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GUESS WHO stretch marks and wrinkles testified


Inter., impreg. Oral, Injections, etc.


I guess you could say that it was destiny that Sarah and I married. Our
interests and our family backgrounds are similar. We are both decedents of
southern plantation slaves, whom the plantation owner bred. Being a bit of
a history buff and interested in genealogy, I researched my family history
back to my great, great-grandmother, a young woman right off the boat from

Learning about my family's past was difficult, as public records from
pre civil war times were often sketchy or nonexistent, especially when
looking for birth records for slaves. If I hadn't stumbled onto an obscure
lead, my search would have ended with a freed slave who was killed fighting
alongside his master in the civil war. Reasoning that many slaves had
taken their master's last name, I began with the name of the fallen
plantation owner. Some people were hostile toward my inquires and some
just didn't offer any help. That changed when I met Miss Julia, an elderly
white woman who worked for a historical society. At first she was a bit
reserved, however after several visits, we grew to be friends. Soon she
began telling me stories that she had heard about different plantations
when she was young. During one of those conversations she remembered
something a friend of hers had mentioned. After making a phone call she
asked me to come back the following week and she might have more

All week long, I anticipated my visit to Miss Julia's. At the appointed
time I knocked on Miss Julia's door. She greeted me with a smile and
introduced me to a woman about her age, Miss Constance. Miss Constance
eyed me then said this must the black boy you have told me about. Miss
Julia scolded her for being rude to me, saying that I was a fine young man who was just looking for his roots, not looking for trouble. At that Miss
Constance fired of a volley of questions at me that had my head spinning.
Patiently, I answered her questions until she gave me an inquiring look.
After a few moments of silence, she asked again what I planed to do with
the information. I assured her that I was just trying to find my roots not
to cause any problems. She asked if I would sign a paper saying I wouldn't
make any legal claims against decedents of the owners of a slave that I may
have descended from. I assured her I would. She then told me to meet her
at her lawyer's, two days later.

I had to take time off from work to make the appointment and was hoping
that it would be worth it. After I signed the papers, Miss Constance said
some to the slaves from her great grandfather's plantation, could be
related to me. Having said that she led me into another room and showed me
an old leather bound ledger. Inviting me to sit next to her she carefully
opened the ledger. Its pages were brown with age and the ink faded but the
fancy handwriting was still legible. The ledger was a daily diary of the
master of the plantation starting from just after the Revolutionary War.

As we scanned through the pages of the ledger, we came to a passage
where the Master of the Plantation talks about the female slave he bought.
In his description of her, he says that she is too fine for the rough work
in the fields and decides to keep her as a house slave. On the next page
is a brief comment regarding the same slave. He had named her Sarah and
found that she was most agreeable in bed. Having read the same passage,
Miss Constance mentioned that she remembered hearing Grandmother talk about
life on the plantation before the Civil War. Looking up from the leger,
she said that having slave women as bed mates was common for the plantation
owner and the men of his family.

Going thru the pages, Miss Constance showed me where many slaves
continued to live and work on the plantation even after being freed. I
noticed that they recorded the births of many slaves and that Sarah bore
fifteen heathy babies in her life time. We also read where several of her
daughters also became bed mates of the plantation owners family. Reading
on I came to and entry that really surprised me. One of the plantation
owner's daughters had a baby by a house servant. Miss Constance chuckled
when she read that. She told me she had heard her Grandmother telling her
mother about the flap that caused. She went on to add that others had the
babies and gave them to a black nanny to raise. Asking if that were true,
why did that one birth, create such a fuss. She grinned and told me that
the daughter wanted to keep the baby and that wasn't done.

Touching my hand, Miss Constance looked at me and softly said. "Now
don't you tell a soul." I agreed then she went on to tell me that she knew
that her great-grandmother had a black baby when her husband was off
fighting in the war. Well in short, I found that Sarah was my ancestor and
her master was the only one to get her pregnant. The son of his brother took up with one of Sarah's daughters. Until the Civil War the plantation
owner's family continued to breed Sarah's children and grandchildren. They
bred each woman repeatedly but to my surprise all of them were freed after
they bore their first baby.

I thanked Miss Constance for all of her help, thinking full well that I
probably wouldn't see her again. About two months later I received a
letter from her asking how I was doing and inviting me to visit her at her
home. Excited, I called to make an appointment without asking what she

Opening the door, Miss Constance greeted me warmly as she directed me to
her parlor. The fantastic antiques, so overwhelmed me, I didn't notice
Miss Julia looking out a window. Hearing us, Miss Julia turned to greet
me. Dressed in one of her fancy old dresses she looked very much in place
with the furniture. As we sat, Miss Julia said that had just gotten off
work at the Historical Society.

Looking straight into my eyes, Miss Constance asked if I were still
interested in the history of my family. Put off guard by her directness I
repeated that history fascinated me and I wanted to know more about my
families past. Soon I found myself immersed in a fascinating conversation
about area history, particularly about the plantation era. At one point
Miss Julia asked if I objected to talking about slavery and frank
descriptions about what happened on some plantations. Pausing briefly to
look at these two elderly women, I wondered what two sweet soft- spoken
grandmothers had on their minds. Assuring them, I had long ago accepted my
place on earth and I didn't harbor ill will toward the people who held my
ancestors as slaves.

The tone of the conversation changed, briefly they stated that no matter
how good or bad slave owners treated their slaves, they still held people
against their will. I surprised them by bringing up the fact that slavery
was nothing new or unique at the time when they brought my ancestors to
this country. We plunged into a discussion about slavery throughout
history that lasted until my wife called to see if I were coming home for

As I was leaving, both women asked if I would come and visit with them
again as they enjoyed talking with me. At home, Sarah teased me about my
girlfriends. I reminded her that both women were in their seventies. Over
dinner, I told Sarah about the things we had been talking about, omitting
that some of what we had talked about turned me on.

After several more of our meetings, I began to notice that interracial sex always came up. Every time they mentioned it, both Miss Julia and Miss
Constance got a strange gleam in their eyes. Several times, I thought they
were staring at my crotch but I reminded myself that they were too old to
be thinking about sex. Strangely, I began to fantasize about a big white
stud having sex with Sarah. Soon my fantasy evolved into a white man breeding her as was done to our ancestors. Instead of dismissing my
fantasy as just something that happened many years ago my fantasy grew in
my mind. Soon, not a day went by that I didn't think about Sarah being
bred by a white man. Sarah on the other hand was upset and made harsh
comments about the plantation owners.

A month later I slipped and mentioned it again. Sarah's reprimand came
much slower and with less conviction. Not wanting to provoke a situation
with her, I vowed to be more careful of my words. The next time Miss
Constance asked me to come over, Sarah asked if she could come along.

On the drive to Miss Constance's house, Sarah announced that since I had
been so successful tracing my roots, she wanted me to trace hers. Miss
Constance welcomed Sarah warmly as she scolded me for not bringing Sarah
sooner. In minutes Miss Constance was treating Sarah like family. Oh! If
I forgot to tell you, Miss Constance and I are distant cousins.

When Miss Constance mentioned the plantation owners breeding their
slaves, I expected an icy glance from Sarah. Instead I saw Sarah wiggle
her fanny in the chair and ask questions. Sarah wanted to know why the
female slaves stayed on the plantation and let themselves be bred after
they were freed. Miss Constance said that she didn't know for sure but
guessed they stayed to be with family and because they were concerned that
life elsewhere might not be as good. Having read in the ledgers where
freed slaves had returned to live on the plantation I had to agree with
Miss Constance.

Soon the conversation turned to Sarah's roots. As they talked and I
mostly listened, an elderly black woman came in the room. Miss Constance
looked up and introduced us to her housekeeper, Annie. Surprised at not
having met her before I asked why I hadn't met her before. Annie looked at
the floor as if she were embarrassed as she told us that she had gone to
visit with family and gotten sick. Miss Constance told Annie she didn't
need to apologize for her absence. Turning to me she explained that Annie
had been with her for forty years and other then keeping an eye on the
cleaning woman didn't have much to do. Annie and Miss Constance teased
each other for several minutes before Annie excused herself.

After Annie left the room Miss Constance told us Annie had retired years
ago but was lost when her husband died. Smiling, Miss Constance told us
that she was so used to having Annie around she gave her job back although
she didn't really need the help. Sarah made a comment about handing out
charity, Miss Constance's face got red and her eyes went cold as she
scolded Sarah for judging her motives. Sarah got a lecture about
responsibility and compassion. When the fur settled down Sarah and I saw a
side of Miss Constance, I hadn't really noticed before.

For days after that visit all Sarah talked about was Miss Constance and
wanting to know more about her own roots. I began to feel that Sarah and I
were related to the black slave, Sarah who had come to this country as a
very young girl. Despite the big gaps in her family tree but I couldn't
shake the feeling.

One day when Sarah was bugging me about her family tree, I asked her if
she wanted to find out if her owners had bred her great-grandmother. My
question appeared to catch her off guard. Looking at me with a far off
look, Sarah softly admitted she wanted to know if whites had bred her
great-grandmother. As her words registered, my cock jumped to attention.
Although Sarah had been looking at my pants as my cock stiffened, she
didn't say anything.

Over the following months Sarah often accompanied me when I visited Miss
Constance. On one spring afternoon I went to Miss Constance's to drop off
a book I had borrowed. Parked out front was Sarah's car. For some reason,
I continued driving home wondering why Sarah had come almost an hour out of
her way to visit.

A half hour after I got home, Sarah came rushing in apologizing for
being late. She said nothing about her visit to Miss Constance but my mind
raced thinking about what they might have been talking about. Later in
bed, Sarah was so horny she even swallowed after sucking me to a fantastic

Several days later I stopped by Miss Constance's to return her book.
While we talked, she didn't say anything about Sarah's visit but she did
ask if I would've liked being a fly on the wall when the master bred,
Sarah. Still thinking about my Sarah's mysterious visit, I answered "Yes"
without really thinking about my answer. Realizing I had expressed my true
feelings. A shiver of embarrassment ran thru me. Glancing at Miss
Constance I hoped she hadn't noticed. The sparkle in her eyes and the
smile on her face told me otherwise.

Sensing my discomfort, Miss Constance told me she sometimes wished she
had lived back then. My chin almost bounced off the floor. Was she
interested in interracial sex? Our eyes made contact again.

"Just because I'm an old woman, doesn't mean I've forgotten about sex."
She said with a grin.

I was glad my dark skin hid how much I was blushing. In our past
conversations, our references to sexual activities had always been to
events that happened long ago. The smile on Miss Constance's face told me
she meant what she had said and wasn't afraid to say it. To atmosphere in
the room changed, our conversation became more open and I found myself
telling her things I had never expressed to anyone. Likewise, Miss
Constance opened up to me, bursting some of my impressions of her.

