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Gina's Interview


"Gina's Interview" by JR Parz

I. (Dominic Darke)

Dominic Darke smiled at the young female reporter. It was hard not to
given how beautiful she was. She wore her long dark hair pinned up and off
her shoulders, stood about 5'6", and even the unflattering business suit
couldn't hide the curvaceous, luscious, body of hers. At the precise
moment he shook her hand he sent her a jolt of pure pleasure then watched
as she flinched, shuddered, and groaned before sinking into her chair.

"Are you all right, Miss Temple?" he asked, sitting himself down. He
could see her confusion and embarrassment.

"Yes... I... I want to thank you Mr. Darke... I consider this quite
an opportunity." she stammered, trying to regain her business-like

He smiled knowingly.

"Would you mind if I tape this?" She asked, pulling out a recording device.

"Not at all." He replied.

This was his first time seeing the young reporter in the flesh and he
wasn't at all disappointed, as she looked younger and much more innocent in
person than she did on the television.

"First, I'd like to begin with some basic questions." She stated.

"Sure." He replied with a grin.

"Could you tell me your age?"


"Your education?"

"I dropped out of High School when I was 16 years old."

"Are you telling me you never graduated?"

"It wasn't necessary." He replied.

"Why?" She asked... sounding genuinely interested.

"I discovered I possessed a special talent that simply didn't require an

"A special talent?"

"Yeah, but if you don't mind I'd rather touch on that topic near the end
of our interview."

"Oh...okay. many people do you have working for you?"

"Excluding myself, nineteen."

"And is it true that you've only hired young attractive women?"

"Yes, that's correct." He replied with a smile.

"Why is that?" she asked.

"Oh, let me see... attractive girls present a more decorative
atmosphere around the office... they better serve my needs... Would you
like me to continue?"

"So, you're a sexist."

"There you go with the labels." He replied with a smirk.

"And they tolerate this... this barbaric behavior?"

"Not only tolerate but beg me to stay."

"Why Mr. Darke? Why would they enjoy being treated like sex objects?"

"I never asked them but I would suppose they feel it increases their
chances." He responded.

"Chances for what?"

"Chances that I'll keep them on my staff." He smiled.

"This is so sexist of you! Did you know that the receptionist outside
your door is barely 18 years old!"

"Ah yes, Jennifer. Doesn't she have the loveliest hair?"

"She was on the verge of becoming a super model. 'The Teen Scene'
magazine was about to sign her for a multi-million dollar contract and
instead she's out there answering phone calls and filing." She stated,
raising her voice.

"I bet your hair would look nice if you wore it down loose, too." He
responded, ignoring her concerns.

"Never mind my hair! Why would Jennifer give up a very successful
modeling career to be your receptionist?" The reporter asked.

"I'll tell you what... would you like to ask her?"

" a matter of fact I would."

Dominic got up off his chair and walked over to his desk. He pressed
the office intercom. "Jennifer, could you please come in the office for a
moment." He stated.

"Yes sir." Replied a soft sweet voice from the speaker box.

A Moment later Jennifer entered the office... She was dressed in a very
short black mini-skirt, a white blouse that accentuated her perky growing
breasts, and black pumps that added an additional three inches to her
height. Her long dark hair fell like a curtain, covering her curvaceous
ass. She looked absolutely stunning.

"Hi Jennifer. Ms. Temple would like to ask you a question."

"Yes sir." Jennifer responded... folding her hands demurely in front of

"Hi Jennifer, I'm Gina Temple with WCNX news and I'm doing a story about
Mr. Darke."

"Hi Gina." The teenage beauty replied, smiling.

"I was wondering why a model with such a promising career ahead of
herself would suddenly quit to become a receptionist?"

"I nee... um... wanted to be closer to Mr. Darke." Jennifer replied,

"Huh?" Ms. Temple reacted.

"That will be all Jennifer, you're dismissed." He stated.

"Yes sir." Jennifer smiled and then turned around to leave the office.

Once Jennifer left, Ms. Temple turned to him in anger. "You two are
lovers, aren't you?" She asked.

"Well, we do make love from time to time but I wouldn't necessarily
classify us as lovers per say."

