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Grandma's story

By James Bellamy
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Chapter Three

Isabel stretched and had a pleasurable yawn, feeling
wonderfully satisfied. She thought back over her
night of wildness. "Good grief - what have I done?"
Realizing that she had had broken quite a few taboos
and rules. Not exactly her style really, though she
had always been a sexual and sensuous person, enjoying
the touch and feel of it all. But now, with her
grandson's encouragement, she had engaged in multiple
partner sex. Not only that, she had finished the
night of revelry in bed with her lovely and loving
grandson, himself.

Isabel thought about it with a serious expression for
awhile, then, in spite of herself, a smile came to her
lips thinking about Jeff and his wonderful beautiful
young hardness. The way it had started as he
accidentally touched the pile of her silky undies
dropped carefully on her vanity bench. She thought
back over the times over the years she had noticed her
things in disarray. "I secretly liked the idea of
Jeff touching her sexy panties and stockings - I know
I did -- why so hard to admit it?"

"And, what now?" Can things be OK and close and
comfortable between them? Can they still freely
discuss sex, will Jeff still confide in her, will he
ask for help when he is troubled?

"Hard to say, but I hope so!" she muttered. And what
about the sex? She had given herself to him like a
long lost lover. Certainly not OK by community
standards. But, it was delightful, she admitted, her
hand moving between her legs and cupping the mound of
her sexuality, feeling the silky curls there. "Well,
he is only a half grandson," she mused, son from a
previous marriage of her daughter's husband. Both
having died in a plane crash several years ago, Isabel
had taken over the raising of Jeff through his teen
years. It had been a labor of love, and they had
grown completely devoted to each other over those

Isabel made her decision.

"I'm not going to worry about it. If we can get past
this phase in a loving way, I'm .......... not going
to fight it ....... I guess, I can't really, ........
as long as no one is being hurt ...... I guess," her
voice trailed off as she heard Jeff moving around in
the next room. Isabel had made her decision.

"Maybe I can teach him the ways for sex to be a really
lifelong positive feeling, maybe I can help him be a
truly great life partner for some lucky girl" she

Apart from a few minutes of concerned looks exchanged
in both directions as they sipped their Sunday coffee
and looked distractedly through the paper, it seemed
not to have raised strains between them.

Isabel discussed her thoughts about being a good early
influence on the way he developed as a sex partner for
the future. Jeff, smiled with relief and expressed
his delight at the idea. They agreed that they wanted
things to stay as before, with the possibility of
occasional lovemaking.

"My problem is going to be not wanting you every
single night, grandma, I know that is going to be a
big problem, but I agree to the terms," this was the
way Jeff expressed it. "The problem is that you are
more attractive to me than anyone my own age I have
met. But I know how lucky I am to have you and I
want this to be completely OK with you, that's

"It's wonderful to have such a loving relationship,"
she said, "and I don't know how I could live without
occasionally being physical about it." Isabel felt
her panties getting wet already, just talking about
this. She wondered if she could live by the terms,

She thought of the article she had read a week ago
women in their mid-fifties developing a huge
rejuvenation of their sex drive.

"Wow, I can certainly attest to that!' she mused, to
herself. "What a rejuvenation week this has been!"
She also noticed that Jeff's trousers showed an
attractive bulge that she thought she had better not
think about.

They managed to be true to their words for the next
two weeks, to the day. On that Sunday, Jeff suggested
they have Sunday brunch at the Country Club nearby.
Isabel was dressing, listening to the sound of Jeff
getting ready in the next room. She had slipped into
her white cotton panties, and let her breasts settle
into her normal everyday bra that didn't match the
panties, hooking it and staring into the mirror. She
gazed at herself, thinking that for 54 years old she
didn't look all that bad ............. She paused,
biting her lip, pensively.

Quickly she slipped out of the panties, loosed the bra
and tossed both onto the bed. Searching her drawers,
she found matching violet panties and bra and held
them up to picture the effect. With a nod, she held
the panties out and slipped first one leg and then the
other into them and snapped the elastic in place, a
perfect shapely fit across her bottom. The dark
triangle of her pubic mound showed through the sheer
fabric. As she looped the straps of the bra over her
arms, pulled it into place and leaned forward to watch
her breasts fall into the support of her bra cups,
Jeff leaned in through the half open door.

