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GODESS sucked the fluids off his crank


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

Goddess of Love
Professor Secrest had only the best intentions in his research. He
attacked the problem with a scientific mind and developed a perfect
scientific solution.
Unfortunately, when dealing with human emotion, the scientific
solution so often goes awry. If men craved a young, exciting partner
that ignored their faults and women wanted a strong, caring partner that
saw them as the focus of their being, then why not give each what they
wanted? It seemed so simple.
It was fine with the men, but the good professor had neglected
to consider women as a whole. Day to day, weeks, months, years on
end the arrangement worked. But there was a biological clock ticking in
every women. At one point, the majority wanted to have offspring.
Professor Secrest's androids were perfect in every other respect, but
they couldn't impregnate their mates.
At first it was thought of as a glitch- an oversight. Make the
androids capable of inseminating the women. But that was not as easy
as it sounded. Sperm viability in the android was so brief as to be
useless. It was little more than insemination to fill the resivoir within ten
minutes of ejaculation and many women objected to the idea of
insemination. That doomed the second thought as well. Some found
clinical insemination the best possible route, but the dissenters shook
the system at its roots.
Jealousy was again released to wreak havoc on the relations of
men and women. How could a mere flesh and blood woman compete
with a gynroid? There were those glowing stories in the media of flesh
and blood finding flesh and blood- a man wishing to father meeting the
mother wannabe- but they wouldn't have made the news if they had
been common.
But the hopeful minds of women awash in maternal hormones
were like the gambler's conviction that they have the winner in a billion
to one lottery. And unsatisfied desires turned coldly to anger at men
and their machines. There was no point in war between woman and
gynroid, so the women brought their machines and it became a very
nasty business, indeed.
The good professor was quite the modern man, you see. His
idea of equality between the sexes extended to his creations. While the
androids generally outweighed the gynroids by 7 to 10%, in all other
respects, including strength, they were equal. The first women, thinking
more in terms of accurate reproductions than did the good professor,
tried to have their android simply mug a man's gynroid and claim the
man as his mistress's conquest.
That seldom worked. Even when the android emerged
victorious, he was usually too damaged to take the man, who usually
had fled, in any case. When a gynroid subdued her attacker, it was even
more ugly for the woman in most cases. Sex crimes were an atrophied
limb of the justice system, proof was hard to present. Mech crimes, on
the other hand, were detected with state of the art and highly punative.
It was better for a woman to submit than to be judged. And in
the strange way that fate has of making a flower bed from a grave,
many brought forth their deepest desire from their moment in the
deepest humiliation and despair. It may not have been what should be,
but it was and in some way that was enough.
-------------------------Geri and the Untrecht Man----------
She was an intelligient woman. Her request had not mirrored
her desire so much as fit her plans. Oh yeah, I like 'em big all right- the
bigger the better- got any linemen? Her observations convinced her that
the 10% envelope could be stretched to 13? 15%? And the bigger the
android, the better his chances. Hers was nearly 6'7" and a burly 435
pounds. That was big even by the standards of old heavy-frame droids.
She was sure her Heinreich could handle a mere 275 pound gynroid.
It was the commonest omission that was the flaw in her plan.
She never read the owner's manual. Like the women that had wongly
assumed size meant power, she had assumed equal meant equal. Safety
considerations had never entered her mind. It was in the manual- page
3-1- Your new android has power far supassing your needs. Its hands
have a grip strength capable of crushing concrete. For your safety, all
potentially dangerous movements are equipped with a delay to allow
withdrawing an instruction to prevent your android from injuring you.
It was a safety feature for her, but fatal to Heinreich. She had
picked out a tall, dark man with even features and a smooth, flawless
olive skin to father her child. His gynroid was petite- perhaps only 255
pounds. Henireich could lay on her until her servos burned out trying to
push him off.
