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GRANDDAD2 sucking hard He continued south and



(MF, Adultery)

Our Granddad.

Part 2

The next morning I was up early and got Paul off to work and the kids
to school. Pop had not made an appearance yet. I knew he wasn't
asleep since I had heard noises from his room. Probably trying to avoid
Paul, I thought. I returned to my room and showered and started to
dress. Then ignoring what my head told me I put on my wispiest bra,
my briefest sheer panties, tight shorts and a loose blouse. I told myself
Pop and I had to test him seeing my body... just to understand if we
could live together without disaster falling.

I liked what I saw in the mirror. I walked to Pop's door and rapped
lightly. It opened then and he stood there dressed already, His eyes ran
over my body and he gave me a guilty little smile. I said, "Good
morning dear, come have coffee with me."

He smiled and followed me down to the kitchen. I knew his eyes
would be on my tight ass. I was glad I had chosen these shorts. When
he was seated at the kitchen table I poured him a large mug of coffee
and one for me. His eyes kept going to my breasts as I bent over giving
him a view of them in the sheer little bra. As I walked around the kitchen
he watched as my breasts swayed and bounced. I was wondering,
Would he get hard looking at me? Would he try to touch me sexually or
could he resist?

I sat down across from him and he smiled at me and said softly,
"You know you are killing me Kathy?"

"I know Pop, but if you are going to live here with us, you will see me
in a lot less than this at times. "

"Kathy it isn't going to work... I don't want to cause trouble for you
and Paul.... I love looking at you darling but I can't help myself, my
thoughts sure aren't very fatherly."

"Pop I know... I'm hoping after you see me for awhile you will get use
to it and it won't have such an effect on you. "

"Never Kitten, I wanted you when you were a newly wed and I want
you now."

"Then we are going shopping... that should wear you out."

As we drove to the mall the subject changed and lightened. We
talked about the girls and the business and soon we were laughing and
enjoying each other's company thoroughly. As we walked around the
mall, store to store, he had me spell bound with stories, laughing at his
jokes and enjoying his gentle touch at my waist, on my hand. When we
were done just before lunch and walking back to the car I felt his arm
around my waist and I leaned into him and said, "Pop, I have never
enjoyed shopping as much as this morning. I love you. I have never
enjoyed being with any man as much as you."

We were at the car and in spite of being in public I gave into my
impulse and raised up on tiptoes sliding my arms around his neck and
kissed him lightly. He pulled me to him and once again the touch was
electric. My breasts against his hard chest, my loins against his, I felt
him stirring against me as he started to get aroused. For the first time I
admitted to myself that I wanted him in the same way he wanted me. I
pulled back and smiled, "I guess I shouldn't have done that..."

I looked down at my breasts where he was looking and saw my
nipples erect clearly outlined through my clothes. I heard him say ,
"Kathy... the only way I can stay happy around you long term is if I am
making love to you regularly...."

I looked into his gentle eyes. Was I going to lose this sweet man? A
man I enjoyed so very much. Who more than made up for all of his
son's shortcomings. I knew he was right though. There was simply too
much sexual attraction between us to resist for long.

We got in the car silently and headed home. I couldn't help it, the
tears started to flow down my cheek as I drove. Pop noticed and sat
silently for a moment, then said, "Don't cry darlin'..... I will try
harder... maybe I can get over it."

"And what about me Pop... I want you as bad as you seem to want
me. I feel I either have to make love to you or lose you."

There was a long pause following my statement. Then, "Kathy....
have you ever had an affair?"

My tears had stopped. I wiped my eyes and looked at Pop. It was
clear how his head was working... "Once Pop.... after we were married for three years, before the kids. Paul was gone for two months on that
project. I was so lonely and horny. A guy that used to live nearby... he
was helpful, and kind and handsome. First thing I knew we were in bed.
It was so good. I felt naughty and sexy and I loved it. We did it every
day at least once until Paul returned. When I saw Paul drive up I came
back to my senses and stopped everything. The guy moved away and
I've never seen him again."

"And you haven't been tempted since then?"

"Oh hell yes Pop. I adore sex .. there have been lots of guys I have
thought about... but nothing ever happened."

"Do you feel guilty about that one time?"

"Truthfully no, maybe I should, I enjoyed it too much to feel guilty
about it. The sex, the idea of being unfaithful, it all was so exciting. I still
think of it with fondness. Then I screw your son like a wanton slut to
make it up to him."

There was another long pause and I asked, "Do you think I'm

"Oh God no darling. I have long since stopped judging people for
that sort of thing. Sex is to damn powerful to kid ourselves that we all
won't screw around given the right set of circumstances. No I'm just
envious of the guy...."

I laughed and said, "POP you are so bad..." then after a pause, "Did
you ever when June was alive?"

"Oh yeah Kathy.... too many times... I was always a sucker for a big
set of boobs."

I pulled into the drive way and Pop grabbed the packages. Inside I
said, "I have to have a shower."

Pop grinned and hit me with, "Can I watch?"

I stood staring at him for a long time. Then I turned and walked to
the bathroom. I left the door wide open behind me. I slowly stripped my
few clothes and dropped them in the hamper. I turned the shower on
and turned to the door hoping Pop was standing there, watching me. My
heart fell when I saw just the doorway. My heart was racing, I was
getting wet between my legs.... I reached into the shower and turned it
off. I walked out the door totally naked. I knew what I wanted, Knew
what I was going to do. I walked to Pop's bedroom and stepped inside.