"What about the others?"

"What about them?"

"Are you sleeping with them, too?"

He smiled, but didn't say anything.

"I'd like to talk to you about Maria Cowles."

"Ah yes, the ex-actress that heads my house staff."

"Then the rumors are true?"

"I'm not sure what rumors you refer to."

"That a highly respected movie actress, who still is legally married to
a very famous director, suddenly leaves everything to become your maid.
That rumor!"

"I wouldn't necessarily call her my maid, although she does fill in
every now and then so I can see where you might get that impression." He
replied with a grin.

"Mr. Darke! I'm not sure what it is that you hold over these girls,
but every single one of them had a life before they met you... and... and
now it appears they're nothing more than slaves!" The reporter exclaimed.

"Please calm down Ms. Temple... I can see where you might get this
perception, but I assure you these girls are happy." He smirked.

"There's another rumor that you're using some sort of hypnosis to make
them act this way."

"Oh really? I didn't think hypnosis could make anyone do anything that
they didn't already want to do... but if this were the case, then why
aren't you afraid of meeting the same fate?" He asked, still smirking.

"Is that a threat?" she asked.

"Not at all... and I don't use hypnosis. Every girl who works for me,
works for me willingly."

"I don't believe you Mr. Darke... You've done something to these girls and I'm going to get to the bottom of it... trust me... and just to let
you know I have the police standing by in the event anything happens to

"Miss Temple... I assure you there's nothing to fear from me."

"Then tell me why these girls toss away their boyfriends, husbands and
careers just to be with you?"

"Alright Ms. Temple... lets see if I can ease your mind a bit." He
replied, sighing.

The reporter reached over to her recording device to ensure she had
enough tape left, then nodded.

"You see... the whole time that you've been interviewing me, in
actuality, I've been interviewing you."

"What? Interviewing me for what?"

"For a new position I've created."

"Mr. Darke, I can assure you that there isn't any way in hell that I
would ever consider working for you... I despise and deplore your sexist
attitude and I'm horrified at the way you demean women."

"Miss Temple... aren't you the least bit interested in knowing what
position it is that I've decided to hire you for?" He asked, grinning at
the way she wrestled between her anger and curiosity. "You see, Miss
Temple, with all the recent uproar over Maria, I felt that I should hire
myself a Public Relations Officer."

"You need help Mr. Darke... and on that note I think this concludes my
interview." She replied and reached for her recording device.

"Miss Temple, you should feel privileged that I have a specific position
in mind for you. Unlike the majority of my girls, who were selected purely
for their beauty, I'm hiring you for both your beauty and your brains."

"You're crazy!" She snapped and stood up to leave.

"Before you storm off, wouldn't you like to know about that special
talent I mentioned?" He asked, calmly.

The reporter checked her recording device to make sure it was still

"I discovered it quite by accident back when I was a junior in High
School. It happened during Social Studies. The teacher was a young beautiful woman by the name of Stephanie Fairchilds. I suspect every guy
in class was fantasizing about her. She possessed long blonde hair, slim
figure, and an incredible set of tits. I mean these tits were huge...
especially on her slim frame. Anyway, as I sat there gazing at her I
started to imagine how she must look when she orgasms and then started
playing out my fantasy inside my head. I willed her to cum and then
something crazy happened... she came! Or at least I thought she did. She
had suddenly stopped writing on the chalkboard and sunk down to her
knees... as she struggled back to her chair, I could see her pressing her
hand against her groin. Well, I had to make sure so I willed her to have
another orgasm... and she did... then another... and she came again.
After a couple more she was literally screaming like a banshee. Later,
after I let her calm down, she turned red with embarrassment. When she
left school that day she put in for a leave of absence. Given I quit
school soon after I don't know if she ever returned."

"Do you really expect me to believe this story?" The reporter responded.

"It isn't necessary that you believe me... but since I've already given
you a small taste, I expect deep down you do."

"What are you talking about?" She asked... starting to blush.

"Remember that small jolt of pleasure you felt when we shook hands

"No." She blushed, obviously lying.

"I bet you're still wet from it." He replied, grinning.

