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Title: Gaining Controlling Interest
Keywords: xmas, mF, mdom, bond, nc, inc, mom, son, humil
Author: Caesar

Gaining Controlling Interest

by Caesar, copyright 2002

$Revision: 1.1 $ $Date: 2002/10/27 21:51:03 $

The first time I saw it, I could not believe it - but soon understood
it as the path to my salvation.

It was not any overt action on the part of my step-son James, simply a
look. In that one kilometre long gaze I saw his lust and desire for
my wife, his mother, Mary. My first instinct was humour, and almost
started to laugh that anyone could find my wife desirable, let alone
her son, someone that knew her probably better than I. Our marriage
was based on the fact that she wanted my cock and I wanted a door into
part of society that blocks out ninety-nine percent of the population.
In other words, the bitch was rich!

The little I had seen of James, since my marriage six years before,
had not been fond moments of male-bonding. Hell, we saw each other at
social functions whenever he could return home from his school. From
my perspective, my step-son was twenty two years old and had watched
his mother go through four marriages and probably double that in men between husbands. He had grown up with nannies and then in boarding
schools, and now a distant university - I've seen more of his mother since we had been married than he had.

His gaze moved slowly away from his mother and across the sea of heads
to look into my own eyes. I nodded cautiously and then returned to
the two men and a women, and the conversation ongoing between us.

The well-dressed quiet young man watched his mother as she became more
inebriated with her martini's, staying near her almost protectively.
She was seated with plenty of thigh showing from the gapping slit in
her dress as she laughed at some joke one of her social set passed on.
Most of the eyes, both men and women, listened to her every word,
enjoyed the sight of those sexy legs - the slipper swinging back and
forth off of one set of toes.

The yearly event, the Christmas party that none dare not make an
appearance, if they had the privilege of being invited - was filled
with new and old money, with power brokers and the odd person that
wanted only to be part of any of the previous list. I was one of the
latter - though many may feel I had succeeded in climbing to this
pinnacle of society, I knew different. I was kept on a very short
leash - both Mary and her lawyers assured me of that. If, but I
consider it 'when' my wife tired of me I would get a small monthly
allowance as well as the divorce papers. I was forced to sign a
prenuptial agreement, that was iron clad I may add, if I wanted just
as taste of this life without the constraints of my domineering wife.

And I did.

Of course, only a single taste was not enough for me. But until only
recently, I had no idea how to change the future Mary would lead for

What does she get out of this wedding, you may wonder? Sex of course.
I was almost half her age - just a few years older than her single
child. My dick was quite above average and my control of it was
superb. Though sex was great, being constantly told during it what to
do, how to touch, how fast, how hard, and even when to come - is a bit

James entered the group around his mother, and I saw his own admiring
gaze at his parents exposed leg. He was ignored by her, as he had
always been - unless it was convenient.

I watched coldly as my wife continued to drink from her seemingly
endless glass - strict instructions to the caterers that my wifes
glass will not go empty tonight was enough to assure that.

As I had expected her voice was becoming louder and shriller - if that
were possible. I had seen her drunk on several occasions and before
she passes out, she becomes a demanding nasty drunk. Her fathers
spilt princess comes out with a dark and ugly view when she became
inebriated. I planned that that would work to our advantage tonight.

Many around her knew it too - and saw the obvious signs - started to
drift away. If I knew anything of my wife, it was that she needed to
be the centre of attention, to have a crowd around her. So, realizing
that she was left with only one person still near her, James - she
started to berate him.

James sought me out in the crowd and I excused myself from those
talking with me - and made my way to mother and son. "Whats up

"I think mom should go home."

"What the fuck do you know - I will stay and party long after your in
bed you little twit!"

The empty zone around the three of us was widening though nearly every
face was looking at us. "I think your right James. If you can help
me get her to the car?"

