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GRANDDAD3 sucking each one dropped



(MF, Adultery)

Our Granddad.

Part 3

I sat there wondering what he might suggest. I had just told my
father-in-law who also had just become my lover, that I would like to try
new things with him. He smiled at me and said, "OK Kathy, take off
the bra and your panties. Don't even think about putting them back on
until we get back to the family."

I grinned widely I know... I loved the idea. I slowly removed my
button up blouse and then the skirt which was knee length and also
buttoned up the front. The bra went and I just sat there enjoying the
way he looked at my bare breasts. Was this me? Anyone driving by
could see my bare breasts as well as Pop could. I shivered and learned
I really was an exhibitionist. Then I shed the panties. Now I really felt
naughty sitting there buck naked.

I loved it but got a little afraid and put my blouse back on. Pop
stopped me when there were several buttons left to close. I knew he
could see a lot of me down my open blouse and I smiled loving it. The
skirt came next and again he stopped me when my legs were still
uncovered. The highest closed button was just below my cunny which
was getting very damp from all of this.

Now I sat there covered somewhat, feeling very sexy and getting
hornier by the minute. Pop looked over at me and said, "You are a hot
little cunt underneath. Damn I love you."

I was shocked, a little, resented his use of that word on me, a little
and turned on, a lot. I looked at him and gave him my sexiest look and
said, "Let's don't drive too far today."

The next off ramp that indicated a motel he pulled off. I couldn't
believe it. We had been on the road for less than an hour and he pulled
into a motel. I waited in the car until he came back, the key in his
hand. He drove around back to our room and we got out and rushed to
the room like two kids. At the door he picked me up and carried me
across the threshold. When he put me down and closed the door. I
smiled and started to undress him. His shirt went and I kissed his
nipples sucking on each one I dropped to my knees in front of him and
undid his belt, his zipper and pulled his pants and shorts to the floor.
His hard tool freed it bounced up and hit my cheek. I smiled up at him
and as I caught him in both of my hands and eased my mouth over his
cock head as I looked into his eyes. I knew it excited him to watch
his cock disappear into my mouth. I loved the feel of him and started to
suck gently, bobbing up and down on my prize.

It wasn't long until he held my head in his hands and fucked my
mouth rapidly. Shortly he filled my mouth with his cock and his cum and
I swallowed as fast as I could. I felt him pick me up and place me on
the bed, he shoved my legs wide apart and his head was between them.
I had to stifle my screams for fear of getting us both arrested.

Later we lay in each others arms after he had made long hard love
to me, his cock was still in me as it started to shrink. It had done all I
could ask. I felt so well fucked and my pussy so full of his cum. We
showered and he said, "Time to get dressed sweetheart, I just rented
the room for two hours."

I blushed.... I had heard of people who rented a motel room by the
hour and now I was one. Then I grinned and felt so alive. I dressed
just the way he wanted me to and soon we were speeding down the
road again. I was sitting close to him and laid my head on his shoulder.
He put his hand on my bare thigh and I sighed, "Pop... I have never
felt more alive or happier."

He kissed me briefly and told me he felt even more so. This was the
most alive man I had ever known. But where was this going? Where
ever it was going... I was eager to book passage. I knew my life would
never be the same....

We stopped at another motel mid afternoon. From where I sat I
could see Pop talking to another gentleman about his age through the
window. Then they both looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and
wondered. I saw the motel manager hand Pop the key and soon he
was back. As we drove to the room again I asked, "What was that all

"Well at first he didn't want to rent us the room by the hour. But I
pointed to you and told him you were dying to get fucked and surely he
wasn't going to deny us that pleasure."

"Pop... you didn't." but I knew he did.

He had just taken me dogie style until we both were spent and I fell
on my face with him on top of me. Pop pulled out of me and said,
"That was good timing darlin', the manager should be here any minute.
I told him you would love to take him on as well."

