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GRAMMA cum harder than had before


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

To Grandmother's House We Go - (gramma.txt) - So, how was your
thanksgiving? Doug and Betsy had a wild one. Aren't family dynamics fun?
M/F, MM/F, M/FF, M/f, F/f, inc.
To Grandmother's House We Go

Well, fuck it all, at least it wasn't her family, Betsy thought.
Then she looked at Doug. It was his family. She reached over and put her
hand on his thigh.
"You okay?" she asked him.
"Hmmm?" Doug aroused from his musing, "Oh- yeah, I'm okay."
"You sure?" she asked, "That was a pretty weird scene."
"Look honey, nobody had a gun. Everybody is an adult, except maybe
Kaci, so nobody has a complaint," he said without taking his eyes off the road. "They might try to take it back later, but we all did what we wanted
to do and everyone knows it."
He seemed to have the whole thing settled. Betsy didn't think it
was as clear as that, but Doug had made up his mind how he was going to
regard it.
Betsy was more ambivalent. She felt a little guilty about her part.
"Are you mad at me?" she asked, rubbing his thigh a little.
"No, of course not," Doug said.
Betsy was not convinced.
"Are you sure? Not even an eensy-weensy bit?" she asked.
"Now don't get mad at me, but I've been hoping someone would shut
Earl up since I was a kid," Doug said. "That was the best Thanksgiving
Betsy leaned back in her seat. She was relieved Doug wasn't mad at
her. Then she had a terrible thought. What if Doug expected the same
thing to happen at her folks' at Christmas?

The year before had been very cramped at the table. With William
and Kaci "too old" to sit at a children's table, it meant there were
eleven of them knocking elbows at one table that could comfortably seat
The overturned gravy tureen had shown them the absurdity of this
seating arrangement and this year Kaci and William agreed to sit at a
card table off to the side. It didn't hurt their decision that
19-year-old William and his almost 18-year-old niece had both matured
into what the other one saw as an attractive person.
They were eager to spend dinner talking to each other and dreaming
about not being related. Doug wished he felt the same about all his
siblings, except the part about not being related.
Kathy had been all right, if a bit bossy. Her husband, Kent, was a
good sort, but he and Doug had nothing in common. Doug even liked William,
who was so much younger that Doug had left home while he was still a
It was Earl that bothered Doug. He always had. He wasn't really old enough to be Doug's father, but he treated him that way- half the time.
The other half, Earl treated Doug like a punching bag, exploiting the
12-year age difference to pound his younger brother unmercifully.
Minnie, his mother, always said it was part Doug's fault because
he never let Earl alone, but Doug knew that was only half right. Sure,
he kept coming back for more, but he knew Earl would be looking for him.
Doug felt it was better to face trouble than to have Earl catch him unawares.
The rift between then had never healed, partly because of Doug's
resentment and partly because Earl never tired of reminding him. Earl
and Maggie's son, Albert, seemed to have inherited his father's opinion
of Doug. The boy was always making belittling remarks to his uncle.
Albert's wife, Felicity, however, was a different story. Pure
white trash from a trailer park next to a garbage dump, she was as sweet
and dainty as could be. She lacked self-assurance because of her background, a trait Doug was sure Earl and Albert encouraged by belittling
her, but she had nothing to be ashamed of. She was pretty and polite and,
when far enough away from her husband or father-in-law, witty.

