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GREATPT3 hurt you try remember the



This story contains scenes of an erotic and/or controversial nature,
and is not intended for the perusal of minors. Further, if perusal
of such material is considered illegal in your area or immoral by
your religion or personal beliefs, you should likewise bypass this
story. This material is strictly for fantasy and is an original work
of fiction, which involves some adult sex with minors with some
incest situations. The author does not believe adults should have
sex with young children or promote this action.

This story remains the property of the author. Permission is
granted to download, photocopy, copy, archive and repost so long
as any such action contains these disclaimers, and no attempt is
made to profit from this story.

Author's note:

This story is different from my Robin's Dive Trip series. This
story came to me during a recent massage session I had. No part
of this story is true and to the best of my knowledge no place
like, this exists in Vermont or any other State. This is no
reflection on any professional massage therapist. No licensed
legitimate therapist provides any sex acts to a customer. Please
do not go to a licensed massage therapist based on this story
content. This is strictly a fantasy.

My other stories can be found at:

The Great Massage - Part 3 of 5B (M/Fff kids, seduction f teen,
some incest, shaving and mind control/drugging) by Sammie

Everyone woke up, sat at the table still nude and the adults had coffee,
the girls had milk with some food. Gail told Frank that since the girls
had no pussy hair and she keeps her pussy shaved that if he planned to
continue a relationship in this family then he must be shaved. Frank
readily agreed to Gail's request. Gail told the girls to meet them in
the bathroom to help shave Frank's penis, balls and asshole area. Gail
had Frank stand in the bathtub with the twins joining him to start
the shaving process. First she scissors cut all the long hairs around
his penis, balls and asshole area. Then to get him hard for the razor,
she had the twins start playing with his penis with wet wash clothes
and soap. While they were preparing his penis for Gail, she took out
the special bikini gel for sensitive areas that she uses to maintain
her own hairless pussy.

Once the twins had Frank hard and wet, Gail started applying the gel.
Frank warned everyone that he felt like he was ready to shoot a
load and Gail told him to start squirting anytime he was ready but
it would be better for him to hold off until after he was shaved.
Gail had the girls apply the lotion to his pubic area and asshole
then she followed their hands with the razor. She was very careful
not to cut his sensitive spots. Frank's penis was dripping pre-cum
that started seeping out and to clean it off, Anne took a few quick
licks of his penis. Gail finished shaving his balls and penis then
had Frank turn around to start on his ass. She never shaved a man
before but she was starting to get wet herself. Before Frank had a
chance to turn, around he started having an orgasm and his semen was
going all over the girls. The girls made a game of it and tried to
catch his come as it was coming out of his penis. Everyone was having
a great time shaving Frank. When Gail finished shaving Frank, she
turned on the shower and the group started washing each other bodies,
making sure to remove Frank's come from the girl's bodies. They
dried each other off slowly but then quickly dressed to get ready
for the visit from the college freshman.

Penny came to the door and was greeted by Anne who was dressed
without underwear in just a pair of shorts and a tank top. Gail
did not want to scare this girl away, so everyone dressed casually.
Gail was wearing a long flowing dress and just like Anne, she wasn't
wearing any undergarments. The girl introduced herself as Penny
and Gail introduced herself and Anne to the girl. She could tell
the girl who appeared to be about 18 was nervous. She was glad
she decided to play this seduction game slow and casual. So Gail
could start relaxing Penny she had her walk into the house and
sit down in the living room, she accessed the blonde hair girl.
Her breasts were not large, perhaps only 32B's, she was about
5 ft 8" weighed about 110 lbs. or less but built very well. What
was attractive to Gail was her hair, it was long, down to her
buttocks. She could not wait to see the sight of the long hair
covering her naked ass. Gail asked Penny if she wanted anything
to drink and Penny said cold water would be fine, she asked Anne
to get Penny the water.

Anne met Frank and Emily in the kitchen, where Frank added a mild
sedative to the water. Emily dressed exactly as Anne brought Penny
the water, which she sipped nervously. Penny thanked Anne for the
water and Gail told Penny that her 10-year old only daughter was a
great help around the house. Gail tried to calm this teenage girl
down and could not wait for the sedative to start kicking in. She
just wanted Penny to relax for the "massage session" not to be
knocked out totally. She started asking Penny some standard questions,
age, about her health etc. Penny started relaxing a little and stated
she just turned 18-years old, and was healthy. Her back was bothering
her for about two weeks and a professor suggested that to get relief
from the pain she should try to obtain a massage. Gail told Penny
that just like a doctor she had to do things to her and ask her personal questions so Gail started the questions. When was the last time you
had your friend? Has a man or woman ever touched your breasts or
private parts? When was the last time you had sexual intercourse?
Penny gave her a strange look not understanding the questions let
alone the first one.

