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GROWING thick creamy semen Jenny smiled down

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.

This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

By davidb234

My father had died six months ago. Nothing strange
about that of course, lots of guys lose parents, my
sister and I had already lost our mother five years
before, when a mugging went wrong and she got
pushed under a bus as she struggled with some guy
trying to take her purse. The fact that he got away
with a minimum sentence didn't go down too well
with my Dad, and he spent a long time thinking
about getting his revenge. As it turned out this
was a good thing, as it took his mind off too much
mourning, and helped him to come to terms with moms
death. Now at the age of seventeen, my sister being
almost sixteen, we were having to come to terms
with dads death. What was making my task more
difficult was that Mary, our stepmother, was having
a hard time, much harder than Jenny, my sister and
Dad had met Mary about two years after mom died,
and despite the fact that she was only eighteen at
the time, fell head over heels in love with her. I
know it sounds corny, but it really was true, and
Jenny and I made sure he let Mary know how he felt.
It took us a few weeks to convince him that we
didn't mind, and that we didn't think he was
betraying moms memory. It was just so good to see
him so happy. And that's how he stayed up to the
day he died. It was the big C that got him; a
lifetime of smoking and working in a dirty smoky
factory had played havoc with his lungs and when he
eventually went to see a doctor about his 'wheezy
chest' it turned out he had less than six months to
live. Wouldn't you know it, when you want doctors
to be wrong, they get it right. Five months and
twenty days after the verdict and Mary called us
from the hospital to come and see Dad before it was
too late. We were. Despite the fact we drove over
right away, the forty minute drive was too long and
he was gone before we got there.
As things turned out Mary, Jenny and me were all
well catered for. Dad had a number of insurance
policies and so on that would make sure Jenny and I
could afford to go through college without any
financial worries, and Mary had the house for her
lifetime, or until she married again, when it
reverted to Jenny and me. Me? Oh, I'm Dave Kent, no
relation to Clark of course, I'm no Superman, just
a regular highschool student about to graduate and
go to college to do an electronics course and go
into computing. What has just changed is the
already very good relationship between me, Jenny
and our young stepmother. Being the 'man' of the
house I guess I'd always thought I should be the
strong one and not show any emotion after the
funeral. I failed miserably, and when we were
finally alone that night I sat and cried along with
Jenny and Mary, all three of us wrapped in each
others arms on the old leather sofa in dads study.
Three months later and the one thing I wanted to
remain secret was out in the open, at least Mary
found out. It happened like this:-
Mary had gone out to a movie with a couple of
friends (all women) from work, there had been a
power outage and the film was cut short and the
theatre closed early, two hours early. Not being a
one for heavy drinking Mary decided, after a couple
of drinks with her friends that she would be better
off at home watching TV. Having said goodnight to
her friends she got a cab and returned home at just
after Eight thirty. Despite the fact she knew Jenny
and I were staying in that evening she came in to
find the place in darkness, and decided to go to
her bedroom change out of her outdoor clothes into
something more comfortable. That's when she heard
the noise we were making. At least the noise Jenny
was making, she always was a screamer, and it was
her reaching a climax just as Mary was stripped
down to her bra and panties that brought things out
into the open. Not thinking what she was actually
doing Mary dashed out of her room and burst into
mine, to find me laid out on my back, stark naked,
and Jenny impaled on my hard throbbing erection
screaming her head off as she writhed in the throes
of a massive orgasm. Mary's scream of "WHAT THE
HELL ARE YOU DOING..." was louder than Jenny's scream
of ecstasy and certainly attracted our attention,
and destroyed any enjoyment I might have been about
to experience. As Jenny chose that moment to pass
out and fall forward on to my chest it was left to
me to explain things; "Oh, Mom, can't you see what
we're doing, you did it enough times with Dad, we
spent many hours listening to the pair of you."
This made Mary blush fire engine red, then give a
sheepish grin as she said "I know David, but he
wasn't my brother. boys aren't supposed to have sex
with their sisters, it leads to malformed children.
It's also against the law, especially as you're
both underage." By now I'd gently rolled Jenny off
me and laid her down at my side; I sat up, making
sure I covered my cum soaked groin with the sheet.
"Oh, come off I'm Mom, you know the pill took care
of the idiot baby problem, and as for being against
the law, who on earth is going to report us, YOU?"
