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A fictional story for adult amusement. No persons
living or dead are represented in this story

Grandma's story
By James Bellamy

Chapter One - Poker Party

"Oh, good grief, Jeff, I'm too old to think about
anything like that," I said with feigned shock and a
laugh. But the thought did linger in my mind for a
few minutes. Even though I've been a widow for
fifteen years and am getting painfully close to fifty-
five years old, I still have occasional sexual
thoughts and I still have the vanity for keeping my
appearance under some sort of control. I like to
dress well and I would like to think that some men
think I still have some attractive features.

Jeff is the idol of my life these days. He is my 23-
year-old grandson who has lived with me during his
senior year in high school and more recently while
attending college for his advanced degrees. Our
relationship took on an even deeper relationship when
I found some of his erotic books and magazines and he
caught me looking through them. That led to a
discussion of sexuality and has we have confided in
each other ever since. We have found it interesting
to read and compare our impressions of the books "the
Story of O", "Lady Chatterly's Lover", "The Pearl"
and many other historical and more recent erotic
writings, art and photographs.

He had just suggested that for my upcoming birthday,
that he invite some of his friends home for what I can
only term by the coarse title of GangBang. Shocking,
of course, and he wouldn't have opened if it had not
come up jokingly in some of our conversations.
Especially those that have taken place over a glass or
two of wine, late at night after he has returned from
a date.

The ball was in my court. I was thinking that in fact
it might be just what I would like inspire of the fact
that it was outrageous. I was having the old "you
only live once" and "life is getting short' arguments
with myself.

When he brought up what I wanted for my birthday
again, he said, again jokingly, "unless you have
decided to take me up on my original offer?"

Taking a deep breath, I replied, "well, now that you
bring the subject up, maybe I have." "At least maybe
we could have them over for a game of poker, or
something like that," I chickened out at the last
moment and softened it a bit.

"Oh, well, maybe so," he mused, looking at me
intensely, as I averted my eyes and then returned his
gaze. Then with a big reassuring smile, "I'm not sure
you'll be able to fight them off, though, the way you

"Do you think it would be OK?" I said seeking some
reassurance. "Or will they just think I'm a fat dumpy
old woman who has lost her senses?"

"No, I don't think that at all,' he replied. "Look at
yourself." I think you look terrific, but then I've
always had a crush on you!" he said in his charming

" I can still remember that you were my first sex
symbol, and how I couldn't take my eyes off your
breasts." I would work hours trying to find an angle
to see more of them, or to see you in your bra, you
know. I'm sure you were aware of that, eh?'

"Oh, the way you talk. But, of course that is the way
all little boys are, aren't they. I mean it is
perfectly normal to have an attachment for the first
women you are close to."

So, the night has come. I have been worrying about
it for two weeks and have been torn between canceling
out several times. Each time Jeff has been reassuring
that it will be all right and I have relented. I eve
went out and spruced up my wardrobe a bit, buying a
sort of teddy or bustier with garters for the old
fashioned black stockings I thought might set the
mood. I have had a long luxurious bath now and dabbed
my favorite perfume everyplace you can think of and
maybe a couple you haven't thought of. Just in case
this does go further than a few hands of poker!

Slipping my breasts into the cups of the bustier, I
began to feel a little bit seductive and then had the
old misgivings. "Oh, what the hell, I said to myself,
what have you got to lose at your age anyway?' I
tugged a bit and got the garment fastened and looked
at myself in the mirror, bending over to see what the
view was going to be. "Not bad, old girl," I said
aloud, admiring the cleavage the little bit of padding
gave me. As I readjusted them in the cups, I noticed
that my nipples had hardened a little.

Holding up the Christian Dior stockings, I could see
that they were deliciously sheer. I slipped the first
over my foot and then pulled it evenly up my thigh and
pulled it up snug. I straightened the leg for an
admiring glance and was glad to see that it looked
pretty good, if I had to say so myself.

I was just pulling on the other thigh- when Jeff came
to the door to see if he should open the wine. I
teasingly opened the door and slipped one leg through
like they do in the movies. "Wow, holy cow, Gram,
you're going to be a smash. Can I see the rest?" he
said rather eagerly.

"Here now, young man, this is your grandmother you are
talking to, mind your manners" I chided.

