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Grandma's story By J Bellamy

Chapter Five - The Bridge Group
It was Tuesday Afternoon and the drive was full of
cars. "Ooops, Gram's got her bridge club today," Jeff
muttered to himself driving up to the house. He
actually liked Isabel's friends as it turned out and
they seemed to enjoy teasing him and flirting with
him. They had a great pleasure in making sexy
comments with a big wink at his youthful nervousness.
Sometimes he didn't know how to handle their sexual
allusions, but mostly he just played along as the
superannuated teenage "aw shucks" image. They were
three attractive older women, four including his
grandma Isabel, who was the most beautiful of all.
Besides, they were of the old fashioned school and
tended to dress well and most importantly dressed like
women, ---- real women! Jeff liked that. They had
all been friends for years and had been a part of his
upbringing with Grandma. Each demanded to be known as
his auntie as part of their long being part of their

"There's our handsome sex symbol, girls,
hheeeeeerrrrrreeee's JEFFIE," it was Ellen, gorgeous,
slim Ellen. She kept her fifty some body in terrific
shape, working out, dieting, roller-blading, dieting,
working out, etc. The rest of the time she spent
talking. She was really very witty and one of the
more aggressive in making sexy remarks to him.

All of the "girls" made a big fuss over them and he
circled the table giving each a hug in turn. "Hi
Gram, my class was cancelled, hope I'm not in the
way." Isabel just smiled and returned his hug. She
couldn't get a word in edgewise, anyway. He glimpsed
her golden nyloned legs where her skirt was hiked half
way up her thighs. "Lovely," he thought! She held
the hug possessively against the side of her breast
while their banter continued.

"In the way, listen to handsome, the
way? Hey sweetheart, it is about time we had some
masculinity around here. We may make you do the
Chippendales bit later!!!" This was from Auntie
Millie, a little on the brassy side, also a little bit
overweight, but it came off well on her. Her large
breasts suited her body and she looked nicely rounded,
instead of chubby. Jeff thought he felt a hint of
tongue as he bent to taste her bright red lipstick and
enjoyed a peak down the inviting cleavage to the firm
support of a white bra. "Probably a Maidenform Cross
your Heart, " he thought.

"Now Millie, that is the best, and maybe only good
idea I have ever heard you utter! How about it girls,
anyone got a dollar to stuff in gorgeous Jeffie's
This was Jan, the pretty brunette with lots of steel
gray mixed in with darker strands of her hair. She
was stunning, with a lovely dark complexion, pearly
white teeth and a great smile, always evident.

"Alright, alright, you ladies are always promising to
keep me from my studies, ............ but you always
chicken out at the last minute! Who wants to go to
the homecoming dance with me?" All four hands went up
and he laughed loudly. "Now that would be something.
I'd be famous, and the most envied guy in the school!"
It was fun returning their banter and he was a lot
more comfortable with these familiar older women than
he could ever be with girls his own age. "Funny about
that", he thought to himself.

"Come on, Jeff, play with us!" Auntie Ellen wheedled.
"Come on, Jeff, we need a man, so bad in this
foursome!" she grinned. The double meaning was
joking, but there was a certain edge to it which he
didn't miss.

Ellen's breasts were medium sized and looked large
against her lithe, slim frame. She had been
overweight once some years ago and now was watchful of
any extra calories. He always noticed her nipples
standing out through most things she wore, sweaters
especially, ........ as she was dressed today. Her
breasts were perfect halves of a large orange with
nipples perfectly mounted. They had that lovely curve
familiar on the underside of an older woman's breast,
one of the most beautiful natural curves in nature.
"Far surpassing the Golden Gate Bridge" he found
himself thinking.

Ellen smiled unselfconsciously at the attention he was
giving her breasts and he quickly looked away when he
knew he had been caught.

"Sorry, I'm off to study, girls, I'd love to play, but
you know how it is." He headed for the couch in the
family room, listening to their continuing
complimentary comments following him down the hall.

He was lying on the floor when Ellen came down the
hall a few minutes later.