Gail changed the word to period and Penny thought the questions were
weird but something made her say, I just got over my period about
three days ago, only a guy touched my breasts and it was over a
sweater and yes, I am still a virgin. Gail told her that she was
sorry she had to ask the questions but it is relevant to determining
why her back was hurting her. Penny took a couple more gulps of the
water. Gail explained to Penny that since she never had a professional
massage before, she would explain to her what she was going to do to
Penny and how a massage works. She brought Penny into the massage
room knowing that Frank went ahead of Penny and Gail. He first lit
all the candles, then started the music, and then went into the empty
closet with the one way mirror built in so he could watch the action
in the massage room. Gail started explaining the massage processes
to her. She advised Penny that she would have to remove all her cloths
and place them on the chair, then to lay down with her face resting
in the hole on the massage table/bed. She would return in a few minutes
to start massaging her back then have her roll over to massage the
front of her body. With Frank in the closet, Gail decided not to
have Penny cover herself with a towel so no cover up was available.

Even though the mild sedative was taking affect, Penny was still
a little prudish after Gail left her alone in the room so she
started taking off her shoes and socks first. Frank was looking
at this beautiful teenage girl through the mirror and could not
wait until she was naked. Her hair was now in front of her so he
had a great view of her ass as she bent over to remove her shoes
and socks. She then removed her shirt and started slowly to remove
her jeans. Frank noticed she hadn't removed her matching green
lace bra and string panty combo but he started getting hard from
the thoughts of what Gail and he planned for this girl. He also
loved her long hair but wondered how Gail was going to get this
shy girl to remove her underwear. Still in her bra and panties,
she laid down as instructed. Gail thought she gave Frank enough
time to view Penny's nude body so she decided to enter the room.

She told Penny that the underwear set had to go and Penny was
very nervous. She told Gail that she preferred to stay in her
underwear and that she didn't see any reason to be nude in front
of her. As she didn't want to scare this shy girl, Gail thought
of a new tact. She asked Penny if she was ever in a hot tub before?
Penny said no but she wouldn't mind trying one sometime. Gail told
her to get up very slow and she would bring her to their family
hot tub. She explained that she normally doesn't allow clients
to use it but since her back is bothering her, Gail would consider
it as part of Penny's treatment. Penny asked if it was ok to leave
the room in her lace bra and panties and Gail told her that her
10-year old daughter was the only one besides her in the house.
She brought her to the hot tub area where steam was coming out
from the tub. She told Penny that unless she wanted her bra and
panties to get all wet, she should remove them.

Besides her family doctor, Penny was never naked in front of
another person before but with the sedative starting to kick
in and the fact that Gail was a female, she slowly removed her
undergarments. Out of Penny's view, Gail saw Frank and the girls from the side. What a body this young girl had, Gail noticed she
was a true blond with soft fluffy hair just covering a little of
her pussy. As she climbed into the tub, Gail was enjoying the
awaited view of her long hair covering her ass cheeks. Frank and
Gail both gave each other admiring looks. Gail left Penny in the
hot tub to listen to music and start relaxing while she went to
get her another glass of water. Gail sent Anne into the hot tub
area to ask Penny if she would mind if she joined her in the hot
tub. Anne went into the area and removed her tank top and shorts
and asked Penny if she could enter the family hot tub with her?
The new subliminal messages for females were coming into the massage
and hot tub rooms, you want your cherry popped today, you want to
see Anne's young pussy and touch it, you want to have sex with Anne,
you want to have sex with Gail, you want to touch a big penis. This
was played under the music bed continually. Penny didn't know why but
she agreed to this nude 10-year old joining her, she figured what
harm could it be for a 10-year to see her nude body. Moreover,
she was starting to relax and lose some of her shyness.

Gail came back to the hot tub to bring the water with some more
sedative stuff in it and asked Penny if she was ready for her massage,
Penny asked her if she could have another 30 minutes in the tub.
She was just starting to enjoy it and relax. Gail told her the
one condition was she had to drink some more water, she told her
she could get dehydrated for the massage without fluids. Penny
took a couple of gulps from the glass and settled in. Gail gave
Anne and Penny a few minutes then came over, stripped naked and
entered the hot tub. She told the girls she needed to relax before
giving Penny the massage, she noticed Penny was in a very relaxed
state and didn't really care. Off to the side Frank and Emily decided
to play a little while still keeping an eye on the hot tub. Gail told
Penny that she should come over to her in the hot tub so she could
start the massage. Gail had to explain to her that the massage in
the warm water would help her back, she hesitated then came over
to between the legs of this nude stranger for Gail to start rubbing
her back. Meanwhile Anne took that as her cue to move closer to
Penny and start massaging her legs heading slowly to her pussy mound.

