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GREATPT5B sucked licked Marcs penis Emily



This story contains scenes of an erotic and/or controversial
nature, and is not intended for the perusal of minors. Further,
if perusal of such material is considered illegal in your area or
immoral by your religion or personal beliefs, you should likewise
bypass this story. This material is strictly for fantasy and is
an original work of fiction, which involves some adult sex with
minors with some incest situations. The author does not believe
adults should have sex with young children or promote this action.

This story remains the property of the author. Permission is
granted to download, photocopy, copy, archive and repost so
long as any such action contains these disclaimers, and no
attempt is made to profit from this story. This material is
strictly for fantasy and is an original work of fiction, which
involves some adult sex with minors with some incest situations.
The author does not believe adults should have sex with young
children or promote this action.

Author's note:

This story is part of a series of stories that came to me during
a recent massage session I had. To follow this story you must read
Parts 1 through 4. No part of this story is true and to the best
of my knowledge no place like, this exists in Vermont or any other
State. This is no reflection on any professional massage therapist.
No licensed legitimate therapist provides any sex acts to a customer.
Please do not go to a licensed massage therapist based on this
story content. This is strictly a fantasy.

I apologize in advance that this story is so long, however I
don't think you will find it boring and I am sure you will
enjoy reading the whole story. Since the whole story doesn't
fit into the post, I have posted this as parts 5A & 5B.

My other stories can be found at:
The Great Massage - Part 5B of 5B (M/Fff kids/M/M,
incest, shaving, anal, masturbation and mind
control/drugging) by Sammie Craig
Gail found her father as requested lying face down with the
towel on his buttocks, Gail thought how cute he looked lying
there with a towel over his butt cheeks. Earlier Gail found some
drug, that she use to use years ago, to get men horny and relaxed,
which she was hoping would still be good. So Gail placed the tablet
in a water glass then asked her father to got up a little to
drink the water before their massage session started. Gail lit
the special candles, turned on the music with the subliminal
messages in them, but this time to help relax her father more,
Gail decided that she wanted her father to wear a blindfold
for his massage session. Wayne under protest put the blindfold on.

Gail started spreading the warm oil over her father's complete
back area massaging each area with the oil. Gail then started
rubbing her father butt cheeks and inner thigh area, butt cheeks,
inner thigh and back over each area. Gail made sure to touch his
balls every once in a while. Before her father was called about
the wedding, Gail made a tape for seducing her father. Gail could
hear the subliminal messages, you want to screw your daughter's
brains out, you want to have sex with you granddaughters, you want
to screw Nicole's asshole, and other similar words were coming
through just fine. Gail noticed that her father was starting to
doze off, so she before Wayne fell a sleep, Gail asked her father
to turn over, which he did. Gail decided not to cover her father's
now erect 7-inch penis. Anne and Emily opened the door to the massage
room very slowly and quietly. As previously arranged the kids came
in very naked to start massaging their grandpa's erect penis. With
the blindfold on, Wayne didn't know who's hands were on his penis,
but it felt like they were small. Since her father did not jump
off the massage table/bed Gail guessed that the drug and music
were doing the job to get her father horny for everyone.

With Anne and Emily massaging grandpa's penis, Gail took the
opportunity to undress herself to get ready to mount her father's
hard penis. Gail had the kid's remove their hands and she slowly
slide her pussy down onto her father's shaft. Wayne didn't know what
hit him but his body started reacting to the warm pussy around his
penis. Wayne met every thrust of the person riding his penis, he
didn't know why but he was about ready to blow his load. Without
Wayne's knowledge, his semen was now being shot into his daughter's
pussy. After Wayne's big orgasm, he ripped the blindfold off his
eyes to find his daughter, Gail on top of his penis and his granddaughters
naked bodies in the room. Wayne was so horny from the drug and the
subliminal messages that he didn't take the time to stop screwing
his daughter and started pumping another load into Gail's wet pussy.
When Gail got off her father's penis, Emily took over the cleaning
job of her grandpa's penis mixed with her mother's juices while
Anne went to Gail's pussy to lick her grandpa's sperm from her
mother' pussy. Wayne was enjoying the feeling of little Emily's
mouth on his now semi hard penis. Wayne put his arm around Emily
and started to stroke the kid's body.

