realizing no milk was coming forth, started fussing as Ginny
came back. I gave Mae back to her, and turned down and around on the bed.

Gin's birthcunt was musty, earthy, womanly as I unhooked and slid the
old-style Kotex aside. I knew my Baby was sore, and knew just how to make
it feel all better. Her locheal fluid, still flowing a week after giving
birth to Mae, was lighter in color than it had been in the hospital, and
now flowed a pinkish-red. Her episiotomy scar beckoned. I licked and
nursed on it, trying to heal it with my tongue.

Ginny moaned and groaned, partly because it was still so sore, her
stitches not coming out for another couple of weeks, but mainly from the
pleasure of my soft, moist tongue on it. Her butt bucked into my face as
Mae nursed on the other breast I had just been on. My thumb massaged her
clit as my ministrations to her pudendal birthcut continued.

She came, and came again, muttering utterances about how much she loved
me, how much she wanted to marry me and be my wife.

Gulp. Yes, I audibly gulped. I still couldn't believe my ears. She
said it again. "Mom, let's get married".

I knew in my heart it was my Sweety's out-of-whack hormones talking, not
her. I knew my lovely daughter was straight. Okay, maybe not straight,
obviously bi, but still more man-oriented than I. Ten years ago, five
years ago, even just a year ago, I would have sold my soul to hear the
words. Now said aloud to me, for some reason, they simply didn't have the
impact I thought that they would have had.

We stayed up talking about that, about us getting married, for the rest
of what remained of the night. In the end, damn my basic decency I like to
think I have at times, I got her to agree with me that our relationship and
her bi-feelings aside, she was probably a tad more man-oriented than not,
as I was a substantially more womyn-oriented than not. After all these
years, passion and lust and comfort level aside, we simply knew each other
too well, and maybe sadly a tad, both she and I had become too much of
adults to let unchecked passions rule our lives. Wisdom is not knowledge,
but loss of innocence.

Eight a.m. rolled around, and a ton of things to do re-listed
themselves in my mind.

Called HealthSource and ger them to call and tell the nurse's aide I had
pre-arranged to baby-sit during the day and help Ginny for the next month
come to my address instead of Gin's and Ray's old apartment.

Called Mike, my boss at work and the Senior Partner, and tell him that I
wouldn't be in until the following Thursday week, and to please set up a
Board Meeting with and for all the firm's partners, it being my right as a
company veep to do so, Mike wondering silently but not asking what I wanted
the Board meeting called for, with a"....uh....sure, Carol...see you next

Called West Brothers Moving and have them come over and get the key get
them to go get Ginny's stuff out of her old apartment and bring it all to
our place by no later than that afternoon. Rod had left some half-way
decent furniture, including a new crib for Mae without being asked, despite
having left nine months prior. Never minding to spend money on my Baby,
there was no point buying something in duplicate that she/I/we already
owned. My home being pretty full already, what we didn't need, West
Brothers could store for Ginny until and if she ever needed it back. She
certainly needed her clothes and such.

Called the lying ess-oh-bee of Bill Helms ess-queer and let him have it
with both barrels. "'s Carol're a lying sack-of-shit,
and I really should sue you for malphaesance!" "Carol...Carol...calm
down...slow down...what on earth are you talking about?" "A while back, I
talked with you about adopting Ginny, and you said that without her
father's permission, it could never were and a lying,
low-down-snake of a mongrel SOB, you bastard, and I should sue you for
lying to me!"

"Carol...for one thing, you never formally retained me, you just asked
for my offhand advice as a friend, and I gave you the advice I thought
best, as a friend..." "As a lying cheaprug lawyer, you mean, Bill...God
told me last night that since Ginny was eighteen at the time, I could have
petitioned the court to adopt her, and her father couldn't have done
anything about it..." "God told you?...never mind...look, Carol...I told
you that because you're a sick, sick, sick person...everyone at Temple
Baptist knew you were lying about Ginny, they all knew you were a child
molester and were molesting that little girl...why do you think you were
never allowed to be part of the Women's Auxiliary and the Mission Board and
other church women's groups?...because, Carol, you're a sick person, and
out of Christian love, no one said anything to is there anything
else I can do for you today?"

