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This is a fictional story solely for the entertainment
of adults. Any resemblance to persons living or dead
is entirely coincidental.

Grandma's story

Chapter Six - Discovered!

By James Bellamy
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(Reprise of the preceding chapters:

Isabel raised her grandson Jeff through his teen
years after his parents died in a plane crash. Now
that he is an awkward, nave, 23 year-old college
student, their open and frank discussions about
sexuality have lead to the surprising fact of their
becoming lovers. Isabel, after a personal struggle
has concluded that it will be better for Jeff's sexual
development if she helps him by providing some
training and experience by personally being his lover.
Their loving relationship has survived the first
occasions and their conversations explore subjects
that Jeff brings home from his graduate level course
#547 - Human Sexuality. Chapter 5 introduced three
friends who have been part of a Tuesday afternoon
bridge club with Isabel)
Chapter 6 - "Discovered!"
"Auntie Ell" had driven away from Isabel's after the
bridge group broke up just as dusk was falling. A few
blocks away, it occurred to her that she had forgotten
a shopping bag at Isabel's. It was a bag containing
her purchases from Victoria's Secret. She smiled as
she thought how naughty she had been, teasing young
Jeff by showing her pretty purchases to him and then
more or less forcing him to feel how silky they were.
She knew how sexy it would be to such a youngster,
barely out of his adolescence. It was probably
inconsiderate, she decided, but, smiling again, she
recalled how excited he was and how he seemed to enjoy
her teasing.

She had purposely stood close to him, allowing him a
view up her skirt as he lay there on the floor. " His
eyes had got big as saucers when I knelt down beside
him and he realized he could see my panty crotch. It
was good that he was lying down; he could have fallen
and hurt himself," she thought and she giggled aloud
at her sexy adventuring.

Ellie thought life was a bit unfair just at this time,
Her husband's death three years ago had left her alone
at age 50, with her sexuality still blooming. At her
age, these days, it was so difficult to meet eligible,
interesting men, other than the one night stand types
who hit on her in bars. That was completely
unsatisfying and demeaning, she thought. She really
missed the regular company of a husband. So she spent
her life, cursing the unfairness and entertaining her
fantasies for relief.

Jeff, was such a dear boy. She had been practically
an Aunt to him over the years. Now she found him
sexually attractive, and wondered what she was coming
to. She felt strangely guilty about it, but was
starting to question why she should feel that way.
After all, he must be sexually active by now, so how
could it be considered leading a child astray?

"YESSSSS!, why, why," she thought as she turned the
car around to fetch the little bag she had left at

Ellie pressed the doorbell, then recalled that it was
not working. Remembering that the sliding door in the
back of the house lead into the family room where they
had been playing bridge, she walked around the house,
humming to herself.

As she rounded the final corner onto the patio, she
stopped short. She nearly stopped breathing. She
stood stock still in her footsteps, one heel had still
not touched down onto the ground; it hung there in
midair. A cold shiver of shock went down her spine.
For there before her was the young, muscular figure of
a young man --- naked!

"What on earth.......?" She stopped short. She didn't
move. She made no more sounds. She started to retreat
from the scene then stopped, fascinated by the scene.

Ellie had never seen anyone else having sex, certainly
not "in person". She remembered watching her husband
making love to her in a mirror on their closet door;
......... she blushed slightly, even now. But this
was different. This young lover was beautiful in his
athletic stroking into the partner spread open before
him on the Chaise lounge.

'Omigod! ............. . ........... it can't be
..........it just can't ....... She closed her eyes
and then reopened them.

It ......was, though. There was her dear friend
Isabel, legs spread with abandon.

(''Hurry, dear, I'm ready now...... Eagerly, now he
leaned over her. Isabel guided his cock to the entry
with her hand as she guided his lips down to her
nipples. As she pulled his cock into her cunt, she
could feel him suckle her left nipple. His cock
slipped sweetly into her pussy, its entire length
finding the warmth of her wetness, tightly cradled by
her muscles fondling his long cock.)

Ellie watched as the boy's long cock pressed into the
older woman's pussy. It was fascinating. It slipped
in and then withdrew, glistening with her wetness,
then again disappeared, Its length swallowed up by the
engulfing pussy lips standing open like caressing

"Oh, My, ....... I should go." She thought.

