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GRATITDE sucked out me and


Gratitude [M/F, attempted rape]

The following is a true story, taking place some years ago in San
Diego, CA. It contains sexually explicit material not intended for
those under age 18 (21 in some areas), and should not be viewed by
such. This story may not be posted on any site without written
permission of the author, in particular any site run for profit of any
kind. It can also be obtained, along with other work by the author,
at Contact the author at

Copyright 1999 by Jedi Knight, all rights reserved.

I had been working for almost 10 hours straight, driving my taxi all
over San Diego trying to make enough to pay my daily lease. It
was a slow night, and I only had a few bucks of profit for all that
time. It was cold and wet, a light drizzle of rain requiring me to run
the wipers for the last couple of hours. I finally managed to snag a
decent fare that promised to at least get me home without being
totally broke. By the time I dropped the guy off, he had run up
nearly $50 on the meter. He got out, and tipped me a twenty on
top of that. Not a great day, but not the worst I'd ever had either.

I stopped at a nearby Jack-in-the-Box for a cup of coffee, and
started getting my trip sheet ready to turn in, figuring that I
wouldn't get much more in the way of runs that night. By now, the
rain had gotten heavier and it was getting hard to see. I was
counting out the money for the lease when I saw movement out of
the corner of my eye.

I looked up and about half a block up the street, saw a woman
running toward the cab. As she got closer, I noticed that her
clothes were disheveled, her blouse torn and hanging more off than
on. She clutched it together in the front as she ran toward me. Just
as she got up to me, she tripped and fell, slamming into the side of
the car with a solid thud. I jumped out and started to help her up,
realizing that she was crying, and whimpering in pain from the
collision with the vehicle. I helped her into the back seat, but
before I could ask her how she was, she clutched my arm with both
hands begging me to get us out of there.

"Get me out of here, please! I don't care where, but my boyfriend
is looking for me. We had an argument and he tried to rape me!
This is the only place open and I know he's going to show up here
looking for me." She broke down crying again, her tear-streaked
face looking up at me in desperation.

"Okay, lady, calm down. We'll leave." I got back into the car and
started the engine. Just as I put it in gear, I noticed a figure running
toward us from the same direction she had come from. Not
wanting to get into a confrontation with an irate boyfriend, I
stomped on the gas and got out of there. I was pretty sure he
hadn't been able to see the number of my cab, because I didn't have
the lights on until we got into the street on the far side of the drive
in. Looking in the rear view, I could barely make out the figure as
he stopped running, shaking his fist at me as I sped away.

I drove for about ten minutes, the only sound the sobbing of the girl in the back seat. I handed her a couple of napkins so she could
wipe her face, watching her in the rear view as I drove. Despite her
appearance, I could tell she was pretty, with long dark hair, and
dark eyes. At the moment she looked more like a racoon from her
smeared makeup than anything else, but after a few minutes she had
wiped most of the muck off her face, and had pretty much stopped

By now we were in a better part of town, so I pulled over to the
curb and stopped. I turned in my seat and looked at her.

"What happened back there? Are you hurt?" I felt sorry for her at
having to deal with a jerk for a boyfriend. I also have a soft spot
for women in trouble, despite the fact that more often than not it
gets me in trouble somehow. Just call me Sir Galahad.

She looked into my eyes in the mirror, and I could see the tears
swimming in her own eyes. She blinked several times, the wetness
squeezing out and running down her cheeks. She dabbed at her
eyes and sniffled a few times before speaking.

"My boyfriend tried to force me to have sex with a friend of his.
When I refused, he got nasty and started slapping me around. He
said I may as well relax and enjoy it, because it was going to
happen whether I liked it or not. He tried to rip my clothes off and
I kicked him in crotch, and managed to run out the door before his
friend could grab me. That's when I ran up to your taxi."

"Do you want to go to the police station and report him?" I asked

"No," she said, "I just want to go someplace where he won't find

"OK, just tell me where to take you and I'll make sure you get
there safe and sound."

