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GRDNCLB thick like salami When


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

What the hell was I thinking? This is sick! Can't we just let them
find out about diseases on toilet seats and the *fact* girls can't get
pregnant the first time on their own?
Seriously, if these weren't really 25-year-old actors playing the
children, it would be terrible. As I remember 13, this would be a pretty
stressful situation for the boys. Too much too soon. Whether that's the
fault of a repressed soceity or a trait of the species is another question.
In any case, two wrongs don't make a right. But three lefts do.

The Garden Club

"Jeeze o Pete, mom, will you stop that!" Billy said as Mrs.
Henderson opened the bathroom door.
It was as if the sound of the splash attracted her. Billy was
stuck. He couldn't very well turn away and send the stream all over the
bathroom and it was really hard to stop. He made a show of reaching
out to push the door closed, but they both knew his arm would be short
by a couple of feet.
He was at that awkward age when children are oh so private
about their bodies and self-conscious in general. But as Mrs. Henderson
stared at the lovely prick spouting the stream of piss, she didn't think
Billy had anything to be shy about. She estimated that it would already
be a good six inches when erect and Billy hadn't begun to grow yet.
"William Allan Henderson! I am your mother," she said sternly
to his discomfort. "I've seen everything you've got many, many times
before, so you just put that tone away with me."
It was just weird. Billy really couldn't believe that his mother
wanted to look at his dick. She wasn't like that. But she did have a
knack for embarassing him and he was embarrassed every time she
burst in while he was going to the bathroom. I know what I'd get if I
busted in on her, he thought.
She was like a terrorist, leaping up out of normalcy. Billy never
knew when she would interrupt him, but it was often enough for him to
be defensive every time he closed the bathroom door. No whacking off
in there anymore. He didn't want to think about her catching him
spanking the monkey.
The little game was wearing thin for Marge Henderson as well.
There was only so much gratification to be had from looking. She
wanted to touch, to... but she wasn't that kind of mother. incest taboos
were there for good reason. She just wished Mrs. Fuller would get
ready already.
"Marge, I sympathize, I really do, but we said puberty and
Tommy doesn't have hair one. I've been looking too," Bev Fuller told
her. "Maybe if you asked Inez Ransey into the club, Calvin might be
Calvin Ransey, 13, a strapping boy and black as ebony. Marge
felt an immediate tickle in her crotch. But Inez? It wasn't that she was
black- Marge truely hoped that wasn't it. But she had a well-earned
reputation as a man-eater. Marge could just see the hungry grin on
Inez's face as she led the innocent Billy off to the slaughter.
But Calvin- early developing Calvin, man among boys Calvin-
Marge censored her thoughts. They were a mixture of myth, fallacy,
fantasy and prejudice and she didn't want to poison any possible
future fufillment of her fantasies with expectations.
"You too?" Billy was amazed to hear Tommy nod in agreement
as he complained about his mother's behavior.
"Yeah, I can't take a piss at home anymore. She busts right in
and stares at my dick. I thought she was having a breakdown," Tommy
"It would still be creepy if it was Wendy 'the body', but Mom?"
Tommy made a sour face to indicate his revulsion.
It was weird. Billy kinda liked Mrs. Fuller. She was firm and
trim like a girl grown up. But it was the same with Tommy. While he
didn't think his mom was sexy, he thought Billy's mom was so very hot.
No accounting for taste. Billy thought she looked like a cow with those
huge droopy tits all over the place.
"Must be a phase they're going through," Billy laughed, turning
his parent's favorite phrase back on them.
It wasn't the kind of thing that you talked about, except with
your best friend, or Tommy and Billy would have found out there were
two other pairs of boys having similiar conversations. It was Edna
Galor's idea. She had been two martinis into the four martini lunch when
she blurted it out.
"Well, I'll tell you, Trevor is hung like a horse and he's only 13,"
she had boasted.
It seems she had blundered into the bathroom, actually by
accident, and seen her son's member hanging out of his pants. She had
just enough parental responsibility not to drop to her knees and start
sucking it then and there, but the image was burned into her brain. Her
little boy was a stud.