Jeff's friends rang the doorbell and I realized that
there were three of them, and that Jeff intended to be
the fourth active partner in this party. Probably I
knew that all along but had not faced up to it before.

I slipped into my new black panties and slid them up
my thighs and felt the silkiness of them over my buns
and the way they fit snugly over my pussy. I sprayed
a little perfume there. I slipped into the skirt and
blouse I planned to wear, slipped into my heels and
with one glance in the mirror; I boosted my breasts
once and headed down to my dates for the evening.
Luckily I liked the young men that Jeff had invited.
Billy was a black boy I had met before, tall and
handsome with charming manners. Ted was a bit brash,
good looking with a lot of talk, and his young brother
Eddie, who looked a little out of place with the older

We did, in fact, play a game of strip poker while we
were getting better acquainted over a few glasses of
wine. I lost my shoes fairly quickly and then my
skirt. The boys were complimentary as I slipped the
skirt slowly down my legs and stepped out of it. I
affected a little bump and grind to their cheers.
Billy lost steadily until he was totally nude and the
others didn't seem to be very good players either. As
my blouse joined the pile on the table, I noticed my
breasts were getting a lot of appreciative attention.

At this point, we changed the game a little. The boys
decided that since they were out of clothes that the
bets should be for touching, feeling, licking various
parts of the loser's body. They all agreed that girls
are more interesting in their underwear than nude
anyway, so they wanted to enjoy me in my black undies.
Jeff had the low hand and I had the high hand, meaning
that he had to fondle my choice of my body part to
receive attention. I was stating to like this game.

Starting slowly, I said "OK, Billy, I want some tender
fondling of my panty covered tush and hips."

"Ah, My pleasure, mam." With this he took my hand and
brought me to my feet, began slowly and gently
fondling me. Starting with his hands on my waist he
moved around to lightly brush my panty covered ass
with his fingertips. His hands were wonderful as he
expanded the caress to involve his whole hand, which
eventually cupped my buns as I watched his cock rise
to full staff in front of me.

I stared at the nice purple head of his cock emerging
from under his black foreskin. Billy was not
circumcised and I wondered if that would feel
different, since I had never had the pleasure of a man
like that. It isn't very attractive, I do think, but
the bulbous head looks nice when it finally is

"Does the winner get to touch what ever she sees that
she likes" I joked.

His voice was tense as he answered " anything you want
is fair, Gram." He thrust himself closer and my hand
surrounded the largeness of his cock and slowly began
moving back and forth.

"Ummmn, he moaned. That's great." His hands moved
around to the front of my panties and his fingers
sought their way under the tightness of the elastic in
the legs.

I could feel his nails trail down just touching the
hair of my pussy on both sides of my panty legs and my
hand tightened on his cock, pulling it closer to just
touch the silkiness of my panties where they tented
over my mound. I could feel that I was already
beginning to get wet between my legs.

"Time for another hand, you two!" Ted interrupted.
There are other players here, you know?"

Reluctantly, we resumed our seats, and I retained my
grip on Billy's lovely black cock for a moment longer
under the table, then reluctantly let it spring back
to its vertical erect position pointing skyward under
the table.

"Whose deal," I managed to choke out? My panties were
sopping wet wedged there between my thighs. I could
feel the snaps of the teddy there against the lips of
my pussy as I crossed my legs.

Ted won the next hand and elected to have his cock
sucked by the favorite loser (ME). He took his
position in a soft armchair.

"Billy, how about continuing your attention to my ass
while I attend to Ted, I don't think we took enough
time on our turn, did we?" I was feeling fairly
mischievous and getting comfortable with the pleasures
of the game.

"God, You get the best ideas". He smiled
enthusiastically. I was starting to like this
smiling, tall black boy.

Teddy was very nice too, it turned out, waiting
patiently staring at my tits with his nice medium size
dick sticking up like a poker from his lap. I leaned
on the arms of the chair as I admired that sweet young
dick staring up at me. Taking it in my left hand, I
massaged slightly as it hardened even more under my
warm hand.

Teddy was tense and I encouraged him to relax "It's
OK, don't be embarrassed sweetheart, just relax and
enjoy. I settled into the chair a little more. "Oh,
you have such a nice big dick, Teddy, I want to kiss
it, my little lamb, is that what you want?"