"Ooops, sorry, I thought you were already dressed,
Gram." She could see his eyes drinking in the
sight as he noticed the triangle between her legs and
the cleavage enhanced by the push up bra. Jeff's face
reddened in spite of their agreed intimacy. "I'm
ready when you are," he shouted heading down the hall

Isabel, smiled to herself and pulled her pantyhose up
her legs, struggling one leg at a time until the
crotch settled comfortingly against her panties. She
slipped into a tailored silk dress with buttons down
the front. At the last moment she decided to wear a
half-slip, and the mirror told her she was ready.

Isabel walked into the familiar club surroundings
saying hello to many acquaintances and, Jeff noticed,
attracting the attention of many of the men present -
of all ages.

She was a very attractive women. One of those women
who never quite age, the gray comes to their hair,
they gain a little weight in spite of their diets, but
somehow it just makes them more attractive. Jeff
admired her himself for a moment, her breasts high and
prominent, tenting the clinging silk. It wasn't
tight, it just looked wonderful falling from the peaks
of her beautiful breasts.. It fell then to a slight
bulge of her stomach, this too just making her look
more attractive, it looked smooth and soft and
inviting. The dress flowed down and tightened at her
hips and then emphasized the curve of her thighs on
the way to her knees. Her heels and erect posture
guaranteed her a lot of attention from the men! Her
nylons were that rich medium tone and of a quality
which made them look - it is strange to say - not
quite dry, as if painted there to give her calves more
inviting dimension. "Delicious, that's the only word
for her." he thought.

They bumped a couple of times as they went through the
buffet line and Jeff felt his trousers tighten over
his increasing hardness each time. Isabel was still
smiling and greeting people. Jeff's hand touched her
bottom as she turned quickly to speak to someone. It
was a nice feeling, soft, yielding under the silk,
sliding over the silkiness of her pantyhose and
warming his hand slightly. Then he had to move away.
The second time, he thought he felt her linger longer
than necessary against the back of his hand. This
time she had turned toward him and his knuckles grazed
her just above the pubic mound, then settled against
her hip. The same sliding silkiness.

It was one of those big sumptuous and sensual-feeling
old clubs. The white tablecloth nearly to the floor,
heavy silver and modernized furnishings. As they
talked, it was clear that they were both feeling
excited. After ordering the second Bloody Mary,
Jeff's knee touched hers. He left it there, testing
whether she would move away. Eventually she did, but
immediately he felt her stockinged foot touch his
ankle and slip sexily up his pants leg. She looked at
him and winked, giving him a smile at the same time.
His cock was now in a state making it impossible to
stand up.

"I'll get your dessert, shall I? She said with a
smile, knowing that he probably wasn't in condition to
stand up right now. As she walked away, Jeff noted
that her panty line made an attractive indentation
across the softness of her bottom and moved under the
clinging dress provocatively.

When she returned she leaned on the table with both
hands and looked down at the two deserts and then at
him. They have chocolate and strawberry toppings, so
I brought one of each, you get first choice. Which
one do you like?" One more button had come loose at
the top of her dress. Jeff stared into the darkness
between her breasts. The separation or her bra
enhanced a cleavage made opulent by the twin soft
round curves that formed the chasm. Jeff longed to
nuzzle her there. He looked up into her smiling eyes.
".....uh the ...strawberry, please, he croaked.

"Sure that's what you want now, sweetheart? You can
have either. Or both, if you like." The Bloody
Marys had made her playful and she was enjoying the
fact that she looked and felt attractive today.

Jeff drove them home. His hand touched the nyloned
sheen of her knee after shifting gears and his hardon
increased his discomfort. Isabel turned toward him
and slipping her skirt up her thighs, placed her feet
into his lap. Jeff happily held her feet against him
with one hand while driving with the other. Glancing
toward her he could see up the avenue of her thighs to
the darkness of her pussy. The nylons glistened, and
his hand slipped upward, treasuring the silken path up
under her skirt. He let his hand rest there in the
warmth of her thighs. She rubbed his erect cock with
the sole of one of her feet, loving the round feel of
its hardness. Isabel parted her thighs, letting his
hand slip between them. Jeff felt the thrill of the
slight sweatiness of her and the clinging nylon there
in the heat of her body.

Isabel sat up and reached to unzip him. "Don't you
think it would be better if we took this out, Hon?"
He nodded, staring down the road. He felt her hand
struggle with the zipper as he raised himself to help
her, then the feel of her hand reaching through the
slot in his shorts and fishing his hard cock out into
the air. "There, now." She said, and leaned back
again to place one foot against it again, showing him
her open thighs again.

