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GREATPT4 thick red bush front



This story contains scenes of an erotic and/or controversial
nature, and is not intended for the perusal of minors. Further,
if perusal of such material is considered illegal in your area
or immoral by your religion or personal beliefs, you should likewise
bypass this story. This material is strictly for fantasy and is an
original work of fiction, which involves adult sex with teenagers.
The author does not believe adults should have sex with teenagers
that are considered minors or promote this action.

This story remains the property of the author. Permission is
granted to download, photocopy, copy, archive and repost so
long as any such action contains these disclaimers, and no
attempt is made to profit from this story.

Author's note:

This story is part of a story that came to me during a recent
massage session I had. No part of this story is true and to
the best of my knowledge no place like, this exists in Vermont
or any other State. This is no reflection on any professional
massage therapist. No licensed legitimate therapist provides
any sex acts to a customer. Please do not go to a licensed
massage therapist based on this story content. This is strictly
a fantasy.

Thanks to Aethean from Web TV, for the friendly suggestion
about using paragraphs in my stories to make it easier to read!
I did not use them because I wasn't sure of the amount of space
I could post into a newsgroup message. Iktcar from AOL had another
helpful comment about my use of the single party (I, me, she etc.)
I also tried to clean up a lot of it in the part and I realize that
the story now flows better. Thanks everyone for the input. I will
try to maintain these changes into future stories of mine. I hope
everyone enjoys the new writing style .

My other stories can be found at:
The Great Massage - Part 4 of 5B (M/Fff /bi-sex,
seduction f-teen) by Sammie
Nicole, a 17 year old dorm mate friend of Penny's, was asking
Penny if she would mind rubbing aloe on her back, arms and
front top of her body. Nicole explained to Penny that she
went today to a tanning spa and overexposed her body. Penny
told Nicole that she would be happy to help her out and with
that, Penny got up to place a large towel on the bed for Nicole
to lie on. Nicole waited while Penny placed the towel on her bed.
Nicole had short curly red hair, was smaller in height, weight
and breast size then Penny but with the gymnastic workout she
got, her body and ass cheeks were tighter then Penny's.

Nicole was wearing an overall type jumper with a short sleeve
top leotard and no bra, she liked feeling free and since her
breasts were very small, she could care less if anyone saw them.
Penny asked Nicole to start unsnapping the buttons on her jumper
to include the crotch snaps on her leotard so she could start
rubbing her back. As Nicole was reaching down to unsnap her
leotard's crotch snaps, Penny helped Nicole remove the leotard
top. As Nicole was comfortable being topless in the room with
Penny, she confirmed that Nicole had no modesty.

Penny asked Nicole to lie down on the towel located on the bed
so she could start massaging Nicole's back with the aloe lotion.
Penny noticed that Nicole was red all over so she went up and down
Nicole's back then Penny did her sides, arms then went to her back
again. Penny went down Nicole's back but this time she continued
down into the back of Nicole's jumper to reach her buttocks, when
Penny came to Nicole's panties she stopped to continue massaging
the aloe into her back. Penny thought the panties Nicole was
wearing must have been the bikini style because Penny's hand
was quite low in the jumper before she was able to rub the
buttock area a little. Nicole didn't protest where Penny's
hands were so Penny asked Nicole to roll over, which again
exposed her breasts.

As Nicole was getting a little excited, Penny could tell that
she was enjoying the rub down. Penny thought what the heck,
Gail taught me to just enjoy life not being a prude anymore,
so Penny thought she would take this opportunity to go for it
with Nicole's half nude body and have her covered in just her
panties. Penny then started taking the rest of Nicole's jumper
off to expose her pink panties, which were the low cut bikini type,
Penny guessed correctly. Since Nicole's legs were also red, Penny
told Nicole that she would rub the aloe lotion into the top and
bottoms of her legs. Nicole purred a low yes signaling that it
was ok for Penny to proceed. Just as Gail and everyone back at
the house did to her, Penny spread the aloe lotion all over the
top part of Nicole's body including her tits.