"I'm dummy" she explained, standing over him. She
stood quite close, craning her neck to see what he was
reading. "Psychology, eh? Always liked that in
school" She stood quite close and Jeff rolled on his
back. He could see up the long sleek nylon covered
columns of her legs. His view ended in a darkness
about half way up her thighs. She looked alluring and
somehow he sensed the warmth that would be there if he
could just put his hand there to test it. In his mind
he thought over the softness, the scent, the warmth
that would combine into pure emotion there. She
didn't move away from his staring.

She was carrying a shopping bag. "I want to show you
some treasures from my shopping, I need a man's
viewpoint," she leered. She knelt beside him and
reached into the bag. "This won't embarrass you will
it, Jeff? I bought myself some treats at Victoria's
Secret today!!! Look at these, what do you think?
Am I ready to go to the Ball or not?"

She held a pair of silken panties our to him, trailing
them against her legs like a jeweler showing a diamond
bracelet, --always against an attractive piece of
velvet or something -- in this case these nice tan
thighs. "Aren't they silky? Here, feel."

She guided his hand to the crotch where she ran her
finger along to demonstrate the lacy white garment
with a few inter-twined roses scattered across them.
"And look, a matching push up bra!" She held it
against her breasts for the effect and smiled at him

"Uhhhh, yeah, very nice Auntie Ell, very nice!' he
choked out as he felt his cock rising in his pants at
the sight of the undies and the thought of them on

"And look at this!" She offered a longer garment with
bra cups at the top and garters trailing down her legs
at the bottom. "what do you think of this? She stood
as if modeling it, pressing the garter snap in place
on her thigh.

"Come on, Dummy, we're ready to play in here! "Came
the command from the other room.

She scooped the goodies up and into the bag, leaving
it behind next to him. He caught a glimpse, a long
one he thought, up her thighs all the way to white
panties covered with sheer pantyhose unencumbered with
a cotton crotch, just the seam running up the center,
pulling the panties into the split between her thighs.
Ellen squatted in that position, opening her thighs a
little more for him to gaze enchanted up her skirt to
the chapel he mightily wanted to explore! His hard on
strained against his pants. She put her hand on his
chest pressing against him as she stood up. "See you
later, Sweetie. Glad you liked my lingerie!" again
he thought it might be a double meaning.

He moaned and rolled over on his stomach, groaning
slightly at the growing pain in his balls from all
this teasing.

Still later, his grandma came in. Isabel is one of
those beautiful women who is lucky and gets more
attractive well into their fifties. The combination
of a good, now softening shape, good posture and
impeccable grooming keep them attracting the stares
and admiration of men of all ages and perhaps
especially of young men like Jeff.

Isabel had an impish expression and he knew that
something was up.

"I'm dummy" she too explained her absence from the
game. She assumed the position that Ellen had just
used when she left him. Jeff found himself staring
sideways along Gram's opulent legs, the good quality
nylon's glistening and her gleaming white panties at
the end of the long path to heaven grabbing his eyes.
Her nylons were real nylon stockings ending two thirds
of the way up her thighs. He knew she wore them these
days because he liked the old fashioned nylons so much
better than pantyhose when he caught a glimpse.

She said in a conspiratorial tone, "How would you feel
about shocking the girls by taking them up on the
invitation to do a Chippendales imitation? They are
all old friends, so maybe you wouldn't feel too shy?
It would make it the most memorable bridge game on

"Oh, I don't know! Wow, I've never done anything
like that. I can't dance" he felt the red rise along
his neck and into his face. He'd have sat up in shock
if he didn't love the view up Isabel's thighs so much.

"Well, it would be fun ....... Come on, it's all among
friends, Jeff. Think about your poker party and my
scandalous behavior!!!" she said mockingly.

"Yeah, but you're gorgeous, Gram. Look at me."

Sweetheart, you are beautiful to our eyes. Your
gorgeous young male body and your lovely hardness
bulging in your pants. You really turn their heads!"
And then to clinch it, she said, " I bought you
something that would make a good Chippendale costume!"
she whispered the last in his ear. Her breath in her
ear was always a terrible turn on. "What do you say?"

"OK, Gram, if you think it's OK, I guess it's OK with
me. Where is the costume?'

"It's in a little bag on your bed."

