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Grandma's story Chapter Two

By James Bellamy

Reprise of Chapter One:

{"Wow, what a night," Little Eddie smiled. "Thanks
for everything." I hugged him to my breasts and told
him good night. "Can we come back again, sometime?"

I smiled back, feeling genuinely tender at the
pleasure he had given me, too. "Of course,
sweetheart, I think we should do this again sometime
if Jeff will let us!"

Jeff was just finishing the table, "Hey, I'm Mr. nice
guy here, I got left out of everything!!! When do I
get my turn?"

"Jeff, you're my Grandson, after all!!!!" I protested
with mock horror.

But in my heart I secretly wanted to hold him close
and teach him. I had noticed how lean and wonderfully
strong he looked as he lost hand after hand. "I
wonder," I thought, as we closed the door behind the
boys and I felt Jeff's arm around my waist...........

She had gone off to her room and Jeff to his with a
cheerful "night Gram, hope you enjoyed the party??!!
No regrets, I hope?"

"No, ...... no regrets .... " She replied slowly.
She rolled her eyes at him. " I hope it was OK with
you, sweetheart .......... "

"Oh, sure, ....... It was ...... fun.
...................... You were a big hit, you know.
Wonderful. I enjoyed just watching you. You really
looked terrific, ...... and young, if that's what
you are wondering! I found you very ..... desirable
..... I can tell you that.!!!" He smiled at her with
the usual affection. "Night."

She sat looking into her mirror, un-snapping her bra
and letting the cups fall away from her large pear-
shaped breasts. "Well, what do you really think of
yourself?" she muttered, fondling her tender breasts,
tender from the assault of the lips and tongues of
those three eager young men. " Well, Isabel, you have
been well and truly fucked, tonight!" She smiled a
little at her language and the little pride that had
crept into her thoughts in spite of herself. "I don't
know what to think, but I do know that it was fun
while it was going on."

She thought back of Billy's large black cock
stretching her and stretching her as he excitedly
pressed it into her. Her hand rubbed the tenderness
between her legs, now matted with the combined juices
of her first night of multiple lovers. "Oh" dear, it
really felt good, though." She thought to herself.
She slipped her panties off and down the silken path
of her thighs., then loosened the garterbelt. and
stripped off the Christian Dior stockings all in one
motion, dropping them in a tangled heap on the bench
beside her.

The brisk hot water of her shower refreshed and
relaxed her as it streamed down between her breasts
and then cascaded off the silk covered pubic mound.
She soaped between her legs, feeling the happy massage
of her pussy lips. They too were a little tender from
the attention they had enjoyed all evening. She bent
over to examine their redness, her finger teasing her
clitoris again.

She toweled off and padded down the hall to say one
more good night to her grandson. Opening his door
without knocking, she surprised him just coming from
the shower - naked as the day he was born. Jeff
started to hide himself with the towel, then decided
against it, exposing the raging hard on to his
Grandma's gaze. "Oh, .... Sorry, Jeff, ..... I
should have knocked." She shrieked and backed out the
door. "Just wanted to say goodnight!"

Isabel went back to her own room. A smile escaped her
lips as she thought of how proudly he had stood there
completely exposed and how terrific he looked with his
bulging cock standing so erect from the patch of pubic
hair at his crotch.

Jeff came down the hall, wrapped in his big fluffy
terry cloth bath robe with a sheepish grin, he said,
"Can I come in?"

"Oh, sure, honey come on in. I'm sorry about that."

"Well, quite an evening, Gram, eh?"

"Yes, ....... quite an evening. I couldn't help
noticing ..... that it left you ..... a little
aroused , should I say?"

"A little!!! That's not the word for it!" Jeff
admitted. "But you've always excited me, you must
know that."

"Well, yes, I guess I did. All those years. I
probably even lead you on sometimes. That wasn't
fair, was it?"

Jeff's hand had fallen on the heap of silkiness of her
stockings lying on the bench. He jerked away self-
consciously. Then put his hand back flat on the pile,
feeling the silky smoothness of the nylon still
clipped to the garter belt, and stared at his
beautiful Grandmother sitting on her bed, her hands
fiddling with her hair. Her breasts were lifted by
the position of her arms and seemed to point directly
at him through the thin robe that she wore. The robe
had parted and gave him a view of her thigh and the
darkness between her legs.

