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GRANDDAD6 sucked him off Granddaddy took



(MF, MFM, Adultery)

Our Granddad.

Part 6

There were an awful lot of grins around the dining table that night.
But only Pop and Kathy and Peggy seemed to notice. Polly kept talking
about school and Paul was talking about work. Peggy smiled and said,
"Do you guys realize I will actually graduate from High School in a few
weeks. Granddad promised me he would take me to Los Vegas for the
weekend as a graduation present."

Everyone looked at Pop and he nodded. He had asked Kathy if it
would be OK and she had quickly agreed but only for a weekend. Kathy
didn't want Pop to be gone any longer. Or her sweet young daughter-
now lover. Paul looked at them and said, "I guess it would be an
education for you at that Peg. Only no drinking."

Peggy smiled to herself and agreed thinking, as long as he didn't
say no fucking.

The next afternoon Peggy came in from school breathless... Pop
and Kathy were sitting in the kitchen and Peggy said, "Polly has a
meeting until about 6, Dad wont be home until after that, can we go to
Pop's room now... please?"

Kathy noticed the new name she used for her granddad and she
liked it. She smiled and said, "We were waiting for you baby before
we started." that was a small lie they had fucked most of the morning
but they were waiting on her to start again.

An hour later after each of the ladies had been the meat in a
sandwich between the other two, they lay spent and gloriously nude on
Pop's bed Kathy asked, "What do you have in mind for our hot little
Peggy in Vegas Pop?"

"Nothing wild honey, just the two of us. We may even get out of
the room for a dinner show or two." They all laughed and Peggy had
picked up on the question her mom had asked.

"What did you have in mind with that question Mom? What do
you guys do when you are gone?"

Kathy looked at Peggy, then over at Pop who had this devilish grin
on his face, then back at Peggy. Peggy knew she had hit a secret and
waited anxiously. "Peggy, what Pop and I have done is off limits to your
questions. Just like I won't ask you what you guys did in Vegas. Just
know I trust Pop totally and if he has some ideas for fun for you guys it
will be OK with me."

"Wow Mom, Pop has told about me some of the swinging parties
he has been to with threesomes and foursomes and stuff like that. Can
I do that?"

"Peggy honey, I would prefer you wait on that sort of stuff until I
can be there too. But if Pop sets it up ....just enjoy what Pop has in store
for you. I think he will keep you pretty happy."

"That's for sure. Pop is the greatest in the sack huh Mom? And
you are too."

"I would agree to that baby."

Peggy was silent for a minute and then looked at her mom and
said, "Have you done threesomes and foursomes Mom?"

Kathy looked at her sexy daughter laying there, eager to try it all
and she smiled and said softly, "Yes."

Kathy leaned over and kissed Peggy's parted lips softly, her
tongue exploring her daughters mouth, her hands cupping her young full
breasts. The two of them seemed to flow into a 69 position without a
word. Their moans filled the room as they probed each other deeply.
Pop was stirred by the sight of the action and moved behind Peggy. He
slowly started the head of his large cock into the lips of her pussy.
Kathy could simultaneous lick his cock and Peggy's swollen clit from her
position under Peggy.

They finished in near simultaneous orgasms and cleaned up just
in time to try and get supper ready before Polly and Paul got home.
With all three of them working at it they just made it.

During dinner Pop asked Polly to go for a walk with him later.
Polly looked at him with her bright smile and said, "Sure Granddad, I'd
love to," Kathy looked at Pop with the obvious question.

Pop looked at Kathy and said, "You don't mind do you Kathy? I
think it is time Polly and I spent some special time together don't you?"

Kathy was about to answer when Peggy interjected, "I think so."

Kathy smiled and said, "And I do too. It is great having you and
the girls be so close."

Peggy again spoke up, "It sure is."

Paul had been listening and added, "Well Dad, you sound like the
most popular guy around. It's nice to see you and the girls so close."

So it was decided even though two of them had no idea what
they had agreed to. The other three certainly did.

* * *

After dinner Pop and Polly headed down a winding trail through
the woods behind the house. After a few minutes of talk about nothing
Pop said, "How are you doing with the boys baby? Last time we talked
you mentioned that Ken was after you pretty hard. "

Polly smiled up at her Granddad. She loved to talk to him about
this stuff. He was never judgmental and he was really interested in
what she did. It sort of excited her to tell him what the guys tried to do
to her. "Yeah he still is. I like him a lot. I have been thinking I might
mess around a little with him. At the last party I went to he and I went
out in the back yard and kissed a lot. I really like that. He kept feeling
my breasts. I would move his hand but in a couple of minutes it would
be back. I didn't want to move it Granddad. It felt real good the way he
played with my nipples. I'm really curious about all the rest."

"I'm sure it felt wonderful honey. Sex is marvelous. You just have to
be careful who it is with. As you already know, there is so much to
worry about now. I'm glad it wasn't that way when I was young. But
now you have to worry about disease and getting pregnant and a lot of
other, stuff like your Dad finding out."

Polly giggled at that but then straightened her face and said,
"What you say is true. I understand that condoms don't always work."

"No they don't, you need to know your partner real well honey,
before you go all the way."

"Oh Granddad, the kids don't use that term any more. They just
say fuck."

"Well then kitten you need to know the boy well before you let him
fuck you."

"Did you fuck a lot of girls in high school?"

"About my share kitten. I remember those days fondly... and all
the ones in between too."

"I bet you were hot Granddad. I bet you fucked more than your
share. You are a sexy man, I bet you were real hot."