Mary shook her head as she gave me an ironic grin
"No David darling, I won't do that, what I will do
is ask you to come downstairs into your fathers
study so we can talk about this. Jenny as well if
she can make it." With that she stood up, and I
suddenly noticed what a wonderful figure she had,
and how well she had kept herself in shape, as she
stood there in her underwear, and pretty skimpy
underwear at that. "OK Mom, give me some time to
get us cleaned up and we'll be there".
I got Jenny up and carried her to the bathroom
where I took her under the shower and washed her
down, drying her off and sending her to get her
night things on while I had my own shower. A few
minutes later we were walking into the study where
Mary was sitting with a cup of coffee dressed in
her bathrobe, ready for bed. "Right, I suppose I
should ask you how long this has been going on?"
she said quietly, "Oh, for hundreds of years Mom"
said Jenny with a cheeky grin, Mary smiled "I don't
mean incest Jenny, I mean how long have you two
been having sex?" Again Jenny was in with an answer
before I could say anything, "Oh, we don't have sex
Mom, David makes love to me, there's a difference
as I'm quite sure you know." Again Mary smiled,
"Before we go any further, do you think you could
stop calling me 'Mom', it makes me feel so OLD. I'd
like you to call me Mary, and to hell with what the
neighbours think, OK?" Jenny just nodded and I said
"OK, Mary, and as for how long Jenny and I have
been sleeping together, it started just after you
married Dad, on your honeymoon in fact. We decided
you shouldn't be the only ones to have so much fun
and started to experiment between ourselves. When
you got home we just listened to what was going on
in your bedroom, and tried to copy it. I must say
we had lots of fun with some of the things we
thought you were doing, even if we got things wrong
at times." I paused for a moment to see if Mary was
going to say anything, she didn't, so I did, "The
thing is Mary, we decided that we would be safer if
we kept this between ourselves, rather than go out
and experiment with some of the people we knew at
school, you know, with so much disease and
pregnancy, we didn't want to take those sorts of
chances." "Besides, I didn't fancy letting any of
the boys I know, touch me like David does" Jenny
said "My friends tell me all they want to do is get
inside their panties and then tell all their jock
buddies who they screwed in the back of their cars.
I didn't want any of that, so I asked David to be
my first. He was wonderful, kind and thoughtful, as
we'll as being gentle, that's why I've spent so
much time in his bed during the past three years."
It was then that I saw a funny expression pass
briefly over Mary's face, then she said "Well. At
least I'm not going to have to give you any mother
daughter talks about safe sex, I have to admit I
wasn't looking forward to that at all, especially
as I'm not that much older than you Jenny" Jenny
grinned "Oh, I don't know, ever thought you might
be able to give me some tips on how to keep my man
satisfied, you seemed to do OK with Dad." "Yes.
Well we'll have to see about that Jenny darling,
what I want to know is, how come I never heard you
two making love since your Dad died, did you stop
or something?" I shook my head "No, we just made
sure you were out of the house, either still at
work, or going shopping or something. The same as
when Dad was alive really. We did try to be very
discrete about it Mary, mainly because we didn't
want to have it stopped by getting found out. Like
Mary smiled at us both, "Oh don't worry, I won't
tell anyone, I'm just glad you're both being so
sensible about this. I may not agree with your
views on incest, but I certainly won't do anything
to break the two of you up, you seem to be quite
capable of making up your own minds as to what you
should and shouldn't be doing. Just keep on being
as discrete as you have been and make sure the
neighbours don't find out, all right?" "Thanks
Mom.. sorry, Mary" said Jenny and went over to kiss
her sweetly, "Can I go to bed now please I'm dead
beat for some reason" Mary nodded, trying hard to
hide a big grin, "Yes Jenny darling, you go to bed
and get a good nights sleep." "Mary, the one thing
I always have is a good nights sleep, David sees to
that" Jenny said as she closed the door behind her.