So that Gail could speak to her father, after Emily was done
with her grandpa's penis and Anne was done with Gail's pussy
they left the massage room. Wayne asked Gail what took place
and what has been going on in this house with his granddaughters.
Gail told him to relax, which he did and explained the past
few years to her father. Gail told her father that she
noticed he was enjoying having his penis being sucked on by
Emily and enjoyed having Gail's pussy sucked in his penis.
Wayne agreed that it all felt great and told Gail he looked
forward to joining the family in more sex play.

Gail told her father about the episode in the hot tub with Marc
and the girls and Wayne told Gail about his masturbation session
with Marc. Wayne told Gail that he was glad the boy finally got to
see what a naked girl looks like and have some sex with them. It
would be nice if we could get Penny or Nicole to let him fuck one
of them. Gail told her father about an orgy that was planned for
later tonight in the massage room. It is a celebration orgy, Anne
and Emily will celebrate their 11th birthday, Nicole will celebrate
her 18th birthday and Frank and I will be getting married, Oh what
a great day. Nicole, Penny, Anne, and Emily are all in it; the problem
will be with getting Marc in there. Wayne told Gail that he would
handle Marc.

Leaving Gail in the oversized massage room, Wayne was dressed then
left the room, to locate the others so they could start the evening's
party. Wayne located the group in the family room drinking wine,
listening to music and dancing. Wayne was trying to figure out a
way to get Marc to participate in the orgy. Wayne noticed that
Marc was a little tipsy, so he gave Frank the signal for Frank and
everyone else to meet Gail in the massage room. Frank, Anne, Emily,
Penny and Nicole all joined Gail in the oversized massage room, Gail
was glad she had this room built so large and that her massage table/bed
could handle the group's size. Everyone undressed and started playing
with each other being warmed up while they waited for Wayne and Marc to
join them.

Wayne spoke to Marc like a father figure about what was going take
place in a few minutes in the massage room. Wayne asked Marc if he
remembered the night the two of them masturbated, Marc in his tipsy
state said yea I guess so. Do you remember I promised to teach you
about the birds and the bees? Marc replied, I sure do! How would
like a live demonstration? Marc replied I wouldn't mind it, why? Do
you remember how we spoke about riding Nicole's sexy ass and Marc
replied again with a yea! How would you like to get an opportunity
to ride that ass? Marc replied this time, boy would I love it! Wayne
then asked if he had an opportunity to lose his virginity and what
I hope will be most of your shyness tonight would you take it! Marc
replied does this have anything to do with the hot tub scene, where
the girls all caught me masturbating or does Nicole want to allow me
to fuck her? Wayne told Marc to calm down a little; the wine must
have kicked in a little. If Nicole or Penny did want you to screw
them, would you? Marc replied with I guess, but they would have to
show me how. With that remark, Wayne told Marc that tonight was his
lucky night.

Gail and Frank in celebration of their wedding, the kid's and Nicole's
birthdays they planned tonight to have a family orgy. That means that
all of us would see the other naked, that includes Anne's and Emily's
11-year old bodies but anything can happen. Marc's eyes opened wide
when he heard Anne's and Emily's name mentioned but he told Wayne
that he would pass on the celebration. Wayne asked him why and
Marc replied that he didn't know anything about how to have sex
with a female and he didn't want to again be embarrassed in front
of Penny and Nicole. Marc really liked Penny but he was in puppy
love for Nicole. Wayne told Marc that he would coach him in the
massage room, the other's would help him and that nobody would
laugh at him, if he made a mistake. Wayne said to Marc that we
are all one big family that nobody cares if the other makes a mistake,
that mistakes are part of life. The idea is to have fun and celebrate
all the happy occasions. Listening to Wayne, Marc's penis was starting
to get an erection so he finally decided to join in on the orgy.

