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GREATPT1 hurt her again took



This story contains scenes of an erotic and/or controversial
nature, and is not intended for the perusal of minors. Further,
if perusal of such material is considered illegal in your area
or immoral by your religion or personal beliefs, you should
likewise bypass this story. This material is strictly for fantasy
and is an original work of fiction, which involves some adult sex
with minors with some incest situations. The author does not believe
adults should have sex with young children or promote this action.

This story remains the property of the author. Permission is granted
to download, photocopy, copy, archive and repost so long as any
such action contains these disclaimers, and no attempt is made
to profit from this story.

Author's note:

This story is different from my Robin's Dive Trip series.
This story came to me during a recent massage session I had.
No part of this story is true and to the best of my knowledge
no place like, this exists in Vermont or any other State. This
is no reflection on any professional massage therapist. No
licensed legitimate therapist provides any sex acts to a customer.
Please do not go to a licensed massage therapist based on this
story content. This is strictly a fantasy.

My other stories can be found at:

The Great Massage - Part 1 of 5B
(M/Fff kids, some incest and mind control.) by Sammie

As a salesperson, Frank travels all over the United States and
recently his company sent him to a small town in Vermont.
Whenever Frank traveled, he enjoyed getting a massage from
a professional, licensed massage therapist; (LMT) so Frank
looked in the phone book and found one listed. Frank called
to make an appointment and get the prices. Gail, the owner,
told Frank to come to her home in 2 hours, the price only for
the hour was $ 100.00 cash plus tip and Gail gave Frank the
directions. Frank thought the pricing was a little high plus
I usually do not tip an owner but I thought that is why my company
gave me an expense account. In some of the areas that Frank
travels, he never has access to a bank or an ATM, so I always
carry a few thousand in cash with me. I unpacked my clothes
and took a shower to prepare for my massage. Her home was
located in a very woodsy area with nothing around it. A
beautiful modern day house looked out of place in the back
woods of Vermont. Frank parked the car and rang the front door.
The door was answered by a young girl who looked to be about
10 years old, she wearing short briefs that were a white gauzy,
transparent material that was very tight on her and a short,
small sports bra top of similar material. You could see right
through the material, and I noticed that she had not yet
developed any tits, just small nipples and her slit was
still hairless. Just looking at this beautiful young girl,
my penis started getting hard.

I introduced myself as Frank and told her I have an appointment
with Gail, who I assumed was her mom. She said her name was Emily
and called for her mom. Gail told Emily to get back upstairs and
introduced herself. Gail was wearing a tank top with no bra,
her 36c's were quite visible and she had on a pair of cutoff
shorts with a little of her ass sticking out. Just like her
daughter, she had short black hair. She apologized that her
daughter answered the door in her underwear, she explained that
she was tied up on the phone with another client so she had to
yell for one of her daughters to answer the door to let me in.
I told Gail that I didn't mind at all and mentioned that Emily
was a cute young girl. I didn't want to say she has the cutest
ass and the shorts she was wearing left nothing to my imagination
about her young body. I could tell she had a nice pussy slit and
buttocks. She asked me to follow her into to the massage room
and I did. When we got into the room, she closed the door
and asked me questions about myself. Did anything bother me,
am I under doctors care, just typical questions I usually
get from a LMT. She then asked a couple of strange questions
one about the last time I had sexual relations and two she
asked if I was in law enforcement - a police officer to be exact.

She told me she learned a special technique for men, if they
haven't had sex in a long time and that sometimes somebody
thinks her massage place has illegal activity going on, so
an undercover cop comes once in awhile to check on the services
she offers her clients. I told her that since I travel a lot
as a salesman, I just get massages for relaxation and not for
any medical condition or pain and blew off the question about sex.
I noticed that her massage table was located on the floor almost
the size of a double bed with a place cutout for my face. Gail
explained that this massage table was custom built for her by a
local gentleman, to make it easier for her to work around. She
told me that she will leave the room and I should take off all
my clothes and to lay face down on the table with the towel on
my butt. Prior to leaving Gail lit some candles and put on some
mellow music. Since Gail was handling my massage as a
professional, I ignored the sexual technique question she
asked and started to undress. I did as she asked and placed
the small towel over my butt cheeks.