As Penny went down to rub the lotion into Nicole's legs, she
made sure to just brush her panty covered pussy mound. A very
low moan escaped from Nicole. Seeing Nicole clad only in her
panties spread out in front of Penny and the continual rubbing
action that Penny was doing to her,, Penny was getting a very warm
feeling in her own pussy, which was getting wetter by the minute.
However, Penny decided to see where this body rub led to and kept
rubbing the lotion into the inner thigh area of Nicole. Penny would
rub the top of Nicole's leg then lift the leg to go around and rub
her calf. Penny repeated the process on the other leg. While Penny
was rubbing the top part of the leg, this time she moved her hand
over to the inner thigh and let her finger slide under Nicole's
panties towards the pussy area.

Nicole just lay there almost dreaming and didn't stop any of the
action Penny had been doing to her body so far so Penny decided
to continue going for it. Slowly, Penny brought her left hand up
to Nicole's left breast, lightly brushing the underside, then up
across the nipple and back down. Slowly, Penny moved her hand
over to Nicole's right breast, moving under and across it, then
slowly cupping her hand around it. Penny alternated from one
breast to the other. Penny kept the action going taking a nipple
at a time into her mouth. While one breast got the attention of
her mouth, Penny cupped the other, sometimes rolling the nipple
between her fingers. This was Nicole's first time having a sexual
relationship let alone with another female but she was so hot from
the rub down and what Penny was doing to her nipples that she let
Penny lead the action.

Penny could tell that Nicole was close to coming so she moved her
hand to slide the panties from Penny. To allow Penny to remove her
panties Nicole raised her hip a little for Penny to slide the panties right off her legs. While Penny was down at Nicole's feet area,
she moved her mouth down to her pussy. Nicole had a large red bush
and Penny thought to herself that she is a natural red head!
Penny started licking Nicole's pussy mound and as she hit her clit,
Nicole arched her back tightly to convulse with an orgasm for the
first time in her life, another one ripped through her, and her
pussy clenched around Penny's tongue. Penny kept the attention
on Nicole until a bigger orgasm ripped through her and the juices
started flowing from Nicole's pussy. Penny then went over to
Nicole and gave her a wet juicy kiss on the lips leaking some
of Nicole's own juices into her mouth.

Penny then stretched out fully clothed on top of Nicole's nude
body and they each exchanged a long French kiss. Nicole told Penny
that what she felt great to her. Penny said when they had more time
together Nicole could repeat the performance on her and Nicole agreed.
Nicole thanked Penny for giving her the Great Rubdown. After they had
their fun time together, Nicole asked Penny where she learned to rub
a person the way Penny rubbed her body. She then asked Penny if she
ever had a massage. Penny told Nicole that a friend she knew in the
area gives great massages and yes, this friend also gave her one
recently. Penny further explained that her back was hurting so she
found this friend's number in the phone book. Penny continued to
explain that she guessed she must have remembered the strokes that
were used on her own body during the massage session. Nicole told
Penny that she enjoyed the rub down that she got but asked Penny
if she could try a professional massage from her friend. Nicole
then laughed while she said I doubt the massage will get me to
orgasm like the rub down you just gave me did and Penny responded
with you'd be surprised. Nicole looked at Penny with a funny expression
but let the comment slide then asked by the way, is your friend
male or female?

Penny said of course my friend is a female and her name is Gail.
Penny decided to leave out the parts about Frank and the twins.
Penny offered to call Gail to make the appointment for Nicole
and even offered to take her over to the house where Gail lives.
Nicole told her that would be great and that maybe Gail could use
aloe lotion on her body. Nicole's told Penny that her body felt
great with the cool aloe lotion on it, plus her body had sweat
on it from having sex with Penny. Penny called Gail that night
to tell her what happened with Nicole and to ask Gail when the
two of them could come to the house. Gail told Penny that the
twins will be in school during the day but Frank will be around,
so tell Nicole you two can come over the day after tomorrow.
Gail said the massage business is very busy so this will give
Frank and me time to get things ready for you and Nicole. Penny
was getting excited just thinking of their appointment with Gail
and Frank. Penny told Gail that she couldn't wait to see the two
of them again but before she hung up the phone, she sent her love
to Frank and Gail. Gail forgot to tell Penny about her recent
engagement to Frank. Penny was so hot and horny from giving
Nicole the rub down and then talking with Gail about it, that
she masturbated herself to sleep. Before going to sleep, Nicole
wished she had something the size of Frank's 10-inch penis to
place in her wet pussy.