For whatever reason Penny couldn't understand but it felt like
someone with small hands was massaging her lower body at the same
time Gail was rubbing her back. It felt weird, but it felt good at
the same time however she was more relaxed then she thought she
would be. She let the strange feelings to her body take hold and
leaned her back more into Gail's hands. Gail knew she had more
control over Penny but wanted to maintain a slow seduction of Penny.
After all, she did not want her to go back to the college and yell
rape or something, which could lead to Frank and her being arrested
and losing her daughters. She knew Penny had to agree to almost
everything that happened there that day. She looked over to where
Frank and Emily were and figured that since Penny's eyes were closing
and she was in a relaxed dozing, almost in a trance, stage that they
could come into the open a little more. She took one hand off Penny's
back and motioned the two of them to come closer to the tub area. Both
were already naked and moved more in the room where Frank started
licking Emily's pussy. Under Gail's instruction, Anne placed her
small finger into Penny's pussy and continued her massage of the
pussy area. Gail figured since Anne's finger was small Penny would
not immediately notice the intrusion of her virgin pussy, meanwhile
Gail had the back of Penny's body resting on her chest so she moved
her hands to her tits, to start massaging her breasts. Gail started
tweaking the teenager's nipples. With the subliminal messages in
the music directed towards Penny and the sedative taking hold,
Penny started enjoying the massage she received from Anne and Penny.

Penny's hand went under the water to locate Anne's pussy and she
started returning the massage Anne was giving her. Meanwhile Frank
was laying on his back and poor Emily was trying to impale her
small pussy on his 10-inch penis, Gail felt bad watching her
daughter try to copy her move from before. Frank was doing
everything in his power not to laugh at this 10-year old girl
trying to push her small pussy onto his 10-inch penis. Finally,
Frank stopped Emily from hurting herself and with a slow gentle
pace inserted his penis into her pussy. She started riding him like
a cowgirl in heat. He could not believe how well this girl could move
and he was enjoying the new feeling of his hairless groin area touching
Emily's hairless pubic area. Anne pushed two more of her small fingers
into Penny's pussy and Gail thought the time has come to move Penny
into the massage room. To allow Emily and Frank to come and that
they did, big time, she let Anne play with Penny and Penny play
with Anne for a little bit more before waking Penny up. Anne got
out of the tub first to get some towels to dry off Penny. When she
returned with the towels, Gail started to slowly wake Penny up out
of her sleepy daze. Penny wake up, it's time for your massage to
start, Penny gave her a puzzled look thinking the massage was finished,
not starting. Penny apologized for dozing off in the family hot tub
and told Gail that she didn't know what hit her but she was getting
weird feelings that felt great pointing towards her pussy.

Gail explained to Penny that she was so nervous when she first came in,
that the warm water of the hot tub and the small massage Gail gave
Penny could have relaxed her enough to produce the feelings in her
pussy. Anne used the towel to wipe off Penny; she rubbed her small
breasts then moved down over her stomach and hit her pussy and
buttocks. Penny jumped a little not understanding why her pussy
area was so sensitive to this young girl's gentle touch. She then
took Penny's long hair into the towel and let Penny wrap her hair
up into the towel. What a sight to see this teen girl walking
around the house with just a towel wrapped around her head. Penny
was so relaxed she lost her modesty and didn't think anything of it.
Penny was in such a dazed stage she didn't notice Frank and Emily
nude walking ahead of her heading for the closet. Gail wanted to
wait to introduce her other daughter and Frank to this teenager.
She knew Frank was enjoying his time with Emily.

Since Penny was so relaxed, she had her lay face up on the massage
table/bed. She started spreading warm oil all over Penny's body
starting at her breasts then she roughly worked her way down to
her feet. From her feet she very slowly worked her way back up
to Penny's now pert breasts, making sure she got her inner thigh
area. Gail then went to her pussy mound area where slowly
concentrated her massage strokes. Meanwhile Anne came into the
room to start massaging Penny's small breast and Emily came out
of the closet to start massaging her other breast. As Gail was
working Penny's pussy the two girls were working on her, two
breasts Penny started a slow moan. Gail increased the speed
of her oiled finger in Penny's pussy and started rubbing her
clitoris. She had the girls slow down on her nipples. Frank
started masturbating in the closet watching this all girl-girl
action. Penny's body was actually starting to respond to the
attention it was getting. Her pussy was getting very moist and
started leaking juice. Gail decided that she wanted to keep
this an all girl thing until it was time for Frank to deflower
this 18-year old virgin. She knew he must be going crazy alone
in the closet but at this point she was also so hot herself she
could care less about Frank's needs.

