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GREETINGS camera would pick the spot

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By Orestes


This work is copyright (c) by the author. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long as
the author's byline and e-mail address and this paragraph
remain on the copies. Posting an unaltered copy of this
story to newsgroups or on websites is permitted as long as
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Let's not pretend for one second that I got my start in
the greeting card business because I had a knack for flowery
language. My family owns the company, and even though Daddy
hired Brenda Schuller to run the place, he always hoped that
one of us kids would take over some day. Since I was the
first of the girls to limp out of community college with a
degree, I was the first contestant.
The management team that Brenda Schuller assembled for
Misty Greetings, well, let's just say they were a little,
uh... enthusiastic about greeting cards. More than
enthusiastic, really. The word 'insane' comes to mind.
Corporate culture, they tried to call it; to improve morale.
Okay, catch this... instead of memos, I'd walk in to my
office and find a pile of cards on my desk.
' THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart... for meeting
your sales targets. '
' CONGRATULATIONS ! You've been employed here for ONE
month. '
' GOOD LUCK on your sales presentation. '
A couple of the more pathetic ones wished me a "HAPPY
WEDNESDAY", or some such stupid thing. Not to mention all of
the "JUST BECAUSE..." cards that somehow floated into my
On and on and on. I could hardly fucking sneeze around
that office without winding up with a pile of 'Get Well
Soon' cards in my tray. And don't even get me started on
what a freaking nightmare it was to work around that place
during Valentine's day.
After a couple of months suffering through this bullshit,
Brenda Schuller called me up to her office for a meeting.
" So, Kim, how are things going ?"
" Oh, just peachy. " I was still trying to figure out why
she brought me up here. My sales were more than
satisfactory. I mean, the way I figured it, it was all money
that ended up in my pocket one way or another, so why not
muscle the distributors a bit ? It was working like a charm.
" Well, I'll get right to the point. You know how
important morale is here at Misty Greetings, and, well, some
people feel that you just aren't getting into the spirit of
things. "
As she spoke to me, she was leafing through my personnel
file. She paused thoughtfully on the sales reports. " It
seems that your sales skills are coming along nicely, but
there's a lot more to our success than just sales. If you
want me to recommend advancement to your father, you'll have
to do a little more to fit into the corporate culture around
here. "

Corporate culture my ass. I'd spent half the morning on
the phone with our Northwest distributor, negotiating more
prominent positions for our cards at the retail locations,
and she wanted me to waste my time writing silly greeting
cards to the secretarial pool. I could barely fight back all
of the flowery language that was forming on the tip of my
But, in the end, I gave her what she wanted. She was the
boss, and if she wanted me to send out personalized greeting
to the office staff, so be it. By Monday, I had a whole
whack of them sent out through the inter-office mail.
" SORRY TO HEAR... that your wife is HANGING around with
other guys, " I wrote to Zigmund from the accounting
department. He'd get a kick from the Dolcett artwork I
downloaded for the front of his card. I hoped that it was
personalized enough for Brenda's tastes.
On a bit of a roll, I sent a " SO GLAD to see that you're
SOBER today..." card to Sammy, one of the staff writers. In
actual fact, I wasn't sure that he was sober on the day in
question, but I guess it wouldn't hurt staff morale to at
least pretend that he didn't stink like a distillery.
" HAPPY 3rd ABORTION..." was my masterpiece to Felice
Dorman from the front desk. Everyone knew the story anyhow,
so I figured what the hell. I won't even tell you which one
of the guys from the production department I recruited to do
the artwork for that one, but I resolved to give him a raise
once I was running this fucking place.
Those were the best of the lot. And you know, Brenda was
right ! Once I started sending the cards, I saw how much fun
it could be. But apparently, she still had some sort of
problem, and I was back in her office that very afternoon. I
tried my best to look like I regretted sending the cards,
but it was just too damned hard. I couldn't suppress a
giggle when she handed them to me, and asked me what the
hell I was thinking.
" Aw, gee Brenda, I was just trying to get into the
spirit of things. "
" Don't give me that crap, young lady. You're lucky that
I don't fire you on the spot. Your father would be very
upset with you if he were to see these. "
Well, maybe he'd give me some shit over it, but I'll bet
he'd laugh his ass off in private. Besides, he's usually too
busy with his other businesses to give a fuck what's going
on at Misty Greetings.