And that might have been the case had Heinreich's hand closed
on her when he reached for her. But he delayed and she was out of his
grasp before his hand closed. It was as if that moment revealed all
Heinreich's programming to the gynroid. She closed on his throat while
close to his chest, taking the moment of the delay in his arms hugging
her to expose the kill switch. She avoided the outswing of his arms,
which would be swift and deadly, by dropping down and sliding
between the behemoth's legs. Another delay gave her safe passage and
she was on her feet behind him in a blink. He reached, but she threw
her arm around his throat and pressed the switch even as the delay of
his grip was triggered. Then she turned to Geri.
Her fate was inevitable. She dismissed her terror even before it
flooded into her thoughts. As the droid took her, she was thinking that
she was fortunate since Heinreich would be easily revived and seemed
unharmed by the confrontation. At least she would have him to tend her
when this man was through.
For the Untrecht man this was an embarrassment. Not that he
would be attacked. It was a compliment in an odd way to be the target
of an attack. The problem was now he would have to deal with the
woman. It was expected that he would debase her and use her by way
of a lesson for her transgression. It was the debt of war. It was an
understood code in this new battle of the sexes. And he, himself, would
be scorned if he let a woman escape this fruit of her folly.
Certainly there would be no mercy if he was now in the hands
of Heinreich. He chose not to think of the electronic stimulation the
women used to shock the life-giving seed from captured men, nor the
perverse choice of the women to place the stimulation on the sex organ
of their android. He only considered the woman in Lucy's grip and
what he must now do to her.
He suffered, though he would hardly call it that, from an
aversion to the biological contamination of two physical bodies
meeting. It was not a pleasant thought for him. Her clean saline fluids
aside, Lucy was also the perfect lover, having learned instantly his list
of likes and really likes while eliminating the hated and merely
ineffectual from her programming. But at least Geri wasn't going to
enjoy it either.
Geri's subjugation was an embarrassment of defeat. They
would, in the main act, be playing the same game regardless of winner,
but that was a vestigial part of the real game of dominance and
submission. His control changed the meaning for both of them.
"Say hello to Lucy," he nodded to Gina.
That was the first slap in the face. Owners were expected to
develop a close personal relationship with their droids. It was part of
the fantasy that the droids were meant to provide. To everyone else
they were just machines. It was considered a little perverse to step into
the fantasy relationship. Worse for Geri, he was putting her subordinate
to his gynroid.
"Hello machine," Geri spat out in defiance.
"Give her to me, Lucy," he said.
Lucy knew he was angry at the woman. She understood the
complex relationships between humans, but she knew her master's tones
and body language better. She felt no slight from Geri's words. She
cared for no one's opinions but her master's, but if he wanted her to be
angry with the woman she was willing to be.
"Should I be angry with her, too?" Lucy asked in her melodious
"No, Lucy, you should pity her for being less of a woman than
you," he told her.
That was an even more brutal blow to Geri's dignity. Less than a
droid! He might as well have called her a sewer rat or a pile of shit.
And if the verbal abuse was not enough, he was holding her helpless in
his own human hands. There was no fighting the mechanical advantage
of a droid's hydraulics. Any human could be manhandled by a droid.
But she was being manhandled by a man, held helpless by a fellow
"Take off your clothes Lucy, and then help me undress Geri
here," he instructed his lover.
"See how flawless?" he taunted Geri as Lucy removed her
clothes without art or hesitation, "Even more than her perfection of
form and beauty- she is everything that makes me want a woman."
"Then why don't you let me go and take her," Geri suggested.
"Between the three of us," he said, including Lucy as he did in
all his conversations in her presence, "That is my desire. I already find
you less attractive than Lucy and I am sure your performance will have
none of her sincerity and invention. But we both know the conventions.
I can't let you further damage my standing by letting you go unscathed.
And behind your flush of damaged pride, you know that you wish to
couple with me to satisfy your maternal desire."
To her shame at that moment, it was true. What small repair it
would be to her ego for him to release her, it would be a bitter defeat to
go through the shame without at least a hope of conceiving. That didn't
make it any easier to have Lucy delicately open her buttons and pull
down her zippers as she was laid bare before her captor.
