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GREATPT5A thick penis The kids couldnt get



This story contains scenes of an erotic and/or controversial
nature, and is not intended for the perusal of minors. Further,
if perusal of such material is considered illegal in your area or
immoral by your religion or personal beliefs, you should likewise
bypass this story. This material is strictly for fantasy and is an
original work of fiction, which involves some adult sex with minors
with some incest situations. The author does not believe adults
should have sex with young children or promote this action.

This story remains the property of the author. Permission is
granted to download, photocopy, copy, archive and repost so
long as any such action contains these disclaimers, and no attempt
is made to profit from this story. This material is strictly for
fantasy and is an original work of fiction, which involves some
adult sex with minors with some incest situations. The author
does not believe adults should have sex with young children or
promote this action.

Author's note:

This story is part of a series of stories that came to me during
a recent massage session I had. To follow this story you must read
Parts 1 through four. No part of this story is true and to the best
of my knowledge no place like, this exists in Vermont or any other
State. This is no reflection on any professional massage therapist.
No licensed legitimate therapist provides any sex acts to a customer.
Please do not go to a licensed massage therapist based on this story
content. This is strictly a fantasy.

I apologize in advance that this story is so long, however I don't
think you will find it boring and I am sure you will enjoy reading
the whole story. Since the whole story doesn't fit into the post,
I have posted this as parts 5A & 5B.

My other stories can be found at:

The Great Massage - Part 5A of 5B (M/Fff kids/M/M,
incest, shaving, anal, masturbation and mind
control/drugging) by Sammie

Here's a review of the characters for Part 5.

Gail -single with kids, runs a massage business, has
short black hair 30 years old Emily & Anne - kids almost 11 years old, Gail is their
mom - they also have short hair.
Frank - single no kids, salesman who met Gail through
her business and is now going to marry Gail.
He is 32 years old.
Penny - age 18 with very long blonde hair - college
student, she is about 5 ft 8" and weighs about
110 lbs. She met Frank and Gail through the
massage business.
Nicole - almost 18, curly short red hair. is smaller
in height, weight and breast size then Penny
but built better then Penny - she is also a
college student.
Wayne - Gail's father, Anne's and Emily grandpa -
51 years old, he has dirty blond hair.
Marc - Frank's brother -a 16-year-old virgin. .
Judge Henry - friend of Gail's is now 84 years old.
Frank and Gail decided that the wedding would take place the
weekend after Penny and Nicole returned from the college's winter
break, which would be in January on the twin's 11th and Nicole's
18th birthday. Gail called Penny to tell her the date for the wedding.
Penny told Gail that Nicole has a gymnastic meet with the college team,
during winter, break so they will have to separate during the vacation
and I have to be with my family during the holidays. Penny further
explained to Gail that Nicole and her were not going to be able to
see everyone at the house before the winter break because of her
finals and Nicole's gym meet schedule. Gail told Penny that she
will miss seeing her and Nicole before and over the holidays but
told her the good news is that we will see you both at the wedding.
Gail told Penny that her father and Frank's 16 year-old brother
would attend. Penny told Gail she couldn't wait to meet the other
men in their lives.

Gail and Frank decided to keep the wedding ceremony small and because
it was winter in Vermont, they decided to hold the wedding in Gail's
house. It would be a private ceremony with just Gail's father there to
give the bride away, the kids would be the flower girls, Frank's
brother Marc would be the Best man, Penny would be the maid of honor
and Nicole would be Gail's father's escort. Judge Henry, Gail's
Vermont friend would officiate the ceremony. Gail and her kids
knew Judge Henry from when she opened her massage business
almost three years ago.

The next morning, Gail was at the kitchen table thinking about
all the arrangements she had to make for the wedding, calling
Judge Henry to see if he was available. Then calling her father
to tell him the good news and inviting him to the wedding, when
all of a sudden, she started dreaming of the day that she met Judge

Henry, the local town Judge, decided to pay a visit to Gail during
a warm Vermont summer day, when her and the kids, who at the time
were 8.5 years old were all playing in their kiddy pool out in the
back yard. Since she is out in the woods, Gail had just a skimpy
bikini bottom on and the kids were in the water without any swimsuits.
Gail always let the kids play in the nude outside during the summer months.
Gail felt it was natural for them and most times, if she wasn't seeing a
massage client she joined them in the nude. For some reason Gail decided
just to wear only her bathing suit bottom piece today. Gail did not
attempt to cover herself when Judge Henry came up to her and he
excused himself for bothering Gail, but said he needed to discuss
her massage business.