I started thinking about how good-looking Gail was but my mind
kept wondering back to her daughter Emily and her cute young
ass and pussy slit. I didn't want to get a hard on during
my massage so I tried thinking about non-sexual thoughts.
Gail came into the room adjusted the towel and using a little
warm oil on her hands started rubbing my back. Gail didn't
talk while she was massaging the back of my body so I started
relaxing by listening to the music. In the back of my mind,
I thought the music was saying strange things, like kiss Emily,
you want to lick her young pussy, and Gail wants your dick.
I couldn't believe these thoughts were getting into my head.
The smell of the warm oil and candle were doing weird things
to my senses. As Gail massaged my inner thighs and buttocks,
I started getting hard again. After my thighs were done, she
hit a point on the back of my neck and Frank started getting
very horny the more Gail massaged this point. I started dreaming
I was having sex with 10-year old Emily, another young girl who
looked like Emily and Gail. They were all totally nude and hot
looking. The more Frank tried to put these thoughts out of my
mind the hornier I was getting, the bigger my 10-inch dick
was getting. All of a sudden I heard Gail say to me it's
time for you to turn over so I can massage the front of your
body, so with plenty of room I rolled over slowly on the
massage table/bed. Frank noticed nothing was covering his 10-inch
penis and since his was so horny, he didn't care at all that
Gail had a great view of his enlarged penis. The more I listened
to the music and smelled the scents in the air, the hornier
I became and had a great need for fucking someone. Gail started
rubbing my body, but all of a sudden, I started to feel four sets
of small hands wrap around my penis and when I looked up, it
was Emily with another girl, who I latter learned was named Anne,
Emily's twin sister. Both were dressed in the same transparent
outfits that Emily greeted me in at the door.

I was extremely excited by the sight of these two young twin
10-years olds fondling my enlarged 10-inch penis. My brain
stopped thinking straight. I started tuning into Gail's voice
as she told me that it's "tipping time". If I want the twins
to continue masturbating me, it would cost me $ 50. each, if
I want them nude, it would cost me $ 25. each, if I want them
to suck my penis, it would cost me $ 75. each and if I wanted
non-intercourse sex with all of them for 2 hours the package
price is an even $ 1000. I never was interested in having sex
with a 10-year let alone a perfect young set of twins and
their mother, however I didn't know what was in the music
or the smells in the room but I quickly agreed to the package.
Gail told her two girls to strip and then she proceeded to
remove her tank top and shorts, of course, the girls were
hairless but so was Gail. She mentioned that since her girls was hairless that she wanted to be just like them. Now I
understood why Gail had a custom massage table on the floor.
I couldn't tell who was Anne and who was Emily but one of them
licked my balls while the other sucked my penis. Gail
continued rubbing oil in my inner thigh area as if nothing
had changed. From all the excitement of the events in the past
45 minutes I came in one of the girls mouth, her mom told her
not to let any of it get on the sheet or else she would pay
for it later. As I came a lot, I felt sorry for this young girl,
she was swallowing as much as her small young mouth would allow
her to handle, then her sister brought her mouth over and
starting catching anything that came out of the other sisters
mouth. To drain me of any juices remaining, she then took over
the sucking for her sister. I was still in a daze from whatever
Gail did to my neck and the subliminal messages that played in
the music.

Gail noticed that I still had an hour left in this session
and I needed a chance to recharge my batteries so she told
the girls to get into their "69" position and give me a show.
Both girls immediately went mouth to young pussy and started
sucking each other's pussy as I have never seen before. It was
a great show. Gail went over to the girls and instructed each
one of them to suck on one of her tits as if they were nursing
from them. Both girls got up from their "69" position and
started sucking on their mom's 36c's tits. Gail then instructed
me to get up and start eating her pussy and I did as I was told.
I started on her outer lips and slowly went into her pussy
with my tongue. I then took my thumb and finger and started
massaging her clitoris. From the girls sucking her tits and
me working her pussy I could tell that Gail was getting ready
to come herself. I told the girls to increase their tit sucking and to tease Gail a little I slowed my pace down with my thumb,
fingers and tongue. Gail was yelling for me to make her come so
I increased my pace a little at a time until finally Gail's
juices were overflowing on the sheets and she had a big orgasm.
Since I got her off as well as I did, Gail told me I passed
the test. I didn't understand right away so she explained.
I still owe her the $ 1000. fee for the package, however
I can pop one of her daughter's cherry and the time clock
has stopped.

You see she planned to charge customers more for that service
but since I gave her a great orgasm, she figured she owed me
a virgin young 10-year old pussy. I told her I didn't think my
10-inch penis would fit into one of her daughter's pussy, I was
so horny from all the action that I got hard again, so Gail
decided to jump on top of my penis for her own try. Right
in front of her daughters, I was fucking their mother. Gail
told me not to worry that the girls have seen it all. Gail
pumped me for all I was worth and I came and came like there
was no tomorrow. After we both came, Gail instructed one of
the girls to clean my penis off from our mixed juices and
the other daughter to clean out her pussy. Both girls went
right to work licking and sucking. Gail then asked me which
10-year old daughter I wanted to fuck, and I said Emily.
Even though they were both twins, totally nude in front me
with small nipples for tits, I still envisioned Emily in
the white small transparent shorts and sports type white bra
she wore to answer the door and I started getting hard again.
I have never come this many times at once in my life. I didn't
know what Gail did to my body to keep me this horny but I knew
I would find out before I left. Anne felt bad that she was
left out of having her cherry popped today, but Gail told her
that she would have her special moment another time. Gail
had Emily lay down on the massage table/bed with her back
on the table. Gail then spread her legs and instructed me
to make Emily come the same way I made her come. I started
very slowly with Emily. I licked her small tits, raised the
little nipple with my mouth and sucked lightly.

