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GINNY6 7 sucked and licked Jans left side


This file contains chapters 6 & 7


Chapter 6



(FF, FFF, group sex, menstrual sex)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Standard Disclaimer & Legal Stuff: The
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work entirely fictitious and the characters, names, places, dates, acts
depicted etc. bear no resemblance to any persons living or dead or events
and acts which may or may not have taken place at some point in time....the
author who is using the pseudonym above retains all rights of publication
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"GYRLFRIEND!!!..." I literally shouted into the phone "...where you
'been?...howyabeendoing?...ghezzz, Janice, it's so good to hear your
voice...I've...I've missed you..." "I've missed you, too, Carol, my
ex-wife...God, how I've missed's life treating you?'s that
now-adopted daughter and that granddaughter of yours doing?..." Momentary
paused while I collected my thoughts "....where...where'd you hear that

"...that's not important...congratulations on becoming a mom and Grandma
all in the same year, hahahahehehe..." " you doin' out in Los
Angeles?, gyyyrrrlll?" "...San Bernadino...actually, they sent to me to
Guam for six months...try finding a lesbian there...there's one behind
every magnolia tree, and there ain't a magnolia tree in five thousand
miles...God, I've missed you...wife..." "...Janice Faulkner, if I didn't
know better, I would think you're trying to seduce me..." "....maybe..."

"Maybe, what?" "I'm trying to seduce you..." Gulp. Hard gulp. "Well,
get on a plane and come back home and seduce me, then, you tease...'
"...OK..." "...OK, what?..."

"Carol, I'm coming into town for a three day conference at Duke...I'll
be speaking on a panel on international law...I really, really want to see that, will that be a problem?"

"Uh-uh...when 'you comin' in?" "I'll be arriving on the red-eye at 9
a.m. your time, and go straight to the conference...I've got hotel
reservations,' still at the same place I left you?"

Damn that gyrl. She always did have a way of saying the exact right
thing the wrong way at the right time. Yep, I was at the exact same place
in the exact same house where she left me all those years ago, divorcing me
without benefit of a court crux, a wailing and gnashing of teeth at her for
hurting me. "Uh-hu...'still living in the house you found for me, along
with Mae and Ginny..." "Are you and Ginny an item now, are you exclusive to
each other?"

Another hard but not long thought. Ginny was finding her hetero side
once again. I hadn't dated anyone except Ginny, not counting giving
Richard that quickie blowjob when Gin' first moved in with me. "No...Gin
and I are a couple, we're living together as wife-and-wife, but we're not
monogamous..." "Can I come over around seven or eightish tomorrow then?"
"Absolutely...but you'll have to eat my cooking, not Gin's, she's playing a
gig tomorrow night with the band she's with, and Granma is babysitting once
again..." "I'll bring the food, I remember your cooking, hehehe...and I'll
see you tomorrow night, Grand-Ma, hahahaha".

Janice showed up at my door, what used to be our frontdoor, with two
pizzas and two six-packs of Lowenbrau in hand. I hadn't drunk a beer in
months, years. Jesus, I was becoming an old fuddyduddy. We ate, then I
fed Mae, and put her to bed. At least Mae was old enough to sleep through
the night, finally.

Gin' wasn't expected back for another three or four hours. Conversation
over our pizzas and beers was minimal, but friendly. We ate each other up
with our eyes more than eating the pizzas with our mouths. All the old emotions for both of us came rolling back. Getting up to take the
cardboard boxes out to the garbage, Janice literally pinned me up against
the refrigerator, forcing her tongue in my mouth and her hand down the
front of my slacks and up into my cunt.

A stream of clothes were scattered from the kitchen to our bedroom like
so much linenpiss. My mouth found a tampon string at my usual
hairy-hole-dining place, and I pulled it out with my teeth, flinging it
across the room. God, how I had missed her. Scooting up, we just kissed
for what seemed like hours as our hands explored places once so familiar
and now so foreign. Her tongue licked my face clean of her essences, in a
ritual in ages past so routinely boring almost and now so supremely strange
and erotic. Hooking the dildo harness on me, my lovely ex-wife astrode me
and took my faux cock so deeply inside her, I playing with her breasts and
pulling on her nipples as she rocked back and forth atop me. Rolling me
over, she pounded me as I kneeled on all fours, my face buried in a pillow,
crying a soft tear of reunion. "Hi, Mom...Hi, Aunt Janice...looks like you
two are having fun!..." my daughter who has better manners than that said
matter-of-factly as she entered our bedroom, having just gotten home from
her gig " date with Georgie was a bust, he was too drunk to get it
up...can I join in, or is this a private party?"

She climbed on the bed with us, clothed. We three kissed a mutual, long
triad kiss. "God, I've wanted you, soooo long..." Janice whispered to her
during our threekiss "...I know you have, Aunt can have me
now....Mom doesn't mind, do you Mom?" "I love you both so, my, my ex-wife...I don't mind...let's just relax and have some fun".