Still she stood, stock-still; stood and stared in
fascination. She felt her own personal juices begin
to flow. Her panties were getting wet, she knew.

"I must go. I must turn around and forget this!"
she cautioned herself again.

Still she stayed. Still she stared at Jeff and his
lovely cock thrusting so thrillingly into her best
friend's happy and eager cunt.

"But, it can't really be! Jeff is her Grandson! She
wouldn't, she just wouldn't!"

Not this good solid citizen, straight-thinking Isabel.
It was not possible, she told herself.

Then she thought of the thoughts she had been having
herself. Her longing for sex since her husband died
three years ago. And suddenly she understood. Yes,
it is possible. It is possible for Isabel to .........
be here, looking radiant and glowing with this lovely
young athletic looking boy with his glorious
glistening cock probing deeply into her pussy.

Still she watched, though she wanted to go away and
leave them in peace. She watched as Isabel put a hand
on Jeff's hip ......... almost guiding his thrusting
...yes guiding his thrusting glistening steely hard
cock to touch just where her cunt yearned and needed
to be touched by the sensitive tip of his eager young

She was urging him deeper into her. Ellie had never
looked at Isabel like this. She positively glowed.
Her skin looked resilient, oiled and like those
wonderful old Master's paintings of opulent,
generous nudes from the 16th century.

"Omigod, " she muttered, "Don't tell me I'm finding
Isabel sexually arousing. " "Good grief, ......
NO! ........... But there it was; she suddenly
realized how beautiful Isabel was. They had been
closest friends since high school.

" Ellie wondered at the weakness in her knees. It was
not just Jeff's thrusting cock that she found
attractive, but both of them. They were heroically
beautiful in their great wild thrusting together;
their wonderful fucking together. Oh my god" she
thought to herself. "That IS complicated!"

She watched as Jeff suckled at Isabel's nipple, and
her own nipple responded with tingling anticipation.
She touched her breast. Pressing its softness.