Geri was a very comely woman. Her breasts were larger than
the droid's if not as high and firm. Her belly was a gentle curve, well-
formed for a human. Compared to the molded perfection of the
gynroid, she was lumpy and soft. She knew it and it angered her that
she was forced to compare with an impossible ideal. Then the Untrecht
man won her heart by speaking to her frustration.
"Well, I will not find this totally unpleasant after all," he said,
"If I must swap fluids with someone, I certainly could have been stuck
with a less desirable one."
But his compliment to her body didn't herald a softening of his
intent. He motioned Lucy onto the bed and passed Geri to her. Geri
found herself trapped face down on the bed with her legs hanging off
the end.
"But there is no reason why you should have the same
enjoyment," he said as he stepped behind her.
She didn't try to block him. It would have been pointless. He
pulled her legs apart and stood between them. He reached down to feel
her vulva and she was perplexed by the ease with which his fingers slid
inside her. She knew her emotions were running high, but she was not
ready to admit to sexual excitement.
He would be a new experience and that could be exciting, but
she was sure her awkward position and her helplessness in the hands of
a gynroid drained the pleasure from it.
And it certainly was less than exciting the clinical way he
pushed her first ever real male organ into her. It wasn't that big of a
deal. The androids were incredibly accurate. She noted with some
satisfaction that he made no better comparison to the droids than did she
when his soft belly pressed against her bottom.
He was pleased that her pussy welcomed him so warmly. He
would be able to dispatch this duty quickly. He wanted to end this
pleasurable activity before she got any pleasure from it. Then they
would see what he felt like doing next.
He thrust against her more mechanically than an android,
concerned only with raising his excitement to the point he could jab
rapidly into her and give her the seed she so craved. It was a point of
honor to fill her without her climaxing- another point in the power trip
his gynroid had won from her android.
It was mild- mildly stimulating and mildly irritating. Geri was
trying to ignore the pressure of the gynroid pinning her torso to the bed
and focus on the invasion of her womanhood. He wasn't trying to
please her. It was obvious he was on a mission of ejaculation as he kept
up his boring assault. At the same time, the moving presence inside her
was making her juices flow. It was something- not good enough to be
exciting, but enough to raise her pulse and shorten her breath into pants.
Then he pounded briefly on her buttocks and she felt his
member jerk inside her. She tried to feel the spurts splashing against her
womb, but all she felt was a spreading warmth as he pumped out his
He shivered as if with fever. Perfunctory as the fucking may
have been, his orgasm hit him with surprising force. Perhaps it was the
rapid summoning that made him feel he had poured out more of his
essence than usual. In any case, it was a climax that left him a little
weak in the knees.
His cock swayed dripping in front of him when he withdrew,
still ready enough to plunge into her again. That was an oddity. With
Lucy he tred the tightrope of climax longer than he could stand it and
then exploded in an orgasm of relief. That always left him limp when
his cock finally flopped out of the gynroid.
Maybe he would take Lucy quickly and see if he had the same
reaction to her sometime in the future. But in the present, he had
another riddle to solve. Lucy was busy holding Geri down. How was
she going to ready him for another bout with the human?
"I am soooo flexible, hot rocks," Lucy said, breaking in as if she
had read his thoughts.
He grinned at the pet name he had told her to call him. She was
demonstrating her flexibility with some inhuman rolls and stretches that
would have been impossible if her skeleton was constrained by the
same bones and joints as a real woman. He did not experiment much
with this ability of the gynroid, though he understood there were men
that lived for the ability of their droid to use her mouth in interesting
ways while they penetrated them. At this point, he finally realized, he
didn't need any special flexibility.
Lucy was kneeling by Geri's head, holding down her shoulders.
All he had to do was step up on the bed and straddle Geri's waist. His
erection was slowly deflating as he pushed his pelvis forward toward
Lucy's mouth.
"You're the best, babe," he told Lucy, "But all I need is this
weapon restored so we can bedevil our little toy some more."
It was as if Lucy's mouth became a mold of his prick as he slid
inside. Every little nerve ending was cradled in the warm softness of
her mouth as she sucked the fluids off his crank while stimulating him
with indescribable transient movements of her oral lining. In the
comfort he reached the resting place. He was neither shrinking or
growing. The soft pleasure of her oral ministrations was letting him
take a few breaths- pleasant breaths- as she held him between one
erection and the next.