The two days went quickly and Penny drove Nicole up to Gail's house.
Nicole was admiring the house and it's location in the woods. They
rang the front door and Gail answered it. Penny introduced Nicole
to Gail. The girls were dressed like typical teenagers' just jeans
and a polo type shirt, but since their nipples were pointing out
Gail could tell that both teenagers were not wearing any bras.
Gail was glad to see Penny becoming a liberated woman by not
wearing a bra anymore. Gail was just wearing a tank top and
running shorts. Gail brought them to the living room but Frank
was waiting in the hot tub area for Penny.

Nicole was not very nervous so Gail explained that in a few
minutes she would bring Nicole into the massage room where
her session will take place. Gail told Nicole that prior to
the massage, she needed to ask her some personal questions
and Penny then piped in to say that it is ok that Gail had to
ask her similar questions. Gail told Penny that Nicole would
be in the massage room for about an hour, so Penny could make herself comfortable in the hot tub area. Penny thought that was a great
idea and told Nicole she will see her later. Penny left the
living room heading to meet Frank in the hot tub area. Gail
stalled Nicole in the living room, long enough to allow Frank
and Penny time to get into the closet then she brought Nicole
into the massage room. The candles were lit and the music was
playing in the background. Gail decided that since Nicole and
Penny had some fun the other together that drugs would not be
necessary to seduce this girl. Gail even used regular music with
no subliminal message in it.

Depending on Nicole's answers about sex, the decision would then
be made on what approach Frank and Gail would take with Nicole
during her massage session. Gail knew that Penny and Frank could
see and hear any of the action that took place in the massage room.
As Gail did with Penny, she started asking Nicole some standard
questions, age, about her health etc. Nicole stated she was
17-years old, will be 18-years old in two months and since I
do gymnastics, consider myself healthy. Gail told Nicole that
just like a doctor she had to ask her personal questions, so
Gail started the questions. When was the last time you had your
period? Has a man or woman ever touched your breasts or private
parts? When was the last time you had sexual intercourse? Do you
take any medicine? Without pausing or thinking twice about the
questions Nicole blurted out, my period is due late next week,
before I left for college, my mom put me on the pill but I am
still a virgin. Nicole hesitated then said yes my tits and pussy
were touched but didn't specify male or female, so Gail let her
answer pass. Gail figured that Penny was the one that touched
Nicole's private parts. Gail told Nicole that she was sorry
she had to ask Nicole the questions but it is relevant to the
type of massage Gail gives Nicole. Nicole told Gail that since
Gail was a woman, she didn't mind answering the female related
questions. As Gail did with Penny, she explained to Nicole what
she was going to do to her during the massage.

Penny told Gail on the telephone about the burns on Nicole's
body from the tanning spa but Gail didn't want Nicole to know that
Penny said anything to her, so she asked Nicole, if she wanted warm
oil or aloe as the lotion to be used during the massage. Nicole, said
of course aloe lotion, not realizing she said it, in a loud voice but
added in a softer tone would be appreciated. Gail said no problem and
told Nicole that she will leave the room to allow Nicole to have
privacy to undress. Nicole lifted off her polo shirt and as she
started in removing , right in front of Gail, Nicole told Gail,
that she could stay in the massage room with her. Frank and Penny
continued looking on from the closet. Gail could not believe the
amount of red hair this girl had for a bush. Since Penny and Frank
were nude in the closet, they were playing with each other a little
bit but Frank stopped Penny to look over Nicole's nude body. Trying
to get Frank's attention away from Nicole, Penny started sucking on
his penis. Frank felt Penny's mouth on his penis, but still looked
Nicole over and took notice that her breasts were smaller then
Penny's but she had lots more hair located on her pussy mound
then Penny but best of all was her tight buttocks. So that Penny
couldn't hear him, Frank mumbled under his breath, oh man, what an
ass this girl has!

