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GRANDDAD8 hurt you At least the first


Sexually Explicit Material - Not Intended for Minors

Title Our Granddad - Part 8
Part 1

by the Drifter

That night when Paul got home he kissed Kate hello and headed
up for a shower. He had just stripped and stepped into the shower when
the bathroom door opened and Peggy walked in, completely nude. She
moved toward the counter and opened a drawer as if her Dad were not
there. Then after staring at her full young body for a bit Paul said in a
husky voice, "Peggy, honey, I think you better get some clothes on."

Peggy turned to face him giving him a full view of her delightful young body as she said, "Oh hi Daddy, I didn't know you were home yet." and
she looked down and stared obviously at his now erect cock through
the glass shower. He was still growing and she smiled, "Dad you have
seen me nude all my life. Don't you think I'm pretty any more?"

"Peg, honey, I think you are gorgeous but you better leave. You are
too old to walk in on me like this. Please baby, give your old Dad a

Peggy smiled and thought, I was trying to give you more than that
Dad. But soon enough... She blew him a kiss and turned and walked out,
twisting her cute ass temptingly.

Things were a little tense at the dinner table, Pop even mentioned
how tight Paul seemed to be and everyone had a hard time not laughing
when he said, "Son, I don't know what is causing you to be so tight but it
isn't good for you. I think you need to do something to take care of it

Peggy met her Dad's look and just smiled at him.

After dinner the girls went up to their rooms to do their homework,
Pop went to his apartment and Kate and Paul sat watching TV. Shortly
Peggy came down wearing only a very sheer short nighty that hid nothing
of her nice large breasts or her dark love nest. Paul shifted on the couch
uncomfortably as Peggy walked up to him and said, "Dad, could you
come upstairs and talk to me about something before you go to bed?"

Kate sat there as if nothing were going on. Paul was having trouble
keeping his eyes off of his sexy young daughter and he said, "Maybe not
tonight hon, and please go put on a robe."

Peggy laughed and said, "Oh Dad, you are going to give me a
complex. You act like I'm ugly or something."

Paul chocked out, "No baby, you are anything but ugly, but just
go, please."

Kate and Peggy exchanged knowing glances and then Peggy
danced up the stairs as her Dad watched intently. Paul turned to Kate
and said, "Oh shit Kate, she is driving me off the deep end."

Kate stood up and winked at Paul saying, "Let's go upstairs, you can
stop in to see the girls then we can talk about it while you make love to

Paul followed Kate up the stairs as he wondered what had
happened to his world. He only stuck his head in the doors to his
daughter's rooms and said goodnight before rushing off., He was afraid
to go in so he quickly headed to his bedroom.

Paul didn't make love to Kate, he fucked the shit out of her... hard
and fast and Kate adored it. Later laying spent, Paul looked at Kate and
said, "Honey will you please talk to Peggy and get her to stop parading
around here bare ass? I can't take this."

"Well I can talk to her Paul, but she is so beautiful, I'm surprised you
don't like the views she is giving you."

"Kate, stop it. The truth is I enjoy it too much. I hate to admit what I
think as I look at that tight little body of hers."

"You and most of the men in town."


"Oh Paul face it, she is a very sexy young woman. Hell can you
honestly blame anyone for wanting her?"

"Well I guess not, but I shouldn't. I am her father."

Kate laughed and said, "I know what it is, you are just afraid you
can't keep all three of us satisfied. I thought all men wanted a harem.
Here you have one and you don't want it."

"Kate stop with the teasing please. It is tough enough as it is."

Kate left him alone for that moment and Paul paused obviously
thinking about something. Then he changed the subject, "Kate honey,
last night you said you knew I had played around with other women.
I think we need to talk about that?"

"OK Paul but really I am fine with it. You keep me very happy and if
you sample a few others I don't mind."

"I guess I am surprised at your open attitude Kate. I love you and OK,
I admit I have slipped a few times. But you are the only woman I have
ever loved."

