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Title: Geisha House
Keywords: Mf, teen, voy
Author: Caesar
"There was an old man of the Mountain,
Who frigged himself into a fountain,
Fifteen times had he spent,
Still he wasn't content,
He simply got tired of the counting."
-The Pearl No. 3

A businessman is taken to a Japanese house of ill repute and he
discovers his own sexual lust.

#include "std_disclaimer.h"

All characters are fictional and a figment <g> of my imagination.
Constructive e-mail welcome.

Geisha House

by Caesar, copyright (c) 1991-2002

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Joey walked ahead of me through the dark corridor of an old brick
building. The smell of piss, puke and sweat was very pervasive. We
passed a stocky thick-set oriental at the metal doors to a shady
corridor, but since then we had passed only one drunk passed out on
the floor, his own vomit covering his lap and chest. Dirt was thrown
about the hallway randomly, yet a well-worn path was made down the

I followed my business partner as he turned several corners, obviously
knowing where he was going. After about two minutes of this I could
hear a faint musical sound from far off down the corridor.

Joey turned and smiled a shiny-toothed grin at me. His yellow skin
was glowing from sweat and his small frame seemed even smaller in the
dark hallway. I had agreed to accompany him on this "erotic
adventure", not because I liked the little oriental, nor because I was
overly-curious, but because I had been ordered on this business trip
to improve relations with our two companies. My boss had said that I
was to do anything to get the trust and friendship of this man. My
thoughts wandered to my wife and two daughters - what they were doing?

"Here! Right here is where we enter another world," said Joey in his
thick accent. "You ready?"

"Yes, of course," I answered.

We turned a corner and walked through a heavy canvas curtain. On the
other side was a small room, like a coat room, where a man in a tuxedo
stood with two young girls. Along the wall were bins with shoes,
briefcases, and jackets. Under the smiling order of the man, I took
off my shoes and sports jacket, and he placed them in a bin, assuring
me that they would be here when I returned. The two teenage girls were wearing traditional Japanese kimono and obi. They folded my
jacket tenderly and with flowing movements, and I might add, very

There was one more short clean corridor we walked through and then we
were standing in a large dark room decorated in a mixture of
traditional and modern influences. My eyes were everywhere, trying to
see everything. But Joey pulled me along toward what could have been
a bar. I sat on a normal bar stool and immediately there was a pretty
girl standing at my shoulder, asking in Japanese if I wanted anything
to drink. I ordered.

My eyes returned to the thin stage where we sat. On it were seven
pretty naked girls dancing seductively, one right above my face, her
almost hairless crotch inches from me. I could smell her sweat and
thick perfume and perhaps the smell of her sex. I turned to Joey and
saw him rubbing another girl's inner thigh and even up to her crotch
with his hand. There were two other oriental men sitting at the
stage, and each had a woman directly above him.

Slowly I turned and looked behind me. There were several traditional
Japanese low tables. About half were full of business men and
partially to fully naked women. They were drinking and laughing. The
men's hands ran over every part of any woman's body, who often moved
their bodies to make it easier.

On wire cages hanging from the ceiling were miniature stages. One had
two naked girls inverted to each other, their faces pressed against
each other's sexes. On another, a small oriental with a very large
penis was standing while a pre-teenage girl tried to suck him. It was
obviously too large for her, but his hands forced her head down upon
his cock. There were five more such cages with a different sexual
experience in each. The naked bodies in them were painted and made-up
specially, giving each show an eerie appearance.

Throughout the crowd walked small pretty girls carrying trays laden
with food, drinks, and other assortments. Some I could not make out.
As they walked by a man, a hand would often reach out to fondle or
grab an intimate part of her body.

A loud commotion caught my attention. At a far table, a man had
thrown a waitress over his knee, ripped her kimono up to her waist and
began to spank her, roughly. His fellows at the table laughed and
clapped along to the slaps of his hands. It seemed the unfortunate
girl had accidentally dropped a sake cup full down upon the man's lap.