The revelation ate at her and danced through her mind from that
moment until her outburst at the garden club luncheon. It invoked a lively
debate. After much pro and con, lubricated by a few more martinis all
around, the six women around the table had come up with the perfect
way for their prized sons to learn about the birds and bees. They would
all switch sons to avoid the incest thing and introduce their friend's boys to the world of love making.
Cold sober the next day it had seemed silly- just a bunch of
women having a gab fest. But something about it had lingered in the
brains of those six and the topic kept coming up. First it was an in joke
and then a dirty fantasy. In a month, however, they began to tentatively
plan. Who would teach who's son? Where would they go? How would
they explain it to the boys?
Then Harriet Thatcher and Edna came to the club with guilty
grins on their faces. They had done it. Harriet had taken Trevor and
Edna had Vincent. They were coy at first, but as the rest pried details
out of the grinning pair, they tried to outdo each other in intimate detail
and bawdy recreation.
"Edna wasn't lying about Trevor," Harriet gushed. "His cock is
every bit of nine inches long and thick like a salami. When I saw the
bulge in his pants I almost chickened out."
"But that isn't really the point," Edna piped up. "You just have to
try it because the real fun comes as you watch the emotions play over a
young boy's face. Vincent wasn't real big, but that didn't make it less
fun. You can just imagine the look on his face when I put my hand on
his crotch and told him I wanted to see it."
"Well, maybe," Harriet conceeded, "But with Trevor, size did
matter. I know what Edna means, but with Trevor, I think we both had
a panicked look on our faces."
The shocked silence gradually thawed as the two women
ignored the chill and plowed straight on with their excited tales. Harriet's
enthusiasm for her experience particularly seemed to effect the group.
"I'm not even sure who taught who," Harriet was saying, "I was
wrapped up in trying to find room for his huge cock and I wasn't doing
much in the way of teaching. And then I was having such a good time I
was just fucking him for all I was worth."
"And they're so grateful," Edna put in. "Adoration is pretty sexy."
Now the die had been cast. The pressure was on the others to
hold up their ends.
It was larger than a penis could possibly be and black as night.
"Now I'll show you what I already know," Calvin grinned
wickedly as he held the huge spar at the base and brandished it at her.
She didn't feel as if she could move. She lay with her legs spread
wide like a rape victim's body as the boy crawled over her. The head
felt as big as a fist as it bashed and bashed like a battering ram at the
opening of her sex.
There was an unreal feeling of being a trophy and this cock
being the form that was molding her into little more than a condom for
the immense pole that was being shoved inside her. She felt it swelling
her throat as it pressed father and farther into her.
It burst pink encircled by black from her mouth and the scene
shattered like the calm surface of a still lake. Her eyes opened. Maybe
Calvin wasn't the answer, but Marge knew she had to do something.
These bizarre dreams were becoming too regular. If she wasn't being
dipped in butter and licked to madness by hundreds of cats, she was
eviscerated by huge members or suffocated by the constricting coils of
python-like penises.
She didn't have to be Freud to know where the dreams were
coming from. Maybe Calvin wasn't the answer, but she would have to
find an answer soon.
"Dammit Bev, pubic hair isn't the only sign of puberty," she was
grousing on the phone. "And if we don't get to it, some little chippy is
going to beat us to it."
"In seventh grade, Marge?" Bev was incredulous. "If that's true,
then what do they need us for anyhow?"
"Then what about Harry?" Marge ventured, "Bev, I tell you I've
got to get something between my legs and soon."
Bev laughed. Even Marge couldn't be serious about Harry. Sex
with boring old Harry would make her worse off.
"Okay, okay, pretend Tommy has sprouted a full bush overnight,
what do we do?" Bev conceeded.
Marge was only howling in frustration. The invitation to plan
caught her by surprise. She thought a moment and it was suddenly so
"Well, honey, we switch houses," Marge offered. "We greet
each other's kids and- you know."
"When do we do this?" Bev asked.
"That's your call, you've got to work around Harry," she said.
It was simply the world turned upside down. I saw Mrs. Fuller in
the living room when I came in and didn't think much of it. She comes
over a lot. I was on my way upstairs to change but she called me in.
Then I really saw Mrs. Fuller in the living room. I mean she was
sitting there naked. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to run. I didn't
want to look. But everything was backwards and I looked and stayed
glued to the spot.