For some reason I had never thought of parents and grandparents and sex
as sexual beings. Suddenly, I remembered the nights I had heard strange
noises coming from my parents' bedroom and the way dad touched mom when he
thought I wasn't looking.

When we met again, they surprised me by not mentioning anything to do
with sex. I did feel a slight change in the atmosphere, a new closeness.
Several times, I thought I noticed private glances between Sarah and Miss
Constance. I began to wonder if Sarah had been visiting Miss Constance
without me. Now don't get me wrong Sarah doesn't have to ask my permission
to visit people, however I did think it strange that neither mentioned
their meetings.

During sex talk between Sarah and me, reference to a white man having
sex with her became more frequent. One night our fucking was blah, until I
mentioned I would like to see her pussy stretched around a fat white cock.
Later, Sarah asked if I were serious about seeing her with another man. I
just smiled and said. "It depends." We didn't discuss it further but Sarah
was late getting home several times during the next month.

I began to wonder if she were seeing someone else but I couldn't detect
any signs of her having sex with anyone else. Curious, I began making a
detour past Miss Constance's to see if that is where she was going. Two
weeks later, I passed by and saw Sarah's car. All the way home, I
speculated what they were talking about but respected Sarah's privacy
enough to not ask what she was up to.

In bed that night, Sarah was acting horny. While we were having sex,
she asked if I still fantasized about her having sex with a white man.
Grinning, I told Sarah about dreaming of her being bred by a white master
like in the old days. Sarah grinned and didn't say anything for several
minutes. Feeling her legs wrap around my pumping ass I opened my eyes to
see Sarah looking into my eyes with a strange twinkle in her eyes. A smile
lit her face as she moaned "fuck me, Massa, put a baby in my belly." Our
screwing moved to a new level of intensity as I got into the role of a
white plantation owner breeding his slave.

Several days after our role-playing sex I casually asked Sarah if she
were ready to start making babies. With a devilish grin lighting her face,
she said. "That's up to Massa." As her words registered in my brain, my
cock stiffened.

When we were getting ready for bed, I stood in the bathroom door
watching her put her diaphragm in. Comfortable that her diaphragm was
ready to thwart the attack of my sperm on her fertile womb, she flashed me
a grin before washing her hands. Again, we role-played while having sex.
Instead of using my name, Sarah called me Massa, while I fantasized that I
was watching from across the room.

At the end of June, Miss Constance called to see if we would like to
celebrate the fourth of July on the old plantation. Something about
Sarah's insistence that we go told me she knew about the invitation before
the call. The passion Sarah displayed that night in bed, suggested sexual
overtones to the invitation.

Several times during the following few days, Sarah repeatedly directed
our conversations to the subject of the white masters breeding their
slaves. After a passionate bout of sex, I asked if she really wanted to be
bred like her ancestor. In a faint whisper Sarah said. "That is up to
Massa."The smile on her lips and the gleam in her eyes told me she really
meant it. When I told her she didn't have a master, she reminded me that
Miss Constance is going to take us there. Instantly a lump formed in my
throat as my cock stiffened. We fell asleep with my wife cuddled up in my
arms and dreaming of her breeding.

Since the Fourth, was Saturday, the plan was that we would pick up Miss
Constance, Friday after work and drive out to the plantation. To say that
I was nervous about the planed activities would have been an

On our way to pick up Miss Constance, I took Sarah's hand in mine and
said. "Whatever happens, I want to be a part of it." Sarah squeezed my
hand and flashed me a smile before I had to return my focus on driving.

As Miss Constance greeted us, she hugged and kissed Sarah, before
turning her attention to me. Holding me closely she whispered. "This is
going to be a fantastic weekend and I hope some of our fantasies will come
true." Slowly breaking our embrace, our eyes met, I was sure I could see
the fires of lust burning in hers.

Once back in the car, I remembered the look that Miss Constance had when
she told me about one of her ancestors having a black baby. Was she
hinting that this weekend was going to turn into a breeding frenzy?
Preoccupied with the thought of whom they might breed, I almost missed our
exit. Sarah teased me about dreaming about life on the plantation. I just
smiled and looked straight ahead.


We passed several large estates on the tree lined two lane road, before
coming to an impressive pair of pillars flanking a narrow road with huge
trees. Miss Constance told me we were at the plantation. Driving past the
pillars, was like driving into a green tunnel. Peering between the massive
tree trunks I saw fields green fields planted with various crops and
several pastures with horses peacefully grazing. Up ahead the road made a
gentle curve. As we followed the road, it gracefully curved around a large
pond complete with ducks paddling around. Over looking the pond a huge old plantation house with tall white pillars stood guard.

As our car stopped in front to the mansion, an elderly black man dressed
as a butler, came out to greet us. A huge smile lit his face as he noticed
Miss Constance in the car. After the butler helped Miss Constance from the
car, she introduced us to James, the butler. I was a bit surprised with
the formality of the introduction but didn't think anything more about it
as the grandeur of the surroundings awed me. With my eyes vainly trying to
take in every detail we followed Miss Constance and James into a
breathtaking foyer.

James informed us that they would take care of our luggage, as a young black woman approached. Although dressed in a maid's uniform from the
early 1800's, we could see she was pregnant. Miss Constance, grinned and
asked. "Ann, are you keeping up the family tradition?" Without any sign of
embarrassment, Ann patted her pregnant belly and said. "Yes Mam, your son
still gets the job done." Turning to us, Ann said. "You must be Sarah and
Jim. Miss Constance told us you were coming. Master, is waiting, please
come with me." Sarah and I exchanged questioning glances as we followed
Miss Constance and Ann.

A strong male voice met Ann's knock on a nearby door commanding us to
enter. Ann slid the door open and stood aside as Miss Constance walked
into a room with a massive hand-carved desk and book cases lining the
walls. Seeing the man behind the desk turning off a computer, appeared out
of place in a room that looked like it was in the movie "Gone with the
Wind."As a tall well built man rose to his feet Miss Constance introduced
us to her son, Henry.

After inviting us to have a seat, Henry told us that his mother (Miss
Constance) had told him about our interest in our past. In awe of Henry's
bearing, I was barely able to squeak out an acknowledgment. Faintly in the
background I heard a bell ring, a moment later a middle-aged black woman
entered the room. Patiently, she stood just inside the door until Henry
instructed her to bring drinks for us. Once drinks were in our hands,
Henry dismissed the woman. As Henry took a long sip of his drink Miss
Constance leaned closer to us and whispered that the woman was Betsy, Ann's

Savoring his mouth full of bourbon. Henry studied us before speaking.
He began telling us about the history of the plantation and that his
ancestors. Some of what he was telling us, we already knew from Miss
Constance but to my surprise he had both Sarah's and my family lineage. He
particulary pointed out that both Sarah and my ancestors were products of
the plantation owners breeding of slaves. Sarah and I asked questions
which Henry freely answered. When Sarah asked if he felt that slavery as
it existed on this plantation was morally correct, Henry bluntly said.
"No, but they had learned that good treatment of the slaves meant fewer
problems." Sarah pressed him on how he felt about the white owners breeding
the slaves. Looking Sarah right in the eye, he told her he liked the idea
and reminded me that many slaves bore interracial children long after they
gave them their freedom.

A bit surprised at Sarah's boldness with her comments, the way she
looked at Henry surprised me even more. Her words were free of animosities
and a comfortable smile graced her lips as she appeared to flirt with
Henry. Suddenly my mind flashed back to Sarah's mystery visits to Miss
Constance. Had they been talking about interracial breeding, was that the
real reason for our visit? I also realized that Betsy had made several
trips into the room refilling our glasses and I was getting a bit tipsy.
Suddenly, I realized Henry was asking me a question. After I apologized
for not hearing his question, I listened as Henry asked if I wanted to
spend a few days living as my ancestors had on the plantation. A shiver
ran through me as I answered that I would but I wasn't in shape to work in
the fields. Henry laughed and reminded me that machinery did most of the
work in the fields and there were things to be done around the house. Upon
seeing Sarah's smile and slight nod, I accepted his invitation.

Rising to his feet, Henry came over to me. I stood and shook hands
sealing our agreement. Smiling he promised they wouldn't whip or torture
us. His voice sounded more somber as he said they would expect us to do
whatever they told us to do. Without thinking, I asked if that meant Sarah
had to allow herself to be bred. Henry smiled and asked if I had a problem
with that. Pausing in thought for a minute, I glanced at Sarah. When my
eyes met hers, she averted her gaze and clasped her hands nervously. She
wanted me to say yes. Still looking at Sarah, I said. "Only if I can
watch at least once." Beaming, Henry told us we were to address him as
Master. A moment later the door opened and an elegantly dressed woman
entered. Henry introduced us to his wife Annabelle. After our
introduction, Henry explained that we had consented to be "slaves"during
our visit.

Annabelle, examined Sarah and I as if we were livestock. Squeezing my
arm, she commented that I wouldn't be much good for field work. Her hand
gave my ass a squeeze and said she could find a great deal for me to do
around the house. Henry laughed at the way I jumped when his wife grabbed
my ass and told us I would be at her disposal.

My mind was still spinning as Ann opened the door and said. "Yes
Master."Master told her to show us to our quarters. Secretly, I hoped that
they aren't leading us to hot stuffy slave huts. Leaving the Master's
study, Ann told us that since our duties were mainly in the house, our room
would on the third floor. Ann led us to a small modestly furnished room as
she pointed out where the bathroom was.

Once in our room Sarah looked at me nervously. Sarah sighed softly as I
pulled her into my arms and kissed her tenderly. Softly she asked if I
were upset with her for saying that Master could breed her. My stiffening
cock and my lips on hers told her how I felt. Breaking our embrace, we
looked around at our new surroundings. Immediately we noticed the only
part of our luggage in the room was Sarah's cosmetic case and my shaving
kit. On hooks were the clothes we were to wear. After looking the clothes
over and trying them on, Sarah told me someone forgot her underwear.
Before I could suggest, she wasn't supposed to have any underwear, she went
looking for Ann or Betsy.

While Sarah was off looking for her missing underwear, I used the
bathroom to get ready for bed. I had just returned to our room when Sarah
came in muttering. Suddenly realizing my presence, Sarah looked at me and
said. "He really does plan to breed me. Ann just told me that my
diaphragm is with my clothes and I'm supposed to tell you that we can't
have sex with the Master's permission." I stood with my mouth hanging open
as I began to realize that this was for real. Sarah took her outfit off
its hook and looked at again. Slowly she stripped off her regular clothes.
Glancing at me, she slid on her slave outfit. The short skirt only went
half way to her knees and the top was molded to her body leaving the tops
of her breasts exposed. My cock rose to attention at the sexy sight.
Noticing the state of my cock, Sarah reminded me that she didn't have her
diaphragm and that they had told her not to have sex with me. A smile came
to her lips as she told me that she guessed she could suck my cock.

