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Getting Wet


One evening, I had gone down to the street where I used to live to see one
of my best friends, Davy. As usual, I'd decided not to bother phoning to
check he was in, because he hadn't mentioned he was going away anywhere.
It had started raining just after I'd left my flat to walk the short
distance to Davy's house. As I was in a bit of rush to speak to Davy, I
hadn't bothered to wear a coat. Both my clothes and I were getting
hopelessly wet. By the time I reached Davy's house, I was drenched and was
in need of a massive towel to dry myself. As I approached his front door,
I heard my name being called from behind me. It sounded like a female
voice I recognised from somewhere, so I turned round to see who was calling
me. As I spun round, I saw the noise had come from Davy's slightly younger
sister, Katie. "Davy's not in at the moment, but he shouldn't be long.
D'ya want to come in a wait for him?", asked a drenched Katie. "Yeah sure,
if that's all right", I replied. "Aye; come on in, and get yourself
dried", said Katie as she turned her key in the lock and pushed open the
front door. As I walked in through the open doorway, I could see that they
had just finished decorating the hall. After a few seconds, I began to
smell something familiar. "What's that smell?", I asked Katie. "Probably
the smell of the paint", replied Katie. "Oh aye, so it is!", I exclaimed.
"What are those CDs for?", she asked, pointing to what I had in my right
hand. "Just a couple of CDs your brother wanted to borrow off me", I
replied. Katie began walking up the stairs. "I'm going to my bedroom to
get dried and out of these wet clothes before I catch a cold", explained
Katie. "You could always go to Davy's room in the attic to get dried and
changed, if you wanted". "But", I paused, "I have nothing to get changed
into!". "Don't worry, we'll look for something for you to wear until your
clothes dry off", Katie suggested, "there's bound to be something of Davy's
that'll fit you". "Okay, but I think you'll have some difficulties when we
start looking", I said. "Don't worry about that", said Katie as we both
walked up the stairs towards the top of the house where their bedrooms are
located. "So, have you anything planned for the rest of the evening?" I
asked. "No, not much. Maybe watch a video or something. What about
you?", Katie replied. "Well, I was hoping your brother would be about so
we could go out for a couple of drinks", I answered, as we continued up the
stairs. As we reached the landing outside the bathroom, Katie told me to
stop where I was standing. I asked her why. "I'm just going into the
bathroom to get us a couple of towels to dry ourselves", Katie explained.
"Right", I replied as I stood still, outside the bathroom door. It wasn't
long before Katie to come out of the bathroom having recovered a couple of
towels - one for each of us. Another two short flights of stairs later, we
reached the door of Katie's bedroom. "Right, I'll come up in a few minutes
and help you look for something that'll fit you", explained Katie, as she
pushed open the door of her bedroom. "Okay, thanks", I remarked. As Katie
went into her bedroom and closed the door, I turned and headed up the
stairs to the attic, which had been converted for Davy to use as his
bedroom. The moment I got to the top of the stairs, I started rubbing my
hair with the towel Katie had given me. I began to wonder what time Davy
would be getting back from his mate's house, and if he'd be interested in
going out for a couple of drinks to the local pub. I stopped rubbing my
hair after a few seconds, but left the towel on my head so I could start
again when I'd finished everything else. I began looking for Davy's
electronic heater - I had seen in his room only a few days ago. As soon as
I found it, I turned it on and immediately started taking off the jumper I
was wearing, as it was completely soaked through. I placed my wet jumper
on the back of a chair, as I wasn't too worried about how quickly it would
dry. Next to come off were my shoes and socks, which appeared to be wetter
than they were usually after walking through the puddles. When I'd
finished taking my socks off, I laid my socks as close as I could to the
source of the heat. Then I undid my belt and unzipped my jeans. As soon
as I'd taken my jeans off, I put them in front of the heater, to dry them
as quickly as possible. As I still was wearing my soaking wet boxer
shorts, I thought it would be a good time to start looking in Davy's
wardrobe to see if I could find some tracksuit trousers that would fit me.