Breasts are remarkable things. I liked looking at hers. They were
firm broad-based mounds jutting straight out right at me. Her nipples
were like little cherries right on top of the ice-cream scoop mounds.
She was sitting with her legs crossed when I came in and she
disturbed my staring at her breasts when she slowly uncrossed her legs
and gave me a long look into the furry red darkness between her
thighs. It was the wierdest thing I had ever seen. It wasn't at all like the
unadorned sawcut I had seen when playing doctor as a kid. It was lush
and flowery with a bunch of fleshy petal-like things arranged around that
slot opening.
I was so engrossed that I hadn't noticed my instant boner, but
Mrs. Fuller brought it to my attention.
"It looks like my friend in your pants wants to be let out," she
said with a silly-looking grin on her face.
Danger Will Robinson! I was panicked. I wanted to run and run
and run, but I couldn't make my feet obey me. This was confusing and
scary and I didn't want to be here. But I stayed.
And I did do what I was told when Mrs. Fuller spoke.
"Stop being such a child," she scolded, "It's time for you to act
like a man. Come over here. Come over here now."
The irony that I was childishly obedient when she told me to
stop being a child escaped me at the time. But I was too shocked to do
anything else. As soon as I got in range, she reached out for the tent my
hard-on was making in my pants and stroked the bulge. I flinched and
wanted to pull away, but I as too scared to even do that.
"What's the matter, Billy?" she asked as she stroked my cock as
I stood frozen. "Doesn't that feel good?"
"I- I-I- uh- I don't think we should be doing this Mrs. Fuller," I
stammered out.
"It's perfectly okay," she said in the soothing tone you might use
to an animal you're about to put down, "We're all alone and your mother knows all about it."
Oh I bet. This was just the kind of thing mothers plan for their
kids. She picked up on my cynical look and then hit me with the load of
"Why, what do you think your mom is doing right now?" she
started innocently, "She's at my house right now with Tommy. I bet he
isn't being shy with your mom."
I had no opinion, nor concern for how Tommy was taking it. I
was consumed with my own world being tipped on its ear. It was an
unbelieveable explanation of this unbelieveable situation and in some
wierd sense that made it likely. Why else would Mrs. Fuller strip naked
and wait for me in my own house?
My confusion gave her the opening to slide down my zipper and
rummage in my underwear to extract my hard dick. I was a goner.
"Don't you like me?" she pouted as her warm touch on my dick
was eroding all other confusions and replacing them with an undeniable
ache, "I thought you liked me."
Now she was acting like I had hurt her feelings and I didn't
know what to do.
"I thought I saw you look at me like you liked me," she went on,
exposing what I thought were my secret thoughts, "I thought you were
looking at me like you wanted to see me naked."
Well, sure I had. But it was embarrassing that she knew that.
And now I was afraid to look. She made that harder when she stood up.
I'm still a kid, but I was just as tall as her. That meant I was
staring right into her face as she stood there lightly rubbing my dick.
"Go ahead, look," she said, "I want you to look. It is flattering to
have a nice young man like you appreciate me."
I looked. I couldn't see much with her so close, but I think she
was trying to distract me as she went to work getting me out of my
clothes. It was creepy and exciting all at the same time. I really didn't
want her looking at me naked, but I didn't want to stop her either. And
how could I? She was a grown-up lady and I was a kid.
"You can touch me, you know," she said as she pulled off my
shirt and left me naked. "Go ahead."
She put my hand on her breast and I was in shock. Okay,
maybe that's an excuse. That's what Tommy says. He says I just don't
want to admit I liked the rest. Of course that could be the other way
around since I heard that Tommy went nuts with my mom's big, floppy
tits. He might be trying to make me look worse so he doesn't feel so
guilty about what he did to my mom.
All I know is I pretty much stopped thinking. Her breasts were
neat. They were all cushiony and solid at the same time and her nipples
were real hard. It made me feel funny way down in my tummy as I
felt them. And she oohhed and ahhhed and sighed as I touched them and
made me feel good.
I was in a daze- I don't care what Tommy says- as she took my
hand and put it between her legs.
"Touch me down here too," she said and guided my hand in a
little round and round, up and down stroke on the hairy mound.
