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A Little Ghost StoryHi, my name is Greg. I'm eighteen years old and still
go to school. I want you to listen to something miraculous which happened
last autumn. We were on holidays and I went to my aunt Sally, who lives in
an old mansion in Scotland. She is a thirty-nine-year old widow and lives
there somewhere in the countryside not far away from a small village. You
all have heard of those areas where people seem to be a little strange to
us civilized ones. That definitely was the case there. On this particular
evening I arrived late at her home. She was already waiting for a long
time because I should have been there at noon but my first flight was
cancelled so I had to take a later one. Sally welcomed me with a big smile
and gave me a hug so that I was nearly out of breath. We took my baggage
upstairs into a big but warm room where I should sleep. I unpacked my
stuff and in the meantime my aunt fixed us some dinner. While we were
eating she asked all thoose kind questions about the family and how they
are doing. Afterwards I helped her with the dishes and then we went into
the huge living-room in front of the chimney. We sipped some wine,
listened to the radio and relaxed after a while. I nearly forgot to tell
you a few things about aunt Sally. Her husband had been killed by cancer
eight years ago. His sixteen-year-old sister who used to live with them
because both parents died in the fire when their house burned down died in
an accident one year later. Believe it or not but the big clock in the
hall fell on her. Even after all the events that happend auntie decided to
stay. This was her home, no one would ever get her out off here. In fact
the people from the village believed that she stayed because the spirits of
her husband Allen and his sister Jessica haunted at night and visited aunt
Sally. The two were orphants and the people told that they were cursed. I
already said that the villagers were a little strange, certainly I never
believed those stupid tales. I like her, she is strong and never gave up
and beside that she even look gorgeous for her age. After a short period
of silence she asked: "Greg, you heard about the stories they tell about
me, don't you ?" Uups, what were I supposed to answer ?: "Err, If you mean
those ones about ghosts visiting at night and talking to you, no I never
believed that crazy things.""But don't you think this house is creepy ?""No, it's great I never felt anxious while visiting you. It's such a big
house I always enjoyed rummage around a lot. Besides I like you much,
you're always cracking jokes, you are modern not old styled as my parents are and you are alone. So I thought you liked a little company, that's why
I return every year.""Oh, don't be so kind. But you're right I admire your
visits you're a nice guy." Sally admitted and smiled.I must have looked a
little confused because my aunt began to laugh. "Hey, what's wrong with
you ?""Nothing, I'm just a bit tired, must be the long journey. I think I
should finish and go to my room.""Your're not angry with me, aren't you"
Sally looked concerned."Don't be foolish, certainly not. But I'm nearly
twenty hours on my feet now, I'm just K.O.""I'm sorry I forgot! In fact
I'm a little tired myself we both should go and have a nap." My aunt stood
up and we walked to our rooms after a little goodnight kiss on the cheeks.
I brushed my teeth after my aunt was finished in the bathroom then I fell
into my comfortable 'King-Size' bed and began immediatly to snore. I must
have slept for about two hours when I heard a quite voice. "Hello?" it
said sounding tentative. It was a soft feminine voice but there was nobody
in the room who could have spoken. After a brief startle I ignored the
voice and assumed that I had imagined it. "Hello," it said again more
firmly just as my thoughts had begun to drift. "Who are you ? What are
you doing in my room?" I shouted sitting up in the darkness as I groped for
the bedside lamp. The light flashed on partially blinding me but I could
see well enough. Nobody was in the room with me."Don't get upset," the
voice said pleading. "My name is Jessica Jensen and I'm in your room
because I like you and I've decided that it is time for me to introduce
myself. I hope you don't mind." I sat in my bed with the back against the
wall staring around my empty room and seeing no sign of anyone. The voice
seemed to come from nowhere in particular. "Where are you hiding? Come
out to where I can see you! What the hell do you mean you like me?""I have
been watching you for years now whenever you visited us and I like you. As
to why you can't see me I don't have a body yet."I slumped into my bed and
pulled the covers back up to my chin." Then this must be a dream," I said
"What do you mean you don't have a body. What are you?""I guess I'm a
spirit or something like that.""What do you mean you guess? Besides I
don't believe in spirits.""It really doesn't matter what you believe," the
voice said with a chuckle "I'm me, I'm real, I like you and I want to be
your friend!""It's a hell of a way to begin a friendship," I said sitting
up angrily in bed. "Watching me from who knows where, what was it you
said, whenever I visited you.""Most of the time. But what kind of body do
you want me to have?""What?""I told you I wanted to be your friend and that
works best when you can see me.""Are you saying you can materialize that
you can look like anyone I want?""Yes!""That sounds obscene!""Why?""It does
that's all.""There must be a reason."I sighed and slumped down into my bed
"I don't know. This is too weird! I suppose you must be the ghost of
Jessica, shouldn't you rematerialize in your body?""My body died seven
years ago that's why I decided that you will choose a new one.""Why
me?""You're nice and careful besides if you choose one you really admire
you'll like me easier, too.""You really think that, don't you ? Shouldn't
I have to earn my friends and accept the bodies nature gave
them?""Usually," she said sounding serious "but I'm not natural at all.
This is something really special and a one time chance. But if you want to
I'll make me look like my old body with a few corrections of course.""I
don't mind." I sighed.She was there. It was that simple. One moment I was
alone and the next - there she was standing in front of me as I sat in bed.
Gosh, she was beautiful ! I saw Jessica in the light of my bedside lamp,
slim, dark skinned not a little bit pale like people think ghosts look and
long black hair down to her waist. Quite a bit different than in the
pictures I knew of her. I watched her with an impression of disbelieve and
surprise on my face. She took a step towards me and held out her hand. I
took it and it was warm and solid as real as my own."I don't believe this!"
I said my hand trembling as I touched hers."What can I do to convince you
that I'm real?" She looked right in my eyes as I stood up. Surprisingly
she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a kiss right on my mouth. Our
lips met and I felt her softness. Could this be a dream? I blushed. It
felt real, damn real! As I reached out to pull her closer to me she
disappeared. Shit! What has happened? "Not that fast!" A voice behind me
chuckled "Let's start easy!" I turned around fast too fast I lost my
balance and found myself sitting on the floor next to her legs." My time is
nearly over but we will meet tomorrow night if you like." I just started to
say something when the big clock down in the hall banged once and Jessica
immediatly vanished. One o'clock witching hour was over. I shook my head
"I think I'm gonna be mad." I murmered to myself and went into bed
again.Next morning I woke up at nine when my aunt entered the room "Good
morning my dear, slept well?" she pulled the curtains back and sunrays hit
my face. Blinded I closed my eyes for a few seconds and remembered last
night. With a big smile I answered "Very well, and you." "Wonderful!" she
grinned "No one disturbed you?""No, but I had a strange dream." I
admitted."A nightmare?""No, actually it was pleasant.""Very well.
Breakfast is ready in ten minutes, hurry up."I jumped out of bed and took a
quick shower. As I went downstairs I thought that this must have been a
dream if not, I'll see, tonight.--====================987654321_0==_
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