"I think I'll go up too" I said softly "I'm just as
tired as Jenny, and for the same reason" Mary
grinned at me, "I'll just bet you are David, tell
me something before you go, haven't you ever wanted
to go and find out what it's like to have sex with
some of the good looking girls I know are in the
same classes you're in?" I shook my head "No, I've
seen too many of them after they've been out on
dates with some of the jocks in school. I won't say
they're all sluts, but most of them aren't too
fussy about what, or who the do when they're in the
back of a car. What does surprise me is that more
of them don't get pregnant. I couldn't even
consider going out with them if I wanted Jenny to
take care of herself the way she does, now could
I?" Mary shook her head "No, I guess you couldn't,
that's the one thing that makes what you're doing
in any way acceptable to me, and I'm sure your
father would have said the same. You see David, we
did talk about you two quite a lot, especially
after he was taken ill. He worried about you, you
see, and I promised to take real good care of you
for as long as I could. I guess you've been doing
that as far as Jenny is concerned haven't you?" I
bent down and kissed her chastely on the cheek, "I
guess I have Mary, and I've loved every minute of
it, I promise you." With that I wished her good
night and made my way up to bed. Before I went to
bed I knocked on Jenny's door, went in and sat
beside her, "Well Sis, I guess we've been found out
at last" I said softly. Jenny grinned at me "Well
at least I wasn't Dad, he'd have skinned us alive.
The thing is darling, what do we do now?" "The same
as before Sis, we do it discretely, mainly so we
don't upset Mary. I don't suppose you could try to
be a little quieter when you cum, could you?"
"BEAST" Jenny cried as she hit me with her small
fist, then she burst into a fit of the giggles,
only shutting up when I took her into my arms and
kissed her goodnight. The crunch came a few hours
later, and all because of Jenny's having that late
cup of coffee with Mary in the study.
As always when Jenny drinks coffee late in the day
it plays havoc with her waterworks and she ends up
having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the
night. So it was that night; at about 1 am Jenny
was staggering, half asleep, to the bathroom. On
her way back to bed she had to pass our parents
bedroom, and heard what could only be Mary,
sobbing. Being naturally kind hearted, and really
liking our step mom anyway, Jenny very quietly
opened the bedroom door and silently crept over to
the bed where Mary was laying crying her heart out.
As Jenny sat on the edge of the bed Mary looked up
with her tear stained face and gasped "What do you
want Jenny?" "I'm sorry Mary, I didn't mean to
disturb you but I heard you crying and just came to
see what was the matter. Is it anything you can
talk to me about, I'm not a child you know, in fact
I'm really a big girl now" and giving Mary a big
grin she got into bed beside Mary and hugged her
tight as she lay down in her arms. That's when the
flood gates opened, Mary was so in need of someone
close to talk to she just let it all come out, how
lonely she was since Dad died, how much she missed
having him beside her in bed. How great their
lovemaking used to be, the trips they used to take
at weekends, even if it was just for a walk in the
county park close by our township. "I'm sorry
Jenny, but finding you and David making love last
night was the end. I'm so jealous of you having a
wonderful lover, even if he is your brother. It
made me realise how much I miss going to bed with a
warm male body beside me every night, it's just
like being lost in a strange place in the dark"
after a few more tears Mary gave a huge sigh and
said "I'm sorry Jenny darling, I shouldn't be
dumping all this on you. I suppose all I have to do
is go out and find someone to take your dads place.
I'm young enough to get married again, and I'm not
that bad looking am I?" "Of course not Mary" said
Jenny, "But why go out and look for a guy. There's
one in this house that very good at what you need.
Why don't you get him to help you out?" "What"
gasped Mary, aghast at Jenny's suggestion, "I
couldn't even think about doing something like
that, David's my stepson for goodness sake." "What
rot" said Jenny firmly "He's not related to you,
he's only a few years younger than you, I know
he gets aroused when he sees you half naked, and
you know he's very discrete. What's the
alternative, a quick fuck with someone you pick up
in a bar? I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy,
at least I would, but only once a week" and Jenny
burst out giggling again. "Oh come on Mary, at
least give it some thought. If you're worried David
might not like it, I'll get him primed and thinking
about it if you like, I know it won't take too
long, and who knows you might even get to like it
so much we can make it a regular thing. It might
even stop things getting too boring for David and
me." The fact that Mary was laying there in silence
brought a smile to Jenny's lips, and after a little
while Mary said "Well Jenny, I suppose I could
think about it. But I honestly think I'd be too
embarrassed to make a move on your brother..." Jenny
leaned over and kissed Mary tenderly on the lips
"Don't worry about that Mary darling, you just wait
'til Friday and I'll make sure we have the best
family evenings entertainment you ever saw. All I
ask is that you don't chicken out on me. Agreed?"