" You had better shape up, Kim. Perhaps your father wants
you to take over this business someday, but in the meantime,
I'm still in charge here. He takes my recommendations very
" So what's your point, " I asked a bit smugly. I knew
that he would never allow her to fire me.
" My point is, Kim, that you're not the only option. Your
sister, Claire, will be coming out from college within the
next year or so. Your father has already arranged her a
position here. If she does well, there's no telling how far
she could go. "
Okay, I got the point. Given Brenda's recommendation,
Daddy might decide that Claire would be better suited to
take over the company. That would really suck. Claire and I
had always had a sort of an adversarial relationship, and it
would be difficult, to say the least, for me to work under
" As things stand right now, " Brenda continued, "unless
you straighten up your behaviour, I'll be inclined to
support your sister. "

So that's how I ended up exiled to the production
department. It was a bit of a stalemate. Brenda couldn't
fire me, and after my antics, I couldn't really complain to
Daddy. So my little rebellion was over, and I'd have to
serve my sentence for a while as the staff pornographer...
ahem... excuse me, *photographer* that is... I always get
the two mixed up. One time in history class, I got in real
shit because when a teacher asked me why I wasn't taking
notes, I answered that I had a 'pornographic memory'.
Anyway, as the staff photographer, I would take still
shots for the scenes on the front of cards, or for the web
site, or for any other bullshit assignments that management
could think up. Another part of the job was taking pictures
for the company personnel files. It was in that capacity
that I first met Anne.
My sweet little Anne.
The first time I laid eyes on her, I knew that I had to
have her. There was a gentle knock on the door to my studio,
and when I turned around, there she was in all her awkward
" Hi, uh, I'm Anne Gillis, here for my personnel photo. "
I didn't answer at first. I just had to take a moment to
look her over. She must have been just barely out of high
school, and actually appeared a bit younger. God, was she
awkward. I knew right away what kind of girl she was.
She probably didn't have too many friends in school. In
fact, she's just the sort of girl I would have picked on
mercilessly in my own teen years. Of course, we all grow up,
don't we ? She had big round glasses, a thin, underdeveloped
body, mousy hair, and absolutely no self-confidence. If you
looked past all that, she was actually a cute little thing,
but I'll bet that no one ever told her that. She was the
most interesting thing that had walked into the studio all
Anne just stood there in the doorway, her eyes cast to
the floor, while I sized her up.
" Come on in, Anne. I'm Kim. Have a seat. So, when are
you coming to work for us ?"
She was avoiding eye contact. Every once in a while, her
dark little eyes would raise to meet mine, and then quickly
retreat downwards.
" I'm coming in for my first shift next week. Brenda
Schuller interviewed me yesterday. "
Ah yes, this is exactly the kind of girl that Brenda
would choose to work at Misty Greetings. A sweet, awkward
little thing, who would fit right in with the sappy bullshit
of the office staff.
" She hired me as a secretary, " little Anne continued,
not knowing what else to say. She perched herself on the
stool, and crossed her hands in her lap. I got the feeling
that she was a bit intimidated by me. Hell, maybe she was
intimidated by everyone, but for me, it just sharpened my
predatory instincts.
" Well, let's get you ready for your picture, Anne. "
I circled around behind her, and placed my hand on her
lower back. She was startled by my touch.
" Come on, sit up straight now. " I straightened her
sweater from behind, and then moved around front. "Look
straight ahead, " was my next command. She followed my
suggestions so easily.
Standing right in front of her now, I looked into her
eyes. She tried to avert her gaxe, but I raised my hand to
her chin and held her in place. "Keep looking straight
ahead. "
Our faces were so close that I could feel her breath
tickling my nose. She was breathing awfully fast.
" Mmm... you have such beautiful features, " I told her.
She was blushing now. " Do you really think so ?"
" Oh, yes. " I brought my lips close to hers. " I could
just eat you up. "
God she was nervous. Her lips parted, but I pulled away
at the last moment. She wasn't quite ready for that yet.
" But, " I continued, " do you mind me making a personal
observation ?"
" No. " That beautiful flush of red lingered on her face.
