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By Sahebji

Dear Readers the incident I am about to narrate took place when I was
eighteen years old.

For the benefit of those readers who are new to my erotic experiences I
feel a few words of introduction will not be out of place. Sahebji is not
my given name but every one calls me by this name. I am 6 feet tall, slim
and women find me handsome, so I have been told. I am a commercial artist
by profession. Enough now let us continue with the story.

After finishing my Intermediate degree on my father's estate, I enrolled
myself in an undergraduate course in a college situated in a near by city.
This was much against the wishes of the family, as they did not believe in
'over' education.

Having no place to stay in the city I looked for paying guest
accommodation. This concept was very new in those days and no one wanted
to take a stranger into his or her house. With much difficulty I found a
lady, about 50 years of age ready to let out a room to me. The room was a
barsati (a room on the roof) on the first floor. The lady lived alone on
the ground floor. Her children were all grown up and were living
separately or lived out of town.

The room had an attached bathroom and a small kitchenette. It was
large, airy with plenty of light. The room was just ideal for a student.
The price she wanted was quite steep but having nowhere else to go I

My landlady had some problem with her knees and could not climb up to
the first floor therefore I had to engage the woman, who did her work, to
keep my rooms clean. The deal was that along with the room she would also
give me dinner. For other meals and any extras I had to fend for myself.

I was not a breakfast eater, lunch I could eat in the college but I had
to make arrangement for my morning coffee, afternoon tea and the glass of
milk which I loved to drink before going to bed. Most things I could
procure from the market but not fresh milk. So I asked my landlady if some
arrangement could be made with the guala (milkman) who supplied her with
milk. She said no problem and introduced me to the 'gualin' (milkman's
wife) who supplied her with milk. Having settled the rate and quantity I
required daily, I told her that I would require the milk between 5.30 and 6
in the morning. She undertook to supply the required quantity at the
desired time.

Thus began my student life in the city. My college was not far away and
the dinner I was served was good and wholesome. Every morning the gualin
would knock on my door at the appointed time and say in a loud voice, "Saab
dhood lelo (Sir, collect the milk)". I would get up, open the door and she
would measure out the required quantity.

This routine went on for a couple of months, Then one morning instead of
the harsh voice of the gualin I heard a sweet musical voice say, "Saab
dhood lelo". I got up and opened the door and saw a beautiful girl wearing
a loose blouse and a lahenga (long skirt) standing with a big grin on her
face. She repeated, "Saab doodh lelo". I invited her in and showed her
where to put the milk.

I asked her, "Tu kaun hai? (Who are you?)" She replied, "Saab mera naam
Bela hai. Main gualin ki beti hoon. Amma dooseri pheri per gayi hai aur
aage se mainhee aapko doodh doongi. (Sir, my name is Bela. I am the
gualin's daughter. mother has gone on a different round and in future I
will be supplying you with the milk)". I told her my name is Sahebji and I
will be happy to take milk from her.

Bela was a beautiful girl with a ready smile about 5 feet tall with
large tits a little too large for her slim body. From that day Bela
started delivering the milk every morning. Each time I saw her I got a
hard on. I started dreaming of getting her into bed and my lund in her
virgin choot (cunt).

One morning I overslept and got up with a start when I heard loud
banging on the door. I quickly opened the door and found Bela standing
there. "Saab main aap ko bees minute se jagane ki koshish kar rahi hoon
(Sir I am trying to wake you for the last twenty minutes)" she complained.
I apologized and told her that I had studied till late and therefore
overslept. She said, "Koyi baat nahin Saab maine socha shayad aapki
tabiyat na kharab ho (It's all right Sir I was only worried that you may be
sick or something)".

This gave me an idea to get her inside the room. I said, "Bela mujhe
raat ko bahut der tak pardhna parta hai. Agar main apna darwaza khula
chord doon tau tu ander aaker mere liye coffee bana degi. Iss terah main
kuch der tak aur so sakoonga (Bela I have to study late in the night and if
I left the door unlocked then would you come in and make coffee for me.
This way I will be able to sleep a little longer)". With a smile she
replied, "Bardi khushi se lakin mujhe coffee banani nahin aati (I would be
very happy to do it but I don't know how to make coffee)".

I showed her how to make coffee and invited her to join me. She had
never had coffee before and found it a little bitter. I added some more
sugar in her cup and she enjoyed the first cup of coffee of her young life.
While we drank our coffee I asked her, 'Bela teri umer kya hai? (Bela how
old are you?)". "Saab aisse hee kuch chauda baras ki hogi (Sir I am about
fourteen years old)".