"This is all I could find in my bedroom", said a voice from behind me,
"everything else is either in the wash or is waiting to be washed". I
gathered it was Katie who was talking, and turned round to see what clothes
she had found to wear. As I turned round to see, I almost died, there and
then. Katie was wearing the skimpiest pair of white knickers I'd ever seen
in my entire life, along with a black coloured bra (which looked like a
Wonderbra), and a half open dressing gown. I considered Katie to be one of
the most mature 15 year old girls. She had been in my thoughts for quite a
time and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get to know her
better. "Have you been able to find anything that'll fit you yet?", asked
Katie, as though there was nothing wrong. "No, I've just started looking",
I answered, turning back to where I'd been looking. "I'm looking to see if
I can find a pair of tracksuit trousers that would fit me". A few seconds
had passed when I heard Katie start to talk again. "Is that shirt you're
wearing not soaking?" "What did you say?", I asked, even though I had heard
her as if she was standing right in front of me. "Is the shirt you're
wearing wet at all - if it is, you should take it off and find something
else to wear until it's dried", she repeated. "D'ya not think I should
find something else to put on before I take the shirt off?", I asked. "No,
you could catch a cold if you leave it on - just take it off now!", Katie
suggested. Her words and the amount of clothes she was wearing did
absolutely nothing to rid me of my ever increasing nerves. "I was going to
do was to find 'replacements' for every item of clothing I needed and then
...", I began to explain. "And then what?", asked an inquisitive Katie.
"I was going to start getting changed out of these wet clothes, and put on
the dry ones that your brother is so kindly donating to me!!", I said with
a laugh. "You should take off all your wet clothes as soon as possible,
try to get dried off", she advised, "and then start putting on dry
clothes". "Where's the logic in that?", I asked, not quite knowing what to
do next. "It would take too long to explain", Katie continued, sounding as
though she was getting frustrated with me, "just trust me on this one".
"On one condition", I told her. "What's that?" "You turn your back to me
for the duration", I instructed her, "and no peeking!!". "Okay, just get
on with it - you don't want to be catching a cold at this time of the year
do you?", quizzed Katie. As she turned her head, I began getting
suspicious of Katie's actions, and the situation I'd found myself in with a
girl who, although I'd love to shag, was I reminded myself, one of my best
mate's younger sisters. I decided to think nothing more of it, and instead
got on with the task of stripping off my wet clothes, and trying to find
dry ones from Davy's wardrobe. As I took off my damp red shirt, I took it
over to where I'd put the rest of my clothes to dry. I looked for
something to replace what I'd just taken off, like a T-shirt or even a
jumper. Soon, I found a T-shirt suitable enough, and immediately put it
on. Towards the end of my search, I'd felt as though someone was watching
me. I tried to convince myself that Katie hadn't turned round to look at
me, but I didn't know for sure. As I turned round to see what she was
doing, I found her staring at me. "I thought I told you not to peek!", I
exclaimed quite calmly. "Well, you did, but ...", Katie began to try to
explain. "But what?", I asked. "Nothing!", replied Katie, obviously not
wanting to reveal the reason she had turned round to watch. As soon as I
was convinced she would keep to her word, I began looking for a pair of
tracksuit trousers which would fit me, while my jeans were drying out.
After I found a suitable pair, I turned round a second time, only to find
Katie staring at me again. I immediately grabbed the pair of tracksuit
trousers, and headed for the stairs. As I did so, Katie got up off the
settee and came over to the top of the staircase. "Where are you going?",
asked Katie. "Down to the bathroom to get changed - I can't stand here and
get changed while you sit there staring at me all the time", I said.
"Alan!", Katie shouted down the small flight of stairs, as she began to
follow me, "come back, I'm sorry", she continued. "No; you said you
wouldn't peek, but you did", I argued. "Okay; I'm sorry", Katie pleaded,
"come back up here and get changed into some dry clothes - and be quick
about it, or you'll catch a cold". As I heard her, I turned round and
looked back up the stairs at her innocent looking face. "On one condition
- absolutely no more peeking, all right!", I told her, as I began walking
back to the top of the stairs, "Promise?". "I promise", Katie said, as she
went over to the seat in Davy's room, turned it round and sat down on it so
she was looking the other direction. I immediately began to feel more
relaxed and confident that Katie wasn't going to be peeking at me any more.