It had gone as always. Earl had insulted Doug and Kent, with Doug
taking precedence. He had talked to Albert, with both of them taking
shots, and now he had turned to making indecent comments about Betsy.
Doug wasn't giving any evidence that he was listening and it was
inciting Earl. Betsy was smiling as if she thought Earl's rude comments
were compliments.
"I bet you got them big, red nipples, don'cha Betsy," Earl said.
Betsy smiled angelically. They were red when she rouged them to
show through a flimsy bodice. Earls' rudeness may have been shocking,
but his words were not.
"I know what kind of pie I want for dessert," Earl finally said,
"Hair pie. You'll give me some hair pie, won't you Betsy?"
She didn't immediately get up and plop her butt on the plate in
front of Earl. She got up and helped serve everybody pie before she
hauled up her dress and plopped her butt on Earl's plate.
Somewhere in the meantime her underwear had disappeared and Earl
was staring down into the pink recesses of Betsy's pussy. She put her
legs on his shoulders and grabbed him by the back of the head.
"Bon- fucking- apetite. Eat it good Earl," she demanded as she
jerked his face into her crotch.
She had a scissors-lock around his head and she wasn't letting up.
The table exploded into motion. Except for Albert, no one was coming to
Earl's aid. Maggie began to laugh like the fat lady outside the house
of fun, rocking back and forth in her merriment. Minnie laughed behind
her hand.
William and Kaci had come to get a better look. Kent and Kathy were
looking at each other as if deciding what to think. Felicity was
distracting Albert from his attempts to pry open Betsy's legs by winking
at Doug. Doug smiled at Felicity's praise and smiled to let her know
he would relay her compliment to Betsy when she wasn't quite so busy.
In the middle of it all, Betsy was riding a hard saddle on Earl's
face. Earl tried to pull back but all Betsy's weight was hanging around
his neck and he only succeeded in lifting her hips so she could move
more as she ground her pussy in his face.
"Want a second helping?" she asked when Albert and Earl finally
managed to free Earl's head from her grip.
"What the fuck do you think you're doing, you stupid little slut?"
Earl spat at her.
"I give you pussy and you don't know what it is?" Betsy put on an
angry tone, "Who's stupid there? I bet all the other boys know pussy when they see it."
She was looking at William, who was staring awestruck into her
crotch. He saw she had caught him looking and grinned sheepishly.
"Now that everybody's seen it, put the nasty thing away," Earl
"What? Not share? Why are you the only one that gets any hair pie?"
Betsy asked.
She knew she had one eager supporter in William, but she was a
bit surprised to see Albert with a similar dumb-struck look as he
looked up his aunt's crack. Maybe he wasn't brain-dead after all.
She glanced to see Felicity's reaction, but she wasn't looking at
Albert at all. She was conferring with Kent and Kathy and nodding at
whatever they were saying.
Felicty turned to Maggie and Kathy whispered to her mother. Minnie
got a scandalized, scandalized, but not shocked, look on her face and
Maggie grinned even more.
"Don't worry Betsy," Kathy spoke up, "We just found out that every
one of us spouses baked up a hair pie and there's plenty to go around.
Kathy didn't stand on her chair and pull up her skirt but she
might as well have. The day took a serious U-turn at her announcement.
Even Earl's sour look faded and he looked back down at Betsy's pussy.
"Then me and junior will finish this one off and you boys can
have the rest," he said.
He stood up and unbuckled his pants. One train of thought felt
he had given in to the inevitable. The other felt he still wasn't ready
to accept what was happening. The controversy remains because Earl was
far too involved in trying to push his half-erect organ into Betsy to
notice all the other women shedding their underwear and pulling up their
The second group has to postulate that Earl thought he was seeing
a mirage when he looked up and saw everyone face down in pussy. In either
case, he was looking for Albert and when he found him, he dragged the
slack-jawed boy over toward Betsy's head.
"You take that end," he told his son, "We'll show her what she's
got into."
Kent was happily lapping Minnie. Kathy had a mouthful of Maggie
and Albert had to be dragged over to Betsy because Feliciy was standing
on Doug's chair and bending her knees to feed Doug her pussy.
William, strictly speaking, wasn't eating hair pie. Kaci was
shaved baby-smooth. He was lapping boneless, skinless chicken breast.
Earl, in the meantime, had almost achieved an erection. He was
attempting a mockery of sex as he pushed Albert forward to put his dick
in Betsy's mouth.
It wasn't humiliating- for Betsy. They both proved how far it was
between them and studs. Earl's limp attempts to fuck Betsy were far
funnier than they were humbling. Albert seemed so scared to have her
suck his dick that he seemed like a child.
Betsy was the one molesting them. At least Betsy was the one
unmasking their pretensions for what they were. Kathy- and Kent, were
the one making a statement. It was becoming clear that their mild manners
were camouflage for a very open kind of personal life.
Minnie was giggling in a most un-matronly kind of way. It seemed
Kent wasn't performing for show. He was seriously eating his mother-in-
law's pussy and with great effect.
Kathy was having a like effect on Maggie. Doug even took his tongue
out of Felicity and bent his head down to see the two older women writhing
in mirth as their son-in-law and sister-in-law worked away.
Felicity was ready for another treat anyway. She dismounted the
chair and started on Doug's belt and zipper. She knew he had something