" Well, you're clothes have seen better days. There's
even a hole in the back of your jeans. I'd like to take your
picture in something a little more complimentary. Perhaps
you could come back tomorrow. "
Now she was really self conscious. I could see that my
words were bringing her close to tears. I mean, here she
was, trying to make a good impression on a co-worker, and
someone who thought she was really pretty, and I was putting
down her clothes.
" I, uh... well, I know my clothes aren't too nice. My
family doesn't have much money, and I was kind of counting
on my first paycheque to get something more appropriate for
work. " Her eyes were watering up a bit.
Well, of course, I couldn't have that.
" Oh, I'm sorry, Anne. Listen, I just thought a pretty
girl like you should have some nice things. I'll tell you
what... let me give you some money, and you can go out
shopping tonight. Buy yourself some really nice clothes for
your job here. You'll want to make a good first impression."
" I couldn't... I mean... I don't know when I could repay
" Shhh, don't worry about it. You don't have to pay me
back. My father owns this company, and I just want to see
you get a good start. It's really nothing for me. "
" Really, " she said in awe, " your father owns Misty
Greetings ? "
" Hell yeah. Please let me do this for you. You would
look so pretty in some nice new clothes. "
She was sniffling a little. I took my chequebook from my
purse, and proceeded to write Anne a cheque that was
probably double her monthly salary. She took it with a
shaking hand.
" I don't know why you're being so nice. Nobody has ever
been this nice to me. I don't know how I can repay you. "
Her voice was shaking. For the first time since I met
her, she looked me directly in the eyes.
" Don't worry, " I assured her. " Just promise to come
back tomorrow wearing something that will knock my socks
off. "

When she came back the next day, I was impressed by the
change. The girl actually had some fashion sense. She seemed
almost embarrassed to show off her new clothes, but I was
having none of that.
" Come in here, and let me have a good look at you. "
Anne was wearing a blue angora sweater and a cute pleated
" My god, you're a knockout. Let me get a picture of
this. "
She shuffled her feet self consciously as I loaded the
film into my camera. She had even done something with her
hair. It looked like she was really trying to impress me.
I closed the door to the studio, and then moved around
front of Anne to try to find the best shot.
" Beautiful, beautiful... " I said, as I snapped a couple
of shots. " You look wonderful today, Anne. "
Her face went redder with every compliment. I took a
couple of close-ups, and then set the camera down.
" Hey, would you mind if I put on a little make-up for
you ? Nothing drastic. "
" Of course I wouldn't mind, " Anne said, as I retrieved
my purse. " I don't know what you see in me. You're so
beautiful, and rich, and smart, and I'm just... "
I was close to her now, and brushed the hair out of her
face. Her breathing was fast again.
" Just what ?" I asked. But she was losing her train of
My lips were close to hers again, but this time when her
lips parted, I didn't pull away. I just waited. Then she
kissed me. I knew she would. She so desperately wanted to
please me. I let her take the lead for now. Her lips were
sweet, but inexperienced.
When our lips finally parted, her eyes returned to the
floor again.
" Don't, " I said. " Don't look away from me. You don't
have to be embarrassed when you're with me. Not about
anything. " Her eyes returned to mine. " Let me take a few
more pictures, Anne. Why don't you take off your sweater ?"
She didn't pause for long. I could see how excited she
was. I wondered if I was the first person to ask to see her
body. She gently pulled the soft material over her head. I
snapped a couple of shots while she did it. Moments like
these deserve to be recorded.
" Those are beautiful, " I told her. Ann had small
breasts, but they seemed nice and firm beneath her cute
little bra. Without any further urging, she reached her
hands behind her back, and unsnapped herself. Glorious. The
small mounds were capped by the most delicate, puffy
nipples. Something about them looked almost pubescent.
" Show them to the camera, " I suggested. She put her
hands up to her chest, and displayed her puffy pink nipples
to the camera. The expression on her face was priceless.
Awkward, sexy, embarrassed, excited... my little Anne was
all of these things.
" What are you doing to me ? " she asked.
" Why, I'm corrupting you, of course. " I answered.

Now, before I go any further, I should probably settle
the lesbian question. No, I'm not a lesbian. I definitely
like sex with guys. In fact, before Anne, I had only been
with one other girl, and that was just because I was looking
for an excuse to break up with my boyfriend at the time.
