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GRANDDAD1 thick you could taste



Our Granddad.

Part 1

Grand Dad, whose name is William T Miller, Bill to all his friends is
my father-in-law and I am Kathy Miller. He is Granddad, only when my
15 and 16 year old daughters are around. But to me he is my "Pop" and
I love him dearly, I never had a father, he died when I was very young.
My husband's father has filled that gap so thoroughly I never thought of
him as my in-law. He was just my Pop. From the moment I met him I
was terribly drawn to him. He made me feel so welcome in the family. He
was bright, well educated, fun, gentle and handsome. If I hadn't been
dating his son I would have been terribly attracted to him as a man, I'm
not so sure that I wasn't anyway.

When his wife of 30 some odd years, my mother-in-law, passed
away, the family was shocked and relieved. She had been sick for
some time and in a great deal of pain. Everyone said it was for the
best. I don't know, I was never close to either my mother or my
mother-in-law. Somehow I was always closer to men than women. But
in all the others the grief was so thick you could taste it in the air so she
must have had something going for her at one point. Now, a year later,
thankfully, everyone had gradually started to heal. A full year after the
funeral my husband's father was coming for his first visit with us. I had
missed him sorely.

We (mostly me) had planned well for our intended purpose. No
General ever worked harder on their strategic plan. We, again mostly
me, were intent on getting Pop to move to our city, either in with us in the
guest bedroom, or in the small apartment over the garage, or into his
own apartment somewhere near by. My husband was not totally
enthusiastic about it but he also didn't say no. For the next two weeks,
at least, he would be staying in our guest room and that would give me
some time to try and convince him of the wisdom of my suggestion.

The day he arrived he hit our house like a whirlwind. Grabbing first
one then the other of us in his great bear hug. His energy and zest for
life was greater than even I remembered. My husband was shaking his
head... almost angry. My daughters were laughing and delighted with the
arrival of their Granddad. Then he came to me. His arms went around
me and he lifted me off the floor as he hugged me to him. Then he
kissed me on the lips tenderly, so light it belied the power of the man. All
I could do was wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him back. I felt
terribly excited just by being with the man. My Pop had returned.

My husband, his son, had made his apologies and returned to work.
Paul was in construction like Pop had been before him and he had to
get back to the job site. I thought he seemed almost gruff as he talked
to his father. After Paul left I walked up to Pop and hugged him again.
He hugged me back enthusiastically and I enjoyed it immensely. I thrilled
at the exuberance of the man. Then still in his arms I looked up at him
and asked, "Pop ..... Is there something wrong between you and Paul?"

"Nothing for you to worry about Kitten."

"OK Pop, but I know you are fibbing to me. Come into the kitchen
and talk to me while I start dinner."

He followed me and soon was ensconced in a kitchen chair with a
beer in front of him. I felt his eyes following me as I worked. Each time I
looked over at him I caught him looking at me, or rather at my body. I
couldn't resist smiling inside, I like to be looked over by men. I'm in
pretty good shape to have had two kids. Each time I worked hard to
get my figure back and I'm proud to say I'm still a 37c - 23 - 35, just like
the day Paul and I married. My breasts sag a bit more now but they are
still firm enough and bounce nicely I'm told. My ass is tight and trim and
attracts a lot of comment on the construction sites. Any time I want my
ego boosted I just have to visit Paul at a work site. As you can tell I'm
proud of my body. I enjoy it and the pleasures it gives me... that is when
Paul is home. He works so hard and is gone a lot. But the company,
our company, is doing well. Well enough in fact that I no longer have to
work in the office. Although I miss the whistles and sexual comments I
got daily at the sites.

Now I found my self polishing a silver plate. As I briskly rubbed the
cloth over it I could feel my breasts sway back and forth. I knew Pop
was enjoying the view when I glanced over at him and saw him smiling
as he stared at my boobs swaying. I don't know what happened but in a
second things changed and I realized I was teasing Pop. I laughed to
myself and thought, that's one way to get him to stay.

He stirred me from my thoughts and I heard him say, "Forgive me
Kathy... I was just admiring you darling. You are as beautiful as you
were the day I met you. How do you do it. You look like a teen-ager."

I turned and smiled at him and said, "Pop you are so full of it. But
thank you. A girl always loves to hear complements like that.... it's been
a long time since I heard such nice talk from that son of yours. He is
always too busy working to even notice."

