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GOODDAY girls are nicer and


Ginny's Good Day (A story of Walnut Grove)
by Kelly Adams (

Jackie woke up at about three in the morning to find an empty space
next to her on the futon. The empty space belonged to Jackie's
girlfriend, Ginny, as did the futon. Now that they had
been dating for a few months, Jackie found that she was spending
most nights at Ginny's. She wondered, and not for the first time, if
she should just bite the bullet and officially move in with Ginny.
She didn't know quite what was holding her back--probably the
security in knowing that she still had a room at her parents' house
to go back to. Then again, at twenty-eight it was high time that she
left the security of her parents' place.

After a few minutes, when she realized that Ginny hadn't simply
gotten up to go to the bathroom, Jackie got up from the futon to go
look for her. She found a silk robe to slip on and went out of the

Ginny's apartment was actually half a house, and it was built in
such a way that the hallway outside of the rooms upstairs was a
balcony that looked out over the dining and living rooms. From the
balcony, Jackie could see Ginny standing naked down in the living
room, looking out a window. The pale moonlight streamed in the
window, illuminating Ginny's petite body in a soft glow. Jackie
admired how comfortable Ginny always seemed to be with her body;
Ginny would just as often be naked as clothed in the apartment,
going about her daily business in the buff.

Jackie went down the stairs to her lover. The staircase squeaked so
bad that there was no way to approach undetected, but still Ginny
gave no sign of noticing.

"Is everything okay?" Jackie asked, coming up behind Ginny.

"I couldn't sleep," Ginny told her, still looking out the window.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing. Well, there's this problem I'm working on at work--I
can't seem to get a protein sequence to replicate properly--but
that's not what's keeping me up."

"What is?"

"I dunno. It's just, well, things have been going so well in my life
lately, I'm just worried that the other shoe is going to drop
soon--that something bad is coming."

Jackie let out a soft chuckle. "So you're telling me that you're
worried because everything is good?"

"Yeah. Kind of silly, huh?"

"A bit." Jackie opened the front of her robe and stepped in closer
to Ginny's back, wrapping the two of them together in the fabric.
She kissed the top of Ginny's head. "Why don't you come back to

"I don't think I can sleep," Ginny told her.

Jackie slid her right hand down Ginny's stomach, not stopping until
she reached the vee between Ginny's legs. "Who said anything about

Ginny giggled quietly, and spread her legs apart slightly. Jackie
applied gentle pressure as she rubbed the outside of Ginny's pussy.
"Or maybe you'd like it better if I fucked you right here in the
open window?"

"You can fuck me anywhere you want, lover," Ginny told her. She
leaned down, putting her hands on the windowsill and pushing her ass
back into Jackie's pelvis.

With her free hand, Jackie pushed Ginny's long black hair to one
side, exposing Ginny's bare shoulder. She leaned forward to kiss it
while she slid a finger up into Ginny's wet hole.

Ginny slowly gyrated her hips as Jackie gave her a good finger
fucking. Ginny's steamed up the windowpane in front of her as her
breaths came harder and faster, until finally she came with Jackie's
fingers inside of her.

Ginny turned around, finally facing Jackie, and gave her lover a
kiss. "Now I'm ready for bed," she said. She walked over to the
bottom of the staircase, tugging Jackie along by the hem of Jackie's

"Oh, now that you've come you're ready to sleep?"

"Who said anything about sleeping?" Ginny said with a grin, then
turned and ran up the stairs.


Despite the fact that she hadn't gotten much sleep, the next morning
went quite well for Ginny. She managed to finally solve that protein
sequencing problem that had been vexing her all week, ironically due
to a moment of inspiration she had when Jackie's expert tongue had
pushed her into a second orgasm.

Ginny was sitting alone in the office that she shared with two other
researchers when Jackie called.

"Hey sexy," Jackie said when Ginny picked up.

"Hey yourself," Ginny replied.

"How has your day been going?" Jackie asked.

"Really good. I finally solved that problem in the lab."

"That's great. I knew you could do it; you just needed the right

Ginny laughed; she hadn't told Jackie that she had been the one who
had indirectly supplied the inspiration. "So what's up?"

"I can't talk long--because things have been pretty busy today here
in the store--but while there's a lull I wanted to make sure to call
you. I've got some news to share..."

"What is it?" Ginny asked, with a bit of trepidation.

"Don't worry, it's good news," Jackie assured her. "But I want to
tell you about it over dinner tonight."

"Okay, sure. Where do you want to go?"

"How about to Justine's?"

"Wow, it must be pretty good news!" Ginny remarked. Justine's--named
for its owner and head chef, Justine Shappee--was just about the
swankiest restaurant around.