((((((IIsabel called into his ear gently but with
urgency. "That's it Jeff, give it to me, I want it
all, slam it into me. Come on, shove that big thing
into me. cum For me dear, cum into me, fill me. Oh,,
yess....yesss, yesss, there , ..........that feels
wonderful. ........................... Yes, fill me
with your wonderful cum, sweetheart. She orgasmed
firmly just before she felt his urgency shooting out
of his cock and into her eager cunt. She squeezed the
juices around his waning hardness, loving the feel of
its slippery hotness. She felt it seeping out of her,
down her now widely spread cheeks. She rocked him
tenderly in her arms, his lips still pulling gently at
her nipple. )))))))
Ellie gazed with continued fascination at the scene
before her. The lovers glistening with the sweat of
their exertions, their great thrusting together, the
two were as one. Now he slumped against her softness,
completely spent, his juices dripping from her cunt,
after making her feel whole, like a woman. Like a live
woman, taking pleasure from giving herself, taking
pleasure by receiving this hot liquid love cream so
generously and urgently delivered from her young
lover's balls hanging there between his legs.
Yes, she could understand how it had happened, and why
it was possible for Isabel to rise above the taboos of
society and take her young grandson as a lover!
"It was simple, it made her feel like a complete woman
again!" she exulted. Looked at that way it is easy
to understand --- and .......easy to be envious of
her, Ellie thought ruefully.
Ellie thought for a moment that Isabel's eyes had
fluttered open in her direction and her blood ran cold
for a moment. Had she been seen? And was that a
smile on Isabel's face? Was she pleased that her
friend had seen her in her happiness? --- In her
completeness as a woman? Was she pleased to have been
caught there, spread wide open to her young lover and
having the exquisite pleasure and danger of being seen
by a voyeur?
At last, Ellie hurriedly withdrew.
"I have to think about this carefully." She thought as
she drove away.
"How would I advise Isabel if she asked? " Then it
occurred to her, " why would Isabel ask her?" "I'll
have to keep this completely to myself," she thought.
'Completely" she repeated out loud to herself as she
drove toward home, almost on autopilot, unable to
think clearly. The vision of their wonderful love
came back to her mind. Ellie, pulled up her skirt and
fondled the dampness of her panty crotch."
Four weeks passed, and Ellie watched for any change
between Isabel and her; but there was none. She was
relieved and happy that apparently Isabel was still
unaware that she had been observed. They continued to
see each other regularly and Isabel seemed no
different, though Ellie thought she now recognized in
her face the new happiness in Isabel's life. Ellie
found it impossible to sit on the familiar Chaise
where she had seen Isabel and Jeff make love, but
apart from that, no change was apparent.
One day they were chatting alone; Isabel on the chaise
and Ellie in the large drum chair nearby. Suddenly,
Isabel looked at her and said, "El, ........ come sit
here with me, there's plenty of room for two. Come
watch the leaves fall with me." She patted the Chaise
beside her and smiled. Ellie's heart was in her
throat, but she did as her friend asked. Perching on
the edge with a little bit of discomfort.
El, dear old El, we are too good friends and have too
old a friendship, not to talk about it. Ellie's heart
sank. She wanted to just keep the secret for Isabel,
not be dragged into judgement.
"You see, I saw you ......... ........." Isabel
began, that day, through the window. You've been a
true friend, haven't you, not mentioning it to me, not
judging, probably not telling anyone else either! I'm
sure of that."
"Good, I want you to be sure of that." Ellie said in
a rush.
Isabel pulled Ellie closer. "Oh, El, it has been so
nice having you as a friend over all these years.
Thank you."
Ellie felt Isabel's soft body against hers. Felt her
large soft breasts against hers. Suddenly it felt all
right, too. She didn't know why. You just mature and
if you are lucky your fixed hang-ups drop away and you
can experience a wider range of feelings.
"Any questions?" Isabel asked with a tentative smile.
"I think I understand, actually, but you must have
gone though hell with the decision, so Let's talk
about it. If you want to, that is.........."
They had talked for hours and in the end Ellie felt
completely confident of her understanding and her
acceptance, her active acceptance of the new
relationship and its possibilities. Finally, she said
"How much do you think two such friends as you and I
can share Isabel? ................ .......... Or am I
asking too much? .......... Please say so if I am.
"Oh ........" Isabel paused. "Well, ........ I
guess I've known for a long time that you have more
than a passing interest in my Grandson ......
......OK, a lot more ...." They both laughed.
"Well, maybe ......... ............. You'd like that
would you? hhhmmmmm ..... I suspect that Jeff would
fall all over himself with joy ....... So ........
well, I'll see how things go......"