Jan striped Gin' down like she hadn't had sex in ten frigging years.
Yes, maybe, just maybe, I was tad jealous at their intensity, their
crescending passion that was washing over not just them but myself as well,
but these were the two women I loved most in the world. Then, from nowhere
"Mom, could Aunt Janice and I have some time alone?". My heart was
crushed. Smashed flatter than frog run over by Richard driving a bigrig on
some lonely Alabama backroad. "Sure, Baby...." I coughed out, trying to
hold back the tears, tears which shouldn't have been there but were despite
myself "...just don't make a lot of noise...Mae's just asleep, and the baby
monitor in her room is on...I...I have to go the grocery store, back in 'jiff."

I just drove around for an hour or an hour and half or so. Krispy Kreme
didn't have the "Hot Donuts" sign on, not on the night I really needed some
whitesoulfood. The bums at Moore Square seemed to be singing, seemed to be
happier than I was. I picked up a couple of six packs of Michelob and some
frozen pizzas and odds and ends at Food Lion, and went home. Home. What a

When I got back in, Jan and Gin' weren't in the bedroom. They weren't
in the living room. They were dressed, sitting at kitchen table, sharing
some of the Lowenbraus. "Mom...thanks for giving us some privacy...I simply
had to talk with Aunt Janice in private, ask her some things about you and
her, ask her some things about you and me, ask her some things about some
things..." "And what did you ask her, and what did she tell you, Daughter?"
I husked a little coarsely. "That's not important now...this is what is
important to me, Mom".

With that, she got up from her side of the kitchen table, walked over
where I was sitting opposite her, kissed me firmly as she groped me through
my blouse, and dropped to one knee. "Mom...Carol Black...woman I've
loved...woman that I've been hopelessly in love with since I was ten years
old...woman who I loved enough to become her daughter, for all of
eternity...will you indeed spend the rest of eternity with me?...Mom, will
you become my wife?" she proposed on bended knee. I know my face had to
have been white as a sheet. No way on my God's green earth I had expected
this. Janice was nodding her head up-and-down, silently signaling "yes,
dammit, say YES!!!".

"Yes, eternal love of my life, my daughter, my child, my lover, my
wife...yes...YES, I'll marry you!..." She and I both rose together,
standing. Our bodies intertwined in the most intimate embrace of our
lives. Our kiss was the deepest and most passionate of our lives together.
Jan joined with us. We didn't mind.

"...but only under one condition, two ground rules of understanding...."
she began to look sad, her facial expression changing "...we need to
acknowledge that we'll always be emotionally monogamous to each other, but
not physically...Ginny, neither you nor I will ever be happy being totally
physically faithful to each other, so we're not going to have any pretense
about that, okay..." "Okay, Mom...sure, no problem..." her face lighting
and lightening up some. "...and, that said, we'll never tell each other a
single lie about who else we do or don't sleep with, and we'll try to
include our other partners as much as we can in our marriage, understanding
that time away from each other with someone else is NOT cheating, as long
as we're honest...agreed?" "Oh, Mom, you're just too special!...I love you,
Mom!" "Only because I let my Baby eat her cock and have it, too" I laughed

The three of us went back to bed. Gin' joined me between Jan's legs.
As I sucked and licked on Jan's left-side cuntal lip, Gin' did her right
one. As I licked Jan's anal pucker, Gin' concentrated on her clit. Then a
daisy-chain, then reversing the order of the chain. And endless luminiere
of shadows and lights and touches and caresses and kisses and frigs between
lovers old and lovers new. Then morning.

The next evening, Jan came back for one last night, she leaving on a
late afternoon flight the next day after she finished her conference up.
"You going to be my bridesmaid when Ginny and I get married?" I asked as we
ate some of Gin's gourmet lasagna as we three sat around the dinner table.
"Sure...will I wear a gown or a tux?" "What about nothing at all?...what
about a 'skyclad' wedding?, seriously, Mom?" I ignoring my silly
little wife and gyrl out of playfulness "...and, who's going to give me
away?..." "Well, are you the bridge, or the groom?" I replied back,
snickering. "Well, Mom, you're the groom, you've always been the groom in
our relationship..." "Well, then I suppose your father will give you away,
as fathers are supposed to do..." She thought long and hard for a moment.
"You're right...I guess he probably should".

None of Jan's lovers in San B. had been much into the heavier BDSM
stuff like she and I had been, so at her request, we three played with
power exchange that last night together. Lacking having brought her toys
with her, we improvised. Letting Gin' take the lead at her request, Gin'
clothespinned her nipples, breasts, and pussy, then mousetrapped those same
swelling nipples, then I have her some lessons in basic rope and knotwork,
tying my Janice up in most every position I remember. I had Gin' rub Texas
Pete hotsauce on her clit, shove toothpaste up her anus, and pull her
tampon out and make her suck on it like a lollipop, before taping it inside
her mouth with medical tape, creating an interesting gag, which I playfully
threatened to take a photo of. dog dishes! We had a family, but no dog or
cat, I'd have to see about changing that. So, no dog or cat dishes to make
Janice eat from, shoot. Gin' really loved playing "cowgirl" with her Aunt
Janice, hobbling her with some loose ropeties and making her run around on
all fours while she popped her tail with a yardstick, the only thing we
could find handy for use as a paddle. Hot wax from the large votive
candles on our nightstands and dresser that we often used as mood lighting
when Ginny and I made love. Ginny squealed with even greater delight
dropping the hot wax on to Jan's fine older tits and gaping-open older pussy, Jan squealing with masochistic and submissive delight from Gin's
domination of her. And, after the hours of extended foreplay, sweet, sweet
love, the kind only womyn, real women can give to each other. Morning, and
new beginnings. Dawn, and a new life. Together. wife and wife.