"Let me help you so you can get to work," he said after a few
minutes of bathing in Lucy's mouth.
With that he sat on the small of Geri's back and leaned back on
her butt. She was effectively trapped by his weight now and Lucy could
let go and move forward to suck him as he lay on the helpless woman.
Fingers stroked his scrotum and fingers stroked what part of his rod
was not engulfed in Lucy's mouth. Balance was never a problem for a
droid. It was central to their simulation that they could make 300
pounds move like 175 and press with only that weight on their fragile
human partner. In this case it let Lucy kneel unsupported as she
stretched out to mouth his organ and still have both hands to add to the blow job she was giving him.
It had the familiar feel of perfection to him. A finger? crept to
the flesh between his scrotum and anus and lightly dragged a nail across
it to add to his joy. She knew what he liked. Later she might sense the
need to slip a finger in his ass and massage his prostate, but this time
she was getting the reaction she wanted without that.
He felt it too. Stasis had turned to rising excitement as Lucy
turned up the stimulation. She was bringing him to a quick turn-around.
He had better figure out his plans for the erection Lucy was giving him.
Geri was trying to keep a low profile trapped beneath his
weight. She was having the same problem being subjugated by a man
without his gynroid's help, but she was realistic enough to see it made
little difference in the final account. And struggling could only make his
retribution that much worse for her.
Feeling his seed dripping from her was the lone bright spot for
her. He had filled her well and she had high hopes that even as he
bounced on her back as his machine fellated him that his sperm was
driving its pointed heads into her ovum. And so far he had seen no need
to give her pain.
It was much the idle thought at first. He was alertly noting all
the tricks and treats Lucy was giving him and wondering just how good
he really had it. It seeped into his brain that he had a chance to find out.
He stopped Lucy and got off of Geri. He playfully slapped Geri's rump
as he had Lucy come and grab her around the waist.
"Now I want you to participate," he told Geri as he pushed his
prick against her face, "And remember that I am in a position to extract
a horrible retribution should you try to injure me."
He might face some serious charges if he had his droid pull her
head off, but that would be little comfort to her. Again she was forced
to comply, but if it was any, even cold, comfort, she was swathed by
the cloak of convention in accepting whatever penalty the victor
required of her. The thought did calm her a little, but it was small
comfort in the overall feeling of humiliation as she was bent to his will
to be treated like his toy.
She definitely didn't like being reduced to that state. She opened
her mouth grudgingly and he filled it with his cock. She had
experimented with the feel of velvet over ebony with Heinreich, that
was true, but it wasn't an experimentation that she bragged about. And
it bore little resemblance to the way he was using her mouth. With
Heinreich, she was testing the texture on the surfaces of her mouth for
her own pleasure. He was giving her no chance to 'test' anything except
her ability to keep down the vomit that crept up as he rammed at
gagging speed into her throat.
That seemed to be the best part for him. As she fought to not
throw up and to breathe, the working of her mouth and tongue seemed
to spur him to even greater assaults on her throat. But the worst part
was that she didn't hate it. It was a horrible position for her to be in and
it was a demeaning use to which she had been put, but to her horror,
there was part of her that found the hard member filling her throat
He was satisfying his curiosity. Most men had never had their
cocks in a real woman's mouth. He was finding it was no great loss.
The gynroids were designed for every pleasure possible. They were
able to move their tongue or the roof of their mouth like a vibrator if
their master wished. Still, the spontaneous, unplanned motion of Geri's
mouth did furnish an interesting change. But she certainly couldn't
handle his length like Lucy could.
He didn't want to finish in her mouth. He felt duty-bound to
bathe her womb in sperm again, this time with her legs high in the air to
let it wash around her defenseless egg like Indians surrounding a wagon
train. Why shouldn't his genes survive?
He pulled his prick out of her mouth and told Lucy to roll her
over. Geri was flopped like a teddy bear onto her back by Lucy and
held there as the droid awaited instructions.