A week passed and they made a dinner date with their
proposed shared young lover, Jeff. Careful plans were
laid. They even agreed and shopped for identical
underwear. Including the positively required real
stockings and garterbelt. "Jeff and all other men
love them, even if we find them uncomfortable..."
Isabel had said.
They arrived at Ernie's Dinner Club, the three of
them, and Isabel asked Ernie for the corner booth far
in the back of the elegant restaurant.
"Of course, Mrs. Welty, of course, come this way.
Jeff sat in the middle of the round booth and they
ordered dinner and a nice wine. There was a small
band, which soon launched into romantic dance tunes
and the dance floor soon filled.
"El, why don't you dance with Jeff first?"
Jeff looked stricken and started to protest that he
was a lousy dancer, but was soon swept away with a
silly grin on his face. The smile continued as Aunt
Ellie snuggled close and her nipples pressed against
his shirt. He hadn't worn a tee shirt either, so it
was a sensational pleasure. As the song ended, she
was straddling his leg and he felt the heat of her
pussy on his thigh. He wasn't quite sure what to make
of that, but he took a moment to enjoy it. Her heat
soaked into him and he could feel the lips of her
pussy provided a flat space between her thighs.
Ellile's pubic mound pressed against him was one of
the most erotic things he had ever felt. It was hard
to describe just how lovely it felt through the thin
trousers. She smiled into his eyes as she gently
pulled away, warm in the knowledge that their intimacy
had just begun. Begun with the wonder of his hard
thigh pressed against the sensitive mound of her sex.
What a warm feeling it was to have someone pressed
against this intimate and oh so loving part of her
His hand trailed around her waist as they headed back
to the table to find a smiling Isabel to greet them.
As dinner arrived, he found himself having a great
time as the king with two queens. They drank wine,
laughed, and even talked about Human Sexuality Course
he was taking at school. Jeff still felt himself
blush at some of the topics. His two older friends
seemed to be handling it more easily now
He and Isabel had spent the afternoon discussing the
reasons for people liking to have sex In places where
there is the danger of being caught and observed. The
general theory is that anything that stimulates a
release of adrenaline, as the fear of being caught
would, heightens the other sensors receiving sexual
stimulation, therefore heightening the pleasure of
having sex in the open or on a stairwell, for example.
"or in a restaurant,... he suddenly thought as
Isabel's hand found his semi hard cock through his
pant leg. She turned and smiled at him with her big
beautiful eyes when he looked so shocked. She gave it
another big squeeze and winked. She looked innocent,
sitting with hands apparently folded in her lap. Not
even Ernie would have suspected.
In fact especially Ernie would not suspect. He came
to the table several times and had no idea, as Isabel
kept a constant flow of conversation with waiter,
Ernie, Aunt Ellie and me. All with big innocent
smiles. It was wonderful, and Jeff did feel
The white tablecloth covered their laps, but Jeff
still felt pretty exposed when Isabel unzipped him and
pulled his dick out while Aunt Ellie was in the
ladies room. Her hand felt wonderfully smooth on his
cock and he began to enjoy the danger of it.
Over the salad, Isabel looked around him to say
something to Ellie, suggesting she not be so distant
and come closer so that we could all talk more easily.
Ellie moved her plate and scooted close to Jeff, her
knee touching his.
Beads of sweat formed on Jeff's forehead now with both