Wayne helped Marc strip off his clothes then led Marc to the massage
room. When Marc and Wayne arrived in the room, they found everyone
in various stages of play. Nicole was with Penny sucking then
licking Penny's pussy, while Anne was sucking Frank's penis;
Gail was sticking her finger into Nicole's asshole and the
sexual action continued. Seeing all the sexual action going
on in right in front of him, Marc could not believe his eyes,
however his penis started getting hard. The group told Wayne
and Marc to join the fun, but they noticed Marc hesitated,
then realized that Marc didn't know what to do. Wayne took
the lead to say that since Marc was still a virgin and since
they all wanted his first experience to be his best, why don't
they gave Marc the choice of who he wants to be his first fuck.
Wayne was sure that he would pick Nicole as his first fuck,
but he gave him the options of Nicole, Anne or Emily as they
were celebrating their birthdays.

Marc thought, in his slightly tipsy state, about it for a
little bit, but he did not want to be unfair to Anne or
Emily or especially to Nicole. He wanted them all to be his
first, so he suggested the following proposal: I will be the
first to screw Nicole's ass off. Then screw Anne's pussy
and have Emily's mouth to wash my penis off from Nicole's
and Anne's juices. It was agreed. To get Nicole's asshole
lubed for Marc to enter it, Penny started licking, like a
puppy dog at Nicole's asshole. Meanwhile, Nicole, with Penny
at her asshole, took the doggy style position on the table/bed.
Penny made sure to insert her finger a few times into Nicole's
virgin asshole; she continued this motion a few times and felt
that Nicole was ready for Marc.

Wayne instructed Marc on how to position his body so Marc could
mount Nicole's body. Wayne then took Marc's penis to position
it towards the entrance of Nicole's pink asshole. Wayne then
instructed Marc on how to go into Nicole's asshole, slow at
first to allow her to get use to the new intrusion in her asshole.
Marc followed Wayne's instructions to the word. Nicole's virgin
asshole was accepting the 8-inch penis's penetration. To help Nicole
out, Anne and Emily started sucking then licking Nicole's breasts.
Frank and Gail were facing each other with Gail sitting in his lap
with her legs wrapped around his waist, and all 10-inches of his
penis implanted into her pussy. While Frank and Gail were in the
corner screwing, they were also watching and enjoying the sight of
Marc screwing Penny's asshole. Wayne and Penny decided to start
screwing but Wayne decided to take it slow by just sucking at her
breasts, while his hands were working on Penny's pussy. Penny was
starting to go wild and make noises, so Wayne started to move his
mouth over to her pussy and started licking away. When Wayne saw
Penny's breasts enlarging, he felt that Penny was ready for his
penis, so he got on top and mounted her wet pussy. Wayne slipped
right in. Prior to coming, Marc gripped Nicole's hips and started
to ride Nicole's ass as Wayne described it, the night they mutually
masturbated. Marc now understood what Wayne was talking about the
other night. Nicole did give him the ride of his life; he then
started coming into Nicole's ass spewing his liquid fluid into her
ass. With Marc's penis still in Nicole's asshole, he then moved his
hands to play with her pussy and with the kids sucking at her breasts;
Nicole started coming with Marc. Both Marc and Nicole fell to the
table/bed almost crushing Anne and Emily.

Wayne wanted to last the night, so he pulled out of Penny's pussy to
hold off from coming into Penny but to allow Penny to have an orgasm,
Wayne brought his tongue to Penny's pussy to begin licking her clit like
it was a lollypop. After seeing all the action going on in the oversized massage room, Frank and Gail started having a major orgasm. Everyone
stopped to listen as Frank started yelling out. Gail tightened her
pussy muscles on Frank's penis then quietly came to her orgasm. The
action resumed with Anne lying on the table/bed to get ready for Marc
to mount her pussy. Marc was very nervous screwing a pussy for the
first time let a lone this young girl's small pussy, so he went very
slow and gentle into Anne's pussy. Of course Marc slipped right in to
Anne's wet pussy. Marc didn't need Wayne to coach him for screwing Anne.
Marc gripped Anne's buttocks with his hands and started to lift Anne's
body to meet his strokes. Anne took her legs and wrapped them around
Marc's waist. Then Anne took over the lead, Marc could not believe
how this young girl knew so much about screwing but he loved having
his penis in her young hairless pussy. The two young lovers, Anne and
Marc were now intertwined together. Marc was glad that he was young
enough so that, just like a bunny, he could keep cuming and cuming
time after time. Marc's semen squirted again right into her pussy,
Anne kept going for a little longer with Marc's penis in her pussy
which was now wet with Marc's and her juices.