"Turn her around," he said.
Geri was spun on the bed as if she weighed less than a pound
with Lucy smoothly adjusting her position to let her swing around
beneath her. It was a scary feeling for Geri, who preferred that droids
didn't show their obvious superiority to their masters. But being
reminded of her total helplessness would be the good part of what was
"I want you to pick her up by the ankles, but first push your
cunt in her face," he told Lucy.
"There you go," he said to Geri as the captive woman saw the
light blocked out by the descent of Lucy's sculptured ass and felt the
wetness of the droid's vagina pressing on her mouth, "Now you show
Lucy a good time and maybe she won't want to hurt you later on."
Now Geri had to struggle. It was all bad. She had been
humiliated to a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach already and now
he wanted to force her into the lowest, most depraved thing she could
imagine. Give pleasure to a gynroid?!? Lower than the lowest of the
low, and she was supposed to serve it?!? Her whole being was icy with the thought. She fought back, knowing it would do no good, but having
to register the protest that was screaming through her mind.
She quickly found out how they would control her. Lucy closed
her thighs and effectively, but gently shut off her air supply. She would
lick the droid or she would not breathe. Geri imagined she was quite
blue when she gave in and her tongue finally snaked out to lick the
droid and return the air. She was broken to tears by her submission and
grabbed air in sobbing gasps as her tongue traced the perfect folds of
Lucy's box.
And then her butt was hauled off the bed by Lucy's grip on her
ankles and she knew he was ready to take her again.
"Now you keep that up while I give you a nice little fuck," he
said, "I'll know by Lucy's eyes if you're doing the job. If you're not, I
might have to get your droid and set him on max to help me convince
That would ruin her life. She'd never be able to let Heinreich
touch her again. And she had no desire to even imagine what it would
feel like to have Heinreich at his maximum setting inside her. At
present he was smaller than the Untrecht man, as she preferred. She had
adjusted to his somewhat larger size easily, but it was not one of her
desires to be jammed to overflowing by a phallus.
The thought of her sweet Heinreich being used as an instrument
of her torment by this... saddened her even beyond the shame
of serving Lucy. She could not stop it from being horrible. He was only
convincing her that he could make it more horrible if she refused to
He was in her. Lucy held her to the perfect height for
penetration and he was finding the slight downward angle his cock took
very enjoyable. He was bracing his hands on Lucy's- she was solid as a
rock- as he pushed against Geri's suspended bottom. man and machine
stared into each other's eyes as they both received pleasure from the
woman beneath them. And Lucy was enjoying Geri's tongue. Her eyes
could not lie.
He knew what he was doing to Geri. Perhaps she actually felt
the shame a little more deeply than he imagined, but he knew that she
felt base and degraded to be giving pleasure to Lucy. Though his own
dominance in reducing her to the position of a gynroid must weigh
heavily on her self-respect, he knew forcing her to pleasure Lucy shook
her very feelings about the order of the universe and the society of
humans. No, she wasn't liking it one bit.
On the other hand, the continued friction of her tilted pelvis
driving him downward as he thrust into her was quite pleasurable.
Forgetting comparisons, it was quite a stimulating fuck. He even forgot
to check Lucy's eyes as he bent forward to grab Geri by the hips and
use his grip to pull her harder against his piercing prick. Still supported
by Lucy, she swung most agreeably as he pounded into her.
What a rock! He fell forward as his load boiled up in his loins
and rested his head against Lucy's chest. She supported him easily as he
jerked and hunched while his spasms filled Geri's womb again to
overflowing. He rested against Lusy's solidity for a moment as the flush
of orgasm receded and then pulled back to sit on his heels.
"Lift her a little higher now," he told Lucy and she pulled up
until he motioned for her to stop.
That should make my little tadpoles stay in the pond, he
thought. He considered telling Geri she could stop eating Lucy, but
decided instead not to punish her if she did stop. He, of course, didn't
tell Geri and she licked on with the fear of reprisal clawing at her mind.
She stopped when he had Lucy drop her ankles after ten minutes or so.