I was beyond stunned. I had always maintained such a decorum in church,
especially with Ginny all these years. Perverts. Even though it was true,
they were the bigger perverts, not me, and not my Gin'. "No, Bill, thank
you for your time...I won't bother you again". Bill slammed the phone down
on my ear.

I called the parsonage, and Pastor Kenan answered. I asked him point
blank if he thought that Ginny and I had an improper relationship together,
that I was a child molester and Ginny was my "victim". He replied with one
word, and no other comment: "yes". I thank him for fifteen years of
Christian fellowship, and told him as of that instant, I was resigning from
the membership rolls, and would send him a follow-up written letter of
resignation. He told me that a written letter wasn't necessary, and
slammed the phone down on my ear, my ear popping again for the second time
in five minutes.

Called old Dr. Brown, and asked Miriam, his main nurse, if he could
possibly work Ginny and myself in to be his last appointment for the day.
"Carol, is there anything major wrong, do you have an emergency? "Nope,
Miriam, I just want him to check Ginny's episiotomy stitches, they seemed
to be a little poochy, and I also want to get pumped full of hormones so I
can breast-feed my granddaughter." After referring who knows how many of
Raleigh's lesbian community to Doc Brown, who was the most womyn-friendly
male gyno I had ever been to, and after being his patient for almost twenty
years, I was sure he and/or Miriam would help and work us in. "See you
after our last 5:30 one, then".

Ginny waking up from light slumber, my yacking and screaming at Bill
have roused her, I told her I wanted to be able to nurse our Mae. Lazily,
yawning, she rose to kiss me, with a "sure, Mom, that'd be great, that'd
take some of the load off me, sure, whatever you want".

Called an ad at random in the yellow pages that struck me under family attorneys, for "Frink, Foy, Yevghenney, & Yount". Large ad, but it must
have been a small firm. Got to speak directly with Mr. Foy, told him that
I had been unofficial step-mom to Ginny since she was ten, she was now
twenty-three and had just had a child that I wanted to make my official
granddaughter, and wanted to adopt Ginny to make everything official down
the line. He asked what Ginny thought. I told him to ask her, handing the
phone to her. "What you do you call Carol, Ms. Moore?" "I've called her
'Mom' since I've known her, Sir, since I was ten...why?" "That good enough
for me...please let me speak back with your Mom, thank you." He promised to
expedite the matter ASAP, if I would fax him a copy of a check for a
retainer for $5,000, and mail the check in today's mail.

Maybe we wouldn't marry as wife-and-wife, but soon, maybe in two or
three months or less, we would be mother-and-daughter, officially, legally.
Ginny kissed me so deeply as we whispered to lovenothings each other,
trying not to wake Mae. She begged for a handfuck. No way. Placental
displacement and lack of healing just a week old and all. Scooting down, I
sucked her clit like a vacuum, like it was a miniature cock.

The following Wednesday, the phone range kind of late, around 11:20 p.m.
It was Richard. "How's my daughter and new grandchild doing?" "Just fine,
Richard...when did you get back?" "Just walked in the door...twenty-one
straight days on the road...I'm dead...and in four days, I'm back at
it...I'm getting to old for this, Carol, driving bigrigs is a young man's
sport" I laughed a friendly laugh of recognition. "Why don't you come on
over?...I know Ginny's dying to see you, and I know you're dying to see
Mae...c'mon over, it's fine..." "No...I can''s too late..." "No, it's
not, Richard...we're family now, anyway...let me tell you now...Ginny and I
are going to petition the court for a formal adoption hearing, so I can
finally adopt her after all these years, and Mae will be my grandchild".