"Don't you touch me you fuck - don't think I can't find another with
as big a cock as you have to replace you!" I wrapped my arm around my
wife's waist and James took her other arm and helped her stand.
Though her mouth was in overdrive, she was in no condition to deny us.

The conservatory that the party was staged was a well planned affair -
with the head party 'tactician' - I kid you not - came shuffling over
looking worried. I simply assured him that the mistress was a little
tired and her son and I will be taking her home. I told him that I
trust he will ensure the other guests will have a grand evening - the
baton was passed and the little mouse practically grew a few
centimetres as he assured me everything will be perfect. A tip was
always expected for these sort of affairs.

All the while Mary was cursing and yelling at us, at those whom she
caught her eye and at the world in general.

The car was brought around while James and I manoeuvred Mary into the
back of the limousine. She calmed immediately after being in forced
into the private cavernous back seat.

As James held her from falling over, sat on the side, near the bar,
and began to mix a drink. A very special drink. One with a special
liquid that I had purchased, at considerable sum, and been carrying
all evening.

"Here dear, one more martini before we get home."

Mary flashed me a wide, I love you, smile and gratefully accepted my
offering. It even had a green olive, just as she liked it. As James
and I watched her, she drunkenly looked out the windows, as the
darkened city sped past.

After the drink was gone, James took the martini glass from his
mothers limp hand and passed it to me. As I took it, he stared into
my eyes and I saw his impatient excitement. I ignored it and went
forewords with our plan.

Suddenly, Mary giggled and looked at me lecherously. "If James were
not here honey, I would want that big cock to fuck me senseless right
now?" Both her son and I could see that she was squeezing her thighs
together, rubbing the knees up and down, like some horny little

Wow, that drug worked fast!

My wife is never interested in sex when she gets drunk.

Since the plan was advancing before we had gotten home, I thought to
modify it slightly. "Well, James is here Mary."

She smiled widely at her son seated next, and very close, to her on
the black leather bucket seat. "Yes, he is such a good boy. I am so
proud of you baby!" I doubt if the young man had ever heard his
mother say such a thing to him before, his eyes could not hide his
surprise at her statement. Mary turned serious as she turned back to
me, "James does not need to know how much of a little fiend his mother is when it comes to sex!" That seriousness turned to hysteric

James spoke up for the first time, his deep voice quivering in
excitement. "What if I want to know mom?"

The giggles stopped and she again turned to her only child, silently
appraising him.

"I'm serious mom, tell me what you like about sex?"

Finally she answered, "Lets just say that your mommy does not marry
for love James."

I interrupted, "Tell James how much you like big cocks Mary?" It was
a catty comment but I thought it timely.

James of course, knew this already. How could he not, even in our
huge home his mothers screams of passion, her commanding orders for
'more of that big cock', and her drunken admissions.

She turned to me and started to giggle yet again before looking down
at my lap and becoming intent as if she was looking through my slacks
at that which she had enjoyed many times since before our marriage.
"I need you to fuck me when we get home honey. Hard and fast - I have
such a terrible itch to scratch." It was the drug, it was acting as

"I have a better idea Mary?" James looked scared and was trying to
gain my attention - and I thought, probably correctly, that he wanted
to back out of our little plan.

Too late James. This was my way out of the web of this bitch, to make
it on my own.

"Did you know that your son James has wanted to fuck you since he was
a teenager Mary?"

Mary turned, in all seriousness, to her boy and asked, "Is this true

James could not meet her eye and would hot have seen how his mother was squeezing her thighs and rubbing her knees together at such a
frantic pace, but I did. Like a mouse, James squeaked out, "Yes".

Still frowning my wife turned to me in all seriousness, "Is this for

I simply smiled.

"He's my son." Nothing like the obvious when your drunk and drugged.

"Who has a big hard dick just for his mother."

Again back at her child, "Is this true James? Do you have a big hard
dick?" The question took the young man by surprise and he could not
reply. I thought it humorous that my wife took note of the large
penis rather than the incestuous relationship reference. Just goes to
show you, no matter what happens this night, none of us are angels.