"yeaahh," his voice was raspy and huskier than
normal. I don't think he had had much experience. It
was nice to have this chance to teach him with the
tenderness I felt. I kissed the tip of his cock,
flicking my tongue lightly over the split tip of it.
His pre-cum juices tasted sweet but slightly salty and
his male scent met my nostrils.

"Oh, Billy, that feels so nice when you fondle my
buns, keep it up, baby."

"You got it momma, I love the feel of your panties
over your hips." I could feel that he had moved
closer so that his huge cock was pleasantly leaning
against the split of my ass, feeling the silkiness of
my panties over the softness of by buns.

Turning my attention to Teddy, I brought my lips down
around the sweet bulbous head of his cock, letting the
tightness of my lips pop over the ridge of his glans.
He surged deeper with a little thrust of his hips and
he slipped deep into my mouth. I circled his balls
and the base of his cock with my hand.

"Oh, My god, he murmured, this is sooo good, give me
more, baby." I was glad to oblige. His young cock
was smooth, long and tasted good. The heat of it was
deliciously sensual against my tongue as I circled it
with my wetness.

Billy had pulled aside the crotch of my panties and
had discovered my wetness there between my thighs.
His finger explored. I spread my thighs a little to
make it easier for him to continue his exploration.
As I gulped Teddy's cock, I felt that huge dick of
Billy's between my legs, nuzzling the wetness of my
pussy lips. The feeling of having two men was new to
me. I found it wonderful. It's shocking, I know, but
I suppose it is obvious that two would be even better
than one, and I can now testify to the pleasure of it

One hot dick deep in my throat and one very large and
very hot one between the lips of my pussy sampling the
wetness of my juices. Wow. Billy's uncircumcised
dick was just gently sliding between the lips of my
pussy, parting them and then letting them return as he
pulled out in the other direction.

I could imagine but not feel the effect the seesawing
motion would be having on the foreskin as it slipped
back and forth over his bulging knob.

Jeff's hand reached between my legs and unsnapped the
crotch of my bustier. My mouth intensified its
enjoyment of Ted's cock as the excitement mounted in
my loins as my black silky panties slipped down over
my hips and were slipped down my legs by a third set
of hands helping Jeff. I moved my legs to allow them
to slip them off more easily and then stepped out of
them. Billy quickly slipped his cock into my eager
pussy. It felt so good to have my cunt being
stretched to accommodate a man again after so long.

His cock felt hot as he thrust what felt like the
entire length into me. I could feel its tip bump
against my cervix. Apparently sensing that he was a
little big for me, he seemed to go slowly and
carefully, making a number of delightful in and out
strokes to my great pleasure. I could feel my juices
lubricating this huge battering ram of a cock and feel
them make my thighs slightly wet and sticky. Mmmmn,

"Oh, I said, maybe we better stop for a breather,
boys, I don't want this to end too soon. You're
wonderful lovers, you know. I love your beautiful
bodies and especially these lovely cocks you brought
along for me!"

"I'm for that, sighed Teddy, this is the greatest!
You're the greatest!!!!"

"Well, since you mention it, I won't deny that I'm
good at sucking the best out of a good man's dick!
I've always been partial to it! And, it's nice of you
to say it. I like the taste of you, you know?" We
settled for another drink and another hand of poker.
What could be next, I thought.

My stomach started cramping up from holding back on my
orgasm, but being so close to having my first one.
The pleasure of all this was really deliciously
exciting, so I was holding back to extend the
enjoyment. I got everyone another glass of wine and
the boys each fondled my nyloned legs or put their
arms around me low on my hips so they could enjoy the
softness of my ass on their bare arms.

The youngest one, Eddie, had not said or done much
other than look, so far, so I decided to try to make
him more comfortable. Sitting on his lap and giving
him a wet French kiss. Eddy's 15 year old lips and
tongue were smooth and eager and nervously tentative.

"Oh, I think you liked that, eh" I smiled. Bringing
my lips to his again was met with his tongue fencing
with mine and I moved my ass against his little cock.
I could feel the nervous excitement as he tried to
nearly swallow my tongue.

"Eddie, would you like to try that tongue out on my
other lips? I'd really like you under the table
between my legs while we play the next hand. What do
you say?"

