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Grandma's story By James Bellamy jbellamy@renman.net

(Reprise of the preceding chapters:

Isabel raised her grandson Jeff through his teen
years after his parents died in a plane crash. Now
that he is an awkward, nave, 23 year-old college
student, their open and frank discussions about
sexuality have lead to the surprising fact of their
becoming lovers. Isabel, after a personal struggle
has concluded that it will be better for Jeff's sexual
development if she helps him by providing some
training and experience by personally being his lover.
Their loving relationship has survived the first
occasions and their conversations explore subjects
which Jeff brings home from his graduate level course
#547 - Human Sexuality.)

Chapter Four - The laboratory
Isabel was catching up on her household chores. Busy
the past couple weeks, she hadn't given it what she
called a really good cleaning in a couple of weeks.
She had finished cleaning the shower in the master
bedroom and stooped to empty the wastebasket. Lifting
out a pile of tangled nylon, she held up a torn pair
of pantyhose, laddered with runs and snags, she
smiled, thinking about the way the garment came to
this state.

It had been nearly three weeks ago, they had gone to
brunch - it was delightful, as usual, and she had
enjoyed her grandson's avid attentiveness. She
reflected that it really was a treat to be put on a
pedestal by someone you also loved. Jeff had held her
chair for her, all the gentlemanly things, but she
also noted that he was also enjoying the view of her
breasts pushed up by the lacy bra she had worn.

It was on the way home that she had teased him like a
totally wanton woman, she thought with a smile. Then
she had suggested they park in a back part of the park
she recalled from High School days. It was here that
at last he became so excited that he simply tore her
stockings trying to get at her - helped at a strategic
point by her pointed finger nail giving him a starting
point to begin his ripping attack:

(Jeff's hand found the wetness at her center and he
tried to break through the pantyhose. " That's it
honey, tear them apart." She urged. But they were
too strong and Jeff couldn't find a way to get in. He
reached for the band and started to pull them down in
his eagerness. "Here, sweet, let me help" Isabel
slipped her nail between her legs, found a seam and
started a tear. "There Jeffie, now tear them apart.
Come on darling, rip them off me, I want you to tear
them off to get to me!"

Jeff felt his finger slip into the starting hole and
his finger was suddenly bathed in the hot juices
waiting to lubricate his invading cock.)
Isabel rolled the afternoon encounter over in her mind
with pleasure. "What a delightfully fresh sort of
lover he is," she mused. So far she had no reason to
regret her decision that what they did together on
these occasional love-ins was not harming anyone and
so could be allowed to continue. She touched the
nylons to her cheek, smelling the combined odor of
their juices spilled amid such total and unfettered
pleasure, then dropped them into the grocery sack she
was collecting trash in.

Moving next door to tidy Jeff's room, she shook her
head at the contrasting disarray that was her
grandson's lair. Books everywhere, papers strewn
across the large door bridging two filing cabinets
that served him as a large desk, the bed unmade, left
just as it was when he rolled out of it and dashed off
to school.

As she plumped the pillows, she noticed something
peaking out from under it and slipped her hand under
to find ..... a pair of her panties. Again she found
herself smiling at his apparent addiction to her and
her undies - something that dated back a long time.
Isabel had sensibly never made anything of it. It was
harmless and again, it pleased her in some way.

"I can't quite understand it, but then who can
understand everything we humans do!" She held the
garment to her nose and noted that they had been worn
and bore her own scent enhanced by her familiar
perfume. "Well nice perfume, anyway!" she almost
giggled. She was sitting on the bed now and as she
tucked the panties back in their secret place under
his pillow she laid her head on it for a moment.

She could smell the musk scent of Jeff in the bed
close and she snuggled down on her stomach, pressing
her cheek and nose into them. " ..... uhmmmm ...
maybe men aren't so strange after all, she thought.
It's kind of nice lying here where he has been lying.
His scent, so familiar to her, was thick in her
nostrils ..... uhmmm. ......kind of nice ....."
Isabel found her hand slipping between her body and
the sheets. Her skirt was rucked up and her hand
cupped the full curve of her pubic mound. The scent
of Jeff haunted her and her hand began to fondle her
pussy lips pouting between her thighs. She stroked
the soft nylon of her expensive panties into the
crease between her lips, just touching her clitoris
lightly. She lay there listening to soft classical
music still pouring from the large speakers in the
corner of the room.

Her long caressing fingers found the wetness there
under her panties and her pleasure was twice fold,
once in her mind in fantasy and again in the real
world of her hand tracing the familiar valley of her
pussy. "Mmmmnnn, " she sighed, "Isabel, you should
get up and get busy." But she didn't stir herself,
instead she lay there bathed in the music, her hand
bathed in her wetness as her finger found its way past
her panties and into the entry of her cunt. 'Mnnnnnn
...... again she sighed, and then her body, responding
to the warm fondling, began to move against its
pleasantly inserted digit...... mmmmmmmmmmm...... it
was only a little orgasm when it came, not the big
exciting overwhelming type, just a nice little warm
wave rippling through her relaxed body.