Before Sarah could slip out of her dress, someone knocked on the door.
Without waiting for a reply the door opened and Ann told Sarah, the Master
wanted her. The double meaning of Ann's words registered on us as Sarah
blew me, a kiss on her way out the door.

Laying on the bed, I was about to take matters in my own hand when the
door opened and Ann came in. Closing the door, she turned out the light. I
heard the soft rustle of clothes and the bed sagged slightly. "Miss
Constance said I was to keep you company tonight as she is tired."I inhaled
the soft sent of her body as her bare pregnant belly touched my arm.
Turning to speak a nipple popped into my mouth. Out of reflex, I started
sucking. Something sweet squirted in my mouth. I was drinking mothers'
milk. Whispering for me to drink, Ann stroked my head, as mother strokes a
nursing baby. After several minutes of nursing, Ann's hand finds my cock
and begins stroking it. The pregnant belly resting against my arm reminded
me that our new Master was probably breeding my wife.

Without taking her nipple from my sucking mouth, Ann slid on top of me.
With her hand holding my cock, I felt her pussy lips open as she positioned
herself. With a quick thrust of her hips her pussy swallowed my cock.
Again when I tried to speak, she stuck a nipple into my mouth. Instead of
her riding up and down on my cock she used her pussy muscles to stroke my
cock. Never in my life have I felt anything like that. I would have sworn
that Ann had tiny fingers in her pussy caressing my cock.

As the milk flow dwindled, Ann sat up and asked me to play with her
clit. Eager to oblige, I slid my hand down to where our bodies met.
Instead of having to hunt for a tiny button, I found a nub as big has her
nipple. I knew it was the right nub because of the way Ann's pussy grabbed
my rock hard cock. In minutes, we were both in the throws of strong

When we had regained our senses, Ann excused herself and left. As I
contemplated what had just happened, I noticed her clothes, still draped
over the back of the chair by the window. Before I had time to wonder if
she had forgotten them the door opened and I saw Ann's nude body coming
toward me. Lifting the sheet, she slid in beside me. After kissing my
chest she said Miss Constance would like me. I wasn't sure how to take her
comment but couldn't see why I should say anything unkind. Feeling the
need to pee and think, I excused myself. In the bathroom I felt guilty
about being with someone other then Sarah then I mentally kicked myself for
being silly. After all, Sarah was getting her brains fucked out by someone
who was almost a stranger. Quickly slipping back to my room, I found Ann
waiting there. As I slid in next to her, she softly told me that dictating
sleeping arrangements was still common for the Master. Even in the dark, I
could see her smile as she said, after all we are all family. With that,
Ann pulled my head to her breast and fell asleep as I gently suckled.

The slight squeak of the door opening awakened me. Sensing that I was
alone in bed I thought it was Ann leaving but when I opened my eyes I saw
Sarah. As she came toward the bed, I could see her holding her hand over
her pussy and draping her clothes over the chair. Reaching up I turned on
the bedside light. "Please don't look at me." Sarah begged as she turned
her back to me. Jumping out of bed, I took her in my arms and kissed her.
"Please let me get cleaned up now." She asked. Puzzled, I asked why she
needed to get cleaned up. On the verge of tears, Sarah explained that our
Master had ordered her to return straight to me without stopping to do
anything. Telling Sarah that was all right, I suggested that she sit and
talk to me about her experience.

"But his sperm is leaking out of my pussy and there are marks on my
body."Sarah said as her lips quivered. Guiding her to the bed I helped her
lay down. The light from the bedside lamp cast a soft glow on her brown
satin skin as I examined her. Her nipples looked swollen and abused then
my eyes were drawn to faint teeth marks on her lower belly. Still, she
held her hand over her pussy. When I tried to move her hand aside, Sarah
begged me not to saying I would get upset if I saw it. Thinking Master
might have hurt her, I asked if she were all right. She assured me he
hadn't harmed her. When I asked if she wanted to call the whole thing off,
Sarah begged me to let her stay. Puzzled at her behavior, I asked why she
didn't want me to see her pussy.

"LOOK!" She said as she jerked her hand away and covered her face.

Her pussy fur was wet with Master's sperm and her pussy lips were
swollen but her little clit wasn't so little anymore.

"He put something on my clit that makes if bigger and keeps me horny."

Something made me lean over and kiss her sloppy pussy. Sarah started to
protest but swallowed her words when my lips touched her clit. Her clit
was very hot and seemed to grow between my lips. Tasting another man's
sperm on my wife, sent a thrill though me, as strong as a climax.
Frantically my tongue searched out more of Master's sperm as my cock leaked
my own sperm onto the bedding. Lifting her head to look at me, Sarah said.
"Master says that every time I climax, my womb sucks his sperm deeper
insuring that I will get pregnant." Feeling me increase my efforts to make
her climax, Sarah asked if I really wanted our Master to get her pregnant.
Not knowing how to express myself, I kept tonguing her sperm-filled pussy.
Sarah responded by stroking my hair and babbling sexy nonsense.

After tonguing Sara to two climaxes, she pulled me up beside her and
fell asleep with me holding her. An hour later they summoned us for
breakfast. Sensing me watching her dress made Sarah a bit embarrassed
because she didn't have any underwear. Just before we left the room, I
asked her if Master were going to put more stuff on her clit to make it
bigger. She gave me a strange look before asking if I wanted him to. I
just grinned and patted her pussy thru her skirt.

Right after breakfast Miss Constance informed me that I would be
attending to her needs. When I politely asked what, she wanted me to do
she grinned and said. "Why whatever, I need. Now run off to the stable
and fetch my carriage." I was relieved that she didn't ask me to take her
horse back riding as I only tried that once and fell off.

Michael, the stable boy, explained how to drive the carriage. As I
climbed onto the carriage, Michael handed me a pair of gloves so my hands
wouldn't get blistered. For the rest of the morning my job was to drive
Miss Constance around the plantation in a horse drawn carriage. As we
toured the plantation, Miss Constance told me more about the history of the
plantation. During our tour she showed me the remains of slave quarters
from before the War Between the States. Looking at the ruins, I asked why
they had allowed them to decay while everything else was so impeccable.
Miss Constance explained that her husband thought it better to leave those
buildings hidden in the weeds when racial tensions were high. She informed
me that the room Sarah and I were staying in, were quarters for the house

Arriving back at the plantation house just in time for lunch, they
reminded me that I was a "slave"and sent to help serve lunch. Judging from
the fresh love bite on Sarah's right breast, Master had another breeding
session with her. We were too busy to exchange tales of our mornings'
experiences but Sarah did give me a smile and a wink when I stared at her

After lunch, Sarah took my hand and led me to a storage room. When I
tried to ask what was going on Sarah hushed me. As she closed the door,
Sarah told me to kneel before her. Kneeling, I looked up to see a lewd
twinkle in her eyes. As our eyes met, Sarah lifted her skirt and spread
her legs giving me a clear view of her swollen hairless pussy. Gone, were
all her kinky black pussy hairs.

"Do you like it?"Sarah asked.

The appearance of her clit left me speechless. I wasn't sure if the
removal of her pussy hair made her clit look bigger or if it were the
injections. Her clit looked like it had doubled in size. The glob of
Master's sperm clinging to her labia, didn't go unnoticed as my mouth was
drawn to her boldly displayed sex. After licking the traces of Master's
sperm from her labia, I took her clit between my lips. Sarah moaned and
grabbed my head, pressing it tightly against her. Breathlessly, Sarah told
me that Miss Annabelle had taken charge of making sure that Sarah was ready
for each breeding session. Taking my mouth from her clit, I looked up to
ask what that meant. Taking a deep breath, Sarah told me that Miss
Annabelle is a doctor and that she and Master had decided that Sarah's clit
and pussy lips were too small. Still on my knees, I asked if that meant
they were going to put more of the cream on her. Sarah gently pressed my
mouth against her clit as she said. "When I told Miss Annabelle you like
to suck on my clit, she said she was going to give you plenty to suck on."

Shuddering from a climax, Sarah pushed my head away telling me that we
had to get back to work. My cock as hard as a rock as I rose to my feet.
Seeing my state of arousal, Sarah apologized for not having time to take
care of me. Walking behind her did nothing to calm my erection. I guess
that licking her juices from my lips didn't help calm me either.

Lunch had been the official start of the Fourth of July celebrations and
Master and the rest of his family had changed from their 1800's clothing to
bathing suits. I only had a moment to look around before Miss Constance
called me over. With the aroma of Sarah's juices still in my nose my cock
hadn't had a chance to relax. The grin on Miss Constance's face told me
she had seen me trying to adjust my cock. At her side, she made me lean
over as she whispered in my ear. "Did you like what my daughter-in-law did
to your wife?"Still trying to hide my hard cock and my embarrassment, I
managed to croak. "Yes." I swear Miss Constance giggled in my ear but with
a young white woman about Sarah's age staring at me I just wanted hide and
cool my cock off. Just as I was about to straighten up, Miss Constance
brushed her hand against the tent in my pants as she told me to hold still.
Frozen in position, I closed my eyes as her fingers traced the out line of
my cock.

"My granddaughter is staring at you. She said that she is dying to try
some black meat." Miss Constance whispered. Unbelievably, my cock got even
stiffer. I wanted to run and hide but I was unable to break away from Miss
Constance's touch. Opening my eyes, I searched to see who was staring at
me. I caught a glimpse of a firm pair of cheeks as a woman dove in the
pool as Miss Constance giggled. Touching my arm, Miss Constance told me to
help her up.

"Come I want you to help me with something I've wanted to do for
ages."Miss Constance said as she led me into the house. Walking behind her
bathing suit, clad body I had to admit that she wasn't bad looking for a
woman her age. Several members of the household staff saw us but none
commented that I heard. On the second floor, Ann met us coming down the
hall. She and Miss Constance exchanged looks that said much more then
their brief greeting. As Ann passed me, she gave me a light pat on my ass
and a wink as I looked over my shoulder at her.

Before I had time to think about Ann, Miss Constance opened a door and
ushered me in. Before me was a richly decorated bedroom that looked like
something of a movie.

"Do you find my old wrinkled body a sexual turn off?"Miss Constance

Surprised by her question I spun to look at her. As my eyes danced over
her body she asked if I would grant an old lady a favor. She wanted to
have sex with me. I managed to squeak out a yes. A big smile lit her face
as she began helping me out of my clothes. Although my erection had
calmed, it was still making a tent in my underpants. Looking into my eyes
Miss Constance's fingers again traced the outline of my cock.

"Help me out of this bathing suit and show me that you are as good as
Ann said you were."Miss Constance said, her voice dripping with lust.
Taking a stance with her legs spread slightly and her hands cupping her
boobs she waited for me to slid the shoulder straps down her arms.