Total, dead silence for a long moment. "Richard, you there, trucker,
come in, 10-4, good buddy?" "Yah, I'm here...I guess there's nothing I can
do about, she's over twenty-one now..." "I found out the other night there
wasn't anything you could have done about it when she was eighteen, I had
received some bad advice...look, she's taking some days off, three weeks or
so..." "Yeah, I know..." " point is, why don't you pack some clothes
and come on over and stay here with us until you have to go back on the
road?...the house is plenty big, I've got two extra bedrooms, you could
have your pick, and I know Gin' would love to have you spend your days off
with her, she misses you terribly when you're gone, always has..." "No, I
couldn't" "Richard can't tell me that you don't want to....look
I'm going back to work and Ginny and Mae will have the house
alone all to yourselves tomorrow and Friday...c'mon, don't disappoint her,
please". "Okay...okay..."

Things can get a little rough when you hear a voice you're sure but
still maybe not quite one-hundred percent sure it's God telling you to do
something. God had told me to do justice. Period. So justice it was.

Mike, the Senior Partner at my firm, was in trouble. I was probably in
more trouble than he was, but he was definitely in trouble. This would be
the test. Had I heard God, or had an auditory hallucination? Mike had
been the one to interview me originally all those years back, and had been
my mentor too during my career track. If it hadn't been for him, I
definitely would not have made it as far as I had in the firm. But he had
extracted a terrible, terrible price from me, and now God was telling me it
was time for justice. Being young and green and impressionable and easily
controlled when I was first hired, Mike had me do a bunch of stuff for him,
such as cover his clients and his own tracks on some very illegal tax
shelter maneuvers, had me cover his tracks when he had embezzled from some
clients, and most importantly, had me cover his tracks when he had stolen
from his own partners, his own firm. He had intimidated me into silence.
Being scared, though, I was at least smart enough to keep records and make
copies of all I could. If he hadn't been so damn lazy and had simply done
the paperwork himself, probably no one would have ever found out. But I
knew, and in twenty minutes, the world would know. If I got fired as an
implied but unprovable co-conspirator, so be it. God demanded justice be

The Board had anticipated what I wanted, and had anticipated wrong. At
my place at the conference table was a new personal services contract,
raising me to $65,000 base and putting me tracked in writing for a
partnership in five years. I laid before them all copies of my allegations
of theft and corruption from and by Mike, and called a friend with the IRS
Regional Office in Greensboro, telling him on the speakerphone as everyone
listened my allegations of specific, illegal, jail-time-creating tax fraud,
even though I knew that the statute of limitations had run out on most of
them. It hadn't run out on him stealing from the other partners and the
firm, but I didn't go into that with Joe on the phone, I just let the rest
of the twenty or so pages speak for themselves. I was dismissed. No, not
from the firm, just the meeting. The next day, Mike was fired, and I was
offered, finally, a full partnership in the firm, with the now-$70,000
buy-in waived if I stayed with the firm for the life of my seven year
personal services contract, and with limited partnership profit
participation for the first two. I signed on the dotted line. Even though
I had been tracked for that moment to happen eventually for some time, it
wasn't supposed to happen for a few more years yet. Fear, fear of the
unknown, fear of what someone might have on someone else, even if there is
nothing such, can be an interesting motivator.

Richard and Ginny really enjoyed his four days with us at our, Ginny's
and mine, home. With all of us there under the same roof, it was like we
were a real family. With Ginny soon to be my legal daughter and Mae my
legal granddaughter, we might as well have been.

Saturday night, Ginny, slowly recovering still, fixed a massive meal of
veal, two souffles, oyster stew, and carrot cake. We polished off three
bottles of a decent chardony. Conversation flowed. Good vibes flowed.
Happiness flowed. And when Ginny nursed Mae in front on her father's eyes
for him to see for the first time, his tears flowed from joy. Daily
hormone pills which kept me feeling half-sick to my stomach most of the
time being a small price to pay for a lifetime of bonding, I also nursed
Mae in front of him. Richard, being more of an enigma than his simple
exterior would indicate, wasn't shocked or aroused by the site of my naked
breasts flopping from my blouse and nursing bra while feeding his, our
granddaughter. He kissed Gin' lightly on the forehead and then, to my
surprise, myself as well as I finished my feeding of her. "G'night,
Carol...I'm glad you're going to become Gin's mom and Mae's
more hardfeelings, okay? more bad're a special person, and
I'm glad you're part of our lives..." You could have knocked me over with
the proverbial feather.