"Just throw my clothes on the floor if they are in
your way, dear."

"No, actually, I kind of like the touch of your silky
things. Drives me crazy sometimes. Really did when I
was a kid!!"

"Oh, yes, I remember now. Sometimes my underwear
drawer would be a mess!" Isabel smiled at him. "It's
natural enough for boys to be fascinated and excited
by the mystery of all those lacy things, I think,
don't you?"

"Yeah, I guess so, but no matter if it is or not, I
can tell you it was always exciting to find that you
wore something so sexy. To be honest, I would
sometimes find them laying around where you left them
in the bathroom ........ now that would drive me off
the deep end! The scent of your body still clinging
to them, you know."

"Aha, " she smiled, "that explains some of the unusual
stains I'd find in my panties, sometimes. That was
you, was it?"

"Guilty." He replied, a little unhappily.

"Well, that's not so bad, Jeff, because, when that
happened, I could smell your body or your juices on
them. I confess to enjoying that, too. So, we're
even. OK?" She stood and moved over to him hugging
him to her breasts. Jeff's arms circled her. His arm
low on her hips, feeling the round warmth of her.

"You know, I guess, it hasn't been fair, that you were
left out of the game tonight. ................ I
don't quite know what I mean. But, I know it wasn't
fair to you. What can we do, though. It probably
isn't right, ......... but, ..........would you
....... Want to sleep in here ........ tonight
.....uh, with me? I don't want to do anything that
will ruin our relationship, ....... . What do
you think, Jeff?"

Jeff thought about the ramifications of the question.
He took a deep breath. "I think it would be great.
........ ... I think it would be OK, Gram, .......
I really do. How do you feel?"

Isabel rubbed his back, fondling him and feeling the
warmth of his cheek against her breasts. Her nipples
were responding to him already. "You know, I think we
can do it. At least this once." She said at last.
"Would you like me to wear some of those things you
used to admire?"

"Would you? Yes, that would be great, too."

"Sure sweetheart, you pick them out."

"These would be nice for a start." He said holding her
nylons and garter belt up to his cheek. He was soon
rummaging in her panty drawer while Isabel added a
little bath powder and a dab of perfume between her
breasts, along her thighs leading to her pussy and a
dab at the top of the cleft of her pussy lips. She
jumped as the alcohol in the perfume stung a little in
the sensitive slit.

Jeff's robe was open now displaying his hardness under
a bright blue pair of bikini shorts as he handed her a
matching panty and bra set. The panties very sheer
and decorated with a little lace to frame her pussy,
the bra also sheer, but with embroidered flowers
surrounding the cups with one larger one centered
where her nipples would nestle.

"Oh, good, those are pretty, " she smiled at him. "So
are these, by the way, stroking his shorts lightly."

She leaned over, letting her breasts fill out the cups
of the sheer bra, pulling it up on her shoulders and
snapping it in the back. She slipped her fingers
under the band and shrugged her tits into a
comfortable position. She watched Jeff's gaze taking
her actions in, with an eager, unblinking stare. He
licked his lips, in excitement. She loosed the
stockings from the clips and then sat down to slip
them up her legs. Isabel liked the feel of their
silkiness on her legs. She clipped the garter belt to
the stockings, slipping the straps under her panties
so the panties could be slipped off later.

And last, Jeff handed her a full-length slip which
slipped down to a comfortable fit on her hips and
covered her jutting breasts in lace. She blinked out
the light and taking his hand, she led him to her bed.

Jeff stared at her slip moving easily over her hips,
lining the edge of her panty legs across the expanse
of her buttock. He reached to trace the panty line
across her softness. His breath was coming in short

They sat a little self consciously on the edge of the
bed. Isabel lighted a candle and turned out the last
light. She turned to him and looking into his eyes
She kissed him tenderly on the lips. Jeff tasted the
bright red lipstick with pleasure. "mmmnnnh!" was all
he could say as his arms surrounded her and her
breasts turned to brush against his bare skin.