Incidentally, it didn't work. All it did was make him want
to watch. I had to sleep with his best friend to finally
tank the relationship.
As for Anne, she just seemed so vulnerable and helpless
that I couldn't help but take her for my own. She was just
ripe for the picking. Besides, since Brenda had banished me
to the photography studio, I had been bored out of my wits.
Corrupting poor little Anne was the perfect project. You can
accuse me of many things, but never accuse me of lacking an
ulterior motive.

So, anyhow, there I was, snapping pictures of this shy
creature as she slowly shed all of her clothing. <snap> I
had Anne bending forward to show me her ass. <snap> And
there went the skirt. Her lean little body was covered only
by her panties. <snap> She was on the stool again, with her
legs spread wide. I hoped the camera would pick up the spot
of moisture at the crotch of her panties. <snap> Anne's bare
ass as she wiggled out of those panties.
" I don't know how much more of this I can take, " I told
her. She was blushing furiously. " Lay down on your back. "
I snapped a few more shots of her on the floor, lewdly
writhing at my directions. Finally, the camera clicked to
the end of the roll. I set down the camera, and began to
unbutton my pants. Anne watched me from the carpeted floor,
her little chest rising and falling rapidly with every
excited breath.
" You're going to do something for me, Anne, " I told
her. I set my jeans and panties aside, and then stepped over
Anne body. I can't even describe to you the beauty of seeing
that nave girl laying beneath me, while I squatted down to
straddle her face. She honestly didn't even know what to do.
I paused in that position, my pussy just above her face, and
waited. She would catch on eventually.
Her tongue just barely touched me, but that was all I
needed to let me know that she was ready. I reached down
between my legs, and held on to the sides of her head as I
lowered my pussy into her mouth. Her surprised lips began to
kiss and suck at my wetness.
It gave me a perverse thrill to think that this girl, who
Brenda had hired as a sweet, innocent teenager, was now
pushing her tongue deeply into me. Corrupting this girl was
almost an act of rebellion against Brenda, and I was
enjoying every second.
" You have such wonder lips, Anne. Keep on going. " In
actuality, I'd had a lot better. Most of my boyfriends had
received a lot of practice at this particular activity. I
supposed that in time, Anne would learn too. But right now,
I was a little impatient. I began to buck my hips slightly,
rubbing my swollen clitoris against her tongue, lips and
nose, while she continued to suck at me from below. At least
she was putting in a valiant first effort.
I could feel the cold metal frames of her glasses digging
into my thighs. It wasn't distracting at all. It just served
to remind me exactly who's face I was riding today. The
thought that this shy girl had barely even kissed the lips
of her lover, and was now lapping between my legs, well, it
was exquisite.
" Oh, fuck, yeah. I'm fucking your face, Anne. You're
going to suck my pussy while I cum, aren't you. You'll do
that for me. Oh, you've got me so excited, I'm really going
to fill your mouth. "
She was having trouble catching breath, I was grinding
myself into her so violently. I didn't care. The only thing
I was thinking about was making this inexperienced girl give
me an orgasm, and it was coming on quickly.
" Mmmm... that's it... nggg...nggg...nggg... keep
going... just a little more now..."
My body humped her face furiously as my orgasm finally
caught up to me. I don't know what part of her face I was
grinding my clit against, but it was heavenly. I heard her
gasping and gurgling as my juices flowed freely into her
mouth. I'm sure she wasn't expecting it.
When my body stopped bucking to the rhythm of my lust, I
let myself rest there for a few minutes, while Anne
continued to lick at my pussy and ass. Finally, I dismounted
her face. She was a mess. The metal frame of her glasses had
been bent downwards by my riding motion, to the point that
they probably wouldn't fit her properly any more. She gasped
for breath, and her face was slick from my moisture.