more fun to mount than the chair.
William and Kaci were in the other room, out of the way of
interruption or discovery. Almost 18 was like a gun that was almost
unloaded. Both had the potential for great damage. Kaci was so hot that
William decided to gamble on an empty chamber and an infertile cycle.
Kaci just wanted to fuck William. He was a hunk and she didn't
want him to get away without trying him in for size.
"Now let me do you," Minnie was saying to Kent.
Felicity was settling down on Doug's cock and he looked at her so
he wouldn't have to see his mother sucking Kent's dick. Felicity was
enough to look at anyway. She was small-town cute and big girl canny.
She moved on his lap with the grace of a lap-dancer and without the
annoying layers of cloth in between.
Doug knew Betsy could have no complaints. She was fucking his least
favorite relative and his son. That had to be good enough reason to fuck
his nephew's wife. Doug had no complaints. Felicity was very eager and
genuinely seemed to like him.
"Now don't monopolize Kent," Kathy scolded her mother. "I'll bet
Maggie hasn't had a real stiff one in years. Let her have some fun."{
"Oh Kathy, don't say that," Maggie protested, "I was having a lot
of fun with you."
Earl finally decided, or finally had the capacity to notice what
was going on around him. Doug recognized the look of dumb confusion as
the one Earl wore when he was challenged as being wrong. Earl didn't
like being challenged and never admitted he was wrong.
He didn't seem to know how to react when Kent stepped between his
wife's generous thighs and stuck his dick into Maggie where she sat. For
her part, Maggie surrounded Kent with her thighs and put her heels on the
table to give him a nice angle to fuck her.
Kent grabbed the back of Maggie's chair and rammed into her
energetically. Minnie was crawling across the table, moving dishes as she
came. She knew her boy and she was preparing for Earl's reaction.
"Hey! You pencil-necked geek, get away from my wife," Earl bellowed.
Kathy knew her brother as well as their mother did. When he pulled
his cock out of Betsy and turned toward Kent, she blind-sided him and
knocked him into the table. Minnie was waiting there to grab Earl by the
head and pull.
Minnie pulled, Kathy pushed. Earl ended up with his head in the
mashed potatoes. Minnie moved up and squatted on his face.
"Mom!" came Earl's muffled cry, "Get off. You're not wearing
underwear. That's disgusting!"
"Your choice, boy," Maggie chortled, "You can be a mothersucker or
suffocate. It's up to you."
"No, mom," Kathy contradicted, "He's going to be a sister-fucker
too. No choice about it."
Betsy had given Earl a full, if spongy, hard-on. Kathy climbed
on the table to straddle Earl and take advantage of it. For once Earl
was at the bottom of the heap.
Doug saw his mother, sister and brother piled on the table. It made
him think of his dear, departed father. If dad was here, he thought, he'd
be chasing Kaci around the table.
That made Doug look around. Kaci and William were missing. With this
going on in the dining room, he had little doubt what the teenagers were
doing. After all, they were family too.
In the other room, Kaci was quickly coming to the realization that
passing a certain magical age didn't automatically confer any additional
skill. William, after showing a certain amount of mature concern for her
readiness, was between her legs sawing in and out like a boy her own age.
It was always nice, but somehow she had hoped for something more.
She hoped William was that perfect man- pretty and alarmingly exciting.
He was only average in the fucking department.
"Albert likes me to lie still so he can 'give it to me'", Felicity
whispered in Doug's ear as she held his shoulders and slid her hips up
and down his thighs.
"What an idiot," Doug gasped back as Felicity made his cock do
marvelous things inside her.
"I thought you'd notice," she giggled back.
At the moment, Albert was standing stock still with his eyes
squeezed shut and his face screwed up. Betsy was near to finishing him
and Albert was in hell.
The blow-job was too good. He should pull away and scorn her
attempt, just to keep Betsy in her place. He should be confronting
the man fucking his wife. He was devastated that he was doing neither.
He was too weak to give up the pleasure of Betsy's mouth.
Even in the spasms of orgasm he cursed himself as a failure while
Betsy made him cum harder than he had before in his life.
Felicity was too good. She kept Doug teetering along the edge of
climax without letting him cum. He could only imagine what she could be
like if they were given two days to fuck each others brains out.
He wasn't given the chance to even find out what it was like to
cum in her once. Albert was glowering over them, pulling Felicity off
his lap by the hair.
"What the hell are you doing, you little slut?" Albert screamed at
Doug jumped up to protect her from his drawn back hand, but it was
Betsy that made Albert stop and prevented a brawl.
"She probably couldn't stand the shame of having an aunt-fucker for
a husband," Betsy smirked. "Or maybe she got you confused with Doug
because he was as good as you told her it would be and she thought you'd
finally got the hang of it."
Albert wasn't prepared for a dose of his own medicine. His father had always insulted his kin with impunity and Albert thought he was heir
to that boorishness. But then, there was dad, pinned under his mother and sister having a definitely perverted relationship with both of them.
About that time Maggie cried out and Albert was crushed to see
Kent make his mother thrash wildly in orgasm. There was no mistaking her
willingness and Albert was dumb-struck. He let go of Felicity and sank
into his chair.