I did for him, "Big enough and hard enough to please his own mother!"

Mary giggled and looked down at her sons lap, licking her lips
sloppily at seeing the bulge there.

This was the part that James had confided in me; his worry that his
average sized cock would not pass muster with his size crazed mother.

She looked back up into her child's eyes in all seriousness, "I don't
use my mouth and my ass is off limits!"

Throughout our marriage, I lived by the same rules. Though I have a
private desire to see my prissy little wife sucking my big fat cock
and then shoot it all over her pristine white face. After tonight, I
reminded myself, I could do whatever I wanted with her.

James looked regenerated and happily answered, "Yes... OK mom."

Mary giggled yet again and lay her head back and very aggressively
rubbed her knees together, with her heels off the carpeted floor.
"Hum... I need a good fuck tonight baby!"

We both watched Mary wiggle and squirm as if in heat, which she
practically was, thanks to the drug.

I spoke up finally, "James, your mother has very sensitive nipples."
He looked at me in surprise and I frowned and nodded at his mother,
her eyes closed and head back, stretched out beside him.

She responded to my comment with a, "Uh huh!"

Mary had small breasts, 'A' cup, but these two nipples that became
quit fat and extended when excited. Like the end of my little finger,
they extended upward from her near-flat chest, thrusting anxiously
against her white lace bra and her blouse.

With a trembling hand James reached forward. Tentatively, as if his
mothers breast may be hot to the touch, he nervously lay his palm in
the small circular breast.

She froze and sighed deeply.

I added another instruction, "The nipple James - squeeze the nipple
between your thumb and two fingers." He moved his hand back and took
the ridge peak as instructed. "Now squeeze gently, squeeze until you
think you are about to hurt her!"

"Oh yes baby!"

"Thats it James." It was a redundant comment - it was obvious that
Mary was enjoying it very much.

"Now the other nipple James." He did the same to the other and with a
wide smile, just as his mother squirmed next to him, moaning in
pleasure, he began to use both hands on either of her nipples.

"Easy James! Don't want her too hot yet!" Indeed. The most
important part of the night, at least to me, was still waiting for us
at home.

"Your mother has great legs right James?"

"Oh yea!" He had confessed much to me after I confronted him with my
suspicions - his mothers legs often being the focus of his incestuous

"Well she loves attention to them; kissing and fondling." It was not
uncommon for her to order me to finish, by stroking myself, upon her
white smooth slim legs.

James moved un-commanded this time, his hands coming off his mothers
chest and one dropping to a place just above her knee, on her lap. It
was a short skirt so it stopped half ways to her knees, thus James was
groping his mothers black nylon covered thigh.

"When you get her into bed James", the boy looked half crazed with
lust at this moment, "don't forget that your mother likes a lot of
attention on her legs!"

He exploded in demented laughter, which stopped as soon as it started,
"I won't 'dad'!" Obviously, he was very pleased with how the night
was going.

It was the first time he called me that, and in our new relationship,
I thought it not unfitting.

"Oh honey, your so good to me!" My wife was half laying on the bench
seat, as if in a delirium - which I suppose she was. "If I knew you
wanted me to fuck other guys...!"

Truth was I would never let her have sex with any other men, or women,
before this night. The risk that she should enjoy another more than I
just too great. And then with her history of discarding
mates... well, you can understand the consequences? James was the
perfect exception to my rule - as you shall see.

The limousine came to an extended stop and James and I looked out the
window to see that we were parked before our home. The noise of the
driver leaving the car and then coming around to open the door caused
us to return to reality. One that does not accept incest - a morality
that I was banking all my cards on.

"We are home Mary, James and I will help you into bed."

She giggled to herself while James removed his paw from his mothers
lap just as the door opened. The driver helped us half drag my wife from the car and while we did this James leaned over and whispered, "I
can not fucking believe how easy this has been!"