He was a nice kid. He eagerly agreed, though he was
feeling a little embarrassed in front of his friends.
Knowing how men like our panties, I slipped into a
pair of black lace ones and dabbed my bush with a
little more perfume.

Then, I led him by the hand and he ducked under the
table amid the cheers of the rest of us. As I sat
down, spreading my legs, I could feel his hands
tentatively sliding along my thighs and then the back
of his knuckles as he touched the panties covering my

Then his breath was on my pussy. I could feel his
nose bump into my mound as he found his way to my cunt
for the first time. His tongue tentatively tasted my
bush through the lace and then found its way around
the elastic to my lips. He was off target to one side
at first but soon was licking his way along the wet
slit between the generous folds of my waiting cunt.

He pulled my panties aside and held them firmly out of
his way as his tongue spread my juices all over my
cunt lips and his own lips and face. I guided him to
the erect clit at the center of my body and pressed
his face deep into my cunt. He got the idea and his
tongue was magic in its excited eagerness to please.
He swirled my engorged and sensitive clit around and
around as if he couldn't get enough of it. I
clamped my thighs tightly against the sides of his
head as the next hand was dealt up on the tabletop. I
was having a little trouble concentrating on the game,
but it was exciting, exciting, exciting. Eddie
continued to attack my clit and then moved down a
little and I felt him striving to slip his tongue
deeper into my love hole. I was close to cumming. I
pushed his head down a little lower and his bewildered
tongue touched the bud of my asshole. My juices were
following him down and my asshole was soon bathed in
wetness, too. After his initial surprise, Eddie
seemed to like licking it too and he ringed my hole
again and again as he squeezed my nyloned thighs with
his hands.

" Oh, oh, I'm,,,, I'm cumming, oh, cum, oh, ooh.."

Suddenly there was no holding back, I was cumming
wildly. My body shook and shuddered, the electric
thrill starting in my chest and coursing down through
the rest of my body. I spasmed again and again and my
legs clamped around poor little Eddie and nearly
squeezed the breath out of him. He kept licking
gamely, though and my body slowly subsided from its
extreme high tenseness into a complete and warm

"Better than I have had in years, sweetie," I moaned.
I pulled him up between my legs and hugged him to my
breasts. On his knees, his cock was buried against my
pussy, as hard as could be.

"Oh, my, I said, I should return the favor, shouldn't
I?" Look how hard you have gotten. Come on baby; let
me help you with that.

Taking him to the living room, I had him lie on his
back. " Now you are going to feel as good as you just
made me feel, OK".

He nodded enthusiastically. Straddling his slight
body and still not full-grown cock, I lowered myself
onto him. He was small, but that made it a little
more exciting to feel that little cock sliding into my
cunt. I wanted to make him feel very good and
tightened the muscles of my pussy as much as I could.
He was going crazy under me. I think he was afraid to
move, so I got to do all the work. I played with his
little cock, moving my pelvis in a circle with his
prick in the center. My juices made us both slippery
and wet and warm. He slipped out of my tunnel and I
reached between us and played with it, rubbing it just
a little bit against my wet slit, careful not to bring
him off just yet. He was not large, but he was long
enough to be entertaining.

"How's that feel, honey, I whispered hoarsely.

He answered with a gasped "yess" and I pulled my bra
cups down so he could play with my breasts. His hands
roamed eagerly over the ample flesh. I guided him to
pinch my nipples a little as I pressed my cunt forward
against the length of his cock. Clamping tighter, I
raised my ass a little higher and gave his cock some
tight hard thrusts. He arched his back and pushed
into me, as his sperm was ready to rush out. Three or
four more thrusts and I felt his sperm shooting out
into my cunt and then slipping out along his shaft. I
pressed against him, holding onto his softening little
cock, draining the last bit of pleasure and juice out
of it.

I released it slowly from the muscles and lips of my
cunt and felt the pleasure of the semi-hard shaft
slipping wetly out of my happy pussy. Eddie was
smiling and scratching his head fiercely the way men
sometimes do after a "good piece of ass", I thought
modestly. I wonder what causes their scalp to itch
when you rub the other end of their bodies!??