Without saying another word, the reporter turned to leave but before she
got to the door, Dominic 'flexed' his mind towards her and watched as she
suddenly stopped... turned around... and then looked at him with a
mixture of shock, confusion, and sexual agony.

"Oohhhhhhhhhhh." She groaned, dropping to her knees. Her right hand
darted underneath her skirt while her left hand started rubbing her
breasts. "Wh...what did you do to me!?!" she whimpered.

"Just a little demonstration." He responded, smiling.

"You slipped me something! Unggghhhhh." She continued to groan while
she openly caressed herself right in front of him.

"That's funny... you wouldn't believe how many times I hear that." He
chuckled, then added. "I simply made you feel horny... that's all. And
I'll have you know that if I left you in this state, you'd soon be tearing
those clothes off and masturbating right there on the floor in front of

"Oh god... Stop this! Please... please... I'll do anything... I...
I need you to... oh God! Turn it off! Please!" she cried while her hands
started to work her body harder.

"Incidentally, I've also learned that I can direct this 'hunger' towards
anyone I chose." he grinned.

"I... Oh NO! No! I... Please Mr. Darke!" She whimpered.

"Please what?" He asked with a grin.

"I need you!" the reporter cried.

"Tell me Miss Temple, how does that Public Relations Officer position
sound to you now?"

"Oh God, anything! Please, I'll be anything you want me to be,
just...just. Oh God... FUCK ME!" she pleaded.

"Now, come back over here and sit down."

The reporter didn't hesitate as she retook her seat.

"That's better." He commented.

"How... how is... how is this possible?" She panted, squirming and
fidgeting in her seat.

"Enough." He stated.

Suddenly, the reporter stopped squirming and let out a long sigh. He
waited a few moments for the girl to collect herself.

"As you can see, I can turn you on or off... or direct your desire
towards anyone I choose. I could turn you into a sex toy for a friend...or
keep you myself. Or simply turn you into a nymphomaniac. Make no mistake
in underestimated how powerful this makes me... and how weak this renders

"This is why they stay." She mumbled.

"Yes dear... and once you've been conditioned, it becomes permanent."

"You mean I haven't been conditioned yet? But...but what about the way
I felt?"

"My special talent allows me to elicit these feelings at close range,
but it takes the actual conditioning to bond you."

The reporter quickly jumped to her feet and made a dash for the door but
before she could reach it, she suddenly cried out and dropped down to her

II. (Gina Temple)

Gina gasped trying desperately to catch her breath. Never had she ever
experienced an orgasm so sudden and intense before.

"Come back over here and sit down." Mr. Darke commanded.

She started to feel the 'heat' again and quickly returned to her chair.
'How can this be happening?' She wondered.

"Miss Temple, you misbehaved... that won't happen again... will it?"

"No sir." She replied, feeling the alien-like desire for him increase.

"So, what time should I expect the police?" He asked.

"No police... the only one that knows I'm here is my boss. He's
expecting to hear from me by 5:00."

"No police?"

"I lied." She blushed.

"That wasn't very nice, was it?"

"No sir."

"Well... Despite the fact that you weren't nice to me, I'm still going
to be nice to you by allowing you to service me... orally."

"Yes sir." She replied, suddenly feeling an irresistible urge to suck
his cock.

"On your knees."

"Yes sir." she replied as she dropped to her knees. She looked up at
him imploringly waiting for permission.

"What is it you want Miss Temple?"

"I... I want... I want to suck you." she struggled with the words,
licking her lips in anticipation.

"Go ahead... take it out and do your very best job."

"Yes sir!" She excitedly replied and then unzipped his trousers and
pulled him free. She gasped... he was huge!

"Make sure you swallow." He groaned, smiling.

She nodded her head while bobbing it up and down. She had given 'head'
a few times in her life before but never until now did she feel so hungry
for it. When he finally came, she eagerly swallowed up every precious

"Very good Gina..." Mr. Darke responded affectionately... patting her
on top of her head like she were a puppy.

She couldn't stop the flood of pleasure she felt from hearing his

"Had you ever swallowed before?" he asked.