"That, and it's been a while since we've treated ourselves. How
about I make us reservations for 7 o'clock, and I'll meet you

"Sounds good. Are you sure you can't tell me about your news?" Ginny
pleaded. "Even a hint?"

Jackie could easily see in her mind's eye Ginny's bottom lip pushing
out in a cute little pout. "Sorry babe, you'll just have to suffer
until tonight."

"You are such a tease!"

"Yeah, but you know you love it!"


"It is good that Jackie has finally found a nice girl as yourself.
We will made you very beautiful for her, yes?"

"Yes please." Ginny was talking to Gizela, her hairdresser. Gizela
immigrated to America from Czechoslovakia over twenty years ago, but
still held on to her thick accent.

"We will do it up, like this." Gizela scooped up Ginny's hair and
bundled it on top of Ginny's head. She wasn't so much asking Ginny
as informing her.

Ginny had been slightly worried when she moved to small town Ohio
that she wouldn't be able to find a stylist who could properly
handle an asian woman's hair. But everyone she talked to insisted
that Gizela was a miracle worker and could do no wrong with a pair
of scissors, and they were absolutely right.

Ginny had been able to leave work an hour early, and was delighted
that Gizela was able to squeeze her in at the last minute. She
wanted to look extra special for Jackie this evening.

Gizela got right to work, giving Ginny a quick wash and then
cutting. "I only wish that my daughter Amalie could find a nice girl to settle down with. She is now twenty-seven--too old to be still
running around. I tell her that I have had three children by the
time I was her age!"

Gizela talked as she cut. A lot. It was hard to get a word in.

"She is a very pretty girl. I ask her why she has not married, and
she tells me she likes other girls. I say to her that that is fine,
then she should find a nice woman to be with. Maybe you have a
friend you could introduce her to?"

"Didn't you tell me that your daughter is living in Pittsburgh,
Gizela?" Ginny asked.

"Is no matter. Pittsburgh is not so far away. She should move back
here anyway. The girls are nicer, and so is her mother's cooking."

When Gizela had finished, Ginny looked particularly stunning. She
only had a few inches taken off, but Gizela had expertly folded it
up on top of her head, leaving her neck and shoulders bare.

"I mean it," Gizela told Ginny as she paid. "You find a nice girl for my Amalie, I will make sure that she comes home to meet her."

"Okay Gizela." Ginny had a feeling that Gizela was quite serious.

"And you tell that Jackie that I said she is a very lucky woman to
have you, yes?"

"Yes Gizela."

"Okay bye. You have a wonderful time at your dinner tonight."

"Thank you, I will."

Ginny went home and changed into her outfit for the evening, a black
corset minidress, short and form-fitting. She put on a black cord
choker around her neck, and put on a bit of clear lip gloss to top
things off. She transferred her essentials from her everyday purse
to a little black bracelet bag that matched her two-band pumps and
was out of the door in time to make it to their reservations with a
couple of minutes to spare.


Jackie was already waiting outside the restaurant when Ginny
arrived. In contrast to Ginny's skimpy little black dress, Jackie
was dressed nearly the opposite: a heather grey knit dress with long
sleeves, a mock turtleneck and a full-length skirt. Jackie was
showing almost no skin at all, but the dress was so form-fitting
that not a single sexy curve was left to the imagination. It was
also only the second time that Ginny could ever remember Jackie
wearing any kind of dress; it made Ginny feel really special that
her girlfriend would dress up for her.

"Hi beautiful!" Jackie said, giving Ginny a warm welcome kiss.

"Hi yourself. I love your dress." Ginny placed her hand on Jackie's
side, slowly running it from the side of Jackie's breast down the
curve of her torso to her hip.

"Yours too. And I love your hair up like that." Jackie's placed her
hand on Ginny's bare neck, softly rubbing the base with her finger.

Ginny looked into her girlfriend's eyes and saw the most caring,
loving soul she had ever known. She knew, at that moment, that she
was completely, totally, irreversibly in love. It was a small
moment, but one of crystal clarity.

Their reverie was interrupted by the sound of a couple leaving the
restaurant. "We should probably go in," Jackie said.

"Yeah," agreed Ginny, dreamily.

"Are you okay?"

"What?" Ginny asked, focusing. "Oh yes, fine."

"Good." Jackie held the door open for Ginny and followed her inside.

They were greeted inside the door by Kate, Justine's niece who was
visiting for the year from Australia. The fifteen-year-old
auburn-haired cutie was wearing a short white skirt and a bright,
multi-colored floral top. "Hi, can I help you?" she asked, her
accent only mildly softened from spending the last nine months in
the states.