of their nylon covered knees touching his in the
secrecy of the all concealing white table cloth. They
kept chattering away, like he was supposed to not have
this raging hard on exposed under the tablecloth!!
Isabel brought both hands into view on the table to
cut and toss her salad. Jeff breathed a sigh of
relief because he was afraid he was going to embarrass
himself if she had continued stroking his cock that
way. He relaxed a moment.
Then suddenly, the sweat returned to his forehead big
time. He looked at Isabel - both hands working on
the salad.
AUNT ELLIE! A second hand had found his cock!
Tensely, he looked out the corner of his eye. Auntie
Ellie was cool as a cucumber. But he was not
dreaming, it was definitely her hand that had replaced
his Grandmother's under the cloth. It felt awfully
good, but what if Gram found it there when she came
Now he was really feeling the stimulation of fear and
it was about to make him shower everything with his
juices. Ellie's hand drifted slowly away and landed
on his thigh. As if by signal, Gram's hand returned
to fondle his enormous erection, touching a little of
the pre-cum that was dribbling down his shaft.
She pulled her hand back and offered her finger to
him. " Want to taste the dressing? It's really
"Uh ....no thanks, Gram."
"How about you, Ell?"
"Oh, sure, let me taste, I took the blue cheese."
Jeff almost lost it as his Grandma reached across him,
offering Aunt Ellie a taste of his pre-cum juices
instead of salad dressing. The sweat beaded again.
He really was almost ready for the game to stop. He
had had enough excitement for one night.
Astonishingly, Auntie Ellie held Isabel's hand while
her tongue licked it off the finger and she smacked
her lips with relish. "Mmm, that is wonderful! I
wonder if they'll give us the recipe?"
Jeff was dying between these two beautiful older, more
experienced women.
Again, as if by signal, Auntie El's hand appeared on
his cock, squeezing it gently.
Suddenly, it dawned on him - it WAS by signal. They
were toying with him - both of them. "But what does
that mean?" he thought.
He looked from one to the other. Suddenly the
innocent looks left their faces and they giggled at
his discomfort.
"We have taken advantage of you Jeff. Do you forgive
us?" Gram wanted to know. " We want to share you,
dear. We are all best friends, and we want to share!
What do you think"
Jeff was near collapsing into a heap. "My god, you
had me going. I thought I was going to go crazy. You
two owe me -- big time."
Now two hands were wrapped around his cock, gently
playing around his pole.
"But you didn't answer, yet?
"Oh, I would love to share you both. The two women
I've had a crush on since I was about 10 years old?
WOW! Where is the question?"
They each kissed his cheek at the same time. Each
took one of his hands below the table and lifted their
skirts to open themselves to him. His hand found the
heaven of two thighs covered by old-fashioned nylon
stockings and garters. Jeff lost all interest in
eating. Two women, two lovely thighs to fondle and
follow upward to the heaven above their stocking tops.
That 's the way things were as the waiter took away
their plates. "How was your dinner, etc." all
answered by these three innocent looking people with
their hands in their laps - each other's laps, in
Since Jeff couldn't possible walk out on the dance
floor in his condition, they left and went home.
Auntie Ellie was talked into staying overnight,
surprisingly easily. All prearranged by the two
women, of course.
Isabel asked Jeff to open a bottle of champagne. The
cork popped and flew against the wall in traditional
celebratory fashion and the tall thin glasses bubbled
over with the exuberant liquid. "here's to us." Ellie
offered the toast.