To start licking Penny's pussy Gail had to lie down onto the
table/bed and had Anne move off Penny to start licking her
own cunt. While her mouth was at Penny's pussy, Gail moved
her oiled fingers to start working on her asshole. Emily was
so hot from working on Penny and seeing her mom licking Penny's
pussy that she left Penny on her own accord to start playing
with her sister Anne. Anne and Emily went into their own "69"
position. Frank could not hold off any longer and he burst out
of the closet like a dog in heat ready to bounce on any female.
Since Gail's ass was sticking up in the air he decided to hit her
pussy first so he went behind and slide his penis right in. Penny
started hearing new sounds in the room so she opened her eyes and
slowly viewed the action going on in the massage room. She was so
horny from the sedative, the music and the action that has been
taking place on her body for the past hour or so that she couldn't
care less what was done to her body or by whom. As Frank increased
his plowing action into Gail, she increased her licking and sucking
of Penny. All of a sudden, Anne and Emily started coming, then Gail
and with the sounds coming from the other females in the room, Penny
gave out the loudest shout. So loud it was almost funny.

Frank pulled out of Gail and finished to orgasm into Anne's pussy.
The only virgin among the group was Penny and if she gave permission
that was next. The action slowed down to a halt, so everyone just lay
around the massage table/bed in order for everyone to gain his or her
senses back, after they all came. Gail asked Penny how her massage felt
and if her back still hurt? Penny responded with a low voice that the
massage was great, her backstopped hurting her but she asked about the
loud shout she gave out on the table/bed. Gail explained to her that
she had her first of many orgasms and further explained that it was a
reaction to what her body was enjoying being done do it. When she
noticed Frank in the room with her, she quickly started placing her
long hair to cover over her breasts and then used her hands to cover
her pussy. She was still a little prudish and after all that has
happened so far, she is still the shy virgin teenager. Gail told
Penny to relax that he has seen her body since she entered the house
and that it is ok for a man to see a young female's body. She told
Penny to look at her own ten-year old girls, you notice they are not
shy around Frank. Gail went on to say that you can relax around us,
I can assure you that we will not hurt you, try to remember the
Feelings you had in the hot tub and on the massage table/bed.
Frank spoke up and told Penny that he would be happy to allow
her a closer look at his penis.

Penny saw how comfortable the 10-year old twins were around
the adults and remembering the small orgasm she experienced
she decided that she should see how this plays out. She also
thought she saw Frank behind Gail and then in front of Anne
doing something with their bodies but she wasn't sure what
it was she actually saw. She asked what the plan was and Gail
told her that if she would lay back down on the table/bed that
the group would give her a "GREAT MASSAGE, she decided what
the heck and told them to proceed. They moved her long blonde hair off to the side, warm oil was applied throughout her body
with the twins taking her top portion, Frank taking her pussy
and Gail her inner thighs and legs. This teenage girl was in
heaven; she could not believe how good it could feel getting
a massage by four small and four adult sized hands. The twins
were enjoying massaging Penny's small breasts, they hoped their
breasts would be the small size Penny's were vs. their mom's
larger size. Frank took massaging her pussy very slowly, first
around her pubic area with an occasional finger slipping in,
and Gail kept moving her hands up and down the inner thigh area.
After Frank's finger went into her pussy a few times, he decided
that he should start to feel and push a little on her hymen. He
located her hymen and gently pushed on it; Penny gave a loud moan,
so he backed off. He decided on a different approach and brought
his tongue into the area and started licking her pussy, now the
moans coming from Penny were softer. Gail thought the time would
be right to ask Penny if she wanted Frank to deflower her cherry.
Therefore, Gail brought the subject up being very careful with
her words.