"Quite a thing to try to capture a man and lose, isn't it?" he
mocked her.
Her first impulse was to tell him that he had been easy on her
compared with what she would have done, but she flinched with fear
even thinking that. She was still in his control. She HAD to remain
"You have been doing nothing but driving that point home," she
answered with a little more control, "I had no idea how base a man's
mind could be."
"And I thought I was taking it pretty easy on you," he chided,
"After all, I've given your little egg every chance to make you a
mommy." That was true, but that would have happened in either case.
Somewhat more relaxed, Geri tried to put it all in perspective. She had
been degraded, but she had lost and he was just rubbing it in. It was
only a few hours out of her life and when he let her go, she could try
and put it behind her as quickly as possible. But perspective didn't help
wash the sterile taste of the gynroid's cunt from her mouth. And
perspective couldn't erase the fact that her deepest, darkest secret was
now shared by this man and a machine.
Geri, the human gynroid- she'll do it all to any thing. The
possibility of that mocking refrain spreading around her, whispered by
her enemies and giggled by her associates chilled her to her core. He
had taken her self-respect.
"Lucy, darling, make sure she can't run away, will you honey,"
he said.
He wasn't a whips and chains kind of guy so there was no
restraints attached to the bed or a torture room downstairs. He was a bit
of a romantic and certainly a bit deep in the self-delusion that Lucy was
his mate. The first fact meant Lucy had no cuffs or rope to secure Geri
with. The second meant Lucy's reasoning ability had been fed by the
Untrecht man's teaching and it was her reason that landed Geri in Lucy's
own travel case.
"What do you think?" he asked the gynroid.
"You wish me to assess what situation, hot rocks?" Lucy trilled.
He would have to give her something else to call him, he
thought. 'Master' and 'hot rocks' didn't give her much choice for an
appellation to suit the situation. But she had accurately grasped his
mood and used the more familiar term at her disposal. She was a good
droid. She was a good fucking droid, but he wanted more of her. She
was stuffed with data- motion laws and physics to achieve the light,
bouncy movement, social data and mores, restrictions and common
beliefs so she could interact in a simulation of a human, and of course
large banks of the physiology and psychology of sex, which was her
projected function. She also had a remarkable storage capacity.
Like Geri, he had taken different goals into account when he
picked out his gynroid. He had not sacrificed her appearance, however.
She was visually every feature and trait of a woman that tripped his
switch. Instead, he had taken a past generation 'brain', one that was
slower (lightning to greased lightning) and not as 'zone-oriented'. The
new model made an almost intuitive seamless sex machine, but her
'brain' made Lucy more adaptive and contained about three times the
storage for him to fill as he pleased. He pleased to fill it with his
thoughts and feelings to let Lucy have these little advisory talks with
"Lucy, you may also call me 'lover man' when in a relaxed
mode and not engaged in sex," he told her, that took care of that, "What
do you think we should do with her now? Have we exacted enough of
a price and if not, what should we do?"
"Lover man," Lucy said, immediately showing him she had
received the program, "Three or four violations is more the norm in
these situations. The odds she will conceive from your previous activity
are 1:1.33 since I detect she is ovulating. The average range is 1:1.25 to
1:3.33, so I think you have done your duty there. Should you wish to
approach the norm, I would think non-reproductive sexual activity with
a component of pain or humiliation would be appropriate."
She could sound like a ditz if he wanted, but he preferred the
no-nonsense plain fact way she used now. It also helped him assess the
data she had used to base her opinions. And they were opinions- sort of.
That was where his thoughts and feelings came in. She scrolled through
solutions against the mask of what he had told her. They were opinions-
his opinions boiled down to the solution he would most likely pick after
some thought.
Geri was insulated from the exchange in the droid's travel case.
It was a tight fit since her dimensions exceeded Lucy's and it was like
an isolation tank. No light, no sound, she was locked in a void by
herself. In a way that was better, because the conversation going on
outside the case would have terrified her.