She is very young. Would it be all right to fuck her? I thought. Then
I recalled that Mamta, the girl who had taught me all I knew about chudai
(fucking), had told me that she had been deflowered by my father when she
was fourteen. I decided that Bela was old enough to take my lund (cock) up
her choot (cunt). Mamta had also told me that in case of a young girl one
must be doubly careful. It was like stalking a deer in the jungle, one
wrong move or sound the deer bolts and it is nigh impossible to get it back
in one's gun sight again. Okay, I will have to proceed slowly. First I
must win her confidence then take things as they come.

When she left she thanked me prettily and I was very happy that she had
no inkling of what I had in mind. I thought that today she has entered my
room and tomorrow my lund (cock) will enter her young virgin choot.

Every morning she came and made coffee and then woke me by calling my
name softly. Most of the days I was already awake when she came but I
pretended to be asleep. I watched her move around with half closed eyes
and enjoyed the scene of her big tits bouncing up and down. When she bent
over me to wake me I wanted to pull her on to the bed and ravish her virgin
choot but resisted the temptation. I did not want a onetime 'bang, bang
thank you ma'am affair' but long-term enjoyment of her young tight choot.

We used to sit next to each other on the bed to drink our coffee and
talked about various things. She told me that she lived with her parents and two younger brothers. Her daily routine was that after delivering milk
to me she tended to the cows and buffaloes and thereafter went to school.
In the afternoon she did her schoolwork and helped her mother in the

One day I decided that it was time to take the next step towards mission
'Deflowering Bela'.

When she came the next morning I jumped out of bed and caught hold of
her and kissed her and started dancing around the room with one hand on her
ample breast pressing it. In this process I pushed her on the bed with me
on her top while still squeezing her tit. Surprised she asked, "Sahebji
aapko kya ho gaya hai? (Sahebji what has happened to you?)".

She had not yet realized that I was kneading her tit.

"Bela aaj main bahut khush hoon mere imtehaan bahut achhe huye hain
(Bela I am very happy today as my exams have gone well)". Suddenly she
felt my hand on her tits and caught hold of my hand and said, "Aap meri
choochi kyoon daba rahe hain? (Why are you squeezing my tits?)". "Main
dekh raha hoon ki yeh asli hain ya nakli (I am checking whether they are

In a miffed tone she said, "Asli hain (They are real)". "Ho nahin sakta
teri umer main itne barre mammey (Can't be possible such large tits at your
age)" I said and pushed my hands inside her blouse. "Kya tu mujhe inhi
choochiyon ka doodh roj mujhe peene ko deti hai? (Do you give the milk of
these breasts to me daily to drink?)" I asked. "Nahin aap kaissi baat
karte hain main tau aapko bhains ka doodh la kar deti hoon (No, what are
you saying I bring buffalo milk for you)" she replied.

By now I had pushed her blouse well above her breasts and laid them
naked to my sight. "Tu theek keh rahi thi hain tau asli (What you said was
right they are real)" I observed. She tried to pull her blouse down.
"Zara tere choochiyon ka doodh peeke tau dekhoon (Let me taste the milk of
your breasts)" I said. "Nahin, nahin (No, no)" she protested.

Ignoring her protest and one by one I took her nipples in my mouth and
sucked them. I kept a close watch on her reaction. Her protests became
weaker and then stopped. She closed her eyes and started to moan with
pleasure. She was clenching and unclenching her fist. Her breath was
coming in short gasps. Her legs parted. Suddenly her back arched upwards
and with a loud sigh she lay back panting. I thought Bela had had an
orgasm. "Jaan kaisa laga? (Darling how was it?)" I asked. She blushed
and said, "Bahut achcha laga (It was very nice).

This much progress was enough for one day. I requested her make some
coffee. We drank our coffee and said good bye for the day by kissing each
other tenderly. As she was leaving the room I pulled her back and pressed
her tits and said, "Bela such main teri choochiyan bahut pyaari hain (Bela
your boobs are really very sweet)". She smiled and left.

This part of my game plan was a roaring success.

In the days that followed we kissed and I fondled her tits and sucked them without any resistance from her. Actually she enjoyed it. It was my
practice to seat her in my lap while kissing and fondling her tits. One
morning she said, "Sahebji mere choottar main kuch chubh raha hai (Sahebji
some thing is pricking me in my bottoms)". "Oh yeh, yeh tau mera laurda
hai (Oh this, it is my cock)" I said and opened my pajamas and displayed my
erect cock.