"I know love, I was the same when I was his age. So wrapped up in
career. Now that June is gone I wish I had spent more time with her.
Oh well no crying over spilt milk."

"You miss her a lot don't you?"

"Yeah I do.... the others since then just aren't the same...."

I looked at him startled... then I recovered as I realized, that of course
he would be dating again, he is a vibrant vigorous man. He has needs
just like I do. But I felt a twinge of jealousy and I said, "Having trouble
making connections Pop?"

"Hell no darlin' making connection is easy, getting laid is easy... it's
finding someone to talk to that's hard."

"Pop... you are too much. A lot of guys your age would just sit... I'm
glad your not. Tell me about it."

"Ahhh darlin' if I could find someone like you... but all they want now
is a good time dancing or partying and then into the sack. Wham bam
and goodnight. I don't mean to sound unappreciative. These young ladies are talented in the sack, and willing, and assertive and I love all
that. But then like June taught me, I want to cuddle and talk and work up
gradually to the next tussle, if you know what I mean."

"Pop you are priceless. Yes I understand tussle. Some women would
kill for a guy like you." And I realized I was wishing Paul had more of
his father in him. I also realized I envied the women he was dating.
Then I asked, "How old are these ladies you are dating?"

"Oh golly, from 28 to 55. But most of them 35 to 40. It seems to be
the best group if they would just slow down and enjoy."

Damn that's my age group. I am 36, no wonder he was looking me
over, he is dating my peers. I smiled at him and said, "Pop... you
know you are dating women my age."

I felt his eyes roam over my body and then in a second he said, "I
know Kathy and I enjoy the hell out of them... if I could just talk to them
like this."

"Have you tried? After the sex, or tussle, do you try to talk?"

"Yeah darlin', but all they want to talk about was how great they got
off, or how many times they got off, or how I stretched them so and
such.... I want to know what they do when they aren't screwing some
body's head off and counting how many times they cum."

I couldn't help laughing... these women were paying him one hell of a
complement and he could not care less. Then I felt warm inside as I
thought, he must be damned good in bed.

Dinner was about ready and the phone rang. Paul would be out til
after midnight... again... the damn union wanted to talk some more. I
swore and told him I missed him and hurry home.... when he could.

I told Pop and called the girls to set the table. The girls are Polly 15
and Peggy 16. I am proud to say they take after their mom and are
sweethearts. They are darling young ladies just coming into womanhood.
I had very little time before I would have young boys all over the place.
Peggy already had her following.

They set the table and Pop talked to them about school, boys,
activities. They loved him, for among other reasons, cause he made
them feel so special. He did have that knack. Over dinner I learned
more about Peggy's boyfriends than I had learned in the previous 6
months she had been dating. She just gushed out to Pop: which boy was her favorite, how she had to spank their hands when they got to
grabby. The same with Polly, I didn't even know she had a boy friend.
They couldn't date but I found out they had been making out, kissing
only, in the movie. I was careful to not act too motherly and by the end
of dinner we were all closer than we had been in years. I looked over at
this man and I wanted to kiss him for this prize he had provided me. I
vowed to follow his gentle example more with the girls..

Pop volunteered to clear the table and the girls each gave him a big
hug and told him they were glad he was going to be around, at least for
a while. They disappeared and he and I started clearing the table, I
found myself picking up on the previous conversation,

"Do you have any one special now Pop?"

"No Kathy.... I'm still looking. I don't mean to embarrass you, but I
realized as we have been talking, that I'm looking for someone like you.
It's a shame you don't have a twin sister around somewhere. You are
beautiful and damned sexy, if you don't mind me saying so. You are
smart, sweet, soft spoken and caring. If I found someone like you I
would go for them in a minute. That's for sure."

I had never been so flattered in my life... he did have the knack... yet
I knew he meant every word and I was overwhelmed... I couldn't stop the
tear in my eye. He saw my eyes watering and he stepped over to me
and pulled me in his arms gently patting my back, "Oh kitten... I'm
sorry. my big mouth.... forgive me .. what did I say wrong?"

"Nothing you sweetheart... you just made me feel like the hottest
thing since sliced bread.... like some beautiful exotic queen.... thank you
my dear lovely Pop. I do love you so much."