As I began putting on the pair of tracksuit trousers, I heard Katie's
voice. "Shouldn't you take off your boxer shorts before you put on those
tracksuit trousers?", she enquired. I turned round only to find Katie
facing me, again. "I thought I told you that you weren't allowed to
look?!", I exclaimed. "I ... I ... I'm sorry - I couldn't help myself",
stuttered Katie, as she tried to explain away her actions. "I'm going to
give you one more chance, and then I'll have to go down and change in the
bathroom", I told her, meaning every single word of it. "Okay, okay",
Katie apologised, "I promise not do it again - just hurry up and get your
wet clothes off". I was a bit bemused by what Katie had just said. I
began thinking - was she trying to see me naked or something? If she was,
I thought, I could play her little game as well - and practice some
flirting at the same time. I could see the evening might turn out more
interesting than I'd originally thought. As I watched Katie turn round to
face the other direction, I turned round towards the wardrobe, in
anticipation of what was going to happen next. I began by releasing the
plain black belt which had been holding up my jeans. I then undid the
button and zip of my still soaking jeans, before helping them down my
tanned legs. That was the difficult bit of the 'operation'. Next, I
picked up the pair of tracksuit trousers I'd chosen, and was about to begin
pulling them on, when I heard Katie's voice again. "What did I tell you to
do?", she asked, sounding quite annoyed. "Errrrr ... what d'ya mean?", I
enquired, as I turned to face her. "I told you to take off all your wet
clothes, and be quick about it!", answered Katie. "Well, that's what I've
done and, if you'll give me a chance, I'll put on some dry clothes to keep
me warm", I replied. "But ... ", Katie began. "But what?", I asked.
"Aren't your boxer shorts wet as well?", she answered, unashamedly. I was
beginning to think that I'd been right to suspect that Katie wanted to see
me naked, and so I began, in earnest, to flirt with her to see what
happened. "No", I said, as I started feeling all over my boxer shorts,
including the area either side of my cock and my ass, "I don't think
they're wet. Why; do you see a wet patch anywhere?", I asked her.
"They're bound to be wet", said Katie, as she got up from where she was
sitting and began walking towards me, "Let's feel them!". At this stage, I
knew for sure that something was about to happen between the two of us. As
soon as she reached me, Katie glanced quickly into my eyes, then down
towards my boxer shorts while she began to feel for damp patches. As she
felt round my boxers, my previously erect cock began to become harder than
it had ever been before. It seemed as though it was sticking out more,
which was going to make it impossible to hide from Katie. After she'd felt
the back and sides of my boxer shorts, Katie brought her hands, slowly,
round to the front. Just before she began feeling the area around my cock,
she started talking again. "Yeah, I was right - these are damp. I'll take
them off for you, and you can find a dry pair in Davy's wardrobe!". It was
fast becoming a really erotic experience. My nerves began working
overtime. I was stunned by Katie's forwardness, but I wanted to see what
would happen next. "Okay", I said, in reply to Katie's boldness. As soon
as she began pulling down my boxers, my cock suddenly 'flicked' out.
Katie's first reaction to seeing it was stunned silence. After a short
delay, Katie continued to pull down my boxers, obviously still aghast by
what she'd seen. The silence continued as I raised my feet, one at a time,
to allow her to completely remove my underwear. She continued as though
nothing had happened. As she rose to her previous standing position, I
noticed she'd started glancing down towards my now erect cock. I
immediately turned round and began pulling out a pair of boxer shorts from
Davy's wardrobe. Soon, I was wearing both the boxer shorts and the
tracksuit trousers I'd picked out to wear. "You look well in Davy's
clothes, you know", commented Katie, after a long silence. "Turn round and
let's see you". As I spun round to face Katie, I saw a look on her face
I'd never experienced before. It seemed as though Katie was getting more
and more excited by the minute, as she looked me up and down. The bulge at
the front of the tracksuit trousers didn't exactly do much to hide my
embarrassment at being a couple of feet away from a semi-naked teenager -
one of the most beautiful I'd ever seen. As I continued to observe Katie's
great looks, I decided I was going to 'go for it'. I stepped forward, and
gave her a quick kiss on the cheek to see how she'd react. The way I saw
it, she wanted me to make the first move. As I pulled away to observe
Katie's react to the kiss on the cheek, I noticed a slight change of
atmosphere. The tension in the air had been lifted. As I began to wonder
what would happen next, Katie leaned forward and began kissing me. It was
as if that first kiss on the cheek had taken all my nerves away - it had
some sort of 'magical' feel to it. As we pulled away from our first snog
together, we looked deep into each other's eyes. Neither of us could help
ourselves and we ended up snogging again - this time it was our tongues
that did all the talking. Suddenly, I felt myself pulling away from this