Ginny and I folded clothes from having done Richard's laundry after he
went to bed. Three weeks on the road means three weeks of laundry that he
was too lazy generally to wash, always getting Gin' to do it for him. She
didn't mind, because she knew she could be assured of seeing him when he
got back into town that way. We monitored Mae on our baby monitor as she
slept in our bedroom. Gin commented on not having found two socks, of
their being two orphans. "I think I remember seeing them stuffed in a pair
of his shoes, Dear...I'm sure he's asleep by now...I'll go sneak in to his
room and fetch them, 'be right back..." "Thanks, Mom".

Silently opening the door then closing it behind me enough to where the
hall light wouldn't bother him, Richard was under the covers, making some
sort of slow motion movement underneath them as he lay with his back to me.
I thought about leaving, but his breathing, his timing, told me was doing
something. As he slowly turned over, I could hear him mumble softly to
himself, he not realizing yet I was in the room, "ohhh...oh, Carol...oh,
Carol...OH, Carol!"

It took him a moment in the dimness of the room to see me, as he
continued his masturbation. Then he got silent, and pulled the sheet down,
showing me his hard cock. He motioned to me to join him. I did. But I
wasn't about to let him have my hetero virginity. "This is for being the
best father my Ginny could ever have...and for being such a good friend to
me over the years...enjoy this, Richard...and never speak of it to anyone,
especially Ginny, ever, or you'll lose it, as in butcherknife time, okay?"

His cock wasn't as big as Rod's that night that she and I played with
her ex-boyfriend, but it was tastier. It simply felt great in my mouth.
His hand rested on atop my head, trying to pace my up-and-down movements on
his shaft. He reached for my breasts, and played with them through my thin
blouse. My blouse opened up and I stopped long enough to open my bra for
him to be able to massage my milk-engorged tits as I sucked him off.

Truth be known, I really wanted to fuck him, right then and there. But
his daughter was my lover and wife and daughter, and that can of worms
simply wasn't worth buying and eating raw. I tongued his cock like it was
a giant clit, nibbling on the very end, licking around the base, licking up
under the circumcised edge of its head, pushing my tongue in his urethra.
Grabbing it firmer, I pumped harder and faster away at it, trying to make
him come. Ginny was just two rooms away, and I didn't want her to come
looking for me, and find us like this. Richard filled my mouth with his
come. I tried to pull away, but his hand rested too firmly on my head.
So, I swallowed. Maybe it was a symbol of male oppression of womyn
everywhere, but I could tell it was important to him, so I swallowed. He
lay there in the darkness, drained. Two minutes later, snoring.

"Did Dad enjoy the blowjob you gave him, Mom?" Ginny asked as I made my
way back to the laundryroom. Damn. Looking down, a glob of obviously
still-wet semen spotted on my blouse. "Yes, he did, Hon', and not you or I
or he will ever speak of it again, okay?" "Sure, fine, whatever."

Ginny decided not to go back to work, at least not at her old job. She
wanted to spend her days being a stay-at-home Mom, and with my income now,
it wasn't a problem. I quit taking the hormones that were making me a
voluntary milkcow after three months or so, because it was such a pain
having my breasts leak all the time at work. Plus, my periods were
starting to gush like a drain at a slaughterhouse, yeeccckk! The blood I
didn't mind, the clots and the changing of tampons ten or twenty times a
day, I did. At least my Mae and I had three months of solid bonding