We didn't push plans for our wedding. I really wanted Jan to be there
as my best man, and I wanted Richard to give Ginny away. Between he being
on the road so much and she being so far away, I knew it was a when and not
an "if", but the when was still an issue in flux. But we were happier than
any time before in our lives together.

A few weeks later, Gin' was served with court papers. The good kind.
Rod had filed for visitation rights to be able to see his daughter, and
according to the subpoena and the supportive documents, he was willing to
pay not just the 25% of his gross salary that the State Of North Carolina
required, but as much as 35% without protest, just so he could see his
daughter. I called Mr. Foy and told him the situation. We needed to talk
with Rod, he agreed. Two weeks later, Rod called, and he and Gin' talked,
for the first time since he walked out on her without a word. I closed the
bedroom door and let them talk in peace for several hours. Coming out, she
didn't look happy, or sad. "Tell Mr. Foy, Mom, that everything's cool...I
don't have a problem with Rod being a father to fact, I welcome'd be good for Mae to know her father, don't you think?" The next
day, I began drawing up trust papers to take all the child support money
that Rod was going to pay and keep in trust until Ginny was twenty-five.
We didn't need the money, with my position and salary, so it would be
better for her to have a leg-up on life with it.

Time passed, months, years rolled on and in and over. Ginny had quit
her night courses at Wake Tech, where she had been working towards an AA
degree in business before getting pregnant, just 12 hours short of her
degree. With Mae now at pre-school age, she decided it was time for her to
do something, go back to work, go back to school, something. She decided
to pursue an economics degree at nearby NC State.

Her male dating life had settled in pretty much on George, who played
drums in "The Embers", the band she played second guitar with one or two
nights weekly. Since they played locally, she and he would simply go back
to either his place and back home, where she had converted the other spare
bedroom into her "George" room when he came over to screw her, which was
usually but not always on the nights they met someplace to play a gig. She
also hit the odd bar sometimes, mainly just to see old friends, like the
crew she used to hang out with when she was working at the Winn-Dixie
warehouse, down at "Joe Blow's Bar", a quiet but definitely biker-type dive
not too far from her old work and her Dad's place. I tried to date, but
was getting too tired and too old and too cynical to enjoy the bar scene
much. Ginny and I were married in every since of the word, except by law,
and by ceremony. Years had gone by, and the wheels of life hadn't aligned
themselves yet to where it felt just right and all the outside parties,
i.e. Richard and Janice, could make the same date. I learned a long time
ago not to question the voice of God, even when He speaks silently. So, I
listened. And, He spake.

Walking downtown on a Saturday with Mae on a shopping trip, Ginny being
off with George somewhere running errands for him, I happened to see a rack
full of a new, free local arts-scene paper, "The Independent". Fishing one
out from the rack to read while Mae and I munched on our peanuts purchased
from "the peanut man" to feed ourselves and the Capitol Square pigeons and
squirrels, the entire back page filled my mind and eyes with ads. Ads from
singles, both gay and straight. Ads from couples looking for couples. Ads
from couples looking for singles. Ads from other variants looking for
other variants. I remember years back Jan telling me about her swinging
days, and yes, her stories had fascinated me, but I hadn't thought about
her old tales in years. Now, sitting on a bench in Capitol Square Park
with my granddaughter on my knee on a perfect Sunday afternoon, old desires, old fantasies, old perversions started rolling back into my mind.

Confession. As much as I loved my Ginny and still wanted to be
proclaimed her wife in a public ceremony eventually, sometime, I was
getting restless, and bored. Gin had her non-monogamy outlet with George
and the other odd boyfriend from time to time. I don't think she actively
pursued other women, or I would have know about it, per our agreement of
total disclosure concerning outside partners. The more I thought about my
life and loves, including my two main loves, my Ginny and Mae, the more I
wistfully remembered my old college days, when I was far more of a
successful pussyhound than any of the fratbrothers that wouldn't have known
as lesbian from a librarian if one had bitten them in the leg.

"You sure it's alright, Dear?...this will be all new to sure
it's okay with you if I pursue this avenue of exploration?" I asked as we
sat close, smooching on the living room couch. "Sure, it is, Mom...look, if
you don't know where to stick it in, I'll come along and show you, no
problem..." "I'll show you where to stick 'it', young lady...c'mere, you
stinker you...." I playfully retorted as I pulled her close to me, kissing
her fully, passionately. Our fingers were finding each other's cunts
through our clothes when Mae toddled in from her room, breaking the moment,
and stopping our action until later that evening.