beautiful young woman. "What's the matter?", asked Katie, as she caught
her breath. "I don't know", I began, "it doesn't seem quite right somehow
- me snogging the half-naked younger sister of one of my best friends", I
tried to explain, as I let my head drop. As I waited for Katie's reaction
to what I'd just said, I went and sat on Davy's settee. Before I knew it
she'd come over and sat beside me. Using my peripheral vision, I could see
Katie was looking quite sad. I looked towards her until we were staring
into each other's eyes. "What's the matter?", I asked. "Nothing ... it
doesn't matter", replied Katie. I could see for myself that there was
something upsetting her, so I asked her again. "It's just ... ", she said
pausing. "It's just what?", I enquired. "It's just I've seen how you've
looked at me during the past year or so, and I'd begun to think you really
wanted me really badly", she confessed. I immediately leaned forward and
gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "What was that for?", Katie asked,
obviously determined to find out what I was thinking. "Because ...", I
told her. "Because what?" "Because I've never known any girl to know that
I've wanted so bad and not to have said or done anything about it!", I
continued, still looking deep into her eyes. Next thing I knew, our lips
were interlocked and our tongues were flicking in and out of each other's
mouth. When she eventually pulled away from me, she looked at me with a
smile. I knew immediately that I had made a statement : and that she felt
the same way. She immediately got up from where she was sitting, and let
her dressing gown drop to the floor. As she did so, my eyes flew open with
shock of seeing her amazing gorgeous body. She was left wearing just a
pair of skimpy knickers and what looked to me like a "Wonderbra" - not that
she needed it, as her boobs were sitting perfect anyway! She sat down next
to me again and we began kissing for a third time - this time it was much
more passionate. Even though I knew in the back of my mind Katie was
supposed to be 'out of bounds' to me because of her age, I just carried on
kissing her. Just as I was beginning to get used to Katie's kissing
technique, she pulled her lips away from mine, and took hold of my right
hand. "What are you doing?", I asked, as she pulled me up from where I was
sitting. "I'm taking you to somewhere more comfortable", she replied, "my
room!". "Why?", I continued to question Katie. "You don't seem too
relaxed in here - I thought if we went to my room you wouldn't be thinking
about what my brother would say to you, if he found out about us!!", Katie
tried to explain. "But ... I'm fine here", I argued. "It didn't seem
like that from where I was sitting", Katie said, as she pulled me towards
the top of the stairs. "Okay, maybe you're right", I surrendered, as we
began walking down the short staircase. I didn't take long to get to her
room, as it was directly opposite the door at the bottom of the flight of
stairs we'd just descended. As we entered the room, I pulled Katie towards
me, and started kissing her like I'd never kissed anyone before. Before I
knew what was happening, Katie had pulled both of us onto the edge of her
bed. As we continued snogging, I felt Katie's hands fumbling with the
T-shirt I'd borrowed from her brother. I helped her remove it by pulling
away from the now passionate kissing session, and, with some help from
Katie, pulled the T-shirt over my head and threw it onto the floor. As our
kissing continued, I could feel Katie's hands moving from my lower back
round to the front of my body. I could sense what she was about to do
next. I pre-empted her next move by reaching round her back with both my
hands, and undoing her bra strap. As I did so, Katie broke away, allowing
me to remove her bra completely. I looked longingly at her amazing boobs -
they were as awesome as I had thought all along. I wanted to show Katie my
appreciation of her stunning tits. It was time to see what her breasts would feel like in my mouth. As I licked and sucked at Katie's amazing
breasts, one after the other, her nipples became hard and erect. I kept
sucking on what I believed to be the most tastiest tits in the country, and
then soon started kissing my way up towards her lips. A few seconds later
we were kissing passionately again. Katie again tried to do what she'd
been trying to do before I'd removed her bra. This time, she didn't
encounter any delays when she tried to take off the tracksuit trousers I'd
borrowed from her brother. As soon as she'd removed the tracksuit
trousers, I was able to help her take off my only remaining item of
clothing. When she'd got them off, I began pulling at her skimpy white
knickers. It wasn't long before I'd taken off the only piece of clothing
she had been left wearing. Finally, we were totally naked, and kissing
just as passionately as before. It wasn't long before we were lying down
beside each other on her bed. By that stage in the proceedings, I realised
there was no going back!! It seemed really weird lying beside the naked
sister of one of my best friend's on her bed. Katie was lying on her back
and I was on my left hand side, and we continued kissing each other,
getting more and more horny as time went on. As our kissing continued, I
moved my right hand over her phenomenal tits, and on down towards her clit.