After serving another glass of wine, I slipped
upstairs to freshen up a little bit. My stomach was
still a little crampy in spite of the good orgasm, so
it felt good to go to the jon and let my water flow.
I really felt good, relaxed and enjoying the pleasures
the boys were giving me.

And also the pleasure I was obviously giving them.
They were all so cute and excited. With my foot up on
the stool, I washed myself with a warm cloth, cleaning
all the sticky juices and sperm from my thighs and
then gently parted my pussy lips and washed it very
gently. I was still tingling and the slight roughness
of the cloth made my clit bristle with the expectation
of more pleasure to come.

I slipped on a fresh pair of panties for the boys to
take off and dabbed a little perfume on my mound.
Another dab between my tits and a little behind my
knees and I was ready for another round of card
playing revelry.

They greeted me as a queen alighting from a carriage
and escorted me to a large easy chair for my throne.
They had decided that I should be worshiped on my
throne and that the chief medicine man would be Ted,
whose cock was swollen and stood out with a youthful
hardness. He had started it off this evening with his
nice caresses and much needed fondling of my ass and
had been patiently waiting ever since. I thought he
was likely to be a very good medicine man and admired
the bulbous head of his cock. I could imagine what it
was going to feel like as it filled me up completely.
Ted was the largest of the boys, in stature as well as
having the largest cock.

Fondling his balls, I said, "this looks like it could
hurt someone! It's so big and beautiful. I'm sure
you'll be gentle, eh Ted?'

He smiled with pride at my praise. Ted was a
football player in high school and his neck was like a
bull's. His shoulders were broad and tapered to a
narrow lithe athlete's waist. "I hope it's true you
can judge a man's cock by the size of his neck!" I
thought. I unzipped him and fished it out. His
cock looked truly beautiful and I kissed it on the
underside near the end. His glans stood out from the
shaft smooth and glistening. The ridge around his
cock head was deep and gave a strong delineation,
which was beautiful and exciting. It looked like it
would feel wonderful sliding into my waiting cunt.
Luckily, I could feel myself getting wet already as my
tongue slipped up over the head of Ted's cock and my
lips closed around it for just a moment. His sharp
intake of breath warned me that I should not linger,
or his ejaculation would be premature.

"The queen is happy with this reception and ready for
the ceremony!" I smiled as I slipped low in my throne
and waited for his friendly invasion. Ted knelt
between my legs and sniffed the mixture of my scent
and my perfume steaming up from my warm panty covered
pussy mound. His lips were pressed against the
flatness there between my legs where my pussy awaited
him. His nose rested over the ledge of my mound. His
finger slipped along the elastic of my panties and
found its way into my cunt. He lingered a moment and
then began slipping my panties down my legs and off.
He laid them close at hand, " I want to smell those
some more a little later. You have a wonderful
scent." He murmured. They had turned the lights a
little lower and Ted's assistant, grandson Jeff stood
at attention with his erect penis awaiting my command.

Ted moved closer and helped me slide down into the
chair to meet him. My ass was on the edge of the
chair cushion and my head against the back of the
chair as I waited for my punishment or my treat, or
perhaps both. Handling his cock gently, Ted rubbed
that beautiful bulbous cock head against my clit,
moved it down so that it opened the lips of my pussy
and then down past the tunnel of my cunt. My juices
were flowing with excitement and pleasure. His cock
head was well lubricated now and I could see it peek
out above my pussy hair as he made his upward movement
teasing my clit into erect excitement. My juices
glistened on his cock head and about a half inch of
the shaft of his magnificent instrument.

At last he slipped inside, taking my breath away for a
moment as the head of it popped in against the slight
resistance of the muscles of my cunt. It slid easily,
but it was stretching me with its girth, too. Lord,
he was a big boy, no doubt. I squirmed a little for
comfort as the wonderful invader made its way
forcefully and persistently down the wet hot channel
of my cunt. His cock felt very hot as it slid in and
I melted with the pleasure of it. It seemed to be
filling me up entirely and stretching my cunt and
exploring every crevice and fold of my vagina as it
straightened it out with its length.

I felt the cock-head touch my cervix, but the pleasure
was so great that I found myself straining to get him
in deeper. The bristle like hair of his mound now
found the protecting hair of my pussy mound. His
breath came in excited jerks in my ear as he rammed
himself against me.