The Judge was enjoying staring at Gail's 36C's hanging in front
of him, but Gail noticed that his attention was more on the kids.
The Judge continued that a local gentleman mentioned that strange
things took place up at the house with a lady and her twin daughters,
so Judge Henry thought he would have a look for himself. Gail told
the Judge that he is looking at the only strange thing that happens
at this house and the Judge turned his attention from the nude kids
back to Gail.

Gail made a smart-ass comment to the Judge that it appears you
enjoy looking at nude young kids and the Judge came back with they
sure are cute. Gail knew she had the Judge hooked and that the
seduction game will begin, only this time she wanted him to owe her
some favors. So Gail could explain and if the Judge had time show
her business to him, she invited the Judge to join them for some
ice teas. Judge Henry thought that was a great idea so Gail left
the Judge out back to watch the kids play in the pool, while
she got him the ice tea. Gail added some drug that she was
able to get back then, to get men horny and relaxed so she
placed some in the Judge's tea.

Gail brought the tea back and explained to the Judge that she is an
LMT, which means that she has been issued a license by the state
of Vermont to provide a non-sexual full body massage to both male
and female clients. Gail then offered to show the Judge her massage
room and get him prepared for one of her massage sessions. Gail
brought the Judge into her house with the kids following them to
the massage room. The Judge asked Gail why the kids were following
them to the massage room? Gail explained to the Judge that she
normally doesn't allow the kids in the massage room with her, but
if he wanted her to give him a massage they would have be in the room
with them. Gail told him that no one would be available on this short
notice to watch the kids today and because of the water in the pool
she couldn't leave the kids outside to play. So, she asked the Judge
if it was ok for the kids to join them in the massage room? The Judge was
starting to feel the affect of the drug, started staring again at
these naked 8-year olds in front of him, so he told Gail that
he understood this was not normal and agreed to the terms for the massage.

Gail told the Judge that she and the kids would leave the room
for him to undress and for him to put his clothes on the chair.
Gail then told the Judge that he is to lay face down on the massage
table/bed and to place the sheet over his body and that they would
return shortly. Before Gail, Anne and Emily left the room, Gail lit
the special candles and put on some relaxing music for the Judge. The
music had the usually subliminal messages in it, you want to fondle a
young kid's nude body, you want Anne and Emily to play with your penis,
and you want Gail to give you a blowjob. After a few minutes, Gail,
Anne and Emily returned to the massage room to find the Judge laying
on the table/bed as instructed. The kids were still nude and Gail was
still topless.

Gail took this time to tell the Judge that she wants him to understand
that she operates a legitimate business and doesn't want any problems
with the local law. That normally her kids are not in the room let
alone running around the house naked when a client is over for a
massage session. That normally she doesn't give massage's to client's
topless, but since he has seen her kids naked and her topless she
thought why bother to get everyone fully clothed. Gail asked the Judge,
if he fully understood her position about the legitimacy of the business.
The Judge agreed and understood that she was breaking her rules
only for this massage session by having the nude kids in the room
and her being topless.

Gail told Anne and Emily to stay quiet and just sit on the side
of the table/bed while she gives the good gentleman his massage.
Anne and Emily agreed to behave, as they knew they would be part
of this massage session shortly, they looked at Gail with a big
smile on their faces. Gail placed warm oil on her hands and started
rubbing the Judge's back, legs and neck to start the massage. Judge
Henry started to enjoy Gail's touch on his body so Gail then moved
to his inner thigh area and started rubbing it. The drug and the
subliminal messages must have been working because during the
massage without realizing it the Judge reached his hand out
and started fondling Anne's body, Anne was use to this from men, so
she let the Judge continue. You see Gail didn't want the Judge
to know that this was not the first time the kids were
in the massage room with Gail and a client. Gail was glad that
this was working the way she planned it, she needed the Judge
as a great friend of hers and now she has him.