"You didn't... damn you you better not have ....just because I love to
fuck doesn't mean you can give me away... you son of a" I was really
going strong and then I looked at his darling face and the smile and I
knew I had been had, a couple of ways....

"You bastard.... boy did you have me going... I should have known..."

"You are right sweetheart, I would never share you .........unless you
wanted me to."

We rested for half an hour and then he went down on me. When
he did that I just melted. The only part of me that mattered was
between my legs and I came and came and came.....

* * *

As we drove into our destination that evening Pop pulled into a really
nice motel and checked us in. The room was excellent with a jacuzzi in
the room. He commented about being here for more than a couple of
hours so we needed to go first class... it was.

We showered and dressed. I automatically left off the bra and
panties as Pop watched. I had on a short skirt and a loose high neck
blouse. I looked pretty respectable again but felt sexy without any
underwear. We went to a nice restaurant that Paul used to take me on
special occasions. As we ate Pop asked, "How are you my love? Any

"I feel wonderful Pop... I can't tell you."

"No regrets?"

"None other than regretting we didn't start this years ago."

"What about when your daughters ask what we did on our trip?"

"I will tell them that I tried to help a man we all love very much get
ready to live with us. Maybe I won't mention that he fucked their mother silly. Or that we stopped at every motel on the way."

Soon a band began to play and Pop led me to the floor. He held me
close and I learned he was a great slow dancer.

Back in the room we cuddled close in each other's arms, both of us
nude and we slept... if someone had seen me then I'm sure I would
have had a huge smile on my face.

The next morning I awoke to Pop eating me again... I'm not sure
which of us loved it the most. He didn't want me to take him, so we
dressed and went about the business. I helped him select furniture from
his old place for the new apartment and he arranged to sell the rest.
The movers came, gave an estimate and it was settled. We would
have to buy some new things when we got home but that would be fun
too. The business was taken care of quickly. Pop certainly had no
trouble making decisions.

We were back in the room by 4 that afternoon. Pop took me in his
arms and kissed me and said, "I want you so bad...."

"I'm yours my darling... any way you wish."

"Kathy love, have you ever tried anal?"

I smiled, Paul loved that. Like father like son I guess.

"Yes sweetheart... I love it...."

Later I felt so goooood. The man had to have at least four hands. I
felt my ass full and his hands seemed to be on both of my hard nipples,
my clit, and in my pussy while he fucked my ass, all at the same time.
I came until I again fell flat on my face beneath him.

As he curled up beside me I kissed him and thanked him for making
me so happy.

The movers were going to pick up his stuff Monday, said it would be
delivered Tuesday. It was Sunday and we were through with all the
business.... we had to be back in two days. I felt so mixed. I missed
Paul and the girls but I was enjoying Pop so much. We stayed in bed
all day that day. Pop was doing something wonderful to me every hour.
It didn't take him long between and he was eager to go again. I felt
so loved and cared for by this man. Not to mention so satisfied.

At dinner that evening he handed me a small ring box. As I opened
it I was so surprised. It was a diamond, over a carat, and it was
beautiful. I looked at it and slid it on my ring finger, right hand as he
instructed. It was gorgeous. It turned out to be two carats and a perfect
blue white stone. It was so beautiful and I loved it. I told him so and
then I said, "What am I going to tell Paul?"

"Tell him it's a cubic zirconium or what ever they call those fake

"But won't he be able to tell...?"

"Not unless he wants to for some reason... it will be OK."

"Is this my wedding ring with you?"

"That's exactly how I thought of it. I wasn't going to say anything...
thought you might not like that."

"Darling... I love that. I feel very married to you.. what do they call
that? When one woman has more than one husband?"

"How about happy?"

"Thank you my love. What did I ever do without you near me?"

We danced until late and then made love til dawn. We both hated
having to go back but eager to get back into a new life.

As we drove homeward the next day in contented silence, our libidos
seemed to be calmed at the moment....... I asked him,

"Have we started the kinky stuff yet?"

