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GRANDDAD4 girls got home only stopped



(MF, MFM, Adultery)

Our Granddad.

Part 4

The weeks flew and I had never been happier. I felt younger, I had
more energy and I enjoyed sex more and more. Paul even commented
at how more enthusiastic I was in bed and how much he enjoyed it.
Paul seemed completely happy with his home and his work. The
company was doing better than ever and Paul didn't feel guilty working
such long hours.

Pop often took just me to dinner and dancing. Paul never seemed to
mind. We made up reasons to take trips together occasionally, one or
two nights.... I loved these most of all....

He also took the three of us ladies to dinner and dancing. He had
taught Polly and Peggy both how to slow dance beautifully. As I
watched him dance with my girls I realized they were beautiful,
physically mature women. Then I realized I watched him dance with
both of them, looking for sexual touching, maybe a touch on their cute
young asses, accidentally touching their full young breasts, a hug that
was a little to close, especially in the groin area or lasted a bit too long
or a kiss that lasted too long.

As I watched for these I realized I was disappointed not to see
anything and was excited over the possibilities. My God, I thought, I
want him to touch them sexually.... and then what else? The first time I
realized that this was going on I tried real hard to fuss at my self. Then
I dismissed it as a harmless fantasy. Something to enjoy mentally and
no more. Then I admitted the truth, I told myself I enjoyed Pop so much
and maybe my girls should too, someday.....

About that time I also realized that in the back of my mind, other
things that Pop had said, had since been incubating. One morning in
bed after my newest lover and I had enjoyed a unbelievable 69, I lay
beside him and said, "Pop, what is a threesome like, one woman and
two men?"

He looked at me and smiled, as he lovingly played with my breasts,
"Kitten the women I have known who have tried it seem to love it a lot.
It usually includes her doing oral on one guy while the other does her
dog style, or the woman sitting on one guy while the other does her ass
from behind. Does it sound interesting to you?"

"I don't know Pop.... I guess it sounds really sexy and it sort of
makes me hot to think about it... but I'm not sure I could ever go that
far... anyway how could you ever find the right person to do that?"

He only smiled as he agreed that it would be difficult.

Then the next week an old friend of Pop's came to visit him. His
name was Sam Sheppard. I had known him from our old home town.
About Pop's age, also in great shape and a very nice looking man. He
was a charmer also like Pop. While he was there visiting, he stayed in
the guest room in the house. The entire family welcomed him eagerly.
Sam slept late and I didn't even have to interrupt my morning visits to
Pop. The three of us shopped, played and talked. I realized I was
becoming almost as close to Sam as I was to Pop.

Then after about a week, one morning I crawled in bed with Pop and
for the next hour he teased me horribly. Kissing, tasting, caressing,
everything just up to the point of letting me get off. I was moaning and
begging him to fuck me... to make me cum..... He eased his big cock in
me and I groaned it felt so good but it also built the hunger. Then he
slowly fucked me as he said, "Kitten, you have really stirred Sam up.
He thinks you are as sexy as I do.."

I admit I liked that idea... specially at that instant. I was so hot, so
horny... I think I would have fucked a door knob. I groaned and
squeezed my overheated pussy around my lover's hard cock and said,
"Hmmm Pop... he is nice... reminds me of you a lot. I'm flattered he
finds me appealing."

"Kate darling, Sam is a real old friend of mine... we have done it all
together. With June... do you understand? In a threesome like I told
you about. I trust him with my life. Do you understand?"

I was too horny to think of anything but the way his cock felt in me. I
wanted him to shut up and fuck me hard, the way I was used to. Then
he stopped moving. I looked up desperate for him to continue. He
smiled and said, "Honey.. you said you might be interested in a
threesome. Sam is available, very capable according to some of our
mutual lady friends and he is dying to make love to you. He would
never tell a soul....."