Mr. Foy called me at work sometime afterwards, and said he finally had
a court date for us, for the adoption. Richard, being more of a surprise
than ever, showed up, despite being told he didn't have to be there, the
implication of course being that Gin' and I didn't want him there. During
the presentation by Mr. Foy, he broke protocol and asked the family court
judge from the public seating area if he could speak. Anger boiling up
inside me, I vowed to drag him behind one of his bigrigs if he outed us or
otherwise tried to screw things up. The judge asked him who he was, and he
replied that he was Ginny's father. The judge allowed him to speak under
oath. Richard went into this spiel about how Ginny and I had found each
other when she was 10 and I was 24, and about how I had "adopted" her for
all practical intents and purposes from that day on. He spoke of my always
being there for her, and for giving her such a strong sense of morals and
values, and a stong sense of self-worth and independence. I could have
kissed him. Hell, I could have fucked him.

"If it hadn't been for this special woman, Carol Black, your Honor,
considering how little I've been able to be at home for her since her
mother died when she was little, my little girl would not have become the
strong, independent, law-abiding woman she had become...I owe her, Miss
Carol Black, more thanks and gratitude than this humble, uneducated man can
say." He may have been humble, and he might have been uneducated, but he
was a man. One of the few real men that I've crossed pathes with in my

The judge granted our petition, and leaving the courtroom, I told
Richard that anything, anything he wanted, if I could return the favor, I
would, no questions asked. He grinned like a Cheshire cat.

Months passed as Ginny and I settled into a peaceful, domestic bliss.
Our sex life, especially with a one then a two-year-old, declined as life
would dictate, the needs of your child being more important than the needs
of your relationship. Her Dad spent as much time as he could with his
granddaughter, and during those times Gin' and I would escape to a local
hotel if during the week or to the mountains or beach if over a weekend.
Those times alone helped keep our marriage together. Yes, marriage. We
didn't, I didn't deny the language, any longer. Even though I was still
sure that Ginny would find a man to marry eventually, we simply were too
married not to be married. All my old lesbian gyrls from the bar scenes
past were part of the past. We didn't go to bars any longer, we didn't do
much of anything socially.

Rut. Her guitar gathering dust in the closet and not having been played
in years, with Mae being toilet-trained now, I encouraged her to pick it
back up, and try to get back playing in a band, like she did years back
with the Band Of Oz. Truth is, we needed some time along from each other,
some outside interests besides each other and Mae.

Within a few weeks, she had her repertoire back, and the BOZ being on
"hiatus" from the local music scene, got red to line an audition up for her
with "The Embers", the locally most popular beach music band, and got the

The time alone, usually one night during the week and most times both
Friday and Saturday nights, allowed me more time to play grandma with Mae
and to re-establish my sense of self away from Ginny. That first night she
called and said she had met a nice guy and was going to spend the night
with him, it crushed me as much as the night she lost her hetero virginity,
but again, I tried to be brave. Not like it was unexpected. And just like
that first time, when she got home, the sex was beyond hot. Role-playing I
think, doing to me what this guy earlier in the evening had done to her,
she rode both my pussy and my ass with our strap-on, roughly groping and
pawing my breasts while she pounded away at me fucking me with a passion
unshown in many, many months. She refused to give me any head, playing or
not I wasn't sure, and made me eat out her cunt for an hour solid with
barely a break for air. Still, it was good to have my passionkitten back.
Her cunt tasted of latex and lubricant. If she was going to be with men again, time to go back on the pill. I was her mother, now legally as well
as every other sense of the word, after all.

The next night, she was gone all night, not showing up until the
following morning as I was getting ready for work. I didn't scold, but did
mention that if she was seeing a guy again, to call Dr. Brown and get a
new prescription for her pills. She tried to tongue-wrestle me as I
dressed for work. My hurt feelings were plain. She groped my cunt,
pushing her hand past my skirt, her fingers penetrating me, a grin of
re-establishment washing over my face. "I LOVE you, Mom..." "I love you,
too, Baby....gotta go to work...bye".

The morning was boring. My mornings as a partner in the firm usually,
unless it's one of those days of sheer panic and terror. "Carol, line
three..." my secretary buzzed me "...a Janice Faulkner holding for you, on
long distance."


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