While I was working on Emily, Gail had Anne in a similar
position and was licking her and sucking her the same way
I was with Emily. So that Anne didn't feel totally left out
of the deflowering activities, She mirrored my moves on Emily.
I then replaced my hands onto Emily's tits and squeezed them
teasing them a little at a time. Since her body was small,
I was able to bring my tongue slowly down the rest of her
body leaving out her pussy for last. Gail followed my tongue
bath on Anne. Both young girls were moaning a little. To
see if Emily was wet, I then placed my index finger into her
pussy very gently. There was some moisture in her virgin pussy but not enough without hurting her for my finger to enter her
let alone my penis. I noticed that Gail's pussy was very wet
from the activity she was doing to Anne. I took some of the
special massage oil, Gail had used on me and started slowly
massaging the area around Emily's pussy lips, her clit and
even put a little in her asshole. I went in and out of her
virgin pussy slowly at first a few times, her asshole a
few times and back to her pussy then increased the pace
until I was able to feel her hymen that was still in place.

Again, Gail mirrored my actions on Anne. It was a beautiful
sight seeing these sets of 10-year old twin girls having me
and their mother getting them all sexed up. They were both
starting to move their hips at the same pace, Gail and I both
knew these girls were going to have their first orgasm any moment.
Since Emily was now very wet, I positioned myself on top of her
and started slowly inserting my 10-inch penis into her virgin
pussy, an inch at a time until I felt her hymen. From the
attention Anne had gotten from her mother, she had a small
first orgasm. Afterwards Gail and Anne noticed my penis in
Emily's pussy and watched as I took her cherry. I stopped
at her hymen and just pushed it a little, Emily was so
horny and excited by my previous actions that she didn't
even yell out that I was hurting her. I went in until I
pushed her hymen, then came out a little until suddenly
her pussy was so stretched and slippery that I was able
to push through with minimum effort and pain to Emily.
She did yell out for a second or two as I pushed through
but Anne and Gail were right next to her sucking on her
small nipples and keeping her calm. After a few more
strokes in and out, Emily calmed down and told me to
start fucking her pussy as hard as possible. I didn't
want to hurt her again so I took very slow strokes
in and out while Gail placed her hand under our pubic
area and rubbed Emily's clit. Gail noticed a little bit
of blood mixed into to our sex juices and was very proud
of her 10-year old Emily. Anne watched her twin sister
have another small orgasm as Gail got up to start getting
the big hot tub ready for all of us to clean up in.

Emily was resting after her last orgasm, when Gail called
out that the hot tub was ready for us, I carried Emily into
the tub with Anne following us in. The warm water woke us all
up and brought me back to my senses. I asked Gail what happened
and she told me that in the special training class she
discovered and was trained on a trigger point in the neck
that gets men very horny plus she does use subliminal messages
in her music and has a special scent added to her candles.
She never had a client react like I did to all her tricks
so she made me a special customer, because normally the girls only get to masturbate a client and/or suck his penis. She had a feeling
that I was gifted in making love to a woman or young girl
and her feeling was right. To start getting a client horny,
she also mentioned that one of her daughters always answers
the door in the skimpy transparent outfit she had designed
for them and the low massage table/bed was also arranged for
the ease of her daughters to get at a client's body. I could
not believe the empire Gail had in Vermont with her two 10-year
old twin girls. I knew immediately that I had to become a part
of it.

After all, I am in sales. Gail asked me how long I was going
to be in town for and I told her I wasn't sure. She told me
that I was her last client for the night and that I could stay
as long as I wanted to. Gail noticed the girls were starting
to fall a sleep in the hot tub, so she went over to them
pinched their nipples and sent them up to their individual
bedrooms, which of course they never slept in. Gail always
slept with her daughters and she had plans for Frank to join
her empire and girls. She didn't want this guy to get away.
After all, she could start getting some female clients that
could use Frank's attention plus she needed someone to pop
Anne's cherry. Frank had an early morning meeting so he
could not spend the night. He knew that if he stayed he
would be up all night fucking Gail and Emily with the goal
of getting Anne's cherry. Gail told him, he didn't have
to pay her the $ 1000. cash for the package but in a show
of good faith, he did anyway. It was worth it to him and
he knew he would make it back 10 times more in the future.

End of story.

If you enjoyed my story, write me at
because of spam I do not reply to any e-mails posted at
any other address. E-mail address used for posting is
just that a story posting address. I appreciate positive
input. Thank you for reading my story, I hoped you enjoyed it!
Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyrighted
with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly

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