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Get Well Gift

Copyright 1996 by Lace All Rights Reserved. Please do not repost this story or
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explicit permission.

This story contains material of a sexual nature that is inappropriate for
minors and which may be controversial and/or offensive to some adults. Please
don't read it if you have not reached the age of majority, or the laws in your
state or local province prohibit the viewing and/or use of this type of

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The Get Well Gift
MF, oral, cons

I checked my makeup in the rearview mirror one more time and slid red lipstick
onto my full lips, not that it would be there for very long. I had taken a lot
of care in getting ready for tonight. I wore a tight black dress that fell to
mid thigh. My breasts strained against the snug fitting material. I didn't wear
any panties, but I did have on a garter belt and black silk stockings. I slid my
feet into the three inch high fuck me pumps that I brought along for the

I got out of the car and crossed the hospital parking lot. It was a chilly night
and the cold air crept up my skirt and tickled my ass. My nipples hardened and
grew, becoming visible through the fabric. I couldn't wait to get inside and see
Jeff. I hadn't seen him in days. I stopped at the information desk to get
directions to room 115.

The orderly was much taller than me and he looked down my cleavage as he spoke
to me. "Go down the hall and take the first right. It's in that wing."

"Thanks." I could feel his eyes on my ass as I walked down the hall. I smiled to
myself. If he only knew what I was about to do.

I found the room and looked inside. It was a double room. Jeff lay in one bed
reading a book, and a new patient slept in the other. The t.v. lit the room with
a soft glow.

"Hey there lover." I walked over to Jeff.

"Don't you look ravishing." He looked up at me and smiled. "I wasn't expecting
you back from your business trip for two more days."

"I got on the first flight back when I found out you hurt your back. I also
brought you a get well gift." I gave him a mischievous grin.

"I don't see any gift." He said.

"Well, look again." I put one foot up on the edge of the bed and lifted my
skirt. My pussy glistened with anticipation. I wiped my finger across my labia
and lifted my finger to his lips. He greedily sucked my juices off .

"Oh baby. You know I can't move."

"You don't have to, sweetheart. I'll be gentle. It won't hurt a bit."

A grin spread across his face. I pulled the privacy curtain closed around his
bed. I moved the sterile white sheets down to his knees and exposed his bare
chest to the cool air. He had on a pair of cotton briefs. I leaned over and
tenderly kissed his chest. His nipples tightened as a ran my tongue over them
and gently sucked on them. He watched eagerly as I trailed my tongue down his
belly to his navel and traced a little circle around it.

As I worked my way down to his groin his skin ripple with anticipation and he
groaned. His cock grew inside his briefs and strained against the cotton. I
pulled them down gently and liberated his cock from the restraint. He had a
gloriously big one. I put my mouth against his balls and took in his scent. The
hair tickled my nose.

I took hold of his cock with my hand and licked it up and down like a sweet
lollipop just waiting to be eaten by me. I was within his reach and he lifted by
dress over my ass and caressed my dripping cunt. I took his whole cock in my
mouth and moved it in and out. I moved in rhythm to his hips sucking up and down
his shaft. His cock was long and nearly went down my throat. I gently massaged
his balls with one hand and moved the other up and down at the base of his cock
where mouth couldn't reach.

Jeff slid two fingers into my cunt and fingered me in rhythm with his hips. I
wished it was his cock inside me, but under the circumstances that just wasn't
possible. I was her to please him, anyway. The thought of how I wanted to please
him made me suck his cock harder and faster. He moved his hips faster, too. I
licked his head and I asked him, "You like it?"

"I love it. Let me cum in your mouth." He panted.

I was happy to oblige. I sucked him hard and fast. The patient in the other bed
began to stir and I sucked him even harder. I didn't want to be embarrassed by
being caught giving head, but at the same time it excited me to know that
someone else might see us.

It must have excited Jeff, too. His balls began to retract and I felt his shaft
become harder. I moaned and felt the warm cum gush into my mouth. I swallowed as
fast as I could. I waited until the final thrust and took my mouth off his cock.
I licked my lips. He handed me a towel from the bedside table and I wiped the
evidence from my mouth and helped him back into his briefs.

"Wow. That was the best get well gift ever." Jeff pulled me into his arms and
kissed me.


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