"I know that Paul. And I feel the same way. Would it help you to feel
better about your affairs to tell me about them? You seem to be bothered
about it all." Paul looked at her for a long time and then started:

* * *

"It happened first that time I was gone for two months. You
stayed here but Kurt was on the trip too and he took Karen with him.
(Kurt was one of our crew chiefs and Karen was his cute wife.) They
had a room next to mine in the hotel. The walls were pretty thin and they
drove me crazy, I could hear them making love every night. I could hear
them moaning and groaning. I could hear almost everything they said.
One night I thought I heard my name. I couldn't hear all that well but
hearing my name got my attention and I did that thing with the glass on
the wall. It really works and I heard Kurt saying,

"Yeah, I know Karen, you hot little cunt. I know you are dying to fuck
Paul. You do want to fuck him don't you."

"You know I do. I have wanted him ever since we decided to open
our marriage for both of us to be with other people. I think he is so nice,
and cute and sexy."

"Well baby, you could get lucky. He is here away from his wife. I bet
he is getting pretty damned horny about now. You could flirt a little and
see what happens."

"Hmmm I may do that. It would be fun to see if Paul is interested. I
would love to have both of you at the same time. Would you be OK with
us doing that?"

"Anytime ...."
I listened to them enjoy sex again then as I fucked my hand.

* * *

I had just gotten out of the shower the next morning when I heard
a knock on my door. I wrapped a towel around me and opened the door
a crack. It was Karen. I let her in closing the door behind her, and I
wondered how she would start to seduce me, wondered how she would
do it? I knew I was sure willing and eager. It was strange knowing in
advance what she had on her mind.

She sat down on the bed and said softly, "Looks like I disturbed you
before you got dressed. I forgot it was so early. Kurt had to get to the
site early this morning. He wont be back all day."

"No problem Karen, I was never the shy type. But watch out hon.
being almost naked in front of you might give me ideas. Kurt is a good
man, I don't know what I would do without him but you sure look good.
What can I do for you hon?" I could feel my cock growing as I thought
about her words the night before.

Her eyes dropped to my cock underneath the towel and it was
obvious my bulge was growing. She smiled and looked up at me and
leaned back on the bed her arms behind her, propping her up. Her large
boobs were displayed nicely through her thin blouse, the lack of a bra
was obvious. Her short skirt slid up her thigh higher and I wondered if
she had on panties. I felt my cock jump as I stared. Then she brought
me back to reality as she said, "Paul you are so cute. I swear, you
were looking at me as if I was something good to eat."

I smiled and decided to move ahead as I asked, "Are you Karen?
Are you good to eat?"

She smiled and licked her lips and said, "Yes I am Paul, are you
coming on to me? If you are why don't you come over here on the bed
beside me. I can be real friendly."

I grinned and wanted to play too so I said, "If I do Karen you
probably won't get out of here before I sample all of your treasures at
least a couple of times."

She grinned back and said, "I was hoping that would happen.
Now come here damn it."

We fucked most of the day.

* * *

Kate interrupted him then as she stroked his hard cock and asked,
"Did you do the threesome with Kurt and Karen?"

Paul smiled as Kate lowered her head to his hard cock and sucked it deep into her mouth. After a moment he said, "Yeah, we tried it the
first time that night when Kurt got back from the site. Then it was almost
every night after that. In fact we still get together occasionally. I hope it
doesn't bother you now that you know some of the details."

Kate was working to deep throat her husband. His story had her so
hot. Then she raised up and kissed the head of his cock and said, "I am
more than OK with it honey. It make me very hot ... I need this in me
again please."

And Paul was happy to comply.

Later as they were sated again for the moment Paul smiled and
said, "I love you Kate. I am really relieved you are OK with my messing
around with Kurt and Karen."

"Sweetheart I am fine with it. I'm glad you got a little strange pussy while you were away. I guess after you started it with them it was bound
to continue. I always thought Kurt was cute. Maybe it is time for me to
know another man .... maybe you can introduce me into your hot little
group. How would you feel about that?"

Paul sat up as if he had been stuck by a pin. He just stared down
at his gorgeous nude wife laying in bed beside him as she grinned up at
him. It was obvious he hadn't counted on this. Kate almost laughed at
the shocked look on his face. Then Kate pulled him down on top of her
between her spread legs, feeling his limp cock laying on top of her wet
open pussy.

"Relax Paul, I was just asking? It doesn't have to happen."