I only gave him an encouraging smile - but never said a word, we are
not out of the fucking woods as yet!

Through the door, across the marble foyer, up the wide curved
staircase with the wood carved hand-rails and down a short hallway to
my wifes room. Not our room, you may have noticed my use of words,
but her room. We only fuck in the same bed, at her convenience of
course, but never sleep.

As I reached for the door to my wifes private bedroom, I heard a low
moan behind me. Turning I saw Mary facing her son's hip, which she
was straddling, and very aggressively humping her loins against. Both
her hands were busy as well, one rubbing the length of prick hard
beneath the slacks and the other fondling her child's ass cheeks.

James was looking at me as a kid would after opening a gift on
Christmas. Well, in a way, this is exactly what this was. Though, I
was not sure, at that moment, whom was the kid and which was the

My wifes bedroom was a huge immaculate feminine affair - with antique
furniture and a canopy bed. "Put her over the edge of the bed, face

I started to take off my jacket and loosened my tie. Then I took out
the small portable digital camera. Very small, light, and holds many
pictures - if quality is not as big an issue as quantity.

"Not like this...!"

Both James and I ignored my wife as her son pressed her firmly down
onto her bed. It was raised quite high, with steps on both sides for
climbing into it, that when bent over the edge, my wife barely stood
upon the floor but was bent over the waist perfectly.

"Lift that skirt up to her hips then push her panties to her ankles."
The camera did not even make a sound as the first of many pictures was

As we had agreed, James would do everything I told him tonight.

Beneath her tight skirt my wife wore a black thong and the sight of
his mothers near-bare ass stunned her child. I let him enjoy the
sight even as my wife tried to lift herself up to complain. You see,
Mary thought 'doggy style' was demeaning and degrading. She wanted it
in a classic missionary position or the woman in the superior
position. Nothing else.

Very easily I reached out and pulled her hand from beneath her, this
caused my wife to fall back upon the bed. Leaning over I whispered
into her ear, "Don't move Mary, you don't want James first fuck with
his mommy to be in the wrong hole do you?"

Her head turned my way and I saw that her eyes were well glazed and
her skin slick with sweat and oils. Her normally immaculate long
black hair was a mess with strands across her face. She whimpered,
perhaps realizing that she was over her head tonight, "I don't want it
this way... James is my son!"

I ignored her pitiful comments and roughly instructed, "Go ahead James
- put it in your mom."

James looked up past his mothers white ass, where his hands had spread
her cheeks and was intently studying her, and I saw his eyes smiling.
The twenty two year old man quickly stood up, unzipped his slacks and
I saw his average sized pink cock for only a second before he began to
amateurishly thrust it forward repeatedly, looking for the hole he had
come from many years ago.

It was Mary that notified me that mother and son were joined for the
first time, when she exhaled long and thickly before saying, "He is
inside me!"

Time for more photos, and stood back to capture the moment. mother and son both wearing very pleased faces, the wet pink pole moving in
and out between those thin attractive cheeks.

James lasted barely two minutes and I smiled to myself knowing that
his mother took at least three times as long to get even close to an
orgasm. This would leave Mary very hot and much more manageable.

She looked over to me with a delirious gaze and demanded, "Fuck me!
Fuck me right this god-damned minute!"

Her voice was becoming shrill again and I knew the verbal abuse was
not long in coming.

James was looking down at his unseated soft slimy cock and to the pink
wet slit it had just come from with something like awe. That was
worth another photo.

When I was finished, I ordered, "James, remove all your mothers
clothing and get her on her back in the bed."

This quieted Mary down, perhaps thinking I was going to do what I was
ordered to do - as I always had done up till today. To Mary, I was
simply another item that was bought and paid for - when I lost my
value, I would be discarded.

The black skimpy panties were thrown haphazardly on the marble floor
where I bent over and retrieved them. The thin fabric crotch was
soaking. Knowing where my wife's lingerie was kept, in which dresser
drawer, I found a couple pairs of black stockings and returned to the
side of the bed.