"I can't go home he knows where I live. But my girlfriend is out
of town and I can stay at her place. I've got a key so I could check
her mail for her. It's in North Park, near Oregon and University

I nodded and drove off, dividing my time between watching the
road and watching her in the rear view mirror. It wasn't but a
twenty minute ride, but the girl must've been on the verge of
starting to cry again at least half a dozen times during the ride.
When we finally pulled up in front of her friend's apartment
building, she had lost the battle and tears were once again streaming
down her face like a river. I turned off the car, and got out to help
her out of the cab, feeling her lean heavily on me as we went up the
walk to the gate.

We got to the door of the apartment and I had to take the key from
to get it open since she couldn't seem to get it into the lock. I
pushed the door open and groped for the light switch. The place
was small, basically a studio with a tiny bedroom at one side, but it
was neat and feminine looking. I got her sat down on the sofa,
kneeling in front of her, trying to gage her mental condition.

"Are you going to be alright?" I asked. I took the wad of damp
napkins from her and lifted her face up with a finger under the chin,
wiping the tears and remnants of her maskara from her face. I felt
protective of her as I would with a small, scared child. She nodded
almost imperceptibly, and I started to stand up again. She caught
me by surprise, though, when she reached out and wrapped her
arms around my neck, burying her face in my shoulder.

I could hear her muffled "thank you" against my jacket, letting her
hold me for a moment to get herself sorted out. But, when I gently
tried to disengage myself, she wouldn't let go. Instead, she lifted
her face and looked at me.

"Please, I don't want to be alone right now. Can you stay for
awhile? I'm still afraid he might find me." The pleading look in her
eyes would have melted the heart of a granite statue, much less my
own. 'What the hell,' I thought to myself, 'I was going to call it a
night anyway.' I nodded to her, and said I could stay for a bit if it
would make her feel better. She gave me a quick half smile and
mumbled another thank you in relief.

I finally stood up, and went into the tiny kitchen to see if there were
makings for coffee. I found a can of fresh grounds and started a
pot brewing, then went back into the living room area and sat down
on the sofa, leaving a few feet of space between us. The girl had
finally stopped crying completely, and as is the way of women,
started fussing about how she must look. I had to admit she was
quite a sight, with her dark circled eyes, red nose, and disheveled
hair, not to mention her clothes. Now, able to see her clearly, I
could tell she was a very pretty girl, with a trim, athletic body. Her
torn blouse revealed a pair of medium sized breasts with no hint of
sag, topped by hard little eraser points for nipples. Her waist was
narrow and her stomach flat, and her legs were muscular and taut
under the tattered jeans she wore.

Finally, she gave up in frustration, and stood up. "I've got to find
something to wear, and get cleaned up. I'll be right back." She
went into the tiny bedroom, which was separated from the main
room by nothing but a flimsy beaded curtain. I got up a poured
two cups of coffee and returned to the sofa. As I set the cups
down, I heard a thud and looked up at the doorway to the
bedroom. I saw a full length mirror on the wall just past the bead
curtain, and reflected in it was the girl, now completely nude. She
had fallen against the wall trying to pull off her jeans. The beads
did nothing to obscure my view, and I sat there admiring the
beautiful body in the reflection. After a few minutes digging
through clothes, she found a pair of running shorts and stepped into
them. As she turned around to look for a top, she noticed the
mirror first, and then my reflection watching her. She paused for a
second and I expected her to come storming out to castigate me for
watching her undress. But, instead, she tossed the t-shirt she held
on the bed and walked back out through the beads, topless and

'Oh, shit, what have I got myself into,' I thought, my throat
suddenly dry as a bone. She just smiled and walked up to me, still
sitting there holding a coffee cup halfway to my mouth.

"You really helped me out back there tonight, and I think you
deserve something more than just a thank you."

With that, she leaned down and put her hands on either side of my
face, and leaned in to lay a sweet, sensuous kiss on my lips for
several seconds. But instead of breaking the kiss, she pressed
harder and her tongue invaded my mouth. Off balance, I fell back
against the back of the couch, and she followed without missing a
beat or losing the kiss. The next thing I knew, her tongue was
trying to crawl down my throat, and her taut body was pressed
against me.