"No sir." She replied, still licking her lips, savoring his taste.

"You'll find that you'll be doing a lot of firsts."

"Yes sir." She beamed, genuinely craving his cock again. She thought
about getting him hard again but then she felt another shift in her desires
and embarrassment hit her like a tidal wave. "Oh god..." She whimpered,
remaining on her knees.

"Like I said, until you're conditioned, I can turn you on and off as
easily as I change my mind."

"Yes... sir." She responded.

"Once you're conditioned everything will come easier... no pun

"Wha...what will happen to me?"

"Ah yes... a reporter till the last second. Sure, why not... knowing
isn't going to prevent it from happening. You see... I use Pavlov's
theory, ensuring irrevocable results. You'll find a certain need inside of
you that will keep you in line. Every time you behave and do as
instructed, you'll receive an orgasm... and by the time your conditioning
is complete, your body automatically triggers pleasure every time you
think, see, hear, touch... I'm sure you get the picture."

"Why... why are you doing this?"

"To you specifically? Well, for one you meet the standard 'specs'...
beauty, sexy, feisty spirit, and lastly, I really do need a Public Affairs
Officer. What better person that a 'hot' babe reporter."

"But I have a career... I'm seeing someone... you can't just change my
life like this!"

"Certainly I can."

"Please... why can't you just have sex with me and then let me go. I
promise I won't tell anyone. This isn't fair!"

"Oh stop that... it isn't as bad as you make it out to be... and
besides, once the conditionings in place, it'll all feel natural to you."

"I'll fight you!"

"It won't be me you fight but your body."

"Please, don't do this... I... I think I love my boyfriend."

"You think? What the hell does that mean? Not important... hell,
you'll cum more tonight from my welcoming fuck than you have all month with
your boyfriend."

"I'll go to the police!"

"Not possible... In fact, in just a little less than an hour you'll be
leaving here and reporting straight to your boss that everything is fine.
Then you'll come back here and we'll fuck for a couple of hours. Trust
me... you'll love it. You'll also be working extra hard on a favorable
piece of news reporting giving my organization a 'thumbs up'. You'll
squash any and all rumors and come up with something clever to say
regarding Maria Cowles. Then you'll resign from your job and officially
work as my new Public Affairs Officer...and you'll do all this willingly."

"This isn't of my own free will! You aren't giving me a choice!"

"Ah, but you're wrong... you have a choice but because of your
throbbing pussy, you choose pleasure. Like I said, I control your
desire...not your mind. It isn't my fault that your body overrules your

"NO! No I won't let this happen!"

Suddenly, they were interrupted by a knock on the door. Mr. Darke
called out for the person to come in.

In walked a very curvaceous woman with long blonde hair and big
beautiful breasts. She was dressed pretty much like Jennifer had been, but
this girl looked to be in her late 20s.

"Ah yes... here we are... Gina... let me introduce you to the most
beautiful lawyer in town. This is Heather... She's also my conditioning

"Hi Gina... nice to meet you." Heather greeted her in a soft sexy

Gina turned red from the fact that she was still on her knees and then
she felt something strange happening. "Oh No"! She cried out. Suddenly,
she wanted to kiss Heather... wanted to touch her... wanted to make love
to her! Never in her entire life had she ever entertained feelings for
another woman until now! "You're making me want her! I'm not gay! Don't
do this to me!" she cried.

"I thought I'd provide you with a preview of how you'll feel about all
girls from now on... part of the standard package." Mr. Darke told her,

Gina nearly came when the woman reached down to help her to her feet.

"Let's get you out of those clothes, okay sweetie." The blonde beauty
whispered into her ear.

Gina felt powerless as Heather removed her suit jacket... unbuttoned
her white blouse... pulled down her slacks, unsnapped her bra, and peeled
off her very 'wet' panties. Now, she stood there at attention, completely
naked and blushing.

"Your breasts are so cute." Heather giggled as she reached up to play
with them. Her caresses made her leak.

She felt on the verge of coming... and Heather had to help her to the

"Why?" She groaned, trying to resist her increasing desire to be with
this woman.