"Ah hum?" She seemed to be enjoying the open fondling her child was
doing to her as he undressed her. It was the alcohol as well as the
drug in her system of course, she was in a cloudy mental haze and to
her, none of this was real.

Soon she was on her back and I leaned over and swiftly tightened my
wife's ankles together before she could say a word I also tied her
wrists together behind her knees. This left Mary with her knees
almost to her chest, her hands bound behind her knees. Her face was
drunken confusion that was quickly turning to fury. As she opened her
mouth to emit a loud shrill comment on her current position, she
suddenly found a third stocking shoved into her wide mouth.

This quickly silenced her to perfection.

James stood nervously as I had done this to his mother, looking almost
scared. He finally mumbled, "This was not part of the plan?"

I looked toward him and snickered. It was too early to explain the
the young man that the 'plan' was what I wanted it to be - from now
on. On film, I have him fornicating with his mother. No friends of
the family, associates or even the law would tolerate the incestuous
evidence I had collected.

It was too early to put James into his place - at least not right now.
I wanted more from him - the final word to a beautiful soliloquy.

I rolled my wife Mary onto her side, facing me, away from her child.
Mary watched me intently as I instructed her son, "OK James, your mom loves it up the ass. Do you want to do that or shall I?"

His eyes grew large and he could not stop his gaze from fondling that
white thin hard ass before him.

"The ass?"

I snickered openly, "You didn't know your mom was kinky huh? When she
gets a little drunk she likes nothing better than being tied up and
made to do things she normally hates!" Mary was mumbling through her
gag, but both her son and I ignored her. What Mary liked when she got
drunk, was to come home, order me to mount her, and then grunt an
order to leave her alone as she falls asleep snoring.

Finally, after a pregnant pause, "I have never fucked a girl in the
ass before." Not to worry, his mother had never been fucked in the
ass either - but I thought it politically incorrect to state that

Laughing at the simplicity of this boy, "Don't worry - your first will
be so wonderful you will want to do it to her every week." Mary was
glaring at me evilly, I smiled down at her as I instructed, "Go get
the lube from the bathroom James." Evidently, being bound and
threatened with buggery seemed to sober my wife.

He quickly stepped from the room and I sat on the bed and leaned over
my wife, "Well darling, your about to get ass fucked. Just be
thankful its not me - I'd ripe your ass hole into a bloody pulp."
There were tears within my wife's eyes, the first I had ever seen -
for some reason they caused a well of anger to raise within me. "You
stupid cunt! This is the first night of the rest of your life."

I grasped one of my wife's skinny buttocks and pulled up, so that the
gap within spread invitingly. James returned with a cock that was
half mast already and he looked like a starving man as he eyed what I
could not see, Mary's tiny pink anal asterisk.

"Lube her up James and then fuck the bitch!"

He quickly stared at me, my use of that word an offence to his
propriety. My son in law had ensured, in our preparatory
conversations, that his mother would not be hurt nor humiliated by our
actions this night. I had spoken of her drunken desires, about her
role-playing with me as her son. It was all lies of course, but James
wanted to believe it. They were easy lies, since I was barely over
his age.

With a generous glob of clear lubricant from a tube, James slipped his
fingers between the cheeks of his mothers ass cheeks. I sat back and
snapped a couple of pictures.

The night was coming to a better than projected ending.

Soon James looked at me to see if he could go to the next step, his
cock already hard and ready for his mother. With a nod, James knelt
carefully behind his mother and aimed his penis between the pale
cheeks of his mothers ass. I captured the moment brilliantly as James
found and violated his mothers rear passage to the wide eyed
pain-filled surprised eyes of my wife.

I spoke to my step-son as he began to move his thin hips back and
forth, driving himself in and out of his mothers prone body, "Your mom does not need to pretend tonight does she James?" He only laughed
happily. I leaned in and snapped a closeup of his cock in his mothers
rectum. "Spank her ass and talk dirty James - she loves that!"