"Well.. OK, I have to admit it sounds simple
enough, and I suppose you know your brother better
than I do. But will he really want to have sex with
someone older than him?" replied Mary, "Mary
darling, David won't have sex with you, he'll spend
most of the night making love to you, like I told
you he never fucks me, always makes love. I better
get back to bed in case he comes looking for me,
goodnight Mom, I'll see you in the morning." And
with a final tender kiss Jenny slipped out of
Mary's bedroom and went back to her own bed,
feeling very pleased at her efforts to make Mary
forget their dads demise, and feel happy once more.
By the time Friday came I was still in the dark,
Jenny was the most discrete girl you could imagine,
even able to keep a secret she was closely involved
with, from me. Mary was on edge, even I could see
that; I put it down to the fact she still wasn't
sure about Jenny and my relationship. What I didn't
miss was the fact that she appeared in front of me
in her underwear far more than she had previously,
either coming from or going to the bathroom. She
also let her bathrobe fall open in the evenings
when she came downstairs ready for bed. Not that I
got a beaver shot at any time, just a glimpse of
nightie, and a flash of what it covered, before it
was once more, covered. I have to admit I had
sometimes fantasised about Mary, and what she was
like in bed. I know Dad loved her, and I know they
really enjoyed a great sex life, I also wondered,
briefly, what Mary was doing for sexual relief
since Dad had been taken ill, I supposed she was
using some mechanical means, or had someone at work
that was all right for a quickie in a stock room or
something. I certainly wasn't ready to find out she
had been going without for almost a year, and that
she was conspiring with my sister to get herself
laid, and by ME.
Jenny and I got home at our usual time on Friday, I
always brought her home in my car, even if it meant
one of us had to wait for the other sometimes, it
had always proved a very convenient way of keeping
other guys and girls off our backs. Mary got home a
little earlier than usual, and it was lucky that
Jenny had told me she'd started her period that
morning, so we weren't actually in bed but were
dutifully preparing dinner after changing into some
casual clothes. For me this meant T-shirt and
joggers, for Jenny a cotton shirt and short-ish
flared skirt. By the time Mary had washed up and
changed into something very similar to Jenny, I was
laying the table and Jenny was putting the final
touches to dinner. As I held Mary's chair for her,
Dad had been a stickler for me being a gentleman
that way, she turned to me and pulled my face down
to hers and kissed me tenderly on the lips "Thank
you David" she said softly, and smiled as I blushed
for the first time for ages, "That's all right
Mary, at least I know you appreciate me" I said
with a smile, "Oh I appreciate you all right" she
replied, it's not every woman my age has a son as
old as you that's been brought up to be so
considerate. I have a lot to be grateful to your
father for, just like Jenny has." "Like Jenny has
what?" said Jenny who had just walked in with
dinner, "Been grateful your Dad taught David to be
so considerate, my dear" said Mary, and I saw a
strange look pass between them both. "Oh, you're so
right Mom" said Jenny with a cheeky grin, and she
sat beside me and we buckled down to some serious
After dinner Jenny and I did the dishes while Mary
went and sat in the study with a cup of coffee and
relaxed after her day at work. It's strange how she
seemed to have taken to doing this after Dad died,
he used to do it when he was working, and Mary
always joined him when she'd finished doing the
dishes after dinner. I guess it was her way of
preserving the good times she'd had with Dad, how
nave I was, at least on that particular evening.
When the dishes were done, and the kitchen cleaned
up Jenny and I got ourselves a cup of coffee each
and went to join Mary. I found myself sitting
between Mary and Jenny on the old leather sofa and
despite there being plenty of room, I had their
thighs pressed close to mine as we finished off our
drinks. Jenny got up and took my empty cup off me
then walked over to the side table and put it down.