Wayne thought that it was his turn to ride an ass, so he asked his
granddaughter Emily to get ready for him to screw her asshole. Gail
decided to help out Emily and started to lick Emily's asshole then
her pussy, making sure to get both parts very wet. Emily was enjoying
the attention she was getting from Gail. Wayne decided to lie on the
table/bed to allow Emily to lower her asshole, at her own pace onto her grandpa's 6.5-inch shaft. To help Emily, so she didn't get hurt, Gail
was holding Emily's shoulders thus absorbing some of her weight. Emily
was able to have most of Wayne's 6.5 inches in her asshole. Gail decided
that it would be best for Emily if Gail was raising and lowering her body
thus controlling her father's and Emily's pace of their screwing session.
Wayne decided this time he wasn't going to hold off on coming into his granddaughter's virgin asshole so he started leaking his semen into Emily's asshole. As Wayne's juices were entering Emily's asshole, she became more lubricated so Emily was able to handle herself without the aide of Gail.
Emily started riding her grandpa like she use to ride the horse at the
local shopping center. Wayne could not believe that he had any more juice
left in him but all of a sudden, he started spewing more of it into Emily.
Wayne and Emily just stayed relaxing together for a while then Emily
slowly removed her ass off her grandpa's penis and his juices started
flowing down her leg, leaking onto the table/bed.

Marc and Anne again came together and now it was Emily's turn to give
Marc a blowjob. Marc was no longer the shy, modest virgin anymore. Emily
left her grandpa them moved over to where Marc was so she could start
giving him the best blowjob she could. Emily had a small crush on Marc
so Emily wanted him to like her a lot. Of course, she tasted Nicole's
asshole, Emily's pussy and Marc's semen juices all mixed into one big
juice shake. After coming all evening, it took Marc a while to come,
no matter how slow or fast Emily sucked or licked Marc's penis. Emily
continued her sucking action, and then she finally decided to enable
Marc to finally squirt his liquid juice in her mouth, to add some
more suction action. After Marc had his small orgasm, he decided
that his body was drained for the time being and he needed to rest
before he could continue with the action in the room or have someone
touch his penis.

Meanwhile, Penny and Frank were screwing each other like two dogs
in heat, after they had their orgasms, Frank then mounted Nicole
and started screwing her brains out. Frank didn't know how his body
was producing all this semen juice he was squirting all night
into the female's pussy but he hoped it would allow him to
continue all night. Gail found Marc resting and decided it
was time to have this 16-year old work on her. Gail brought Marc
over to the side and started to instruct him on how to please a
grown woman. Marc was all ears and body movements with Gail. Anyone
left without a partner, joined another person without a partner or
played with someone in an existing group. It turned out that everyone
was playing with each other and the orgy party lasted into the next
morning and everyone fell a sleep, collapsing onto the large table/bed
in the massage room. That morning Gail brought in on a large plate, a
separate birthday cake for Anne, Emily and Nicole. Gail woke the
group up from their slumber and started singing Happy Birthday songs.
Anne, Emily and Nicole blew out their respective candles and cakes
started flying all over everyone. Cake was mashed into everybody's
nook and cranny. The cake was spread over each other's body and if
the group was painting nude cake pictures. The cake and it's icing
was everywhere. Before things got to out of hand and the sexual
action started taking place again, Gail yelled at everyone that not
only are there birthday celebrations today but she is getting married
in three hours to Frank plus Judge Henry will be here to start the
wedding shortly. Gail told them that they all had to go upstairs to
shower and then get dressed.