The twins were due home from school shortly so Gail decided to
have this sex game move quicker, so Gail told Nicole to lay face
up so she could start Nicole's massage on the front of her body.
Gail did not want to introduce Nicole, at this early time in the
relationship, to her minor children. Gail couldn't afford to have
too many people know about Frank and her having sexual relations
with the twins. Gail mentioned her concerns to Penny during their
telephone conversation and Penny agreed to keep it from Nicole.
Gail started from Nicole's feet rubbing her ankles and slowly
headed towards the thick red bush in front of Gail's face.
Gail was thinking to herself, that she wished she had her
scissors and shaving gel available. Gail would have surprised
Nicole with a bald pussy mound. Maybe if Nicole came back for
another massage session, Gail could shave this beautiful,
well-built teenager. As Gail went by Nicole's bush to head
towards the chest area, she allowed her fingers to wander a
little but decided to hold off by moving her hands quickly to
the stomach area. Gail massaged Nicole's stomach for a few
minutes then moved up to start a breast massage on this girl.
Gail knew that Frank and Penny were both enjoying the show.

Gail then added more aloe to her hands and started rubbing Nicole's
small breasts. Nicole started squirming a little on the table/bed
so Gail knew Nicole was enjoying her touch. Nicole's eyes were
closed and she was almost in a total sleep stage so Gail signaled
for Frank and Penny to come out of the closet. Gail took her hand
off Nicole's breast area one at a time to be replaced one at time
by Penny's hands. This allowed Penny to take over the top portion
of the massage and Frank started working on the legs and thigh area.
Meanwhile, so that everyone was nude in the massage room, Gail
started to remove her clothes. Nicole felt four pair of hands on
her body but was to sleepy to open her eyes and see what was going on,
she just figured that Penny got bored waiting in the hot tub area and
decided to join Gail in the massage process. Nicole went back into
the sensual dream she was having involving Penny and Gail at an
outdoor park. Gail went over to explore Nicole's pussy area,
so she moved some of the red hair away from Nicole's pussy slit
and then Gail noticed some droplets leaking out from the pussy.
Gail moved her fingers to move Nicole's enlarged clitoral hood
to get at the clitoris. With Penny at Nicole's tits, Frank at
the legs, Gail decided to start licking the girl's clitoris
that was now spread out in front of her.

Gail placed her tongue around it, on it and then slipped into
Nicole's moist pussy. Gail then placed a finger into Nicole's
pussy heading towards the hymen Frank will soon get to pop. Gail's
finger didn't stop so she continued moving two more fingers into
this girl's cunt, which Gail moved further into without anything
stopping her fingers. Gail thought this was weird but remembered
that this young girl did gymnastics and must have busted the hymen
during one of Nicole's gym sessions. As Frank decided to join Penny
in licking and playing with Nicole's breasts, he noticed that her
breasts were getting swollen and her small nipples were getting
very erect, when all of a sudden Nicole started moving her hips
meeting Gail's fingers. Nicole started moaning and moving her body
wildly on the table/bed, so they all knew Nicole was close to having
another large orgasm. It was hard for them to keep up with her
movements on the table/bed but they did and Nicole's juices
started flowing out of her pussy. Frank slide over to Nicole's
pussy to continue sucking in her pussy juices and have a chance
to lick some pussy.

Since Frank and Penny played in the closet, then he watching the
way Nicole's body moved when she had her orgasm, Frank couldn't
hold off coming any longer and he started squirting his come all
over the table/bed. Penny went over to Frank's penis to start
sucking out any juices left within Frank, which brought his penis
hard again. While Frank continued sucking Nicole's pussy, Penny
continued sucking his penis; Gail brought her nipple to Nicole's
mouth, which was sucked right in by Nicole as if she was a nursing
baby. Gail could not believe the response they were getting from
this girl. Penny must have done some job breaking Nicole into
girl-girl sex. Gail whispered to Frank that Nicole's hymen was
missing so Frank thought it was time for him to mount Nicole
so he asked Penny to release his penis and then pushed his
penis right into Nicole's wet pussy. Nicole did not know what
hit her but she was enjoying the strange intrusion in her pussy,
which was getting Nicole excited again, so she didn't stop any of
the action, currently taking place in the massage room. Frank
continued moving his 10-inch penis in and out of Nicole's cunt,
he couldn't believe how loose this girl was compared to when he
fucked Penny's pussy. Frank was confused since he was able to slide
in all 10-inches with out any problem, he thought he was Nicole's
first screwing but Gail mentioned to Frank, that Nicole's hymen
was missing.