She really liked that. I was pretty proud of myself. She didn't let
me stop there, though. She dragged me over to the couch and lay down
with her legs wide open so I could see right up into the slot between her
legs. She reached behind a pillow and got out a foil packet.
"I don't think we need this, but you should know how to use
one," she said as she ripped open the rubber. "I'm protected, so I won't
get pregnant and we'll do it later without one so you know how it feels.
But you should always use one with girls your age so they don't get
pregnant and you don't get any diseases."
I knew about rubbers. I heard the story since the fifth grade. But
it wasn't the same as having my best friend's mother roll one down over
my dick. Now I was really in a turmoil. I was going to get laid- happy
face! I was going to get laid- frantic face! What if I screwed up?
Again I didn't have any input into the situation. Mrs. Fuller had
me between her legs and was pulling me to her before I had time to
think. Then I was in- no not there- then she guided me and I was inside
her. Only a little, but I was inside. I wanted to feel what it was like, but
she hurried me deeper until my dick was all the way inside her.
It was juicy. It's hard to describe, but it was like a slip and slide
inside and like spongy snug. Mrs. Fuller tickled my butt and moved her
hips and I was sliding in and out of her. I was fucking!
"Do it harder," she urged. "It feels good when you do it harder."
I just did what I was told. I don't remember the feeling so much
as thinking about getting laid for the first time. This was it. This was my
first time! I was doing it! And then I had done it. It was so quick.
Mrs. Fuller didn't seem surprised. She could tell I was shooting
off and grabbed my butt hard and moved her hips all around on me as
the jizm squirted out of me. Then she showed me how to grab the end of
the rubber so it came out with my dick.
She looked at the white stuff in the end of the rubber and made
me look too. She said the more you like the girl, the more you shot out
and that she felt real special since I had shot out a lot. Then she
squeezed the bottom of the rubber and pulled it off so most of the stuff
was scraped off inside and showed me how to tie up the end.
I didn't care about anything anymore. I was fascinated by what
had just happened.
"Would you like to play with me some more?" she asked, laying
back and spreading her legs again. "Play with my pussy. That's a nice
thing to call it. girls mostly don't like you calling it a cunt, but pussy is a
nice word. You should get to know them so you can make your
girlfriend happy and then she'll let you do whatever you want."
It was a pretty neat pussy. There was wet, matted hair
everywhere, but she stroked it out of the way so I could see the lips
real good. they were wider at the top and got thinner and she held it
open to show me her fun button. It looked like a shiny round thing
sticking out of a tent. She said it was a clitoris, or clit, but fun button,
joy buzzer and a lot of other fun names were okay too. No woman
cared what you called it if you could find it, she said.
It certainly made her jerk when I played with it. Then she
wanted me to kiss it. I didn't want to at first, but she kind of forced my
head down and promised she would return the favor. It was a little
strange tasting, but that went away after a couple of licks. And she
did like that a lot better than my finger.
When she said I had gotten the hang of it, she told me to put
two fingers inside her and fuck them back and forth. Then I licked her
some more and she went crazy on the couch. I thought something was
wrong, but she yelled at me to shut up and keep doing it.
She said it was like the white stuff shooting out of my dick for
her. And that I should try to get all my girlfriends to do it. Then they'd do
whatever I wanted.
Then she did the best thing ever in the whole world. She had me
lay down on the couch and she knelt beside it and licked my dick. If
it felt the same to her as it did to me, I know why she was so mad I
stopped. And that wasn't the best thing. She put my dick in her mouth
and sucked. It felt like a wet willie all over my body. And she didn't
stop when I shot off, which was right after she got my dick in her mouth.
It was so good I couldn't help it, but she didn't seem to mind.
She said afterwards that it was a compliment. It was so good it almost
hurt when she kept right on sucking me after I shot off. Now that was
juicy. It was even more of the wet vinyl feel of a slip and slide than it
had been before. And when she sucked hard it was like the walls had
closed in and that made my dick swell right up again.