"He was sitting in the recliner looking at a magazine. His eyes ran
over my nude body and I smiled and said, "Are you still a sucker for a
big set of boobs sweetheart?"

He stood up and his manhood stood out so obvious and ready
answering my question as he said, "Darlin' you are so beautiful, I have
imagined you this way but you are even lovelier. "

"I'm yours Pop, if I have to fuck you every day and twice on Sundays
to keep you here, then so be it. It will be my pleasure, and yours I think.
You will have to help me be careful so I don't go too wild. I have that
tendency.. I learned that during the affair..."

We met and our lips joined, our tongues exploring the way we had
both wanted. Our hands touched, caressed, delighted each other. I was
pulling his clothes off and soon he pushed me on my back on the bed. I
expected him to enter me and take me immediately but instead he
kissed me, my neck, my lips, my ears, his tongue bringing small thrills
everywhere it touched. Then he was kissing my nipples, sucking lightly,
sucking hard. He continued south and I gasped as his tongue traced
over my labia, into my wetness, over and around my clit and I came...
shuddering, gasping for breath... his fingers entered me and I gasped

His touch was light, then strong and hard, then at another spot like a
feather. I was jerking and twisting, trying to meet his mouth, his lips, his
tongue. He took my clit in his lips and tongued it, sucked on it, tiny bites
on it as his fingers drove deep in my tunnel. I was in a haze as I
stiffened and screamed and exploded in the best orgasm I had ever

As I rested I felt him slide up and kiss me as the head of his tool
eased between the outer lips of my cunny. It felt so good, so right and I
pushed my ass, my hips, my cunny into it. I felt him enter, deeper,
deeper ... so slow.. stretching.. filling. I wanted it to go on forever that
feeling of being opened by him. Then he stopped and I knew he was all
the way inside me. Something happened to me and my slut side took
over as I moaned loudly,

"Oh yes Pop... fuck me please... fuck me hard darling I want you so

He eased back and pushed back in gently a few times and I couldn't
stand it, "Damn it Pop... I said fuck me.... like you would some slut
you picked up in a bar... I need your cock... hard please ..."

He pulled back until the head was just inside me and then he
slammed it to the hilt and I cried out and came again. He didn't pause
but started fucking me hard and fast, giving me what I wanted... needed
so bad...

Then it was over.... I had gotten off a couple of more times and
damned near passed out. When he came I wrapped my legs around him
and squeezed him into my pussy with all my strength and then turned
into silly putty and collapsed onto the bed. I thought, at 60 he is the best
lover I have ever known....

He lay on his back and I lay half on top of him, and my leg over his.
I looked into his eyes and said, "Does this mean you will stay I hope?"

"Were you serious about this being an ongoing thing Kathy?"

"Very serious Pop... it was sooo good. I haven't enjoyed sex that
much in a long time: and I thought since my affair.... my other affair.

He kissed me and cupped my breast, "I love you Kathy.... you have
a killer body and you fuck like a wild woman. I would rather talk to you
than any one I know. I would rather be with you than anything else I can
think of doing. And I want to fuck you everyday for the rest of my life."

"I feel the same way Pop... you have to share me with your son... he
is my husband... will that work?"

"No problem darlin' I never was the jealous type. You can enjoy
both of us. You have to watch me though so I won't forget who you are
and try to get too kinky."

"Kinky? That sounds interesting. You have to tell me more but right
now we have to shower and get decent... the kids will be home before

He patted my ass and said, "OK and if you are serious about all of
this... I think the garage apartment might be the best idea, Close but
also private...."

"Oh I'm serious Pop.... you have reawakened the tiger and now you
have to feed it daily. Some tigers never seem to get enough."
* * *

That night Paul was home for dinner. I kept his wine glass filled and
soon he was mellow and even warm toward his father. When I brought
the subject about the garage apartment up he agreed and said to his

"Welcome home Dad, mi casa es su casa..."

And I thought, and your wife is his wife.

The kids were ecstatic and wanted to help. The next day was
Saturday and all of us turned to and cleaned the apartment. Everyone,
including Paul, was light in spirit and had a ball. The apartment was over
a triple garage, It had a 20x20 bedroom, a large bathroom, small kitchen
and a small utility room that Pop said would be his study. Soon it was
done and as we stood around admiring our work Pop said, "I will go get
my stuff next week end. I will arrange for the movers, take care of a
couple of business items and it will be done. Three or four days at the

It clicked in my mind that Peggy and Polly had been asking to spend
a long weekend with their other grandparents, Paul was working almost
every minute so I said, "Paul would you mind if I went with Pop. There
are some things I need to take care of in our old home town as well. The
kids have been begging to go to my folks for a long weekend, it wont hurt if they miss a few days from school. You are so busy these days it might
be a relief not to have to worry about getting home for a week. What do
you say my love?"

He thought it was a great idea. I looked at Pop who was grinning
from ear to ear. I made the necessary calls to school and to my parents and it was set. Before I knew it Pop and I were in his big old cadillac
cruising down the highway. I felt like a school girl.

When we were on the highway I slid over next to him and placed
my hand on his thigh and smiled up at him saying, "Want some
company handsome?"

He leaned over and kissed my lips quickly and said, "You are mine
for the next few days... I love this..."

"I'm yours Pop, anyway you want me..."

"Careful little girl... I told you I get kinky sometime...."

"Try me... I might enjoy it too. I'll never know til I try it will I?"

end part 2


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