My ad in "The Independent" generated over two hundred responses. SWF,
39, 5'6", 140 lb.s, 38C-28-38, dr. hair, brown eyes, professional, NPR,
NS, light drink, ND....up until recently was a confirmed lesbian, still in
open LTR with partner who encourages me to experiment, looking for a MWC,
25-50, NS, D&D free, intelligent, funny, experienced in multi-partner MFF
situations, where he is straight and is she very bi....must be experienced
and caring teachers...LTR relationship possible with right couple.

Of course, a lot of the responses were from single guys, which I
couldn't have cared less about, another high percentage were from MF
couples where the wife was bi-curious but not bi-experienced, then there
were those who scribbled their letters in crayon and those were just plain
mean or nasty or demanding and those who obviously so lack decorum, and
those who didn't follow my instructions in the ad and send non-nude photos
of themselves along with their phone number and best time to call. From
the two hundred, only six couples were serious candidates that I actually
called and talked with. Then three, then two, then one, Henry and
Bridgette Lacy, a MWC in their late 30's, both Raleigh natives as I had
become. After talking three or four more times over the phone, and after
they received a photo of me and decided they liked my looks, we decided to
meet face-to-face, no pressure, no expectations for the first time, just to
see of the "vibes" were right.

When we met initially over coffee at Cup-A-Joe's, I was nervous, as
nervous as I had been in a long, long time. I was fifteen minutes early.
They were on time. Having exchanged photos, they recognized me first as I
was sitting on a 60's-style beanbag "chair". She walked up to me and
kissed me on the cheek. He shook my hand as he leaned in to give me an
air-hug. "Carol..." he said, as I felt a metaphorical shoe above my ready
to drop "...Bridgette and I have talked a lot about what might and might
not be, become of this potential relationship..." "And you've changed your
minds?" ", let me's just that, because of a
bad experience in the past with someone else and I know they're not you and
all that jazz, we just don't see me being your first guy, if we ever were
to get that far..."

"I see". " don't see...just like I know you've had some
bad experiences in the past where, when you were another woman's first,
they became obsessed with you, and made life hell for you for a while..."
"Uhhhh-hhhuuuuu..." I snipped with as much sarcasm as I could put in it.
"...I'm not saying that you'd do that or be that way...what about this
option...there's a swinging hotel-based social club that we attend every
month that's holding its monthly social in two weekends...why don't you
attend with us, as our guest?...and you mentioned that your s/o is not
monogamous, either....if she likes guy and or couples...." "Oh, yeah, she
likes guys...." I replied turning my gaze away from them. "...then bring
her along, too...the only thing it'll cost you is the hotel room....since
you and your lover are both technically single women, the normal $25 per
couple or single cover charge is waived...what'dya say?...think about it?"

Coffee cooled and friendly emotions warmed. They were nice a nice
couple. Bridgette looked like she could eat a pussy through a park bench,
her bi-ness oozed so freely. Henry seemed like an awfully, awfully nice
guy. A lot like Richard. I just wanted some cock to see what it was like,
but he slash they were adamant. So, in the end, I agreed to go, and try to
get Ginny to come along, too. I didn't tell them she was my daughter,
adopted or otherwise.

The Holiday Inn in the suburb of Richmond Vee-Aey was a typical Holiday
Inn, decent for a mid-priced, affordable and with the Virginia Friendly
Social group discount, even cheaper at $45 for Saturday night, including a
complimentary cold breakfast bar the next morning. Henry and Bridgette
were one of two couples person-ning the registration table on the third
floor, which had been blocked off just for the VFS social and

They fawned over Ginny. I was proud. My little girl, my formerly child
lover, had grown into quite a woman. Motherhood had filled out her figure,
but in all the right places. She had jumped and squealed with glee when I
approached her about attending the social with me, and especially after
talking with the Lacy's about the "cock carrousel" they were going to
arrange for me, couldn't wait. The dance-social's theme was "The 60's", so
we had put on old raggedy jeans and sandals and "lovebeads" and headbands I
found at the Goodwill store. The Lacys and the Browns, the other couple
manning the registration booth, both cheek-kissed us, as Mrs. Brown
couldn't help but notice that Ginny's recently-changed driver's license
sported the same last name as mine, something she had recently done, a
symbol of our total love and devotion as mother and daughter and a family unit. "Are...are you two, mother and daughter?" Mrs. Brown sputtered out.
"Yes...yes, we are..." Ginny replied, slightly playing with her head,
knowing it would fuel a fantasy based on not entirely correct facts "...and
we've been lovers for a long, long time..." long pause "....since I was 10,
and mom was 24...and no, we're not from West Virginia...she's my mother by
adoption, sorry" Ginny finally confessed, a look of disappointment sweeping
over the two male and two female faces.