I looked at him unbelieving. I had hinted that I would like it if we
could find the right person. I couldn't say a word. After a minute I heard
Pop say, "Sam is in the bathroom waiting on your decision... naked...
eager to fuck you. If you say no he will leave and that will be the end of
it. If you say yes he will join us and you can find out first hand, about
two men."

I sort of whined.... How could I even be thinking about this. But not
too long ago I would never have dreamed I would fuck my father-in-law.
I looked at Pop and in a soft little voice,

"Would you still love me Pop? Would you think I was a slut?"

"I loved June through years of this and more, a lot of times with

I smiled at Pop and said, "Could we.. please...."

I heard Pop call Sam and Pop's physical double came out of the
bathroom as naked as we were. He walked over and sat on the bed
beside me with Pop still between my wide spread legs slowly fucking
me. I couldn't believe this was happening as I looked up at Sam who
said, "You are a gorgeous sexy lady Kathy, I am terrible flattered... you
are everything Bill said you were and more..."

Before I could say anything he kissed my lips deeply and cupped
both of my large bare tits. I groaned and Pop drove his cock into me
deeper. Then Pop said, "Honey roll over, time for you to taste two of
us at once."

I never hesitated. I wanted both of them. For some reason I wished
that Polly and Peggy could see me right then. I was on my knees and
Pop had reentered my cunt and Sam had kneeled in front of my face. I
eagerly took his cock in my mouth and sucked him deep. I came hard...
so hard. But no one even slowed down. Then I heard Pop say,

"Time for you to experience the big one."

I knew immediately what he was talking about and so did Sam. He
lay on his back, his hard cock sticking up waiting. When Pop pulled out
of me I didn't even think about it, I impaled my self on Sam's big pole
and slowly eased down. It felt wonderful and I slid up and down it
slowly enjoying the feel of a new cock. The idea of a new cock. It
shocked me a little at how wanton I felt but not enough to slow me
down. Then I felt Pop's familiar hands on my ass and he held me still. I
could hardly be still but when his cock began to ease slowly in my ass I
groaned and shuddered and came one more time.

He was all the way in, the way I love it, and he started rocking.
Sam didn't move and Pop's motion did it for all three of us, pulling me
back as he thrust forward causing Sam's cock to slide out two or three
inches and then back. I could feel their cocks rubbing together inside
me. I lost it and then... I don't remember it but Pop told me later that I
sighed over and over, "Oh yessss... so goooood... both at once ....yes
please don't stop... harder please.... oh fuck me I'm cumming..
cumming... cumming..."

I collapsed at some point as both guys came in my twin openings.
We spent the entire day fucking, until I had to get cleaned up and
dressed before the girls got home. I only stopped then cause Pop
reminded me.... When I was showered and dressed and ready to
leave. I kissed both of them and thanked them.

Sam left bag and baggage after dinner. Pop and I walked him to his
car privately. When we couldn't be seen I kissed him passionately.
Then I said, "Thank you Sam... Pop. Today was a day I will never
forget. I never dreamed I would do something like that, but I did and I
loved it. Maybe Pop and I can visit you our next get away Sam ....and
you are always welcome here. I don't want to be coy Sam... I want the
two of you again soon......"

Pop smiled without a word. Sam kissed me and got in his car telling
me how much he had enjoyed me and would be available almost any
time. As he drove off I said to Pop, "Thank you darling... it was sooo
damn good. Did you enjoy it too?"

"Immensely darlin', it is one of my favorite sports... June was crazy
for it."

I had gained new respect for my deceased mother-in-law. Then I
said, "Lets go for a walk, I need to talk."

After a silent block passed I finally said, "Pop sweetheart, I always
thought only sluts and whores did things like we did today. I adored it
and want more but I don't feel like a slut. If Sam returned tomorrow I
would be ready to take the two of you on again. I remember how you
spooked me that day in the motel about the manager..... and now. It
would be so great if we could get Paul to do this with us ...... but that
can never be. I don't want to take the chance. He was angry with you
for even dating another woman. Imagine how he would feel if he knew
you were fucking me, his wife. And Sam too."

