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GREATPT2 sucked more his tongue into



This story contains scenes of an erotic and/or controversial nature,
and is not intended for the perusal of minors. Further, if perusal
of such material is considered illegal in your area or immoral by
your religion or personal beliefs, you should likewise bypass this
story. This material is strictly for fantasy and is an original work
of fiction, this involves some adult sex with minors with some incest situations. The author does not believe adults should have sex
with young children or promote this action.

This story remains the property of the author. Permission is
granted to download, photocopy, copy, archive and repost so long
as any such action contains these disclaimers, and no attempt is
made to profit from this story.

Author's note:

This story is different from my Robin's Dive Trip series. This
story came to me during a recent massage session I had. No part
of this story is true and to the best of my knowledge no place
like, this exists in Vermont or any other State. This is no
reflection on any professional massage therapist. No licensed
legitimate therapist provides any sex acts to a customer. Please
do not go to a licensed massage therapist based on this story
content. This is strictly a fantasy.

My other stories can be found at:
The Great Massage - Part 2 of 5B (M/ Fff kids, some incest
and mind control.) by Sammie

Frank returned to the hotel and thought about the events with
Gail and her two young girls. He thought back to the Great Massage
that he got plus the bonus of popping young Emily's cherry. He
could not wait until the opportunity came to deflower Anne. Frank
couldn't sleep very well, after all, he was thinking about Gail, Anne
& Emily all night. He finally drifted off to sleep and the alarm
clock woke him. He got up to go to his sales meeting. After his
meeting, he returned to the hotel to find a message from Gail
asking him to call her. Frank called Gail and she invited him
over for dinner with a plan for him to spend the night at her
place. Frank could not believe his luck. On the way over to
Gail's, Frank picked up a couple bottles of wine for them to
have during dinner. Frank pulled into the driveway, as he
did yesterday and rang the front door. This time Anne answered
the door wearing a pink version of the transparent gauzy material
outfit Emily had on yesterday. She greeted him with a hug and a
kiss then told him to come right in and get comfortable. Emily
came from the kitchen wearing a matching but blue version of her
sister's outfit. She ran up to Frank and jumped, almost knocking
him down with her arms around his neck onto his body. She gave
him a big hug and for a 10-year old, a very wet kiss. He remembered
this 10-year old was a virgin just yesterday. He was able to see
through both girls' outfits and his penis started getting hard.
Both girls led Frank into the dining room area.

Gail greeted Frank wearing a T-shirt that just covered her
panties. She also gave Frank a hug and a long wet kiss. Frank
was a little nervous so he let Gail lead the conversation and
the action for the evening. Gail told Frank that after dinner
the both of them are going to give Anne & Emily a massage, he
will massage Anne and she will massage Emily. Frank was excited
about the opportunity to massage this young 10-year olds beautiful
young body, plus he also knew that tonight he would have Anne's
cherry as part of the massage. Frank served Gail the wine and
asked if it was ok to give the girls some and Gail thought that
would be a great idea. The girls immediately drank the wine down
and Frank refilled their glasses. Gail told them the night was
going to be a long one and to go easy with the wine. Frank was
enjoying the sights of three beautiful almost naked woman/girls
at the table. Gail told Frank that she got a phone call from
a Freshman Co-ed from the local all women's college. She complained
of having back problems and one of her professors suggested she
get a massage. She asked Frank if he was working tomorrow and
Frank said he didn't make any sales meetings, so he would have
the day off. She told Frank that she made another subliminal
tape with messages with women in mind. Since this would be the
perfect victim to try it on, I told her a 2-hour session is
$ 50.00, which she agreed she could afford. Frank looked at
Gail with a big smile on his face and said compared to what
you charged me last night this girl got some deal but I got
Emily's cheery and tonight I get Anne's plus I met you and
all that my dear is priceless.