Not that they were casually discussing the next invasion of her
person. Just the fact that they were discussing- a man and a droid
talking! She had never been able to shake the fear of droid dominance
and any indication that the machines were being given the means to take
over terrified her. She had an uneasy truce with her machine when it
was giving her pleasure, but then she shut it off so it would never
become more than a sophisticated dildo in her life. That he considered
Lucy some sort of companion would have scrambled her brain.
Then there was light! It hit Geri like electricity and she
squeezed her eyes closed tighter against its assault. Blinded
temporarily, she felt herself being helped- helped!- out of the case.
Perhaps because she couldn't see they thought she was safe, but the
gentle touch leading her across the room didn't turn into the clamp of
restraint when her eyes opened.
"Now I'm giving you the chance to make this easy on yourself,"
he said, "If you do what I say, we'll just let Lucy watch this time."
Bastard! Was that droid telepathic? It was no choice. Do it
willingly or be forced, but do it in any case. Even thought the coercion
remained, it would still feel like she was a willing victim if she meekly
followed his orders. On the other hand, she did not want the droid to
touch her. How had they chosen to prick her with her personal demon?
The 'right' course would be resistance and eventual submission in the
control of the droid. But she did not want the droid to touch her.
"Go over and lay on the bed," he instructed.
Hating herself, Geri did as she was told. Her aversion was too
strong for her self-respect. As she lay down she didn't see him smile.
Her suspicions were very close to the truth. Lucy wasn't psychic, but
she was observant enough to see Geri's phobia of droids.
"Now link your arms under your knees and pull them back to
your chest," he told her.
She did what she was told. To her shame, she did as she was
told. As she lay bent in a bow on the bed, he walked to his droid
grinning at her.
"I'll let the expert do the honors for you," he smiled as Lucy
slithered to his feet and took his organ in her mouth.
She strode the edge of panic as the machine fellated him. Open
and vulnerable, she waited as the droid readied the tool of her
mortification. She waited passively, hating her weakness. Whatever
degradation he had planned had to be better than the waiting.
She was half right. He climbed up behind her and grinned down
at her face peeping between her legs.
"My, you look lovely like that. I think I'm seeing your best
side," he taunted.
Then she felt him press against her anus. Of course. Her
position raised it for easy access and he would think it would humiliate
her. She was much more at home with her body than that. Nudity was
not issue for her. He could look all he wanted and it only showed his
immaturity and lack of experience.
Then the pain came. She squeezed her legs tighter against
herself as his rod plundered her fundus. She even forgot for a moment
that she was holding herself up for him to give her that pain. Even her
self-hate was lost as the stretching, invaded feelings welled up to fill all
her thoughts as he struggled to push his cock in her.
Once he had forced the head in, it all came returned in a
backlash. Willing, willing, willing, coward, coward, coward, her
passive acceptance of his outrages beat inside her skull. Now that din in
her mind drowned out the feeling of him pushing and sliding deeper
into her ass.
They came to a balance as he pressed his belly tight on her butt.
She felt both the unnatural invasion and her shame at her participation.
This had to be the low point in her life. But that thought triggered the
thought of licking the droid and Geri lapsed into tears.
"Women react to joy in funny ways, don't they Lucy," he
taunted her to the machine.
But this was not the extent of the humiliation he had planned
with Lucy while Geri was in isolation. It was certainly non-
reproductive sex and had its elements of pain and humiliation, but they
had decided they should add a little twist if this was to be the last time
he took her. And while he had conquered his little neurosis about flesh
to flesh contact better than Geri had conquered her repulsion to droids,
he didn't wish to take her more times than necessary.
It was a relief when he started to move. Even though he ended
where he began, his strokes gave her moments of reprieve as he pulled
out of her bowels to plunge in again. He added to the pressure by
putting his hands on her thighs and leaning on them as he filled her
rectum. She was adapting. Her anus had given up the fight to reject his
member and it had become only an uncomfortable and ill-mannered
She still knew how debased she was and still struggled with her
meek acceptance of her self-demeaning surrender. Just the physical
pain had receded. And then he touched her.