As my hand reached it's destination, I felt one of Katie's hands moving
down towards my cock. As soon as I began massaging her trimmed pussy lips,
I could feel Katie's hand stroking my bigger than ever penis. Not long
after we'd started masturbating each other, I stopped massaging her clit,
and as I did so, whispered in her ear, "Wait here, I'm just going back to
Davy's room to get something from my jeans". As I got up from where I'd
been lying, Katie grabbed me by the wrist, knowing I was going to look for
the condom I'd brought with me, and said, "Look in the top drawer over
there". She pointed in the direction of a set of drawers over the other
side of the room. I went over to them, and carefully and slowly opened the
top drawer as Katie had instructed me. As I pulled back the top layer of
clothing, I was shocked at what I saw packed inside. It was like nothing
I'd ever seen before - not only were there explicit items of lingerie - but
also a dildo, a set of handcuffs and even a couple of porn magazines.
Before I could say anything, Katie got up from where she had been lying on
the bed, and approached me, still completely naked. She put her arms round
my waist and started massaging my still rock-hard erection. "Do you like
them?!", she asked innocently. "They're amazing", I replied, as I spied a
large packet of assorted condoms. "Hurry up and pick one", Katie
continued. "All right, gorgeous", I told her, "give us a hand". "I thought
I already was!", replied Katie, with a laugh. I picked out a condom from
the packet, turned round to face one of the most beautiful 15 year old girl I'd ever seen in my life and said, "This is the one". As we began kissing
passionately, we moved back towards the bed. We sat down beside each
other, and Katie immediately took the condom from my hand. It was obvious
she wanted to put it on me. "I've always wanted to do this!", said Katie,
with a lustful smile on her face. It wasn't long before the condom had
been rolled down my cock as far as it would go, and we began snogging.
Soon enough, we were both ready for a serious sex session. Within a matter
of seconds, my cock entered her soaking wet pussy lips, and we began
fucking for all we were worth. "You're gorgeous", I told Katie as I fucked
her for all I was worth. It wasn't long before Katie started having her
first orgasm of the session. As she did so, I began kissing her face all
over to show Katie how happy I was to be with her. As the erotic kissing
continued, we began to roll over in the bed, each trying to gain supremacy.
In the end, Katie let me win as we probably would have fallen off the bed
if it'd gone on any longer!! It wasn't long before Katie began having
another powerful orgasm. This seemed the perfect opportunity to see what
she thought of taking it from behind. Katie made no resistance to me
pulling out of her, and turning her over so we could experiment doing it
"doggy style". Katie knew what was to happen straight away and helped me
enter her soaking wet pussy, by lifting her rather shapely arse from the
bed. As soon as I'd begun to fuck her again, I felt my cum getting ready
to shoot it's way into the condom. I began to prepare myself for the
'occasion' by stroking one of Katie's most amazing assets, her arse. As I
got more and more orgasmic, I started giving her ass cheeks light slaps.
She responded immediately by groaning, and then I saw Katie close her eyes
as to prove to me that she was in heaven. Next, she inserted her left
index finger into her mouth and proceeded to move it in and out of her
mouth, while sucking on it. It was more than my body could take, as I
began cuming as soon as I eyed her latest 'eroticism'. As I began to cum,
I grabbed hold her stunning thighs, and pistoned my cock into her fanny as
hard as I could. While I was cuming, I could feel Katie's pussy muscles
tighten around my cock and knew she was going to start cuming as well.
When our orgasms had subsided, we collapsed onto our sides so that Katie
was lying with her back to me. It wasn't long before I'd regained enough
energy to move myself back slightly, and to pull her onto her back. As
soon as we faced each other, we smiled and I gave Katie a long, lingering
sexy kiss. "Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?", I asked,
trying to think of something to say. "No", replied Katie, as she pulled my
head towards hers and we kissed passionately once more. "So, when is your
brother actually due back?!", I asked Katie, as soon as I pulled away from
the kiss. "Well ... he's gone away with the rest of my family to Donegal
for the weekend", Katie explained. "I'm supposed to be staying with one of
my best friends tonight and tomorrow night, but I had to come back here to
get some money and clothes", she continued, as she started getting up from
where she'd been lying. "Suppose that means I'd better go and see if
anyone else wants to go out for a few drinks tonight", I told Katie, as I
followed Katie's lead and rose from where I'd been lying on the bed.
"Guess so, sexy!", replied Katie to my statement. "Would you mind if I
went and had a shower, and got myself cleaned up?!", I asked. "No, go
ahead. You never know, I might come down and join you in a minute after
I've cleaned up this room!", Katie said with a smile.


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