"And here's to truth and honesty and good friends,"
added Isabel.
They stood toasting each other in the kitchen. Isabel
kissed her grandson on the cheek, then offered her
bright red lips to his. Jeff sampled the exciting
taste of her lipstick, the flavor sticking to his
lips, as he found her tongue searching for his.
Isabel's pubic mound pressed against him as Ellie's
had earlier, straddling his leg. Ellie joined the
embrace from the other side of Jeff and his hands
stroked their bottoms, feeling the fabric slipping
over their panties. He found each of their panty
lines and ran his finger along them, streaking across
the expanse of their cheeks.
"Can we all kiss, do you think?" Isabel said
tentatively, bringing her lips close to Jeff's and
inviting Ellie with her eyes.
Ellie brought her lips close, looking first into
Jeff's eyes and then Isabel's.
Gently, they all moved another inch and found the
strange newness of this loving friendship. Ellie was
first to search with her tongue, then Isabel joined
her, tasting her long time friend for the first time.
Jeff soon joined, his hot young tongue darting from
one to the other, then calming a little, he let the
sensuality of it seep into his thoughts.
Ellie's mouth was a thin line, her tongue seeking and
active. His Grandmother's more generous lips, heavy
with her lipstick gave a different, luxurious effect.
Their tongues played together now. Jeff found the
sweetness of their combined breath an erotic pleasure
to inhale. Isabel captured both their tongues
momentarily between her lips and suckled them. Both
Ellie and Jeff shivered and Isabel giggled at her
accomplishment. Their bodies moved closer, Jeff
leaning against the counter supporting all their
pressing together.
Ellie felt Isabel's breast against her own. It was a
lovely comfortable breast, mature, yet still an
underlying firmness. She felt her own nipple tighten
crisply. Her had found Jeff's cock thorough his pants
and she let the length of her hand feel all along the
length of it rising up toward his belt. Isabel
unzipped his pants and their hands joined to console
his balls and his rampant cock - as a team.
Isabel took Ellie's hands and motioned her to a
kneeling position. Jeff's cock was at eye level for
both of them now. She took his cock and balls out of
his pants, cupping the balls and offering his length
to Ellie. Jeff felt Grandma's loving hands lift and
fondling his balls, heavy in their sac. He felt her
hand holding his shaft for Ellie's inspection.
Ellie looked at his cock, her heart in her throat.
Her lips kissed his cock head from the side, flicking
her tongue to taste his pre-cum juice again, this time
first hand. Isabel joined her, her lips spreading
over her half of the bulbous head, as Ellie did the
same. Their lips touched around the magnificent
smooth silky roundness of him. "Ohhhhh,
..........Jeff, ...... you are so lovely. You grew up
so nice! Isabel smiled at Ellie's excitement.
And finally, they all walked up the stairs for their
first night together.
Jeff followed them, then whimsically, lifted their
skirts to gaze at the loveliness of their stockinged
legs. They stopped and let him look. Their stocking
seams pointed up to the pretty lace of their panties
and the still attractive cheeks of their asses. Jeff
brought one hand along each of their legs, slipping up
the nylon sleekness, touched the hardness of a garter
snap, then his hand found his two pussies. Their
panties were damp there where their juices betrayed
their excitement -- between the softness of their
pussy lips. His hands moved to cup their pubic
mounds, his thumb resting at the entrance to their
love tunnels. Grandma's was a definite wide,
comfortable flatness between her legs and a prominent
swelling wonder under the curly thatch. Ellie's felt
different, more of an "A" shape, so less flatness
there for his hand to rest and support on the palm of
his hand.
Jeff came closer, kissed first one cheek and then the
other under their skirts. His hand squeezed them
firmly - revealing his mounting desire. They hurried
up the steps feeling his urgency and their own now
evident in the increasing wetness between their
Jeff, what are you going to do with two women?" Gram
wanted to know.
To be honest Jeff wasn't sure and he was a little
drunk from the wine, too. They undressed him and put
him on the bed. He happily watched as they slipped
out of their dresses. He was staring at two beautiful
older ladies.
Gram's familiar softly contoured body and Auntie El's
slim lithe rather athletic body. Both were in
identical stockings, except El's were black and
Isabel's were the medium tan Jeff loved on her legs
with the dark brown at the top. Their garterbelts
were white satin, the matching panties with see-
through panels.
"Wow, you look wonderful, Grandma, "
"Wow you look wonderful, Auntie El ........ ......
god, I love you both!"
"Have you ever heard of a stacked ham sandwich, Jeff?"
they laughed. "We found an idea in one of your dirty
magazines, Jeff."
"Does this give you any ideas? Auntie Ellie asked
with another giggle. She was holding a photograph
from Legs magazine featuring two girls on top of each
other viewed from between their legs. Two panty
covered pussies stacked on top of each other, in other
They began by making an Oreo sandwich of him. The two
women played the chocolate cookies and he was the
frosting. Jeff lay between their satin clothed
bodies. They pressed against him, fondling his cock,
pressing their nylons against his hairy legs, getting
their thighs in touch with his cock. Their hands
played over his body, fondling his cock and smothering
him with kisses on his lips, his ears, and his
nipples. They let him suckle one of each of their
breasts, pressing close to him and alternating their
need for his lips.
"I have definitely died and gone to heaven!" Jeff
said, a strain evident in his voice.
"Us too, sweetheart!" Auntie El whispered.
"This is so good dear," Grandma whispered in the
other ear, then dipped the tip of her tongue into it,
sending a great shudder down his spine.
The bed was the single width one in the guestroom, but
there was room for their bodies striving to get into
each other. Auntie Ell pulled a low stool over to the
side of the bed. "Here, darling, you should kneel
here. " Obediently, Jeff knelt as directed. The two
women lay on the bed, their bodies pressed lightly
together and Grandma pulled his cock toward their
waiting lips. He was at just the right height for
both to lick and tease his cock and balls with their
tongues and lips. Gram pulled his foreskin back
carefully to expose the delicate, sensitive skin of
his cock head and both of them tasted his pre-cum
juices and inhaled the musk of his body.
Jeff's hands found their breasts, now pressed
together. He gripped one of each and then rubbed
their rigid nipples together, marveling at the
pleasure of molding their breasts in his hands,
squeezing pleasure into them. When they were younger,
they were no doubt firm and stood out from their
chests proudly. But Jeff found them to be beautiful
now in their mature, more comfortable, state, waiting
for his hands to shape them and bring them pleasure.