Pop smiled at her and slid his arm around her tiny waist. She did
the same and they walked along slowly arm in arm. "You flatter me
baby. But I do love it."

"You mean sex, fucking?"

"And a lot more honey. There is so much more to sex than just
some guy putting his cock in you. There is tenderness and caring, a lot
of touching and kissing all over. Oral sex. If a guy doesn't take time to
get you ready then you don't want him. A guy you want is the guy that
makes you so wet and so horny you can't stand it. A guy you trust and
want to do everything with.... that's the guy you might want to let fuck
you. Not some kid just looking to get his load off in you."

Polly stopped and turned to face her Granddad. She placed her
hands on his chest as he put his on her small waist. She leaned
against him and his arms went around her resting low on her cute little
butt. She looked up at him and said softly, "I hope you don't get upset
with me Granddad, but you do that for me."

"He knew what she was talking about but he said, "I do what

"You make me wet and horny. You are so tender and I know you
love me. When we talk about sex I get so hot and horny. My pussy gets so wet. I always need to masturbate a lot after our talks."

"Polly darlin..... I am really flattered. But you don't know what you
are saying."

"Oh yes I do... When I masturbate I think about you kissing me all
over, and going down on me big time and then fucking me for the
longest time til I cum so hard I faint."

"That's quite a fantasy my sweet. I do love you darlin and I can't
tell you how you boost my ego with that story."

Peggy looked up at him with a twinkle in her eye and said, "I think
it has boosted more than your ego, I can feel you getting hard."

"Yeah kitten, you did do that."

"That means you want to fuck me right Granddad."

"Well my sweetheart, it sure means my body wants to. You are
one very sexy young lady and my dumb cock doesn't know he shouldn't
respond to you so."

"Don't you want to fuck me Granddad. I want you to."

"Listen baby, all of me wants to do everything with you. There is
so much to do, and share. Things that will amaze and maybe shock
you. They are all coming to you soon."

"Does that mean you will fuck me soon?"

"Yes my love and a lot more."

She raised up on tiptoes and kissed him hard, her tongue seeking
his. Pop's hands cupped her cute ass and squeezed it and pulled her
hard into his hard cock. She sighed loudly and said, "Your cock feels
so big... can you get it in me?"

"Yes, slowly and gently. You will like it. In lots of places. The
strong sex drive seems to be everywhere in the family."


As soon as I get back from Vegas baby."

* * *

Their walk back was filled for both of them with exciting day
dreams. The next night Paul had to go out of town for the night and
Polly went to a slumber party for the night. When the remaining three
heard the good news the sexual tension could be cut with a knife.

They went to Kathy's bed in case someone called. They spent
the entire night doing everything they could think of including Peggy
sitting on Pop's upright cock in her hot cunt while Kathy fucked her little
asshole with an 8 inch strap on dildo. Peggy came so hard she passed
out. Then later Peggy insisted on doing the same to Kathy when Pop
was ready again. Pop shared with them the walk with Polly, and his
plans for when he got back.

As dinner was over the next night, Polly asked her Granddad to
walk with her again. As soon as they were out of sight of the house
Peggy turned and kissed him hot and sexy. It stirred them both up and
Pop's cock sprung to life. This time Peggy reached between them and
wrapped her fingers around it through his pants. "Oh my you are big.
Much bigger than Ken's cock, although I enjoyed his last night."

Pop smiled down as he massaged her nice young tits, "What did
you do Polly?"

"I sucked him off Granddaddy. I took him in my mouth and moved
my mouth up and down on it until he came down my throat. I loved
doing it. I sorta had to. I had let him play with my tits and I was so
hot I decided to let him finger fuck me til I came. His finger felt so much
better than mine. I came so nice I felt I owed him a good cum too so I
sucked his cock.. Oh Granddad sex just gets better and better."

As they stood there in the middle of the deserted trail he felt her
undoing his zipper. Then her cool small hand slipped in and wrapped
itself around his hard cock. She managed to get him out and said, "I
know you said you wouldn't fuck me til you got back from your trip to
Vegas but you didn't say I couldn't suck your cock like I did Ken's."

She dropped to her knees and started wildly fucking her mouth on
his cock, sucking hard. Pop told her quietly, "Slow down baby, enjoy it.
Savor ever touch and taste and smell."

Polly did and they both enjoyed it even more. Later when she
had swallowed it all and stood up putting Pop's cock away she looked
up at him with this proud smile. Pop said, "You were fantastic at that. I
loved every second of it." His hand slipped under her skirt and before
Polly knew what was going on her plunged two of his large fingers into
her very wet open cunt. Polly cried out a "Oh God" and came hard.
Pop worked deeper and faster with his thumb on her clit and she
exploded and went limp in his arms. Pop pulled his fingers free of her
sweet pussy and held her close. He licked his fingers as she watched
and grinned.

* * *

Soon the day for Pop and Peggy to leave for Vegas was there.
The family drove them to the airport. Kathy had insisted on having Pop
all to herself for that morning. In the car on the way Polly said, "Pop
don't forget what you promised when you came back from Vegas."

Only Paul didn't know what she was talking about. Peggy smiled,
barely able to contain herself and said, "Maybe I can help him with your
present Polly."

"No I don't think so Peg but thanks."

Kathy laughed softly and said, "Well maybe Peggy can give him
some ideas Polly sweetheart. I gave Pop some ideas this morning."
They all contained themselves as the car pulled into the parking garage.

end 6

coming soon - Peggy... all the family except Paul... Paul on trip, ask
Granddad to "take care" of his wife (yes, that way)... all family party


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