The dance itself was fairly boring. Even though the Lacys were
long-time members and experienced swingers, they and everyone else seemed
to walking on eggshells, afraid just to go up and ask someone to dance.
It's pretty bad when a room full of a hundred swingers (fifty or so
couples, and no other single women or men) all know you and your partner
are there specifically hunting for males as well as females and M/F couples
to fuck, especially men, and everyone's too damn shy just to walk up to you
and ask you to dance. Playing the Sadie Hawkins bit, I did ask and finally
got a few dances, but when I began (clothed, of course, nudity not being
permitted in the large conference room/ballroom where the dance was being
held, Virginia booze regulations and all) humping the leg of a womyn of a
couple during a dance, innocently so, she freaked on me, darting back to
her husband, whom I wanted more than her, anyway. Complaining to Henry
during a break between songs, he told me not to worry, things had been
arranged for later, just go by the hospitality suite at Room 302 after the
dance, where no alcohol was to be served and things would be more
orgy-like, and yes, he had a team of several men from some of the more
experienced couples just waiting to "service" myself and Ginny.

Henry, true to his word and his fears, wasn't first, but he was second.
For someone my age, he was physically in better shape than me, and he was
long-lasting. Non-Bachelor Number One was someone ten years old than I and
with a short cock and a shorter excitement phase than said cock, slightly
balding, but with clean-smelling breath clean fingernails and an easy
demeanor about it all, as he climbed on top of me on the pile of mattresses
in the middle of the hospitality suite room, and took my male-to-female
hetero virginity. I think his name was Dave, but I don't exactly recall.
No matter. My virginity was taken again by Henry, who Husband Number Three
told to get off me after fifteen minutes and not "hog" me. Dave was an
okay lover, and feeling a real cock, a live flesh-and-blood one, not a
rubber or plastic one, felt good. It felt good that in doing so, I was
becoming closer to my Ginny, the love of my life. Motioning with my head,
I sucked Henry for a while as Numbers Three, Four and Five all took their
turn with me.

Ginny, in the meantime, a few feet away from me, was on all fours,
anonymously accepting anything that was thrust insider her in turn. Henry
left me to go try out Gin', and a couple of the wives joined the
now-growing pile of bodies on, around, and near me. Rolling over to also
be on all fours and eat an anonymous pussy while being fucked by my tenth
then thirteenth then fifteenth, I think, anonymous cock, the waves of
spiritous sanctus sexuous just began rolling through my body. Whatever
cock was inside me, big one, little one, inbetween one, all started to feel
good. My pussy slid out from under me and to one tit as another female
mouth ministered to my other one, as cocks in turn from my pussy now
started being rotated to my mouth. The gentlemen in question almost all
would grab my ears or head and mouth-fuck me after pussy-fucking me.
Except for the taste of latex covering their respective members, a taste
I've never liked and never will, I didn't mind. Male power and domination
voluntarily dominating me, at my request. Obtaining of power through
surrendering of power. My cunt fucked them all as my mouth sucked them
all. Ginny, in the meantime, was playing a rolling Maypole game with four
of them as the cocks, I mean husbands, lay side-by-side on their backs,
Ginny doing a juggling act trying to fuck all of them enough to keep them
all erects, as their wives watched from a few feet away with bemused

After Ginny and I had done a faux M&D scene for the group's amusement,
word having gotten around that we were indeed mother and daughter by
adoption, and one last go'round of what cocks were able to stand firm
enough that Ginny or I hadn't deflated from my night of fun being
repeatedly deflowered. We went back to Henry and Bridgette's room to
continue after the hospitality room was closed down. Henry continued his
excellent teachings of me in the ways of hetero sex. His cock didn't want
to stop being used as a classroom demonstration model. He was patient as
he worked with me on my oral-giving techniques to him, getting me to relax
and take his member deeper and deeper, getting me to not be afraid to
stroke and play with his balls, things like that, as Bridge' and Gin' would
join in to show me different ways they knew, too. Astride him on top, his
cock felt good, yes, I said felt great(!) inside me, more so now than the
first few times around in the group room. His somewhat rough but clean
masculine hands played with one breast and massaged my clit as I rocked
atop my cock rocking chair, as Gin' gave me some her sweet anal bathings
from behind, and Bridgette ate her in turn.

Coming home, Ginny had the most happy, contented look on her face that I
had seen in a long, long time. "Mom, you're simply know
that? know how much I love you?" "Yeah, Baby, about a tenth as much
as I love you..." "Mom, I know you did what you did for me...." "...only
partially, Dear, only partially...I also did it, actually mainly did it,
because I was getting bored and horny and missed my having other friends to
share my bed with, and between Rod and your father, I was just getting more
curious about cocks, too..."

Ginny just snuggled her head into my shoulder more, her hand lazily
drifting to my crotch as I drove southward down '85 back to Raleigh. Her
nose nuzzled my ear. "Mom...Mom?...." "Yes...what is it, Gin'?"
"...sometime back, I proposed to you, and you so said 'yes', and I thought
we'd get married soon, but we never did..." "...well, you know how things
have been...Janice's schedule keeps her on the road a lot, and your
father's always gone, and..." "...Mom, I love you, but shut up...and no
more excuses...thirty days from now, to the date, we're going to be
married...and if Dad and Aunt Janice can't make it, so be it, I'm just
tired of waiting...Mom, please, no more BS...marry me, or divorce me".