William and Kaci peeked in the room during the lull, hoping to
re-enter without being noticed. They both had dressed carefully so no
one would suspect what they had done. It was a superfluous exercise.
Kaci's father and William's aunt were just now pulling apart and
it was obvious to the teenagers what they had been doing. William's
mother and Kaci's mother were still doing it to Earl.
"I hope you've been a good girl," Kent said to Kaci, his dick still
wet with Maggie's juices.
"I'm sure she was great, wasn't she, William?" Betsy teased.
A bit frustrated from her bout with Earl and feeling deprived for
not getting anything in return for blowing Albert, Betsy looked at
William with obvious lust. Kaci, on the other hand, saw an erect penis
across the room and the rest of the room faded from notice.
"Is he as dead on that end is he is on this end?" Kathy asked
her mother.
Minnie nodded, "If he didn't have a nose, I wouldn't be getting
any satisfaction at all."
"I know what to do," Felicity volunteered brightly.
The last scene Betsy and Doug saw as they turned the teens around
and took them back into the other room was Felicity kneeling down behind
Kathy and starting to lick her father-in-law's balls. It did seem to
be the magic touch that energized Earl.
"You know, William, I've had nothing but frustration so far,"
Betsy told the young man as she ran her hand over his chest.
Kaci kept pulling on Doug's hand until they were alone in one
of the bedrooms.
"I'm afraid your wife is in for more of the same," she said quietly.
"Huh?" Doug grunted.
"William isn't the best lover..." Kaci explained, "That's why I
want you to show me how it really should be."
There was nothing of Kathy in Kaci, except the big boobs that ran
in the family. If he thought she was 18 he would be fucking her already.
Even that resistance faded as Kaci stroked his aching cock.
"I don't know, Kaci, you're my niece and you're underage," he said
"What do you think my dad is thinking now? You're already busted,"
Kaci explained patiently, or was it schemingly? "You might as well commit
the sin you're damned for."
Her logic had little to do with his decision. It was the firm
swells of her breasts and the clincher was her clean-shaven pubes. Doug
was still horny and it would have taken a better man than him to resist
this fresh teen throwing herself at him.
He took off his shirt so they'd both be naked and climbed into bed
beside her. He started slow, with a kiss, as much to relax his urge as
to excite Kaci.