"Gram, ....... Gram, are you all right?" Jeff was
standing over her, looking concerned as she awoke from
her slumber.

"Oh ..... oh my god, I fell asleep........ oh,"
she laughed, "good grief, I was cleaning and sat down
to rest for just a minute ..... good grief! What
time is it, anyway, I have to get dinner going"

"Oh, no problem, can I help?" Jeff admired her
exposed thighs as she sat up, her skirt still pulled

"No, no, I've got it in the oven --- if it isn't
burned!" She bustled down stairs wondering what Jeff
must have thought. "Was my hand still between my legs
when he woke me, " she wondered, laughing at herself.
"I'm getting worse than a teenager," she thought."

They sat at the counter and had dinner perched on the
high stools at the end. Jeff was telling her about
his new class Psychology 547 - Human Sexuality that
had begun last week. It sounded, from his
description, like it was swinging right into the deep
end of the pool. She pressed him for more details.

"What is it you will be studying, exactly? I assume
it isn't a lab course." She nudged him in the ribs
and grinned at him.

"No such luck,' he replied, "but it is pretty erotic,
nevertheless. Pictures and stuff. You know."

"No I don't know, what is the purpose?"

"Oh, we'll be trying to understand what the underlying
motives and drives are behind sex and sexy behavior, I
think. It is the study of the various forms of sexual
activity which people indulge in." Jeff was not quite
sure where this conversation was going and he was
getting fairly stimulated remembering with Isabel the
slides showing explicit sex acts of various kinds
today. " It is pretty stimulating, Gram."

"Like what, Jeff?"

"Well today the discussion was about people who enjoy
urinating and being urinated on. Sorry, but you

"Really, and it has to do with sex?"

"Yes, so I gather, but then what isn't? hehe" he
smiled at his little joke, but it was partly
nervousness at the subject matter.

"But, .......... (thinking a moment) ...... exactly
how ...... I mean ..... how .." she broke of the
sentence, not knowing how to finish it. "And did you
find out why that would be so sexy?"

"Well, no not really. Not yet, I guess. .............
What do you think?" Jeff wanted to ask if she had
experienced anything like that, but stopped short of

" .....uh, no, I'm not sure about that. ..... I've
never ....... Well, you know, ..... never uh done
....anything quite like that. How are you going to
find out, then?"

"...dunno, really. Books I guess."

There was a long pause between them as they finished
their meal.

At last, Isabel broke the silence. "You know, Jeff,
........ if you want to ... uh try out some of the
things they talk about ...... I mean, within reason
........ we could sort of do laboratory experiments
here ....... I mean, if you want to. Maybe it would
help with the class - make it more useful, more

Jeff's eyes were wide as saucers, but he recovered to
choke out a few words. "You mean it ... Gram? ....
Gosh, really? .. you mean, you and I, here? Well ....
Uh ...sure ...I mean ....that'd be great ....great. "

To ease the tension, Isabel said with a smile, "Yes,
OK, it might be fun. Maybe I'll get a degree, too???"

She kissed him on the cheek as she took his plate away
to the sink. Returning she whispered, "drink the
rest of that Coke and don't go to the toilet - until
we both go , I guess!" Isabel laughed out loud at her

They watched the end of Seinfeld and another show,
snuggled close together on the couch, both making
laughing reference to their Laboratory Psych 547.
Isabel smoothed her hand on Jeff's thigh and he put
his hand over hers. Slowly he drew it toward him
until she was touching his swollen cock extending down
his thigh. Isabel stroked him gently. His lips found
her ear and his hand reach to surround her breast,
lifting it gently. "Oh, I think I have to go, Gram."

"Not yet," she said. "Don't you suppose something
like that would be better if you wait till you are
really full?'

He nodded, but without much conviction. His
discomfort was compounded by their mutual caresses.
Her breasts were lovely and heavy and her skirt had
hiked up high on her thighs by now, just showing her
panty crotch. He could almost feel the heat rising
from the secret between her legs. Isabel's nipples
pressed into his palms. "You know, I have no idea how
this is supposed to work. They didn't really go into
detail yet"

" Well, we'll just have to improvise," she whispered
into his ear. "Shall I be the teacher for this one?
By the way, I think I'm starting to agree that it is
about time for the experiment."

Jeff's hand had now found the heaven between her legs
and he felt the wetness of her. His finger slipped
into her pussy and felt the thick warm moistness of
her. He teased the twin lips of her and felt the
cushion made by the patch of hair so prominent atop
her mound. Isabel stirred under his hand and squeezed
his cock through his trousers. Jeff felt her unzip
his pants and slip her hand inside, then pull his cock
up out of the leg of his pants, then spread her hand
lengthwise down the length of him.

"Oh, Jeff, you feel so good. You are so warm and
hard, I love it!" She offered her lips and Jeff
tasted her bright red lipstick as their tongues played

"Come on darling, " she said softly. "Take me down
the hall." They were both excited about the prospect
ahead but slightly apprehensive at the extreme
exposure of doing such an intimate thing. They were
unsure of what to say or how to feel about what they
were about to do.