I looked deep into her eyes and could tell she wasn't kidding. No, she
wouldn't leave me, not leave the home we shared, I didn't think, but I knew
what the implied threat was: either marry her publicly, or she would start
a slow process of emotional and spiritual withdrawment from me. "I'll marry
you, Babycheeks, okay, I'll marry you, in exactly thirty days".



Chapter 7



(FF, father/daughter, lesbian marriage, triad MFF marriage, menstrual

Once in a while, it does come in handy to be a partner in a
well-respected professional practice firm in accounting or similar fields.
Calling in a couple of favors, I was able to obtain use of the old Episcopal Church on Portsmouth Island, just south of Ocracoke Island on
North Carolina's Outer Banks. Portsmouth Island had been deserted for
decades, and had been owned by the US Park Service since the 30's. The
only way over to it was by private boat, so except for the odd fisherman or
usually just three or four tourists per day during the early season, we'd
have the island to ourselves. Along with use of the chapel, also came
weekend use of a couple of the old homes, long abandoned, having no
electricity, but kept in habitable shape by the Park Service for use by
VIP's and the lucky weekend guests during the season which otherwise were
determined by lottery.

The thirty days leading up to our wedding was a whirlwind. First, the
dresses. We decided to dress identically, in formal white knee-length
wedding dresses of contemporary almost business-suit-style, white shoes and
hose, and formal hats with lattice tatted lace adorning them. Being on an
island with no electricity meant some compromises. So, we purchases a
battery-powered boom-box for the wedding music, and three large coolers for
the catered trays, all the caterers we called not being interested in
catering such a small wedding that far out of their normal range. Janice,
fussing because she'd have to take two vacation days to come down but being
the friend she still was, and I decided that she would wear a light
peach-colored bridesmaid dress and outfit, and Richard finally consented
into wearing a similarly colored tux.

We seriously considered leaving Mae at home, because of the boat trip
involved and all, but she wouldn't hear of it, and really, it was her place
to be there. Rev.June Morris of the local Metropolitan Community Church
agreed to officiate the service, as long as she could have a separate cabin
to spend the weekend at Portsmouth, before and after the service. The
photographer we wanted to use, a friend of a friend, was expensive, and
wanted to be a real pain, we finally agreeing on close to two thousand
dollars and the use of another cabin on the island for the weekend, too.
We hit all the jewelry stores in town, looking for suitable wedding ring
sets. Call me a tease, and it's not like we pushed things, but when a
clerk would insist without taking the hint of finding out who we were
looking at the wedding rings for, we'd say simply "us".

Not finding anything in any of the better jewelry stores, we wandered
over the NC State Flea Market the following weekend, where there happened
to be a Gem & Mineral Show going on inside the Kerr Scott Building. There,
we found a fellow traveler, a womyn who I recognized as having seen from
time to time at my bars when I was seriously mining the bars for pussygold,
and she knew exactly what we wanted. An hour later, Ginny and I walked out
from the show with two large but not too-masculine whitegold wedding ring
and engagement ring sets, with half-carat rubies in the settings instead of
the more traditional traditional marriage diamonds.

Two weeks later on a Friday afternoon, and there we went. The plane
ride from Wanchese down to Buxton in the mid-sized unpressurized Beechcraft
made us all airsick, and the charterboat ride from Hatteras to Portsmouth
made us seasick on top of things. Nothing like throwing up together in
each other's laps on your wedding day to make one appreciate you're going
to share every possible intimacy with that someone special for the rest of
your lives together. Mae, to her credit, wasn't affected by any of it.

We had planned to be married in the old Christ The King Episcopal
Church, but as we awoke anew and renewed to a perfect morning, it was
simply too perfect to be married inside. Richard and the photographer
being temporary packmules, they dragged the photographer's equipment and
such to a high dune on the east side of the island that we had noticed from
our cabins. There, atop a high dune facing a rising sun over a moderately
whitecapped sea, Rev. Morris did her thing as Ginny and I took each
other's hands and pledged our eternal love and fidelity to each other. The
ring as it went on my hand felt both like a ball-and-chain and a set of
angel wings, Ginny sliding it on with a practiced ease like she had been
through this before, oh yeah that's right, Husband Number One and all, and
lip-locked me for all she was worth as Rev. June barely got "brides, you
may now kiss each other" from her lips before Ginny had me in an embrace so
intimate that it was giving the photographer a visible hard-on through his
pants. Sweet Mae, who was acting as our ring bearer, Janice giving me away
as Richard gave Ginny to me, rushed the three steps to be within our
embrace. The three of us hugged a hug of eternity.