"Before I started having children, my breasts didn't sag but after
nursing for more than eight years they have lost their firmness." She said
as she took her hands from her breasts. As the cups of the bathing suit
fell away from her breasts, I was face to face with two saggy breasts. The
nipples capping her breasts were the thickness of my pinkie and over an
inch long. Far from being turned off I returned to my task of pealing the
suit off. Her tummy was far from being flat but there weren't any rolls
either. The stretch marks and wrinkles testified to her full life. As I
edged the suit further down, I kept expecting to encounter her pubic hair.
When the top of her pussy slit came into view, Miss Constance told she had
her hair removed years ago. An instant later I was staring at huge clit
poking out between two puffy, pussy lips. Tucked between her outer lips I
noticed folds of skin.

Like a hooker showing a young boy what a female looks like, Miss
Constance directed me to the bed where she let me inspect her pussy. Under
her direction I spread her outer lips and gently pulled out her inner lips.
To my surprise her inner lips were a good three inches long. Studying my
reaction, Miss Constance told me that her husband used to hang weights on
them to make them longer. After watching me for a minute she asked if the
appearance of her pussy turned me off. A strange sounding voice said. "No
Mam." Without being told, I leaned close and kissed her pussy. Between
moans, Miss Constance told me it had been far too long since anyone had
kissed her there. sucking her long lips in my mouth brought more moans and
cries of joy from her other lips as she gently held my head to her pussy.
While playing with her pussy lips, my nose bumped into her extraordinary
clit. sucking her clit between my lips caused her to groan and quiver so
violently, I thought something was wrong. When I let go of her clit, Miss
Constance grabbed at my head, frantically begging me not to stop.

After bringing her to the oral induced climax, she had me fuck her to
two more climaxes. Laying side by side in the aftermath, Miss Constance
confessed that Annabelle had injected her clit with the same stuff
Annabelle had used on Sarah. Curious about these injections, I asked many
questions which Miss Constance answered cheerfully.

Yawning, Miss Constance told me she was going to take a nap and that I
could use her shower to freshen up before returning to the others. In the
shower, I thought. "If this is what slave life was like, it is a shame
that they abolished it." As I dressed, I reminded myself that in fact we
were just a black couple whom they invited to play some kinky games with
rich white folks. The fact that we shared some family ties just added to
the kinkiness.

Rejoining the others, Sarah came over and whispered. "Did Miss
Constance wear you out?" Before I could answer, she stepped away but the
grin she flashed me told me she was just teasing me. Going back to my
duties of serving drinks, I noticed Miss Constance's granddaughter watching
me. After about a half hour she beckoned to me. "Are you Jim?"She asked
as I stood next to her lounge chair.

"Yes, Mam, what can I get for you?"I answered, trying to avoid staring
at her barely covered nipples.

"Is Grandma OK?" She asked, looking concerned.

"Yes Mam, she is taking a nap."I answered, hoping she wouldn't question
me further. Holding out her hand to me she rose and said. "I'm Diane,
I'll go look in on her." As Diane walked toward the house, she made a point
of flexing her ass muscles in a sexy way. About an hour later I noticed
Diane return to the pool area wearing a briefer white thong Bikini. I
watched as she strode to the diving board and pause as if she were looking
for someone. A smile lit her face as she looked in my direction but I was
sure the smile was for the guy I had seen her with earlier. As she
gracefully she dove in the water, I was sure her top wouldn't survive the
dive. Trying not to be obvious, I watched to see if Diane's top was still
covering her nipples when she surfaced. Just as she surfaced, Miss
Annabelle touched my arm and asked me to fetch her a drink.

Returning from the bar, I had to search to find Miss Annabelle.
Finally, I noticed her on the far side of the pool talking with Diane. My
heart began beating faster as I approached the two women. Oh my God!
Diane's bikini was almost transparent. Her nipples were clearly visible as
was her hairless pussy. Captivated by Diane's boldly displayed body, I
almost tripped over a woman sunning herself. Luckily, I didn't spill Miss
Annabelle's drink.

"I hear you have been taking good care of Henry's mother." Miss
Annabelle said. Fixing my eyes on hers, I delivered her drink as I said.
"I try my best Mam."

"My niece tells me Miss Constance could hardly stop praising you."

Embarrassed with the praise and possible double meanings, I wasn't sure
of what to say. Finally, I gathered my thoughts enough to tell them that I
thought highly of Miss Constance as she had been very kind to me. Letting
my guard down slightly, my eyes wandered a bit and I noticed that Miss
Annabelle's bathing suit looked like she was hiding peanuts in the bra
cups. Flashing me a grin, Miss Annabelle glanced at Diane and told her, she
better put on more sun-screen. Looking at me, she said. "I'm sure, Jim
will be glad to help you."

I wanted to run and hide before I got in trouble with the men of the
family. Much to my discomfort, Diane sent me to get the sun-screen. Once
in the house, I realized I didn't know where to find Diane's sun screen. I
was about to go back and ask Diane where her sun-screen was when Sarah came
along. Seeing that we were alone for the minute, we embraced and told each
other how much we loved each other. Just as we broke our embrace, Miss
Constance entered the room. Chuckling, she teased us about being caught
kissing. We were still holding hands when she came over and gave Sarah a
pat on her tummy, asking if it was going to start swelling soon. Bashfully
looking down at her still flat tummy Sarah said. "It's surprising that it
isn't swollen now, with all the sperm he has pumped in me."

Laughing Miss Constance said. "He loves knocking up black women almost
as much as he loves seeing them walking around with his baby growing in
their belly." Again the frankness of her words surprised me. Remembering
the errand Miss Annabelle had sent me on, I asked Miss Constance where I
would find Diane's sun screen. Laughing she called for Betsy. Sending
Betsy off for the sun screen, Miss Constance informed Sarah, Diane was
seducing me and that my sperm would soon be swimming in her womb. Sarah
gave my hand a squeeze and a smile danced on her lips as she said. "We
must keep up the family tradition. Laughing, Miss Constance asked Sarah if
Miss Annabelle had gotten her again with her needle. A slightly shocked
look came over Sarah as she asked if that happened more then once. A huge
grin lit her face as Miss Constance explained that her daughter-in-law
loved to keep giving small injections instead of one large one. Her hand
went to Sarah's crotch as she told us that Miss Annabelle knows her husband
loves big clits and swollen labia. Sarah shuddered as she asked if that
meant she would be getting more injections. Miss Constance smiled softly
and said it did. Appearing to sag against Miss Constance's hand as Sarah
said. "You weren't kidding when you said he was going to make my clit and
belly swell."

"I told you months ago what it would be like but you can leave right now
if you want." Miss Constance said as she rubbed her hand over Sarah's
crotch. Instead of Sarah pulling back from Miss Constance's touch, Sarah
spread her legs and closed her eyes. Sarah pulled me close and whispering
in my ear asked if I wanted her to have a huge clit. Caught up in the
kinkiness of the situation, I told her I would still love sucking her clit
even if it were as big as a cock. Sarah kissed me and asked if I wanted
her pussy to look like Miss Constance's. Looking straight into Miss
Constance's eyes, I said. "Miss Constance has a beautiful pussy and I
would love to see yours look more like hers, if that is what you want."

"Should I ask Mistress, to give me more injections?" Sarah whispered in
my ear. A strange tingle raced thru my body then I found myself telling
Sarah, I would ask Mistress to step up the injections. As Sarah kissed me,
we heard Betsy returning with the sun-screen. Like young kids doing
something they shouldn't, we separated. As Betsy handed me the sun-screen,
I glanced at the grandfather clock, relieved to see only a few minutes had
passed. With the sun screen in hand, I hurried to the pool area.

Seeing them still talking, I hoped they hadn't noticed how long I was
gone. My fears were calmed when Diane smiled as she saw me approaching.

To my delight, Diane asked me to put sun-screen just on her back and
shoulders as she continued to talk with Miss Annabelle. As my fingers
spread the sun screen on Diane's silky skin, I remembered that I had
promised to ask Miss Annabelle to give Sarah more injections. No sooner
had that thought registered when my cock stiffened embarrassingly. I
prayed that no one would notice the bulge in my pants or associate it with
me touching Diane.

With the last bit of sun screen rubbed in I asked if Diane needed me to
do anything more. She thanked me and bounded off toward the lounge chair
she had been using. Miss Annabelle had taken a step past me when I asked
if I might speak with her for a minute. Turning to face me I noticed her
eyes glance at the front of my pants. A grin lit her face as she moved
closer and said. "Did my niece do that?"

"No Mam, it concerns something I need to talk to you about, if you don't
mind."I said nervously.

"Does this have anything to do with your wife?" She asked. Nodding my
head, yes turned her grin into a beaming smile. "Follow me I have some
things to take care of inside. We can talk as we walk."

As the door closed out the noise of the children playing in the pool, I
blurted out. "Are those injections safe?"Miss Annabelle studied my face
for a moment before telling me nothing was completely safe but it was
mostly salt water, which is natural to our body. Directing me to a chair,
Miss Annabelle and I sat as she explained the injections to me. To my
surprise, she asked if I were enjoying my visit to the plantation. Upon
telling her it was more then I expected, she asked how I felt about, Sarah
receiving the injections. Embarrassed about my feelings and remembering my
promise to Sarah, I told Miss Annabelle about the conversation with Miss
Constance and Sarah. I added that if no harm would come to Sarah, she was
free to inject her. Miss Annabelle was quiet for a moment before telling
me that the slave/ master thing was just a game. I assured her that I
understood and that I knew Sarah was going to have unprotected sex and was
probably already pregnant.

Instead of Miss Annabelle being in a hurry, she took the time to talk to
me about interracial sex and babies. Miss Annabelle stunned me when she
told me she liked black meat in her pussy from time to time. Without
thinking, I asked if she had a black baby. When those words left me lips,
I apologized for being so rude. A soft smile graced Miss Annabelle's face
as she assured me she wasn't going to have me whipped. Her comment, made
me chuckle and feel more comfortable.

"If you haven't figured it out yet, this is an unusual family. Once you
become a family member, you are free to have sex with anyone if they
consent."Miss Annabelle said.

Rising to her feet, Miss Annabelle asked if I would like to have sex
with Diane. I asked about Sarah. Smiling, she told me that her husband
wanted to make sure Sarah was the family way and would be quite busy later.
In a whisper, I asked if she were going to inject Sarah again.

"Do you want to watch?" She asked. I nodded yes, afraid to speak. Miss
Annabelle reminded me that the injections often hurt some and Sarah might
say things that might upset me. Getting to my feet, I told her that we
came to the plantation to be "slaves"for the holiday. An image of Miss
Annabelle with a syringe in her hand, lifting up Sarah's dress came to my
mind. Telling Miss Annabelle of my vision, I added it would be kinky if
she kept a filled syringe in her pocket and would take Sarah aside
periodically and inject her. Miss Annabelle quivered and her eyes
sparkled. Without another word Miss Annabelle disappeared.