He found the bag and took out the smallest g-string he
had ever seen. It didn't look big enough. He
stripped and pulled the shiny black band securely up
around his balls. He had such an erection he had a
hard time subduing it and getting it packed inside the
pouch of the garment. He had to sit down and try to
relax so that it got flexible enough to fit. He
looked at himself in the mirror and smiled that he was
just liable to be a smash. After all, it was kind of
like a swimsuit, except for the way it split the
crease of his ass, of course.

In the closet, he found a black bow tie left over from
a wedding dress-up event and snapped it in place
around his neck to finish off the costume.

Jeff appeared with one bare leg stuck out around the
wall and yelled "yoo-hoo, girls!" The catcalls began.
Isabel turned up the music with a decided beat and he
danced into view. The cards were all thrown in and
the chairs pushed back. The girls were like one of
those audiences you see on tv all eyes and shouts.

After a few bumps and grinds, he headed back for
shelter, but they wouldn't have it.

"Wait a minute, you have to come to the edge of the
stage for your tips, Jeff." Auntie Ellen shouted,
"I've been to one of these shows!" She started
clapping her hands rhythmically while the others got
out their purses and searched for bills.

"Tens are OK, girls and no change given!!" he laughed.

He began making the rounds, first to Ellen, who hiked
up her skirt over her lovely nyloned thighs and
spread her legs so he could walk up to her. He
noticed her perfume wafting up from the heat of her
body. Jeff did a bump and grind in front of her
popping eyes which stayed hungrily on his full pouch,
then reached to slowly tuck a bill down the front of
him. He felt her nails scrap along the top of his
cock as she pushed all of it in to the pouch, leaving
only a quarter inch sticking out.

"Ellen, you'll be jailed for child abuse," Millie
shouted " if you go any further."

Jan chimed in, "yes Ellen leave some for us!" Jeff
approached her. She was a little more modest or else
it was a tighter skirt. She turned to the side and
pulled him close by the band of his shorts. "come to
me, big guy! I llllloooove it" Her warm hand went
in deeply too, carrying a 5$ bill with it and
lingering in the curly hair above his prick, then
tickling him just at the base of it for good measure.
Jeff's leg was pressed tightly against her soft thigh
and her dress so silky to his touch was very sexy.
She hugged him close and his cock felt her lovely
breasts in the firm bra holding their softness so
elegantly prominent.

The music swelled to enhance his grind as he walked
around the table, showing them the cheeks of his ass
to their shouts of encouragement. He bent at the
waist, mooning them. This brought their laughing
gales of bravos. He slipped the center strap out and
to the side, teasing them with the fullness of the
crack of his ass. They were almost exhausted with
laughing and cheering by now.

He moved on to receive his tip from Millie, good old
ample Millie. Millie had an aggressive approach,
slipping her bill up from the side of his shorts,
touching his balls on the way to fondling his cock
lightly. It was rock hard by now. Millie pressed a
big kiss on his navel and started south to the mocking
pleasure of the others. She stopped just in time and
pressed him instead to her full breasts in a bear hug.

Jeff's eyes must have bulged a little because the
girls shouted "Hey, I think he likes that Millie,
better back off!" Millie wasn't through yet, though,
pulling Jeff onto her lap, hiking up her skirt before
him. Jeff sighed with pleasure at the nylon thighs
against his bare legs. He squirmed closer and pressed
her head against his chest triumphantly. She gently
nibbled his nipple, sending a sharp shiver to his

That left Isabel. What to do, here he wondered? It
was Gram, you know. But Isabel gently tugged him her
way and demurely tucked her bill into the side band of
his shorts and pulled him down for a kiss on her
bright red lips. "Thanks, honey, you were great!
What a finale to our game"

"Best yet," the others joined in. "Do you rent the
act out Isabel?" asked Ellen, her face a little
flushed and her nipples definitely spiking against her

Jeff headed upstairs as they said their good-byes. He
had a terry robe on when he came back down to join
Isabel picking up the table.

"Oh, I was afraid you were going to forget to give
your old Grandma a show too!"