Making the trek back to our cabins, we feasted on the three full Igloo
coolers of catered trays of deli delights we had brought, as champagne was
sipped if not guzzled, and Ginny and I fed each other small handfuls of our
wedding cake, the figurines of two brides atop the third tier. Rev. June
put on a CD of Jewish wedding and wedding dance music, as the father of one
of the brides danced with his daughter, and then with his new
daughter-in-law (wife-in-law?), me, playfully grabbing my butt through my
wedding dress for all to see. Everytime Gin' and would kiss, the
photographer's eyes would get as big as the proverbial saucers, like he had
never seen two women kiss before. Then it was done. The ceremony was
over. Our lives together had just begun, as an "official" couple, married in every way but by the laws of the State Of North Carolina.

Everyone changing clothes and cleaning up a bit, Richard took his
granddaughter surffishing, walking down to the south end of the island, as
Ginny and I headed back over to the dune, the altar of perfection of mother Nature, we were just married atop of. Rev. June scooted somewhere else,
as did the photographer. Stripping our old khakis and sandals and loose
tops off, Ginny and I walked out into the surf, and consummated our
marriage with fishes as our witnesses. As the waves washed over us, we
were baptized in our nakedness and embraces together as a new couple, as
Mrs. & Mrs. Black.

The sun was beginning to set. We needed to head on back. Richard
wandered up from the second set of dunes as we both were toweling each
other off. I don't know if he had ever seen Ginny naked before or not, at
least not since she was little. "Where's Mae?" I asked as my towel rubbed
Ginny's naked back, her naked front exposed to her father. "Oh, she's with
Rev. Morris, June's babysitting her, I think they're at the inlet bay
trying to catch some crabs with some leftover canapes'....need any help?"
he asked sincerely and non-erotically. "Sure, Richard, you can do my back
if you want, get the sand off me..."

His touch was most decidedly non-new-father-in-law. Ginny, still nude,
rubbed my front, playing with my breasts through the towel rubs. She
kissed me, fully. He gulped. I turned to him and kissed my old friend.
Ginny joined our kiss. We lay the towels down to form a cleanspace where
sand wouldn't dig into flesh, and lay down together, Richard shedding his
clothes as he and I lay on either side of Ginny. His greying hair fleckled
white in the gathering dusk. Somehow, I knew that this moment had been
inevitable. I had known that for a very long time. I took his hand and
put it on my wife's pussy. My fingers guided his fingers to her tampon
string, and he pulled the plug out from his daughter's chunnel with an
unconscious ease, tossing into the waves coming into shore at our feet like
so much fishfood. I leaned into to suck him hard. "Richard, you and Ginny
both have wanted this moment for such a long time...I love my wife, and I
love you as my friend..."

"...Fuck...Richard, don't you want to fuck your daughter?" He looked at
me, then stared deeply into the reflecting pools of passion yet to be spent
that were Ginny's eyes. Soft rays from a rising moon bathed us.
"Melanie...." he said, calling her by the name she didn't like and only he
sometimes used with her still. "Yes, Daddy?" she answered as she played
with his rising member, my mouth firmly on one of her tits, his hand
caressing the other. " you want to make love to your ol' Dad?
this really what you want?" "Oh yes,'s what I've wanted ever
since I was a little girl.

Richard slipped down between her legs. Our lips met in honeymoon lava.
"Mom...I...I love you, Mom....". "I love you too, Baby...and I love your
father, too...let's make love".

My hand joined Richard's in my wife's cunt. She was slippery with her
monthly fluids. Neither one of us cared. My fingers brushed a taste
between our lips. Richard joined our kiss, his hard flagpoling at
attention. Crawling atop his daughter, my daughter, my wife, he entered
her silently save for some softly whispered "I love you"'s. Ginny raised
her legs over and high, wickedly exposing her cunt to him so he could drive
deeper inside her. My mouth found their point of connection, my tongue
bathed their union between father and daughter. He pinned her shoulders
down firmly as he continued to ride her. My tongue and finger found her
anus, then found his. Bucking like he had never had any oral stimulation
before, he almost instantly came. Kneeling before him as he stood upright,
Ginny and I mouth-fucked him, licking his still semi-hard cock clean of her
menstrual blood, all of delighting in this playfully erotic scene. His
cock bode hard once again. It was my wedding night, too. And I wanted
some cock, dammit.

I got on top of Richard while Ginny sat on his face facing me. Her
fluidic impulses painted his face like he was a Hatteras Indian of old, not
a modern man of the new. He didn't care. He slapped at my asscheeks
firmly with his open palms, trying to whip my passion higher still. His
cock felt so very, very good inside me. The warmth of his imperfect fleshy
member, its slight crook, its bumps and veins popping, the pulse of his
manhood throbbing inside me, as my Ginny leaned into me to gently bite my
nipples and roughly play with my breasts as her father continued his
oralling of her, her hand finding my clit it wandered down to the
crossroads of my sexuality. That did it. I cried out a loud, sorrowful
but happy cry. I was no longer a lesbian womyn. As of that moment and for
forever on, I was to be a bisexual, a truly bisexual womyn. I came and
came again, pounding on Richard's chest, telling me with some fear but
without reservation that yes, dammit, I loved him, too. Mauling my breasts as Ginny scooted off as he lay under me, he told me he had always loved me
too. His cock squirted what was left of his come inside me, and we three
lay in maybe puzzled a little but happy semi-slumber.