Other then the muffled sounds of the children playing outside, I could
only hear the tick tock of the grandfather clock. Had I gone too far? Did
Sarah really want to be a sex toy? As I asked myself those questions, I
remembered that it had been Sarah who had asked me if she should ask for
more injections.

Still in deep thought, I started to got back to the pool. Just as I
reached for the door it opened and Diane and I collided. Grabbing onto
each other exchanged apologizes. To someone observing us, it must have
looked like we had just stopped dancing in mid-step. A strange dance
indeed, given the state of our costumes. I dressed as a butler from the
early 1800's and Diane in a thong bathing suit. Slowly parting my eyes
drifted down her body catching the sight of her nipples pushing out the
tiny patches of cloth like two pegs.

"The cold air makes them stick out." A sexy voice said. Lifting my gaze
I saw Diane smiling softly, making no attempt to hide her nipples.

"Did you bring your wife here to play with Uncle Henry?" "Did they tell
you that you can play too?"

I heard a strange voice mumble "yes" as my eyes drifted down her trim
body. Her small breasts weren't in need of any support and her flat tummy
didn't look like a baby had ever stretched it.

"I'm sorry my boobs aren't very big. However, my nipples are very
sensitive and I love to have them sucked." She said as she pushed her chest
toward me.

Her directness so stunned me. I didn't hear Miss Annabelle approach. I
jumped when I heard. "Diane, are trying to seduce Jim?"

Looking about frantically, I saw Miss Annabelle grinning with her hand
in her pocket. Did she have a syringe in her pocket?

"Jim is interested in the injections I've started giving his wife.
Should I show him I also give them to the white women of this family?" Miss
Annabelle asked Diane as I stood in total shock.

"Does he like swollen clits too?"Diane asked.

"Miss Connie, says that he really did a great job on hers." Miss
Annabelle replied as I squirmed in embarrassment. Diane planted her sexy
ass on the edge of a table and pushed her bathing suit aside, exposing her
bald pussy. Miss Annabelle glanced at the children outside before saying.
"If you want it easy, we'll have to go somewhere else."

Looking at me, Diane said. "That's a good idea, maybe Jim would let me
suck on his pacifier while you get your kicks." Before I could say a word,
they led me upstairs. As we climbed the stairs, Miss Annabelle told Diane
that Sarah and I were Miss Connie's slaves for the weekend. Glancing at me
with a big grin Diane asked Miss Annabelle if that meant she could tell me
to do things. Chuckling, Miss Annabelle said she could if she didn't do
anything to hurt me.

"Then, make my pussy extra special so I can drain his black balls."Diane
said with enthusiasm. Miss Annabelle laughed as she opened a bedroom door
and ushered us in. In a flash Diane had shed her thong bikini and flopped
on the big bed with her legs spread. Looking at me with lust burning in
her eyes, Diane told me to get naked. Before I could get my pants off, my
cock was rock hard.

"Auntie, look at his black stick."Diane exclaimed.

"Oh shit, I'm going to have to try that one out, if there is anything
left when you are done." Miss Annabelle said.

My eyes went to Miss Annabelle's body. Since she only wore a light
beach coverup over her bathing suit, I could see that her body was still
trim enough to be pleasing. As I watched her, Miss Annabelle took a
syringe and a small packet out of her pocket. Seeing I was watching her,
Miss Annabelle told me that she had intended to us that syringe on Sarah
but Sarah's injection would have to wait. Having said that, she sat next
to Diane's hips and began wiping her hairless pussy with the sterile wipe.

"I only have the clit juice with me so if you want the full treatment,
I'll have to get it." Miss Annabelle said to Diane. Diane told her she
didn't care, she just wanted to find out if I were a good stud. Both were
laughing as Diane motioned for me to join them on the bed. Diane reached
out and grabbed my cock, guiding it to her mouth. After licking a drop of
pre-come from my cock head she promised not to bite. Holding me by my
balls, she stuffed my cock deeply in her hot mouth.

Diane's mouth felt so good on my cock I could feel that start of an
orgasm growing instantly. Not wanting to end this delightful feeling so
soon, I imagined that the needle in Miss Annabelle's hand, was destined for
my balls instead of Diane's clit. That helped until Diane began moaning as
Miss Annabelle pushed the needle into the base of her clit.

The intensity of Diane's sucking intensified as the plunger slowly
pushed more clit juice in her. Watching what was happening to Diane's clit
was easily equal to the fantastic sensations she was giving my cock.
Having emptied the syringe, Miss Annabelle looked at me and asked if I were
ready to climax. With a grunt and a nod, I answered that I was. Having
set the syringe aside, Miss Annabelle grasped Diane's clit.

"I really love the way her clit responds to this stuff. Every time her
clit tastes my juice, it swells like a balloon." Miss Annabelle said

I could focus enough to see that indeed, Diane's clit had taken on new
dimensions. It looked like Miss Annabelle was slowly stroking a miniature
cock with her fingers to make her point. Incredible, Diane sucked my cock
into her throat as she tried to suck my balls thru my piss hole.

Regaining my senses, I noticed that Diane still held my cock in her
mouth. Not only was my cock still in her mouth but it was still hard.

"Now that you're warmed up, show me what this cock can do to a white
pussy." Diane said with a sexy grin. I started to move between her legs
when Miss Annabelle suggested that Diane ride me while she checked out my
clit sucking talents. Diane thought that was a great idea and pushed me
onto my back. Diane wasted no time in grabbing my cock and guiding it into
her hungry pussy. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Miss Annabelle
stripping off her bathing suit. Her body wasn't as firm as Diane's but I
was still eager to taste her pussy.

Without hesitation, Miss Annabelle straddled my head as Diane used her
pussy muscles to knead my cock like magic fingers. Just before her pussy met my mouth, I saw drops of pussy dew glistening on her dangling labia.
For the next half hour, I was their sex toy. I know that both had several
orgasms before allowing me to blast my sperm deep into Diane's talented
pussy. During that time, I discovered that Miss Annabelle's pussy squirts
when she climaxes and loves having her long labia sucked on.

Having drained my balls and filled my stomach, Miss Annabelle and Diane
sent me to shower and return to the others.

Miss Constance greeted me upon my return to the pool deck. After
looking me over she asked if I had been with Miss Annabelle or Diane.
Trying not to blush or grin, I told her that I had been taking care of
their needs. She giggled softly then told me there wasn't much point in
her asking me to take care of her for a while. With a pat on my butt she
led me to meet other family members.

About mid afternoon, I noticed Miss Annabelle motion to me as Sarah
stood at her side. With my heart racing and my cock stiffening, I wondered
if Miss Annabelle were going to inject Sarah's clit. As if by magic, I was
at their side wondering what was going to happen. Grinning at me, Miss
Annabelle reminded me that we must remain dignified. Ever so slowly we
walked into the house. Hardly had I closed the door when Miss Annabelle
knelt in front of Sarah and lifted her dress. Commanding me to hold
Sarah's dress up, she wiped Sarah's clit with a sterile wipe. My eyes
almost popped out their sockets when I saw Sarah thrust her hips toward
Miss Annabelle. Sarah's clit already looked bigger then I remembered from
that morning and it was quite red. Sarah called for me to hold her
tightly. No sooner had my arm wrapped around my wife then she flinched and
gasped. Looking down, I saw Miss Annabelle had driven the needle deep into
the base of Sarah's clit. Unlike the injection she had given Diane this
was over in seconds. Looking into my eyes, I saw a strange fire burning in
her eyes.

After kissing me passionately, Sarah whispered. "Master is going to
breed me until my belly swells with his baby."

Hugging her tightly, I kissed her again. When our mouths parted, Sarah
asked if I thought this was right. Sliding my hand down to cup her pussy,
I whispered that she was his slave and had to submit to anything he wanted
for her. Pressing her clit against my hand she asked if I thought her clit
was big enough. After kissing her, I told her to ask Miss Annabelle.
Sarah quivered in my arms before asking if I were going to try to stop
them. I told her I belonged to Miss Constance and had to do as she wished.
Sarah put her lips to my ear and told me Miss Annabelle was going to inject
her later. Giving her clit a squeeze, I kissed her before going back
outside without further comment.

I was in such a daze I didn't realize that I had come in my pants and
the huge wet spot was announcing it to the world. A splash of water from
the pool snapped me out of my daydream. Looking to see who had splashed
me, I saw Diane grinning at me.

Almost leaping out of the pool, Diane was in front of me. In her haste
both nipples had freed themselves from their skimpy confinement.

"I see Miss Annabelle caught your wife and gave you another show." She
said, slowly covering her nipples.

Nodding dumbly, I acknowledged her observation. She laughed and brushed
her hand across cock before diving back in the pool. With my eyes locked
on her form moving thru the water I waited for her to surface. Bursting
from the depths of the pool, Diane appeared with her nipples staring at me.
Settling back in the water she recovered herself and turned to splash water
on another woman about her age. Inwardly I shuddered as I thought, these
women would kill me with sex. Chapter 3

During the evenings celebrations, I didn't see much of Sarah. When I
did see her, she was tending Master or Miss Annabelle. About the time the
party started to break, Miss Constance called me over and told me I
wouldn't be sleeping with my wife. Smiling, I told Miss Constance that was
no surprise. She then asked if I would mind sharing her bed. Grinning, I
told her she wasn't supposed to ask, just tell me. We both laughed softly
at my reference to my "slave" status.

Following Miss Constance up the stairs, I figured I would be getting
plenty of sleep for surely the old gal would be too tired to demand much
from me. Once in her room she had me undress her. Carefully, I removed
her old dress and hung it up as I wondered what would be the proper way to
remove her under things. Undressing a Grandmother isn't something that
most men would find erotic and I wasn't excited about it either. I do have
to say. The idea did not repulse me either.

Turning my attention back to Miss Constance, I went to work unfastening
her corset that was also her bra. As I free her from the tight confines of
her garment Miss Constance took my hands and directed me to rub the
underside of her breasts. As I rubbed her breasts, she pushed the corset
until it landed on the floor. Spinning around suddenly, Miss Constance
faced me and directed me to repair the damage her corset had done to her
nipples. For a second I didn't understand her request but when she cupped
her breast and pointed it at my mouth, I understood. Dropping to my knees,
I took the offered nipple in my mouth as my fingers resumed their task of
massaging the corset marks from her flesh.

I had just started work on her second nipple when I heard the door open
behind me. Startled at being caught, I let her nipple fall from my mouth.
Miss Constance scolded me for stopping and pulled my head back to her
nipple. I heard Diane's voice comment about being glad she wasn't too
late. Miss Constance laughed and told her that an old lady has to get in
her licks before the young women show up or she wouldn't get any. Both
laughed before discussing taking a shower.