The glowing red head of my cock with the foreskin withdrawn oozing
pre-cum was a glorious sight to watch. At first she looked at it with awe
and turned red and said, "Sahebji aapka laurda tau bahut barra hai (Sahebji
your cock is very big)". "Haath main le kar dekh (Take it your hand)" I
recommended. "Nahin, nahin (No, no)" she said. "Phikar mat kar yeh
kaatega nahin (Don't worry it will not bite)" I told her. Hesitatingly she
took my cock in her hand. I asked her to pull the foreskin up and down.
She enjoyed doing it. For one day this much was enough. I then kissed her
tits and sucked them till she had spent and let her go.

For the next few days I remained with breast sucking and she played with
my cock and she woke me by catching my cock and shaking it. Time for the
next step in her seduction had come. While sucking her breasts I put my
hand on her choot from out side her lahenga. She immediately pressed her
thighs together and caught my hand and said, "Sahebji wahan nahin (Sahebji
not there)". I asked, "Kyon? (Why?)". "Aap kuch karoge (You will do
something)". I said, "Kya? (What?)". She looked intently at my erect
cock and said, "Aap isse meri choot main dal kar mujhe chodo ge (You will
put this in my cunt and fuck me)". "Tujhe maloom hai chudai kya hoti hai?
(You know what is fucking?)" I questioned.

She nodded and said, "Maine kayi bar abbu ko amma ko chodete dekha hai
(I have seen my father fucking my mother several times)" she replied. "Jab
tu apne abbu ko teri aamma ko chdete dekhti hai tau tujhe chudwane ka dil
nahin karta (When you see your father fucking your mother then don't you
feel like getting fucked)" I asked. "Dhutt" she said. "Such, such bata" I
asked again. "Nahin bilkul nahin karta (No. Definitely not)" she said.
"Jhooti (Lair)" I said with a grin. Bela blushed and lowered her eyes.

"Toone mera lund dekha hai aur usse chooa hai iss liye main teri choot
dekhna aur choona chahata hoon. Phir hum dono barabar ho jayenge (You have
seen and touched my cock. I also want to touch and see your choot. We
will then be both equal)"I replied. "Chodo ge tau nahin? (You won't fuck
me?)" She wanted to know. I said, "Bela jaan dil tau bahut karta hai ki
main tujhe chodoon lakin jab tak tu haan nahin karegi tab tak main tujhe
nahin chodoonga (Bela darling I want to fuck you very much but till you say
yes I will not fuck you)". Satisfied with my promise she let me raise her
lahenga and look at her virgin cunt.

Her choot was beautiful. There was a slight growth of hair on it. The
lips were pressed together with the clit barely peeping out. I said, "Bela
jaan teri choot tau bahut hee pyaari hai (Bela darling your cunt is very
sweet)" and bent her legs forward and saw the small entrance of ultimate
pleasure for which my cock had been drooling for weeks. I took her clit
between my thumb and forefinger and pressed it. She took a sharp breath
and opened her legs. I kissed her pussy and gave it a few licks. "Arre
Sahebji yeh mat karo gannda hai (Sahebji don't do this it is dirty)" she
said. "Pagali gannda nahin hai. Mujhe karne de tujhe bahut hee mazaa
aayega (Stupid, it is not dirty. Let me do it you will enjoy it

I then licked her choot and sucked on her clit. After a few moments she
started to moan with pleasure and breathe heavily. I licked her cunt and
sucked her lump of joy till she came three times. Each time she came she
sighed "AAAAHhh" loudly. I asked, "Bela jaan mazaa aaya? (Bela darling
did you enjoy it?" she blushed and nodded. Thereafter we had our usual cup
of coffee and she left.

This went on for some days. While sucking her cunt, I always positioned
myself in such a manner that she could see my cock and fondle it. One
morning while I was sucking her cunt my cock was very near her mouth and
she kissed it and finding an opportunity I stuck it in her mouth. Urged by
nature and with some persuasion from me and the good feeling in her cunt,
she started to suck it. It was not long before I shot my load into her
mouth. She was lying in such a position that she was compelled to swallow my-cum.

She complained, "Sahebji yeh aapne achcha nahin kara. Aapne apna beej
mere ko pila diya (Sahebji this was not right. You made me swallow your
seed)". "Issme kya kharaabi hai jab main teri choot chat ta hoon tau tu
apna ras bhi tau mere muh main chord deti hai. Ab hum dono baraber ho gaye
(What is wrong with it. When I lick your cunt then you also release your
juices in my mouth. Now we are equal)" I told her. She made a face but
accepted this line of reasoning.

