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GRANDDAD9 girls catch you and Dad


Sexually Explicit Material - Not Intended for Minors

Title Our Granddad - Part 9
Part 1

by the Drifter

After Paul left, Kate spent a good part of the day in Pop's bed.
Between sex, she shared with him all that had gone on with Paul. Pop
had a hard time believing it. They both were some what unsure how Paul
would react when they admitted to him that they had actually had sex...

"Pop I think maybe we underestimated Paul. After all he is your son.
I was delighted when he told me about his affair with Karen I almost told
him everything then. But I knew that would have been too much all at
once so I just admitted to my affair with Ralph. In a few days I will tell
him I seduced you and you reluctantly gave in. Then when he gets back
maybe we can have a threesome. You know I have always wanted the
two of you at the same time. Then Peggy will seduce her Dad, then
Polly. Then we can all get together. Oh I know I will love that."

Pop smiled and added, "It sounds like Kurt and Karen would be
another good addition. Anyone else you can think of Kate darlin?".

Kate smiled and said, "I can think of lots...."

* * *

Pop moved into Kate's bedroom with her that night. Peggy and
Polly did too, at least for the fun and games. In fact Pop was fucking
Polly dog style and Peggy and Kate were enjoying a enthusiastic 69
when the phone rang. Kate slowly reached the phone and answered it.
It was Paul on the line and Kate mouthed to the group so they would be
quiet. Later Kate shared what Paul had said so they all had the full

"Hi honey, how was your flight?"

"Good Kate my love. In fact unbelievably good."

Kate's ears perked up. Paul had never said that about a flight. Kate
asked, "Oh something happened huh? I can tell. Did you meet
someone interesting?"

"Yeah but that is an understatement, I hope you were serious about
me finding a California teen ager."

"Paul you didn't, oh I hope you did... what? who? tell me."

"She was sitting next to me on the plane and my eyes almost fell
out when I first saw her. Short mini-skirt, little bikini panties that she
flashed every time she moved. A t-shirt cut so short her nice sized boobs showed below it almost to her breasts. She is so cute and sexy and 17
years old. God Kate I had a hard on immediately and she saw it and just
smiled at me. We talked and played all during the flight. I couldn't
believe it but I didn't want to let her go so I asked her to come to the
hotel with me and she did. She is in the shower now. She is enrolled at
USC here and has a few days before classes start."

Kate spoke, "Have you had her yet?"

"Just her mouth. You still OK with it?"

"Yes darling, very OK. I hope you enjoy her. But this is making me
so horny. I think I will go visit Pop when we hang up and see if I can
seduce him. You still OK if I fuck your father? I hope you are cause I
think am going to do just that. I am going to suck his cock and fuck him.
I think I will let him fuck my ass too. God I am so horny. You can call
me tomorrow baby and I will tell you all about it. So your bed partner is
only 17, just like Peggy. Are you now thinking you might enjoy your

"I'm not sure Kate ... maybe. I can't believe we have eased into this
so fast. I have sure enjoyed what I've done with Crissie so far. I can
imagine Peg and Polly."

"Good, maybe we will have a family orgy after you get back. What
would you think about Pop fucking the girls too?"

"Oh shit Kate... you are too much. I have to go now. Criss is coming
back. I will tell you tomorrow if she fucks as good as she sucks cock."

The line went dead and everyone looked at Kate as if they could
not believe what they had heard her say to Paul. She told them all of the

* * *

When the phone rang the next afternoon it was Paul again. Kate
shifted over on the bed and answered the phone. It was hard for her as
Pop was riding her hard and fast dogie style. As Kate answered it came
out. "Hel... lo..." as she spoke between thrusts.

"Hi Kate, it's me." she recognized her husbands voice and noticed
he sounded tired.

"Hi ... hon...."

"Kate, what's wrong? Are you OK?

"Oh ..... Yesssss.... Pop... is... ... me.... Call ... later"
And the line went dead. Thirty minutes later the phone rang again.
Kate answered it in a near normal voice and Paul said, "God that was
hot. So you did it?"

"Hmmm I did honey ... I fucked your Dad.... so good. I should have
done this years ago. How do you feel about it now that it has happened?
You OK?"

"Actually better than I expected. I was nervous when I woke up this
morning. But Crissie took care of that. She was unbelievable in the
sack. I kept wondering if Peggy and Polly would be as good as she is."

"Count on it honey. Your daughters are hot little things, like their
mom. And they both have had some very good experiences."

"God Kate, do they tell you about who and how they fuck?"

"Yes they do Paul, I feel like I have been there with them. They are
so eager."

"Have they said anything about me?"

"They both want you Paul."

"They said that?"

"Well no but I can tell. They asked me if you were good in bed. I
told them that you were fantastic."

"I can't get used to this. But I guess I will have to won't I. Be
careful, I don't want the girls to catch you and Dad in bed."

"Why honey, afraid Pop will fuck the girls before you do?"

"Kate, you are so bad. But you know what? Talking about this
really turns me on. Wouldn't it be wild if we all got it on together, all five
of us?"

"It sure would. Paul, it could happen... all you have to do is

"Wow.... that is something to think about.?"

"Paul where is your little teen ager?"

"She had to run out to pre-register at school. I am at the site now.
But she is meeting me for dinner tonight."

"Dinner and a lot more.... Did you like that teen pussy?"

"I loved it... damn she is hot."

"You will love your daughters too. I'm counting on it Paul, I will
start preparing them to fuck their Dad.."

Then she gasped and said into the phone. "I've got to go now
baby, your Dad is eating me... oh shit... bye hon."

* * *

The phone rang again the next morning and Kate answered it. Paul

"Hello my wild wife."

"Hello my wild husband. How was Crissie?"

"Fantastic, but she is gone now. I finished up the work here
yeaterday, had dinner with Crissie and then up to my room for a wild
night. I sent her home cause I'm coming home today. Uhhh Kate, I
talked to Crissie about Peggy and Polly and she said I was crazy if I
didn't fuck them."

"Paul, I agree with Crissie. But I have something really interesting to
tell you. Peggy and Polly walked in while Pop was fucking me on the
kitchen table today. I know you asked me to be careful but I just got
carried away. We had been doing everything all day and lost track of
time. Your Dad fucked my mouth and ass as well as my pussy. We
were at it again when the girls got home from school. There I was on my
back on the table with my legs wrapped around your Dad's back as he
fucked me so hard. The girls watched us until we both came. Then
Peggy without a word went down on Pop's limp cock and Polly went
down on me. It got really wild then and Pop fucked both of your
daughters as well as your wife. I hope you can deal with that. Oh and
honey, I promised them both that you would fuck them as soon as you
get home."

Kate heard a low moan over the phone then "OK Kate, I am OK.
I just have to get used to this. I can hardly wait to get home. I love you

"I love you too sweetheart. The four of us have been making
plans for some more things for all of us to do. It sounds so good. Paul
hurry honey, oh, your Dad just told me to tell you he would keep
everything warm until you get here. Such a sweet man."

The End.


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