Pulling her nipple from my mouth, Miss Constance directed me to remove
her panties and stockings. As I worked, I snuck a peek at Diane just in
time to see her robe slide from her shoulders and bare her sexy body.

With both women nude, they told me to get my clothes off and join them
in the shower. In a flash, I was in the bathroom. I arrived just as they
had the water adjusted to their liking. Handing me the soap and a
washcloth, Miss Constance told me to wash them. When I hesitated about
washing their crotches, Miss Constance threatened to have me whipped if I
didn't do a thorough job. I then set about carefully washing every fold
and crack of their pussy's and their ass cracks. Laughing they reminded me
to get them clean enough to eat. Handling their intimate flesh was
starting to cause my cock to stiffen as I remembered my past encounters
with it. The giggles and chattering of the women echoed happily in the
shower as I finished my task. Having washed both from head to toe and even
between toes, I stood with my cock at half mast. Diane's hand grabbed my
cock and announced that she got to wash it. Laughing and saying that Diane
was too fast for her, Miss Constance started washing my back.

Diane washed my cock and balls as if they were the most precious things
on earth. Miss Constance attentions weren't unnoticed as they caressed and
stroked my flesh. With my eyes closed, I didn't see Diane drop her
washcloth and open her mouth but I felt when her lips wrapped around my
cock. With several flicks of her tongue, I was on the verge of climaxing
when a sudden sharp pain in my balls cooled me off. Lifting my cock, Diane
kissed my balls before telling me she didn't want me to come too soon.
Miss Constance shut off the water and led us out of the shower. The
resulting tangle, of arms and legs as we dried, each other was both comical
and erotic and a fitting prelude to what was to take place on the bed.

Words are inadequate to describe the action on the bed that night. By
some miracle, Diane managed to make me fill her pussy with two loads of
sperm. Miss Constance also rode my mouth to several climaxes before we
fell asleep in each others arms.

In the morning, Diane noticed my piss hard-on poking her thigh and asked
if I wanted, more of her pussy. Laughing and climbing from bed, I told her
I would be glad to give her more of my cock but my need to pee was causing
my erection. Taking my hand she offered to come and help me.

Standing before the toilet focusing on peeing was hard while Diane held
my cock but finally my full bladder won out. Gleefully, Diane made
patterns in the water with my pee as she pressed her hard nipples into my
back and breathed in my ear. As she shook the last golden drop from the
end of my cock, Diane slipped around me to straddle the toilet. With the
seat still up she squatted slightly and said. "See. girls can pee,
standing up too."Although I had seen Sarah sitting on the toilet peeing, I
had never thought of peeing as anything sexy. On the other hand, Diane's
bold display was very erotic.

I had to admit that I was becoming addicted to the sight of big clits
and dangling labia. The sight of Diane's fat clit was making my mouth
water as we made our way back to the bed. Miss Constance was laying in bed
smiling as we rejoined her. Greeting us with a cheerful "Good morning."She
slipped out of bed as she told us to have fun. With her instruction still
ringing in my ears, Diane grabbed my stiff cock and pulled it toward her
pussy. Instead of wanting to ride my cock as she had last night, she
wanted me on top. No sooner had I worked my cock all the way in when she
asked me to stop and stuff a pillow under her hips.

After placing the pillow under Diane's hips she informed me she wanted
to make sure all of my sperm went into her womb and made a baby. She so
surprised me, I almost lost my erection. However her talented pussy muscles worked their magic, restoring full working stiffness to my cock.
At her urging my hips began pumping my cock in and out. With a good rhythm
going, I asked if her husband would be upset with her for having a black
baby. Diane laughed and told me he expected her to have a black baby. Not
knowing what more to say, I quietly stroked my cock in her delightful
pussy. Diane's grunts and moans were like music to my ears. As her orgasm
began building, she started urging me to fuck her harder and begging me to
knock her up.

Feeling my cock fire the first of many globs of sperm into her womb,
Diane let out a wail as her legs to clamped me tightly in place. Her pussy went to work milking my balls' dry. Even when she relaxed her grip on my
hips, she asked to keep my cock in her.

"You really are serious about getting pregnant aren't you?" I said.

Taking my face in her hands, she smiled and kissed me before telling me
she wanted my baby. I asked why "me?" and she said. "Because your
family." With my arms getting tired I told her I had to get off. Diane
kissed me again then asked me to suck on her clit. Mindless of my sperm
coating her pussy lips, I slid down her body and took her throbbing clit in
my mouth and began sucking it like a small cock. Diane proclaimed that I
was the greatest clit sucker in the world and that I would always be
welcome between her legs.

I felt someone sit on the bed but with Diane's hands holding my head I
couldn't see who it was. A hand touched my neck as I faintly heard Miss
Constance telling Diane to take it easy on me. As Miss Constance talked
with Diane, she massaged my neck, tenderly. Minutes later, I felt Miss
Constance leave the bed as Diane began another climax.

After resting for several minutes, Diane asked me to bring her some
breakfast. Eager to please her, I hopped out of bed and took a quick
shower before heading down stairs.

As I was placing Diane's breakfast on a tray, Miss Constance came in the
kitchen. She smiled warmly and said she was glad to see that I had
survived. Embarrassed, I mumbled. "Yes Mam."Touching my arm gently, she
told me to take Diane her breakfast and then go to our bedroom where Sarah
was waiting for me.

When I delivered Diane's breakfast, Diane gave a kiss and sent me to
Sarah. Hurrying to our bedroom, I wondered how Sarah would be and if we
were still happy to be playing our game.

With my hand on the door knob to our bedroom, I paused and took a deep
breath. Soundlessly, I eased the door open on its well-oiled hinges. On
the bed half sitting was Sarah staring at her pussy with a hand mirror as
the fingers of her other hand gently stroked her clit. Noticing my
presence, she smiled at me with a twinkle in her eyes.

"God! I love my new clit and look at my puffy pussy." Sarah said as she
spread her legs more. Without a word, I went to the bed, my eyes fixed on
her pussy. Sarah spread her pussy lips to give me a peek at all the sperm
coating her cervix.

"See. He's pumped enough sperm in my womb to make a whole town

Sitting on the bed, I leaned closer for a better look and noticed sperm
was leaking out of her cervix. I murmured "I love you." Just before
putting my mouth on her swollen pussy. The taste of Master's sperm mixed
with Sarah's sex juices was the best taste in the world. Feeling my tongue
reaching into to her pussy for a glob of sperm, Sarah told me to stop.
Confused because she had appeared to enjoy me licking the dried sperm off
her labia, I looked at her face questioningly.

"Would you please push it back in my womb instead of sucking it out?"
Sarah asked. Blankly, I looked at Sarah trying to understand her request.
With one hand Sarah touched my face and with her other she reached for
something on the night stand.

"Use this to gather up his sperm and put it back in my womb."Sarah said
with a pleading look. Taking the turkey baster in my hand, I inserted its'
glass tip in her pussy and carefully collected all the sperm I could find.
Unsure of what I was supposed to do I looked up at Sarah's smiling face.
Using her fingers to hold her pussy open, she instructed me to insert the
tip of the baster in the opening of her cervix and pump the sperm in. An
orgasmic thrill shot thru me as I saw the tip of the sperm filled baster,
slide into the opening of Sarah's fertile womb. Slowly I squeezed the bulb
of the baster forcing Master's sperm right into my wife's baby maker. I
knew right then her belly would soon be swelling with Master's baby.

Careful to leave all the sperm in her womb, I eased the baster out of
her pussy. Because of the position Sarah was in, I could reach my middle
finger into her pussy and put my finger tips against her cervix. As our
eyes met, Sarah told me she would always love me more then anyone on earth.
Holding my finger against her cervix we expressed our undying love for each
other. I felt closer to her then, then at any previous moment in out

When I finally removed my finger from Sarah's cervix, she asked if I
liked seeing her pussy lips all puffed up. After studying them for a
minute, I told her I thought they looked sexy and asked if she would be
willing to wear clothing that would show off their shape. Sarah giggled
and said she would for me but she didn't think that dressing that way at
work would be right. We both laughed at the idea of the old men in the
office staring at Sarah's plump pussy. When our laughter calmed Sarah told
me that Master wanted, Miss Annabelle to make her pussy lips permanently
like this and wanted Miss Annabelle to continue making Sarah's clit bigger.
I asked if that meant Master was asking for my approval. Sarah kissed me
and told me that the changes would be permanent and this was just a play
weekend. Holding her close, I asked how she felt about it. In a faint
whisper, Sarah told me not to ask her, just do what I wanted. I kissed her
passionately as images of her swollen chocolate pussy lips danced thru my
mind. When our lips parted, I told her I would speak to Miss Annabelle. A
strange look came over Sarah then she hugged me tightly and repeated.
"Don't ask, just do it."It took a moment for her words to sink in but
finally I understood her message.

Later as Sarah and I went down stairs, she whispered in my ear. "Check
out the other pussies. See how big their lips and clits are. Don't you
want me to look like them?"My cock stiffened in my pants and I gave Sarah a
quick kiss.

In the kitchen we were just finishing a lite breakfast when Miss
Constance came in and asked us to join the rest of the family in the
livingroom. Not knowing what to expect, I was a little surprised to walk
into the start of a Sunday Church service. Everyone including the
children, were standing facing Henry who was standing on a small platform.
Gesturing to Sarah and me, Henry welcomed us to the family. Adding that
now we had found our roots he hoped that we would spend more time at the
plantation and get to know everyone. Everyone looked at us and clapped.
Those close by, shook our hands or hugged us as they welcomed us. Henry
waited for the greetings to calm then began a short religious service. I
truly felt like we had found our roots.

Chapter 4

After our Sunday service, Henry told all of us to go put on our bathing
suits and have fun. As Sarah and I headed to our room, I remembered that
they took our clothes away. Catching Miss Annabelle's attention, I asked
her what we were going to do about bathing suits. Telling us to follow
her, she led us to her bedroom. On the way she informed us the slave game
was over and today everyone was back to normal. The smile on Sarah's face
sagged and she appeared disappointed. As Annabelle showed us into her
bedroom, she noticed Sarah's manner. Softly closing the door behind us,
she asked what was wrong. Sarah dropped her head to look at the floor
silently as she held my hand. Giving Sarah's hand a gentle squeeze, I told
Annabelle that Sarah really was enjoying being their toy and didn't want it
to stop. Embarrassed, Sarah, wrapped herself around me, trapping my hand
against her crotch. Incredibly, I felt Sarah rub her crotch against my
hand. I swear. I heard her whisper. "Tell her."

"Sarah told me that she doesn't want you to stop treating her and she
wants Henry to make sure Henry has knocked her up."Sarah quivered against
my hand as my words registered in her lust inflamed brain.