"I'd never leave you out, Gram!" and he dropped the
robe and resumed his dance for her. She sat on a soft
hassock looking beautiful, her nyloned knees gleaming
and slightly parted. As he approached, she opened
wider and pulled her skirt high enough for the
stocking tops to show. Jeff could read the Christian
Dior labels across the dark tops above the narrow
little light colored stripes banding her thighs. Jeff
thought it was a marvelous sight, along with glimpsing
the tight pouting sexiness of her pubic mound under
the white panties.

"Wow, Gram you look beautiful. .......... Just
beautiful. " he stopped dancing and just looked at
her. She clapped her hands for more of a dance. He
obliged by moving between her legs and doing a bump in
her direction, his now engorged cock aching in the
constraint of his cup. She reached out and kissed him
on the prominent bulge, then slipped her finger under
the band and down between his legs, teasing his
scrotum with her fingernail.

Isabel pulled him closer, clamping him against her
lovely breasts. Some how she had found time to sneak
away and slip out of her bra, so the soft resilience
of her breasts against his urgently hard cock felt
delicious. His young body contrasted its hardness to
her mature, soft but firm and opulent feeling body.
She kept his cock cradled between her breasts,
reaching to loose the buttons and let him glide deep
in the valley between her twin peaks with their double
curves -- one graceful soft one of her slightly
pendulous breast and the other a more insistent small
curve of her aureole highlighting the jutting, long
nipples so proudly ready for him to suckle. Jeff
thought he could nurse on them all night long and
still not have enough.

"Umm, ...... you feel so good there between my
tits honey; ..... so hot and hard. Is that cup making
you ache to get free?" she slipped it down, releasing
his rampant cock and watching it spring to attention
straight in front of him - now pointed directly at
Isabel's lips.

She took his cock into her warm mouth, stopping to
hold just the head of it and suck on it, like a nice
dark red Tootsie Pop. Her mouth produced a pool of
saliva which bathed him in warmth, contrasting with
the length of shaft still in the coolness of the room.
She lifted the heaviness of his balls and he thought
he would go right through the ceiling with excitement.
Isabel kept him like that, enjoying the taste of him
and the velvet like smoothness of his cock head,
feeling it all around with her mouth. She turned her
brown eyes up to him, watching the pleasure sweep
across his face.

Jeff's hands found her breasts and lifted them.
"squeeze them, sweetheart, go ahead, squeeze them,
that's it ..... a little harder ..... ah
.....yes....." then she turned again to play with his
cock with her tongue, this time, carefully slipping
its proud length all the way into her mouth. She
choked a little, but then adjusted and made way for
it to slip into her throat as if it were her cunt.
Jeff's hand tangled in her hair to pull her to him and
to keep his cock deep in her throat. Isabel moved her
head slightly to twirl around his lovely hardness -
fresh young hardness, steely hardness and firmness.
She didn't want him to cum yet, so she carefully
released him and pressed his cock between her tits for
a few moments of luxury, spreading the wetness from
his cock onto her chest.

"That was lovely of you Jeff,. To give those old girls
a show! They love you and they loved the show.
Thanks! And ...... now, ................
........maybe I should give you a show?

"YES!" he exulted, slipping into a chair and gazing at
her nylons held taut by her garter snaps and her
panties made taut by her pubic mound and pouting lips
of her full pussy. She smiled at his interest, and
getting to her feet, she danced lightly before him to
the music. She lifted her skirt to show her stocking
tops and the elastic garter reaching to hold them up,
then higher until the lacy whiteness of her panties
came into view. They were not bikinis, but sort of
mid sized, hip huggers he thought they were called.
"perfect name", he thought, smiling at the patch of
hair just visible under the sheerness of her panties.
The band of his own costume was stretched tight under
his balls, holding them out at an angle below his
cock. It felt like the whole area was about to

Isabel, slipped off her skirt and laid it aside. She
slipped her half-slip down in time to the music and
turned to show him her full, pleasantly curving ass,
swaying seductively in time to the music. He watched
the way the panties clung so snuggly to their cargo,
revealing the crease between her buns through their
sheerness. Isabel slipped them slowly down the
swelling curve of her hips turning around to show all
her complicated curves, her hairy patch of a triangle,
now showing a little gray making it even more
attractive to Jeff. He loved its covering of her
secret warm loving tunnel. The panties were down to a
straight line across just below the vee that defined
her pussy and Isabel stopped for the effect, tilting
her head and slanting her hips to show off to him. As
Jeff's eyes lingered on the sexiness of the silk, she
slipped them down her thighs and to the floor.