Jeff became klutzy, and Isabel led the way. "Let's
just try it this way, " she said quietly, standing
before the stool in the bathroom. Jeff took her in
his arms and they stood pressed together without
speaking for a minute or two. Enjoying the softness
between their bodies. Jeff fondled her breasts again,
then dropped his hands to squeeze the generous buns of
her ass so soft in his hands. He caressed softly,
running his fingertips across the chasm between her
cheeks, suspecting that it tickled her in an exciting

Isabel felt his hands playing across her ass, then
finding the twin pantylines crossing her softness.
"Want to slip my panties down, sweetheart?"

Jeff knelt before her, noticing the hot scent of her
rising before his nose. She lifted her skirl slightly
and her panty crotch was there before his eyes. They
were pretty white lace and he kissed the patch of
graying hair under the silky covering. His hands
found her ass and enjoyed the feel of it under the
fabric of the panty. Then he slipped his hands to the
elastic at her waist and slipped them down off her
hips stopping as they descended to expose her pussy
bulging before his eyes for a kiss. His tongue
slipped into the beginning of the crease of her lips.

"Oh, Hon, careful, ..... but it feels wonderful.....
thank you ....sweet ...."

He slipped her panties to her ankles and Isabel sat on
the stool before him spreading her knees to make room
for him.

Jeff stared at the beauty of the curly thatch through
which her pubis showed and his finger reached to
touch it, then slipped into the wetness to find her

"ohhhhhhhhhh, she shuddered ......... mmmmnnnnh!"

Isabel pulled him close, pressed his lips to her
breasts and unbuttoned her blouse to let him suckle
her waiting breasts. Again she shuddered under his
touch in pleasure and a violent shiver coursed through
Jeff at the thought of what was to come.

Jeff slipped our of his pants.

"Oh hurry, darling, "she urged. "Now kneel down

"How, .......... " Jeff's words were choked with
intense excitement.

"here now, scoot up close." She raised a leg over
his, giving access to her pussy area for his cock to
aim. She held the end of his dick just at the entry
of the crease between her legs, one finger stretching
down to the beginning of the sac holding his heavy
balls. "Think we can do this, sweet? Let's try to
relax a moment"

Jeff held her breasts, fondled her nipples, and kissed
her lips as she held his cock under the base of her

"How do you feel, honey,"

" Good," he choked out. "trying to relax ahhhhhhh

"Now? Can you?" she asked a little tensely.

Jeff felt his water begin with relief. He stopped it.

"Go ahead, dear, NOW!"

Jeff's water rushed against her waiting pussy. Then
he felt the deluge of his grandmother's piss raining
on the end of his cock. It was a sensational feeling!
Warm, overwhelmingly wet. It just felt right, just the
right temperature. A warm glow settled over him and
his cock was rampant against her pussy lips as her
urine flowed over him.

Isabel felt Jeff's stream splash against her slit.
She was open wide to him so it felt like the stream of
a garden hose, a wonderful warm stream, full and
rushing along the valley toward her anus, wetting
everything in its path like the torrent of a river
through a canyon. Hungrily, she pulled him close,
pressing her breasts into his hands. His hands
squeezed her, massaged her and his cock throbbed under
her, there in the joint wetness from their bodies.

Then it was over and they leaned against each other,
hugging tightly, feeling so close, it seemed.

Isabel broke the silence with a giggle. "Ooohhh, that
was something, .... Wasn't it?"

"Yeah," he managed to mutter, pulling her closer.

She felt his stream jet against her again.

"Oh, still more????!!!!!!" she smiled at him now.

Jeff lifted her from the stool and held her in his
arms, his hands slipping under her skirt to find the
lovely orbs of her bottom. He lifted her to the
vanity, lifted her legs slightly and found his cock
slipping quickly into her tightness. The thick
syrupy wetness of her hot pussy felt wonderful as he
began stroking her with his cock.

Isabel was glad he was so pleased and she delighted in
the length of him now filling her with happiness. She
pulled herself closer by wrapping her legs around his
waist and he thrust firmly all the way into her hot
loving cunt.

"Oh, that's it hon, ......sshhhooove it innnnnto me
....... More, more more my sweet, again and again.
Give me all of you. Give me all of your big young
cock!!!!1 Fill me with your long shaft. Fuck me now,
darling. She pulled him into her again and again
matching her movements to fit his thrusting. "ohhhhh
Jeff, I'm ..... cummmminnnnnng ... don't stop ......
shove it in ... that's it that's it, that's it, THAT'S
IT!!!! OH,OH, OH, oh,oh ahhhh, oh HONEY."

Jeff felt his balls tighten and then the hot fluid of
his body surging up through his cock and into this
beautiful grandmother. He spasmed twice, then a third
and a fourth surge spurted deep into her pussy.

He held her close, her tits pressed against his chest.
Isabel reached down and found some of their combined
juices, now slipping out of the tightness holding onto
his lovely cock. She held the glistening finger up
between them and they shared it with the tips of their


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