"Reservations for two," Jackie told Kate. "Under 'Moll.'"

Kate checked her reservation book. "Yup, here you are," she said,
crossing off Jackie's name. "Right this way."

Justine's was a small restaurant; officially it sat only twenty,
though she had been known to squeeze thirty into the dining area if
all of the people were really good friends. Kate led Ginny and
Jackie to a table near the rear, next to a window that looked out
over a lea that stretched out behind the building.

"I'll be right back with your waters," Kate said after the two women
had been seated.

"Wow, Kate has really changed," Jackie remarked. "And definitely for
the better."


"Yeah. When she first came here nine months ago, she was a shy mousy
wallflower. Now look at her. I bet that she's become quite the
little heartbreaker."

"Here you go," Kate said as she returned to the table and set down
two glasses of water.

"Thanks dear," Jackie said. "Hey, how much longer will you be in

"Oh, at least until the end of the school year," Kate said. "I'm
supposed to go back home sometime this summer..."

"I sense a 'but' there," Jackie prompted.

"It's just... I kind of really like it here," Kate said, looking a
bit bashful. "I mean, don't get me wrong, I miss me mum and all, but
I also really like it here staying with Uncle Taylor and Aunt

"Yeah, this town really grows on you," Ginny said.

"Must be something in the water," Jackie added, giving Ginny a wink.
Ginny smiled, picked up her glass, and took a huge gulp. The three
of them laughed.

"Aunt Justine will be with you right away," Kate said. "Enjoy your

Justine's didn't have a regular wait staff, or even menus. Instead,
Justine would come out of the kitchen and talk to the diners a bit.
She would then decide what she was going to cook for you, based on
your mood, what she knew you liked, and what she had on hand in the
kitchen that evening. You could make suggestions, but Justine
wouldn't always follow them. You were pretty much at Justine's
mercy, but for most diners it was a mercy worth being at.

"Hello girls!" Justine said as she came to Jackie and Ginny's table.
A brunette in her early forties, Justine always managed to look
great, even after having spent all evening in the kitchen. "You are
all dressed up this evening, I see. What is the special occasion?"

"We're celebrating some good news," Jackie told Justine.

"Yeah," Ginny chimed in, "except that Jackie here hasn't yet told me
what that news is..."

"All in good time, my sweet," Jackie told her.

"Well ladies, I'm feeling very much like seafood tonight," Justine
said, almost a question but more of a statement.

"Seafood sounds wonderful," Jackie told her.

"Mmmm, yes," Ginny agreed.

"Good," Justine said. "Now Jackie, don't make this poor girl wait
any longer; tell her your news, and I'll have Kate bring out your
salads just as soon as they're ready."

Once Justine had left their table, Ginny got Jackie's attention by
giving a light kick to her shin. "Okay girl, you heard the chef. No
keeping mum any longer; you have to sing for your supper!"

"All right, all right," Jackie said. "This morning when I got into
the store, my parents had news for me: they're ready to retire."

"Does that mean...?"

"Yes it does. The store is mine."

"Oh Jackie, that's wonderful!" Ginny said it so loud that everyone
in the restaurant turned to look. "Oops, sorry..."

"No honey, that's okay," Jackie assured her. "It *is* wonderful."

"So when...?"

"In about a month. We still have a lot of details to work out, but
I've already talked to Gretchen and she's agreed to help us iron out
all of the financials."

"You mean Gretchen knew before I did?" Gretchen, a mutual friend,
had introduced Ginny to Jackie when Ginny first moved to Walnut
Grove a few months ago.

"Don't worry, I swore her to secrecy," Jackie said.

"Yeah, but you know that'll only last until somebody offers her
chocolate or sex," Ginny explained.

"Oh, that's true," Jackie said, laughing. "Guess the news will be
all over town by tomorrow morning then."

"That's okay, I forgive you."

"Good. Obviously I don't get the entire store; my sister Shannon
will get a share, though since she's off being a new professor she
won't be anything but a silent partner. And mom and Dad will
maintain a small share too and help out when they're not off
traveling. But mostly, it's now mine."

"What was all the shouting about?" Kate asked as she brought
Jackie's and Ginny's salads to the table.

"Jackie's parents are retiring and she's getting the store," Ginny

"That's the hardware store out on Leffler Street, right?" Kate

"That's the one," Jackie confirmed. "Hey, you know, if you're ever
looking for more work, we could use another pair of hands to help

"No thanks, Aunt Justine keeps me quite busy working here." A bell
rang at the from of the restaurant, indicating that someone was
coming in. "I have to go see who that is," Kate told them. "Enjoy
your meal!"