"I pumped her up last night, does she want me to pump her up more?"
Annabelle asked.

Looking at Annabelle, I told her that Sarah wanted to look as good as
the other women in the family. Annabelle reminded us that she had already
injected Sarah and to get more would be a bit painful. Between our bodies,
Sarah moved my hand so it was cupping her pussy. She kissed my ear and
told me to make it pretty before she put a bathing suit on. Watching us
intently Annabelle was rubbing her legs together. When I told her that we
should make Sarah's pussy pretty before she put her bathing suit on,
Annabelle pressed her hand against her own crotch and quivered. Noting
Annabelle's reaction I asked if she got a thrill out of injecting women.
Annabelle blushed and said that she wished all the women in the family were
as eager to submit to her fetish. Suddenly Annabelle's behavior changed
and she stood looking at the floor fidgeting. Faintly she asked if I would
do her a favor. With my fingers lightly stroking Sarah's pussy, I kissed
Sarah's neck before saying. I would be delighted to do anything she
(Annabelle) wanted. Still look at the floor she asked if I would inject
her. Nervous about her request, I told her I didn't know much about giving
and injection. Lifting her head to look at me, a smile came to her lips as
she said she would teach me all I needed to know. Annabelle almost jumped
for joy when I told her I would do it. Excitedly, she told us to get
undressed as she tore her clothes off.

Nude, Annabelle called us over to a small cabinet. Opening the cabinet
doors Annabelle showed us her toys. Boxes of different size syringes, box
of different size needles and neatly arraigned bottles of liquids.
Standing looking all the stuff, Annabelle explained what the different
things were for. Picking up a small syringe, Annabelle filled it part way
with saline then add a little testosterone plus a bit of growth hormone.
Satisfied, she shook it to mix her strange cocktail. Setting the first
syringe aside she prepared another the same. As she set that syringe
aside, she announced that was going to be hers. Sarah took my hand and
guided it to her pussy. Immediately my fingers began stroking her already
swollen labia. Sarah almost purred as she watched Annabelle fill two
larger syringes with saline. Finished with filling her syringe's Annabelle
turned to us and told us she didn't like to do collagen injections if
sexual activities were imminent.

Instead of leading us to her bed she led us into her bathroom. Now
understand her bathroom was bigger then our bedroom and there was a table
in the room, big enough for a person to lie on. Telling Sarah to lie on
the table, Annabelle asked me to stand close so I could see. Stepping up
to the table, my cock brushed Sarah's hand. Immediately her fingers
grasped my cock and she blew me, a kiss. I told Annabelle to be easy on
Sarah or Sarah might rip my cock off. Annabelle looked at my cock and
laughed. Flourishing a syringe she teased us then with great care inserted
the tiny needle in the base of Sarah's clit. Sarah flinched as the needle
pierced her flesh but didn't cry out. Slowly Annabelle pushed the plunger
in, only to stop when half the syringe was empty. Explaining that taking
it was easier if she injected it in several places, she pulled the needle
out and moved up away from Sarah's clit. Sensing my puzzlement Annabelle
explained that she was going to inject the rest in the shaft of the clit
where it would affect Sarah's "G spot."Sara moaned softly as Annabelle
emptied the syringe but she didn't rip my cock off.

Having emptied the first syringe, Annabelle picked up the larger one.
Glancing at me she explained she was going to pump up Sarah's outer labia.
Dumbly I nodded my understanding. Annabelle asked if I wanted to see what
Sarah's inner labia would look like, pumped up. Without looking to Sarah
for permission, I told Annabelle to go ahead. I watched intently as
Annabelle wiped Sarah's inner labia with a sterile wipe then inserted the
needle. Again Sarah moaned as the needle went in and a bit more as
Annabelle injected the saline. Sarah received two injections in her labia,
puffing them up like small balls. Annabelle joked about Sarah now having
balls. Sarah sat up and looked at her pussy then asked if I liked it. I
told Sarah that was one way to make her pussy grab my cock, better. The
three of us laughed and Annabelle added that if that wasn't enough her next
injections would do the trick. Her hands were like those of an artist
making a sculpture, injecting, rubbing, injecting, rubbing some more. When
the syringe was empty, Sarah's labia looked fantastic. The smooth
chocolate flesh of her hairless outer lips cradled her swollen inner lips
which cuddled up to her throbbing red clit.

Seeing the effect that all of this was having on my cock, Annabelle
cautioned me about wasting any of my sperm. She told me she was sure there
were several women who would love to have it swimming around in their
bellies. Sarah asked for a mirror as she sat up inspecting the damage to
her pussy.

Sarah inspected her pussy for several minutes as Annabelle and I stood
quietly. Without a word Sarah slid from the table and took a few tentative

"It feels strange, how will it look with a bathing suit on?"Sarah

Annabelle reached in a drawer and pulled out a scrap of fabric and
tossed it to Sarah. Catching the tiny bit of fabric, Sarah looked it over
before sliding her legs thru the strings stretching the small patch of
white fabric over her pumped up pussy.

"Damn! That looks sexier then when she was nude." I exclaimed still
staring as Sarah fitted the top of the suit over her stiff nipples.

"Come do mine then we can go out to the pool and you can stare at the
rest of the swollen pussies. Maybe you can talk another into letting me
play with her." Annabelle said.

Without any hesitation Annabelle hopped up on the table and spread her
legs for me. In spite of spending over an hour with my mouth glued to her
pussy, I really didn't know what Annabelle's pussy looked like. Before me
was the sexiest looking pussy in the world. Outer labia, like pillows for
my balls, flanked two vast inner lips that draped like curtains, over a
clit the size of an infant's cock. At my side, Sarah gasped and said. "Do
you want my pussy to look like that?" Her voice was thick with awe not
revulsion as she reached out to touch Annabelle's clit. Smiling, Annabelle
watched Sarah ogle her pussy for several minutes before answering that she
was going to make it better.

In sequence Annabelle reviewed what I was to do. However her
instructions didn't prepare me for the sensation I got when I pierced her
most tender flesh or began pushing that strange cocktail into her.
Suddenly I understood why Annabelle got such a thrill out of playing with
the shape of women's pussies. Words just can't begin to describe the
feeling I got as I changed the shape of Annabelle's pussy lips. Without
touching myself my cock began pulsing out gobs of sperm. Sarah gasped and
dropped to the floor placing her mouth over my cock. Hungrily she
swallowed the remaining sperm.

"Good lord! This really turns you on." Annabelle said in awe.

Embarrassed by my orgasm, I looked up at Annabelle's face with a
sheepish smile and whispered. "Yes." Only then did I realize that I was
still holding a syringe with the needle in her labia. Annabelle urged me
to finish her injections as Sarah let go of my cock and got to her feet.

Easing herself off the table, Annabelle took a few steps before looking
at me with a huge grin. "You can do me anytime." Annabelle opened a drawer
and tossed me a stretchy bathing suit before she slipped on a suit that
matched Sarah's. After smoothing the material over her pussy mound she
struck a sexy pose with her legs spread and asked if she could still get
men to look at her. I assured her that she could still give the young gals
a run for their money. Annabelle grinned and did a little bump and grind
before suggesting that we head for the pool.

On the way, Annabelle informed us that sexual activities were not to
take place in the presence of the children but they allowed casual contact
and minimal clothing. Remembering Diane's flashing of her nipples
yesterday, I asked if they frowned on that. Annabelle laughed and told us
we probably would see lots of bare breasts today.

Out by the pool the scene was quite different then yesterday. Many
women were wearing bathing suits similar to Sarah and Annabelle's. (Almost
nothing) The older women were wearing more conservative one piece suits.
The men's bathing suits were everything from Speedo's to baggy boxer style.
The children, were dressed like any children at a pool. A big change from
yesterday was there were both black and white people in the pool and on the
pool deck relaxing. A black woman was nursing a white baby and a white
woman was nursing a black baby. Both women didn't try to hide what they
were doing nor hide their free breasts.

Dodging a splash of water, I noticed two women about my age playing with
an adult white male. During a break in their frolicking, I thought I
recognized the male as Diane's husband. At least once I saw him cup a
breast of both women. What their hands were doing under the water I
couldn't tell but I don't think my imagination was far off. Elsewhere, I
saw people rubbing suntan lotion on each other, even on women's breasts.
Over on the far side of the pool I watched a white male putting suntan
lotion on a black gal's breasts as her bathing suit top dangled over her
back. At my feet in the pool, a pregnant blond invited me to join her in
the pool as a young child hung on her arm.

The fabric of the blond's top did nothing to hide the huge size and
firmness of her nipples. Seeing where I was looking, brought a smile from
her. Looking to the blond girl clutching her arm, She told me that having
a two year old, who still nurses, makes nipples get big. Her frankness
took me off guard for a second but helped me relax as the cool water kept
my cock under control. As we were introducing ourselves, a boy for about
four comes paddling over and says "hi" before exposing one of Amy's breasts and taking the nipple in his mouth. That would have been surprising enough
but the boy's skin was brown and he had kinky hair like mine. Amy brushed
a strand of hair from the boy's face, as she introduced me to her son,
Nick. I guess my surprise registered on my face as Amy told me, in time I
would get used to the family. Just then a handsome man swam over and
introduced himself as Dave, Amy's husband. Looking at Nick, he commented
that their kids thought Amy was their cow and weren't bashful about getting
a snack. Grinning, Amy nudged him and reminded him of his own snacking.

Having gotten his snack of mom's milk, Nick paddled off without
bothering to recover his mother's nipple. In spite of being in the water,
my cock stiffened, when I noticed the drop of milk clinging to her nipple.

A hand touching my shoulder made me turn my head to see Sarah's grinning
face. Sarah teased me about being so focused on a bare nipple, I didn't
see her. The four of us laughed and my embarrassment made my cock wilt.
Amy's daughter, who had been silently studying us, let go of her mother's
arm and floated over to Amy's still covered nipple and exposed it. She
studied the nipple for a minute then latched onto it with her mouth. Amy
tenderly held her child to her milk filled breast as she continued talking.
Seeing me staring at Amy's nipples Sarah scolded me. Dave laughed and told
her that he loves to see men looking at his wife. Amy giggled and patted
her pregnant belly as she said. "That isn't all he likes to see." Amy's
comment, led into Amy saying that most of the adults in the family, freely
swap mates. Often after one of these get-togethers, there is usually and
increase in the number of swollen tummies. Sarah flashed me a grin as she
said that she had noticed some unusual activities. Amy and Dave laughed at
Sarah's choice of words.

Noticing that her daughter was getting sleepy, Amy invited us to join
her on some lounge chairs. Taking his daughter in his arms Dave scanned
the pool for Nick. Seeing that the older children were watching Nick, Dave
climbed the steps to follow us.

