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GRANDDAD7 girls are beautiful and sexy but



(MF, MFM, Adultery)

To those who have read Grand Dad 1-6 and wrote for more, I
apologize for being so slow. I got so many stories rolling I had a tough
time getting back to all of them. I do have to start coming up with an
ending all of the stories, and I will, as soon as I figure out a good ending
for each. - Drifter

Our Grand Dad.

by Drifter

Part 7

Sunday night Kate met the plane when Pop and Peggy's flight
returned. She had left Paul and Polly home intentionally expecting it
would be hard for Peggy to contain herself after her first weekend off with
Pop. And truthfully Kate was dying to hear all about their Vegas visit. In
fact her excitement was obvious as she drove.

When they came off the plane Kate was amazed at how her oldest
daughter glowed and how mature she looked. She could easily have
passed for an adult the way she was dressed. Kate thought, Being well
fucked becomes my daughter. The close tight hugs and intimate feelings
followed and soon the three of them walked, arms around each other,
with Kate in the middle, toward the car.

As she drove Kate listened, fascinated as her oldest daughter related her tales of their weekend. She was more animated than Kate
could remember. They had hardly gotten out of their Vegas Hotel room.
Pop had given Peggy her choice of what to do and Peggy had chosen
sex. They had gone to a couple of fancy dinners and to one Vegas
show, but mostly they just stayed in the room and fucked.

Kate wasn't too surprised. Then she heard Peggy say, "We have
to initiate Polly. Pop is going to take her right away. Polly is ready and
we need to add her to our group ... and mom ... there is something I need
to ask you. I have wanted it for a long time ... would you mind..... I
mean would it be OK.... oh Mom, I want to fuck Dad too if that's OK
with you."

Kate turned her head so fast she almost swerved the car off the
road. Recovering she sat quietly for a moment thinking. Then she said,
"Wow .. I hadn't thought about that possibility. I don't know how your
father might react to that kind of a thing. I know he thinks both of you
girls are beautiful and sexy but ... "

"Oh Mom, does that mean it would be OK with you?"

"Well, I guess so ... were you thinking of just fucking your Dad on
the side or bringing him into our group?"

"Ultimately the group but I think we might have to go slow. If I can
get Dad to fuck me that will be a big step for him. Maybe then Polly,
then the group. I just wanted your permission first Mom."

"OK sweetheart you have it. Your Dad will love fucking you if he can
loosen up enough to give it a try. Polly too." then she said, "Pop, you
have been so quiet, what do you think?"

Pop laughed softly and said, "Oh Peggy and I talked it all over in
Vegas, I think it is a good idea. Sooner or later Paul is going to catch us
at this. I think it would be a whole lot better to bring him in slowly."

Kate said, "Wow, I never dreamed we would go this far. I can
hardly wait. Peggy darling, just wait til you have two cocks in you at the
same time. If this works you can have your Dad and Grand dad both
fuck you at the same time. You will love that."

Peggy and Pop looked at each other and smiled. Peggy laughed
then and said softly, "I already did Mom. Not with Dad but I had two guys at the same time in Vegas. Pop and another guy."

Kate looked at Pop and he smiled and nodded. Kate sighed loudly
saying, "OK I have to hear some details. You guys are turning me on
something fierce."

The rest of the trip home was spent in Peggy telling about her
threesomes with Pop and friends of Pop's. Peggy smiled as she realized
her sweet little daughter had fucked three men and one woman over her
week end. It brought back sweet memories of her trips away with Grand

At home everyone was glad to see everyone and a lot of hugs
were shared. Kate did notice that after Peggy had given her dad a long
hug he walked away with a confused look on his face. Kate smiled to
herself and wondered what Peg had done to her Dad. She sure hadn't
wasted any time getting started.

Later that night, Kate had fucked Paul until he gave out. She smiled
at herself as she thought what delights Paul had in store for him. He was
snoring softly as she heard a noise down the hall. She peaked out the
door to see Polly tip toeing down the stairs in her sheer little nightgown.
The way she was moving Kate knew immediately where she was going.
Pop hadn't wasted any time either. Kate walked to the back of the house
and watched out the window. As expected she saw her youngest
daughter running across the yard toward her Grand dad's apartment
where the light was still on.. Kate smiled and thought, Eager little bitch...