She resolved not to beg. She could rescue that much from her
cowardice. He would only laugh and mock her anyway. She tried not
to respond, but her body betrayed her as his thumb passed over her
clitoris. He was very knowing in his caresses. Even with his invader
making inroads in her colon, the light flicks on the nerve-rich nub sent
waves of excitement through her.
She fought them with hate, but her vagina didn't share her
emotions. She could feel it flower open and moisten as he stroked the
center of her lust. Dammit! He was making her want to squirm. Then
his thumb slid into her and he caught her clitoris on the web between his
thumb and fingers.
She couldn't stop the groan from escaping her throat. Her body
had gone full traitor on her. As he moved his thumb in counter-point to
his cock driving into her ass, her body began to feel his anal invasion in
a positive light. His cock was filling. His cock was stroking. Her
clitoris was being stimulated. Her body wanted more. Her body liked
Even her mind was thrown into confusion. It would be the same
great feeling even if she was being humbled, her mind tried to say. No!
She couldn't like her punishment. She couldn't give him the satisfaction.
But in the end, her body won. Gasping, grunting with a
sickening compliance to his playing with her body, she shuddered into a
spasm of climax and then another. Her attempts to control them only
seemed to make the convulsions wrack her with more force as she
humiliated herself yet again for this man.
He felt very powerful as he watched her fight and then succumb
to the orgasm his finger gave her. Lucy had been completely right about
the scenario. He had never seen hate so livid on a face also contorted
with climax. She didn't like it one bit.
Now he could take his dick out of her. He hadn't had an orgasm
himself, but that was hardly the point. He had done his duty and he
didn't have the slightest desire to wait until he could urge his load into
her un-productive hole.
Geri glared at him and his still-erect penis.
"And now I'm supposed to put that in my mouth, I suppose,"
she snapped, trying to take back some sliver of control in the situation.
"I'll let you do that if you wish," he said, caught off-guard by
the idea.
She knew he was taunting her. Of course he wanted to finish.
He was a man, wasn't he? He was trying to keep control by acting like
she hadn't guessed his next command and stolen his thunder. Well, she
knew and she was going to keep the control. This way it was more like
dutifully performing an unpleasant task than reacting like a slave.
He didn't know why she was doing it nor much care. He only
watched with interest as she rolled to a sitting position and reached for
him. He moved toward her and felt the wet stroke of her tongue. She
licked him all over first and then took him into her mouth.
Lucy was definitely better, but Geri's method was also effective.
He hadn't given any thought to the difference between a gynroid and a
real woman, but he was learning from Geri. Real women didn't take
him as deep. Geri worked steadily on the top half of his cock, pausing
with just the head in her mouth to suck hard while her tongue whipped
back and forth over the knob. Then she sucked him in a burst again.
Inferior equipment, he realized as he processed her
performance. Real women couldn't tongue him when he was thrust all
the way down their throats. They had to work on what they could
manage in their mouths. But it was effective. He knew that she would
only have to stop to lick and suck the head of his cock a very few more
times before she would suck him to the brink and her energetic bobbing
down his shaft that would follow would send his seed splattering into
the back of her throat.
It took two more times. She sucked very hard with rapid little
wiggles of her head and he felt the spark just behind his balls. Then she
took him deeper and the first jet of semen erupted. As his load spattered
in her mouth she took even more of him, nearly his entire length to urge
his balls to empty. It wasn't that bad.
She left him a little early, wiping his fluid that had spilled out of
her mouth away with her hand and staring at him with hatred.
"Thank you," he said, "I've never been blown by a real woman
before. It was interesting."
He was a strange bird. He seemed to have no grudge against
her. Even her punishment had the air of experiment more than anger.
And now another compliment. Maybe he had really wanted to let her
go when he said he did.
That didn't erase what he had done. It just made it puzzling. But
then he was a man. She never had figured them out.
"So what do I do now?" she asked.
"I don't know. You've had all the good ideas recently," he told
She chose not to evaluate that sentence. Somewhere in her
mind, she knew that he meant she had sucked his shit-stained cock
unnecessarily, but she tried to bury the thought. It was easy enough. He
was telling her she was free to go.


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