He was still holding me in his arms and I raised up and kissed his lips
softly. I was stunned by the feeling I had as if I had been shocked. He
felt it too and I had the hardest time not kissing him again... with a real
kiss... a lovers kiss.

Instead I pulled away with great regret and went back to clearing the
table. He was quiet and so was I. I knew we had both felt it, felt the
incredible sexual attraction between us. The kitchen cleaned, we
moved to the living room. For the next hour he told me stories about his
life. How he had worked and fought his way up, self educated, until he
owned one of the largest construction companies in the country. None of
it was bragging. He was really very self effacing in his story. I loved
listening to him.

The girls had come in and listened for awhile and then when I
insisted, they kissed us both goodnight and went to bed. I excused my
self and changed my clothes. I was getting uncomfortable in my bra and
dress. I usually wore sweat suits with nothing on beneath them Today I
had dressed up for Pop and now I had to get out of them. In my
bedroom I slowly undressed in front of the mirror and wondered how I
measured up to some of Pop's girlfriends. Soon I took off that damned
bra. My breast stood up pretty damn good I thought. I turned one way
and then the other and smiled as I realized I was wondering how Pop
would react if he saw me like this.

I embarrassed myself and turned away from the mirror blushing. I
slipped into my thin nightgown and my floor length robe. I combed my
hair and washed my face. I never wore make up but it made me feel
better to wash... and it cooled my fever. Then I headed for the living
room and my darling Pop.

He was sitting on one end of the couch watching TV. When I came
into the room he started to turn the set off. I told him to watch if he liked,
I would just cuddle up and watch with him. I sat close and leaned into
his side. His arm went around me and he hugged me gently. We sat
like that until the show we were watching was over then I clicked the set
off and looked at him, so comfortable in his arms.

"Pop... why don't you move in with us? You said you didn't have
anyone special and we... I would love for you to. Paul is gone most of
the time, you are such great company to me, the girls adore you....."

The question hung in the air for a moment. Then Pop leaned over
and kissed my cheek, "Ahh Kathy... you do know how to tempt a man.
It all sounds so good, but it wouldn't work. I love you sweetheart for
asking, for wanting me. But there are a couple of very big reasons it
wouldn't work. First there is my son. He and I would be into the old arguments before the week was out... he is mad at me for dating again.
When he was at home we barely tolerated each other.. I love him Kathy
but I think we are to much alike to live under the same roof."

I mentally decided the garage apartment would fix all of that and I
smiled at him and said, "I know how to get around that Pop, you said
there were two reasons."

"The other one is damned personal kitten... are you sure you want to

"Pop, I would do anything to keep you here... please tell me... I have
enjoyed tonight more than you will ever know. I love you so much, I
enjoy being with you, please tell me the other reason."

"OK darlin'... the other reason is you.... I am ....damned attracted to
you. I always have been.... being around you for just a couple of days I
can control myself. But I'm afraid if I were with you much longer I would
make a huge fool of myself."

My God... he wants me as a woman... he wants to make love to me...
My head whirled as I tried to digest what he had just said. I never would
have dreamed. I felt my pulse raging... I found it hard to speak. I looked
up at him and felt nothing but love and excitement.

He took my silence for shock and disgust I guess cause after a
second he said, "I will make some excuse tomorrow and leave.
Forget I mentioned it. I had no right."

I put my hand up to his lips, I felt my full breast press into his chest
and I was getting turned on rapidly.... but most of all I was confused by
my feelings as I said, "Hush .... don't even talk about leaving... I've got
you here for at least two weeks... we will work something out. I want you
to relax and just be with me. I know we can work this out. I will never
forgive you if you leave before I've had my time with you."

I felt his lips on mine, lightly kissing me. Not the kiss of a father but
that of a tentative lover. I was thrilled by the kiss.... but slowly pulled
away, smiling at him and said, "This is one of the hardest things I
have ever done but I am going to bed... alone. Goodnight... I love you.
We will talk tomorrow when things are calmer...."

And I forced myself to go to bed ... my sleep was that of the very
restless. I woke up every hour or so. Paul had come home and was fast
asleep. I thought of Pop just down the hall and wondered what I was
going to do. As I looked at Paul I thought, My dear husband... if you
only knew the ideas in your wife's head.

end part 1


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