"You know you want me to suck it. You know you want to stand over
me and jam this thing down my throat," Betsy said in a throaty growl as
she fished out William's cock.
"I don't know, Aunt Betsy, this is pretty weird," William said.
"Does this help?" Betsy asked and ripped open her blouse and pulled
down the cups of her bra.
William stared goggle-eyed. Betsy jumped on his pause and went
straight to work. William's reticence seemed to vary conversely with the
rigidity of his prick. The harder he got, the less he seemed to care who
was sucking his dick.
He had been more afraid he wouldn't be able to perform than
hesitant to fuck his aunt anyway. After all, he'd just got done humping
his 17-year-old niece.

And where William had gone, Doug was following. As William's stiff
prick was nudging the back of his wife's mouth, Doug was tickling the
pink flaps of Kaci's twat with his tongue.
Kaci was sure she'd get fucked proper this time. Uncle Doug was so
sure of himself around a woman's private parts. He wasn't lapping like a
Labrador, he was tickling her and making her squirm in excitement, not
"I suppose you've done this before?" Doug asked as me moved over
her and prepared to enter her.
"Oh loads," Kaci trilled, "I just can't find boys that do it good
enough to get me off at the same time."
Well, there was a challenge. Doug knew she meant she thought he
was a great lover, but then there was the matter of living up to her
image of him.
The next moment he no longer cared. She was little girl tight and
furnace hot. Good luck to her cumming, he thought. I know I'm going to
enjoy myself.

Betsy skinned down her skirt and lay back for William. His cock was
young and tasty and she anticipated a fulfilling ride on his hard horn.
"No, wait! Wait a minute there," Betsy squawked as William jabbed
his cock at her and started off like a sewing machine.
She had his butt in both hands to stop his thrusts and she wound
her legs around his.
"Now come down here and kiss me," she invited.
As he did, she wrapped her arms around him and rolled him to the
"Why don't we let me take care of this part and you just lie back
and enjoy," she said.
It was such a marvelous idea that William never suspected the
implied criticism of the sudden reversal. He was ecstatic to let Betsy
ride on top of him. She was real good at it. It felt so good.

Doug (as much as he cared) couldn't believe it. The boys Kaci knew
had to be abysmal. He had barely begun really thrusting and she was
twisting about madly in his arms.
He had taken the time to get acquainted with her tight little
pussy, but that had only taken a few minutes careful exploration. He
hadn't jammed it in her for more than a minute when she went nuts.
Doug had wildly underestimated Kaci's reaction to his gentle
probing. All her lovers, including William, had been too driven to get to
the pumping. She found out more about her own cunt than Doug did as he
sent his cock exploring her sheath. She liked every single thing she
found out.
The best part by far came when Doug kicked into gear. Surprise
doesn't capture the sudden surge Kaci felt. She felt like she couldn't
get a handle on the commotion he was causing and then she didn't want
to. It boiled up and coated her in tingles and she was grabbing onto
Doug for dear life.
She had to re-define climax. It felt like what happened when she
touched herself, but she was its toy. Doug's plunging cock left her no
control of the wild emotion and it went on when she would have had to
stop. She had to give in to it. It wasn't letting go of her.
It felt almost like an orgasm when Doug kept on. Kaci knew it was
the best thing she'd ever felt. She didn't want Doug to stop- ever.

William was a little less sure of that than Kaci. He'd shot off
once into his aunt and she wasn't letting up. She made him hold her
titties. That had stopped his cock from shrinking and now she was
moving her hips up and back so far it felt like she was trying to tear
his cock clean off.
And she looked different than he'd ever seen her too. Her face as
scary. She looked fierce and then she started to shake like she was
having a fit.
"Squeeze those things," she demanded, "Use your fucking hands for
William wasn't sure if she sounded angry or desperate, but he
quickly closed his hands on her breasts. They were yummy and now her
cunt was pounding up and down on him.
Without him feeling it come, the itch was behind his balls.
"Aunt Betsy, I'm going to cum!" he announced.
Her response was a grunt. She was sitting on top of him and
bouncing just an inch or less on his cock. Then her cunt grabbed him and
it took him two or three clenches for him to recover from the shock and
start pumping out his cum into his moaning aunt.

Kaci was wrapped tightly around Doug again, lost in the blue light,
when another tickle interrupted the waves of pleasure washing over her.
Something else was happening in her pussy. Doug's cock was swelling and
jerking inside her. It made this one ever so special.
Doug looked at Kaci's shining face and immediately felt guilty.
She was a kid, for chrissakes. He shouldn't be fucking kids- particularly
his sister's kid. At the same time he knew he'd do the same thing if
he had it to do over.
Her cunt had been so tight... She wasn't the fuck Betsy was, but
she was responsive. It had definitely been a fuck to remember.

"Where did you four go?" Kathy asked lightly when they walked back
into the dining room.
"Just showing Betsy around," Doug lied.
Earl was surly and Albert was sulking. No one said a word about
what had happened. The only indication that it had at all was their sore
genitalia. That and Felicity goosing Doug and giving him a wink as they
left the house.


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