Gail told the Judge that it was time for him to roll over, so
she moved the sheet and noticed that Judge Henry's penis was about
5.5-inches when hard. Gail then continued rubbing the Judge's body
making sure that she brushed his penis every so often. Gail then had
Anne and Emily take their places on the side of the Judge and try to
get their small hands around his thick penis. The kids couldn't get
their small hands around the Judge's thick penis, so each of them
held whatever their small hands could handle. Gail could tell the
Judge was enjoying the feeling of young hands on his old penis so
he brought one of her tits to the Judge's mouth for him to suck on.
As the Judge-started sucking Gail's tit, his body started tensing up
so Gail knew he was close to coming. To help the kids masturbate the
Judge; Gail moved one of her hands down to his penis to start rubbing
up and down. Since the Judge was old, he only came a little and quickly.
The Judge told Gail that it's been a long time since anyone has done
that to him but he felt better now that he shot a little of his old
load off. The Judge told Gail that he didn't know what came over him
during the massage and he was sorry that he was fondling Anne and then
came in her massage room. Gail told the Judge that it would be their
little secret and the Judge smiled in agreement. Before the Judge left,
he gave Anne and Emily's naked bodies each a hug and then Gail a hug
but instead of kissing her mouth, kissed her breasts goodbye.

Thus started the relationship with Gail and the Judge. After that day,
Judge Henry came over every so often for a massage, but since he was old,
after a while, he stopped coming to the house. Gail, the kids and the
Judge remained friends but it has been almost 2 years since they last
saw him.

Frank, Anne and Emily came into the kitchen area to find Gail, with
her head on the table almost sleeping, so they shook her arm and Gail
came out of the dream she was having to see everyone looking at her
funny. Frank asked Gail; if she was ok and her response was all was
ok, just dreaming of the past. Gail decided not to say anything at this
time to Frank about Judge Henry. She got breakfast ready and sent
off the kids with Frank, so he could take them to their school
this morning.

The holiday time came by fast, Frank was enjoying his time with
his new family at Christmas and Gail was enjoying the fact that
in a few weeks, she will have a great-liberated man for a husband
with Anne and Emily gaining a father figure in the house.

Penny and Nicole came back from winter break and immediately
called Gail to offer their help with the wedding. Since it was the
week before the wedding Gail asked Penny and Nicole to move into
one of the spare rooms in her house? Gail then told Penny that
in three days, Frank's brother Marc will be coming at the same time,
when her dad comes so the men will have to share the other spare room.
Nicole and Penny came to the house and Frank answered the door to let
them in. Hugs and kisses were exchanged. Frank brought Nicole and Penny
upstairs to the guestroom and left them to unpack. Over the next few days Nicole, Penny, Anne, and Emily had sex every night, the older girls taught
the kids some new moves and they all slept in the same bed together.
Frank and Gail joined them occasionally.

One night Penny asked Gail if she would help her shave Nicole's
hairy bush and Gail agreed to help Penny. It wasn't that Nicole
was afraid to have her bush shaved like Penny's and Gail's but
she was afraid that Penny might cut her sensitive skin. Gail went
to get her special shaving gel, the razor and scissors then told
Nicole and Penny to meet her in the bathroom. The girls all undressed
and went into the bathtub together, Nicole just stood there while
Penny took the showerhead, wetting them down, then shampooed Nicole's
bush. Of course, to send chills every so often up and down Nicole's
body Penny hit Nicole's clit with the shower-massaging head. After
Penny finished with Nicole, Gail started trimming the hair on
Nicole's bush to prepare it for the razor and gel. As Penny was
applying the gel to Nicole's pussy area, she would let her finger
slip inside and out of Nicole's now wet pussy when Gail told Nicole
to stand still if she didn't want the razor to cut her moving body.
Gail and Penny could tell that Nicole was getting horny from all the
attention being given to her pussy. Gail finished shaving all the
hair off Nicole and Nicole took Gail's breast in her mouth to start
sucking on it just as she did in the massage room. Gail, Nicole and
Penny decided to play with each other in the shower, fingers were
being placed in the other's pussy, and sometimes a finger would be
placed and left in an asshole. The three women were all having a
great time in the shower with mutual masturbation, when they all
started to have orgasms; Nicole's was the largest, then Gail's and
then Penny's. They could not believe how much fun shaving "the bush"
together could be and they all looked forward to the next "bush"
that needed shaving.