He smiled sheepishly and then said, "I guess I am being pretty silly. I
just told you about shacking up for a month with Karen. I guess it is silly
not to think you might want to try Kurt. Give me a little time to get used
to that idea OK honey?" then after a pause he continued, "Uhhh honey,
while we are on the subject, have you ever been with someone else ...
since we got married?"

Kate's eyes were dancing and Paul already had his answer. She
kissed him gently and looked into his eyes and said very softly, "Yes I
have sweetheart. Guess we were both naughty while you were away on
that trip."

Paul hesitated but Kate felt his cock start to harden against her.
He kissed her back with a little quick tongue and asked, "Tell me."

"It happened the second month you were gone. The same as with
you and Karen. I was so horny. It was Ralph, the bachelor that used to
live down the street. I ran into him in the yard one day. I was working in
the flowerbed in some pretty brief shorts. He stopped and we talked, I
really liked him so I asked him in for a drink not knowing for sure what I
wanted from him. I invited him to stay for supper but by then I knew
what I wanted. One thing just led to another and we ended up in our
bed. He stayed the night but neither of us slept any."

"More after that?"

Kate wasn't sure what he was asking. She wasn't ready to tell him
about Pop and his friends so she said, "Yes, we were together almost
every day until you came home. He moved out of town then when I told
him it was over."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Honey, you know I did, like you enjoyed Karen. It felt good and I
loved the idea of being naughty."

Paul was quiet but his cock grew even larger and harder. Kate
said, "Put it back in me."

Paul raised up and started his cock again. Kate sighed as it eased
in slowly. Then she moaned, "Oh that feels so good....I do love to fuck

"Apparently more than I realized."

"Just like you my horny husband."

"I know my horny wife."

He slowly fucked his hot little wife deeply for several minutes then
Kate asked softly, "Are you OK Paul, can you handle that someone
other than you fucked me?"

Paul drove into her hard and came. Later he kissed her and said,
"I'm OK my love. Just have to get used to the idea. Part of me loves it.
Part of me is jealous and scared of losing you We need to talk more
about it all."

Then Kate said, "I really don't mind that you fucked Karen. And if
it happens with Peggy and Polly I wont mind either. And darling, you will
never lose me."

Paul just stared at her for awhile after she rolled over to sleep.
Eventually they both drifted off to sleep.

* * *

The next morning Paul came home from work mid morning and
almost caught Kate and Pop in the kitchen. She had been spread on the
table with Pop eating her enthusiastically. As Kate had often said, The
more she got the more she wanted." They heard his car and Pop
dashed off to the bathroom to clean up as Kate pushed her skirt down
and busied herself in the kitchen trying to look normal.

Paul moved through quickly heading toward the bedroom as he
explained that there had been a bad accident at their site in California
and he had to fly out there immediately. As he packed he told her he
might have to be gone for a couple of weeks or even more. Kate
laughed and surprised him then by saying, "Are Kurt and Karen going or
are you going to find yourself some cute young California teen age girl to
share your bed?"

He grinned, "Maybe, how about you?"

"Maybe I will go see Kurt and Karen if they stay here."

Paul smiled weakly but didn't much like the idea. Then he thought of
a different idea and he said, "There is someone closer that you might
enjoy more Kate."

Kate was a little startled by that and she looked at him and said,
"What are you talking about?"

"My Dad, I know he has the hots for you. He always did. I also
know you love him and seem to enjoy his company. Dad was quite the
swinger in his younger days. I would rather you wait on Kurt and Karen
until I get back. But I wouldn't mind if you and Pop...."

"Oh Paul, do you realize what you are saying?"

"Yeah, I am suggesting you go to bed with Pop. He is close and
safe and loves you almost as much as I do. " Then he closed his
suitcase and said, "I have to rush now. Obviously you can do what ever
you like hon and it will be OK with me. Kurt is kinda rough and I would
rather be there to make sure he doesn't hurt you. At least the first time."

Kate was flooded with love and she kissed him and said, "Since you
put it that way I think I will wait darling. Go have fun and don't work too
hard. You can tell me about your California girls when you call... and I
will tell you if anything has happened with Pop." and then Paul was

the end of part 8

If you want more write me and let me know.


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