I spread my legs even wider to welcome the sensation
of his body touching the sensitive concavities in my
thigh muscles which lie on either side of my pussy
when my legs are spread at their widest. His warm
smooth body nestled against me trying to find a
perfect complete contact.

He was so warm and lovely; it was a nice contrast to
the searing heat of his cock or the searing feeling
that his largeness caused as he stretched me to
receive his entire cock.

He had stopped to enjoy being all the way inside my
passage and probably to avoid coming too soon. This I
appreciated. I clamped my legs around his back to
hold him in and to gain leverage to tighten my muscles
around the tubular length of his cock.

I could feel it better as I alternately squeezed and
relaxed around him. I could tell that it felt very
good to him because of the way it felt to me. It was
like having a very high quality leather glove tight on
your hand.

The pleasure is a sensual one, too, as this one
certainly was. The snugness of the glove makes you
aware of the shape of your hand and fingers and it
grips you in the same way I was feeling about this
large lovely shape in my pussy.

I squeezed him more and more and then squeezed hardest
as I felt him begin to slide out to begin thrusting.
I could feel the head of his dick as it made its way
until it was close to leaving me, and then as it was
thrust hard back into me, pushing the folds of me out
of its way in its eagerness to be satisfied with
pleasure and release. Ted was not in control
anymore; he was just thrusting in and out mostly by
instinctive need for the tactile pleasure of the penis
inside a warm welcoming cunt. Eagerly ramming in and
out, pulling more of my juices with it.

He was covered with my juices, I could tell from the
feel of his cock and soon from the feel of his belly
sticky and wet against the entry to the heavenly heat
he was seeking.

As he was thrusting, I sensed the cock of his
assistant nearby and took it in my hand and squeezed
it as my pleasure continued to swirl around inside my

I don't think I have ever before had such a feeling of
joy and physical pleasure. As his cock rammed into me
again and again, I had multiple orgasms. They started
with one big one, which coursed through my body from
my clit up to my throat and back again. This was
followed by a series of little shivering things that
made me tremble to the luscious stimulation of my
pussy and my clit.

The young body pounding against my clit in its
vulnerable moist little chapel, was a sheer delight.
I was too young and inexperienced to have enjoyed it
in this way when I was their age. That excitement was
more the fumbling type, while now I was able to help
these inexperienced eager young men play a magnificent
symphony of pleasure on my eager body. It was heaven,
for sure.
Ted was now completely spent, of course. He had
lasted pretty well for such a young man and he had
given me unbelievable pleasure with his wonderful
thrusting. Now his juice was slipping out of my limp
cunt muscles. Those same taut muscles, which had
hugged his cock and played with it, and massaged it,
and most of all had felt his cock for my pleasure.

In a real sense, I had been "feeling him up" with
those lovely muscles for the same kind of pleasure
that men get from "feeling Up" our breasts, I guess.
I slipped my hand between our bodies as he began to
pull out and gripped him one last time and felt the
joyous combination or our juices there between us.
Coating his body completely and now seeping sensuously
down my thighs.

"Ted, you were wonderful, I said to him, meaning it
with all sincerity. "You are a very good lover, you

Ohhhh, soo are you, lady, so are you!" It was a nice
compliment, and I think he meant it, too.

Jeff, sensing that I was getting a little tired,
starting cleaning up the table and his friends helped.
I think it's time to hang it up guys, what do you say.
They were all pretty worn out as they got back into
their clothes.

"Wow, what a night," Little Eddie smiled. "Thanks for
everything." I hugged him to my breasts and told him
good night. "Can we come back again, sometime?"

I smiled back, feeling genuinely tender at the
pleasure he had given me, too. "Of course,
sweetheart, I think we should do this again sometime
if Jeff will let us!"

Jeff was just finishing the table, "Hey, I'm Mr. nice
guy, here, I got left out of everything!!! When do I
get my turn?"

"Jeff, you're my Grandson, after all!!!!" I protested
with mock horror.

But in my heart I secretly wanted to hold him close
and teach him. I had noticed how lean and wonderfully
strong he looked as he lost hand after hand. "I
wonder," I thought, as we closed the door behind the
boys and I felt Jeff's arm around my waist...........
End of Chapter One
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