They lay back on the bed, deep in an embrace and then
Jeff lifted her legs up to the bed, admiring the
silkiness of the nylons tight on her calves. His hand
teased her foot, feeling the old fashioned seam which
ran from the top of the stocking all the way down to
the tip of her toes. He played with her toes under
the nylon for a few moments, letting her legs extend,
he ran his fingers along her nyloned legs and his cock
became tight with his desire. Parting her knees, he
kissed the hollow behind her knee, smelling the
perfume she had placed there for him.

His hand was at the edge of her slip now. He looked
at the delicate lace and then at his hand as it
slipped under the lace to grasp her thigh flat against
his palm. He felt her spread her legs slightly to
give him a free range.

His hand found the top of her stocking and his mind
reeled back to how the darkness at the top of her hose
looked in contrast to the thigh underneath. He moved
higher, touching the smooth skin above her stocking
leading to the center of her body. Jeff moved himself
between her legs, his hands splitting her legs, the
nylon making a shiver run down his spine.

He noticed the candlelight flickering shadows across
her breasts and the swelling of her stomach above the
mound of her pussy. The slip slid up her thighs
before his hands. He felt the clasps of her garters
under his hands and heard the sharp intake of her
breath as his lips touched the curls of her pubic hair
under the sheer white panties. The contrast was
delicious, slightly obscured, but revealing and
inviting at the same time. His tongue touched the top
of the cleft. The wetness from his tongue made the
fabric cling to the shape of her pussy lips, joining
now with her own moistness. His tongue ran up and
down the slit between her legs, his nose resting on
her mound as his tongue tasted her ....... -at last.
The smell of her that he remembered as a child
standing there with his nose pressed against the
panties she left for him after her shower. The smell
was the same, but warmer, and more pungent with her
perfume now. His cock was throbbing with need.

"Oh, Honey," Isabel coached, "here let me help" She
slipped the crotch of her panties aside. "There,
sweetheart, now you can have my real taste. Does it
taste the same as you remember?"

"Oh, yes, ........ " his tongue flicked out to delve
into the copious wetness he found there, now thickly
coating his tongue and his lips. Her scent and juices
surrounded his mouth and cheeks, as his tongue reached
deep into her pussy.

"Oh, that feels, .......... Just wonderful
........ohhhhh, ahhh, ...... yes, sweet.." Isabel's
hips were forcing her cunt against his burrowing

She reached for his hands now fondling the nylon-
covered cheeks of her ass and pulled them to her
breasts. He lay prone between her legs, his tongue
licking her pussy and her clitoris, his arms along the
softness of her body to fondle her bulging breasts
through the soft silkiness of the slip and bra.
Isabel felt her nipples harden against his palms as he
squeezed her breasts.

They lay that way for a long time, Jeff fondling and
tasting her, not wanting it to end. Her relaxing and
feeling the longing in her young grandson, relaxing
and enjoying the shear pleasure of his fondling and
licking of her body.

She reached for his head, moving it from side to side,
spreading her legs as wide as she could, using his
tongue to tease her clitoris, then pulled him up to
her lips. Their tongues entwined, She could taste
the bitter-sweetness of her own juices, thick and rich
on his tongue.

She pulled her slip over her head and sat between
Jeff's legs, looking down at the bulge in his shorts.
She gently pulled the front down and his cock stood up
eagerly for her gaze.

"Jeff, you are so beautiful." Slowly she wrapped her
hand in the material of her slip and caressed his
striving cock with its silky folds. "How's that feel,
sweetheart," she breathed.

"Great.... " Jeff wheezed. Then pulled himself around
so that her pussy was again over his lips. His mouth
sought her through the now wet, ...... very wet

Jeff felt the heat of her breath on his cock head
first and then the hot warmth of her mouth as she
slipped her lips around the glans of his dick.
"Oh, wow ......" Jeff was overwhelmed. The wetness
of her throat, her tongue teasing the head of his
cock, then surrounding him as she took his entire
length. It made her choke a little and recoil along
his length. Her weight pressing against his face was
a pleasure of wetness, heat and the scent of pussy.