Jeff noted that she had put her panties on over the
garter belt so she could take them off and leave her
stockings in place. She knew that would please him.
It made him feel important and loved. Nude now,
except for her nylons and heels, she stood in front of
him. He slipped one of the bills from his pouch into
the waistband of her garterbelt and she wriggled her
hips and giggled as a thank you.

Jeff's hands took the pleasureful stroll up her nylons
to her pussy and parted her legs. He kissed the
graying hair at her apex, drinking in the combined
scent of her now moistening pussy and her perfume. It
was intoxicating! As his tongue pressed into the top
of her slit, Isabel wobbled a bit, the shiver coursing
from her pussy along her spine and signaling to her
nipples, took her breath away. Jeff steadied her by
holding onto her thighs there where the dark bands of
her stocking emphasized the whiteness of her skin.
With one hand on his head, Isabel spread one leg out,
and raised it, giving him more access to her

Jeff sucked her clitoris into his lips and ran his
tongue down the magic of the crease between her rather
large labia. They were the labia of a mature woman,
long and full, rich with texture, seeming to open in a
particularly welcoming gesture that younger women's
lips don't share. Each has its own charm of course,
but at the moment, Jeff thought these were the
loveliest in the world. They were wet with her
juices. They were there holding the loveliness of her
scent open to him, inviting him to linger, to suckle,
to lick, to taste.

"Jeff ........ I ....neeeed you .... Dear. Please
make love to me. .... Please, ..... .......
......make love to me, hard and deep." She moved to
the chaise in the corner and he looked at her
nakedness, looked at her openness for him, she spread
her legs, touched the peak of the slit between her
legs and held out her hand to him. As he approached,
she spread further, allowing him the sight of her
welcoming, open entry, pink, dark, gleaming wet and
waiting ..........

Jeff knelt between her legs and kissed her pussy folds
deeply. She caught her breath. ''Hurry, dear, I'm
ready now...... Eagerly, now he leaned over her.
Isabel guided his cock to the entry with her hand as
she guided his lips down to her nipples. As she
pulled his cock into her cunt, she could feel him
suckle her left nipple. His cock slipped sweetly into
her pussy, its entire length finding the warmth of her
wetness, tightly cradled by her muscles fondling his
long cock.

He lay there sucking on first one breast and then the
other, squeezing them together for their shared kiss
with a nipple between their lips. The taste of her
bright lipstick was like the cherry on an ice cream
sundae, just a nice enhancement. "Hold them tight,
dear, they're yours. Squeeze gram's boobs,
sweetheart........harder darling,.....that's it,
........that's it ......yes, squeezed,
harder, harder, honey...... yessss. Her hips met his
thrust, forcing him in to the hilt. Their fucking was
good, hard, firm thrusting and fondling each other on
every surface that one or the other could reach.
Jeff clutched her to him and began an urgent
thrusting, his balls slapping against her ass loudly
as he pulled nearly out then slammed himself again
deep into her striving pussy, deep into the depths of
her pussy he slammed his cock, now tense and tight in
its urgency. His balls felt full and striving too and
she rose to grasp him, grasped his cock to pull his
cream out of him, to milk him into her waiting pussy.
She felt him surge, he felt the juices firing up the
shaft of his cock propelled by his tense balls
straining to fill her with his youthful jism splashing
against the walls and folds of her cunt.

Isabel called into his ear gently but with urgency.
"That's it Jeff, give it to me, I want it all, slam it
into me. Come on, shove that big thing into me. cum
For me dear, cum into me, fill me. Oh,,
yess....yesss, yesss, there , ..........that feels
wonderful. ........................... Yes, fill me
with your wonderful cum, sweetheart. She orgasmed
firmly just before she felt his urgency shooting out
of his cock and into her eager cunt. She squeezed the
juices around his waning hardness, loving the feel of
its slippery hotness. She felt it seeping out of her,
down her now widely spread cheeks. She rocked him
tenderly in her arms, his lips still pulling gently at
her nipple.

Grandma's story By Jbellamy

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