Then, a rustling of the sea oats, and Janice popped out. "Well, I can
see this is an open honeymoon...can anyone join in?" she asked only
half-jokingly. "Aunt Janice, we need to head on back, I need to check on
Mae..." "Mae's fine, Dear, Rev. June already put her to bed for you..."
"No, seriously, we need to head on back...would you be a Dear Aunt Janice
and run back and get me another tampon?...I'd ever so much appreciate
it..." "Sure, Ginny Dear, after I'm, we're through...."

Janice wanted some of Richard's cock, too. She tried and tried to suck
him back firm, but to no avail. We three did a lesbian daisychain for
Richard so he'd become aroused once more, but I think the emotion of the
moment passed had simply been too much for his mind to handle. Janice ran
back to our cabin to get Ginny a tampon. We three lay on the beachtowels,
hot, sweaty, our bodies glistening in the moonlight, covered in each
other's fantasies fulfilled and futures yet to be so. Ginny and I both
softly played with Richard's cock as he lay between us, leaning over to
kiss each other from time to time. Silence spake eloquence. "I...Ginny,
Carol...I don't want this to end...God help me, I don't want this to end".
Ginny and I met for a kiss inches from Richard's face. We let him see the
real love we had for each other, had for each other all these years, now
locked in commitment to each other for eternity. "There's no reason it has
to, Richard..." I responded. "Nope, no reason at all, Daddy...we love

After we got back to Raleigh that late Sunday afternoon, after seeing
Janice off to her eight-hour plane trip back across country, after
unpacking our stuff as Richard helped us, Richard went home for a bit and
came back with all his suitcases full of his clothes and such. Ginny and I
both smiled as we helped him put his stuff away in our bedroom closets.
Family. We were going to be the family that Ginny had always wanted and I
had always wanted and even Richard I think also wanted.

A couple of years later, Richard and I were formally married in a civil
ceremony at a small wedding chapel down in Dillon, South Carolina. Ginny
and I placed a matching man's wedding band to our whitegold wedding ring
sets on his finger together, symbolizing what we had become, a true triad,
group marriage. My wonderful wife Ginny whom I had loved forever and my
husband Richard whom I had fallen in love with over a long period of time
and come to deeply love. Yes, husband. A term just a few years ago I
thought would be always unfamiliar to me.

After our accidental "marriage" to Richard on the beach of Portsmouth
the night of her's and my wedding, she did become more or less monogamous
after that, as did I. A few months after moving in together, we invited
Bridgette and hubby over, and had a wonderful time swinging with them,
something we did for a few months regularly until they decided they didn't
want to swing any longer. Whenever Janice would come see us, the four of
us would just rip loose and have fun. I did love my first wife so, still.
When one of us would find a likely candidate, always another womyn, whoever
found her would pop the question of wanting to swing with us three,
sometimes the answer being "yes", sometimes "no".

Ginny finished her degree at State. Richard, having put his thirty in
pushing bigrigs all over North America for Winn-Dixie, took his retirement.
We moved into a bigger house off of White Oak Lane. Mae continued to
blossom into such a pretty young woman.

One day a couple of years past that, Mae came home from school,
absolutely beaming. "Mom, granny Carol...I got my period today!..." We all
hugged her, congratulating her, telling her how proud of her we were.

"...but, now, Mom, granny C.,...this doesn't mean I'm going to let
Granny C. do to me what she did to mom all those years back..." I look
puzzled as a bee trying to mate with a bottle of fingernail polish over her
remarks. How did she know? She knew the truth of our relationship, her
Mom's and mine, knew that she was my granddaughter through adoption, knew
that Ginny and I were lovers and that her Granddad who was now also her Dad
was lover to us both, but we had never hinted how Ginny and I had met all
those years now pushing decades ago, ever, it was none of her business,
quite frankly. " do you know how your mom and I met all those
years ago, Hon'?"

"Oh, Daddy Dick told me a couple of years ago, after he had his
facts-of-life talk with me after you and mom had yours with me, that's
how..." Daddy Dick, indeed. Daddy Dickhead, more like it. But what could
I say. It was the truth. And I loved him, was in love with him, as was
Ginny. We three totally loved each other. ", Mom, granny C., we can
still have fun, I still love my mommy and Granny, I just don't want to do
none of the lezbo with ya', okay?" "Sure, Hon'...." Ginny replied
"...Granny Carol and I weren't planning on doing anything lez-bo with you
anyway, Dear...what happened between she and I was special, and I'd never
trade what happened all those years ago, because it lead to her becoming my
wife and I hers and Daddy Dick marrying the both of us eventually, but no,
Hon', we weren't going to push anything on you...". "That's great,
Mom...but...would you and granny C. still show me, teach me how to use
tampons now?" she replied with giggling girl innocence.


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