The trouble was how she put it down. She bent at
the waist, with her legs straight; this pulled the
hem of her short skirt up the back of her legs and
showed she had no panties on. I knew this because I
saw her swollen pussy lips, and they were
glistening with a coating of her lubricating juices
I knew so well. My sharp intake of breath should
have attracted Mary's attention, but she seemed
oblivious to Jenny's show. Until that is Jenny had
come and sat beside me once more, and Mary got up
to get rid of her cup. I couldn't understand why
Jenny hadn't taken Mary's cup at the same time as
she had ours, until Mary put hers on the side
table. Seeing as Mary had the same clothes on as
Jenny, I don't suppose it would take a genius to
work out that what followed had been worked out
between them, it took me a while I admit. As Mary
stood in front of the side table I just happened to
look up, just as Mary bent down. Bent down in
exactly the same way Jenny had a moment or two
earlier, and she was dressed the same as Jenny was.
Again I knew this because I saw Mary's naked,
swollen and glistening pussy lips displayed to my
gaze in the same way Jenny's had been. As Mary
stood up to walk back to the sofa I could see her
face was suffused by a pink tinge as she
experienced some embarrassment at the way she'd
just exposed herself to me. She didn't lose her
nerve though, she came right over and sat close to
me as before, that's when it hit me; "I'm being set
up here" I said softly, "Will one of you tell me
what's going on please. I really don't want to get
the wrong idea, when the right one seems so much
more enjoyable" Jenny leaned over and kissed me on
the cheek closest to her, and Mary did the same,
"David darling" said Jenny softly "You know how
desperate I get if I don't have you make love to me
at least once a week?" I nodded slowly, suddenly
having an inkling of what was coming my way. "Well,
how do you think I'd be if I'd had to go without
for a full year, I'd be climbing up the wall and
ready to jump your bones the minute I saw you,
wouldn't I?" again I nodded. "Well darling" she
continued "What would you do for me if that was the
case?" I turned to Mary and, with a smile on my
face said "I guess I'd take pity on a poor
frustrated beautiful woman I loved, kiss her
passionately, then spend a couple of hours making
love to her. Hopefully with a little bit of help
from the only other person I love, and with whom
I'd been having a long loving relationship. What
else do you think I'd do?" Mary blushed bright red
as Jenny said softly "Nothing brother mine, I'd
expect nothing else from you but that. Why don't we
go upstairs and work out just what we can do to
rectify the current situation?"
I stood up, held out my hands to Mary and pulled
her to her feet, then scooped her up into my arms
and turned to follow Jenny up to the main bedroom
where I laid Mary gently down in the centre of the
bed and climbed in to kneel beside her. As I looked
down at Mary I saw she was still blushing slightly,
and she was breathing very rapidly, until I bent
down and covered her lips with mine in a soft warm
sensuous kiss that took her breath away completely.
As we kissed Mary put her arms round my neck and
pulled me close, making our kiss harder and deeper
as she pressed her tongue between my lips and
sought mine. After a few minutes she released me
and I lifted my head and looked at her again, "Oh
David, if only you knew how long I've wanted to do
that" she gasped, "Is that all you want to do Mary
darling?" I asked softly "Of course not silly" said
Jenny from beside me, "Can't you see how much she
loves you, just stop wasting time and get on with
making love to her you idiot." With a smile at Mary
I turned to Jenny and said "Why don't you go and do
some knitting Sis, or perhaps just sit down and
keep quiet and let me seduce our stepmother in my
own way" "OK" said Jenny, and she gave me a kiss
and went to sit in a chair at the side of the room.
I turned back to Mary, lay down beside her
supporting myself on one elbow, looked down at her
and said "Now Mom, where was I?" she looked up at
me "You'd just kissed me and made me wet myself"
she said with a shy smile, "I thought I'd got a
whiff of sex" I said with a grin "At least we know
you're not averse to what we're doing, don't we?"