Joey tugged at my elbow, then nodded to the wiggling naked female on
the stage above me. "Any girl you want? It's yours, anything!" He
laughed, then pointed to a hidden shelf next to each stool. He opened
his and took out a thick six-inch ivory dildo. The girl above him
started to gyrate and turn her back upon him. At his orders she bent
over, arching her back, her young pussy lips pouting out towards his
face. Laughing, he slowly inserted the thick ivory tool into the
tight vaginal hole until it was seated deeply inside her. She moaned
loudly and wiggled her ass, but kept still otherwise. Joey looked
over at me, smiling that buck toothed grin, and motioned for me to do
the same.

I remembered his exact words in the limo coming over from the office.
"Any fantasy is fulfilled. Boys, girls, anything. Understand?" It
had been almost a order or perhaps a test.

I thought of my pretty wife of sixteen years at home with my two
gorgeous daughters. I had never cheated on her, but had been tempted
very often. My position as a senior manager put me in an awkward
position. My wife enjoyed the fineries that my money gave her, but
could she give it up if I were fired? Maybe. But I would probably get
a promotion if I enticed Mr. Joey Teremoto into linking businesses
with our companies - an action that would make my wife happier, and I
would not have to kowtow to anyone ever again. Therefore, all I
needed to do was enjoy myself tonight, even at the expense of my vow
to my wife.

My hand opened the drawer and I took out one of the seven different
styles of dildos. I had chosen a small four-inch rubber tool, hoping
it would not hurt the pretty girl above me.

Joey's eyes watched me closely.

The dancer looked down into my eyes, waiting for the order for her to
position herself. I nodded to the stage top. She danced until she
was laying upon her back, her thin legs in a vee right up in the air.
Again I looked upon her almost hairless pussy, the pink pussy lips
slightly pouting. Without thinking too much about what I was about to
do, I inserted the rubber tool inside her most private of privates.

She took it easily, and my fingertips touched her thick pussy lips. I
could feel the moist heat from her body and even the electricity that
ran up from my hand. She wiggled her ass against the stage, twisting
and rubbing the fake phallus inside her vagina, humping and grinding
her body, fucking the tool while I held the dildo firmly in my
fingertips. I enjoyed the forbidden sight of her passion and the
feeling of my fingers sometimes touching her.

Joey was much more into it. I saw that he had one large dildo inside
the girl's vagina, and another smaller one inside her ass hole. The
girl was controlling the large one herself, allowing Joey to use his
free hand to tweak her nipples. It was a fascinating and addictive

So I rubbed up and down my girl's thin muscular legs with my free hand
while the dancer continued to fuck herself upon the tool in my hand.
I compared the dancer to my wife. They were completely different in
body and actions. The dancer was small, muscular and very agile. My
wife was a large pretty middle-aged woman, who had thick hips but thin
waist, large heavy breasts, and shapely yet aging legs. My wife was
very sensual, but not very experimentive. Our sex life was regular
and fulfilling, but not kinky or new.

I realized that Joey had waved away the dancer and put the dildos back
inside the drawer - he now had a young waitress on his lap as he
watched me. I wanted to impress the Japanese executive so I ordered
the dancer onto her knees. Her bottom wiggled seductively and I
promptly hit her hard with my open hand. The loud slap and the red mark left on her round ass cheek was a testament to my choice to enjoy
myself and to leave behind all my inhibitions.

Joey laughed while the dancer yelled out in pain and pleasure while I
continued to spank her and to fuck her with the dildo. I pictured my
wife here kneeling upon her knees while I spanked her firmly, and the
thought made my cock to enlarge and press against my trousers. The
thought of my proper wife allowing me to do anything I wanted was a
hot idea - I wanted her to succumb to my every desire.

I laughed as I spanked the beautiful dancer.

When I stopped, it was not because I had enough, but because I was
tired. When I pulled out the dildo the dancer collapsed upon the
stage. She was also exhausted, her ass a bright red colour. I put
the rubber tool back into the drawer and turned to Joey.

"So, do you want to party some more?" He smiled, motioning to my
drink. I drank and nodded. I realized the girl on his lap was
kissing his neck while his hand was inside a fold in her kimono,
probably playing with her pussy. He stood up and threw the waitress
off his lap. "Come on, it gets more interesting from here on."