While screwing Nicole, Frank wondered what happened to Nicole's
hymen, which was the first guy that popped her cherry and how
lucky the guy that did pop Nicole's cherry was. Little did Frank
know he was Nicole's first screwing! Since Penny was enjoying
watching Frank screw Nicole, she decided to get Gail's attention
by moving to Gail's pussy and Penny started licking away at Gail's
pussy. Gail was also horny so she moved Penny to the side of the
table/bed so Gail could position their bodies into a "69". Between
screwing Nicole's brain out while watching the show being put on
by Gail and Penny, Frank could only hold off a little longer,
Frank thought thank goodness he came before or else he couldn't
have lasted this long with Nicole. Frank wanted to stay in this
warm, loose pussy forever, but he knew good things must come to
an end and with that Frank and Nicole started coming together.
So much so that Nicole's body moved Frank's body to where Gail
and Penny were playing with each other.

Upon crashing into the other women, Nicole woke up to see all
the nude bodies lying around her. She saw Frank, Gail and Penny
but unlike when Penny saw Frank for the first time, Nicole didn't
cover herself up, Nicole just laid there staying spread out
wondering what happened. All Nicole knew was that her body felt
the best it ever did - wonderful, she was warm, sweaty and loved
the new feeling in her now wet with Frank's and her juices mixed
in her pussy area. Penny decided to go over to cuddle with Nicole,
while Frank and Gail cuddled together. Penny explained to Nicole
everything that took place since she entered the massage room,
including giving her Frank's name and then asked Nicole if she
was ok with what happened to her body today. Nicole told them all
that she was glad Penny made the appointment to see Gail and then
told Frank that she loved the feeling of his large penis almost
hitting her cervix. Frank decided to ask Nicole if this was the
first time she had intercourse with a man, as she responded yes,
Frank gave a puzzled look towards Penny and Gail. Gail explained to
Frank how Nicole is on the gymnastics team at the college and must
have busted her hymen during one of her gym sessions in high school
or college. Frank nodded in understanding and Nicole told them that
Gail was correct but it happened when she tried doing a weird
movement during her high school gym class. Nicole was trying to
be a big shot in the class but instead hurt herself big time. The
time was getting late, the twins would be coming home from school
shortly, Penny and Nicole had to be back for dinner at school plus
Gail had to get dinner ready for Frank and the twins. They decided
to end the session with one big group hug, wet kisses all around,
and then they all got dressed to say their good byes.

Gail then told Penny that Frank asked her to marry him the other
night and Gail agreed, to getting married. Gail and Frank told
Penny if they were both, interested in attending that she would
be invited along with Nicole to the wedding. Both girls said they
would love being at their wedding but they needed to know what
to wear and bring to it. Gail and Frank told Penny and Nicole
they would explain the dress or undress attire and the gift they
would want from them at another time. Penny and Nicole then
congratulated Gail and Frank. Penny turned to Frank then Gail
to give them each a big hug and a wet French kiss. Penny was
glad that she has to see Frank and Gail again and that they
were getting married. Penny was very happy for the twins to
have a father figure in the house. Nicole was happy that she
has to meet Gail and Frank plus that she was invited to the wedding.

During the ride home, Penny asked Nicole not to spread the word
around campus about Gail and Frank's massage place. As Nicole was
looking forward to her next session, with Frank and Gail, she
agreed to Penny's request. They got back to their dorm room
with enough time to be cleaned up real quick and head over to
the dining room for dinner.

end of part 4

part 5 continues with the wedding

If you enjoyed my story, write me at
because of spam I do not reply to any e-mails posted at any
other address. E-mail address used for posting is just that
a story posting address. I appreciate positive input. Thank you
for reading my story, I hoped you enjoyed it!
Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyrighted
with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.

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