That was the other reason she didn't mind, she said. She knew I
could get it hard again right away, so it was okay that I shot off so
Then she did the second best thing in the whole world. She lay
down again and this time she let me put my dick inside her without the
rubber. It was so much warmer. I could feel the light squeeze so much
better and it was slippery and sticky at the same time as my dick moved
in and out of her pussy. And this time she told me I didn't have to do it
hard. We could take our time too. The other time was to get us off
quick. This time she said she wanted it to last so I would remember her
Like I was going to forget!
Tommy said my mom was better because she showed him a lot
of positions. And she let him fuck her 'bareback' the first time instead of
later. I don't know. I think it was pretty good the way his mom did it,
but I got excited by the way he described my mom on her hands and
knees with her butt in the air and him sitcking it to her from behind.
Hairless or not, Tommy had been what she needed. That night
the dream was the young boy begging to be inside her again. And then
he was- nudging her crack wide with his shoulders as he disappeared
back into her womb. But this was not a disturbing dream. She felt good
when she remembered the warm feeling of the boy playing inside her.
How could she not like a young boy that worshipped her breasts the way Tommy had. And his limber desire to learn. And finally a real
kind of excitement as his smallish organ was large enough to touch her
passion as he was taking her from the rear.
It had been just what she needed. Much better than settling for
Harry giving her a short series of thrusts and then rolling over to sleep.
She wondered what Billy thought of his experience with Bev. And she
wandered if Tommy had said anything to him about his experience with
"Oh you liars," Edna burst out, "See, Harriet, I told you
someone would have to try and top us. I'm not surprised at Marge, but
you, Bev, falling for that slut's plan."
Bev was mortified. Marge was angry.
"What the hell are you talking about, you old cow?" Marge
challenged Edna.
"We know very well that you did no such thing. Who could?"
Edna said haughtily. "Harriet and I made up our stories just to trap
someone. I knew it would be you."
The old bag had always been jealous of the way men stared
at her chest, Marge thought. She had tried to dismiss her with catty
remarks about her ex-husband, but when the rat had been caught with
his secretary in a love nest papered with 365,000 embezzled dollars,
that had backfired. Marge punched back.
"I should have known that your little wimp wouldn't have a big
one," Marge retorted.
They were getting away from the subject, which was fine with
Marge. She had seen a real look of distress on Bev's face when Edna
said it was all a joke. Looking around the table, she saw there were
other uncomfortable faces as well.
"The fact remains that you are a liar and a harlot," Edna decreed.
Harlot? What the fuck was that? Marge ignored the clashing
reference and turned the argument back, feeling the superiority of
"I believe you and your lap-dog made up the story, but I think it
was because you were too chicken to carry out the plan," Marge said,
hoping she was speaking for more than herself.
Harriet squawked at the reference to her, but Edna just grew
very red in the face and fumed. It wasn't nice to fool with the Queen
"So you're saying you're not a liar. Instead you're a child
molester," Edna gloated.
"Yes! -- no -- oh, so what," Marge stumbled. "The point is that
you sat there and schemed with the rest of us. You worked out details.
You never said, but of course we can't do this. You even came up with
an inciting tale and an encouraging report. Who's the liar?"
This was not going the way it should. No one was agreeing with
Marge, but no one was agreeing with either of them. Edna felt the lack
of support as rejection. The club was sitting back and letting them duke
it out alone. Even Harriet was keeping mum- agitated, but mum.
"It was a trap - to catch perverts in," Edna returned, hoping to
tar her so none of them would stand with her.
Marge was fumbling for a way to say it took a pervert to make
a pervert trap when Harriet exploded.
"Trevor does have a big one!" Harriet spouted.
Everyone turned to look at her and Melissa Moore began to
laugh. They all had been carefully following the sub-text and Harriet's
declaration was like a sudden shocking spike in volume. Reset.
There was a lot more story here than had come out.
"So, do you think they'll let us do it again?" Tommy asked.
"How do I know?" Billy replied, irritated by his friend's
fascination with the subject. "I'm just a kid."
"Not anymore," Tommy said, pushing out his chest proudly,
"We're men."
"Awww, go on, you just want to suck my mother's tits like a
baby," Billy said.
"Yeah- and...." Tommy quipped.
For your approval- a town with children and their mothers.
A few mystic-sounding lines about possibilities and a chickenshit exit
from a story that has no particular end. Nor any message- and damn
little organization.


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