Next Kate turned toward Peggy's room. She needed something
more before she could sleep. She made a mental note that she would
have to get up early the next morning to cover for Polly in case her Dad
went looking for her before he left for work.

Peggy was delighted when her mom woke her. She kissed her full
parted lips with her tongue darting in Peggy's mouth. When Peggy woke
fully, Kate told her about Polly going out to be with Pop. Peggy smiled,
glad for Polly and kissed her mom hungrily, ready to play..

* * *

The next morning Paul overslept and had to rush to get away so it
was easy for Kate to steer him out the door without event. Without him
stopping to say goodbye to his daughters. When Polly returned to the
house mid morning, Kate and Peggy sat at the kitchen table waiting for
her. When Polly stepped in the back door she was, of course, dressed
in her sheer nighty. She took two steps into the kitchen and the big grin
on her face told the story of her wonderful night. Then she looked up at
her mom and sister and knew she was busted. What was she going to

She stammered, "uhhh.. Hi mom .. Peg ... uhhh I had to talk to
Grand daddy about something." and she tried to rush through the kitchen
to go get dressed. Kate stopped her and winked at Peggy as she said,
"Polly, since when have you been going out to Pop's dressed like that.
He must have seen everything. You are almost naked."

Polly blushed and stammered. "Mom... please, I..." and she just
stood there blushing as Kate and Peggy noticed the love juices running
down her leg. Polly felt it sliding down her leg and knew they were
looking at it. She didn't know what to do. Why hadn't she taken some
clothes with her?

Then Kate stood up and walked over to her taking her into her
loving arms. She kissed her cheek and hugged her tight. Now Polly was
even more confused. Kate said softly, "Baby, next time you sneak out
to fuck your Grand dad, be sure and take something to wear back. Can
you imagine how your father would act if he saw you like this? But tell
me did you enjoy your first night fucking Pop as much as Peg and I do?"

Polly's mouth dropped open and she just looked from Peggy to her
Mom and back. After the longest pause they all seemed to relax and
laugh. Kate pulled Polly into her lap as she sat down. Then she said as
she kissed Polly lightly on the lips. "Honey, welcome to the club. He is
wonderful isn't he?"

Polly was trying to recover from her shock. Her sister and her
Mom were smiling lovingly at her and she knew she was not in trouble.
Polly felt her mom run her hand up her bare thigh and Polly responded
automatically by spreading her legs, just like she had for her Granddad all
night. Kate slid her small hand up between Polly's trim legs onto her
dripping pussy. Polly jumped when her mom touched her there but
quickly relaxed as Kate pushed her legs further apart and easily slipped
two fingers into her stretched little cunt. Polly sighed with pleasure and
Kate continued. "Baby, Peggy and I have been enjoying Pop's many
talents for a while now too. We know what you had last night and are
happy for you."

Polly gasped as Kate played with her swollen clit, She moaned,
"Mom, you better stop... "

"Why baby ... am I about to make you cum? Go ahead darling. Your
sister and I will give you lots of pleasure too. We will all have so much
fun now." And Kate moved Polly's cute little ass over to the edge of the
table and she lowered her hungry mouth to Polly's cum filled, no longer
virgin cunt. It wasn't long until the three of them moved to Kate's big bed
for some prolonged girl sex.

Mid afternoon the three of them walked in on Pop in his study with
huge grins on their faces. They ended up in bed but truthfully everyone
was pretty well fucked out so after a quick flurry of activity they just

When they got ready to leave Pop said, "Peggy, you best get
busy with your Dad. I can see I will need considerable help with the three
of you.

Polly understood immediately and looked to her mom who just
smiled back at her and nodded.. Peggy was thinking, Dad will make
two, still need a third.... at least...