They both laughed at Frank's smart-ass comment. She also advised
him that there is an empty closet with a one-way mirror built into
that is located in her massage room so Frank could watch any action
that develops. As he was listening to Gail, Frank was getting
hotter and hotter thinking about this college co-ed in Gail's
massage room tomorrow. Dinner was over and Gail told everyone to
strip naked and head to the hot tub for relaxation time. The girls
pulled off their skimpy outfits and ran to the hot tub, Frank took
a little longer to get all his clothes off and Gail just stripped
off her panties and T-shirt. The girls were feeling the affect of
the wine they drank but all four of them were relaxing, in the hot
tub when Anne and Emily went over to Frank to start playing with his
penis while Gail watched her girls play with Frank. Frank was
enjoying the feeling of the warm water but now, he was enjoying
the feeling of the twin's four small hands intertwined on his now
10-inch hard penis. Gail came over to rub the girl's small bodies
and Frank started playing with her tits and her pussy. Frank placed
his tongue into Emily's mouth and started French kissing her; Emily
returned the kiss and sucked more of his tongue into her small mouth.
Gail saw where things were going so she told everyone to get out of
the hot tub and dry off before heading to the massage room. Frank
made sure to dry off the twins, rubbing the towel in their small
slit and over their small buds. Then Gail came behind Frank and
started drying his body off, making sure to dry off his penis
and buttocks.

The candles were pre-lit in the massage room and the girl's
laid face down on the massage table/bed. Both Frank and Gail
used warm oil on their hands to prepare to massage the twins.
Frank started rubbing Anne's back with slow circular strokes,
going up and down her small body with his oiled hands. To relax
Anne, he did this for several minutes and Anne's body started
turning into putty in his hands. Basic music was playing for them.
Frank looked over to see Gail massaging Emily's body working first
on the calf of her legs and inner thighs. Frank decided to move
down to Anne's small buttocks making sure to rub her cheeks with
an occasional finger in the pink part of her asshole. The oil on
his fingers allowed him to enter her rectum easily and Anne starting
moaning a little. Gail looked over to see what Frank was doing to
make Anne moan and noticed where his finger was so she decided to
slide to Emily's buttocks next and repeat what Frank was doing.
Both young girls were enjoying the attention their buttocks were
getting but they couldn't wait until Frank and their mom started
on their pussy. Since he was on the side of Anne, while he was
playing in her rectum with his one hand his, other hand moved over
to her inner thighs, slipping a finger under her to tease her pussy a little. Gail had Emily turn over to start the front of her body
and Frank decided it was time for Anne to turn over. He added more
warm oil to his hands and started very slowly massaging her front
starting at her chest and going all the way down her small body a
few times just brushing her small breast nubs and hairless pubic area.

Anne was softly moaning enjoying the attention. Emily looked over
to her twin sister to see how she was doing. Gail decided that since
Emily was no longer a virgin that to help when it was her sister's
time to get her cherry popped by Frank that she would get Emily to
orgasm shortly. Frank noticed small droplets of moisture leak from
her pussy and knew Anne was getting hornier by the slow pace he
was maintaining with her. He started placing his oiled finger in
her pussy and going in and out very slow.

At the same time, he placed his mouth on her left breast nibbling
her small bud, Anne's body was starting to move up and down off
the massage table pad. Frank knew he was going to have to enter
her soon. He was so excited by all the action in the hot tub and
giving this young beauty a sensual massage that he thought he
would come anytime. He knew he had to wait for Anne's pussy.
Gail started licking Emily's pussy and rubbing her labia with
her oiled fingers. Gail reached over with her hand to Frank's
penis to tease him a little. Frank decided it was in his best
interest before he blew a load, to lie down on the table/bed and
to start the preparation for her deflowering. He knew that for
his manhood to enter her she needed to be moist so he started
eating out Anne's virgin pussy, he knew she would be ready
shortly to be entered. All of sudden Emily started convulsing
her body almost looking like she was having epileptic fit. Anne
got nervous seeing her sister's body moving the way it did that she
quickly turned to see what was going on. Frank assured Anne
that her sister was fine that she was just enjoying their mom
eating out her pussy while moving her fingers around her small
clit. Frank decided that while Anne was distracted with her
sister's movements that he would get his penis in place of her
now virgin pussy to start the deflowering ritual. He brought his
10-inch penis to her small pussy slot and started rubbing the
pre-cum on her. He was so hot from getting Anne ready that he was
doing everything in his power from blowing his load all over this
girl. He entered her slit a little at a time and just like Emily,
he placed his penis in her pussy an inch at a time until he reached
her hymen. Emily came down from the great and so far, best orgasm
she has had in her 10-years of living.