With all the grace and modesty if a pregnant woman, Amy sat on the
lounge chair. Her bathing suit bottom did nothing to hide her very
prominent labia and clit.

"I see Belle has introduced you to her games." She said to Sarah. Sarah
fidgeted and started to close her legs when I touched her hand. Seeing my
touch, Amy asked if I liked the fat lip look as she did not try to conceal
her pussy.

"Amy, you're embarrassing them. Be nice." Dave said, cradling his
sleeping daughter in his arms. Amy apologized, then with smile dancing on
her lips, she told us that her big belly was the result of Belle getting
her so hot, she let old Buck, nail her during the New Years Eve party.
Dave laughed and asked why she went back for seconds if she were so
concerned about getting pregnant. Amy laughed and told us that she was
under the influence of Belle and wasn't responsible for her actions. I'm
sure I saw her give Sarah a wink as she said that.

Looking straight at me, Amy had a naughty twinkle in her eyes as she
said. "I know you are just dying to see how big it is." As she spoke, she
pulled her bathing suit exposing her pussy.

"Amy, stop showing off." Dave said with a grin.

Amy laughed softly as she covered her huge labia and clit. Seeing the
tent in my swimsuit she gave me another quick peek as Sarah giggled. Sarah
and Amy began talking softly about their injections and the family. They
had only been chatting for a few minutes when Diane and Annabelle came
over. Excusing ourselves, Dave handed his daughter to Amy as we headed for
a cool drink.

Walking over to get a cool drink, we met Henry. Dave asked if Henry had
shown me his collection of cars. Henry asked me if I would be interested
in looking at some old cars he scrounged up. I told him I wasn't a gear
head but liked interesting cars. His "old cars" weren't your typical old clunkers. His cars were better then when they built them. One was a
Packard from the twenties like you saw in the gangsters' movies, a sleek
Ferrari from the early sixties and others that were just as breathtaking.
Moving from one car to another, Henry spoke passionately about each.

After looking at his cars for over an hour, Henry said he needed to get
back to the party before his wife gave him hell for leaving his guests.
Walking back to the pool area, Henry asked if Sarah and I were enjoying our
visit. I assured him that he and his family had made us quite welcome. He
chuckled and told me that he had noticed his wife had been playing with
Sarah. Looking him, straight in the eyes, I told him I was surprising
Annabelle could walk after the injections I had given her that morning.
Henry looked quite surprised as he asked if I had injected his wife. A bit
nervous I told him I just did as she asked. He reached out and patted my
shoulder assuring me he wasn't upset, just surprised that she let me do it.
I told him maybe it was because I had trusted her with my wife. Before
either of us could say anymore, they called Henry to the phone. Out on the
patio I saw the lounge chairs were empty and looked around for Sarah. She
and others were frolicking in the pool and her boobs were bouncing freely
as her top hung uselessly from her neck. Hers weren't the only bare boobs,
several guys were playing boob tag and they had made a game out of freeing
boobs from confinement. As I watched, one stripped Annabelle's top off.
She reacted by diving under the water and a moment later coming up waving a
man's bathing suit. The older children started herding the little children
to the shallow end of the pool or completely out of the water. The water
turned to froth as everyone tried to strip everyone amid laughter and
yells. They pulled in and stripped several who wandered too close to the
pool as others tried to sneak out of the pool and regain their bathing

Her nude pregnant body dripping water, Amy asked for a towel as she
tried to wipe water from her eyes. Grabbing a towel from a chair, I handed
it to her as my eyes drank in her pregnant beauty. Her face dry, Amy
looked at me with a smile and said. "Thanks." She wiped her boobs and
belly then tossed the towel to me as she asked me to dry her back. After
wiping the last of the water from her back, Amy turned around and noticed
the tent in my bathing suit.

"Damn! You really do like my body. How would you like to try out that
tent pole in a pregnant pussy?" Amy said as she stood before me not trying
to hide her charms. Without waiting for my answer she took my hand and led
me in the house. Miss Constance saw us and called out, warning me that Amy
is a nymphomaniac when she is pregnant. Blowing her Grandmother a kiss,
Amy led me upstairs.

Flopping on the bed Amy told me to go ahead and check out her pussy.
When I leaned in closer, she told me that while I was there, her clit
needed some kisses. I thought I was going to drown in her pussy juice when
my tongue touched her.

"Mom said you did a really good job on her pussy, if you are good, I'll
let you slide that big brown stick in my pussy." My answer was to take her
clit between my teeth and tug on it. Amy let out a little howl and jammed
my mouth tight against her rocking hips. Suddenly it dawned on me that I
was sucking on Henry's daughter's pussy. Truly inspired, I sucked and
nibbled on her pussy until she had two strong climaxes. As she came down
from her second climax, Amy gently lifted my head from her pussy. With her
eyes sparkling with joy she told me I qualified for the grand prize.

Getting to her hands and knees, she said. "Kiss my baby." Seeing me
start to put my face to her pussy, she told me to kiss her baby with my
cock. Without hesitation my cock slid into her buttery hot depths as her
fat pussy lips caressed every inch of my cock. The head of my cock bumped
into her cervix as her pussy lips kissed the base of my cock. I guessed
that being pregnant, made Amy's pussy tighter then Diane's but I didn't

With slow, gentle, deep strokes, I fucked one of the best feeling
pussies, I had ever enjoyed. Leaning over Amy, I began stroking her belly
and her milk filled boobs. Amy began talking dirty and telling me she
wanted me to knock her up after she popped this baby out. I didn't really
believe her but it sure sounded sexy and my cock liked the idea.

"I'm almost there, pinch my clit." She yelled.

I was more then ready and did as she asked. Instantly her pussy contracted around my cock like a vise then began fluttering. Thru clenched
teeth Amy told me to pull in her clit. Suddenly it felt like her pussy was
sucking my whole body through my piss hole. The next thing I knew, I was
laying beside Amy, wondering how I had stumbled on such a horny family.
Amy kissed my forehead then got back to her hands and knees. Taking my
soft cock in her hand she began licking it clean. If seeing her big belly
hanging down wasn't sexy, enough, seeing drops of milk clinging to her
nipples was. Incredibly, my cock began to stiffen. Amy gave my cock a
kiss and said. "I promised Diane I would drain all of your sperm."

"Damn, aren't there any secrets around here?" I asked with a grin.

"Mom showed me what you did to her."Amy said as she got to her feet and
headed to the bathroom. A moment later, I heard her pee, hissing into the
toilet. From the bathroom, Amy babbled on about what I had done to her
mother and how impressed her mother was with me. Returning from the
bathroom nude, Amy casually stood next to the bed talking and combing her
hair. Curious, I asked if she were always so casual about walking around
nude and having sex with people she had just met.

A big grin lit Amy's face as she said. "Oh I know a great deal about
you and your family, after all we are distant cousins."

A gentle knock on the door interrupted our conversation as Amy still
nude went to the door. Without trying to hide herself, she opened the door
to Ann. Ann told Amy. Her mother was looking for her. Amy closed the
door and headed to the closet for something to wear as she suggested that I
put my bathing suit on before she got horny again.

Back at the pool things had calmed down and the adults had left the pool
to the children. I guessed that some adults had disappeared for bedroom
games and those that remained were resting from their earlier frolic.
Entering the kitchen, I saw Sarah helping with dinner preparations instead
of upstairs under Henry's thrusting hips. Walking up behind Sarah, I
cupped her boobs as I kissed her neck. Pressing herself against me she
asked if the girls were working me too hard. I nipped at her ear and asked
if she were jealous. She kissed me and told me she had all she could
handle, with Annabelle making her hot and Henry trying to knock her up.
Across the kitchen, Betsy had been watching us. A smile lit her face as
she told us Henry is like a bull around a horny fertile woman and is almost
insatiable. Sarah laughed and asked if she were speaking from experience.
Laughing, Betty told us she had been the object of his attention more then
once but now she was getting too old for that silliness.

Dinner was a semiformal sit-down affair, quite different from the
southern bar-b-que of the night before. The children were in a separate
room so conversation was a bit more open. There was gentle teasing about
who was seen disappearing with whom and about some, making enough noise to
be heard through closed doors. I noticed that both Amy and I received
glances and winks regarding those comments.

After dinner some people said their good by's, complaining that they had
to go to work the following morning as others sat about sipping after
dinner drinks. Since Sarah and I had the coming week off we hadn't planned
on leaving until Monday morning.

Sarah and I were sitting together when Annabelle came over. Standing
before me, she leaned over to whisper in my ear asking if I would be
interested in injecting Diane and watching Henry breed Sarah. I couldn't
help looking inside her dress at her boobs with their rock hard nipples and
beyond to her hairless pussy mound. Squeezing Sarah's hand, I told her
that we had planned on leaving first thing in the morning and we hadn't had
a lot of sleep. Just then Henry came up behind his wife and grasped her
boobs as he asked when we were planing of leaving. I repeated that we had
planned on leaving in the morning to drive up into the mountains for a few
days. Openly teasing Annabelle's nipples through her dress, Henry asked if
we would consider spending a few more days with them. Before I had a
chance react, Sarah pulled Annabelle close and whispered her ear.
Annabelle kissed Sarah's cheek and said. "All you can stand, Betty will
even bring you meals in bed if you can't walk." Straightening up into her
husbands arms she looked at me with a lusty look and asked if I would like
to hang around and play some more. Henry chimed in, telling me that we
would have lots of fun.

How could I resist? I still wanted to see Henry fuck Sarah and the
prospect of trying out other pussies sounded interesting. When I said we
would stay Henry turned to his mother and told her the good news. Miss
Constance came over and softly asked if I would find a little time for her
between the other activities. I assured her I would and thanked her for
inviting us to begin with.

Chapter 5

After most of the guests had gone home or gone to bed, Annabelle came
over and said. "Sarah, it is time to feed you clit, come with me."

Reluctant to let go if my hand, Sarah asked. "Can Jim come with us?"

"Does he want to see you get knocked up by a white man?"Annabelle asked
with a grin. Before Sarah could answer I rose and said. "Yes I do."

At the foot of the stairs, Annabelle told Betsy to see if Diane were
still here and if so to send her to the master bedroom. My brain was awash
with sexual scenes as I climbed the stairs watching their sexy butts. I
had a feeling that I was about to become part of an orgy and it probably
wouldn't be the last one.

The sight of Sarah quivering with pain and lust as Annabelle injected
her clit, unleashed something inside me. Never had I seen Sarah give into
something so completely. The sensations I got from injecting and breeding
Diane had to equal Sarah's but we will never know as sensations like those
are beyond description. Sarah left the plantation with Henry's baby
growing in her belly and Diane left with mine in hers. Oh yes Miss
Constance got her pussy taken care of several times before we took her
home. This is far from the end of the story but for now it will be the end
of the tale.


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