again Mary blushed, this time as she nodded, "Yes
David darling, we do know that, don't we". I bent
and kissed her again "In that case, you won't mind
if I undo these buttons will you" I said as I began
to undo the front of her shirt. Shaking her head
Mary began to help me by pulling the tail of her
shirt from the waistband of her skirt, so that as
soon as I'd undone the last button it fell open and
gave me my first view of her wonderful naked
breasts. I could see how little she wore when
sunbathing, she had a tiny patch of white that
accentuated her dark pink aureoles, and they were
topped by hard upright nipples that just cried out
to be suckled. I heard the cry and came to their
rescue by placing my lips on them and gently
sucking as hard as I could. I never knew that
nipples were connected to anything but the nerves
in a woman's pussy, Mary's were, they seemed to be
connected to her voice box because the harder I
sucked the louder she cried out. I guess she had a
double connection because she also went rigid as
she climaxed for the first time in months, as I
suckled on her breasts turn and turn about. As Mary
relaxed after her orgasm I released my grip on her
nipples an lay beside her just gently caressing her
breasts as I placed tender loving kisses on her
cheeks and lips. "Oh my god David, that was
wonderful" she gasped, "I wish I'd had the courage
to do this months ago," "Me too" I said softly, and
started to slip my hand down her abdomen and pull
up her skirt so I uncovered her hot wet aromatic
pussy, "Maybe I'd have been able to do this a lot
sooner too" I said as I shifted round so I was
facing her feet and was able to lower my head
between her open thighs. The instant my lips
touched her sopping wet pussy lips Mary had another
orgasm, an orgasm that continued on and on as I
licked and sucked at her hard throbbing clit and
pressed my tongue and two fingers, turn and turn
about deep into her swollen vaginal passage. It was
only when Jenny came and pulled me away from Mary's
groin that I realised she was silent. That was
because as Jenny pointed out Mary had fainted. "It
seems to have been too much too soon David" said
Jenny as we sat each side of Mary's supine form "I
guess she wasn't used to so much stimulation at one
time." I looked at Jenny and smiled "I suppose we
better bring her into our lovemaking slowly then,
hadn't we Sis" I said, Jenny looked at me, then
leaned over and kissed me lovingly "Only if you
want to David darling, I just think it would be
rather nice if we could all enjoy making love,
especially as Mary would lose the house if she
found another guy. To be honest David I rather like
having her around, making love to her would just be
a bonus." "I agree Sis" I said softly "At least
this way we don't have to hide away when we make
love, we could have mom join in." "I thought I
asked you to call me Mary" said a voice, a very
sleepy voice, from the bed between us. I looked
down into Mary's barely open eyes and said "I know
you did, but it sounds much more sexy if I say I'm
making love to my mother, rather than just to a
beautiful and sexy older woman." I hoped my smile
robbed my words of any sting, Mary's return smile
showed me it did and, as she sat up, once more
displaying her breasts to wonderful advantage, and
opening her knees so I got more than a flash of
pussy she said "That was the most wonderful orgasm
I've had in years. I suppose it was because I
haven't had one in over a year, but it really was
great. All I need now is to have that weapon you
yours inside me, and, if Jenny's description is
anything to go by I'll pass out again and sleep the
night through." Jenny and Mary giggled as I shook
my head, "I'm sorry Mary darling, I guess there's
something wrong with me just now, I don't seem to
be able to get an erection" I said, and suddenly
found I was laying on my back with Jenny sitting on
my chest saying "Come on Mary, get those pants off
him. I'll show you how to get him hard" in a flash
I was naked from the waist down as Jenny was turned
round straddling my face with her knees and
lowering her mouth on to my suddenly stiffening
cock. Suddenly stiffening mainly because of what I
was looking at, Jenny's naked pussy that was simply
running with her lubricating juices she was so
aroused. As Jenny took me in her wonderful warm wet
mouth I reached up and touched her pussy with my
tongue, seeking her clit so I could give it a kiss
and get her aroused even more. "There you are Mom"
gasped Jenny as she sat upright, pressing her
sopping wet pussy on to my face and giving a tiny
wiggle of her ass as she did so. Jenny didn't move
an inch so I never saw Mary as she lowered herself
on to my now erect, hard and throbbing penis for
the first time. I heard her though, because she
gave out a loud cry of ecstasy as she felt my cock
forcing its way deep inside her yearning body. "Oh
my god" she cried, "That's sooo good..." and she
began to move her hips back and forth, round and
round as she sought for the maximum amount of
stimulation she could achieve with as little
movement as possible.
As Mary worked herself off on my hard manhood I
felt Jenny stripping her clothes off then felt her
lean forward to press her body to Mary's, lifting
her butt off my face slightly so I was able to use
my tongue on her pussy as she kissed and caressed
Mary, while Mary worked herself to a climax on my
erection. Jenny was so aroused it didn't need much
work from my tongue to get her to climax, and Mary
was so hot being kissed by Jenny as she was being
fucked by me that she also came to a climax at the
same time as Jenny. I got a face full of Jenny's
orgasmic juices as she came, and I got a soaking
wet groin as Mary came too. Thankfully only Mary
fainted, Jenny was able to hold on to her long
enough for her to be laid on the bed beside me
leaving Jenny to bend down and suck and lick my
softening cock clean of Mary's orgasmic effusion.