I followed. He led.

We walked through a sliding paper wall into a bright clean room with
seven young traditionally-dressed girls and an old woman also dressed
the same. The girls were sitting in a semi-circle around behind her.
She sat at a small table with cha and sake. We sat across from her.

She spoke only Japanese, but was obviously the madam. Joey talked
back and forth for a couple of minutes when he turned to me.

I smiled at him and pointed out a small, shy young girl who had a
round face of a pixie. I wondered what I had chosen, but was not
surprised when the round-faced girl stood, then walked slowly towards
us, kneeling next to my elbow. Joey also picked one.

He explained, "These girls are not like those in the other room.
These are very special! They will do anything for you." We sat for
twenty minutes sipping cha silently while the two girls at our elbows
poured for us. No one talked, but the old woman constantly eyed me
suspiciously. She spoke rapidly to Joey.

He translated, "She asks if you are interested in viewing the coloured
rooms?" The look in his eye told me that he wanted to see these
rooms, but he waited patiently for my choice. I nodded yes.

A moment later, the three of us were walking down a thin dark
corridor; the two geisha girls had left us to prepare our rooms for
us. The old woman stopped at a curtained window and opened it wide.
I stared into a wooden room coloured in blue. In the centre was a fat
oriental man, who was surrounded by naked pretty females. The only
ornaments in the room were pillows and trays. The girls fed him and
rubbed oil into his skin, one sucked upon his thin small penis,
another pressed her sex against his thigh.

The old woman watched my reaction, then turned to another window, and
I looked in. A man was tied over a wooden horse while two older women
whipped and thrashed the man. They were brutal, and the man loved it.

The next room contained one very old wrinkly man with one young boy and young girl, neither of which were over twelve years old. The boy was standing with his small penis inside the old man's mouth while the
girl was sucking the old man's cock.

Another room displayed an older woman and a pretty girl. The girl was
oiling and rubbing the older woman's body, even down into the cracks
and holes of her sex.

And another was with two young men attacking and raping a young woman.
They had a cock in each end of her, and as she struggled to escape
they forced her to succumb.

There were several other rooms. I viewed every one.

Joey and I were led to our separate private rooms. A smile upon the
face of the old woman as she left us told me I had somehow passed some
test. I entered my private room. It was decorated in modern American
style. In the centre of the room was the round-faced girl; she was
kneeling properly on the floor, her head bowed on the pavement in

I asked her name and she answered, "Mitsou". I sat upon the edge of
the huge soft bed and beckoned the girl over to undress me. As I
watched her, I knew the girl was the same age as my oldest daughter.
As Mitsou slowly and softly disrobed me I pictured her as my daughter,
wondering if it were possible that this could be my daughter. At
first I thought my daughter was too irresponsible, but I knew she
would learn perhaps like this small girl had. I knew that some girls were taken while they were six or seven years old and taught how to
please. Every moment was taken in studying and watching others, and
she would learn how to please or be an outcast. I wondered what fee
this evening was costing Joey. I knew it must be huge.

I fell back on the bed after I was naked and turned on my stomach. I
heard the girl disrobe, but ignored her until I felt her naked leg
pressing against my thigh. She poured oil onto my back and down past
my buttocks and legs, then her small strong hands worked the thick warm oil into my skin. It felt wonderful.

Mitsou began to sing softly while massaging me. Her voice was like a
choir, the song like a lullaby. She worked upon my back and legs for
I don't know how long, since I fell asleep. But when I awoke I
realized that I was laying on my back with her cradled in my arm, her
head on my shoulder. I could feel her warm smooth skin against my
own. I could even feel the thick hair of her sex against my waist.
She was also sleeping softly.