Penny like Gail was the smart-ass in the group so she told Gail
that they all could be ready in less then 20 minutes by taking a
group shower together. It would then take them no time to get
dressed in the skimpy outfits Gail picked out for them to wear
for the wedding ceremony, thus allowing them to continue their
sexual play action for 2 more hours. Gail laughed then swatted
Penny's buttocks for the smart comment. Gail in a little louder
voice, then yelled but in a kidding manner, yes it's true but I
want everyone out of the massage room now to start getting ready
for the wedding. With that, the group marched like soldiers upstairs
to start getting ready for the wedding. As each of them marched past
Gail, as a good luck gesture, they kissed her lips while giving her
a hug and inserting their finger quickly into her pussy, then
squeezing her left then right breast. Frank of course took his
time giving Gail his good luck gesture wish.

Gail decided that since everyone in the house became opened minded
after the pre-wedding orgy, except for the Judge, the group had seen
each other nude, so it wouldn't matter what everyone wore. Gail wanted
a little bit of cover on everyone, because she knew that what was
hidden a little became more sensual to the eye. So Gail decided
her wedding outfit would be a transparent T-shirt style white
short dress that stopped just below her pussy and ass cheeks.
The kids and Penny were dressed in a similar outfit but their
colors were pink for the kids and powder blue for Penny. Frank,
his brother and her father wore a tuxedo style T-shirt with
matching g-string. Nicole wore the short briefs that were a
light green gauzy, transparent material that was very tight
on her and a short, small sports bra top of similar material.
This was the same type outfit that the kids wore the first day
they met Frank. Gail had one custom made for Nicole over the
winter break. Gail thought this outfit on Nicole would highlight
her tight ass and boy did it. Frank, Wayne and Marc couldn't keep
their eyes off Nicole. Even Penny, Anne, Emily and the Judge
enjoyed seeing Nicole in this sexy outfit. The Judge wore
every day street clothes but he was enjoying the show of seeing
the females in transparent outfits. The Judge was very open
minded but much to old to do anything about it.

The ceremony took place, Frank said his vows and Gail said
her vows. Judge Henry then proudly pronounced them husband
and wife. They give each other a long wet kiss until Penny
went over to interrupt them. One by one Nicole, Anne, Marc,
Emily and Wayne hugged then kissed Gail and then hugged and
kissed Frank. All the kisses were long, wet and sensual
including the men to men kisses.

The Judge decided he was going to leave a little after the
ceremony but first he wanted to get a hug and kiss from Anne
and Emily. To see how it would feel and as a loving gesture
during the hug, the Judge thought he would rub through their
T-shirts, the kids small breasts and play with each of their
little nipple buds. The Judge loved their cute see through
outfits and remembered it's been almost 2 years when they
were at the age of 8.5 years old, since he saw them last.
Gail and Frank finally left the wedding reception party to
go upstairs, stay the night and leave for their honeymoon
in the morning. Penny, Emily, Anne, Nicole, Wayne and Marc
were all removing their skimpy outfits as they headed to the
hot tub for one big celebration party. They wanted to party
on their own and leave the newlywed couple alone for a night.

Finally you got to the end of part 5. Was it worth the time to read it?

I left this story open to maybe continue it.

Part 6 the honeymoon. Nicole and Penny stay to watch the
kids while Frank and Gail go on their honeymoon, Wayne and
Marc remain friends but leave for their respective homes.
I may spin it with when a good client of Gail's arrives
for a massage appointment that Gail forgot to cancel with
Penny handling the massage with Nicole, Anne and Emily's
If you enjoyed my story, write me at
because of spam I do not reply to any e-mails posted at any
other address. E-mail address used for posting is just that
a story posting address. I appreciate positive input. Thank
you for reading my story, I hoped you enjoyed it!
Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyrighted
with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.

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