"Because I've always been turned on with two woman... especially when
one or both are virgin to this desire."

"I... I'm not like this." She groaned.

"Correction... You weren't like this... now, you're anything I want
you to be." He responded, smiling.

Heather unpinned her hair... letting it fall loosely down her back.
"Mr. Darke prefers us to wear our hair down... remember this."

She blushed, remembering his earlier comments, and nodded her head.

Mr. Darke then walked over to his desk and pulled out a pair of
headphones. He handed them to Heather, who placed them over her ears.

The conditioning began...

III. (Epilogue)

"And it is with sadness, yet excitement, too, that I announce my
resignation as a reporter with WCNX news... I'll miss you. Signing out
for my final time, this is Gina Temple."

"And cut" yelled the director.

Gina got up from her desk and smiled over at Sam. "I'm going to miss
you." She lied.

"I'm going to miss you, too." Sam North replied and they hugged. They
had worked together for the last two years.

Gina just wanted to hurry back to Mr. Darke... Being away from him
played on her pussy like she never thought possible. One of her new lovers
had once described their condition like being 'uncomfortably horny' but she
thought it was much more intense.

Had it been just a week ago? It seemed longer. As ordered, she broke
up with her boyfriend. That was the easiest of tasks... given she no
longer felt anything for him. She also reported on how false all the
rumors were including the one on Maria, reporting that she was incredibly
happy and simply fed up with Hollywood. She also added a segment on how
Mr. Darke was an upstanding citizen, so upstanding in fact that she was
leaving her career as a reporter to become his new public affairs officer
in order to defend his good name.

She made her final goodbye and headed towards the exit, and it was then
that she saw a young woman enter. The woman looked about her age and she
was very, very beautiful... especially her sparkling blue eyes and large
full tits. The sight of her tits reminded her that she was scheduled for
implants at the end of the month, and although she never considered getting
a boob job before, the second Mr. Darke casually mentioned that she'd look
sexier with a bigger pair, that was all she could think of! She was about
to go from a 'B' cup to a 'D' cup!

"Excuse me... Ms. Temple." The woman stopped her.

"Yes... How can I help you?" She asked... happy that this woman was
here to see her. God, was she ever beautiful... Ever since her
conditioning, she looked at her own gender differently.

"I was hoping that I'd catch you before you left. My name is Theresa
Thorn and I'm an agent with the Office of Scientific Investigation. I was
wondering if you could answer a few questions I have regarding Dominic

Gina smiled at the girl and thought that she'd make a fine addition to
Mr. Darke's organization. Actually, she was looking at her department,
specifically. "I'd love to talk to you Ms. Thorn... but it'll have to
wait until Monday."

"Why is that Ms. Temple?"

"I officially started as the new Public Affairs Officer at Darke
Enterprises the second I resigned from WCNX, so I'll be more than happy to
answer any and all the questions you have Monday morning."

"Well, I was hoping to talk to you now but I guess I could wait until
Monday. Where can we meet?"

"My office, of course. How's 9:00 a.m. sound?"

"That would be great."

"I look forward to seeing you then, and I'll also arrange it where you
can meet Mr. Darke."

"This is working out perfectly."

"I agree Ms. Thorn... I agree." She replied, smiling.

Gina watched the sway of Ms. Thorn's ass as she exited the building.
Yes, if Mr. Darke approved, Ms. Thorn would fill the secretarial vacancy
she had in her own department.

As she hurried off to join Mr. Darke, she reflected on how far along
she'd come in such a short time. She remembered how silly she'd been when
she tried resisting her new feelings... but those orgasms proved ever so

She still blushed at her new feelings for female pussy... and
intellectually, she understood it was all artificially driven; yet, like
she'd been told, knowing what happened didn't alleviate the feelings in the
slightest. She loved Heather... and Jennifer... and Maria... and Carla,
Jessica, Samantha, and all the other girls, too... but the truth of the
matter was that she loved Mr. Darke the most.

Mr. Darke had said that he'd be at his office for another half-hour, so
she had to hurry if she wanted a 'quickie'. Ever since she accepted her
new life, he's made it a point to fuck her at least once a day.

The End.

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