"Thanks," Jackie said.

"So, I have..." Ginny began, but realized that Jackie was
distracted. "What are you looking at?" she asked.

"Up front, at the girl who just came in," Jackie told her.

Ginny turned to get a look. Kate was talking to another girl who had
long brown hair and was about her age, wearing a green flowered
skirt and a sleeveless orange top. "Must be a friend of Kate's," she
said, turning back to Jackie.

"More than friends, I think," Jackie told her. "Take another look."

Ginny turned her head and looked again. The other girl had her hand
resting lightly on Kate's arm and was smiling, with subtle body
language indicating an attraction between the two that went beyond
ordinary schoolgirl friendship. "Oh yes, I see it now."

"Isn't young love sweet?" Jackie remarked.

"That it is," Ginny agreed. "You realize that those girls are about
half our age, don't you?"

"Stop it; you're going to make me feel old."

"Hey, you're the one who's now a business owner," Ginny said.
"That's one more step towards permanent adulthood."

Jackie started eating her salad. "You were going to say something?"
she asked Ginny.

"Oh yeah, I have some news too," Ginny said.

"Good news or bad news?"

"I'm not quite sure. It kind of depends."

"Well, what is it?"

"I got a call this afternoon from my landlord," Ginny said. "She's
going to sell the house."

"What? Why?"

"Well, you know the woman who lives in the other half of the

"Yeah, sweet old Mrs. Whitaker. She's your landlord's mother,

"Uh huh. And Mrs. Whitaker got really sick three months ago, and
can't live on her own anymore, so she has to go into assisted
living. Carol says it doesn't make sense anymore for them to own
a rental property, and she's decided to sell."

"So, while it's sad about your neighbor, this is good news for you."

"What do you mean?"

"This means that you can buy the house," Jackie explained.

"Buy it?" Ginny was incredulous. "Honey, I make good money at the
lab, but it will be several more years until I've saved up enough
money for the down payment on a house."

"Well, we could buy the house together."


"Yeah. I've got some money saved up, so between the two of us we
should be able to put enough money down and make the mortgage
payments," Jackie told her, getting excited.

"Wait a minute, are you saying that you want us to move in
together?" Ginny asked.

"I... Yes, I guess I am," Jackie said. "That is, if you want to..."

"I... I mean..." Ginny was speechless. She certainly wasn't
expecting this. Given the way things went the last time she lived
with a woman, she hadn't really planned on settling down with
someone else for quite some time. But then, she really liked Jackie,
and the two of them got along remarkably well. Maybe they should
move in together.

"Once we own the whole house, we can knock down the dividing walls
and restore it back to its original state." Jackie said, obviously
excited by the prospect. "This will be so cool! What do you say?"

Ginny wanted to be sure that Jackie was serious, and not just caught
up in the moment. "Jackie, this is more than just buying a house,"
she said. "We're talking about living our lives together."

"I know." Jackie reached across the table and grabbed hold of
Ginny's hands. "Ginny, I love you. I want to spend my life with you.
I hope that you feel the same way."

"Jackie, you're... you're the best thing that's ever happened to
me." Saying it out loud made it real. Ginny was so happy that she
started to cry. "Yes. Yes yes yes. I want to spend my life with you

Jackie took Ginny's face in her hands and pulled her across the
table to kiss her. "I love you," she said, softly.

"And I love you."

"This is... this is... Wow."

"Yeah. Wow," Ginny agreed.


Ginny and Jackie could hardly wait to finish their dinners. Not
because the food was bad--quite the contrary, it was excellent even
by Justine's usual high standards--but because they both desperately
wanted to get home and christen the new stage in their relationship.
And since they arrived separately, they had to drive home separately
as well, adding further to the anticipation.

Ginny managed to make it home about a minute before Jackie. She saw
that the message light was blinking on the answering machine but
decided to ignore it--after all, the message wasn't going anywhere
and would still be around after she finished fucking Jackie silly.

"Hi there lover!" Ginny greeted Jackie with a kiss as she came in
the back door into the kitchen.

Jackie kissed her back, deep and long, probing Ginny's mouth with
her tongue. "Let's go upstairs," she suggested.

"Okay. Race you!" Ginny challenged, kicking off her shoes and
bounding through the dining room and up the stairs.

In her long dress, there was no way that Jackie could even think of
matching Ginny's speed, so she let Ginny go, opting instead to go up
the stairs at a more leisurely pace. By the time she reached the
bedroom, Ginny had already taken off her dress and was standing
naked next to the futon.

"C'mon, hurry up and get naked," Ginny implored.