Penny would you like to see Frank's penis up close and touch it.
Penny gave a soft ok. Gail had Frank stop what he was doing and
sent Anne over to continue at Penny's pussy. With Frank at her side,
Penny was wondering how the feeling in her pussy didn't stop but
she was so excited by the feeling and Emily at her tits that she
paid no further attention to it so she relaxed more into the table/bed.
Frank explained to Penny that his penis would enter her pussy very
slowly until it came to her hymen, on her own accord, Penny reached
over and touched the penis in front of her and started stroking it.
He continued telling her that when he touched her hymen that it would
hurt as he pushed through for only a brief moment and then she would
enjoy the feeling in her pussy again. When Penny touched his now
erect 10-inch penis and thought about this entering her pussy she
told Frank that she was afraid his large penis would not fit into
her pussy. After all the only thing she ever had placed in her
pussy was a tampon. Frank asked one of the 10-year old girls to
come over to him and he informed Penny that if can fit his 10-inch
penis into Emily, would she allow him to insert it into her pussy.
She looked surprise that Frank could and would screw this small
10-year old in front of her but she agreed. While Frank was
speaking to Penny, Gail went over to Emily and started getting
her pussy wet for Frank to enter her.

Frank then moved over to Emily and inserted his penis very slowly
into her wet and slippery pussy. Since she no longer had her hymen,
of course, it went right in and Penny watched in amazement. Gail
explained to her that Frank took Anne's and Emily's virginity
during the last couple of days. While Frank was screwing Emily,
Gail went over to Penny and got her pussy ready for Frank. Frank
did not want to come yet, so he let Emily have a quick orgasm,
then got out of her pussy right away. Frank then went over to
Penny and started placing his penis around her pussy mound then
started heading for her slit. Just as he did with Emily, he
slowly entered her pussy and when he came across the hymen,
he stopped until Penny was ready for it to be busted. Emily
and Anne went over to Penny and told her everything will be ok,
once he busts through you will start enjoying having his penis
in your cunt, Penny could not believe the words coming from these
10-year olds. Frank finally busted through and Penny gave out a
small ouch but just like the girl's said as he went in and out
she started enjoying the feeling, meanwhile Gail was sucking and
playing with her tits. Penny had a small orgasm but Frank kept
going until he was ready to come into this teenage girl. He
could not believe he was busting another hymen.

All of a sudden Frank starting yelling and screaming like a wild
guy and then Penny started moaning and groaning and both came in
one big orgasm. Frank squirted his come into her pussy and the two
juices, her blood and his come mixed together. Since she finished
having her period a few days ago, he wasn't worried about getting
her pregnant. Gail and the girls headed for the hot tub to let
Frank and Penny rest on the table/bed by cuddling with each other.
Penny could not believe how her day turned out or what came over
herself to agree to all this. If only she knew about the candles,
music and sedatives. After Penny relaxed with Frank for a little
bit she remembered she had to study for an important test tomorrow,
Penny had to get back to her dorm shortly so she asked Frank if
there was a place for her to clean up and Frank pointed her towards
the bathroom. Frank went out to tell the girls and Gail that Penny
had to leave soon. When Penny came back into the hot tub area she
was fully dressed with her long hair put up with a couple of rubber
bands. She offered to pay Gail for her massage and Gail told her
the first one is on the house.

Gail also told her that if any of her friends needed a "Great Massage"
to call and mention Penny's name but to downplay what takes place
in the massage room. She explained to Penny that she could get in
trouble so she had to be careful. Penny said she would quietly
pass the word around the campus leaving out some of the details.
They all gave Penny a hug and the girls gave her a big kiss.
The twins told Penny she could be their big sister or baby sitter
anytime. Penny told them she would enjoy that opportunity. Gail
and Frank agreed they would look forward to her coming back to
take care of the twins for them. Penny then ran back to give
Frank a big hug and kiss then told him thanks for what he did.
She did the same to Gail but told her that she changed her life
forever and she won't be a prude ever again. You all changed my
life, my back pain is gone and I appreciate all of it. With that,
she turned away and left the house. Gail and Frank were admiring
her ass one more time before she left, they just wish she could
have left her hair down. The only thing remaining of Penny's in
the hot tub area were her green bra and panty set. It was a
school day tomorrow so the girls decided to go to bed early
and leave the adults to talk and play. Gail and Frank went
into the hot tub and she told him that her ex-husband left
her and the girls a lot of money when he died, enough that
either of them had to work a day in their lives.

She told him the girls and her started the massage business
mostly because of boredom in Vermont about two years ago,
when the twins were about 8 years old. Frank told her that
he has also done well for himself in sales and has some
money saved. If Gail would have him as a husband and he
didn't see why the girls wouldn't accept him as their father,
he would love to become part of their family by getting married.
They would decide at another time if the "massage" business
would stay active or not. They were sure they could count on
Penny to spread the word and they really didn't need the money
from the female college coeds. Gail leaped from her place in
the water into Frank's lap and said, yes, yes and yes, of
course my girls and I will marry you. With that, Gail
attacked Frank.!

End of part three

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just that a story posting address. I appreciate positive
input. Thank you for reading my story, I hoped you enjoyed it!
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