* * *

Paul became the target. Both girls, but particularly Peggy started
getting caught in various stages of undress around their Dad. Peggy
walked in on him while he was showering. Peg started giving her sweet
Dad full body hugs and realized her dad would start to get hard when she
pressed into him ever so lightly. Or backed her cute little ass up against
his crotch. Kate and Polly watched all of this and smiled to themselves
at how inventive Peggy was and how baffled Paul was over his lusty
daughter's new behavior.

In bed one night Paul said to Kate, "Hon, have you noticed how
Peggy is acting?" and he described several of the incidents, some of
which Kate had observed. Kate almost laughed at the distress in her
husbands voice as he told of his reaction to Peg. How he kept getting
hard in spite of himself.

Kate chuckled softly and replied, "Darling, Peggy is a very sexy young woman in every way, whether we want to believe it or not, Polly too.
And from what you say they are both horny young women who love their
Dad...Maybe they want more than fatherly love from you."

Paul looked at her as if she had hit him. "Kate, how could you
even think that?"

"Oh relax Paul, I think every little girl thinks about sex with her Dad. I
thought about fucking my adopted Dad from the time I was 14 on. You
wouldn't be the first father who had daughters who wanted to get in bed
with him. Or did as far as that is concerned."

"Kate honestly, and your language. You didn't really want to get in
the sack with your Dad?"

Kate laughed and said, "No Paul, but I sure did want to fuck him.
And don't give me that crap about language, remember I've been on the
work sites with you."

Paul looked terribly uncomfortable and now he knew he wasn't going
to get much help from Kate. Then he looked at her in a different light and
said, "You really wanted your Dad?"

"Well honey, as you know, my real Dad died when I was too young for that. But I sort of adopted one of my girl friends Dad when I was 14
and she and I talked a lot about how neat it would be to have sex with
him. I think she may have actually done it, cause all of a sudden she
wouldn't talk to me anymore about that, but she was with her Dad all the

Paul's hands slid down between Kate's legs and found her very wet
and ready. He rolled between her spread limbs and eased his big cock into his beloved wife Kate moaned, "Oh that is so good honey." she
smiled to herself as Paul seemed to be twice as horny as usual and
fucked her hard.

Later, cuddling Paul said, "Honey I really don't know what to do
about Peggy. OK I can admit she turns me on but she is my daughter."

"Paul my sweet husband, Peggy is a woman, if it makes you feel
any better she is no longer a virgin. I happen to know that and neither is
Polly. They do confide in their old Mom. The truth is love, they both are
active sexually and love it. They know how to take care of themselves.
Consider it an honor that they want you."

"But Kate, you sound like you want me to fuck my daughters."

Kate was afraid she had gone too far too fast and said, "Honey I
didn't say that. But if it happened it wouldn't be the end of the world."

"You wouldn't be pissed at me for fucking another woman?"

"Paul, I have never put a lot of store in sexual fidelity. I don't think
men, or women as far as that goes, were meant to be monogamous. I
have suspected that you played around from time to time and that's OK.
You were always discrete and I always knew that you still loved me."

He looked at her with his mouth open, not knowing what to say. She
was right about him playing around occasionally. Kate leaned over and
kissed him tenderly, "I love you Paul, what ever you do or have done, I
will still love you. Now go to sleep and dream about fucking your
daughters. You have my permission."

"Paul smiled sheepishly and said, "To dream?"

"To do anything that your daughters want you to do." and Kate rolled
over to sleep with a huge smile on her face.

* * *

The next morning Paul left for work after giving Kate a huge hug and
an unusually wet kiss. Kate almost giggled at how randy he was and she
knew full well why. When Peggy and Polly came down for breakfast Kate
told them all about her discussion with their father. They were delighted
and agreed it was time for the heat to be turned up a bit. Then the three
of them joined Pop in his bed above the garage for another delightful
morning mini orgy. As they rested Peg asked, "Mom what is it like to
fuck Dad?"

Kate smiled and replied "He is great honey, men all seem to be a
little different, as are women. Your Dad is almost as good as your Grand
father. I think you will know for yourself soon enough now,"
The end for now.

If you want more of my stories, let me know.


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