Jackie smiled. Ginny was very cute when she was horny and impatient.
"Here, help me with the zipper," she asked, turning her back to

Ginny pulled Jackie's zipper down all the way to the top of Jackie's
ass, the peeled the two halves of the dress aside, exposing Jackie's
bare back. Ginny began kissing along Jackie's spine, starting up
near the shoulder blades and slowly working down.

Jackie peeled her dress off from the front, then pushed down,
wriggling past her hips so that it dropped to the floor. She then
turned around and took Ginny into her arms. "You are the nicest,
smartest, most beautiful woman I have ever known," she said, looking
into Ginny's brown eyes. "I am so in love with you."

"You make every day that I am with you special," Ginny told Jackie.
"And every night divine."

Jackie lowered her girlfriend down to the mattress, laying on top of
her. They kissed, sweetly at first, then more hungrily as the
passion grew between them. Their breasts pressed together as they
began to move their bodies, building up the heat of desire. The only
chemistry Ginny was thinking about now was between her and Jackie as
their naked bodies slid over each other.

Ginny placed her hands on Jackie's ass, pulling so that Jackie moved
up her body until her thighs were around Ginny's head. Ginny began
to lick around just inside of Jackie's outer lips, enjoying every
nook and cranny of her girlfriend's sweet pussy. She licked Jackie's
clit and slit until Jackie came, Ginny's name escaping from her
mouth while in the throes of a deeply felt orgasm.

They made love for well over an hour, each woman doing her best to
please the other. The closeness they now shared made it special,
better than the horny, friendly sex that had characterized the
beginning of the relationship. They felt connected to each other in
a way that neither of them had ever dared to hope.

When they were finally through, they lay in bed next to each other,
holding hands and gently caressing with soft touches.

"So, how soon can you move in?" Ginny asked.

"This weekend, if that's okay with you," Jackie replied.

"I think I can hold out that long," Ginny remarked with a grin.

"Obviously I'll have to wait until we buy the house and knock down
the walls before I can move all of my things," Jackie told her. "But
I'll get all my essentials moved over now and we can start our new
lives together."

"Together," Ginny said. "I like the sound of that."

"Me too," Jackie agreed.

A minute passed before either of them said anything. "I'm hungry,"
Ginny announced, breaking the silence.

"Hungry?" Jackie had never known a woman so petite who could pack it
away like Ginny could.

"Well, we did skip dessert," Ginny explained.

"I thought that this was our dessert," Jackie remarked.

"Yeah, but this was the kind that burns off calories," Ginny told
her. "Now I'm in desperate need of some sugar."

"There should still be some chocolate ice cream in the freezer,"
Jackie reminded Ginny.

"Mmmm, that sounds perfect," Ginny said, sitting up. "Do you want
some too?"

"Of course! Just let me go to the bathroom and I'll be right down to
join you."

"Okay, but hurry up--I'd hate to have to eat it all up without you,"
Ginny teased.

They got up from the futon and shared a light kiss before parting,
Jackie into the bathroom and Ginny downstairs to the kitchen.

When Jackie finished, she washed her hands and headed downstairs.
Ginny had two bowls of ice cream fixed and on the dining table, but
she was standing at the answering machine, listing to the message:

"Hi, um, Ginny," a woman's voice said over the machine. "It's

"Oh my god," Ginny said, her voice quivering. Karla, Jackie
remembered, was the name of Ginny's former girlfriend, back when
Ginny had lived in Seattle. Jackie didn't know all of the details,
but she knew that Ginny and Karla's relationship had been
tumultuous, and had ended quite badly. So badly that Ginny ended up
moving more than halfway across the country to get away.

"Listen," the voice continued, "I know that you said you didn't want
to hear from me again. And I know that I probably have no right to
be calling you like this. But I've made some changes in my life, and
I've gotten some help, and I'm much better. But I miss you. I know
that it will take a lot for me to make things up to you, but I want
to at least try. Please, Ginny. Give me a call, so we can talk,

The message went on a little longer, but by that point Ginny was in
tears. Jackie crossed the room and took Ginny in her arms.

"How... how could she?" Ginny asked, sobbing. Jackie had no reply.
She just continued to hold Ginny tight while Ginny cried, her body
shaking uncontrollably.

Jackie softly petted Ginny's hair, rocking her girlfriend gently.
"It will be okay," she said, trying to be reassuring.

But Ginny continued to cry.

[the end, and to be continued]


The Fine Print: This story is copyright 2002 Kelly Adams. Permission
is granted to distribute via and archive in and ASSTR in accordance with a.s.s.m.
guidelines and policies.

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