After this day we regularly 69-ed and enjoyed ourselves immensely. She
loved drinking my-cum. Many a morning she woke me by sucking my cock. We
were having a great time but whenever I said, "Bela aaj chudai karenge
(Bela we will fuck today)". She always said no. Somehow I was also not
very keen because I had found out that she had yet to have her periods and
was afraid of harming her.

One morning I heard a harsh voice saying, "Saab doodh lelo" and saw the
gualin standing outside my door. I saw the time it was nearly 7.30 I got
angry and scolded her for being so late. She said she had just finished
her regular round and had immediately brought my milk. I told her I did
not care and if she can't deliver milk in time then I will make other
arrangements. I did not inquire about Bela to avoid any suspicion. Next
day she brought the milk half an hour earlier but still late. Again I was
angry and told her why can't the girl continue to bring milk, as she was at
least punctual. She said that Bela is not well. It is only a matter of
few days before Bela can resume her duty but till such time I should please
bear with her.

Reluctantly I agreed, I smiled in my heart knowing that Bela would soon
be back, and said, "Okay but only for a few days mind you". She thanked me
profusely and left.

Five days later when I woke up I found my lund in Bela's mouth. I
grabbed her and threw her down on the bed and asked her where had she been
all of last week. She said, "Meri tabiyat theek nahin thi (I was not
well)". I persisted, "Itna tau mujhe bhi maloom hai. Kya hua tha tujhe?
(This much I also know. What happened to you?)" She was reluctant to tell
me but as I insisted she said softly, "Main aurat ban gayee hoon (I have
become a woman)". I did not understand her meaning immediately and said,
"Kya bekaar ki baatein karti hai. Tu aurat tau paheli thi. Tere paas
mamme hain aur choot bhi (What rubbish is this. You were a woman already.
You have tits as well as a cunt)". "Nahin mera matlab hai ki main jawan ho
gai hoon (No what I mean is that I have matured)".

Now the penny dropped and just to make sure I asked, "Teri mahawari
shuru ho gayi hai? (You had your periods?)". She blushed and nodded.

I decided there and then to fuck Bela that morning.

I asked her to undress and get into bed. I started sucking her cunt but
made sure that she did not have her orgasm. When I noticed her body
getting tense I knew she was about to cum she I stopped and recommenced
after a while. I did this for three or four times. When she was desperate
to release her cuntal juices I said, "Bela jaan aaj main tujhe chodoonga
(Bela darling I will fuck you today)" and spread her legs and placed my
cock on the entrance of her virgin choot.

She protested feebly but her heart was not in it. She said, "Sahebji
dhiree, dhiree karna. Mujhe dar lagta hai aapka laurda bahut barda hai
(Sahebji do it slowly. I am scared your cock is very big)". I pressed my
cock into her choot. When the head of my cock entered her, tears welled up
in her eyes and she said, "OOWww lagta hai (OOWww it hurts)". Her cunt hole was very small. I knew that further insertion would pain her a lot. I
did not want her to scream her head off and collect the whole
neighbourhood. I took a pencil from the table and told her to bite on it if
it hurts too much. She took the pencil between her teeth and nodded.

Bela was my first virgin. I had been working towards this moment for
months and I had not cum for several days. I had only one desire in my
mind that was to shove my cock in her tight cunt and fuck her hard and fast
and release my load. This is exactly what I did. With one hard stroke my
lund pushed through her vaginal barrier, tearing it and was buried in her
to the hilt. Due to severe pain she bit so hard on the pencil that it
broke. I was mad with lust. I paid no heed to her pain. I fucked her
with short hard strokes till I deposited my load in her now no longer
virgin choot and lay panting on her.

My lund started to loose it's hardness. I did not with draw it and kept
on moving it in and out till it was rigid again. Now I was cooler I
started fucking her with slow and long strokes. Her choot was tight like a
vice and this was my undoing. Even in the second fuck I could not last
long and squirted my seed in her before she could experience any real

As it was getting late I suggested that she wash the telltale signs of
her first fuck and go home. As she was leaving I asked her, "Jaan paheli
chudai kaissi lagi? (Darling how did you like your first fuck?)". With
tears in her eyes she said, "Sahebji bahut dard hui (Sahebji it pained a
lot)". "Thora sa bhi mazaa nahin aaya? (You did not feel any pleasure?)"
I asked again. "Nahin bilkul nahin (No, absolutely none)" she said and ran
out of the room.