Three days before the wedding, it was decided that since Gail's
father and Marc were unaware, at this time, how close this group was,
that public sexual play would be allowed only in the bedrooms. Gail
asked Penny and Nicole to let the kids sleep in their own room
for a night or two and they agreed to Gail's request. Frank went
to pick up his younger brother Marc at the train station and
brought him to the house. Introductions were made all around
and Marc said he was happy to meet everyone. Marc could not
believe how beautiful Nicole and Penny were and he became very
shy around them. Just looking at these beautiful creatures in
front of him, Marc felt his penis getting hard and without anyone
noticing where his hands were located, he tried adjusting his pants.
Of course Penny, Nicole, Frank and Gail noticed how shy Marc became
and that he was trying to adjust his penis in his pants.

Marc was about 5 ft 11-inches, was a skinny kid, with short
curly blonde hair, he was not your typical 16 year-old, because
he got shy around pretty teenager girls let alone college co-eds.
Marc didn't have any girlfriends and never yet kissed a girl.
To let Marc calm down a little, Frank brought Marc upstairs to
the spare room that Marc would be sharing with Gail's father.
Frank thought it was cute that his younger brother was very
shy around Penny and Nicole but he knew before he married Gail
that Marc would no longer be shy around the college co-eds
or any other female.

Frank told Marc that he noticed how shy Marc was around Nicole
and Penny and told him to just relax around everyone especially
around the college co-eds. Frank told him that everyone in the
house were very nice people and will be friendly towards him.
Marc told his older brother, Frank that he hasn't had a chance
to be around many females, so he was shy around them and since
Penny and Nicole were two beautiful females that it was even
harder for him to relax. Marc confessed to Frank that what
made it worst for him, was that his penis got hard when he
was around Nicole and Penny. Frank told Marc that he was a
typical male seeing pretty females, to just give it time and
he would be relaxed around them.

While Frank was upstairs catching up on old times, Gail's dad
drove up to the house. Gail went outside with Emily and Anne to
greet her father, and the kid's grandpa. Gail's father was about
51 years old and was still in good shape. The kids ran into their
grandpa's arms' giving him a big hug and kiss. Gail then went over
to her father also giving him a big hug and kiss. Gail brought her
father into the house then called out for Frank, Marc, Nicole and
Penny to come meet her father. Gail introduced everyone to her father
and then introduced her father, Wayne to the group. Handshakes were
exchanged all around but when it came to Frank, Wayne gave him a big
bear hug and said welcome to the family son. Frank was very touched
that this stranger already considered him part of the family and he
returned with thank you, I am looking forward to being apart of
your family.

The only thing exciting that happened over the evening was when
Wayne came back from washing up in the bathroom, he started
hearing strange noises coming from the bedroom that he was
sharing with Marc. Wayne very slowly and quietly opened the door
to see what was happening behind the closed door. He caught Marc
playing with himself under the covers. Marc saw Wayne in the room
and knew he was caught, so he starting turning red from embarrassment.
Marc apologized to Wayne for playing with himself under the covers
but he explained that after seeing Penny and Nicole each running
around the house in just a short T-shirt with their panties underneath
that it got him very excited. Wayne went over to Marc to tell him,
if he wanted to continue, what he was doing to himself, that it was
just a normal reaction to seeing pretty girls dressed in such
skimpy outfits. Wayne was picturing the scene that Marc saw
and his own penis was starting to get erect. Wayne said it is
perfectly normal for a man to play with himself, as a matter
a fact; I'll go into my bed and show you how, by masturbating
myself. While Wayne was masturbating, he said to Marc speaking
of Nicole and Penny, what do you think of that tight ass on Nicole?
Wayne continued saying I bet she looked great in just her panties
with a T-shirt on her body? With one hand, moving as fast as
possible on his penis and the other hand starting to rub his
belly, Marc knew from past experience that he would be cuming
shortly. So Marc continued, bringing himself to orgasm. As
Marc started spewing his hot, liquid under the sheets,
he yelled out a yea!