Gail let Emily rest a few minutes then decided to go over to Anne
with Emily to help Frank with the deflowering activity. Both Gail
and Emily each started sucking on one of Anne's small buds while
Frank spent his time down below. Anne was enjoying the attention
that she was now getting from everyone that she started moaning
and moving her hips to try an suck Frank's penis deeper into her
pussy. Anne was unlike Emily in one respect, she was not experiencing
as much pain every time Frank hit and stretched out her hymen.
With Emily and Gail comforting Anne, Frank placed a finger directly
into her asshole and then pushed through her hymen but Anne did not
yell at all. She did ask Frank to go a little slow for a while but
Frank couldn't wait any longer and finally blew his big load in her
now non-virgin pussy. So, she could get a warm wet towel to wipe up
the bloody juices on Ann and Frank, Gail got up from the group.
She came back and gently wiped Anne's pussy slit making sure to
clean all her small delicate places then used the towel to work
on Frank's penis. To keep Anne relaxed, Emily went over to her
sister and started giving, as she got from Frank and her mom, a
tongue bath all over her sister's body. She was saying to Anne
that everything is ok now and the next time with Frank should be
better for both of them. Gail was so horny from seeing Frank plow
into her daughter, that she grabbed Frank's now soft penis and
to get it hard started sucking, for all she was worth. Frank was
enjoying the attention Gail was giving his penis so he moved her
pussy to his mouth and with Gail on top of him sucking his penis
he starts licking her pussy. Both girls looked over to Frank and
their mom and decided to relax and watch the adults play.

Frank saw the girls watching the two of them so he took a free hand
and reached over to stroke as a loving touch each of the girl's bodies.
Gail started feeling the affects Frank's tongue was having on her labia,
pussy lips and pussy. To signal she was ready for the fucking of her
life she released his penis and moved her pussy so she could impale
it more on his still hard 10-inch penis. As Gail started moving up
and down on Frank's penis to meet her movements, he lifted his penis
a few times. The girls decided they had enough relaxation time so they
each took a side of her and started sucking their mother's tits. Gail was enjoying the girl's attention so Gail gave them a look of thanks.
They always enjoyed pleasing their mom and this time was no different.
Frank could not believe he had any more come juice left in his system
but he was starting to feel the urge to come again but since he came
before, this time he could hold out as long as Gail needed his penis
in her pussy. He was enjoying the feeling of her smooth hairless pussy on his groin area.

Gail started cuming and increased the speed of her movements on
Frank's penis, both of her daughters increased the speed of their
sucking until Gail started yelling, and going wild with her body.
Frank asked the girls to move away from the table/bed and rolled
Gail onto her back for their final explosion. Gail was on her back
with her legs spread, so Frank removed his soft penis from her pussy by rolling off her. Anne went over to Frank and Emily went over to
her mom and cuddled with them. Frank and Gail each gave Anne and
Emily a big hug then Frank extended his reach to bring Emily and
Gail over to him and Anne. They were in one big hug enjoying the
feel of the sex they all participated in together and the warmth
from each other's body, when then dozed off for a little bit in
this position.

When Gail awoke, she decided they should all move into the bed upstairs.
She carried Anne and Frank carried Emily upstairs to Gail's oversized
King Bed. Gail told Frank they all needed their sleep, after all
tomorrow should be a big day with the college freshman.

End of part two

If you enjoyed my story, write me at because
of spam, I do not reply to any e-mails posted at any other address.
E-mail address used for posting is just that a story posting address.
I appreciate positive input. Thank you for reading my story,
I hoped you enjoyed it!
Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyrighted with
all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.

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