It was perhaps the most enjoyable moment of my business trip. This
small beautiful girl lay in my arms while we both slept. The smell of
incense and perfume was in the room, and it created a sense of wa.
Harmony. For the first time I realized what the word meant. Her body
was almost exactly made for me, she fit in my arm perfectly while her
small frame was petite and dainty. At that moment, I felt a sexual
passion like never before, not with my wife, nor ever. But with this
stranger I felt a energy of passion like I had not previously

Maybe I moved, or perhaps she noticed the change in my breathing, but
she woke up. Almost like a gentle breeze she sat up and looked into
my eyes. A lonely sadness was what I saw, and she closed her eyes and
bent forward to kiss me. The kiss was short and gentle, almost beyond
feeling, yet an electricity ran down my body enlarging my cock.

The next kiss was stronger and with more passion. Her tongue slipped
into my mouth to play with my lips, teeth and tongue. It was the most
satisfying kiss of my life. Her body lay upon mine, her legs
straddling my waist, her sex pressed into my stomach, her hard nipples
pressed into my chest. The smell of her skin and the perfume she used
was the most stimulating sensation that my nostrils had ever

She gently but passionately kissed down past my chin to my chest. She
kissed and gently bit my hair-covered nip I could feel her tongue run
over the sensitive skin, wetting it before her lips sucked and tugged.
Her hands were working at the same time, running up and down my chest
and stomach, while her sex gently but rhythmically pressed into my

Mitsou kissed lower, to my belly button, and she tongued and licked
the submerged hole.

Then down she kissed until her lips were kissing the hair around my
hard penis. Her hands were rubbing the inside of my legs, giving me
shivers of delight. I could no longer feel her sex, but I could feel
her seductively rotating her hips. Up to this point she had not yet
touched my aching cock, yet it throbbed with a painful yearning that
she had caused in it.

She may have been young, but she was very experienced. It was the
first time I had ever moaned and pleaded for release while I pressed
my middle upwards, begging her to relieve my tension. I opened my
eyes and looked down to the top of her head just as she kissed the
head of my cock for the first time. A loud grown escaped my lips and
I tensed my body up, my eyes again rolling back into my head. For
just one second, while I looked down onto the top of her head, I
pictured my daughter, her lips puckered, her eyes closed, giving me

Mitsou's second kiss was very satisfying. It was firmer, with wide
lips, and she left moist saliva on the round crown of my sex. She
kissed down my shaft to my balls which she kissed, one then the other.
I could have screamed for the release that I needed; my sex was almost
painfully aching. She cupped my balls in her hands to gently squeeze
the throbbing globes.

For the first time she moved rapidly and engulfed my cock. Her mouth
swallowed perhaps three inches of my six and a half. I could feel her
mouth sucking hard on my rock-like penis. She hummed softly and it
caused the most orally stimulating experience I had ever felt. Her
now-wet pussy was again pressing my lower leg in time to her sucking.
Her head lifted up then dropped down again. She fucked my cock with
her pretty round face and lips.

I believed she knew before I did when I was about to come. Her lips
wrapped around my shaft with more pressure and her tongue played with
my crown, while her hand gripped and squeezed my balls more firmly. I
did not yet realize any of this because the only sensation I could
feel was my rising excitement as the sperm began to shoot out the head
of my cock.

The first blast was like a release of all my tension and energy as the
shot hit the back of the young girl's throat. I could hear her
swallow my sperm loudly. Her lips came up to the head of my penis
while the rest of my come shot on her warm wet tongue, and all the
while she continued to suck hard on my cock. I can barely remember
calling out my daughter's name, as the sperm shot out of me.

I wished that it could have lasted forever, but I knew the pain in my
balls was almost unbearable as it was. My wife would suck my penis,
but it was like an operation and it was used only as foreplay, and she
never sucked until I came. Never before had I been the victim of such
sexual ecstasy or sexual release. From this moment on, my view of my
wife's sexual prowess was in jeopardy, the unnatural imagination of my
daughter thrilling, while sending a jolt of excitement through my

When my body finally collapsed and relaxed, I realized Mitsou had not
stopped sucking on my now-soft cock. In fact, she had adapted a
different style and was sucking my cock like a lollipop. She had the
whole thing in her mouth and her tongue played along the shaft, trying
to be careful of my sensitive head. It felt relaxing and good, but I
knew she was wasting her time. I had not gotten a hard-on right after
a orgasm since I was nineteen, but I didn't argue and lay back and

She was relentless. Mitsou sucked and sucked until my penis started
to react. To my surprise my cock rose and forced itself again into
and down the throat of the young girl. No- one was more surprised
than me, but my cock was again throbbing with almost the same passion
as before.