Nature being what it is, and men being men, I put my arms around
her and began to give back as good as I was getting. She snuggled
up closer and before long we were lying side by side on the couch,
locked in a series of kisses that had the adrenalin in my blood
pumping like mad. I reached between us and began to knead her
sweet breasts, pausing to tweak the nipples every few seconds.
That brought a moan from deep down inside of her, and caused her
hips to begin to squirm around on top of my crotch. We finally
broke apart, both of us breathing heavily, not a word having been
spoken since the first kiss. She started to undress me, popping a
button on my shirt in the process. She undid my belt and skinned
my jeans down my legs like she was shucking a cob of corn,
dragging my shorts right along with them.

She fell back down on my chest, her nipples digging into my flesh
like steel spikes. I could feel the heat radiating against my hard
cock through the fabric of the shorts she still had on as she ground
her loins against me. Raising her up, I clamped my mouth around
her left breast, biting and licking all around the tip before capturing
her nipple between my lips and teeth. I sucked hard at the same
time as I bit down on it just enough to hear her gasp. Her hips gave
a little stutter step in the bump and grind, and I repeated the move
on her other nipple, this time getting a muted cry of passion.

Without getting up, she managed to push the shorts she wore down
around her knees, and then used her feet to kick them off onto the
floor. Reaching between us, she grabbed my cock and positioned it
between her legs at the entrance of her pussy. I could feel the heat
from her before she settled down on me, but that first touch of her
spreading lips against the tip of my cock was scalding hot. I had to
strain with all my might to keep from slamming up into her. It was
a good thing I didn't, though, because I would've missed the look
of rapture on her face as she slowly lowered herself inch by inch,
her eyes shut tight and her lower lip held captive by her teeth as she
savored the exquisite feeling of being slowly penetrated.

She finally bottomed out, and just sat there for a second taking
deep shuddering breaths. I could feel the muscles inside her flexing
and fluttering as she tried to lock onto my hardness. Involuntarily,
her hips began to tick back and forth, riding me harder and harder,
finally reaching the point where she was lifting up almost clear on
the back stroke and then slamming her sopping wet pussy down
onto my rigid cock. She had a brief but intense convulsion and then
slowed down into more of a figure eight grinding motion, then she
grabbed my hand and pushed it down between us until she had
positioned my thumb against her clitoris. Not being stupid, I knew
what she wanted and began to massage the nub gently. As I
increased the pressure on her clit, she increased the pressure of her
grinding against me. Within a minute or so, she suddenly stiffened,
arching her back bowstring tight, her thighs tight against my sides,
and her fingers digging into my chest until she drew blood with her
nails. I felt the muscles in her pussy grab me like a vise as a flood
of wetness drenched my lap. She let loose with a shriek of ecstacy
that had to have come from deep in her soul it was so intense.

Hardly a second had passed, though, before she grabbed my
shoulders with her hands and my hips with her knees and rolled me
over on top of her. My cock was still imbedded deep inside her, as
I pushed up on my arms to look down at her face. She looked me
in the eyes and formed "fuck me" with her lips, but not a sound
came from her mouth. I leaned on my arms, looking down to
watch her face as I started to slowly pump in and out of her white
hot depths. She lifted her knees up on either side of me as close to
her shoulders as she could, then clamped her legs over my back and
locked the ankles. We stayed like that as I increased the pace, each
staring into the eyes of the other, watching the lust and passion
build with every passing second. It wasn't long before she went
over the edge for a second time, her head twisting about for a
second before she buried her teeth in my shoulder to drown a blood
curdling scream of passion. Feeling her pussy convulse and the
sudden pain in my shoulder pushed me beyond endurance, and I
began to come deep inside of her. It felt like my whole being was
being sucked out of me, and I saw a starburst of colored lights
behind my eyes.

After what seemed like an eternity, I collapsed on her and we lay
there for a long time stuck together by the sweat of our passion,
basking in the indescribable afterglow of truly intense orgasms.
The night wasn't over, though, and before I left the first streaks of
dawn were just starting to appear in the eastern darkness. I'd like
to be able to say that we fell in love and got married, but that didn't
happen. Even though we did go out off and on for several months
after that, eventually we lost track of each other. I have no regrets,
though, and I'm sure she doesn't either, because every time I
remember that first night, it gives me a warm glow. I helped a lady
in distress, and was rewarded with the ultimate gift of gratitude.
Life just doesn't get any better.


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