That night lying in bed I went over the morning's events. I relised
that I had been very selfish and had paid no heed to Bela's feelings and
needs. The first fuck of a virgin should be such that she cherishes its
memory all her life but in this case Bela would like to forget it as soon
as possible. I swore to myself that in future I would never repeat this
mistake. I also decided to make amends in the morning. Thinking about the
injustice I had done to Bela I fell asleep.

In the morning when Bela woke me I felt she was quite reserved in her
manner. I caught her and threw her on the bed and got between her legs.
She started sobbing she did not want to be hurt again. I knew reasoning
with her now would lead to nowhere. I let her cry and worked my lund up
and down between her cunt lips with occasional pressure on her clit. As
soon as I felt her choot getting wet I entered her slowly. She groaned
with pain each time my cock rubbed against the torn edges of her hymen.

I started to fuck her with long slow strokes. She lay with her eyes
wide open staring at me and softly groaning with pain. I kept moving my
cock slowly in and out. After some time her eyes closed and her oh's
turned into ah's and her hips started moving in rhythm of my strokes. Then
with a long loud sigh 'AAAAHH" she released her juices.

I continued my slow in and out movements. She came again and again.
When I felt my seed rising she had already come three or four times and was
ready to come again. My strokes became faster and shorter but her hips
continued to keep perfect rhythm with my in and out movement. With a loud
'OOOHHHHHhh' I squirted my seed in her. At this very moment she also
released her juices with a loud 'AAAHhh'. Without withdrawing my lund from
her fuck sheath I lay panting on her palpitating breasts.

I kept moving my now half-erect cock in her cunt till it was hard again.
I again started the fuck motion. Bela was steeped in lust and kept moaning
and sighing loudly with pleasure. Second time round, which took much
longer, I fucked her in the same manner as earlier and till I came she had
released her juices at least five times. We lay bathed in sweat savoring
the intense feelings we had just experienced. Soon my cock slid out of her
heavenly choot.

As it was getting late we dressed and as she was about to leave I asked
her, "Bela jaan aaj ki chudai main mazaa aaya? (Bela darling did you enjoy
today's fucking?)". "Oh Sahebji itna mazaa zindagi main pahele kabhi nahin
aaya (Oh Sahebji I have never felt such pleasure before in my life)".
"Sahebji aap jab chahain, jitna chahain aur jaise chahain mujhe chod sakte
hain main aap ko kabhi manna nahin karoongi (Sahebji you can fuck me when
you want. As much as you want and in the manner you want, I will never say
no)" she added with big satisfied grin.

After that day we fucked regularly on her 'safe' days and 69ed in her
vulnerable time. We in the manner of speaking settled down to quiet
matrimony. Our love games went on for several months. The day came when
my final exams were over and the results were awaited in few days time. I
told Bela, "Kuch dinau main lambi chuttiyan shuru ho jayengi aur mujhe ghar
jaana hoga (In a few days the long vacations will start and I will have to
go home)". She immediately started crying, "Agar aap chale jaoge tau
hamari mulakat kabhi nahin hogi (If you go away then we will never see each
other again)".

I told her there was no cause to cry as I will be back in two months
time and we will again be together. I have already spoken to my landlady
to keep the room for me and she had promised to do so. But Bela was not to
be consoled she kept repeating, "Hum phir nahin milenge aur main aapko kho
doongi (We will never meet again and I will lose you forever)".

In the few days' left we fucked like mad and on the morning of my
departure we fucked so hard that her periods started.

Dear Readers it is strange that in all the months I fucked Bela I did
not even once think about fucking her in the ass hole although Mamta, my
sex teacher, had introduced me to the pleasures of ass hole fucking. I did
finger fuck her ass hole several times when she was riding me and despite
her enjoying the sensation my finger produced I never did feel inclined to
fuck her in her butt. Strange isn't it?

I did come back after two months but found the room occupied by a
married couple. My landlady apologized and said the couple had come with
the recommendation of a very close relative and she could not refuse. She
added that she had made arrangement for me to stay at a friend's house and
gave me the address.

Well, Dear Readers there is nothing more to say except affirming that
Bela's premonition was right as we never did see each other again and
registering my disappointment at losing such a wonderful and sweet lover as


Dear Readers, I hope you enjoyed this episode from my life. I look
forward to receive your comments. Please do not hesitate. I am waiting at till then. Take care. Sahebji



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