She didn't continue to suck. I moaned and would have begged for her
lips to return to my cock when I realized she was climbing up my body
and positioning her-self over my upward pointing penis. I could not
help but picture my daughter aiming over me.

I opened my eyes just as she fell onto my cock. The sight of her
round pretty face twisted with passion was a delight in itself. Her
mouth was open in a silent scream, and her eyes were shut hard. I
could feel her hands balancing herself on my chest, and I could see
her small breasts for the first time, a round firm breast with a hard
small nipple pointing almost towards the ceiling was glistening with
sweat. I could feel the very wet grip of her cunt pressing against my

My hands rose up and gripped her waist in a firm but gentle grasp. I
was about to begin her thrusts but she again anticipated my need and
rose up until the head of my cock was just touching the opening of her
gaping cunt. Then she drove downward, slamming her cunt against my
pubic hair.

Mitsou screamed.

It was a loud, fulfilling, and enjoyable scream. As she again drove
her sex down on mine, I imagined that I could feel her womb bounce
against the head of my cock. Her cunt had very controlled pussy muscles as she gripped and squeezed my penis. It was beyond question
that she was in control - she was the one calling the punches. It was
almost as if I were here for her pleasure.

She screamed then growled in delight as my large cock filled her small
body up. She began moan in Japanese, and I did not understand the
words but I knew what she was saying. The words were international.

I do not know how long we fucked, but I knew that every second was
heaven. The sweat was covering both of us and I could feel her
muscles tremble with exhaustion as I neared another fantastic orgasm.
Up and down, up and down. She fucked with even more passion as she
sensed the end was nearing. Her words had a ring of begging as she
rose also in ecstasy. My imagination kept flashing my daughter's face
before me, before Mitsou again filled my vision.

The sound that filled my ears when we spent both at the same time was
indescribable, except it was inhuman, almost animal in its passion and
fulfilment. And it was loud.

I could feel every muscle in her body quiver and spasm in orgasm, as a
flood of moisture drenched my lap. Our pubic hairs intermingled and
ground together. I shot another large load of sperm deep inside her,
and then I lay exhausted and watched her own orgasm finish.

Our eyes meet in mutual exhaustion and fulfilment. She smiled sweetly
then lay upon my chest, my exhausted cock still inside her gripping
cunt. My mind wandered to my family, and what I was willing to do for
them. Never before had work been so enjoyable. I wondered what sex
with my wife would be like now, or if I would look upon my daughters
in the same light as when I left them. Especially the oldest, whom I
had fantasized being with.

This young girl who had stimulated me like no other person had ever
done was a mystery to me. She was the same age as my oldest daughter and the same size as my youngest, but she was more experienced than my
wife. I would not say I was in love, I would say that I was in lust.
I wanted to try everything with this young lady.

I awoke to the wonderful feeling of a soft wet cloth rubbed up and
down my body. Mitsou's voice was singing the same relaxing tune as
she washed every pore of my body. I turned as she finished washing my
back and buttocks. I sat up and she helped me dress. When I was back
to myself, she stood on her toes and wrapped her arms around my neck,
just as my oldest daughter does every day, but kissed me softly with
gentle passion.

I exited the room.

Joey finally joined me in the large common room, where I sat with a
waitress, my left hand absentmindedly inside her dress rubbing along
the cleft of her vagina, while with my other I drank my drink.

We left the secret pleasure palace five hours after we entered. I was
a different person than the one that came in; sexually, I had
experienced a new world, fell in love with a young girl who didn't
speak my language and discovered my unnatural desire for my daughter.
I knew I would someday return to live out fantasies that I couldn't
have. Perhaps very soon!

Joey continued to smile at me, but did not say anything. I knew I had
passed the test.




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