Satisfied, I retrieved my purse, and wrote her another
cheque. " Get yourself some contact lenses, " I told Anne. "
We're going to be doing a lot more of that. "

I'll have to admit that our lunch time sessions were a
bit one-sided. Once Anne started work the next week, she
visited me every day during her lunch hour. Try as I might,
I couldn't get excited by the idea of licking poor little
Anne to an orgasm. I'm just not a lesbian. By the time we
were done each day, she looked positively desperate to get
Given that, I wasn't sure why she kept on coming back to
me. I mean, I know that she looked up to me a lot, and felt
that she owed me for all the nice things I bought her, but
I'll tell you plain, if our situations were reversed, I
wouldn't have put up with half of the crap that she did.
Maybe she was concerned about what I would do with all
of the photos. Honest, I never threatened her, so I'm not
sure that she was even concerned about it. My own personal
theory is that some people are just born to be used, and
others are born to be users. I'm definitely one of the
latter. And if she wasn't one of the former, well then she
sure put up a good act.
Anne did seem to enjoy all of the extra attention that I
was giving her. I wonder if she thought that our
relationship was normal at all.
I made her take the most demeaning poses. I don't mean
your regular playboy stuff. I took pictures of her with her
face slick with my juices. I took pictures of her a carrot
shoved up her ass (from her lunch, of course. I never eat
any of that healthy shit). I even had a couple where she
agreed to let me whip her with my belt.
There seemed to be no limit to what she would do for me.
Not that I wasn't willing to test that little theory.
" Hey Anne, did you want to come back tomorrow for a
special photo session, " I asked her on Friday, after she
was done with her appetizer.
" Tomorrow's Saturday... I'm not supposed to be here. "
" Don't worry, I've got keys to the production
department. No one will know. "
" Um, okay. "

The poor little sap would do anything I told her, and the
Saturday session was going to be a lot of fun. To make
everything perfect, I recruited a guy I knew from high
school. His name was Martin. At first, he was a little
reluctant to participate. After all, his was a school
teacher now, and he was engaged to a girl from a rather
wealthy family. Once I showed him some of Anne's naughty
pictures, though, his resistance crumbled away.
Saturday morning, he arrived a few minutes earlier than
" Are you sure she's a virgin ?" he asked. He was really
getting into the spirit of it now.
" Yep, Martin, you horny old dog, and you get to be the
guy who busts her open. Imagine that... a genuine eighteen
year old virgin. You're not going to get anything this sweet
once you get married, I'll tell you that. "
He seemed uncomfortable with my comments about his
upcoming wedding. Who could blame him ? With the marriage
only three months away, he had to be feeling like a real
shit for cheating on his fiancee. Nonetheless, when Ann
walked through the door, Martin looked positively ready to
pounce on the girl. Anne, on the other hand, looked
She caught my eyes, and motioned that she needed to talk
to me.
" I don't know if I can do this, " she blurted out. " I'm
haven't... well, I'm a virgin. "
" Look, I don't want to make you feel bad, but it's just
not normal to be a virgin at your age. You've really got to
get past this, and I want to help you do it. "
My aim was directly at her weak spot. If I could make her
feel embarrassed about being a virgin, she'd be right back
in the palm of my hand.
" You're a pretty girl, Anne, but nobody wants to hang
around with a virgin. It's a drag. Let me do this for you,
and I'll introduce you to all of my friends. We'll hang out
all of the time. You'll be one of the girls. "
Another weak spot. Anne wanted so badly to be accepted.
It's something she'd never had before.
Anne looked into my eyes, her fear apparent. She didn't
want to do this, I knew, but she didn't want to lose me
either. She wanted to please me.
" Okay. I'll do it. "
Music to my ears.
" Good, why don't you start getting your clothes off, and
I'll load up the camera. "
And just like that, she was back to obeying me
completely. Without even speaking a word to the man who
would take her virginity, she began to undress herself.
I couldn't help but think about the changes I'd brought
to her life over the last week or so. Anne's mousy brown
hair was now cut in a neat style. Her clothes, and even her
underwear, were all quite stylish. I taught her to apply
some make-up, which really highlighted her dark eyes, now
quite visible because of her switch to contact lenses.
Martin watched with lust in his eyes as she pulled down
her panties, revealing her virgin pussy to him. What had
been covered by a light patch of pubic hair was now shaved
bare, by my instructions. Anne's thin frame, and little tits
helped along the illusion of youth considerably.