I was quiet for another short while and Pop just held my hand and let
me take my own time.... finally again, "Pop, what's happening to me?
It shocked the hell out of me when I first realized I wanted you to fuck
me so bad I could taste it. Now I just fucked you and your friend all day.
I feel absolutely no guilt and am sorry to see him go. I openly admitted I
wanted it with the two of you again soon. Where will it end?"

"Nowhere you don't want it to go darlin", Pop replied, "You are a
healthy woman like my June. You have a large sexual appetite and we
just need to fill it."

"But what if I need more and more?"

"Then we will fill that too... very carefully. I knew Sam was disease
free, a size you would enjoy and had pleased lots of women. I knew
you were dying to try it but needed a nudge. Plus I knew he would keep
his mouth shut. I always told June to just relax and let it go where it
went. We had fun and no one ever got hurt."

"Did June have several men with you?"

"Yes.... and some without me that she later told me about... and
some while I just watched."

I looked at Pop and I could feel myself getting wet again, "Pop...
I'm getting excited talking about all of this. Someone else... others...
you watching me with another man... it's all driving me crazy"

"Relax baby... one day at a time.... Sam left cause we both knew you
would need time to think about what you had just done. And what you
wanted to try next."

He slipped his arm around my waist and I his and we walked slowly

Paul made love to me several times, several ways that night. Long
afterwards. while I lay in bed beside my sleeping husband, I thought
about having fucked three different men on the same day. As I thought
about that I slipped my hand to my clit and quietly came again .....laying
beside one of the men I loved.
* * *

The next day I had no regret.... I told Pop a few days later that I
wanted to try it again, with Sam or maybe someone else. I also told him
that the only problem I had was when I thought of my daughters. What
would they think about their wild mother?

Pop said something that really surprised me. He said that one of
these days, if they were lucky enough to experience what I had
experienced, they would surely understand. Then he said, "What was
your best, most satisfying, most repeatable day of sex, not love, but
sex so far in your life?"

"That's easy Pop, the day with you and Sam and then later that
same night with Paul. Unforgettable day. And I hope repeatable often"

"Now my beautiful lady, if either or both of your daughters had the
chance to have a day like yours, with no fear of disease, no fear of
discovery, no danger just pleasure... what would you say to them?"

"Go for it... just go for it. Enjoy it to the fullest."

"I thought so Kate darlin', similarly don't you be so quick to assume
your girls would be so judgmental of you ...both of them are rapidly
maturing young women."

I don't know why I did it but I looked at Pop and said, "Do the girls still talk to you about sex?"

"Yeah, they seem to enjoy having a nonjudgmental adult to talk to."

"Are they still virgins Pop?"

"Polly is but not for long.... Peggy just gave hers up recently .. you
didn't expect them to be did you, with the way both of them are built?
And they are your daughters darlin, very hot blooded'."

"No, I guess not, not really... I just wondered ...Does Peggy enjoy
the sex?"

"They both enjoy sex hon, Peggy just more ways than Polly as yet...
so they say. They are careful..."

We had been lying in his bed and now I dropped my lips to his soft
cock and woke it up.

* * *

It was pretty soon after that when Pop and I went to a nearby city on
business for Paul and the company. We checked into our motel room
and showered together. He bent me over in the shower and slowly
entered my ass. I couldn't stop cumming for the longest time.

Temporarily sated we dressed for dinner, the no undies rule was in
effect again. As we got ready to go to dinner he said, "We are meeting
another friend of mine, for dinner and the evening."

I found myself wondering if "evening" the way he said it meant
"evening" or "night"? I told myself it was just an old friend but I smiled
as I thought, and Sam was just and old friend too.

I looked well groomed and well dressed... very respectable... even if
pretty sexy. If the world had only known what was going on inside my
head and in my life.

end part 4


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