"Oh, Jeff, hurry," he heard her say urgently.

Quickly now, Jeff reached for her panties.

"Leave them on, if you like, honey." Isabel
whispered . " If you like the feel of them against
your cock, I mean."

Jeff laid the length of his cock along the length of
her pussy lips, the wetness of their mingled juices
feeling hot against the large vein down the underside
of his cock. The nylon covering the wetness pooled
there between her legs was a luxurious sensual feeling
better than anything he had ever felt.

"Oh, Jeff, that feels lovely. ....... How about you,

"Yes, ...yesss, " his lips found her nipples through
the thinness of the bra, pulling on the large long
hard nubs. His cock rubbing against the softness of
her pussy lips under the nylon, his lips on the nylon-
covered nipples had him in ecstasy. He felt himself
near cumming and rested there in the chasm of her

"Now, sweetheart, ... now" she urged.

Together they pulled aside the crotch of her panties
to make room for him to slip into her love tunnel. He
could tell it was there, open, waiting for him,
waiting for him to fill his grandmother, waiting there
with its warmth, its slickness, waiting for his
exploding cock.

Jeff felt the head of his cock pass the panty leg,
felt her pull it further aside. Felt her hand close
around him and move his cock head against her
clitoris, then down the slippery valley leading to her
center, to her cunt tunnel.

She positioned him at the opening. "Now sweetheart, "
she whispered. "Now, let's ..... ohhh." He slipped
quickly inside, two inches at first. Then again, he
reached into her. "ohhh ...." She whispered again.
"Yes, dear, that's it."

Isabel's hand pressed against his ass urging him

Jeff felt the heat of her surround his cock. Felt
her lips part and then hold onto the shaft following
the head of his cock into the dark, wet heat of her
pussy. Gratefully, he sank his shaft all the way into
her waiting, grasping, clinging cunt. He could feel
the folds of her vagina surrounding him, He felt the
end of her cunt channel at the tip of his dick. Her
muscles surrounded him, massaging his big dick.

"Sweetheart, I had no idea ..... you ...had .got so
BIG! You're splitting me." Isabel whispered into his
ear. "you are tearing me apart, you're so huge. "

Jeff was excited now, he began stroking into her
deeper and harder. His hands found her bra and he
found himself pulling it apart in his hands. Her
breasts sprang free from the constraint into his
hands. He grasped them for leverage as his cock
pounded into her hot cunt, his balls slapping against
the cheeks of her ass. He could feel the silkiness of
her panties against them.

"Harder ... hon ..... that's ...that's it!!!!
....more . more .... That's it, that's it, that's
it....ohhhhhh fuck me my big boy, fuck me, fuck me.

Jeff found it surprising and exciting that his grandma
was urging him on with these blunt words. His cock
raging now, slammed deep into her in rhythm with her
chant. He felt his juices welling up in his balls,
ready to explode deep into her pussy. "Ohhhhhhh, " he
heard himself scream.

Isabel was waiting for this. She felt him surging
into her, their pubic bones slamming together. She
reached to hold his balls in her grasp, pulling him to
her. Her feet slammed against the mattress, urging
her hips up to meet his thrusts. ''Yes, darling, yes,
darling, cum now for me, darling .....give it to me
.....give it to me....harder, darling harder. Shove
it in, shove it in, shove it in, baby. Shove it into

Jeff heard her and felt her hand on his scrotum. His
hips thrust wildly into her as she splayed her legs
even wider to get every bit of him into her grasping
cunt. "Arggghhhhh! He felt the sperm come founting
out into her cunt, first one hot spurt, then another,
then another, another and then just a little spasm, as
Isabel wrapped her nyloned legs around his ass to
keep him in her.

She woke as Jeff struggled to disentangle himself from
her and from her clasping pussy. "Wait," she said
quietly. Jeff saw her struggling under the sheet
covering her curves. "Here, honey, a souvenir of
tonight for you!" She smiled up at him as he bent
over her to plant a tender kiss as she slipped her
panties into his hand.

"Thanks, Gram. Nice!" he replied. Jeff held the
damp garment close to his face and inhaled with a
smile as he made his way down the hall and into his

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