" A little bit of foreplay would be nice, " I told my
models. " Anne, bend forward over the stool, and let Martin
strap your ass for a while. "
Martin had a gleam in his eyes. Yes, he had seen the
pictures of when I had taken my own belt to Anne's ass, and
was enthusiastic to try it himself. He began to slip his
belt from around his waist while she took her position at
the stool. Her firm little butt cheeks were so inviting, I
almost wished that it was me with the belt in my hand. But
then, I had my job as staff pornographer to think about.
I snapped a couple of shots as Martin groped her little
ass. Anne was bent over the stool to the point that she was
holding onto the legs of the stool to keep her balance. Her
legs were straight, and her tight belly rested on the seat
of the stool. You couldn't ask for a better position to whip
When Martin began the punishment, his strength caught
poor little Anne off guard. She yelped at the painful blow,
and her ass flinched when he raised his arm again. I moved
around front to get a good view of her face.
" Look this way, Anne, " I instructed. I was rewarded
with a wonderful shot. She raised her face towards me just
as another blow landed. I caught the expression on her face
beautifully. Tears were running down her cheeks. This was
definitely more painful than the times I had whipped her.
I took a couple more shots from further back. Martin
looked my direction.
" Don't aim that thing at me, " he said.
" Get over yourself, Martin. I'm not looking to get
pictures of you, " I lied. " Let's get on with the main
event. Come around front, and have her slick up your cock
for you. "
He was only too happy to oblige. He dropped his pants to
the floor, and circled around the stool. Anne was breathing
heavily, and still sobbing from the pain of the belt.
Another perfect shot. He tilted her head back by pulling
on her hair, and rubbed his cock against her face. His penis
became wet with her tears and drool before he popped it into
her mouth. That's one for the scrapbook.
Anne obediently sucked on his cock, although her lack of
skill was apparent. She choked as he jammed a couple of
times into the back of her throat. I took another shot while
she gagged on him. Her face was a mess. Her makeup was
smeared by her tears, and from when Martin rubbed his cock
against it. She looked like a total whore, with her makeup
smeared, and a cock in her mouth.
He popped himself free.
" I want to fuck her now. Can I, Kim ?" He asked me, as
if Anne had nothing to do with the decision.
Anne looked up at me with pleading eyes. I nodded for
Martin to go around behind her.
" Please, " Anne begged. " I'm not sure I want to do
this. "
I knelt down beside her, and brought my face close to
" You have to do this sometime, Anne, " I whispered. I
kissed her lips softly. " Come on, please do this for me.
Are you going to do this for me ?"
I kissed her again, this time drawing her tongue into my
mouth. Her mouth was so receptive of mine. I could taste the
salt of her tears on her lips.
" Do this for me, Anne. " I whispered again.
" All right, " she whispered back, and then stole another
" Good girl. "
Martin was waiting for me, and I nodded in his direction.
I backed away from Anne, and took a couple of pictures with
him poised to enter her. I made sure I got a couple of good
shots of the lustful look on his face as he parted her pussy
lips to enter her.
He fed the tip of his moist penis into her opening. Anne
was shaking, whether from fear or lust, I couldn't tell.
" Look up at the camera, " I urged Anne. " I want to see
your face when her pops you. "
She was sobbing again, but even if she wanted to stop
now, Martin was already pushing himself in. It would be only
a matter of seconds.
No gentleman, this Martin, he pushed himself into her
violently, groaning loudly as he broke through her hymen.
But it wasn't him I was interested in. I must have snapped a
half dozen shots in quick succession of the pained, almost
surprised, look on Anne's face as his cock was buried into
" It...hurts... " she whimpered, as I continued to circle
around the couple to catch every angle.
Martin was impatient. Despite her little whimpers of
pain, he began to ram himself in and out of her from behind.
He was making her first time a rough ride.
" Aw, fuck... she's so fucking tight, " he told me. I got
a good photo of the grin on his face as he enjoyed her
The stool began to rock back and forth onto its front and
back legs as he took hold of Anne's hips and began to really
pump her hard. My own pussy was throbbing just from watching
the scene. I'd have to get Anne to lick me off afterwards.