After Marc came, Wayne told him that it has been a while since
he has taken a load from himself and that Marc was correct,
Penny and Nicole are beautiful teenage girls. Wayne continued
saying he would sure like to fuck Nicole's tight ass and then
"he would enjoy the ride that her tight ass" would give him.
Marc asked Wayne what he met by fucking a girl's ass, he never
heard that expression and so he looked over to Wayne to ask if
he meant fucking her pussy. Wayne commented to Marc, boy you sure
don't know much about sex do you? Marc nodded his head no. Wayne
said before the weddings over, he would have a man-to-man talk
with Marc about girls. Marc said that he would look forward to
their conversation. Wayne told Marc that while we masturbate,
we should picture Penny or Nicole nude and us having wild sex
with them, while we masturbate. Wayne and Marc continued in
silence masturbating themselves, in their own beds, cuming at
about the same time, then both fell asleep. Nothing was said in
the morning to the other about what happened last night.

The next day, Gail, Wayne and Frank had to leave Nicole and Penny
to watch Marc and the kids while they went out for the day to
arrange for the wedding. Marc stayed very shy around Penny and
Nicole, so he decided to go up to his room alone and masturbate
to the images of the college coeds staying in Gail's house
with him. Since Marc wasn't around Anne, Emily, Nicole and
Penny decided to go into the hot tub nude to relax and play
with each other. After a while, Marc got bored playing with
himself in his room so he decided to see what everyone was
doing in the house. Marc could not locate anyone in the
living room or kitchen so he heard noise coming from the
hot tub area, so he decided to look in the hot tub room.
Marc couldn't believe his eyes. Four of the most beautiful
bodies in the world were all in the hot tub and all of them
were very nude. They were all playing and laughing in the hot
tub but he was afraid to scare the girls so he didn't enter
the room. Marc just stood there in awe and watched the four
nude girls in the water. Marc noticed that Nicole's hands were
under the water close to Anne's body and Penny's hands were in
the same position on Emily's body but he could see what they
were doing. Even though Marc just came, he started get a hard on
seeing the nude figures before him. Since no one but him was around,
Marc pulled his 8-inch slim penis out from his pants and while watching
the hot tub action, started pulling on it while closing his eyes to image himself in there with the girls. All of sudden Marc started coming and forgetting that he was close to the hot tub area, Marc gave a loud yell
as his cum came spurting out onto Gail's rug.

Penny, Nicole, Anne and Emily all stopped their playing action to
look towards the noise only to see Marc playing with himself. Marc
noticed Penny getting out of the tub to walk over towards him,
he was very embarrassed with what he did, let alone that he was
now seeing Nicole's pussy slit that had no hair on it, so he ran
up to his room. Penny ran after him so she could bring him back
down and into the hot tub with Nicole, Anne, Emily and herself.
Penny got to Marc's room and opened the door to see Marc crying in his bed. Penny asked Marc what was wrong and he said that he never did anything
like that before and he was very embarrassed by the whole scene. In
addition, Marc said I have to see all of you naked and on top of it,
you don't have any hair down there pointing to her pussy. Marc continued
saying that it is not right seeing you all that way, look at you now
your still naked, aren't you embarrassed that I can see your naked body.
Penny told Marc that she, could care less if he saw her naked. Penny then explained to Marc that most girls that are over 13 have hair on their
pussy, we call it our bush, Nicole and I to be like Anne, Emily and
Gail had Gail shave our bush. Marc really didn't understand what
Penny said but he went along with it as if he did understand.
Penny told Marc that we are all almost like family, Marc
said yea but Anne and Emily are almost 11, what would they say
about me, seeing them naked? Let's go downstairs to the hot tub
area and find out.