"No sweetheart, not yet, other than showing you off a little. Are you
telling me you would be interested?"

"More fascinated at this point Pop, curious I admit, I have always
heard of those things that other people did but I was never sure what
those things were."

"Well love, people do some weird things, a lot of things are two
much for me, I'm not into little kids, some people want 8 year olds... but
that's sick in my mind, anything under 15. I also don't like to give pain
or any of the extreme stuff."

"OK... I sure agree with all that but what do you call acceptable?"

"Kate my love.. just remember you asked. I have been pretty
open through my life.... I have enjoyed threesomes and foursomes a
great deal with all kinds of combinations."

"Like what?"

"Well.... me with two women...... Another guy and myself with one
woman, watching two women..... Watching another guy with my date. I
have watched women with dogs, even a donkey."

I just sat there thinking about what he had said. I was fascinated, I
found his description fascinating but was sure I never wanted to do any
of those things, or so I thought. I just snuggled up closer and enjoyed
the feel of his big hand on my breasts as he drove.

We were home soon. As we got close to town I put my bra and
panties back on and new our adventure was over for the moment. I told
him how much I loved the trip, all that we had done and him.

Paul and the girls were very glad to see us. I had to work hard to
keep a straight face when the girls asked what we had done. We had a
number of acceptable stories for them. That night Paul showed me how
much he missed me and I loved the sex we had. He made up for some
of the lost moments we had missed. By the time I got to sleep I really
was exhausted... but happy with both my men.

The next few days were a blur, we bought the new furniture for Pop's
apartment, his shipment arrived and then he was ensconced in his new
place. It was interesting, each morning after Paul and the girls got off to
work and school, I would join Pop in bed in his apartment. Later we
would shower dress and go shopping or work in the yard... anything to
be together. We planted roses, "One for each time we had sex" he had
said. But we could have planted the entire state at that rate so we
settled for a nice large rose bed.

The yard, Pop's apartment, the house, everything was looking
wonderful. The girls and Paul also thought having Pop there was
marvelous. The girls spent a lot of time in Pop's apartment.... then one
night I thought how nice it was that they could be in his apartment and I
didn't have to worry about them... then the other thought hit me hard.
Pop had said "anything under 15 was not of interest to him". Both of my
girls were now 15 or over. I was laying next to Paul in bed. We had
just had great sex.

My thoughts raced... would Pop do anything with my girls? He had
tried so many wild things. My heart raced and I had a hard time
understanding my feelings. "He couldn't do that but he would make a
fabulous teacher for them", sort of summed up my feelings. I slipped
out of bed and started to walk out the door when Paul said,

"Where you going hon?"

"Go back to sleep sweetheart, I have to talk to your Dad about

"OK Katie, I have to be at the site early... you were right punkin, it is
handy having Dad here. See you in the morning..."

As I walked across the drive way and up his steps I thought, If Paul
only knew how convenient."

Pop was surprised and delighted to see me and he pulled me into
bed with him after stripping my robe and nightgown off my body. I
molded into his familiar nude body and my hands found his already hard
cock. Some thirty minutes later, very well fucked, I was ready to talk to
him. I told him what had run through my mind.

"Kathy darling, I love you and I love the girls. I have never thought
of either of them as sex partners. Don't misunderstand, I have gotten
erections watching my gorgeous grand daughters. They are both
approaching your dimensions and beauty. But my plate is full at the
moment.... The girls and I talk about everything and they have asked
me tons of questions about sex. They admitted they were both still
virgins although Peggy probably won't be much longer. And Polly is
also getting close to wanting to turn that loose. They have both played
around a good deal"

"Pop ... I felt so weird. At the one hand I was scared you might want
to do something to our girls and on the other hand I knew how much
they would enjoy it with you."

"Not weird sweetheart, there are cultures where that sort of thing is
the norm, a older relative introduces the young. You have to admit it
would be fun...."


But I cuddled up closer to my lover and I knew I agreed with him... in
theory... but in practice?.

end part 3


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