"I tell you what David, Mary certainly does taste
nice and sweet, I can't wait 'til I can taste your
combined cum, it should really be something to
savour." Jenny climbed off my chest, turned round
and saw the state of my face, soaked as it was with
her own emissions, then she leaned over and licked
me clean once more. "You didn't cum David, shall I
bring you off darling, though I have a much better
idea if you'll go along with it." I'll say this for
Jenny she had some very nice ideas, and her latest
certainly topped all those she'd had in the past.
As we sat there waiting for Mary to wake up again
we talked between ourselves, speculating on what
things were going to be like with Mary being
involved in our sex games now. "Well, at least part
of the time Sis" I said with a wicked smile, "At
the moment she seems to spend more time asleep than
actually making love, do you think it's her age
that's doing this to her?" Jenny shook her head as
we saw Mary stirring beside us, "I don't think so
David, she's not all that much older than you after
all. I think it's just that she's not used to it
yet. Give her time and I'm sure she'll get into the
swing of things." Jenny smiled at me and winked
just before Mary said "Are you two talking about me
again. I can't help it if you make sex so good I
pass out every time I cum, I'm just not used to
having it so good, even your father never made me
faint twice in one night." Mary struggled to sit up
once more and turned to Jenny and said "Tell me
Jenny darling, did David cum that time?" Jenny
shook her head "No, I guess he forgot, but I've got
an idea as to how we can get him to cum, and we can
both benefit from it, do you want to give it a
try?" Mary just nodded then said "What do we do
Jenny, nothing too strenuous I hope, I'm pretty
tired right now." "No, Mom, all you have to do is
lay back, I'll do all the work, you and David get
to enjoy it." Mary lay back, I got to my knees and
straddled her thighs, my cock laying just above her
wonderful down covered pussy and Jenny came and
knelt beside me and took my cock in her soft warm
hand. The touch of Jenny's hand brought me to full
erection, and I heard Mary gasp as she saw how
quick I got hard. She gasped again as she watched
Jenny begin to masturbate me, kissing me as she
worked her hand to and fro on my hard throbbing
erection. With Jenny kissing me as she jerked me
off, and Mary laying naked in front of me, it
wasn't too long before I gasped out "I'm cumming
Jenny, I'm almost there lover, I'm cumming
NOOOOWWWW..." and as Jenny stopped jerking at my cock
she turned to face Mary and aimed my spurting cum
at her face and body. When she saw what was
happening Mary opened her mouth to say something,
and got it filled with the first shot of semen
Jenny aimed at her face. As her instinct was to
stop anything else getting in Mary closed her mouth
and her reflex was to gulp. That was her first time
swallowing my cum, and not her last I'm glad to
say. All I know is that Jenny continued to hose
Mary down all the time I was shooting cum from the
end of my throbbing penis. When I was done, I sat
back on my heels and watched what happened, and
what Jenny's had hoped for, if not planned. As Mary
lay there covered from face to pussy with streaks
of my thick creamy semen Jenny smiled down at her
and began to move her hands all over Mary's naked
body, rubbing my cum into her skin as if it was
moisturiser. When Mary realised what was happening
she grinned and rubbed her hands all over her face,
then stuck out her tongue and licked her palms and
fingers clean before returning them to her chest,
sharing what was covering her titties with Jenny
who had progressed that far up her body by then.
"Jenny darling, you have the most wonderful ideas"
said Mary with a smile, "That's the first time I
ever had a girl shoot a guys cum all over me, it's
always been a guy doing it before. I like your way
much better. The only problem is, I end up all
sticky and in need of a shower. Would you both join
me please, then I think we should get into bed and
get some sleep I think this weekend might just turn
out to be very interesting and enjoyable."
Mary was correct, that weekend was interesting and
it was also very enjoyable. It was also the
beginning of a time in all our lives when most
families grew apart as kids went to college, we
managed to do just the opposite and began to grow
together brought there by our expanding sexual
awareness and our ever growing love for each other.

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