With that Marc, very slowly descended the steps back down to
confront the girls in the hot tub area. As he was entering the
hot tub area with Penny, she suggested that Marc join them in the
hot tub. Penny went ahead of Marc back into the hot tub while
Marc agreed and took his shirt and pants off but left his white
Hanes underwear on. Nicole, Anne and Emily saw Marc enter the
hot tub area and told him to come join them but first, to drop his
shorts. Marc told the girls that it was ok for them to see each
other naked but not ok for them to see him naked so the underwear
stays on. Marc continued saying that Emily and Anne are almost 11
and it's not proper for them to see a naked boy. Emily told Marc that
a penis is a penis and they have seen their share of them so the
shorts can be dropped. They were all waiting to see how big his
penis was. Seeing the naked girls' closer in the hot tub, Marc was
getting horny again. He started thinking about his masturbation
fantasy, so since no one has seen his penis before, he shyly and
slowly removed his underwear, and then he walked towards then
into the hot tub, where he covered his groin area with his hands.

Marc went to the other side of the oversized hot tub away from
where Nicole, Penny, Anne and Emily were sitting and got comfortable.
Marc couldn't believe he was in a hot tub staring at four of the
most and only naked beautiful females he has ever saw. Marc's
penis stood at attention out of the water and Nicole could tell
that his penis was at least 8.5-inches long when hard. This
time Marc decided not to use his hands to cover his not hard penis,
he just sat back and enjoyed the warm water and his naked body.
The girls called Marc over to where they were, but Marc still being
a little shy, stayed where he was so Emily and Anne moved over,
one on each side of him. Marc could understand being college girls,
why Penny and Nicole were not shy around him, so he decided to
ask Emily and Anne why they weren't shy around. The kids responded
that they were raised by Gail that there is nothing wrong with a
person seeing another person naked. It was just natural! Marc nodded
his head, not believing what these almost 11 year-olds were saying.

On cue from Penny, Emily and Anne reached under the water and grippe
Marc's penis; Marc gave a yell asking what the hell was happening.
Nicole told him to just sit back and relax while Anne and Emily reduces
his hornieness level by taking a load from him. Marc said that 11-year
old girls playing with a boy's penis are not natural so he started to
leave the hot tub area. Penny and Nicole caught his arms and held them
while Anne and Emily started their action on his penis. As Emily and
Anne were using their hands to go up and down, Marc's 8.5-inch shaft,
Penny and Nicole each took a hand and brought it to their breast. Marc
couldn't believe what was happening but he started to relax a little in
the warm water of the hot tub. He didn't even know what to do with his
hands on Penny's and Nicole's breasts, so they brought their hands over
Marc's and helped him massage their breasts. With Emily's and Anne's hands masturbating his penis and his hands massaging each one of Penny's and
Nicole's breasts, Marc could not hold off any longer and started spewing
his cum all over the water in the hot tub. When Marc's semen mixed in the water, it turned white and started floating towards Nicole and Penny.

Nicole and Penny were getting horny themselves so they were just
about to attack Marc's body and give him his first of many screwing
to come during his stay in the house, when all of a sudden, they heard
Frank, Gail and Wayne return from their day in town. Because of
Gail's father Wayne, the girls stopped what they were going to do
and just started making small talk with Marc in the hot tub.
Gail walked over to the hot tub to tell everyone was back and
asked if everything was ok. Nicole said that all was ok, that
to get to know more about Marc they were just talking with him.
Gail did not believe for a minute one word and when she saw some
of the white semen floating in the water, she confirmed that more
took place here then Nicole was saying. Gail didn't say anything
but to help her get dinner ready, she told everyone to get out
of the hot tub, which they did.

Since it was the evening before her wedding Gail made a special
dinner for everyone, which included wine all around. Gail had
plans for her wedding night that included her father and everyone.
During dinner, Gail asked her father if she could give him a massage
later tonight, she told her father that this would give them a
chance to catch up together on their family. Wayne thought that
would be a nice concept and told Gail that he looked forward to
spending time with her. After dinner, Gail brought her father into
the massage room and instructed him to remove all his clothing, to
lay face down and then place the towel on his buttocks. Wayne thought
that he would feel strange lying on the massage table/bed naked with
a towel on his buttocks in front of his daughter but thought what the
heck, she is my daughter, so he complied with her request. To give
Wayne some privacy, Gail left the room to see what every else was
going to do. Gail was happy to find the group cleaning up the kitchen
so, she decided to leave them alone and returned to the massage room.

The is the end of Part 5A. Part 5B continues.

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