Jeff felt the nyloned foot against his bare skin and
groaned quietly. Isabel twirled around it and played
with it with her toes. Her toes touched the slit at
the very top of his prick. "Do you like that, Jeffy?
Does it feel as nice to you as it does to me, I

"I ... think a lot better," he stammered, worried
that he would come if she kept up.

"I don't know about that, dear, It feels awfully nice
to me. I love your hardness. You look so beautiful.
Watch that bus, dear."

He swerved in time.

Isabel changed her tactic. He felt her warm mouth
engulf the head of his cock. She swirled her tongue
around it. Her mouth was a wet warm loving blanket
just holding and sucking on the head of his cock. He
felt Isabel twist and turn her head so that she was
moving his cock around her mouth. It was completely
and by all means the most sensational thing he had
ever felt. Then she pulled more of him into her. He
felt her choke slightly. She stopped a minute then

Finally, nearly all of him was in her mouth and he
could feel the back of her throat with the sensitive
end of his cock. Isabel had pulled his foreskin back
completely to enhance the thrill. Jeff stroked his
Grandma's back through the silk of the dress.
Smoothing it over the strap of her bra that he was
fondling, longing for the moment when he could unsnap
it and lift each tit out of it as she had done to his

Sensing that he couldn't last much longer, Isabel
pulled away leaving his wonderful young cock standing
straight as a flagpole in the cool breeze. She hugged
his hand to her breast. "let's find someplace nice to
park for a minute, what do you say, Jeff" She wanted
his big cock and she really was starting to need it
badly. "Turn into the park, and go up to the top of
the hill, I'll show you where we used to go when I was
a girl, " she promised.

Jeff took directions and finally they were at the back
of the big wooded park, near an apparently unused
utility shed and sheltered by surrounding trees.
"There, now, how do you like this? Did you think
there was no new ideas left in your old grandma, she

"No way I thought that, Gram, ........ no way." Jeff
was relieved to be off the road.

"Want to get in the back seat? ........ I think
that is supposed to be your line, not mine," she

Jeff was there in a moment nearly leaping over the
seat back, while Isabel took time to move the seat
forward as far as it would go, wanting as much comfort
as possible.

She took the long way around, getting out and coming
to the back through the doors. She sat curled up with
one knee pointing to Jeff and the other spread wide.
Jeff's hand was traveling up her thigh urgently. He
leaned forward to kiss his grandmother just as his
hand reached its goal -- the taut nylon barrier of her
pantyhose covering the wetness of her pussy. The
heat between her legs was like a magnet to Jeff.

Isabel steered Jeff's other hand to her breast and she
felt him close around its softness. His other hand
soon joined the first and both her breasts were being
lifted and squeezed and massaged through the silk of
her dress. Her bra with the unnecessary, but nice
little puff of padding along the bottom of the cup
gave her the extra lift and cleavage which he found
wildly exciting.

She again found his shaft with her hand. Gently she
stroked him very lightly to make sure she didn't bring
forth the cream of his passion too soon. She slipped
his foreskin back to see the head of his cock glisten,
looking as if the skin would break it was so taut.
They sat fondling each other happily for minutes.

Jeff tasted the bright red lipstick as their tongues
found each other, dueling between their lips. Her
breasts were like large oranges in his hands, feeling
full and wonderfully soft, the way breasts do when
they are just right. He pulled on them and then
trailed his fingers down to her nipples. Isabel
squirmed against his hands

"oohhh, mmmmmnnn, sweetheart, ........... that feels
so gooooood! Keep it up honey ....... You are so good
with my breasts ...... I just love it when you
squeeze them. You make them feel so good .... I can't
tell you how good. There, a little more, fill your
hands with them."

She leaned back and just let him play with her, giving
her pleasure. Soon enough, she lifted one breast out
into his view and was thrilled to watch his eyes
devour it and to hear the sharp intake of his breath
as her nipple capped roundness, still not sagging with
age. Jeff's hand toyed with her big brown nipple,
erect under his teasing, and fished out her other
breast. Now both pretty round soft orbs sat on the
shelf of the push-up bra, with its lacy sheerness now
crumpled under the proud breasts freed of its
confines. Jeff's mouth found her nipples and Isabel
held his head first to suckle one and then the other,
then back again to the first.

This left Jeff's hands free to roam her thighs up
under her dress. He marveled at the sleekness of the
nylon. His palms slipped along the outside of her
thighs and reached around to where her hips swelled
into soft buttocks waiting for his caress. Isabel
held her breasts up for him to suck, while she
wondered at the tingling feeling his hands gave to her
ass through the double nylon of pantyhose and panties.