Intimately, Mary seemed to take offence if any bawdy words were used
while fornicating. To call her a slut at the moment of orgasm was a
very large mistake - to tell her that you wanted to fuck her all night
long another mistake. She may have the proverbial 'potty mouth',
which was acceptable, the rules were different when not voiced from
her lips.

"Fuck! You have one tight ass mom!" Loudly, James slapped his open
hand down upon the white smooth skin of his mothers raised bum. "I
already filled your cunt so I am going to fuck you like this for an
hour!" James laughed in happiness, while my own laughter as more

Mary was now openly crying, the tears dripping down to soak into the
pillow beneath her head. James though, could not see her hurt fearful

Yes, you read correctly, 'fearful'. Thats something I wanted from
tonight, to have my wife Mary fear me. If I wanted only revenge this
fact would be enough to satisfy me.

If you had not guessed, it was not only about revenge - this was about

"Fuck the slut James! Fuck your moms tight ass!"

James was laughing with pleasure his spittle dripping from his lips
like a rabid dog, to fall on his mothers white raised hip, the red marks of her son's slaps evidence of her abuse.

Mary's body was jerking upon her bed, her arms and legs immobilized,
like some life-sized fuck doll. Which, I laughed, was exactly what
she had become! I leaned over to whisper into her ear, "I'd fuck your
filthy mouth - but I don't think you have been properly punished yet
my love."

I left the room to duplicate the contents of the digital camera and
email several copies to various secure locations. Then I created a
DVD from the images, and wrote the date and 'James and Mary, first

When I reentered my wife's bedroom, I found that James was laying upon
his side, facing his mothers back, cuddling her. I guessed that he
had emptied a second load into his mom and then lay behind her,
content in his sexual glow, his softened cock may even still be inside
his mothers rectum. Mary, though, looked miserable and I loved it!
So selfish in his own pleasure, James never even realized his mothers

I lay facing the couple, Mary's eyes almost pleading with me to
release her from this night of horrors. It was not over yet! The
best was yet to come!

"Enjoy that Mary?" Of course I did not expect an answer. I held up
the DVD so that she saw the label and laughed with pleasure, my
crowning moment almost here. "A gift for you my darling wife." I
placed it on the pillow before her face - her eyes watching it in

"I think it only honest to tell you what exactly happened tonight."
James lifted his face and looked at me as well. "Tonight you and your
son became lovers." While James smiled Mary closed her eyes to blink
out the new tears. "James thought this was only a one-night thing.
Well, I'm happy to announce that you will be your son's sex toy
whenever he wants. With my permission of course!" James looked
suddenly thrilled and then his eyes narrowed suspiciously. "As for
me, your loving husband, I shall be busy managing your corporations
while you play sex toy with your son."

Like a moron, James leaned over and nibbled on his mothers ear lobe.
Probably thinking this was the happiest moment in his life. His hand
reached over his mother and found her small pointy nipple and tweaked
it lovingly.

Mary though had stopped her tears and was staring at me evilly through
narrowed eye slits. I could see that the truth of tonight was taking
form in her realization.

"Of course you will need to sign over the reigns of power soonest.
Plus another contract or two, of my choosing. You will have no
problem signing will you darling?"

Both of our eyes stole to the DVD on the pillow between us and I said
calmly, "There are many backups, all easily accessible." Including
one set to my older brother, an ambulance chaser that had helped me
draft some of the contracts I planned Mary signing first thing
tomorrow morning.

James still cuddled, kissed, and nibbled against his mother - not
knowing that the fortunes of his family had just shifted hands. His
future, though complete with sexual satisfaction, did not include
financial security any longer.

I looked at James and ordered, "Untie your mom James." He did so
happily until Mary lay on her back with hands and ankles free. Her
child was sucking and licking at her small nipples when I pulled the
final stocking from her wide mouth.