"Lovely dressing," Ellie giggled between laps of his
cock. She squeezed his balls and licked them too.
Ellie and Gram kissed across his cock and their
tongues dueled between the bright red of their lips.
"Are you ready, darling?" It was questionable who
Gram addressed that too, perhaps to both of them.
Both answered.
Gram lay on her back, spreading her legs and exposing
her pussy to Jeff's kiss.
Aunt Ellie slowly and gently rolled on top of Gram,
spreading her legs for Jeff's kiss too. She noticed a
stirring of pleasure as her body slipped over Isabel's
curves and welcoming softness. Her mound pressed now
against Isabel's and Ellie felt Isabel squirm
sensuously under her. Their pussies were pressed
close now. Ellie thought how easy it seemed now, how
perfectly right.
Jeff was pleased to look at these two pretty pussies
still slightly hidden by see through panties in front
of him. He kissed first one and then the other,
noting the differences in scent and in their perfumes.
"Oh, My god, you are lovely, both lovely.
Ellie continued slowly squirming against the softness
of Isabel's body. Their pubic mounds now matched.
She had felt a tremor as she first made this contact.
Isabel shuddered as her breasts brushed against
Ellie's hardened nipples. Her pussy felt like it was
cascading with her juices from the pressure of Ellie's
mound against hers. A completely new sensation, one
neither had felt before that moment. It was wildly
Jeff continued alternatively kissing their pussies,
now pulling their panties aside to dip his tongue into
the "stacked pussies". Isabel's pussy was luxurious,
the lips long and protective of the sensitive flesh
inside, holding a treasure trove of thick juices for
his tongue.
Ellie's pussy lips lay flatter and closer to her body
and her inner lips were more exposed. Jeff's tongue
ran from the tip of the cleft, around her clitoris,
into her open love tunnel, down to circle her anus.
He felt her jump involuntarily at the touch to the
tight little rosebud of her anus.
"Oh, Jeff, that's ........... ........ wonderful,
Ellie gasped. Her lips found Isabel's nipple, and
Isabel held her close and let her suck on the long
"mmmmmnnnnnnn ......... nice .......feels nice...
Jeff slipped the wet panties down their legs and
dropped them on the bed. He continued licking their
pussies, now so completely open to him. Their legs
thrashed around, trying to open more for his tongue.
"Oh, Now , Jeff darling, now .......please
Jeff slipped his straining cock into his grandma's
waiting pussy. Her snug entry muscle gripped his cock
"Ohhhh", he heard her moan ......."yes" as he began
thrusting into her. Slowly he pressed his cock into
her, spreading her lips, parting her inner spaces. He
felt her warm juices flowing around him. It was a
snug warm lovely haven. He stroked his glistening
cock into her pussy, so open for him and pressed his
thumb against her clitoris. 'Ohhhh ...... ahhhhhh,
....... Yes, thank you darling."
He slipped out of Isabel's pussy, its tightness making
a quiet plopping sound as he withdrew the last inch.
He reached to find Aunt Ellie's pussy, sliding his
cockhead up and down her pink slit, feeling the
wetness of her, touching the jutting button of her
clitoris, teasing her anus with the sensitive tip of
his cock . Ellie reached between her legs to take
his cock and direct it to the entrance of her cunt.
Ellie was even tighter than his grandma's lovely cunt,
her pussy eagerly grasping for his cock head. He felt
the resistance of her entry muscle and then slid
quickly into her, deep and true.
He leaned over and found her breasts for the first
time. They were smaller than Isabel's, but with
large nipples. He pinched the nipples between two
fingers and moved in and out of her cunt with
eagerness. Jeff was so close to coming, he slowed for
a moment. "no, no, .....keep it up,
............Jeff. Harder, shove it .......into me
..... hard!" she cried.
He couldn't help it, he had to pull out of her hot
gripping cunt, to keep from coming right now. He lay
over the sleek undulating bodies of the two women,
fondling them, but keeping his cock away from them.
Suddenly he knew he was going to cum -- he could feel
his balls tensing, ready to shoot his cream up his
shaft and into a pussy.
In his excitement, Jeff's long cock slipped between
the two women to the side of their squirming pussy
mounds, in the soft cavity made for him by the hollows
of their bodies. His cock sliding wetly between the
two women's tummies until he felt the hot juices
firing up through the length of his column and
suddenly he was spurting out between them. They
rubbed their tummies together to jack him off
together, as he spurt three more times onto them. His
hands fondled their nylon-clad legs and his toes
pointed with the strain of his last remaining spurt of
sperm. He had accidentally shared it with both at
once, not shooting it up in to one or the other of
their pussies. Jeff was happy with the arrangement,
even if it had been accidental.
"ohhhh, nice and warm, .... Grandma whispered
"Ohhh, yes, ................ Yes .......yes .......I
love you both. " Ellie moaned.
"Wowwwwwww, you are both so beautiful ........ so
beautiful ................ Wowwww" Jeff climbed
between them and hugged them both to his chest... I
love you both, too. Their hot bodies, slightly glazed
with the sweat brought on by their exertions and their
excitement welcomed each other as they clung together,
kissing languorously.
End of Chapter 6
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