"Oh, dear, ....... we're going to have to hurry, dear,
.............. grandma is getting really excited. I
think my panties are really wet. Can you feel them
getting soaked with my juices? It's meant to welcome
you, you know?"

Jeff's hand found the wetness at her center and he
tried to break through the pantyhose.

" That's it honey, tear them apart." She urged.

But they were too strong and Jeff couldn't find a way
to get in. He reached for the band and started to
pull them down in his eagerness.

"Here, sweet, let me help" Isabel slipped her nail
between her legs, found a seam and started a tear.
"There Jeffie, now tear them apart. Come on darling,
rip them off me, I want you to tear them off to get to

Jeff felt his finger slip into the starter hole and
his finger was suddenly bathed in the hot juices
waiting to lubricate his invading cock. Isabel
reached to help him, then lead his hand through the
gaping hole where her panties still covered her pussy.
His finger slipped into the warmth of her hole,
brushing past the panties and wriggling happily into
the hot wetness of Isabel's cunt, Grandma's cunt.
Their tongues duplicated the movement of his finger in
the hot tunnel of her love and Jeff enjoyed again the
sweet taste of her lipstick and the combination of her
perfume and her womanly scent. It was totally and
unbelievable erotic.

Jeff slipped down in the seat as his Grandma straddled
his cock. He watched with fascination as he saw her
pussy for the first time. Isabel leaned back a
moment, enjoying his admiring look. She pressed his
steel hard cock against the lips of her pussy, letting
it just part them. It was like she was kissing him
with this additional set of lips. Her juices
glistened on his dick.

Jeff stared at the thatch of hair in the triangle of
her legs. Like the hair on her head it was beginning
to show a little gray mixed in with the dark black
natural color. He watched her raise herself 'til his
cock pointed to her clitoris, brushing it across the
protruding little nub. Jeff's hands were fondling
Grandma's breasts and he pinched the nipples now, his
thoughts on the excited pinkness of her protruding
clitoris now kissing his cock head. He watched as
Isabel's hand guided his cock into her waiting pussy.
She looked at his eyes as she slipped down over it,
taking it from his view. He raised his eyes to hers
now and his breath came in short bursts as the heat of
her pussy surrounded him. This position forced him
deep, deep into her tight sheath and she had taken all
of him now.

It felt like she was being split in two, but at the
same time, it felt so wonderful, that it took her
breath away, too. She settled onto him and just
squirmed around it at first, kissing his nose and then
his cheek and then sucking his tongue into her moth.
Jeff just lay there waiting for each new wave to crash
over him. He could feel the folds and creases of
Isabel's cunt, feel the heat of her against his
bareness now all open to her.

She explored his cock with her cunt. It felt
wonderful when she could feel the bulging head at the
top of his shaft touch, then circle her cervix. She
was moaning with pleasure now, unable even to talk any
longer. The ripples, and tingling of her orgasm began
coursing through her body. She pressed close, then
leaned back and pulled his hands to hold her breasts

"Hold them, sweet Jeff, hold me, hold my tits. I'm
going to ride this big thing that is splitting me in
two. ........... Hang on, honey. "

Isabel began vigorously bounding up and down the shaft
he was holding stiff for her. In and out it plunged,
past the tightness of the muscle near the entrance and
caressed by her tightness surrounding him.

There, buried deep within her, Jeff felt his own
juices starting to spring forth in the throbbing of
his balls which Isabel now clutched with one of her
hands as she rode back and forth on his raging cock.
"Oh, honey, it .....It's goood! cum for
Gram, Hon, come on sweet, give me ....your
young hot cum. Cum, baby, cum for me. Shoot that hot
stuff into me." Isabel was a little surprised to hear

Then she felt his hot cum splashing against the walls
of her cunt, deep inside her, his warmth spread
through the channel of her love. Spasming tightly,
her cunt grasped him again and again as the thrill of
her orgasm cascaded through her. Starting at the base
of her spine, tingling through the coiled tightness of
her vagina and surging to the nipples of her breasts
like electricity.

She lay against him, his hands fondling her ass, his
juices now mingled with hers and slipping down onto
his balls fresh from having done their pleasure-
filling task inside her pussy. Isabel was
...deliciously satisfied.

"Gram, I really love you, know?"

"Yes, she smiled, I know, my sweet, ....I know.
You're a wonder, know?"
End of Chapter Three
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