But for now, she belonged to Martin, and he was taking full
" Oh, yeah... this tight little bitch needed to be
fucked. I'll loosen her up some. "
In all honesty, I hadn't expected that Martin would be
this rough with her. Not that I minded. It made for some
really good photos. Like the one where he reached forward,
and pinched one of her puffy pink nipples cruelly as he
fucked her recently virginal pussy. That was a great
Of course, the best of them all was when he came. He
almost knocked over the freakin' stool as he slammed her
body. His face was a mask of cruelty, as he buried himself
deep into her and filled her virgin entrance with his cum.
Anne started sobbing again when she felt his sperm
filling her. He held her tightly by the hips after his
orgasm, seeming reluctant to let the coupling end. Finally
he slid free of her, leaving me free to take the follow-up
pictures of her abused pussy. Those ones were worth framing.

For a little while after that Saturday session, things
went back to normal between Anne and I. I spent all of
Monday and Tuesday developing the photos, and enlarging the
ones I really liked, and during the lunch hour, she still
came down to lick my pussy.
I'm sure it would have slipped right back into routine,
if I hadn't have somehow let a couple of the photos fall
into the wrong hands. I know it was cruel of me, but what's
the point of taking a whole lot of photos if you're never
going to show them to anyone? I picked a couple of the early
nudes of Anne, ones that didn't show her face, and gave
copies to some of the other production guys. There was
nothing to identify Anne directly, but I'm sure as the
photo's circulated, that some people would guess.
And that's how I ended up back in Brenda Schuller's
office again. I could tell, just by the expression on her
face, that she was serious this time.
" I've seen some photos going around, Kim. I'm sure you
know which ones I'm talking about. Don't tell me that you're
not involved with this. It's easy to see that they were
taken in the photo studio. "
" Nope. I'm not denying anything. "
I think she was prepared for a denial, and was a bit
taken aback by my answer. Her surprise quickly turned to
" How could you, Kim ? I'm not going to pretend that I
don't know who it is in the pictures. How could you take an
innocent girl like Anne, and force her into posing like this
? How could you ?"
Brenda wasn't done yet. I was holding my tongue until the
storm was finished.
" She's a good girl, Kim, and you've damaged her.
Everyone in the office has seen those pictures. They'll
follow her around for years, if she decides to stay. I'm
sure she would quit right now if she wasn't in such
desperate need of the money. How could you possibly do such
a thing ?"
Now she wanted an answer.
" Brenda, you have no idea what I'm capable of, " I
began. " You don't know the half of it. Those pictures are
quite innocent compared to the others I took of her. I've
corrupted this girl in ways that you wouldn't believe, and I
have all sorts of pictures of it. Would you like to see them
I pulled an photo album out from under my chair. I put it
together special for this occasion. Brenda hesitantly took
the book from my hands, and opened it to the first page.
" Those are the first time I had her strip for me, " I
narrated. " In the next few pages, you'll see the things
that I asked her to do over the next week. Pretty sick,
The president of Misty Greeting leafed through page after
page of pictures, each one more graphic than the last. Her
eyes were dark with anger.
" I can see that you're getting near my favourite part. I
brought in a guy I knew from high school to fuck poor little
Anne for the first time. There you can see her bent over the
stool, ready to be deflowered. Exciting isn't it ? I'm
afraid that you don't get a very good view of the guy in the
first few photos. Ah, there we go... this shot has a good
view of his face. "
" Martin, " my boss exclaimed in surprise.
I waited while she flipped through the next few pages, to
see how far her darling Martin had gone. I could see by the
look on her face that she couldn't believe her son would do
such a thing.
Oh yes, Martin is Brenda's son. What ? You didn't think I
did all of this just for kicks, did you ? Okay, there was
that too, but I still had my eye on the prize. As I said
before, never accuse me of lacking an ulterior motive.

Needless to say, Brenda and I came to an understanding.
Three months later, Martin was married in a lovely ceremony,
which due to my family connections, I was invited to watch.
The mother of the groom seemed positively wracked with
anxiety. Heck, even the groom was a bit edgy, once he saw me
there. But things went off without a problem.
For the next six months, Brenda made glowing reports of
my performance to Daddy. It looks like he'll get his wish of
one of his daughter's taking over the business after all.
I've even heard rumours that Brenda is considering early
I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait to take over her
office. I've even decided on which of the girls I'll have as
my secretary.
Once she gets back from maternity leave, that is.


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