Surprisingly not a word was spoken and her gaze became like pure hate
aimed right at me. Mary suddenly winced and I looked down to see that
her son had his hand between her slim thighs, two fingers pressing in
and out of her body. My wife hated to be fingered, allowing it only
under the most extreme conditions. With a soft laugh, I knew this
night might just fall under that limitation.

"James, why don't you head off to bed? Tomorrow you and your mom can
'play' some more!"

The young man looked up surprised at the suggestion, his extreme happiness evident upon his face like a neon sign. I saw the
assumption as James realized that he his step-father and mother may
want to 'play' as well - so he started to back from the room chuckling
like a fool.

"Close the door James." I gave him a conspirator wink which he
returned with a wide shit-eating grin.

As soon as the door closed Mary spoke up, with a dry raspy voice, "You
can't do this!"

I just smiled at her and slowly looked down at the DVD - the threat

"It was rape!"

I shrugged but did not bother to answer. It would not matter if it
was rape or not, her friends would see those graphic pictures - my
wife would be ruined. Her child, if she even considered that, would
also be ruined.

Mary sat up and rubbed her ankles and then her wrists.

"If its money you want...?"

"It is!"

"Lets us do this civilized. I'll write you a cheque and then we can
go our separate ways." The business woman was coming out -
negotiating herself out of this new hell she was now the centre of.

"No Mary. I want it all. Your money and your power. I will keep you
as my wife, for the odd fuck but mostly to keep you as a 'kept
woman'." I had always been the 'kept man', so the malicious phrase
caused a vengeful wave of pleasure.

I am not sure of the reaction that I was expecting but she glared at
me with more hate than I thought possible in a human. "Your

Shrugging, "I am not the one that committed incest for the camera."

She winced and turned away from me, probably contemplating her next

"Face it Mary, your value now is completely in how you use what you
have between your legs."

That broke the dam, and the loud abuse echoed from the walls and right
off me. "You sick fucking...!" Nothing could hurt me now.

Calmly, my words stole through her loud abuse, "If James tires of you
Mary, and you better pray that does not happen, because if that
happens I will pimp your old skinny ass out to all those 'friends' of
yours. You know, the ones you abused and tormented with your
superiority. Do you think they would enjoy getting you as a slave for
a night or a weekend?"

My wife's shrill voice died away and I saw that her defences were
collapsing. There was no way out of this that would keep her power,
her dignity, intact. I could see that she was contemplating the
alternative - to allow herself to be used as a sexual object by her
only child, to sign over all her money and power to her husband, to
leave herself powerless to my whims.

I could almost hear my wife's thoughts, her reluctant agreement that
my path was the only way open to her. That she would never be able to
live content with the knowledge that she had lost the dynasty, the
power and the money that her forefathers had built up. But she would
agree, only until such a time as she considered a way out of her
humiliations and to properly deliver revenge upon me, her loving and
trusting husband.

I let her stew in her horror, in her reality, for the time that I
considered long enough for her to come to the conclusions that I knew
she had to accept. "Crawl over here and take my cock out Mary."

She looked up at me again, hate quickly disintegrating to fear. She
had no initiative here, no power. The seconds turned into a minute
and then two before my wife got up onto hands and knees and came
across the bed to sit upon her heels while her hands fumbled with my
pants. I saw she wince as she sat, knowing with pleasure that her
backside was in torment from her first ass fuck. Well the bitch
better get used to it - as I plan on using her that way myself and I
know her son loved and may take my advice on using her ass hole on a
weekly basis.

Holding my hard thick cock in thumb and forefinger, as if it was
diseased, she finally looked up at me for the command she must know
was coming.

"Now suck me off Mary."

With extreme distaste my wife leaned over and amateurishly took only
part of my crown past her dry lips. Then, what followed, was a very
crude imitation of a blow job - but I sat back and allowed it to
continue, knowing that Mary had years of practise ahead of her.


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